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Sunday, May 8, 2011

GURU BADAL on 8th May 2011 1:31 PM IST to MESH (ARIES) RASHI and Its effects on all Signs.

GURU BADAL on 8th May 2011 1:31 PM IST to MESH (ARIES) RASHI and Its effects on all Signs

Guru has changed sign to Mesh today the change from Meen to Mesh is thru Rashi-Gandant i.e. last degree of water sign and 1st degree of Fire sign are always VERY intense and very “active” with respect to KARMA / DESTINY and Karmic effects (Good bad both). There is NO CUSP in Astro’LOGY’. A given planet is in either this or that rashi or this or that Nakshatra or Navamansh in your horoscope and NEVER a CUSP – The position depends on your past Karma. (Sanchit Karma – All Lives, Prarabdha Karma – What you get for THIS life, Kriyaman- Karma of this life and its effects in this life only and some that get added to the Sanchit Karma)

1. Guru’s end of journey of around 11.80 years in 12 Signs is a significant event (Mesh to Meen) years. Basically, it has delivered instant/Kriyaman Karma of all rashis in the past 12 years and now ready for 1 more journey through the 12 signs.

2. The last degree of WATER Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) shows tremendous emotions, usually associated with MAMA of either Mom or Dad’s family (as the nakshatra is owned by Budh). All water signs end with the navamansh of Pisces (meen). This represents water sources of varying size depending on the sign. Cancer: Small canals, channels, Wells, Ponds etc, Scorpio: Rivers, Pisces: Oceans.

3. The first degree of Fire Signs shows tremendous/intense ACTIONS after thoughtfulness of 2,3 births (Birth on 14th April, 15th August, 16/17th Dec Shows SUN in the 1st degree of Fire Sign! This degree shows some ACTION depending on the Karakatva of a planet and usually it is intense.

4. GURU in Fire sign will now support all fire sign (Mesh, Sinvha, Dhanu) and Air Signs (Mithun, Tula, Kumbh) and not so much to water and earth signs (Kirk, Vrushchik, Meen) and (Vrushabh, Kanya, Makar).

5. The first month when Guru is in Mesh rashi and Mesh navamansh will be more dramatic – Guru always changes with Surya change (a few days difference) and is in the same rashi as Surya at the time of the change – So the Guru change effects on a GLOBAL level are seen in first month or two quite a bit. Also when Guru would be in the last navamansh of Mesh (Dhanu navamansh) – it will have specific implications.

EFFECTS of 12 MOON Signs: These effects although predominantly for Moon Signs but if you know your Lagna rashi and Surya rashi (Sun Sign) --- You can read all three and COMBINE them to get a total effect on your 3 MAIN Signs. Please check your REAL SUN SIGN and not the false one. ((Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: So you can easily check the 2 signs one that you know if your MOON Sign and the REAL SUN Sign as per the article/TABLE included in the article above.

These effects will be more visible and intense when Guru is in the same degree or 7 degrees behind and 7 degree ahead of your Moon Sign degree (or Lagna/Surya rashi degree). For Mesh, Sinvha and Dhanu –Guru’s Nakshatra-in Mesh rashi would be imp i.e. 13.33 degree of Guru bhraman thru a nakshatra which has the same nakshatra-swami as your moon or other signs. Hence -7 to +7 degrees of your exact degree are considered as “Deeptansh” (or more effective degrees).

1. MESH Rashi (Sharad Pawar, Gautam Gambhir, Obama, Advani, Lalit Modi):

a. 12th Guru until April 2011 was of bad mouth, peeda, naachakki, bad-name, ninda, planning for next 12 years and overall pratikul period in life

b. Image enhancements in the sphere of influence

c. Social weight increase, Physical weight increase, Optimal Water retention in body from May 2011 to May 2012 due to Guru in rashi

d. New responsibilities in life, Various TESTs in life due to this.

e. People contact as Guru travelling over Moon

f. Improvement in Mom’s health and contact with Mom. Good health advice to Mom etc.

