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Monday, August 29, 2011

Interesting Stats: Top 5 hits for my articles on this blog

Top 5 Hits show an interesting pattern

Included below are top 5 hits for my articles on this blog for the week. As you might be aware most of my hits are directly from google by searching for a specific rashi bhavishya. The following stats would make even the most skeptic folks think about astrology. The following pattern shows that the most trouble top 3 signs folksare Kanya Sinha and Tula – all 3 under sadesati. Someone going to google and searching for rashi bhavishya is usually a person who is curious about some difficult situation or decision or complex surroundings. You can see that the Shani in 12th, 1st and 2nd house Rashis are the top 3 (& this has been the case from the DAY I posted individual rashi bhavishya).

You can check the next sign is with Shani in 8th house (Kumbh) and the one next is Shani in 4th house (Mithun). If you see any site on astrology you would see that Ashtam Shani and chaturth Shani is regarded as troublesome (?!) as sadesati itself. Yes indeed 8th house Shani shows peeda / delays / certifications / hard-work etc and 4th house Shani subjects to new/complex things to you in career which demand coming out of comfort zone, going away from mom / house / family etc!

I have not posted next 5 top articles else you would see 10th house Shani, 10th house Guru and 4th House Guru in that order! And This order of planetary positions remains the same just the signs from top10 change the order as per the Shani position - -Shani being KARAK of Dainya, Poverty, Bad Karma, Masses, Step by step slow moving things.

Kanya Rashi Bhavishya in 2011 (Sade sati) Jan 2, 2011, 88 comments 1,498 Pageviews

Sinha /Simha / Singh Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (sade sa... Jan 2, 2011, 184 comments 1,057 Pageviews

Tula Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (Sade Sati from Setp 200... Jan 2, 2011, 67 comments 707 Pageviews

KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya 2011 Jan 1, 2011, 57 comments 586 Pageviews

Mithun Rashi Bhavishya 2011 Jan 1, 2011, 22 comments 515 Pageviews

This pattern is undeniable and a very honest portrayal of “state of mind” these folks are in. Other guys might think that these folks are doing just fine – but these folks are concerned about their position in life / career etc regardless of what they have achieved so far.

This also shows that the signs and people searching for these articles would change and the sadesati signs would only come up top 10 on this blog always. i.e. signs would be rolling. What this also shows that as folks work hard and come out of sadesati they start doing well and do not need to search artciels on net! J Kirk was prominently on the internet until Sept2009 for Astrology – Now they are less so! What this means is that if you keep working hard REGARDLESS of hardships and difficulties – you WILL succeed. It is just a matter of TIME!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Study Astrology

How to Study Astrology

Prelude: Before you Begin
The most critical & important thing to follow when learning astrology is to "observe". Sanskrit books or Marathi / Hindi books or my articles they can give a lot of text and hell lot of conflicting information. You CANNOT accept what is written in the scriptures and books at face value. For example, some Sanskrit scripture and Soman Shastri book (amazing book by the way) says that "Surya in 5th house does "Santati-Naash:" -- destroys kids!!!? Now, this can put fear of God into people's mind who are 25 30 years old and trying to be parents! :) What they forget is that -- their own parents and their parents also had 5th house Surya! :) :) Rather what I observed with so many cases that Surya in the 5th house shows some of the most brilliant kids!! So, don't run around trying to do a pooja for something which is not a problem. (VD Bhat mentions that Sanskrit books are extreme in opinions about the 5th Surya.)

Similarly, they say that even if a planet is badly placed in D1 but in Navamansh it is Uchcha then it gives Great results!! You would find this NOT working more times!! For example, Shukra is in the last degree of Kirk rashi. It is in Meen navamansh and uchcha navamansh, So it must give great marriage and spouse, right or great life, right? Half-Truth. Any planet in Kirk rashi gives money thats not the point. Shukra in Ashlesha last degree is SO KAARMIC, regardless of L7 and marriage house planets it could show marrying some moron some physical or mental weird person (Karishma Kapoor is one example). Also, Shukra in the last degree of Jyeshtha also similar.

Additional example: GURU in the last degree of Vrishchik rashi -- Some people I know could not have kids -- as it shows some really bad past life karma with kids.

In some granth, wakri/retrograde planets are said to be like uchcha/exalted!! And KP method says that planets in the nakshatra of Wakri planets have ZERO impact! Both are extreme statements and one must observe for themselves and try to understand WHY they are saying that. Maybe some reason they observed but that does not mean it is a line drawn in stone..!

So one MUST take all the stuff found in the books, blogs and internet (including mine) with a HUGE grain of salt! Internet especially is greatest source of unreliable information. There is no substitute for observations, collecting case studies. Once you “see for yourself” one thing working most of the times in say 7 out of 10 cases then start using it and advising people on it. Else, wait and watch and wait and watch instead of fear mongering. The problems is people want QUICK Bucks from astrology and want to keep astrology mystified. The part of the reason is that Indians do not want to pay for good ANALYSIS but would pay thousands for pooja & mantra and gemstones and “remedies”!! So this brings to the next discussion.

