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Saturday, January 1, 2011

KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya 2011

KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya 2011

This article applies to Chandra Rashi KUMBH and also to larger extent AQUARIUS Sun Sign i.e. people born from Feb 14 to March 13. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

A recent Article on Shani change on 15-Nov-2011:

The Chandra rashi does play a significant role in deciding the “Kriyaman” i.e. instant karma for all folks that come under this category. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2011. I will post all rashis one by one. This time it is KUMBH rashi. (Some well-known moon sign KUMBH personalities: Salman Khan, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Shekhar Kapoor? – I will add later here)

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires a detailed horoscope (birth-time chart).

A Side-Note: 70% of my friend circle is Kumbh moon sign or Kumbha lagna. (Vrushchik / Kumbh: Soukhya and Karma 4 –10 from each other). I guess my Kumbh friend circle is an indirect result of ‘deliberate’ intellectual approach in the past 20 years. The fact that my wife and son also belong to the same Chandra raashi!

KUMBH Rashi in 2011

Kumbh rashi folks are taller than their family folks and they have a highly absent minded genius kind of a side to them. This is an intellectual sign with an ability of doing “lateral thinking”. This is intellect of highest order which starts from Mithun and middle halt at Tula moving on to Kumbh. The Air sign Trikon of these 3 signs! Kumbh is owned by Shani but for physical presence. The logical owner of Kumbh is Uranus which is owner / Kaarak of electricity, electronics, sudden actions which starts at Mars (Engineering) in primitive state. Kumbh rashi folks are always ahead of their time whereas Makar is conservative. Kumbh rashi can easily think 40-50 years ahead of the time. Their dress sense is VERY simple and often topic of ridicule of others. Although Guru is considered uchcha in Kirk/Cancer, South folks consider Guru uchcha in Kumbh. Rather, they think that a given horoscope is of a lower category if not a single planet is in Kumbh rashi or Kumbh navamansh! J These qualities are also found in the folks born from Feb 14th to March 13th as they are Sun Sign Aquarius. (Last dates need scrutiny). Shivaji Maharaj, Einstein belong to Sun Sign Kumbh.

Planetary positions and their effects:

1. Shani continues to be 8th until Dec 2011

a. Shani 8th is as bad as 4th or even sade sati period except mental pain & agony of sade sati.

b. This Shani makes you away from your mass-base. It forces you in to an oblivion phase where not many folks recall / call upon you! J

c. This is actually a blessing in disguise to prepare for next 9, 10, 11 bhraman of Shani.

d. Use this 8th house Shani time to read, acquire new knowledge, new thought process, new skills regardless of the stage of your career.

e. You will take on the world the way Michael Jackson (Kumbh rashi) did from Oct 1982 for 7.5 years of Shani’s 9, 10,11 movements. In 8th Shani he worked very hard for Thriller album I guess??

f. 8th Shani also shows troubles on litigation fronts. They do not bring great success, especially the ones related to inheritance are more painful.

g. It also gets you in trouble with seniors/older people at workplace as Shani has 3rd drushti on the 10th house.

h. The 8th house Shani also shows some worries w.r.t kids/santati and going away from kids and also overall family (7th drushti on n2nd house/family and 10th drushti on santati sthan)

i. Shani in Kanya rashi in 8th house will certainly show health issues with stomach.

j. Shani’s 7th drushti on 2nd house recommends patience and low-risk with stock market. You will tend to lose in intraday and F&O but would do ok on long term investment where you need to take money out for next 2 years at least.

k. Again REMEMBER – Prepare for glorious 9, 10, 11 Shani of 7.5 years that starts from Dec 2011. You do not get such chance when you are given time to re-group.

2. Guru is 2nd until May 7, 2011 and then 3rd until May 2012

a. Until May 2011:

b. Guru is not of a great help after glorious 2008 11th Guru. The Guru was in Kumbh rashi earlier this year 2010 – This would have increased responsibilities and stress in your life. Also increase image / social and as well as physical weight somewhat.

c. This is a period of increasing presence in share market, investments and growth in wealth.

d. However after 2 years of 12th and 1st Guru – This Guru is of some optimism with some rays of hope around the corner.

e. After May 2011 to May 2012: Guru 3rd: Bhagyoday, well Half-A-Bhagyoday!

f. The 3rd Guru is termed as “Ardha-Bhagyoday” as against complete bhagyoday of 9th Guru (was in Sept 2005 to Oct 2006 for you). This 3rd Guru will start something new for you which would help elevate your profile a bit although it might not result in promotion or complete profile makeover.

g. This 3rd house Guru could also make you travel 6-8 hours away from your current place until May 2011. You would return to your own place after May 2012 in 4th Guru which makes you appreciate house, freeze, TV, Microwave oven etc domestic things.

h. The 3rd Guru will also make you write something and publish white papers, blogs, articles etc. You will find mentors (SMEs) in your friends and vice versa.

i. Overall, the 3rd Guru brings a much better feel-good on career front which is missing on Guru’s part from past 3 years at least.

3. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Oct 15th to Nov 15th à 9th house (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à 10th house (Power, Stress, Happening feel)

c. Dec15th to Jan 14th à 11th house (Gains, Money)

d. July 15th to Aug 15th à 6th House: Success in competition, better results that colleagues etc

4. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. Jan 14th to Feb 14th : 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

b. Sept 16 to Oct 16th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

5. Rahu is 11th (Gains) and Ketu is 5th until May 2nd 2011

a. Until May 2nd 2011 : GAINS

b. 11th house Raahu is very good for gains from paternal family elders. 11th house Raahu shows material success.

c. The 5th house Ketu shows some achievements /awards in the “bouddhik” fields. Even kids could get some awards etc. Ketu shows height and adhyatmik height mostly but whenever some planet is around Ketu – it increases the effectiveness/characteristics of that planet drastically (emotions for Moon, Aggression/sports for Mars etc).

d. The 11 R and 5K are one of the best formations for Rahu Ketu axis as their ill effects of “haunting / influencing” the other planets badly are reduced quite a bit.

e. After May 2nd, 2011: Rahu will be 10th and Ketu 4th for 18 months

f. Raahu 10th shows increase in power at work place. Taking on very big projects that are awe-inspiring and have some great image associated with them.

g. It also shows monopoly at workplace where you tend to roll-over others frequently.

h. 10th house planets give success after stress, pressure-cooker situations and lot of work. Maximum work when there is a maximum opposition (Boyle’s law!).

i. Ketu 4th shows contacts with maternal family – Folks from maternal family visiting often. Some quality time with maternal family. Gains of estate, house etc to maternal family.

6. Significant Mangal movements (Sports, Blood, Siblings)

a. Great 11th house Mangal until Jan 7th – Gains from friends

b. 12th Mangal from Jan 8 to Feb 15: Accidents, Left eye issues, Blood, Sibling issues

c. 3rd House Mesh Mangal from May 5th to June 14 – Meeting with friends, Siblings, Good quick short term Travel


  1. Atishay sundar, in-detail forecasting. Keep it up.

  2. I second Vanessa. By far the most detailed vaarshik bhavishya posted by anyone. My husband is Kumbh, I can quite relate to all that you have written based on the events and datelines you have mentioned. Things are set like that in our lives right now.

  3. Thanks Vanessa. I am planning to include a summary for sure as per popular demand...! :)

  4. Deepa:
    Even Vanessa's husband is Kumbh rashi and my wife is too! :) Something common I guess...That's why I tell that I am surrounded by Kumbh folks.

    I guess India being a MAKAR domintaed countrey (Conservative) gets MANY Kumbh rashi folks who are supposed ot take us forward.

    Shivaji Maharah was Kumbh Surya 19th Feb -- Foresight, planning for 40-50 years. He was the 1st Indian kind to build a navy for God's sake!!

  5. Thank you so much for such wonderful forecast...after reading this...I just hope to get a job soon and put on a big smile.

  6. That was the most convenient way to say something about someone and in simple terms it was a great job done. Keep posting and add more things to it.

  7. Thanks for high level prediction for Kumbha rashi peoples. Now they could plan or be ready for good & bad times.
    How will be the year of a person of Kumbha whos Shani Mahadasha will start in June? - Ajit

  8. Ajit:
    From Dec 2011 KUMBH folks will be supported by Shani for 7.5 years. So if you Shani is BADLY placed in the horoscope -- your first 7.5 years of Shani Mahadasha would be lesser trouble. Sade sati in Shani Mahadasja would be increasing trouble.

    If Shani is VERY WELL placed in good rashi -- Dec 2011 to 7.5 years -- GREAT Success -- inSade sati a little but trouble but still a great period due ot GREAT Shani Mahadasha.

    Bachchan had Shani Mahadasha from aporx 1969 to 1987-- During this he has Shani Sade sati from say 1980 to 1987 (aprx). Even in Sade sati he was doing well -- not bad at all -- due to Shani mahadasha (Lawaris -- Akhari Rasta - Shakti, Mard, Coolie, Naseeb, Kala Patthar?) etc came in Sade sati -- YES He HAD to grow-up -- change himself in Sade sati but peoplk/mass support continued due to Shani Mahadasha.