2. VRUSHABH RASHI (Sanjay Dutt, Ishant Sharma, Sehwag, Largest Automobile Insurance Company in the USA!)

a. 12th Guru from May 2011 after glorious 11th Guru from May 2010 to May 2011. 12th Guru warrants planning for next 12 years, Going back to study room, certifications, education, teerth-yatra

b. Going into oblivion, brooding like Lalit Modi did from May 2010 to may 2011 due to 12th Guru.

c. Ninda, Bad-mouth possibility, If some karma is bad in past 3 years you will need to pay it off – This could even mean jail if you have done criminal acts

d. Going into oblivion or even Abroad or away from the “REAL GAME”.

e. Out of your comfort zone – need to GROW-UP in life and think broadly – things that worked in the last 3 years would not work “as-is” – Need to adapt to NEW realities.

3. MITHUN RASHI (USA, Deepika Padukone, Yuvraj, Chhagan Bhujbal,) – 11th GURU -- LAABH

a. 11th Guru – Enjoy for next 12 months. All contacts that you have acquired in past 3 years would be of great help and of some monetary help. Possession of apartments. Putra/Santati labh etc

b. Overall Right time Right place in your life. IN the last LEG of achievement for something that started in early 2010. All the Karma since Dec 2009 and also May to July 2009 would be paid to you in next 12 months.

c. Marriages/contacts from wealthy families possible as owner of 7th house (Dhanu) in 11th house in Mesh.

d. Make as much use of this Guru as possible to get as much mileage as possible in life.

4. KIRK RASHI (Madhuri, Manmohan, Aamir Khan) – 10th Guru – Efforts, Friction but Happening!!

a. Last 12 months have been of life changing event where you got a NEW ROLE (strategic position) in life and got something started which would go on for next 36 months.

b. The past 12 months were of Bhagyoday NOW next 12 months are of hard work due to this new role, learning new things in this role,

c. 10th Guru has this distinct result of possibly reporting to person of less or equal capability as that person has reached there a bit early etc. You get the same position in 11th Guru.

d. 10th Guru takes “Satva-Pariksha” at work-place. Need to be VERY patient and put in Good KARMA – like slowly heating up the pressure cooker. The karma will be paid in 11th Guru which started in May 2012.

5. SINVHA Rashi - - 9th GURU – BHAGYODAY – Life Changing Events (Uddhav Thackeray, Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Afridi)

a. After Glorious 5th Guru in 2008 you have had some successes since then despite sadesati but it has been a tough sadesati with a lot of learnings.

b. The 9th Guru will bring you a STRAGETIC position in your career or in life. This will be a life changing period of 12 months and overall next 36 months would be very happening and of doing some big projects and achieving BIG things in life.

c. Support, rather good advice from Mentors and seniors due to 9th Guru. Start of new positive phase in life and career.

6. KANYA RASHI (Balasaheb Thackeray, MS Dhoni, Preeti Zinta, Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Priyanka Chopra)

a. 8th Guru shows some stagnancy after expansion of the past 12 months. But in these next 12 months now would be of GREAT HARD WORK and lot of peeda – you will need to show Saboori and put in hard work. Remember that you can only push so much from your side but the whole world is pushing in some different direction!

b. ALL of your efforts in next 12 months would help you gain a strategic position from May 2012 to May 2013 in 9th Guru. The 9th Guru is worth EACH and EVERY bad /hard work etc phase of the 8th Guru. Put in as much efforts as possible from your side. Cover all bases and do not ignore even a small thing at work pace or in life. Do not expect immediate results. They WILL come after May 2012 for SURE.

c. Shani in Kanya would ensure mental anxiety and manasik tras – harassment in life. Completely out of comfort zone you are due to sade sati – This 8th Guru would only add to the pressure etc BUT SHRADDHA and Saboori is what is needed now.

d. Hanuman Sadhana would certainly help and Raahu in Vrushchik rashi (3rd) would help with White Papers, Proposals, Approach Papers, Overall Good awards etc due to Documentation or publications etc.

