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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kanya Rashi in 2011 / 2012 (Virgo in 2011/2012)

Please read the latest 2012 Kanya Article first:

Kanya Rashi in 2011 / 2012

The purpose of this article is to answer a very common question from Kanya rashi folks as they are both under middle 2.5 years of “emotional” phase of sadesati ( ) from Sept 2009 to Nov 2011 and also 8th Guru phase from May 2011 to May 2011.

This article is for Kanya Chandra rashi folks and not for people born from Sept 15/16 to Oct 16 who are current “Ego Hurt – Issues with Authorities & Govt” phase from Sept 2009 to Nov 2011 (Chhagan Bhujbal, Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi etc)

Also this post will help a lot of Kanya rashi folks who are waiting for their personal reading. I might not be able to reply in time as backlog is quite a bit and this article will certainly understand their current situation. (I am getting 10-15 e-mails daily from predominantly Kanya moon sign folks!)

This article is to deliver a message that Kanya Moon Sign folks would enter a GREAT period of 3 years (36 months) starting from May 2012. These 3 years would be of increasing success and almost life changing for you. All Kanya rashi folks that are currently under mental harassment and saturation – difficulties in career etc would start feeling good about self starting from May 2012.

Until May 2012 – 8th Guru – You quality of work will be the same, you will do a great job and hard work and all BUT due to your own Curve of Instant Karma of 2009 5th Guru Dream Come True and May 2010 to May 2011 of 7th Guru expansion of what you got in 2009 – You are now under 8th Guru. You will be part of the initiatives/projects or undertakings which would not reach their desires state – it is nothing about YOU but it is more about those initiatives. They will enrich you, mature you and prepare you for your GLORIOUS 3 years from May 2012 BUT these initiatives might not bring in any “sense of fulfillment” or feel good. Rather, these initiatives could bring in a lot of peeda and if you are not being diligent they can bring in some bad name also. BUT – You will learn a lot both skill-wise but also attitude and approach towards situations (Conflict management etc) and overall bigger picture.

May 2012 to May 2013 9th Guru: ALL This experience and hands-on experience of the 8th Guru from May 2011 to April end 2012 will bring in a new assignment and new position which might require travel. This position will be a strategic one and tactical success you got in 2009 in 5th Guru. This strategic position will give you an initiative/program etc which will have definite goals and objectives and would finish in 3 years. This 9th Guru will make you feel good about yourself after a long time (since 2009).

· Just look at Madhuri Dixit Cancer Moon Sign who got Zalak Dikhala ja in 9th Guru from May 2010 to May 2011 which will at least last for 3 years until 11th Guru? She had 5th Guru in 2007 (Aja Nach Le), just like Aamir Khan who is also Cancer Moon Sign.

· Hrithik Roshan had 5th Guru in 2008 (Dhoom2?) and now 9th Guru from May 2010 to May 2011 (Leo/Sinvha Moon Sign) He already has “Just Dance” and also some good movies lined in?

June2013 to June2014 10th Guru: The position that you get in 9th Guru now brings in a lot of stress and you are subjected to Satva-Pariksha at workplace. All you do is judged with skepticism and scrutiny due to the strategic position that you enjoy. The 10th Guru MAKES you REPORT or work with a person of equal of lesser abilities who deserves to be there as he/she has reached there a bit early and not because they are much better than you! This causes a LOT of stress BUT remember – This is due to your OWN success of 9th Guru! J You will HAVE to show patience in this 10th Guru where you make people aware of this concern of yours BUT continue to do hard work and your karma. You will get the the same or better position in 11th Guru!!

June2015 to July 2015 11th Guru: Monetary Culmination of ALL the hard work done from past 10/11 years from 1st Guru Movement! Each contact you acquired in past 11 years and more so in past 3 years would bring in some labh or gain! There could be a promotion also depending on whether you got it in 9th Guru also. This Guru will give you the same or better position/portfolio etc like the person you reported in 10th Guru! People would realize that you are equal or better than that person in many respects.

