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Monday, January 3, 2011

MEEN Rashi Bhavishya 2011

MEEN Rashi Bhavishya 2011

This article applies to Chandra Rashi MEEN and also to larger extent PISCES Sun Sign i.e. people born from Mar 14 to April 13. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2011. This time it is MEEN rashi. The Chandra rashi plays a significant role in deciding the “Kriyaman” i.e. instant karma. (Some well known moon sign MEEN personalities: Abhishek Bachchan – I will add later here)

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time planets).

MEEN Rashi in 2011

Meen Rashi Characteristics: Meen rashi folks are very mild mannered, with limited mental and physical energy. They are most happy when they are “giving” away something (info, knowledge, money etc). They are born millionaire or live like one. They will not show great urge to achieve materialistic success. They are born to plan for others and plan for themselves. They have wisdom acquired from every Sign and have traits of every sign and can relate to all types of personalities without much effort. They are like the fish who can see at both the sides but ever straight-ahead! J They know what would happen if you take this decision or that decision but would find it taking a decision themselves. But on very broad and long term issues they will be able to decide very easily. They do things with utter ease which could come across as the lack of interest or vigor. They are far better in planning than execution. They can give a very selfless advice. The word selfless is probably made for them. IPR (Intellectual Property Right is something they are not aware of). They give away the most important of their wisdom / information easily. (Unless Makar rashi) J It is almost impossible to surprise them. They can digest any news and can put it in perspective very quickly. Staying in completely in a comfort zone, going with the current/flow or swimming completely against the tide is their real destiny or a choice! Folks born from March 14 to April 13 are Sun Sign Pisces / Meen and also show this trait. Sun Sign Meen / Pisces: Charlie Chaplin, Linda Goodman, Kundanlal Saigal, Leonardo Leonardo Da Vinci.

Summary for 2011:

Like Mesh rashi folks (2010) you have also come out of glorious 11th Guru by end of 2009. You must have had the best year of all 12 past years in 2009 due to 11th Guru. A very good period that started from 2007 bhagyoday.

12th Guru 2010 until May 2010 was stagnant, same old. From May 2010 Guru came in your rashi. Guru in the rashi increases your social as well as physical weight and enhances your image. It starts the era of new responsibilities in life. You are asked to “grow-up” now and not linger around in the “glorious 2009”! J

Guru in your Chandra rashi is an important force as your moon shows your passion for this birth. Guru increases your image in the circle where this passion is the most visible.

Guru will change from May 2011 to 2nd house – This will bring in monetary gains due to efforts in 1st Guru. It will also allow investments to flourish, give rewards or start new investments.

Until May 2011, 10th Rahu in Dhanu Rashi has been supportive by increasing your power at work-place. It enhances image at work place by allowing finishing or taking over some high-image projects/activities. Rahu would be 9th from May 2011 which could bring some travel for you. You might need to go away from current place and especially after May 2012 when Guru would also be 3rd. This change would be at better and bigger profile which you would appreciate. (You would be back at the same/original place after July 2013 in 4th Guru.)

SHANI has not been helpful from Sept 2009. This will continue until Dec 2011. This shows issues with life and business partners. Long term difference of opinions with partners is quite possible. Shani will expose all the mistakes you have done with the partnerships in the past 15 years! This Shani also shows decay in your circle or people reporting into you i.e. the number of people working under/for you. Reduction of circle so that you can get out of leveraging your skills to more acquiring new skills mode is what Shan is trying to do. Do not resist much else Shani teaches by examples and not kindly like Guru.

Shani will only degrade after Dec 2011 (8th Shani) and further push you towards learning new things and re-group, re-profile etc.

1. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à 9th house Sun in Scorpio (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Dec 15th to Jan 14th à 10th house Sun in Dhanu/Sagittarius (Power, Stress, Happening feel)

c. Jan 14th to Feb 14th à 11th house Sun in Makar / Capricorn (Gains, Money)

d. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 6th House Sun in Leo: Success in competition, better results that colleagues etc

Tact and diplomacy with seniors is highly recommended in the following months in every year:

2. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would not be good for

a. Feb 14th to Mar 13th : 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

b. Oct 15th to Nov 15th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

I will add to the post later for sure. Please revisit in next 2 – 3 days.


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