7. TULA Rashi (Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Baba Ramdeo?, Ashok Chavan, Akshay Kumar) – 7th Guru – EXPANSION – Partnerships/Collaborations

a. After the “enemy/competitor-enhancer” (hit-shatru) 6th Guru you are entering 7th Guru which shows expansion of what started in mid 2009 or early 2010 in Kumbh Guru which was 5th to Tula. The things that started then would now EXPAND quite a bit.

b. Shani continues 12th which is Bad mouth, mass support issues etc but 7th Guru brings in a lot of solace.

c. Enhanced image and especially in opposite sex. Improved looks by optimal water retention in body and social image enhancements.

d. Building new partnerships and collaborations and enhancing existing ones.

e. Enhancing Mom’s health, Increased people contact, better income/cash flow

f. However the 12th Shani would do more badnami or accidents etc as now Guru’s drushti would not be on this Shani in Kanya rashi (“Kucch pane ke liye kuchh khona padata hain”) J

g. Bachchan sahab needs to be lot more careful with stomach issues now until Dec 2011.

8. VRUSHCHIK RASHI (Vilasrao Deshmukh, Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan, RR Patil?) – Consolidation, Hard work, on-Guard, Improving your Positional / Defense of your territory

a. You had a GREAT time from May 2010 to May 2011 due to 5th Guru – What you think as success was delivered to you. 11th Shani only added to the cash flow, success, Mass support etc – Right time right place for you in your life and career.

b. NOW 6th Guru – Your competitors have analyzed you – There is a general sense that you have got enough and now need to put in hard work and efforts to prove that you deserve the things you got in 5th Guru /11th Shani. 11th Shani will continue till Nov 2011 and again wakri etc so May June July 2012 will again have 11th Guru.

c. BUT you should be ULTRA-CAREFUL as Sade sati is around the corner!! Avoid blunders despite the opportunities of 11th Shani. Dilip Kumar’s dialog in Mashal – “Jindagi main bada aadami bana ho to chhoti baate karana band kara-do.” And also “Hawa main udane waale jahag aksar zatake khate hain” J

d. 6th Guru will see others flourish and enjoy their time in the Sun – You need to be at your HARD WORK and keep your mouth-shut as much as possible. Except for Dec 2010 to April 2012 – Shani will support you but again need to remember that you are going to enter tough 7.5 years of purification soon.

9. DHANU Rashi (Sachin, Aishwarya, Anna Hazare, Sunil Gavaskar)

a. After a dismal 4th Guru which might have forced you to take rest a bit and enjoy domestic things in your life making career take a back-seat –

b. NOW you enter 5th Guru – Guru being rashi swami is more important in 5th position – What YOU think of success will be delivered to you.

c. I have a separate article (last one) on Dhanu rashi and 5th Guru. Please check it out.

d. Shani continues to support from 10th house – middle 2.5 years of GREAT support from Shani (9, 10, 11 houses). This support will continue until mid-2014 when Shani enters Vrushchik.

e. All the best for a GREAT/superlative 12 months ahead – Be completely prepared for the same.

10. MAKAR Rashi (India, Raj Thackeray, Rahul Gandhi, ShahRukh Khan, Indira Gandhi) 4th Guru – Domestic Issues -- a Slow year

a. 3rd Guru changed your location, increased responsibilities until May 2011 – Now 4th Guru until May 2012 would slow down the matters.

b. You would come back to the same position you were before May 2010 or May 2010 to May 2011. i.e. you will go back to the same position physically or logically in 4th Guru.

c. This might not go down very well BUT REMEMBER – You need to complete certifications, study new subjects in 4th Guru until May 2012.

d. This 4th GURU might also make you report to a person of same or just a bit more abilities who has reached there before you. You will see others going ahead when your things are not materialized.

e. BUT remember simple thing that the efforts done in 4th Guru would be paid in FULL from May 2012 to June 20123 in the 5th Guru. So work Hard and DO NOT expect GREAT results.

f. Of course Shani is 9th and initial 2.5 years of 7.5 years of GREAT support from the masses. Enjoy this mass-support from Shani until Q3-2017!!

g. But 4th Guru is VERY GOOD for interior decorators, getting awards for your work in your native place, state or country depending on your sphere of influence. It is just that you might not want it and your idea of success does not usually fit what is offered to you in this 1 year period.

