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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Kanya Rashi Sadesati Example

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Sadesati Example

There are so many questions on Sade Sati – Sade sati main bura hota hain kya? Lekin kabhi kabhi achha bhi hota hain?? J it is very difficult to answer such questions. Sadesati has nothing to do with good or bad happening in your life! The best way to understand sadesati is look at examples. Sadesati is about paying Karma of THIS life and not past life. (Past life good-bad karma pay off is in Shani Mahadasha.)

Here is one example of a well-known person to explain sadesati. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – He is Kanya rashi. (Makar Lagna, Mithun Surya – 7th June etc). He has Mangal in 5th house (Like Tendulkar and Gavaskar). He has Mangal in Vrushabh last degrees in Mangal’s Mrug Nakshatra like Gavaskar.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is under sadesati from July 2007 – You would say – well he won WC T20 after his sade sati started! – Well – The WC T20 should be directly attributed to GURU in Vrushchik rashi which was aspecting (drushti) his Mangal (sports).

From July 2007 he started with Sade sati (for Kanya rashi). Look at 7.5 years before sade sati for Dhoni. He was a free spirit, enjoying every day without worrying about future. Playing 1 game at a time, hitting 1 ball at a time and just plain enjoying himself!! He had an increasing graph w.r.t personal achievements.

Come sadesati in July 2007 à 12th house Shani from July 2007 to Sept 2009. The 12th house planets (ANY!) forced you to do “thorough planning”. He had increasing responsibility. He was given new role which changed his way of thinking. It forced him to think about 15 players before he could think of himself. He was forced to GROW-up – Personally he would have liked to continue as is mode for 2-3 more years!! J Dhoni of LONG hair and extravagant stroke-play was all GONE and this serious, sincere and a very worried MAN came out of this BOY. Also, when is the last time he scored a century for himself?? Especially in test match. His personal scores/achievement as a player after the start of sadesati has been almost none! He he been doing great as a captain and as a keeper though! But again tasks of great responsibilities – watching each and every ball is NO JOKE along with captainship! (Hats off to Dhoni.)

From Sept 2009 – he is in middle 2.5 years of sade sati – Emotional stress – He has to cope with emotional stress wit increasing responsibility on emotional side (marriage) and of course colleagues who are now together for 3-5 years and have become close. He will be subjected to emotional stress – HELL he has developed white beard and white hair in sade sati!! J He has all the wealth etc in the world but NO TIME to enjoy it! J

Please do not attribute sadesati to failures and successes. (unless it is sadesati of politicians which is LOT more troublesome as Shani means masses!) They will continue to happen with Guru’s bhraman/drushti on various planets in the horoscope. Sadesati is exactly what is described in the following article which I have shared multiple times!


  1. Dear Milind,
    I am undergoing sade-sati and shani mahadasha same time and my shani is in 7th house .Does that mean its not good for relationships or marriages ?I have sent you an email also please reply if you can .

  2. Nice observation...good to read your article after long time...

  3. Thanks Megcool!
    I am not able to write new stuff due to tremendous work load...Somehow managed the Annual Rashi Bhavishya for 12 signs. Want to start Monthly too - Let us see! :)

    Depends -- Where is Moon? If Shani is in uchcha rashi uchcha navamansh you should dnot have issues but still staying away from partner is possible in Shani Maha and Shani Antardasha specifically.

    Sade sati and Shani Mahadasha is tough combo as the person gets confused -- what is due to past karma (mahadasha) and what is due to this life Karma (Sadesati!) :) :)

  4. Hi milind ,

    Moon is in same house as shani nd shani is exalted .however i dont know about navmasa.In navmasa both are in 12th house.
    My dob is 31-08-1984
    time :12:10pm and i am a female .

    Plz tell me i am worried .My past experience in relationship has not been gud .What are my marriage prospectus.Can i get an good life partner.?

  5. Hi Milind,

    Nice to read an article after a long time.