SO KANYA FOLKS: Please do all the certifications, hard-work, reading and show some Shraddha and Saboori (belief and patience) from May 2011 to May 2012. You will get tremendous success starting from

May 2012 in the next 3 years! WHAT YOU DO IN 8th GURU will decide the magnitude of success in 9, 10, 11 Guru. Astrologer can only give you the CURVE of your instant of Destinty Karma the SCALE of that CURVE IS WRITTEN BY YOUR OWN KARMA!!

I know 2 CEOs at least one I can’t name and other is well known Vikram Pandit (City). They might have been involved in initiatives in 8th Guru in 2008 which enriched them and gave them experience but they did not yield sense of fulfillment. BUT this experience got then a STRATEGIC initiative in 2009 in 9th Guru which gave them CEO position of their respective companies. In 10th Guru they really had to struggle from Dec 2009 to May 2010 and May to July 2009 – did various thing to keep their companies above water etc. From May 2010 to May 2010 these were paid in MILLIONS for their efforts and direction they gave their companies from 2009!!

The power of ANY planet when it is 9, 10, 11 to your rashi cannot be overstated!! But when these planets are Guru and Shani which are the most active in Karmic Delivery – they can create great stories in your sphere of influence!

· Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Akshay Kumar (Tula rashi) had 9, 10, 11 Guru from Jan 2003 to Sept 2009

· Shah Rukh had 9, 10, 11 GURU from 2005 to 2007

And so on – Check my article for details:

· Shani 9, 10, 11:

· Sade Sati:

· Kanya 2011 Bhavishya:

· MSDhoni:


  1. hi milind will now go through ur new blog but a request pls do answer me plsssssss
    nita (dar_1481)

    1. Hi, its quite late, U said 2011 may to 20120 may,its Rocking for us (kanya)but their is nothing like that, i hav no job , though i have certification

  2. Neeta-- I have replied -- Was difficult to find your email so far with out the id: dar_1481


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  6. Hi Milind!

    Sent you a mail on July 3. Would appreciate if you can respond. I'm at crossroads in my life and any advice/ guidance would be helpful. BTW I'm not kanya rashi :)



  7. Hi Milind

    I have sent you couple of emails. Would you please be able to shade some light on those.


  8. hi milind was so happy to read ur mail there are no words to express but only i can say is god bless u and ur family and ur loved ones for the guidance u give i am speechless.......

  9. One interesting case.
    I have a friend, Meen rashi. Moon and Ketu sodun sagle graha 9,10,11, 12 madhe. Udit golardha. vrushchik lagna- Mars in 12 along with Swarashi Venus and Mercury.

    He lived in US for 10+ years. Higher education, job vagere. And last month, he moved back to India with family for good. Abandoned GC process. 3-4 varsha GC processing madhe hota.

    1 year back when we were discussing his chart, I told him this is a sureshot foreign residence chart. He said, I wish to move back to India some day. I just smiled to myself. I thought he was bluffing.

    Very interesting.

  10. Milind, Am simha rasi, so Jupiter is in a good position, but saturn is going over my natal mars. Everything is good, except no marriage and that is stressing me out. Am I going to be hammered until Shani moves into Libra?? Lagna is kanya.

  11. Milind, if someone were affected by sadesati or ashtamisani, and that affected his behavior to towards family, friends.... does his pesonality recert back after the long transit is over? specifically my brother has lagna makar, and he had a great memory, but quiet and considerate always. Since sep 2009 he is much confused, lonely, and irritable. Thanks

  12. Hi Milind -- Am still eagerly waiting for your detailed analysis to take action; please do give some advice as soon as you possibly can! My email id is just my full name, mails are from May and earlier, latest one is Jun 28 I believe. Thank you!