11. KUMBH Rashi (Salman Khan, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson) – 3rd Guru – Half-Bhagyoday, Travel, New Responsibility, Publishing, Writing, Communication

a. 2nd Guru gave you money, investments, land deals etc but now 3rd Guru will bring in some change you are looking for. Many cases this is an optional change which you can opt for or let it pass by. But this change will bring in travel to a place of 6 to 8 hours away from current one.

b. The 3rd Guru could bring in Half-Bhagyoday if you put energy behind it. This Guru will also force white papers, Proposals, thesis or overall expression/writing from your side.

c. 8th Shani troubles till end of the year and 3 more months mid next year but otherwise Shani change would bring in best 7.5 years for you – until then STUDY HARD, WORK HARD, Acquire new skills, certifications, Study “Case Studies” if you are a senior (M&A etc etc)

12. MEEN RASHI – 2nd Guru, Investments, Family

a. The 2nd Guru brings in wealth, investment profits, margin money etc. Guru 2nd makes spend time with family also. This is a Guru of expansion in wealth and investment portfolio.

b. But this is better than swarashi Guru as there is monetary gain for the responsibilities you had to go thru in the swa-rashi Guru in Meen.

c. Shani continues 7th which shows reduction in the workforce working for you. Contraction of your social circle and also staying away from your partners.

d. Raahu changing to Vrushchik is good for growth, travel for sure.


  1. its always pleasure to read u r post, keep it up milindji,can you just let me know that is there any possibility in addition in family(child birth) in SINVHA rashi folks or anyother good news?

  2. Namaskar Milindji,
    DOB 21Dec67 Time 11.05 nagar
    Sinha Lagna,Sinha rashi 1st place Guru & Chandra in fifth place Ravi & Budha.
    I am planning to change career. What is the favorable period & which field should I choose?
    And you said May 2011 results are depends upon moon's degree,will you explain that?
    In my case what is moon degree and what will be result?

  3. Milinda! Take a bow. Just last now I was discussing with my husband about my work and work place. Strangely every thing that I do well or get comfortable at, changes. The things I got appreciated for, I don't work on them any longer, and I am working on absolutely new things, with no guidance so I am ending up putting twice the effort! I was getting all worked up about the year ahead. He was telling me to be patient for a year and not to expect anything. To make things worst I am surrounded by people who are culturally completely opposite, and I here they just wait to see u make one mistake. I am completely out of my comfort zone. Your article has scared me a little, because it just validated my fears, but the silver lining was, things will be better after a year. No one better than you would understand that patience and kanya rashi don't go together. But when I have come thus far, maybe a little more!

  4. MegCool -- Thanks much -- For Santati need to check panchamesh and also Guru in the horoscope and their angles with current "gochar" Guru in Mesh rashi. But Sinvha folks would see SantatiPrapti in 9th Guru which is a very visible effect of 5, 7, 9, 11 house Guru (Santati prapti)

    Anonymous: I would need too check horoscope which I will try sometime soon but let us NOT concentrate of some month or week etc -- keep doign good karma.

    Deepa: :) YOu would now it better as your have Chandra very close to Shani and also Mangal just 5 degrees back. So of course this Shani in rashi is subjecting you to something which you might have avoided for past 22 years or so! :) This is a great preparation for the great times ahead...CONFLICT Resolution -- You shoudl read some training material or books of METHODICAL Conflict Resolution -- The KEY is know that the confilct is ON! :) With middle 2.5 in sadesati it always is!!

  5. thanks a lot milindji for your answer but i m still confuse, please check my kundli if possible and let me know,DOB: 04/12/77, place: baroda,guj,time:22:25, i had emailed you more info along with my prob.

  6. milind ji,
    i am final year mba (hr & marketing)
    and born on 15th aug 1988, 8.20am,visakhapatnam..
    can u plz tell me wen will i get the job...which specialization(hr & marketing) suits me...
    and can u tell me about where will be i located for the job too...and wen will i get married?...i am waiting for ur reply.....

  7. Dear Milind,

    Please post ASAP the next part ("from TULA to MEEN Rashi") effect of GURU change. We all are waiting for it.