    Thank you for taking out time and writing for us :-)


  6. Anonymous:
    Yes if Moon is in the same house and also very close (same Navamansh) as Shani then the effects of 7th house Shani will be there...Your sadesati will be more on relationships and espeiclaly middle 2.5 would cause emotional stress due to relationships. But As Shani is uchcha rashi and Moon in Tula -- There is a balance in your nature which will take you out of the stressful situations with flying colors. As Shani is already with Moon -- The sade sati will not be able to **add** greatly to the issues in my opinion. Rather when Shani goes past Horoscope Shani degree - you will see situation improving -- afterage of 29.5...

  7. Dear Milind,

    In previous articles you've mentioned that neelam is not the solution to such problems only karma's can resolve such issues .I am wearning a neelam and i always thought it gives me some stability .

    I read somewhere if shani is uchcha rashi then you benefit from past life good karma's .Is that true?If yes then why do I suffer so much emotionally and as you say its affecting marriage house .Does that mean i should stop expecting a happy married life?

    Please explain what is shani uchcha in 7th house means?

  8. Hi Milind,
    Do mention what paya (Gold, Silver, Iron etc) and what vahan (Lion, dog, deer, elephant)has what effect, and what paya and vahan were the Sadesati stages of MSD. I won't be surprised if MSD's Sadesati were all good payas and good vahans!!

    Paya and Vahan links:

    Last para on

    First para on


  9. Anonymous:
    Please IGNORE this Lohpad, Silver, Gold etc business -- It is THE SAME for ALL Kanya rashi people --depending on the position of Moon when Sadesati started -- So it is for person specific...

    Also do read my article on sadesati -- It your own karma that sadesati makes you go thru apart from learning new skills --- So Lohpad etc does NOT matter.


  10. Anonymous: Shani ichcha in 7th house with Moon: Need to analyse from various point of views:

    1. Chnadra Shani toegther -- Emotional by birth as Moon is with Shani -- worrying nature.
    2. Chnadra with Shani -- Good Mass Mentality - In a very good sign for both Chandra and Shani of Tula so very good mass mentality and support.. which came from good karmas of past birth. From 2003 to Sept 2009 was GOLDEN period like Akshay Kumar, Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Baba Ramdeo and countless TULA rashi folks...Now in Sade sati -- slow but steady wins the race!

  11. 3. Chandra Shani very close together some health iossues to Mom in 7th house and Tula could be related to reproductive organs but not as complicated as they would have been with say CHandra Shani in Vrushchik rashi.
    3. Chandra in 7th house younger partner -- Shani - Older partner - when they are together --??? Apply logic! :)

    4. Of course we will have to analyse the speed of Shani, aspects of Kendra Navapancham yog of other planets with Shani and Chnadra to give a good idea...

  12. --depending on the position of Moon when Sadesati started -- So it is for person specific...

    I meant it is NOT person specific -- Person specific is his own kundlai.. hence success when Guru was in Vrushchik bang opposite to his Mangal --- !! FULL drushti of Guru -- 7th Guru is called as "Baal bhi na Banka.."

  13. i am Sinha rashi with kark lagna, can u pls tell me when will my sadesati will over as i am currently feeling v depressed and lots hope in all things professionally as well as personally..pls tell

  14. Dear Milind,
    your reply confused me and made me more worried about my future .specially when you say
    "3. Chandra in 7th house younger partner -- Shani - Older partner - when they are together --??? Apply logic! :) "

    I think you are with the first point thats why i am worried and very emotional.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog .Keep posting

  15. Hi Milind Sir!
    I am awaiting your reply sir. I have written 3 mails to you since mid feb :) I request you to answer my questions. I know its rude of me to trouble somebody but couldn't keep my eagerness under control.
    Can you suggest any book for astrology as I have been contemplating about learning astrology for quite a while now. It has always fascinated me.