  13. hello milind sir,

    please go through my mail i have mailed you 2 times - my id is

    pl. find only few minutes to review my details.

    thank you

  14. hi milindji,

    I sent you email about my problems. Please reply. Email id is

  15. Waiting for May 2012. By the way, did I tell you I passed my CPA :). Thanks for all the encouraging words. But right now, career is not as much as a worry as emotional stress. People who I trusted and cared are turning out to be so shallow and I cannot even imagine, they could be so mean. There is a very interesting conversation with a friend (or more like an elder brotherly character) that keeps ringing in my head all the time-

    I was saying to him, "you know what, I used to think that if you are nice to someone, no matter how mean they are by nature, they will reciprocate and be nice to you, but I guess its not true!"

    And he said, "did you not know that already, it took you 24 yrs to realize that?"

    5 yrs after that conversation, I feel so stupid that a majority of my so called friends never cared for me or were never happy to see my success/hapiness or were plain selfish. Its a tough lesson that I am learning!

    1. I have the same experiences ... actually i knew people envied my success but never knew they hated me so much that they would love to see me depressed ... :(
      anyways whatever is in the game ... :)

  16. oh btw- I am waiting for your reply to Vanessa's comment! :) very interesting case.

  17. Hi,
    Came over to your blogs when I was searching for sade sati effects of shani on kanya raashi as my bro is going through a tough time...
    Glas to see someone posting so much information freely on net and that you even care to reply to people's problems on e-mails which are free of cost..
    your efforts are commendable..specially when you tell peopl that good things will follow so do not lose hope..
    the problem with todays's world is that we have too many problems and we are desperate for solutions...the power of time is forgotten..
    would like to meet you some day..

    Kapil Gosain

  18. Hi Milind,
    This article helps a lot...from the professional aspect. How does the personal/relationship aspect look like in this same time period?


  19. very informative blog....not only for kanya rashi but for all because one day every rashi will be under 9,10,11 Guru/shani...

  20. (1) Personal -- Professional IMPACT:
    Shani in rashi has direct impact on 10th house of career/seniors/workplace as Shani had 10th Drushti. Also it has 3rd "Drushti" so 3rd house (Sibliings, very close friends) also subjected to reality check. So yes Shani is your Sign DOES affect workplace also. It is a blessing in disguise though REALITY CHECK on emotional and career front!!

    (2) KAPIL GAOSAIN -- Thats why SAIBABA has 2 words for all Bhakt-Jan --- Shraddha and Saboori (Patience -- time!!!)

    (3) Vanessa: When Guru comes back opposite to 12th house planets -- it will bring in change of 9-12 hours to this person due to his choice -- WHEN SHANI comes over or opposite these planets it will be AGAINST his wish! :) Out of comfort zone!! :) :) Our own karma makes us travel when big planets make aspects to 3, 9, 12 house planets.

    Also Udit Golardha and Anudit Golardh --shows comfort Zone of a person -- WHERE HE BELONGS and not where he SHOULD or MUST stay! :)

    (4) DEEPA
    It is a LONG TERM Blessing this Sadesati for you. As Shani apart from Mooon (emotions) is also going over Mangal -- (Friends Sports etc Like YuvRaj Singh) you are getting reality check with friends too.

    (5) REVERT to Orginal State:
    YES in a way but what you do in these TOUGH times is REAL YOU!! :) :)

    (6) PLEASE DO NOT POST B-DATES HERE ---- !!! PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU ARE WELCOME -- Will get backon other chart later.


  21. Vanessa:

    Having said that -- his Chandra or other planet in ANUDIT Golardha --Mahadasha or Antardasdha will bring him in MAAYDEH for unfinished business -- Pay off/get paid -- PAST KARMA


  22. DEEPA:

    From Sept 2009 to Nov 2011 you are supposed to get reality check with existing friends or going away from them BUT also gettign some NEW friends from May 2010 to May 2011 for long term! :)

    From May 2012 you will get new frined and also older friends woudl be aghain goody goody and also in touch etc. THOSE WHO were good with you from Sept 2009 to Nov 2011 -- THEY ARE TOP KEEP FOR LIFE and BEYOND !!! :) :) :)

    Guess I am one of them! (Internet Friend!):)


  23. Hi Milind, could you answer my query above also?

  24. Hi Milind,
    Thanks for your overall response above. Also, I just want to say that you are doing a great service by helping so many people with your knowledge for free. It is sincerely appreciated.

