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Saturday, March 26, 2011

SACHIN, Aishwarya and all DHANU Chandra-Rashi Folks to benefit from 5th Guru from May 2011 to May 2012

SACHIN, Aishwarya and all DHANU Chandra-Rashi Folks to benefit from 5th Guru from May 2011 to May 2012

What do you think – What is the Sachin’s idea of SUCCESS?

1. 300 in test cricket – Maybe yes

2. 401 in test cricket – Maybe yes braking Lara’s record

3. 200 in ODI again? – Well ---

4. Winning tests for India by chasing in 4th innings – staying not out? YES for sure.

5. Bharat-Ratna? – No maybe – Not right now?

6. Winning IPL 2011? (Although his Moon Sign Dhanu is at the end of Rashi 27/28 degrees)

7. I have not included World-Cup 2011 as it is getting over in April 2011.

Aishwarya’s success could be Filmfare, National award for best actor and maybe Oscar!? J Maybe 2/3 BIG super-hit movies?

Guru takes aprx 12 (11.88) years to go through 12 signs. So around 1 year in one sign. People often ask questions like which Guru’s position is the best which is bad etc. Actually, the instant Karma is very easy to explain --- Your KARMA starting from when Guru in behind your Sign i.e. 12th to your Sign and then up to 4th Guru i.e. 5 years of Guru’s travel from 12th to 4th house – is delivered to you in 5th Guru.

10th House is house of potential and work, pressure, stress, production etc but the 5th is the house of “personal achievement” the “dreams come true”, “Go-Getter “. What you think as success is delivered to you when Guru is 5th to your moon sign.

Make NO mistake – There are 1/12th people in the word have 5th Guru at a given point in time! J So do not expect miracles in 5th Guru BUT you will be surprised with the magnitude of success and fruits of your OWN karma in 5th Guru.

From May 2010 to May 2011 Vrushchik Moon sign folks are under 5th Guru – They have got posts, results of their liking - -what they call as success – Zaheer Khan, Yusuf Pathan, Shane Watson, VilasRao Deshmukh, RR Patil and so on.

NOW from May 2011 to May 2012 – Dhanu rashi folks would be under 5th Guru – Guru is their Rashi-Swami also – hence the 5th Guru is even MORE imp to these folks than other signs. So DHANU rashi folks will have a great success in this period – WHAT THEY CALL as Success WILL be delivered to them – It will be the RESULT of ALL THE KARMA since Jan-2007.

Dhanu rashi folks from May 2010 are under tremendous pressure, stress and “no action” mode as Guru is 4th – SUKH Sthan – Making them appreciate Happy Family Life, TV, Movies, and Microwave etc! J This 4th house Guru is not the best year from career and achievement point of view unless you are an interior decorator, Waastu-shastra expert or a farmer! J (but still the timing of money/result will be given in 5th Guru). You have Aishwarya despite doing her best work in ActionReplay and Gujarish etc has not got the success she would have liked. Sachin from May 2010 has not done the best that he would have liked. He was not able to score as much against NZ when Bhajji got 2 hundreds! J

Sachin had a bad day astrologically on 24th March against Australia (12th house Moon) and still he managed to score 53! J His bad day is worthy of a 50 --- ! So what would be 5th Guru be like???

The 9th Guru, 10th Guru, 11th Guru have much WIDER --- MUCH more Strategic importance than 5th Guru but 5th Guru is about success but more from tactical point of view -- success of one’s plans. 9th Guru starts a new strategy and 11th Guru gives GREATEST success from all sides in that year -- Results of your OWN Karma -- Study -- Hard Work -- etc.)

(P.S Glenn McGrath – Meen Moon Sign and Mangal had 5th Guru in 2003 World Cup and 9th Guru in 2007 world cup Guru not only aspecting Chandra but also Mangal – Sports matters – Gilly had 11th Guru in 2003 WC etc etc)


  1. Yeah I know Aish 5th Guru. That will help her get undeserved awards. She needs this Guru the most. Though don't forget Shani entering Tula in Dec 2011. Thank god we have some lagaam.
    Real talent like Sachin fights and wins no matter where Guru is.

    That's the difference between genuine and fake.

  2. One obvious thing you missed- 5th Guru might bring motherhood to Aish?

  3. 1. Did not want to commnet on a very sensitive & personal topic. With Guru going over Abhishek's Guru -- His part should happen by May 2011! :)Guru going over her Mangal will certainly show good news on brother's front and opposite to Sun -- Ego boost.

    2. As her Moon Sign is Dhanu -- Shani 11th in Tula will not hurt her as much as say a Vrushchik rashi or Kanya rashi person. Rather 11th house Shani shows land-slide mass-support.

    3. NOTHING in this world is un-deserved....She got her horoscope bcos of her great past karma...also this life she has been BRILLIANT. She has only got better as an "actress" after marriage....

  4. She has only got better as an "actress" after marriage....

    I digress. She was excellent in her last 5th Guru 1999. HDDCS. There was a time when I liked her. After marriage, ved laglya sarkhe vagtat doghahi. Kay jhalay dev jaane. She was much more mature in her interviews back then.
    And now all she does is laugh like crazy (at her own PJs), interrupt others (Achishek had to shush her on KJo's show).
    Look at her interview with Simi Garewal BEFORE marriage and compare them to the one's now. She looked so much more composed back then.

  5. Plus, if you say nothing is un-deserved. Let me remind you SRK has got plenty of Filmfare awards :)

  6. Yeah -- He pays them -- so yes he deservs those awards -- He spend money to send nominations, send voted --it is all about instant karma! :) So of course he deserves it as he pays for it...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. "Now she is part of a influential family"

    It's sick to see Aish and Abhi leveraging the great name Amitabh has made for himself. And Amitabh, the great actor that he is, should stop promoting his son.