    There are a lot of people that say astrology is all hogwash, what's you take on it sir? I have been reading all your posts religiously and want to know your opinion.
    Thanks and Regards

  16. Lakshmi:
    Astrology is a good or bad (rather much better) as Weather Channel, Stock Market Analysis & MOST RELEVANT comparision is -- ECONOMICS. Astrology is as effective as econiomics. You just need a good economist who doesnot have conflict of interest in various commodities or stocks etc etc! :) Like ex RBi Governor "Reddy" who was good enough to take on America's "paid" channel pandits/morons like Udayan Mukerjee or such !! :)

    Well -- If you can read Marathi -- There are GREAT books available -- I have not seen as good books in Hindi or English -- LInda Goodman is great but not to learn astrology but to appreciate it! :)

    Marathi Authors like V. D. Bhat and M. D Bhat and Soman Shahstri develop your thought ptocess which is self sustained and can take you as far as your interest and passion in this subject...I have been studying this subject (Palmistry, Horoscope,Face, Numero) for past 19 years or so -- and still an ONGOIGN process. I am only LOGICAL in Gemology -- Can't tell Gomed from a Moonstone! :) :)

  17. The best part is that -- I started in astrology to prove it wrong -- and prove astrologers wrong ! :) :) Well I proved astrologers wrong on many counts but with better Astrology logic and observations and NOT by rediculing astrology -- Do not be a PAWN on the board -- Be a King --- !!! Read my Article on Autobiography of a Yogi and specifically 16tgh Chapter in that book to understand what Astrology is REALLY about.

  18. Sheetal:
    Sadesati over in Dec 2011 and then in March 2012 for 15-20 days only. So Dec 2011 is the answer.

    Anonymous: MOON SHANI in TULA -- No need to get confused -- IN your case you will get a relevant age person but who could be serious and more educated (PdD type) and who woudl not be as fair as you are (Skin color -- Kanha!) :)

  19. Hindi lterature on Astrology is Quite PRIMITIVE - Lal Kitab etc -- whatever I read in Hindi is TOO primitive to be taken seriously...Maybe I do not have access to good Hindi books which could bvich could be available in UP/Bihar or MP...

  20. Hi Milind,
    you said:
    Anonymous: MOON SHANI in TULA -- No need to get confused -- IN your case you will get a relevant age person but who could be serious and more educated (PdD type) and who woudl not be as fair as you are (Skin color -- Kanha!) :)

    My shani mahadasha started in 2005.I wore a neelam in 2008.After that things really got started on education and career front .I came to US in 2009 .sep just when my sadesati started.My family spend lot of money on my education .I have started earning again in 2010 sep as a student only.

    Two queries:
    1)I read in your previous post that its due to shani mahadasha that you loose all the money and get it back again.Is that true?
    2) How much does neelam helps in shani mahadasha .I know famous peronality like Amitabh bachan is also wearning a neelam.

    you never write anything about gemstones .why?

  21. Milind sir

    Thank you for taking your time to answer my question. I cannot read Marathi as I am a Tamilian. Do you know of any Tamil book which is good? I will read your article which you have mentioned about.
    Thanks and regards

  22. Milind sir

    I chanced upon your article on what astrology is and it gives a clear insight as to what it is and even you hand clearly stated that that is what you have experienced in your 19,20 years of astrology practice. Thank you. It was enlightening.

  23. Lakshmi:
    I think South is a BIG BHANDAR for Astrological studies -- Professor B V Raman is a LEGEND !!! His astrological magazine has been GREAT -- Only issue is with the Ayanansh they use -- make horoscope change a bit. Rahyul Gandhi who is Makar moon becomes Dhanu in those ayanansh -- Lahiri ayanansh are the most perfect ones.

    Astrologial magazine of B V Raman -- Also has 2 VERY Good Sanskrit Shlok upfront their meaning is as follows:

    1. Whatever a person thinks, acts and practices -- the person becomes ONLY THAT and nothing else!! Astrology chart etc not withstanding!!

    2. We can only study the effect of a person on surroundings and vice versa in Astrology Who else than Lord Brahma the Creator knows what is actually going to happen! :) :)

    These two Sanskrit Sholk are VERY imp for anyone who start studying astrology..!! :)

    I practcies Computers for 2 yrs in 11/12 and 4 years in BE (CSE) and became a Computer Engg -- Doing bowlinig since I was in 1st/2nd standard - and became a decent bowler -- studying Astrology from 1991 and trying to become a good Astrologer...