  9. Bachchan is Tula moon sign Virgo Sun Sign (11th Oct) -- is 11 dominated (Psychic abilities, Being Wildly popular is their "passion") etc.

    His Ascendant is KUMBH with 4th house Vrushabh rashi Shani -- Shani in Mithun navamansh.

    SALMAN Khan is KUMBH moon sign -- He has Shani MAHADASHa from 2002 -- VERY Well placed Shani in the horscope -- Despite 8th Shani -- he gave Dabang as Shani maha and Shukra antardasha -- until April 2012.

  10. Thank you Milind, I feel I will be close to BigB (just kidding). I am not sure whether the shani is in good place in my kundali or not but my details as follows:
    DOB: 20-05-1976, Time: 23:25, Place: Dhule.
    Could you please advice me? Thank you, Ajit.

  11. what does shani placed in second house it as bad as placed on 8th or 12th?

  12. (1) Snehal: Dhirubhai Ambani had Shani in 2nd house in own Sign of Makar -- Druhsti by Guru from 10th house. Shani masses - 2nd house shares, investments etc. Even a KIDO Astrologer would be able to appreciate basic priciples of Astro from Dhiribhai's horoscope.

    Dhirubhai's horoscope this effect is MULTIPLE times as his Moon, Sun and Lagna rashi ALL were DHANU (28th Dec). Hence the effect was VERY KEEN. That is why his sade sati was equally troublesome on all counts!

    2nd House Shani with Mangal or Rahu AND VERY IMP OWNER Of the 2nd house VERY BADLY PLACED -- There could be some bad debts, investments of family debts (with rahu ketu). BUT OWNER well placed then good effects. Guru's Drushti on 2nd hosue Shani will show GREAT effect after age of 30 in shares/investments etc...

    2nd house Shani shows and recommends slow/steady approach towards inivestments which can only come after age of 30..

  13. Hi milind. Having born in kumbha lagna my shani is in 3 aries opp venus mars in tula in 9 , so how will be shani transit moon is in scorpio with jupiter and sun merc in 11 RAHU IN AQU

  14. Hi Milind ...can u please provide some information about neptune transit in kumbha for 2011? ...

  15. HI Milind,

    According to my kundli my zodiac is kumbh & as per english calendar my zodiac is scorpio, can you tell me which one is correct (My birth date 11/11/1975

  16. NIRMALA:
    You must be born after 11:15 a.m. as Kumbh rashi started from thattime on 11/11/75.

    To answer Simply:
    (1) YOUR Moon Sign is KUMBH and Your REAL Sun Sign is TULA / LIBRA.

    (2) Scorpio Sun sign started in India from Nov 16 5:50 pm or so in 1975.

  17. Hi milind transiteffects are to be judged from moon alone or lagna also for eg foe me sat will be in 12 from moon but 9 frm kumbha lagna from nov

  18. Dheerpat:
    Yes of cousre BOTH effects have to be taken into consideration! For example when Guru goes over Moon -- it increases your image -- In the 1st house -- Your image will be increased as your personality -- some personality contest wins etc. If moon is in 10th house -- then it wil increasse image at workplace with increasing support at workplace BUT Guru going over Moon sign WILL increase your responsibility and WILL TEST you for sure.

  19. Dheerpat:
    So while Shani is 12th to your Vrushchik Moon -- It will be 9th -- and could cause some travel against your will -- it will start some new things in life which would give you more responsibiilities and change in location for job in those 2.5 years.

    Middle 2.5 years would give more emotiona stress due to workplace issues than family issues (10oth house Moon and not 4th house moon!) etc etc

  20. Ekdum barobar ahey guru in meena transit has given me promo as it aspects my 10th house moon plus jup, which are in turn aspected by sat in virgo transit so isues are in work place since april 2009 including transfer now one peculiar thing will be jupiter in aries will transit over natal 3house saturn inturn aspect transit sat in libra who will transit over 9 house ven mars..phew.
    What say with 9house and planets therein under so much inflience of conjuctions (saturn) and aspect (jupiter) how will the result modiefy themselves

  21. My DOB is 25/12/1968 @ 13:10hrs. I am going through a lot of problems for the last 2 years. I really don't know why and it has not shown any improvement. I left my job in NOV 2010 and till now is not able to secure even an interview. Looks like something is blocking all my efforts. Somehow still surviving, maybe because my wife is Rishaba and having a good time according to astrology. Pls advice

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  23. Very detailed and good prediction on Kumbh rashi. My husband is Kumbh and I am Vrischik just like in your case. Wanted some advise on my husbands career. Can I write to your email id ... Thanks

  24. Ranjan Naik:
    I have removed your post -- It had a lot of sensitive data for identity theft!! :( I have copied the data for analysis and will send an email to you on this one.