    From your opinion, it's like you KNOW what's in her mind. I don't know her mind. But I can see her behavior and it SUCKS. I'd be happy if media reduces their Abhi-Ash obsession.

  9. Yes -- "I know" :) It is very easy and some who follow these folks (not me) closely can easily understand it. Here is my explanation based on my observations:
    Any beautiful girl -- is always treated like an "OBJECT of DESIRE" regardless of her abilities (Goon) -- Her abilities are ONLY appreciated bcos of her beauty -- Aishwarya is used to that attention from the age of 15/16 maybe? 15-20 boys always standing outside her house just to get a glimpse of her...All eyes everywhere following her – To keep your sanity, integrity and honor despite this attention is something impossible for any person – late alone someone like Aishwarya. She was always STIFF and RESERVED like ANY beautiful girl who wants to keep the “Bhanware” away – Her Dhanu rashi helping her there like Sachin Tendulkar. The birth on #1 date help there further. She shares her b-date month and year with VVS Laxman (MESH Mangal!!).
    NOW after marriage – people around are treating her (or FORCED to treat) as Mrs. Bachchan!!! She is quite relaxed now and FREE in her behavior which is reflected in her ActionReplay SONG – ZATAKA MATAKA – Have you ever seen her Zataka-MATAKA so much so far? She can do that now without worrying that some wolves will approach her thinking this a lose behavior…!!
    She is overtly proud to be part of the family – the pride can be seen the way she seats close to Bachchan – She is enjoying the NEW PART of her life where she is now NOT ONLY seen as an OBJECT --- And also feeling of security --- She is now just responding “little bit” to the SAME NASTY people – that too in a limited way without affecting dignity of her Rai or new – Bachchan Family. He Dhanu Moon Sign (not able to lie at all) and Libra ascendant (and Sun-- Balanced) will not fall from GRACE the way a sneaky/KHUNASHI Scorpio ascendant with Mangal of an “ambitious”/greedy (but hardworking) Makar dominated person would – or a Rahu 1st house Anger management person would.
    (Look at Shah Rukh --- What has happened to him due to publicity.)
    Bachchan is from a Sahityik family and has kept his dignity in some of the WORST periods of his life. He has never seen talking ill about VP Singh – the man who tried to “barbad” him using the powers of a Minister. Bachchan was banned by media and he banned media for 18 years and STILL he was a SUPER-STAR – He did NOT need media to advertise his movies for 18 years (God’s sake) – Now you have so called SuperStars going on EVERY DAMN channel for publicity and doing FALSE TAARIF of folks in those programs.

  10. I wish Abhishek comes out of his "House Wife" role and show some PASSION for the Movies!!! It is almost like he is retired and Bachchan still working! :)

    Mukesh and Anil Ambani inherit the wealth of their father and get to be CEO of these BIGGEST companies in the world -- Why you are so worried that Bachchan promotes his Son? Is he being infair to others while doing so?? I do not think that now he himself is THAT influenetial to promote his son's career.

  11. Apalya porache kunala kautuk watat nahi?? But he did not treat him like his Son when he stands in front of him for acting -- He is as BRUTAL as he was to Shatrughan in "Kala Patthar" or with many non actors in many movies! :) He had a tough fight in Shakti Dilip Kumar which was also was a GREAT SHOW despite a ill-written role for Amitabh (side role in father's movie)

  12. I would call all this manipulation- her choosing the influential family to get married into. etc. Anyway, I cannot tolerate Aish and Abhi just like you cannot tolerate SRK.

    Whatever her reason was for being poignant and mature in the past was good. She earned more respect that way. Now, inspite of being 38 yrs of age, she behaves like a stupid teenager.
    All your explanation about her being treated as a BEAUTIFUL FACE (poor Aish) is BS. She was always nothing more than a beautiful face. Are there no other BEAUTIFUL FACES in Bollywood? Why did Madhuri never get treated like that? She was admired for her ACTING, DANCE. She is the female Bachchan of Bollywood. But look at her. What grace, the way she carries herself is immaculate.

    Aish DOES NOT inspire that kind of awe. Her ridiculous ACCENT puts me off even before I try and understand what she wants to say. Madhuri has lived in US for more than 10 years now. How come she never talks in that accent? I saw an interview of Aish (during Raavan promotion) to a South Indian/ Telugu channel. She, for once in her life, spoke in her regular accent and was so much better.

    I am a Pisces and I TRUST people easily. The one thing that subconsciously makes me HATE people is, when they behave differently on different occasions. And I can clearly see FAKE in Aish.

    May be you need to talk to people (Online/ offline) and get people's opinion. You won't find many who agree with your line of thought. Many on this blog will, of course. Because they have a hidden agenda of getting their charts read by you. :)

    Poracha kautuk kay te ghari kara ki. Public war kashala ladta tumcha karta? Anyway, public shevti Abhishek la tyachi jaga dakhvelach.
    Though from the way he talks, I think Abhishek is a good guy. Just too much overshadowed by his father (that's a curse of having a great man for a father) and his manipulative wife.

    Aish madam cha hi Vrushchik Budh aahe, ekta Surya chya pudhe aahe. Tells me a lot about her way of thinking.

    It's funny how you always keep saying all this stuff about poor Ash being scared of Wolf-Men.. But never have any replies to the points I make about her stupid behavior, her accent, interrupting people etc. I guess because you have no answer.