    Nothing elseis going to happen that you are NOT doing.....!!!

  24. Two queries:
    1)I read in your previous post that its due to shani mahadasha that you loose all the money and get it back again.Is that true?

    *****NO NO NO ---> :) I mentioned that whatever these folks like Bachchan and Salman and ShaRukh have donated in past life -- they are getting back from masses!!! Whatever value add they did to masses in past birth - they get it back in this life...You do nont need to lose etc money to get it back...!!!! Rather GOOD KARMA is imp.....

    2) How much does neelam helps in shani mahadasha .I know famous peronality like Amitabh bachan is also wearning a neelam.
    ***** GEMSTONES are like TONIC -- Nothing else. You need to be healthy enough for Tonics to work -- when you fall sick -- you need antibiotics and NOT Tonic but yet Tonics can help for sure say 5/7% for overall health. If you have Moon and Shani close -- Shani is already effective as uchcha in your horosopce --It is like giving tonic to Dara Sinigh !! :) :) Rather you would do better with MOTI - -which will stabilize your mental stress and emotions! :) Neelam will increase Shani's control on Moon.

    I have Guru Shukra yuti -- I go to parties (100s of them) but NEVER had a drop of Alcohol (it is by chance and not on purpose etc - I have NO issues with anyone drinking as long as it is in control). But I also go to Mandir (1000s) but NEVER ignire Karma -- IF I wear Pukhraj -- my Shukra will be controlled more by Guru and I will even try ti ignore that side of life -- If I wear Diamond -- My spiritual side will suffer -- So wen there are YUTI -- gemstone should be used carefully.

    For Tula rashi Neelam is not bad at all -- But dso you need a TONIC of something which is already good in your life??? Again Dara Singh needs Kaaju Badam nad not tonic -- which is needed by a deficient person -- But not as deficient as on a deathbed! :)

    Like Tonic -- Gemstones have long term effects on human life -- they create magnetic waves around you(not proven) and balance with their COLOR -- they slowly change your thoughts....changed thoughts change destiny ---- Thoughts can be changed by a good MENTOR -- Good GURU MUCH MORE than wearting Pushkaraaj --

    Spending 10000 on Mars Gemstone -- > Rather better to spend that much to join a GYM !!!! It will be MUCH MORE beneficial than wearing Praval !!!!????

  25. From SK: Hi Milind, i am impressed by your knowledge in this field and the writings. They have been great learning to me since i am myself a novice in astrology !
    I have a question: My birth details are as follows - 26.04.1980, Lucknow, 16.00 hrs. From september 09, i have been going through a very bad phase in life both on personal & professional front. No success in job or in getting married. Even the hard efforts are not bearing any results.
    What are the reasons for the same ?
    Why is Jupiter in meen as per Gochar not able to get me married, is it because middle 2.5 years of sadhe sathi too strong ?
    When is the change expected ?

  26. Milindji, I am kanya rashi (uttara nakshatra) person with Vrushabh lagna! I had mentioned in last posting that my Rahu is in 1st place, Chandra-Mangal in 5th place in kanya rashi, Ketu in 7th place, Shukra in 9th place, Ravi-Budh-Shani in 10th place, Guru in 12th place. Your last reading was correct- I am getting good publicity for the noble-project/charity work which I am doing! My skin is sensitive as u said and my temperament is little towards hot side. But I have many friends, I am popular and fun to be with. I laugh a lot but always get disturb by small small issues. I am sufferring from some or the other kind of stomach related problems(especially kidney-stones n indigestion). I went under small operative procedure in Dec 2007 (may be coz my sadesati had started in sep 2007). I had undergone c-sections during both the deliveries (which is nowadays is not uncommon). I am doing lot of good KARMA since my childhood so I am not worried much about what will happen in future but I do worry abt my health as I want to raise my kids in a good healthy environment and I want to support them until they both become independent.. that is my main cause of worry! Can u pl guide?
    Thanks in advance!