    Thank You,

  8. Milind, I would appreciate if you can list similar forecast w.r.t Rahu and Ketu. Also what would be the effect of these transition if you are going through Rahu M.D and Shani sade sati (Leo). Thanks in advance for giving comfort to people life.

  9. I just updated the article with all signs....

  10. Hello Milindji,
    My moon sign is Leo. I am preparing for GMAT exam these days and planning to appear for exam in Dec 2011. Can you suggest me when should I appear for the exam? In Dec 2011 or Jan 2012 for getting success (During Sadesati or after finishing the Sadesati?)

  11. Hi Milind!

    Thanks for posting guru transit effects. My moon sign is meen and sun sign and lagna is saggitarius. Been going throgh a tough time in all aspects of my life for the past few years!Looks like guru will finally shower blessings for 1 year! Look forward to rahu- ketu transit also However, saturn is in 7 th house and after November will move to 8 th house ( ardhashtama shani) wonder if that will create obstacles.

  12. Sir i'm sending again my data for prediction

    i'm time is going on very Bad..

    when will i get relive from sade sati
    please tell me abot my job:
    when will get and and good time
    plase predict
    and what is my rashi

    time:7.15 AM
    place:hindaun city rajasthan

  13. Thanks Milind for posting it. I have been following your blog for last few months. I admire your knowledge and really appreciate your efforts.
    I am Makar and this Guru transition from 5th to 4th sounds tough period ahead.
    Do you suggest something to reduce negative effect of Guru and increase positive effect of sani as well.

    Thank you.

  14. (1) Manish Shah:
    I have posted Rahu Ketu effects (change in May 2011 to Vrushchik and Vrushabh) in Yearly Rashi Bhavishya for all rashis please check posts in Dec2010, Jan2011 for the same. If you are Moon Sign Leo -- I guess you will soon feel good about yourselves due to 9th Guru.

    (2) Mums7
    a. Now from May 2011 to May 2012 is a good time anytime -- exact degree of your Moon Sign would decide the exact timing BUT It is my advise NOT to check that. Whenevre you think that you are completrely prepared -- stars willl have aligned themselves correctly to your desires.
    b. ("When the desciple is ready -- Master will appear!!" A disciple cannot search for a master but master will always know when the disciple is ready - All we can do is to prepare and try to be ready!) ALL THE BEST.

    (3) HEMA
    a. Yes Guru would be 2nd to Moon but 5th to Lagna and Sun which will certainly give almost 50+% effects of 5th Guru and not just 2nd Guru.
    b. Saturn in 8th house takes you away from your mass-base so that you are given a gift of time to regroup, study, plan and be ready for 9, 10, 11 transit of Shani -- Glorious 7.5 years -- The magnitude of success will depend on the PEEDA and EFFORTS that you put in 8th Shani.

    Astrologer can ONLY tell the TIME and your good and bad times (relatively speaking and not absolute good/bad!) the magnitude of success is directly proportional to your KARMA (it could be past life or this life Karma -- Addition of BOTH teh Karmas)

    (4) Anonymous
    Will check the horoscope later and get back

  15. (5) JIGY
    Thanks for following the blog and making it a success -- I am happy with the way it is going - I just wish I was able to give more time to the blog! :( The 5th Guru made me COMPLETELY BUSY so far and 6th Guru is only going to increase the HARD WORK! :) Which is good anyways!!

    Yes 4th Guru does not force your career in fast track -- it makes you put effortsm, study hard, certifications, reporting to a person that you might not like etc but it is a preparation of the 5th Guru. You would LIKE the work you get in 4th Guru but it will not yeild immediate FRUITS...But that KARMA IS VERY IMP for that will bring the fruits in 5th Guru which you migt have only imagines earlier.

    The only way to reduce effect of this Guru is to TAKE ADVICE from experts in the field (GURUs/mentors) -- AND act as per that. Those experts should be real experts with some reputation -- The KEY would be to UNDERSTAND "WHY" they are saying so and ACT as per that. This is easier said than done. I had only partial success with this in my 4th Guru.