  13. Mukesh and Anil Ambani inherited their FAMILY OWNED business. Bollywood is not a family owned business. I have issue with most star kids, and more so with talent-less one's like Abhi, Esha Deol, Bobby Deol, Twinkle Khanna, Puru Rajkumar and a plethora of other. Everytime a star-kid gets signed for a movie, some talented actor somewhere loses and opportunity and we lose the opportunity to see fresh new talent.
    That's one reason I admire SRK, Akshay Kumar, they made it in Bollywood pretty much owned by star-kids and not to mention Miss Worlds/ Miss Indias

    About the latke-jhatke in Action Replay (I don't watch Ash movies anymore, but i assume it must be true), I admire your love for her. You see it through your own chashma. Just try for a minute to keep your Scorpio passion aside and get some makar-kumbha logic. She needs latke-jhatke even more now. 1. She has not had a hit for a long time (don't count Edhiran) 2. She is getting old, not as attrative and youthful for sure. 3. There is a undercurrent about her possible retirement, at least temporary, to start a family.

    She is now trying to be friends again with SRK and Aamir. She has realized that she cannot ccntinue signing movies with hubby. They have 0 chemistry on-screen. Supposedly, their affair started on the sets of Guru. I saw a chemistry between them only in one song in the film. The chemistry between her and Salman was crackling in HDDCS. Which was a factor the movie's success.

  14. "lose behavior"? Seriously? This argument makes no sense. Might have made sense in 1960s

    Actresses do all sorts of things in MOVIES, as a character in the movie. Not because they are characterless in real life.

    By your logic, Madhuri has done more than her share of latka-jhatka. Dhak dhak and choli ke peeche. No-one ever thought of her as a lose character.

  15. Wow, lot of discussion abt Ash. :)
    Well, who cares about her movies and her interviews?There are lot of ppl out there who are "Famous for being famous" and we love them!! Ash is gorgeous and a celebrity with an international presence. It always felt good when you travelled abroad and met people who knew atleast someone from the Indian glam industry. (Well, yeah that was before Shilpa Shetty and Freida Pinto came in the picture..:))
    Milind, what do you think abt Shilpa Shetty and Freida Pinto's sudden international fame??? Guess Ash has atleast has worked harder and looks more beautiful than these two :)

  16. wow.. I like all of Vanessa's comments.. coz even i dont like Ash... and the wolves around her.. come on.. she's been involved in enough controversies.. and she's no dudh ki dhuli.... there is no smoke without fire... she was equally involved in everything... but.. dint want to commit... just wanted to have fun and go unnoticed... thats why i dont like her.....

  17. Hello Milind!! I would like to know about the Guru Transit in May for makar rashi people

  18. Folks, Calm down!! :) :)

    (1) I have started liking Aishwarya only after Bunty Bublee (Kajrare -- and then from GURU - I started liking her more -- Maniratnam is able to get very good performance from her -- Her face/beauty has a some hint "tragedy" which is well exploited by Mani in Guru and also Ravan -- She was the BEST part of Ravan). So I am NOT a Aishwarya Fan ---- But an admirer of her BRILLIANCE - Dignity, Integrity right since 1991 -- or whatever when she became whatever (Miss XXX).

    (2)She has until recently hasnot said a single wrong or politically incorrect thing -- You cannot do that on purpose. You have to have it it you do it for 20 years! :) :) You have losers like Shah Rukh who arrange a party to talk ill about her in her marriage day!!

    (3) About your "personal comment" on Scorpio passion etc etc --- I have more planets in Air signs than anyone can possibly have including Navamansh (Guru, Shukra, Mangal Shani, Harshal are all in Air Signs!!) :) :) This has reflected in my 80% friend circle being "Kumbh" moon sign. Rather, 5 astrologers so far have "guessed" my moon sign by appearance as "Kumbh". :) :) 2 of them in Nashik even challenged me! :) Anyways ---!

    (3) You did not understand my comment "lose" -- Being "perceived" as "approachable" is the last thing beautiful women want and hence they always have some MUKHOTA of Stiffness or Khadus ness around them -- to protect themselves from unwanted contacts. Aishwarya came in the industry with producers EAGER to sign her up -- She didn;t need ANY compromise or adjustment -- She set her own terms to get in the movies. Madhuri on the other had struggled from 83/84 to 89 until Tezaab came in. She did B-GRADE role a movie (but not a b-grade movie) like "Wardi"!!

    My comment about Aishwarya NOW doing latake zatake is due to security after marriage and not being perceived as "lose" but cool now! :) Imagine Aishwarya doing latake zatake -- She didn't need it but when she does that -- GOD help the fans -- ambulances are needed!! :) :)

    This is from a person who was never a great admirer of her.. Rather Madhuri Dixit has always and still rules our heart! :)

  19. The MOST FUNNY part is that ALL THE middleclass WOMEN in India during 90s used to Criticize Madhuri --->

    1. Kahi sense nahiye tila kapadyancha...
    2. Ti CHEAP disate ani CHEAP actions karate
    3. Shridevi ase kadhich karanar nahi...
    4. She is worst dressed heorine ever.
    5. Why does she do so cheap actions and dances and expressions -- She does not need that --
    6. She is heroin of Zopadpatti peoeple

    All these women once she has beocme old - started praising her! :) :) More After her Devdas role and somewhat after HAHK role! :)

    Also I completely disagree on your comment that I can't stand SRk -- He is not anybpdy's property -- Amachya Hrudayat sagalyansathi jaga ahe! :)

    Rather - -I was a Shah Rukh fan until "Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naah" which I think his BEST movie so far !! I like "Raju Ban Gaya Gentlemen" quite a bit. Watched it for Shah Rukh and Nana may times.

  20. Yes Boss was very good.

    Ram Jaane -- Anjaam -- Darr -- Dil Se etc were his VERY BAD movies. He & Salman and Madhuri -- there was 1 movie -- It broke al lthe records for BAD ACTING and BAD Dialog delivery.