  27. is it harmful sharing our birthdate and time with any if yes what r the effects

  28. Milindji, loved this article and more so because of the discussions below that are so interesting due to their relevance in my case. I also have Chandra Shani Yukti in 10th house Vrishabh where Shani is in friend's house and moon is exalted. I am Sinha lagna. You already have my birth details, please thoda aur bataiye sir! I am really interested to know about Chandra Shani yukti in 10th house and overlapping of Shani Mahdasha with sadesati in 2028 onwards. Please sir!

  29. Hi Milind,

    My hubby has filed for a divorce yesterday...i dont know why he is doing all this..we also have a 3 yrs old daughter..Kindly help...



    1. Hii Sameena,
      I am Deepa Ashish Shrivastava hope you wont mind I read your query here and I heartily hurt :(
      Have you got any suggestion from Milindji?
      Hope you wont mind sharing with me, although m not insisting but generally i believes in 'sharing is caring' else Gud Luk for your future :)

  30. Hii Milind Ji,
    My queries are for my husband. He is experimenting his luck in 'stock market' and is in the same field since 8-10 years. He has discovered many awesome tactics and has gathered enough knowledge also giving his 100% yet he is not getting what he desire for. His dreams are so big that he want to earn name & fame for our country and for betterment of society. We are not getting the lacking point.
    In june 12 we asked the same to 'shiv shakti sansthan' and they suggested to wear Neelam and Panna, we purchased them yet not getting the dreams although things are favorably changing but not getting the fruitful results. We would be please to listen your suggestions and predictions.

    Below are the details:
    Name: Ashish Shrivastava
    DOB: 23/07/1980
    POB: Rewa (MP)
    TOB: 8:35 Pm

    Married to: Deepa saxena
    DOB: 07/12/1984
    TOB: 03:10 Am
    POB: Bhopal(MP)

    Marriage Date: 30/04/2011

    Eager for your reply at :)

  31. Milindji...MY DOB-12-5-71 I am under Sade Satti since Nov 2011, quit my job, now doing a less paid job, but some good things happened, got admission in a reputed B-School last (could not go because of funds), and moved to a new (owned by in-laws) flat recently.

    What future has stored in for me? Career >which way is it is going?

  32. Hi, My elder daughter is swathi nakshathra and younger is uttra palguni nakshathra (kanya rasi). I lost my job and not able to get a good job. Its more than 10 months now. Not sure, if the kids sade sati will affect parents. pls comment on this

  33. hi dob 4 april 1985 7:14 pm female hyd.kanya rashi

  34. Namaste Milind Ji

    My DOB 17 Nov 1957
    POB Hyderabad India
    TOB 12.04 PM Afternoon.

    I am in Sade sati and in Sahni Mahadasa Kanya Rashi and Makar lagana.

    Can u please tell me about my current period and about shani mahadasa period about finances.


  35. my dob is 24/09/1987 time morning 7.40 am secunderabad what is the best business suits me sir

  36. HI milind sir, my DOB-29/04/1988 ,kanya rashi and mithun lagna....I have always failed in love n relationship...If u could please tell me I shall be grattitude...thanks and regards. AMIT JENA

  37. Birth place-bhubaneswar,odisha and time-9:00 am

  38. Dear milind bhai

    I am a singha rashi had gone through your blog during sadesati which ended in aug 12.
    I would like to congratulate you for your observation and comments on sadesati . I did not believe sadesati but after going througha tough time in 11 and 12 2014 and reading your singha rashi forecast I was not only convinced but appreciated the way you are telling about every astro aspect.


  39. When a 6 year old child faces sade sati and its sufferings, what bad present life Karma may that child possibly done. Sade sati at childhood always refers to past life Karma. I am an astrologer in my own right and I challenge the statement mentioned above. yes, sade sati at the early 20s may include present life karma, but not at childhood..

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