    I had one other question. I am Kany arashi, amd I'm ok on the professional side right now, bu it is my personal relationships that are causing extreme mental and emotional stress. Do relationships that suffer during this middle phase of sadesaati and 8th guru recover after Shani leaves Kanya rashi in Dec 2011 and Guru moves in May 2012? Thanks for your help.


  25. "shows comfort Zone of a person -- WHERE HE BELONGS and not where he SHOULD or MUST stay!" Agree.
    This guy had a baby boy just 2 months back and then they moved back. I wonder if the baby has it clear in his chart :) Plus, it's not like his wife was bored on H4 and wanted to go back. She had US education and job.

    I wonder if he will feel out of place/ uncomfortable/ out of comfort zone in India. Since his chart is so HEAVILY tilted towards udit golardha.

  26. (1) YES Middle 2.5 IS ABOUT Emotional Stress due to all relationships and closer folks. You realise that they have their own life and things and not only you! :) BUt yes middle 2.5 IS about emotional stress -- change /close scrutiny of all relationships etc in life.

    (2) SS7KS: Marriage is about Shukra as much about Saptmesh Shani to moon and horoscope saptamesh (to ascendant) -- WIll need to check the horoscope. MArs in Virgo -- Take care of stomach (acidity etc)


  27. My daughter is kanya-lagna person, chandra rashi kumbh. She is facing Harmon-imbalance problems every year from last 2 years. Doctors find nothing wrong/major in Sonography. Is that a result of Shani-Mahadasha? How many days she will face this problem? I will write her details in emails as per your instructions.
    Thanks in advance for ur guidance.
    -- Shruti

  28. Vey encouraging article...thnx to keep us kanya rashi folks going. God bless U and everyone you caer about! Sent you 2 mails earlier and resent again just now. Pls take a look. In a very tough personal situation right now. Pls help!Joti

  29. High Milind.
    I have been going through your post quite frequently nowadays and its been good knowledge transition if i call it in Software company terms. :)
    My moon and ascendancy is tula and have my shani in dhanu(yogakaraka). Have shani dasha going on with sadesati as you know.. Mercury in 12th which is supposed to be my next dasha. sun in leo. and guru in taurus(8th).Venus in 10th(parivartana with chandra) What would be my growth as such.. If u want I will give my description of my chart.. As I have basic knowledge about this I guess I can understand your terminologies.

  30. Hi Milind
    I have sent u an email with id - please respond as I tried to reach u so may times but no success please respond this time +vely
    Thanks & regards

  31. Hi Milind I have sent an email too. Please reply soon.

  32. Hi Milind

    Sent you an e-mail May 25......Im sure you get a ton of these everyday. Please check your e-mail and write to me.....I sent you one today

    R Bhale

  33. i just want to say thankyou about this article, it's amazing... it also enhancing my knowledge.. Kindly share your detail view on "Shani/Rahu's Transaction Over Ravi" i think this also a same stage like Sadesati

  34. Hi milind

    i already sent u my details
    please answer m querries


  35. Hello Milind
    I have been following your writings for a while, and thanks for the great job.
    Your writing style is simple, and a person without too much knowledge also can follow it.
    Having said that, I found this article particularly relevant, as I am going through the middle phase of sade sathi
    In spite of slogging out , and performing the best at job, i was denied a promotion. Not that this is the first time it has happened.

    My question is if a person gets sade sathi , in the prim e time of his career or education, will the loss done ever be recovered. I understand, that he learns the lessons, but those 7.5 yrs , which he has suffered cannot be given back to him. In that sense Shani maharaj can mess your life pretty badly.