    Then suddenly he became ROMANTIC HERO!!!!!?????? :( :( :( - YOu brutas....!!!???

  21. Soumya:
    Makar after May 2011 would face "stress due to stagnancy in career" for a year. 4th Guru makes you stay at homoe more appreciate TV, DVD etc! :) :) But Shani's support woudl continue 100% and will start new things in life... (9th Shani).

    Rahu is adverse until May 2011 -- Later it will support you by gains from Paternal family people.

  22. BTW Aishwarya has not "patowed" Abhishek -- Haven't you heard the story from Horse's mouth? :) Rather he is al most retired after marriage - As per Shirish Kanekar - He is the best housewife in the industry now a days...! :)

    He looks wonderful in negative roles - Not many people can do negative roles as well as Abhishek. He can display ANGER VERY WELL -- There was 1 bekkar Karan Johar movies both Sr Bachchan and SRK were boring in it..Abhishek was the only LIVE-WIRE in that movie. (Shah RUkh played the bitter husband which he is also in real life -- not bitter husband but bitter person!) :) :) (Now Vanessa will write 1 more BIG response!)

  23. nice article...enjoyed...
    Milind, i have complited 57 year on feb 11. guide me for my coming years..

  24. Milind, finally you made up to put up a case study on Sachin's horoscope - glad to read about it.

  25. I wonder how you find TALENT where there is none. Kahitari great drushti asel baba.

    There was a time in my twenties when I used to be a fan of Aamir, Rahul Dravid. I would defend Dravid when anyone criticized his inability to rotate strike, that he was boring and stuff. But I hated those people because I was a fan.

    Now since last 3-4 years, i am not a FAN of anyone, I can see each filmstar/ sportstar as a normal person. Even though I find SRK entertaining, I can see some bad points and agree when someone points them out. I represent aam Janta, SRK entertains me. I like him. Simple. Though I just like his interviews, not movies. MNIK was HORRIBLE. Too long.

    Aishwarya on the other hand, comes across as someone who says something else and means something else. And I am SCARED of such people even in real life.
    I have an inability to guess inner motives (you seem to have a PHd in that). And so, people who are what they are in public naturally attract me. Aatlya gathiche lok put me off.

    Raavan, I saw trailers. She looks good without makeup, I hope she wears less makeup even otherwise and dress/ act her age. Her voice when she screams is like Nails scratching on a chalkboard. i had to make a desperate rush for the remote :)

    I think I have made my point very well. Still not comments from you about her accent. Ok. I can live with that. :)

  26. nice discussion....started with some astro thoughts ....then drifted in usual Indian style filmy keep it up...btw i was expecting some more light on main issue

  27. Ok. Let's get back to Astro,

    Makar after May 2011 would face "stress due to stagnancy in career" for a year.

    No problem. I don't have a career :) But I have plans for 2012 second half.
    I have Guru-shani dasha mid 2011-mid 2014. Along with 9,10 shani. Plus 5th guru 2012-2013. Strike when the Iron is hot. Hmm. I need to get to work. :)

  28. Milind:Thank you so much...Looking forward to some very good astrological predictions from you. Kindly keep up the Great work!!


  29. I am not Aishwarya's fan -- So I will not defend her acting or non acting of whatever skills etc. I have NEVER said any stuff praising her etc. Rather I was quite indifferent until 2005 or so.

    I was/is fan of Balasaheb T, Bachchan, Tendulkar, Imran Khan, Madhuri, OP, Lata, Kishor, Rafi. Rest -- likes dislikes -- can't call FAN of anybody else I guess. (PuLa, VasantRao, Bhimsen are BEYOND being a Fan etc -- So not even mentioned here They were out ofthis world!!!)

    I cudn't care less about anybody's accent etc. ALL PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD have some accent -- Italian, Maharastrian (BLEW instead of BLUE & so on), Tamil, French, British. American etc etc.

    Also I do NOT HATE anyone -- I don't think ANYBODY is so much WORTHY that I would hate him/her etc. (mayeb someone like Hitler? -- he was a monster and not a human being!)

  30. Believe me there are mot BAD rather WORST movies from Bachchan than any other Superstar -- KOHRAM (with Nana is an example, Jaadugar, Tufaan and MANY MORE were real BAD BAD movies -- I can name at least 25 of them!!) :( He did whatever he could get in 90s ot get out of debt! I felt bad for him --- he was trying to get back and do ANY movies he could get...

    Finally KBC brough him back from bankrutcy...He has NEVER said a SINGLE thing about the people he trusted with money (ABCL). He is beyond ALL -- There could be a time when people will look at him and cure themselves!!! Nana/Rajanikanth etc meert BALASAHEB and CANNOT describe in words what they feel -- Immense pleasure is what everybody gets when tehy meet up with Balasaheb -- Same is happening with Bachchan and same will happpen with Tendulkar...

  31. BUT Aishwarya is just BRILLIANT as a peron -- She is brilliance personofied -- COMPLETELY SUN dominated personality --- 1 born, Tula Sun in 1st house -- MESH FIRE Mangal Dhanu Sign....

    Moon Raahu ENSURE tremendous publicity.

  32. Also -- avoid personal comments while debating (Kahitari great drushti asel) -- (You seem to have PhD in that) etc etc -- it weakens your argument.

    Someone having talent or not --- Is a subjective opinion -- You should "Agree to disagree" in democracy!!

  33. gogipatiala :
    Will post complete Sachin Tendularkar anlysis and also Aishwarya analysis later on.

    Sachin's horoscope deserves separate article -- Will write that soon. It is an Astrologer's delight!!!!!