    My ONLY message to ALL KUMBH rashi folks is to have SABOORI until May 2011 and also until Dec 2011 Both Guru and Shani will start supporting you respectively -- Until then READ, LEARN, Certification, Brain Storming, Planning, HARD WORK is required.

    Yes Indeed Vrushabh is certainly having a good time until May 2011.

    Please read my post above "message to kumbh rashi folks". In a conservative country like India and especially south India -- A LOT of folks are born under KUMBH rashi which is progressive, looks 30-40 years ahead and is unconventional and modern...

    Same is true of 4 born folks.

  26. Dheerpat:
    (1) The Trasnfer in 2009 was 3rd Guru -- Half-Bhagyoday!! :)
    (2) Mangal Shukra togther! :) How close are they!? :) When Shani goes over it -- be careful !! :) :)

  27. Well mars 19 degrees and venus 27 deg in tula. Aspected by debilated sat 22 deg aries..since guru will again aspect 9 trfr again?

  28. Hello Sir , This is Priyadarshini from Bangalore . It's regarding my father . Name :S.Chandrasekar.Date Of Birth : 5th july 1958
    Time of the Birth :00.58 am.Place :Karaikudi - Tamil Nadu.Birth star :Avittam 3rd pada
    ashi :Kumbha.lagnam :Mesha.
    My father is having major financial crises since last year . He is out of job since october 2010 till now .He also had been out of station in tamilnadu on Jan 14 th 2011 , he told he will return by Jan 20th 2011 . But he didn return to blore yet nor he called me . Can you please see his horoscope and find out
    1. When will he be back to bangalore?Which part of India he is in right now ?
    2. When will his financial problems get solved ?
    3. Will he get into new job ?
    4. What precautions and remedy to be taken to avoid financial loss?

  29. Hi milind...

    when kumbha ppl will have 5th guru (duration) ?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hi Milind,
    I have been reading your blogs for some time and am realy impressed with your detailed analysis and practical suggestions .
    I am,as all fathers,concerned for my son,who is at present out of India and unmarried.Can I email you his birth details for some advice.

  32. hi milind..
    really well rashi is kumbha too..i would love to ask you some questions....i will email it to you..till then..keep it up !

  33. sir i also mail you..pls rply me
    name :piyush
    time:7.15 AM

    i'm suffering from unemployment..
    when will i get god job..
    how much i wait???

    ever will i select in Govt job..
    how will remain my upcoming Future????

  34. very detailed explanation.. We are trying to conceive a second baby. My moon sign is Kumbha and sun sign is tauras- May12th. My husband's moom sign is Dhan and Sun sign is libra-oct1st. Can you please let us know how much is the success rate?

  35. Hi Milind,
    What are the employment predictions for Kumbha rashi in 2011?

  36. Really well rashi is kumbha too..i would love to ask you some questions
    I hv encountered bad phase since 2000. I never got the high position even though I was eligible for it. All my ideas were used by others and they got success. I am stil struggling.

    My DOb is 13/09/62 time 1145am Place:-Pune,Maharstra.

    When will i get a good job.
    When will my money prospectus will improve. Pl advise.

  37. Me Sunitha
    ihad a bad time for 2008 my rashi is Kumba ..No proper job , no Successes .... when our problem get sloved........ kindly tell us

  38. Hi,

    I am kumbha rashi (moon sign) wanted to know how is this year wrt starting family (having kids) as i badly want one.

  39. subhash khodaskarApril 20, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    dear Mr milind -- point to point focused forecast, rather than too generalized. point to point forecast is matching to me till date, and now i will be able to put my step in right direction ---- thanks again mr milind.

    regards -- Subhash Khodaskar Aurangabad

  40. dear mr milind-- my dob is 11 Feb 1951,place Amravati, time - 10.30 AM,
    I wish to have a forecast based on above frrom you, how we go head? cell 9923149736

    subhash khodaskar

  41. Dear milind, i find many things right in your astrology

    my rashi is kumbh,nakshtra shatabhishak, lagna meena , dob-27/5/1981 time-2.56am mumbai ,i wanted to known weather i will be sucessfull in life
    regards sandeep murdeshwar

  42. hi milind even i am kumbh rashi native

    my dob is 28/03/1987 time:2:06 am mumbai

    cud u plz mail me my readings at

  43. Hi i wish to have my time after Nov 11, My DOB: 03 day/ 06 month/ 1972 time is 16:15 and place of birth Palghat, kerala.