  16. milind ji,
    i am final year mba (hr & marketing)
    and born on 15th aug 1988, 8.20am,visakhapatnam..
    can u plz tell me wen will i get the job...which specialization(hr & marketing) suits me...
    and can u tell me about where will be i located for the job too...and wen will i get married?...i am waiting for ur reply..... and even i mailed u nearly 5 times...but i am not getting ur reply...plz help me milind...i know ur predictions are as good as i hope this time i will get the answer.......

  17. Milind ji,

    Another excellent article. I enjoy reading your articles tremendously. I have a quick question. My moon sign is Kanya and my sun sign is Dhanu. I have read both your previous articles regarding these two rashi's and I'm trying to build a picture of the coming year with Guru in the 5th house for Dhanu rashi but with Kanya rashi under sade sati. I'm getting totally opposite outcomes because it seems these two rashi's are totally opposite to each other. Should I favor my sun sign more?

  18. ("When the desciple is ready -- Master will appear!!" A disciple cannot search for a master but master will always know when the disciple is ready - All we can do is to prepare and try to be ready!)

    Mailed u many times....Skimmed through ur blog ..trying to understand

    Thanks a lot Milind je for your kind words..just lost hope to carry on in my life now i have some hope...zindge ne kahan se kahan pahuncha deya...i taught Art in some govt college for 13yrs some of my colleagues got diploma shut down so that they can get posting of there choice i m not being given my due position...1)is there any chance of regaining my lost position/restarting of diploma 2)when should i exercise the legal option in my details r- 25/03/1964..8-15pm..Moga..Punjab

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi Milind sir ,how's you.
    I have been following your blog for last few months.
    my moon sign is Kanya and lagna is singh(leo)
    i want to ask you will i get benefit of Changing of guru due to my lagna :singh

  21. Hi Milindji, I have mailed you many times (like lots of others!) and am awaiting your response. But was wondering if you could take a quick look at patrika for few basic questions - as a late bday present :) (9/5) - only asking because zara mahatvacha kaam ahe! thank you - avi

  22. Namaskar Milindji,
    I am waiting for your reply. Please refer my request made on May 8, 2011 8:54 PM

  23. Hi,

    My lagn rashi is Kanya and moon sign is tula. From your post I am baffled what to expect. Or just status quo? Some good and then equally bad and total result is 0.

    Have emailed you many times. Would be great if you can reply. Or if possible can we talk on phone? Please provide me your phone number as I am out of india.


  24. Milindji, I am 18/03/1965 . 11:53 am born.I am kanya rashi (uttara nakshatra) person with Vrushabh lagna! I had mentioned in last posting that my Rahu is in 1st place, Chandra-Mangal in 5th place in kanya rashi, Ketu in 7th place, Shukra in 9th place, Ravi-Budh-Shani in 10th place, Guru in 12th place. Your last reading was correct- I am getting good publicity for the noble-project/charity work which I am doing! My skin is sensitive as u said and my temperament is little towards hot side. But I have many friends, I am popular and fun to be with. I laugh a lot but always get disturb by small small issues. I am sufferring from some or the other kind of stomach related problems(especially kidney-stones n indigestion). I went under small operative procedure in Dec 2007 (may be coz my sadesati had started in sep 2007). I had undergone c-sections during both the deliveries (which is nowadays is not uncommon). I am doing lot of good KARMA since my childhood so I am not worried much about what will happen in future but I do worry abt my health as I want to raise my kids in a good healthy environment and I want to support them until they both become independent.. that is my main cause of worry! Can u pl guide? My guru-mahadasha is in progress. I am waiting for ur reply since last 2-3 months.
    Thanks in advance!

  25. Namaskar Milindji, I have posted my request earlier, please find time to reply.
    DOB 21Dec67 Time 11.05 Kedgaon near nagar
    Sinha Lagna,Sinha rashi 1st place Guru & Chandra in fifth place Ravi & Budha.
    I am planning to change career. What is the favorable period & which field should I choose?
    And you said May 2011 results are depends upon moon's degree,will you explain that?
    In my case what is moon degree and what will be result?