  34. I apologize. I get too carried away in arguments.

  35. Let me explain about the 'accent' issue. It's not as simple as your accent and my accent.

    My trouble with accent is, when people think American accent is SUPERIOR and hence try to imitate it. Esp public personalities.
    Trilling the Rs. Remember the way she said, "Karran" in KJo's show? Laadik fake American accent. Isn't it a classic sign of a person who loves to PRETEND he/ she is someone else.
    Like, "Hey, I am an international star. My accent is so much better (American)". Now, katrina Kaif is from the UK, her accent is natural. But when people PUT ON an accent, it's a different story.

    That's what I am trying to say, you have a HUGE theory about her psychology, but you ignore little things. Which for me, define a person. Being a public figure, stars get liked/ not liked by certain naunces in their behaviour. I don't know her personally, your theory may or may not be true. I can only comment on what I see on TV. And base my opinion on that.

  36. Hi Milind, thanks a lot for your comments. By the way I was reading through your article on Guru's position for Dhanu rashi folks being 5th starting from May 2011. So are you considering 5th position from Moon? I thought one needs to look into Guru's position in lagna in horoscope and then compare for detailed reading. Can you please explain on when one should look into guru's position in lagna. I have dhanu lagna and guru in lagna but my moon is in Leo and I am simha rasi. As far as I understood guru will in 9th starting from May 2011 for simha rashi folks but since my guru is sitting lagna (dhanu lagna) it will be in 5th position. Which guru I should consider for my future for next year. I appreciate all your answers and thanks for helping people giving some comforts with all your knowledge. May God Bless you with all the happiness in the life.


  37. Hey kay, mudyawaroon gudyawar :) :)

    i'll agree with Milind ki talent is subjective. people like or dislike Aishwarya/sharukh and it is their personal choice...but that doesn't make their astro-charts any less extraordinary than what they actually are.
    Ani..did not understand why someone analyzing charts is required to justify some actor's accent on this astro-blog :)

  38. Accent is one aspect which adds to the feeling of FAKE I get every time I listen to her. Phew. I don't think I have an ability to put my point across. :(

  39. I guess every Indian staying in America is FAKE -- I had also developed habit of saying "can't" the way American say (I still have it) -- So I guess I am also fake.

    I can't talk 10 sentences in one shot in Marathi now a days - So many Marathi families will call me FAKE - I am trying to portray that I am better etc etc! :) I coudln't care less about anybody's accent in real life. WHAT they say is MORE imp than HOW they say it and MORE imp is Wwhat they DO.

    The way Bachchan says in Agneepath :: "Galat Cheez banaya telephon- udhar se aadami sochata kuchh hain bolata kuchh hain aur karata kuchh hain" :) :)

  40. Problem with Kat is that she carries her accent while talking Hindi "in MOVIES" also - it is a bigger problem as an actor than someone showing off American accent.

    Aishwarya spends a lot of time in USA -- She is MUCH MORE popular abroad (if that is possible!!) :)

    Heck -- Madhuri also now has American accent.

  41. HI Manish:

    You will have 9th Guru effect as GOCHAR should always be checked from Moon sign BUT Guru in 5th house to lagna rashi has its own effect -- Guru will aspect your Guru -- So you will get good advice - mentor in life. GUru would aspect Moon in 9th house -- Travel and bhagyoday -- which is already there due to 9th Guru to Moon will be MORE accentuated. "WHen Moon is in 1, 5, 9 houses of a Horoscope -- The Gochar planets affect you more - " RATHER -- Your Karma of Lagan rashi is synchrinized with Karma of Moon sign etc etc and hence the gochar planets apply you more...both good/bad things. 5th Guru becomes 9th to Moon -- GREAT -- 1st Guru going over Guru is 5th to Mooon (2008 again GREAT). 8th Guru becomes 4th to Lagna -- Both angles denote STAGANCY !! :) and son on.

    So YES the position HAS to be seen w.r.t ALL planets in the horoscope and not just Moon BUT BUT and BUT -- The position from MOON is THE THE MOST IMP!! :) :)

    A sports man woudl do much better when Guru is going over Mangal than just 5th to Moon etc...

  42. I should write this as the top of the Blog -- "Please pardon typos" -- always in a hurry to write comments out of daily grind etc! :(

  43. >>>That's what I am trying to say, you have a HUGE theory about her psychology, but you ignore little things<<<

    (1) Again - a personal & subjective comment -- Rather -- you seem have a HUGE theory about my "HUGE psychological theory" :) :)

    (2) You don't need HUGE theory to make observations about some person? --> It is the ONLY interview so far (CWC) where she was seen "politically incorrect". Rather this season -- everybody is asked delieberately to be politically incorrect on this show- The way those 2 girls took Ranbir apart -- My God poor(?) Ranbir...!! :)

    As an Astrologer it IS my job to (at least try to) understand psychological aspect of people = What they say but what they ACTUALLY want to say ---

  44. Madhuri has been living in US for 10 years, and the accent that you get after years of abroad stay does not seem FAKE. It creeps into the way one talks. I got an accent myself, but it's not fake. People tell me my accent is a mixture of Indian, American and British. I wonder what makes people think like that. I don't try to force it out to IMPRESS anyone.

    On youtube, look for on interview of Aish to a Telugu channel (recent interview). She speaks in her NORMAL Indian accent.

    There is a difference between a naturally changed accent due to long abroad stay. And the accent which some people IMITATE to IMPRESS. Well, they think they are impressing.