    In this case even after a solid 3 years of guru support, I do not believe it can recover the loss caused in the last 7.5 years.

    So I guess when you have sade sathi also counts. For some guys life is a continous struggle, for crooks politicians, all stars always seem to be favoring them

    Sorry for venting out the frustration

    Thanks for the articles

  36. "Anonymous" in the previous post above: You point out a very interesting outcome of sade saati and that is of lost opportunities during the 7.5 years. I have wondered the you recover from these losses....not just professionally in the job front but also in terms of emotional stress of personal relationships.

    Milind: Would like to hear your take on this.


  37. Hello Sir,

    Thanks for this blog. Please do answer my mail from email id

    Awaiting your response.


  38. Anonymous: PRIME CAREER TIME / SADESATI etc:

    (1) Shani cannot mess the Karma started by GURU or RAHU OR MANGAL etc. Shani becoming 12, 1, 2 to your Rashi is sade sati. Start of the sade sati is JUST THE END Of the SHANI's CURVE and you need to learn NEW things in life for 2.5 years (Plan) 1st Shani (execute) 2nd Shani MONETORY GAINS...DO NOT expect Shani to give you in middle sadesati period -- you will start gaining when Shani goes to next Sign as your NEW INSTANT KARMA of 12th and 1st Shani start FRUCTIFYING. 12th and 1st Shani is PLANNING and BUILDING NEW CAPABILITIES in life for next 30 years of life - do not just think of 7.5 years of career! Shani going 4, 8, 12 are the times when you are taken AWAY from your mass base and need to work on capabilities.

    (2) MEANWHILE Kanya had a great period in 2009 in 5th Guru. Start of a NEW THING and SOME DREAM COME TRUE. May 2010 to May 2011 was of some expansion of what started in 2009 -- SO KANYA is getting benefits of the GURU Curve from 2009.

    (3)NOW RAHU is 3rd -- which will help with presentations, White papers, expresion of all kinds etc etc

    Just SHANI going out of market means you MASS BASE will not increase the way it increased in Shani 9 10 11 house. It will STAY as is and hence you will not get next promotion just bcos people working under you increased BUT the promotion woudl be given ONLY FOR NEW CAPABILITIES.



    Your Shani is in 3rd house which is GREAT - Hope not in Moola else shows SOME obligation towards masses despite being 3rd which shows MASS BASE AND MASS SUPPORT.

    Sun in Leo Shani Navampanchm is great. 1st in 10th and 10th in 1st shows you would be VERY WORRIED about career in your life...i.e. your birth is for your own business and getting success/maan/awards etc at workplace!!! If you are born on 1, 10, 19, 28 then OWN business is a MUST for you in life. Otherwise you will run your unit in some company as YOUR OWN company. (ownership etc)

    So yes SADESATI wilkl make you work toward your goals VEHEMENTLy and you will "SPEND" time energy and some money on planning an exeuciton until Martch 2014 and then onwards start getting great monetory benefits.

    June 2013 to June 2014 ensures a BHAGYODAY for you and a travel for the same.


  40. Thank you for explaining it Milind. It makes sense. I do see ups and downs right now in my life and in down times I repeat to myself "Shraddha and Saboori". Anxiously waitiing for November 2011.


  41. Sorry Milind, but you must caveat what you've written above re: sade sati effects as general and not always the rule for sadi sati. The effects are horoscope-dependent. During my middle time of sade sati (shani over moon in leo), I gained a phd (tho' it was tough) and a very good job. the worst period was the first phase of sade sati.

  42. Simply superb Milind !
    I find comfort from your articles... :)

  43. please reply to my email..This is neha

  44. Awsome Milind.. every single word that you have mentioned in the blog about sade sathi is what I went throught till now being a Kanya rashi folk.

    these first 5 years of sade saathi has certainly groomed me as a better mature and practical person in life.