    I belong to Kumbha rasi


  44. Hi! I just wanted to mention that during Ashtam Shani, I have experienced that the health-troubles are usually with the underlying 'hidden' organs in the stomach region - say with the uterus, ovaries and the like. This has been my experience as a female.

  45. Namaskar! My DOB 8th April 1975, 05:55 AM, Birth place Bhusawal, Dist. Jalgaon (Maharshtra).
    Not able to decide where to shift career. Already worked in power plant(coal, iron)now in design engineering office at Sr. position still not confident and always under fear of losing job.
    Shall I move back to power plants or stay in design office job plz advise.

  46. Hi sir i have experience of 3yrs but not happy with salary ,position family health every thing went wrong in life Kindly let me know when do I get success back born on 24 april 1987 morning 10:58 kumba rashi poorvabadra nakshthra

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  48. Awesome and detailed analysis!! Accurate to the hilt.

  49. I have been reading and studying different sites for years (I also have chandra in Kumbha). I read Lagna predictions, Rasi predictions, sun sign predictions, navamsa predictions...etc. You have given the most accurate so far!!

  50. hi miland ji, ur realy providing the actual happening and with very descritive manner. ur every prediction in regards to my rashi is 100% accurate..can u pls tell me when will my good time will come and my rashi is kumba(moon sign),my DOB IS: 12/MARCH/1975 AND TIME IS 9.60 PM.KINDKY TELL ME ABT MY FUTURE..I WILL BE OBILIGED..


  51. dear milindji,I am chetan dob is 5th march time of birth is 11 am at surat ,Gujarat.some astrologer says that i am picean n some other says i am aqurious.I got confused abt zodiak sign. my life is not of success.maany downfall seen.plz tell me about my future.job,merrige plz reply at am unemployeed now and of 30th completed.

  52. hi miland ji, ur realy providing the actual happening and with very descritive manner. ur every prediction in regards to my rashi is 100% accurate..can u pls tell me when will my good time will come and my rashi is kumba(moon sign),my DOB IS: 12/MARCH/1975 AND TIME IS 9.60 PM.KINDKY TELL ME ABT MY FUTURE..I WILL BE OBILIGED..
    kindly send me my future details @


  54. New window
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    (no subject)
    [Offline] nedunuri rohith to Milind.Chitamb.

    show details 8:53 PM (1 minute ago)

    Hello sir,firstly you are doin a great job by doing this service and i sincerely pray that god will bestow you with all the happiness that you will need.


    10th april 1991
    kakinada(AndhraPradesh) 11.15 am

    my main problem is satisfaction on the education part which I never get.

    The years 2008-09 were extremely stressful.Although i gave in more than 100 % i never got the result which i expected.
    Now again in 2011 i finished writing my gre exam but scored way below my potential i feel ,though i got average results(74%) as said by my friends.

    (sir this is the way i feel).Also i have a strong desire to settle abroad.Hence I want to take my gre exam again but something stops me and confidence is missing in me which i had during the schooling days where I had a daredevil attitude.Please suggest me what i should do??Ssould I try to settle abroad or should i go with the wind .

    The other big worry is how is my career going to be??(it may be silly questions)but hoping against hope You will ease my worries.

    thanking you,


  55. Hi Milind Ji,

    I saw your blog, got impressed. Kindly suggest my do's and dont's, my details are as follows.

    Name : V.U.Gopikrishnan
    DOB : 24/11/1982
    Rasi : Kumbha
    Star : Sathayam
    PoB : Thanjavur
    ToB : 8.30 am

    Kindly suggest abt my career, family, ambition.
    Advance thanks for your support.

    kindly mail me to


  56. thank you very much...its quite encouraging

  57. hi miland ji, ur realy providing the actual happening and with very descritive manner. ur every prediction in regards to my rashi is 100% accurate..and sir the thing is that in my entire career till date i have no problem but i am not happy with my current status of living and what i am thiking that is not convrting into real..kindly know me whats the prob have in my rashi and my rashi is kumba(moon sign),my DOB IS: 12/MARCH/1975 AND TIME IS 9.57 PM.KINDKY TELL ME ABT MY FUTURE..I WILL BE OBILIGED..