    As for her popularity abroad, look at the comments on her youtube videos, esp interviews on Oprah, Martha Stewart, David Letterman. Go to Netflix and read movie reviews for Pink Panther 2 etc. Not many people have nice things to say about Aish. That's the public opinion abroad inspite of what Indian media tries to project. You might be in for a rude shock.


    this video MIGHT help put my point across. She speaks in a fairly normal accent, no hysterical laughing, fairly humble. Looks simple but professional. If she spoke this way all the time, she would be much more respected.

    Compare this to KJo.

    If this does not work, nothing will. I will have nothing more to say.

  46. Someone can look at this blog article and wil say Aishwarya is good for nothing -- Blogs, articles, comments in internet are 2% -- They are not the ones putting their money where their mouth is.

    People watching movies, the folks to sign her for advertisements -- put money where there mouth is- on a 38 years old female...imagine what demand she must have had when she was 21! :)

    Im my opinion -- we are fooling ourself if we think Aishwarya is not popular abroad...

  47. Thanks a lot Milind for your explanation. I really appreciated your response.

  48. Hi Milind,

    my birth date is 11th feb 1984 and moon rashi vrushabh.I am following ur blogs and they are really interesting.
    can u tell me how is april to june 2011 period for me for immigration matters and for my mother's health.
    although I checked my sunsign as capricon(which is my husband's moon sign) in ur blog and whatever u have written is correct for me for 2008 period.

    waiting for ur reply,

  49. "People watching movies"....
    Yep I agree.. That's why She is having a string of flops.

  50. Milindji,
    I had asked you important question on my Sadesati in last discussion (Dhoni's) Pl can you answer that. I am waiting!!

  51. Milind, i have complited 57 year on feb 11. guide me for my coming years..on 28th march i asked you...and still you have not answer.

  52. hi milind
    the explaination you gave to manish is quite good and simple, but do elaborate it as main blog. and do explain about a vakri planet, in natal position as well as in gochar. i have read some books on the subject and one says vakri planet makes a planet as powerful as exalted, one says it makes the planet the planet give sudden results. like sudden loss. why this differance in opinions. i have two planets,vakri venus vrishabh-lagna lord with mars in second house and ekadashes guru vakri in eighth house dhanu and the janm rashi is mesh/bharani and drishti of guru on vakri venus in 2nd house. i have seen many bad times and sudden losses. please explain. and is there some precaution one can take

    1. Planets are usually wakri when they are opposite to Sun -- 180degree and Earth in between --- So as they are not combust/astangat -- their "Prabha" /intensity is good and they are seen brighter in the sky -- This makes some Astrologers think that the wakri planet is more powerful w.r.t brightness/intensity etc. BUT HERE IS MY INTERPREPTATION, OBSERVATION and Thinking on this topic:

    1. Wakri planets denote some bad past karma as the SPEED of the wakri planet is very slow. Rather is a STAMBHI (no motion w.r.t Earth) for a few days before and after wakri motion -- Stambhi is worse than wakri!!! Guru being wakri would show some past bad karma with mentors or santati...Shukra wakri with life partner/secs etc and so on. Surya Chandra can't be wakri! :) Rahu Ketu always wakri with fixed motion so not considered in this debate.

    2. When Budh is wakri the person's 1st assessment or comment or thought ona topic is usually wrong -- Then they correct themselves on "second thoughts". Shukra wakri - tendency to chose wrong necklace, jewelry or partner in 1st shot -- i.e after watching a artifact or a person -- 1st thought could be something which would be reverted by the person him/herself later on -- i.e. some adjustment to the thought later on.

    3. So, Horoscope wakri planet shows some issues and certainly some very bad issue with at least 1 house they own -- which could be checked by the "quality" of those houses. Wakri planets in Moola, Ashelsha, Jyeshtha etc are further problematic - show further intense bad karma (specific). Wakri planets NEAR some YOG-KARAK TAARA like Antares in Vrushchik (15th degree) is a bigger issue than say the wakri planet in a DevGuni nakshatra like Poorva Bhadrapada.
    Rather FAST planets in the horoscope shows very good Karma / Gati in some subject or some aspect of life.
    SO ALL THINGS SAID --> Wakri planet in the horoscope shows some deficiency in past life karma w.r.t what the planet represents in your horoscope/life.
    Gochar – Wakri is again not good. Delays in results that start due to this planet are quite often seen in this period. Stock Markets get into SLOW correction phase or downward spiral when Shani and/or go Wakri! Both Wakri and market can come down QUITE a bit. One of both start picking up speed and share market surges ahead. (In a bull run – upwards – in bad markets faster Guru and Shani would deliver downward moves faster – they just show results of society’s own Karma.)

  54. Nice Blog! Do you analyze only celebrity charts or do you do it for common folks too. Thanks

  55. hello Milind,
    can you reply to my query pls?
    my birth date is 11th feb 1984 and moon rashi vrushabh.I am following ur blogs and they are really interesting.
    can u tell me how is april to june 2011 period for me for immigration matters and for my mother's health.
    although I checked my sunsign as capricon(which is my husband's moon sign) in ur blog and whatever u have written is correct for me for 2008 period.

    waiting for ur reply,

  56. Milindji,
    I am asking this again... sorry but I need to know.
    I am kanya rashi (uttara nakshatra) person with Vrushabh lagna! I had mentioned in last posting that my Rahu is in 1st place, Chandra-Mangal in 5th place in kanya rashi, Ketu in 7th place, Shukra in 9th place, Ravi-Budh-Shani in 10th place, Guru in 12th place. Your last reading was correct- I am getting good publicity for the noble-project/charity work which I am doing! My skin is sensitive as u said and my temperament is little towards hot side. But I have many friends, I am popular and fun to be with. I laugh a lot but always get disturb by small small issues. I am sufferring from some or the other kind of stomach related problems(especially kidney-stones n indigestion). I went under small operative procedure in Dec 2007 (may be coz my sadesati had started in sep 2007). I had undergone c-sections during both the deliveries (which is nowadays is not uncommon). I am doing lot of good KARMA since my childhood so I am not worried much about what will happen in future but I do worry abt my health as I want to raise my kids in a good healthy environment and I want to support them until they both become independent.. that is my main cause of worry! Can u pl guide?
    Thanks in advance!