    5P - Persistence, Patience, Practicality , Perseverence and Perfection are some of the things that I have learnt from Lord Shani Dev in the last 5 years

    I was an impractical and pre matured person having a FILMY picture about Life and Shanidev's influence in my life has practically exposed me to all the various challenges and problems that a person might encounter and has sculpted me as a better HUMAN BEING today.I have gone through extrem pain, sorrow , humiliation and handled some of the most difficult situations in life which now has given me so much of confidence to lead my life in the right way in future.

    Thanks to LORD SHANIDEV for all the teachings and showers of blessings that he has bestowed on me in the last 5 years.

    Continuing to patiently wait wait and wait for all the good times .. hoping to come very soon

  45. Sent you a mail on october 29. Would appreciate if you can respond. I'm at crossroads in my life and any advice/ guidance would be helpful.

  46. hello milind sir i mailed you my husbands bdate infirmation plese suggest something

  47. Hi Milind Sir,
    I am student pursuin my masters degree from a reputed institute in Mumbai.
    I have been told by my motherthat my Janma Rashi is Kanya. I have read your blog about the 3 GREAT YEARS coming for Kanya rashi people from May 2012. Also can u tell me about the exact date on which Sadesati for Kanya rashi is going to end?
    My birth date is 4th Dec 1988 at Mumbai.
    Expecting a reply soon. Thanks!
    Akshay Nigudkar

  48. Hi Milind.
    My Date of Birth is 9th Feb, 1977. Time of Birth is 0755 hours @ Bangalore. Please advise my Sade Sati Transition.

  49. Please Sir...
    Please read my mail which I have sent you..(

    I am behaving like something has possessed me..Like a devil/ghost..

    I am really getting scared..


  50. Hi Milind,

    Hopw you are doing fine.

    I belong to kanya raashi and currently undergoing lot of stress and career blocks. I went through the article and whatever you had said is 100% happening to me. I had also dropped a mail to you with my details from Wish you could take a look and help me with details. I am on the look out for a good job but not successful till date.


  51. Namaskar and Thank you Milind Sir. I felt as if you were reading my own life while reading your predictions earlier and before this as well. God bless you for writing and giving away all this knowledge for free to kanya rashi people who are seriously in some bad phase. Every word you have written in this blog and earlier ones for kanya rashi is true.

    I know it is too much too ask for but can specify some remedies like shani mantra, or maybe an iron ring will help kanya rashi people like me?

  52. Anonymous said...
    Dear Mr.Milind

    name ; Mohammed Enoos
    Date of BIRTH ;10/11/1966
    birth place ;vuyyuru,krishna dt, AP
    TOB ;9.45AM


    I am in very big trouble and fearing vary much.

    Pl. advice me,

  53. dear sir plz tell me about my husband sadesathi .
    he is kanya rashi bdate 27/08/1976
    time 04.52 pm

  54. Name:sunitha
    date of birth : 12/01/1985
    birth place : kanhangad (kerala)
    time of birth : 12:30 a.m

    please let me know about job and marriage

  55. Hi Milind,
    Thanx for your blog, Your report on Kanya rashi is 100% accurate. I am kanya rashi born(10/10/1969 at 5.45am born, kodungallur, kerala) going through a worst period in my life since last 5 years. Keep posting such articles so that person like me will get a soothing effect to overcome it.

  56. Thank you. I am very happy to know about my coming days.

  57. Hi,
    I am prem.I am also suffering from the stress from last few years. It will be happy moment for me if you advice about my career and love life.
    My DOB 5 nov1980 timing 1718 Nepal

  58. hello sir,
    Name :- ASHOK P
    Date of birth:- 23/05/1981
    Birth place ;- Bagalore
    Born time;- 7:50 am
    Raashi:- kanya
    Nakshatra:- chitra
    plz help me, my new year 2012 jan is passing very badly and i want to know will it be continue to feb 2012 also, health problem, simply money spending, plz reply

  59. Hello Milindji,
    I have sent you an email with all my details.
    If you could please reply to on

  60. Hey I need ur email id so i can send u all my details !!! pls its kind of urgent.. my email id is

  61. Hi Milind,

    I am student currently located in Chicago, USA.
    My rashi is Kanya rashi and I am suffering through lot of distress from past couple of years. Could you please let me know if I need to do something specific to get out of this vicious circle.


