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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Real Sun Signs, Additional 13th sun Sign, FoxNews, Pune Daily Mirror, the Serpent Holder and other Chaos

!! HAPPY Makar-Sankranti to all of you !!

Real Sun Signs, Additional 13th Sun Sign, FoxNews, Pune Daily Morror, the Serpent Holder and other Chaos

Even Pune Daily Mirror has joined band-wagon of folks writing articles on Sun Signs! J I did not read the article although my wife said that they also now have 13th Sign of some Serpent holder etc – My response to this article: BS!! (No offense meant) J

Indian Predictive Astrology is mostly driven by Moon Sign – So whatever sign you know from your “Janma-Patri” or ‘Horoscope’ in India is your MOON – Sign. Do not confuse talks about signs here! J

The talk here is about the REAL Sun Signs.

I have explained Real Sun Signs in the article I published on 17th July 2009 which I recently updated to include more information! I am including relevant articles that explains Sun Signs, What Is Astrology, What is “Karma” and how Astrology is ‘useless’ without knowledge/awareness of “Karma”.

Also added is an article below about “NO CUSP” in Astrology. Change of signs have real Karmic Links / repercussions – You cannot be a CUSP of Aries and Pisces or any other signs. You are either this or that and NEVER a CUSP!!

1. Your Correct / Real Sun Sign:

2. What is Astrology:

3. The Mysterious Arrangement of Zodiac and our Solar System:

4. Karma:

5. No Cusp in Astrology:

6. Makar Sankranti: Contents from Wikipedia

(The Wikipedia articles also illustrates that the Makar Sankranti would be in Feb after thousands of years. i.e REAL Sun Sign would keep rolling to further dates due to “procession of equinox”)

Everybody in media and their brothers have joined this march of publishing ill-researched, ill-advised and publicity hungry articles. Indian Astrology uses correct Zodiac and accounts for Earth’s axis rotation in a gigantic circle. (Sayan – Nirayan – Ayanansh etc are the words very familiar in Indian Astro-Circles)

There are fights within astrologers on which “ayanamsh” to use is a different story. J I have ‘experienced’ that LAHIRI Ayanansh are the most trustworthy – I observed some close cases to check their behavior etc.

Here are some of the article that will help you gain awareness about Astrology quickly with spending on books or wondering helplessly by reading worthless articles or interviews on TV! J Any mistake, unclear content – Please leave a note/email etc.


Happy Makar Sankranti:

The SUN entered Capricorn Sun Sign on JAN 14, 6.26 p.m. Indian Standard Time -- As Per Lahiri Ayanansh. It was in Sagittarius until then.


  1. I got an email today about 84600 and precession etc etc --

    Some 1700+ years back TROPICAL Calendar was the same as SIDEREAL Calendar -- And NO it will not always keepo adding 1 degree after each 72 years. At some poiint in time due to the position of the axis -- we will start subtracting 1 degree that is advancing Makar Sankranti by 1 day...

  2. Hi Milind,

    Sets to rest certain misconceptions. Like your forthright and sure manner of sppeech.

    Btw I had sent you a question on my shani mahadasha quite a few days ago. I did so only because you had graciously invited queries on theis site. Please do respond.


  3. Today even Times of India has put a small column on this -- This is malicious and a rediculous attempt by Astronomers EVERY 3-4 years to start sommething which Astrologers from know from thousands of years!! TROPICAL and SIDEREAL Signs. Indian astrology is NOT affected and concept of 12 signs and their characteristics still hold true.

    Also NOTHING happens without Karma -- So do not worry that your "bhavishya/future" for 2011 will change by anny change which is NON Existent anyways unless you read Linda Goodman with Western Sun signs (TROPICAL) Linda Goodman's books are PLAIN AMAZING - Just read the right sign! :)


  4. I like this article.TV media should not publish such baseless stories.
    Gurukumar Pednekar

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