  57. provide your birth data for study.
    Birth date, birth time and birth place ?

  58. thanx for the answer, please answer this. i am bharni nakshatra 19 deg and vrushabh lagna born. and twice in my life i got cheated badly, say some friend betrayed/changed the agreement and i lost everything and went into severe depression for almost a year. both the time jupiter was in kubh sign, betwen 20-30 degrees. 3rd house lord moon in 12th house in aries. 12th lord mars in 2nd house. this year i am staring 2nd time from absolute zero. is that because of vakri ekadashesh in 8th house.

  59. Hi Milind,
    Chandra rahu and Jupiter all 3 in 10th house... Is that Chandra rahu yuti???
    Saturn and mars... Both on 9th house... Is that shani mangal yuti????

  60. hi milind chk this

    2002 rahu is vrishabh - godhara riot
    1992 ketu in vrishabh-babri mosque demolition
    1984 rahu in vrishabh -golden temple and indira death, bhopal tragedy
    1974-75 - ketu in vrishabh- Jup in Meen highcort against indra, jaiprakash narayan challanges indira emergency clamped
    1965- rahu in vrishabh indo pak war
    1956 - ketu in vrishabh-india divided in linguistic state
    1947 - rahu in vrishabh - india get independance

    in may ketu entering vrishabh and anna hazare going on fast courts angry on govt. kind of repeat of 1975. what say. and anna is dhanu rashi, 5th guru in may and 11th shani in nov. what do you think something big gona happen.


  61. Milind,
    Article vachala tumachya ani Venessa chya comments ne chhan entertainment pan zali... Pan ek comment khatakali.. 'Every Indian in America is FAKE'. Ameriketale saggale Indian Fake asatat... I guess making such point blank statements does not suit you. Specially when you are able to reach such a great group of people... You surely are conveying a wrong point across.

  62. Sampada -- Rather I said that IF talking in American accent is fake -- THEN every INdian ini USA is fake?? It was rather a counter argument...Talking in American accent shoudl not be considered as sign of being fake etc (If Aishwarya speaks in American accent -- it is FINE to me -- What she says is more important)

    I guess you missed my argument in that comment...!? I am actually arguing against that logic... :) :)


  63. I apologize if I fail to understand the argument...

  64. Hi Milind,
    posting my question again...
    Chandra rahu and Jupiter all 3 in 10th house... Is that Chandra rahu yuti???
    Saturn and mars... Both on 9th house... Is that shani mangal yuti????

  65. Namaskar milind sir,
    dhanu chandra rashi folks are having tough time from Jan 11 to till date ... or may be from last year...
    Is this period is struggling for them before getting their hard work paid?

    Waiting for a new post sir..

    thank you for spreading knowledge about astrology....

  66. It s just fine Sampada -- Actually -- in emails/blogs etc there could be a great deal of confusion if a single "not" is missed in some sentence etc!

  67. AR: Yes of course they are all Yutis. But Chandra very close to Rahu is bigger issues than say 10/15 degree of differennce between them. ALso Chandra gone past Rahu -- is MUCH MUCH better than Chandra Going towards Rahu ---- When Chandra is very close to Rahu and going towards Rahu then GOD HELP! :) LIke me -- Chandra and Rahu 1 degree away and Chandra going towards Rahu!!! (I think I have been blessed by Saibaba just to have a "normal" life!!) -- This combo can make a person COMPLETELY AGITATED in a SECOND's time (No time)....I have been fighting this natural tendency since I started studying astrology! :) :)

    Yes Shani mangal in 9th house IS Yuti ...How close that matters a LOT. Shani Mangal Yuti pratiyog Kedra etc affect 3 houses (Shani and Mnagl have 10th and 4th Drushit respectively apart from 7th which all planets havce)of the horoscope in adverse manner apart from blood, accidental pravrutti but this is a good yuti for wars etc if in Drushti of Guru.

  68. ABHI:

    I have posted THIS VERY SAME article on Dhanu rashi -- Did you read THIS article? You will see great deal of success form May 2011 to May 2012 for sure.


  69. Milind,
    Thanks a ton for the response...
    How can one figure out the how apart or one gone past the other?
    In the chart all I can see is that Chandra rahu and Jupiter are in the same house. Does presence of Jupiter help in any way?? The way you have described Chandra rahu yuti... I'm totally worried ....

  70. thanks fr the article sir..
    waiting fr more posts/articles:)

  71. Hi Milind,
    Can you recommend some good books to learn Vedic astrology?
    Thank you...

  72. AR:
    Guru there certainly a great thing. You can check degrees of Moon Rahu and Guru to know which ones are close etc

    Thanks buddy!!

    AR: Books
    (1) All books of V. D. Bhat and M.D. Bhat in Marathi are great.
    (2) Linda Goodman books are HUGE!!!
    (3) Soman Shastri's book is also great for beginners.
    (4) There are many on palmistry - Keiro...