  62. hi Milind
    Please reply me ,
    I have send email to you From
    i am kanya rashi Person.

  63. I had no faith in all this forecast , I worked hard and made a position and property. But one astrologer predicted of sade sathi and bad time. It happened the day he predicted. I now stand lost and drowned. Nothing is working my favour, i had once even thought of ending life. Now the same astrologer says things will improve from this may 2012.

    Will that happen or everything is over ? advise

    I am born on 27.11.1956. please reply

  64. Dear Milind,
    I am kanya and have been suffering since December 2006 which peaked in February – March 2009, when I lost my job (for no fault of mine) in spite of doing well. I remained job less till December 2009 and got a job where I had to compromise on position as well as income. Now I am again jobless since October 2011. I hardly have anything to keep myself afloat and have to pay huge EMI's towards home loan. Will good days commence at least from May 2012? Please let me know. I am a kanya raashi, Kark Lagna, Rahu in lagna, Moon in kanya Rashi (3rd house), Shani & Ketu in 7th house i.e. capricorn. Guru in 8th house, Mangal in 9th house, Surya, Budh & Venus in 10th House i.e. Aries. As mentioned above the 8th Guru along with saade saathi is eating away into my wallet. I am dejected, don’t know what to do. I have done no remedies axcept daily Hanuman Chalisa Paath. There is a pin drop silence as far as career aspect is concerned, no calls for new opportunities. Please advise. Thanking you in anticipation.

  65. Dear Milindji
    Your article on prospects of kanya rasi for 2012 brought tremendous self confidence in me.I am a firm believer of karmic cycle and when I read yr words it soothed my mind and gave me a boost.I am born in kanya rasi with the 8th house transit of jupiter giving me a pretty bad phase where I am about to put in my papers and in search of a new assignment.
    regards/ venky

  66. please correctly abt sani effect from when to when on kanya rasi??different people are saying differently..i'm frustrated

  67. Hi Milind,
    Sent a mail to you. Can you please check and reply.

    Rahul Dhupia

    1. Really going through a tough time, can you please help me out....

  68. All you said about Kanya rashi is SO true !! I hope the same will be true for the future too. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart !

  69. hi milind,
    i am kanya rashi person,
    i am going through a lot of stress at workplace and also at home,
    at workplace my co workers are against me at at home my family members are against me,
    i really don't understand how to deal with this problem,
    sometimes i feel like ending my life, nobody want me in their life ,
    i am also a student and facing a lot of problems in studies also,
    i am answering my exam in may 2012, but i am not at all prepared and having very low chances of clearing,
    if this continues oneday definetely i will go into depression, plz reply as soon as possible

  70. Hi Milind,

    What if 9th house where Guru will enter be an enemy planet's house? Will this reduce the good effect?

  71. hi milind
    my date of birth is 27 may 1988 and i am kanya rashi person and going through lot of stress at home and also at workplace plz help plz plz plz

  72. Thanyou for this post! What is strange, my lagna is kanya ... but what is wrote there about rashi fits also for me ... years 2008/09 I got education related to new languge and culture. After finishing uni I tried to return and focus on that country but i simpley stucked in time and space ... now when came may I moved easly to new country and seems things are slowly getting better ... and yes, moving different countr y was strategic decision past 2,5 years ... :)

  73. hello milind sir , my dob is 12th jan 1985 , and i am kanya rashi hastha nakshatra , will i get job , will i get married

  74. Hi Milindji,
    Please help i need your opinion. I have read your article. I felt good after reading your article. I am going through lots of stress, frustration in life. I am feling saturated. Could you pls tell me about my family life and career life.
    My Dob = 22September1979.
    BirthTime = 18.15
    Place= Dombivli, Thane, Maharashtra, India.
    Moon Rashi = Virgo

  75. Hello sir,
    I have been very impressed by your Kanya prediction pre 17th May. Was very very accurate. But the prediction post 17th May has not been true at all :( In fact atleast before 17th there were things open, but now all doors are bang shut. Can you please shed some light?
    Thanks a lot.