  58. suddenly a very stressful period since Jan 2011. So much of mental pressures I was into for a reason that is not worth it. I lost my cool and was walking in the wrong path of life, quickly realised and went through a lot of mental agony. Before Jan 2011, it was a tough time too but things were under control. Now, after praying Kalabhairava I am in a much better position. Please let me know when I will be back to my happy life...

  59. i even had so much of suicidal urge from March to August 2011. Now, I am surely better, but I want to get back my peaceful life...

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. Hi Milind Ji,

    I saw your blog, got impressed. Kindly suggest my do's and dont's specially on career front, my details are as follows.

    Name : P Goswami
    DOB : 06th oct1976
    Rasi : Kumbh
    PoB : seoni(MP)
    ToB : 10.55 am

  62. Dear Mr. Milind,

    I am born on 6th Nov 1973. Can you please kindly tell me if I belong to Kumbh rasi. And also, am I a Scorpio according to the Sun Signs? Thanks for your help in advance.

    Regards, SC.

  63. dear sir
    iam intrested in astrology and want gain knowledge so please help me
    my DOB-16-08-1973

  64. Milindji, Wish you a very happy diwali!
    My sun sign as well as moon sign is kumbh, & running shani mahadasha since 2007. as has been rightly mentioned in ur posts there have been issues with seniors. shani is in the 11th house with kark ascendant - how do u see the future unfolding in coming time. DOB: 4 Feb 73 at 18:00 hrs city bokaro.

  65. Dear Sir,
    Please write Reply. My DOB: 23Apr1976 at 8.50PM in Hyderabad (India). I am presently in Shani Maha Dasha, and Aastama Shani. I just lost my job, have troubles with seniors.. when can i get New job, Life is frustrating.


  66. dear sir,
    i will mail u my birth details in the email id u have given above....along with my queries....
    thanks and regards....

  67. I am very much worried at the incomes....Problematic bosses....cancer asendant...moon sign kumbha......born....3rd august 1966...05.40am...Anantnag Kashmir...could you suggest me how would be my future now onwards

  68. am FEMALE 21 YRS. dob IS 3/5/90 and birth time is 11.43 p.m (night) I am having a love affair and want to know if that will end up in marriage. My bo friend' date of birth is 4th sept 1988 and time is 8.05 p.m (Night). Pl mail me on enver,

  69. am FEMALE 21 YRS. dob IS 3/5/90 and birth time is 11.43 p.m (night) I am having a love affair and want to know if that will end up in marriage. My bo friend' date of birth is 4th sept 1988 and time is 8.05 p.m (Night). Pl mail me on

  70. My dob is 5/11/65, birth time : 5:30A.M Presenting I am unemployed, Pl let me know my career future,Pl e-mail me the details on

  71. Incidentally came across your post...Very elaborate & an interesting read I must confess...I could relate to almost everything mentioned here as me & my husband both belong to Kumbha rashi... Thanks for putting it in simple words.

  72. Quiet Impressive.. I believe in astrology and things you have mentioned guess happened almost the same. Both me and my husband are born in kumbha rasi. Thanks for the inputs. Im actually looking forward for 2012.. Please do give us the predictions Milind. Thanks.

  73. Detailed explaination and good insights

  74. Hello

    Most of your predictions are so clear and correct.This year has been really stressful for me healthwise and otherwise.You have especially mentioned stomach issues which I hve and need to go for an ultra-sound scanning tomorrow.Fingers crossed that it shouldnt be anything serious.

  75. Dear Milind Gi,

    your predictions are perfect when related to the past happenned in my life.

    I am Kumbha Rasi sathya nakshatram presently aged around 46, faced many ups and downs till date, no satisfaction in what I do, confidence level going down due to the past, fear increases,financial position very much fluctuating still not bad, have done many good things for the friends and family but no fruit coming my way instead bad name.

    After reading your blog hoping for the better time during Shani in 9th, 10th and 11th house. Some astrologers predict Guru Sandala yogam which will give enormous financial gains. Some business proposal coming my way where I have to lead as a GM & will get 10% share in profit without any investment but salary offered is 30% less. I need your expert advice. I will also write to your email id with my horoscope details. Thanks in advance

  76. Hi Milindji,
    I am Kumbha Raasi and Kumbha Lagna.
    My Shani is in Second house along with Venus. Can you please provide your valuable comments on this. currently I am going through Shani Maha Dasha and Venus Anatar Dasha.

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