  73. Namaste Milind, Have sent you one or two questions. I realize you are very busy, but whenever you get a chance, could you pls respond? ty - avi

  74. Dear Milind,

    I accidentally chanced upon your blog and was impressed by its content. I was not sure whether to write to you but then decided to do so anyway. I am A. Srinivas Rao and live with my mother at Mumbai. I was born on 29th January 1964 as my birth certificate indicates, at a small town called Narasapur, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh (near Rajahmundry or Kakinada or Eluru). Unfortunately I have no time of my birth and my dear mother says she doesnt remember the time, neither does she seem to recollect whether it was morning or afternoon. However she keeps telling me that my nakshatra is Pushya and that they had to do shanti and advised my father not to see me till I was more than one year old. I wonder if you could tell me whether Pushya Nakshatra fits the bill.

  75. Shrinivas Rao Sire:
    Please send me your photographs (or any site where you have snaps etc) and I will try to guess your Ascendant sign! :) Let us see if that works. Usually I can predict that and more acurately if I know the Moon and Sun Sign -- so that I can eliminate them from your face etc reading and try to guess Ascendant -- which would mean i would be able to tell you 2 hr window as your birth time on the date of your birth....

    My gmail id is on the top of the blog...

  76. Milind sir, whenever you get time can you write the effects of Harshal? I have observed that some of the astrologers do not consider effects of Uranus. However the few I had shown my chart when I was in Maharashtra did take it into account.
    Thanks! XYZ

  77. Harshal & Neptune are VERY IMP!!! It is Neptune-Shukra in CLOSE degrees that explain Lata Mangeshkar's artistic past karma. Neptune Guru and Ketu in 1st house indicate GREAT Souls -- Chamatkari Atma -- Saints ---

    Harshal is about electricity and nuclear power. Unorthodox things and challenge to status quo. 4, 12, 22, 31 born folks are ruled by Harshal.

    Harshal oppposite or with Moon, Shukra Budh or Mangal (fast moving planets) DOES show some deep effects on the actions of a person.

    Harshal in Makar --1 st house of India --- from 1997 Complete Mobile revolution started from there.

    Harshal is a change agent and it shows things/processes etc that stay around for 7 years -- its duration in one sign.

  78. Sachin:
    VERY nice summary of Rahu or Ketu in Vrushabh !! Will need to check.

    Imergency was aplied when it was Shani Ravi yuti in Mithun.6th to Indira Gandhi's Moon sign of Makar and 12th to her lagna rashi of Kirk

  79. May heavens bless you Milind. I have sent you my photographs as suggested by you to your gmail address

    I would be obliged for any response. Thank you
    Warm regards


  80. Dear Milind,

    I hope you have received my mail with the photographs. Please let me know what you think when you find the time.

    Thank you once again



  81. I am also Dhanu. Like Sachin & Aishwarya, I also had a tremendous problem last year. Now from May it will be over and success, happiness and prosperity prevails,,,,I will grab this opportunity very well...

  82. hi Milind... looking forward to some new posts..

  83. hello sirjee, i have send you my details on your email id on 3rd may,2011. kindly go through it if possible. i have mentioned all detailsin the email

  84. hello sirjee i have mailed you my details. kindly check my charts if possible. also notify ur fees.

  85. Mailed u this very text twice....Skimmed through ur blog ..trying to understand
    Thanks a lot Milind je for your kind words..just lost hope to carry on in my life now i have some hope...zindge ne kahan se kahan pahuncha deya...i taught Art in some govt college for 13yrs some of my colleagues got diploma shut down so that they can get posting of there choice i m not being given my due position...1)is there any chance of regaining my lost position/restarting of diploma 2)when should i exercise the legal option in my details r- 25/03/1964..8-15pm..Moga..Punjab

  86. Hi Milind,

    Have sent you a mail and few questions. Request you respond. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Lokesh Parakh

  87. Hi Milind,

    I guess you are away on a vacation. I have been visiting your blog daily for 10 days hoping to hear from you. Well do let me know once you are back. Thank you

    Best wishes


  88. Srinivas: Checking my emails -- I hope you sent it to me...

  89. Dear Milind Yes I sent you my photographs on 29th April i.e. 10 days ago. I sent it to the following address

    I trust you received it.

    Thank you


  90. Hello Milind,
    U have a very interesting point in yr blog when u say "our KARMA starting from when Guru in behind your Sign i.e. 12th to your Sign and then up to 4th Guru i.e. 5 years of Guru’s travel from 12th to 4th house – is delivered to you in 5th Guru."

    Are u saying that for Dhanu rashi, 12th till 4th house, they dont get the benefit of Jupiter.
    U may be very right am trying to correlate that with the the stock market movement and mine too (am Dhanu). The recession started sometime in 2007 and is on still with the govt trying to keep it at bay with props. If what u are saying is true, we can expect the market to zoom beyond May 8th when Jupiter moves to the 5th house? Can u comment?

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. hi milind
    thanks for posting
    i have a quick ques.
    i born on 11:55 a.m. Rashi is sagittarius. & withine a few hours(4-5 hours) moon changes Rashi to Capricon
    now what is correct Rashi to follow?
    is it like that my Rashi is Sagittarius but more effect in life as per coming Capricon moon sign?
    can you please adviseed ,what is correct information to follow ?
    thanks a lot

  93. Hi Milind,

    Can you please comment on mangal retrograde from August2nd 2011 to Aug. 26th with Guru and shani stambhi.What would be the effects on moon signs.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  94. All Nonsense. U cannnot predict anything. Ur reply is May be Yes. What is this may be?

  95. HOw I can I say firmly about Sachin's idea of success? :) :)

    "What do you think – What is the Sachin’s idea of SUCCESS?"

    IN 5th GUru he WILL HAVE DREAM COME TRUE until May2012 for sure. His Dhanu rashi degree is 27th -- Which means Feb March April 2012 would be of GREAT results for him as Guru would be 5th in Close degrees...Also his kids would do great.


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