    May 8, 2011 8:54 PM

  26. MC: "These effects although predominantly for Moon Signs but if you know your Lagna rashi and Surya rashi (Sun Sign) --- You can read all three and COMBINE them to get a total effect on your 3 MAIN Signs"

    Namaskar, ekach type che wachun te teen-hee lagn, moon-sign, sun-sign la kase kay lagu padel? apali paddhat samajalee nahi.

  27. Please read Moon signs ONLY for acurate understanding -- If Sun Sign point of view results are mixed then do not add to it. If Lagna rashi further has mixed results then again you know that it is to be taken a combind view.

    BUT to avoid ANY confusion -- I would suggest to read MOON Signs only. If someone is Born with Vrushchik rashi and lagna or Surya is Vrushchik then the Vrushchik rashi bhavishya will apply even more.

    Someone is Moon Sign Kanya(Preeti Zinta) and Someone is Sun Sign Kany (Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi etc): Shani in Kanya would affect 1st person's mom and mind/emotions , viral deaseas etc. The 2nd person (Say Manmohan) -- EGO/Esteem and Father and also heart/backbone etc.

    BOTH the persons are OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE due to Shani's bhraman in Kanya rashi but due to different reasons.

    For example Narendra Modi Vrushchik rashi has 11th Shani -- Success, Mass support, right time right place, increasing income etc. BUT His Sun Sign 17th Sept is Kanya -- So his ego could get hurt from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011 -- He could face issues from Govt/Court Case etc -- Ego/Self Esteem etc could be affected. So BOTH effects apply to a person Shani 11th to Moon and also goign over Sun.

    Manmohan Singh Kirk rashi -- despite sadesati is over and had 9th Guru -- Shani was in exact degree of his birth SUn 26th Sept for some time -- wakri maargi etc -- LOOK how much his ego has taken a toll. He was saying all bad things to Advani just before Sept 200 & getting away now Shani in Kanya has affected his EGO/Self Esteem and COur cases etc 0-due to his OWN karma. This despite sadestai being over.

  28. Every planet has its own CURVE -- Shani Guru Mangal Ravi Moon etc etc

    Shani's curve is 30 years aprx, Guru 12 years aprx, Mangal 18months aprx, Moon 27/28 days aprx. Raahu/Ketu 18 years. Neptune 14*12 and Harshal 7*12 years.

    These curves are like ECONIMIC curves -- They shows saturation when the planet goes 12th to the Moon sign and again start showing uptrend (if worked hard) when planets goes 3rd to Moon sign.

  29. What abt me Sir? Waiting religiously for long time for ur reading abt my sadesati.

  30. Will Guru still deliver the ardh-bhagyoday enen when Shani is 8th? I am Kumbh, 27.01.82, lost job in Mrch and still looking for it....

    Thanks Milind.


  31. Nice Blog Milind. I just completed reading all your blog and found is very pratical.
    For Khumbha lagna guys, which is I think ur fav. lagna, will travel to different religious placed and the 3rd guru will be looking into their 9th house. Also as you said 6-8 hr will be spent by them while visiting those pilgrims. After all punaya need to be earned after before 8th sani moved to 9th (Libra) to give his blessing.
    In short, Excellent post and keep help.
    God Bless.

  32. Sorry for too many mistakes,in my above comments.

  33. Been reading your blog Milindji. I am a kanya rashi born (5th Oct 1964 - born in Tamilnadu, residing in Austin TX now). For the past 10 yrs, my career has been stagnant, recently I have been attributing it to Sade Sati. Is there any chance my career in engineering is ever going to progress? Or do I have to change areas?

  34. Sayan Baddal tumache mat kay. Nashik che ek prkhyat sayan cha upyog karun 90 te 95 % barobar sangtat?

  35. One more thing ! DOB 26-April1-974, Place: Nagpur: Time:11:20pm. Kahi sangal ka graha yogabaddal. Dosh dur karnyas upay kay karave lagtil?

  36. would you please post the detail on Vrushchik rashi, how it will be the june-11 to june-12 period?

  37. Hi Milind,
    Great blog and your writings are always very eye-opening. I would like to learn Vedic astrology, can you suggest me how I should go about.

  38. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the best astrologer in India and he has such lot of information relating to necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.