  76. Dear Sir,

    The same thing has happened with me I was waiting for the 17th May for the 9th Guru to enter. For me also things were better before 17th June . I was very exited for the gr8 3 years but things have changed suddenly after 17th June and Iam very worried can you plez help me . I am also of kanya rashi.

  77. I am kanya rashi, kanya lagna, 50 yrs old. I had very bad time (20th july, 1962, 11.10 am, hazaribagh). All i did in the past many years has become zero specially as far as my son is concerned. Also, no income and very frustrating life. When will sade sati end for me and what can I expect for my son in the next few years - it was the prime time of his education and career building. Will his life be revived?

  78. Namaste Guruji,
    First of all your blog throws light on the reality of whatever is going to happen and what is already happening in an individual's lagna or rashi and also seems to encourage a lot.

    I am kanya lagna dhanu rashi
    my d.o.b is 14th October 1983 and time - 6 a.m

    Whatever I want to learn is going a bit slow

    Pls guide me about my career and my dasha for 7th house?

  79. hi milindji, my bd is 26 feb 1967 uttara nakshtra kanya rashi and my husband is 27 Nov 1959 chitra nkstra. We have interior decoration business. but our business is nil for the past 1.5 years. When will we prosper ? Please plz plz guide us. Is our sade sati so bad that it is effecting our business? when will good times start..? my email id is

  80. Hi Milind sir
    My DOB is 7/5/1971, Name is Rajesh Dharman Nair
    Time : 7.40 am, Plcae palghat, for the last four and half years, I am not pursuing my career at single pahse, Please advise me when i will be stable in my email id is

  81. Hi Milind, I am still waiting for your reply. i had sent a mail to you on april 21,2012. I have sent a mail again yesterday.. Can you check?

  82. hi Milind,

    I have been reading you blogs for quite sometime now. My husband and me r both Kanya rashi. We have both recently travelled to the US for my husbands job. Unfortunately i had to leave my Job in India and travel along with him.

    We both being of the same rashi why is my carrier being punished?
    My Birth Date : 26 nov 1986
    Birth Place: Chandrapur, MH
    Birth Time: 4:21 AM

  83. Hi, Milind,

    I am also more/less in same position as above. I have been moved to Adelaide, Australia. I am here for last one and looking of job.

    I am more curious to know about this: Is there any chances that last phase of Sade Sati could be more painful or bad compared with previous two phases.

    With Shani dev's grace I had good last 5 years, but worrying about this last phase.

    Looking forward your expert advice/comment on this.

    Thank you very much in advance for your time.


  84. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for your information ..that was really helpful.I am kanya raasi...I think my good time has started from may 2012 because i have achieved what i want after long struggle.but i am looking for job...can you tell me when i can get job....i am very curious..plzzz

  85. Hi Milind,
    It was ncie to read about Kanya raasi. I have been going through a realy rough time for the last 4 years. As said i think things will change after May 2012 but, I have seen nothing moving even after pay hikes to other people in my group i have nothing. I have worked hard but there is no result. I still have a question? is this state going to be permenant..No work growth, family problems.. the list does not stop. hope to hear from you. My Birth Day is 19.02.1976

  86. hi,milind, DOB 09.01.1961, POB: Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh) TOB: 7.10 am
    I m a banker, recently I have been under humiliation & harrassement by my Boss & a junior officer together , since June,2012. im also secy. of Union. when ill my ordeal end or how to escape the wrath & consipracy of both. m tormented mentally. Please help.SOS.-

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