How to Study Astrology:
Over the years I have bought hundreds of astrology books many of them were great and some not so. I often get a question on “how to” start study on Astrology and I often end up answering it in a hurry while commenting on the articles. Here is an attempt to summarize my recommendations and some quick comments.

Anybody who starts with Astrology needs to understand that every reading should be followed by CASE STUDIES and observing people around you and on TV etc. You need to identify astrological patterns that you read in real life. Without ANUBHUTI of what you are reading your study will never be complete! Also NEVER EVER take a single sentence in ANY Astrology book (and my articles) separately! (Example: 5th House Ravi does “Santati Nash”  is what written in most Sanskrit books – what I see that the folks who have 5th house Sun have the most BRILLIANT kids!) J BEWARE of the books that translate Sanskrit books “as-is”. They are so “Ekangi / Ek-Kalli” --- Lopsided that the student just gets scared and stops reading! J

My Astro study has been mostly Marathi and some in English (mostly Linda Goodman). M.D. Bhat and V.D. Bhat were highly impressed with the Western astrologers and their way of thinking (exact degrees/angles etc). They brought WESTREN scientific approach to Maharashtra / India and integrated it with the Sanskrit granthas and existing Marathi / Hindi literature.

Here are some of the most important and influential books that I have come across. I am writing them mostly in the sequence you should read them. These books will SHAPE you thinking and also make you aware of basics of Astrology.

I think South India has a BHANDAR or WISHAKOSH of Astrology knowledge – I guess someone needs to translate all those books to English/Hindi/Marathi for everybody’s benefit. Hon. B. V. Raman’s Astrological magazine and other such magazines do share this knowledge to a large extent.

1.       Palmistry by Keiro (not the 1st but parallel reading with all of them)
2.       Kundali Mantra ani Tantra Part 1 (V. D. Bhat)
3.       Kundali Mantra ani Tantra Part 2 (V. D. Bhat)
4.       Sulabh Jyotish (Soman)
5.       SUN SIGNS (Linda Goodman) Good for parallel reading right from the start
6.       LOVE SIGNS (Linda Goodman) Good for parallel reading right from the start
7.       Navamansh Rahasya (M. D. Bhat)
8.       Maharashtracha Kundali-Sangraha (M. D. Bhat)
9.       Ase Graha Ashya Rashi (V. D. Bhat)
10.    Pancham Sthan (V. D. Bhat)
11.    Saptam Sthan (V.D. Bhat)
12.    STAR Signs – Again good for parallel reading right from the start
13.    Sanchit Darshan (M. D. Bhat)
14.    Harshal Neptune Pluto (M. D. Bhat)
15.    Samagra Grahayog (V.D. Bhat)
16.    Sampurna Prashnashatra (V.D. Bhat)
17.    Vrishchik Lagna (V.D Bhat)
18.    Encyclopedia of Palmistry (Forgot the author – Will get back)
19.    Krishnamurty Paddhati (KP) by Hasabe Guruji
20.    The KP Book which is a BIG one by Mr. Walimbe is also gr8

Mantra - Shastra – I have started reading this one and have 2 very good detailed and comprehensive books on them. Will sharte details later as my study progresses.

Hon. B. V. Raman Astrological magazine is a wonder! Just that you will need to generate the charts as the Ayanansh they use are not correct in my opinion! I have not read much about Gems characteristics as such but do have some books on them. I can recommend gems very well based on logical analysis and observations about past life, current situation etc but can’t make much sense when a gemstone is handed over to me! :)

Krishnamurthy Method is essential to study to understand the importance of the Nakshatra and the Winshottari mahadasha division. Most importantly I like it because it is something RADICALLY different and absolutely NEW which Hon. Krishnamurthy launched, practiced and perfected over the years. He came up with something totally new in a BRILLIANT FASHION. He needs to get 1st Nobel if there was one for Astrology!

I will add commentary to each of the books later on. Thought of posting this ASAP.

Monday, August 22, 2011

What is Astrology - Part2

(1) Why the burden of proof always with Astrologers? You should prove that the astro does not work. Most folks who have Shani and Mangal closer to each other in Mithun rashi have some accidents with their arms (shoulder to fingers). Every chart would detail the intensity of the event to most extent. Most of my articles are based on MY OWN observations and hundreds or thousands of CASE STUDIES. The statistics of this blog (hits on articles are a very good indication that sadesati signs – 3 of them and the 8th house Shani (Kumbh) folks are visiting the blog the most. ALSO MOST FOLKS who email me or comment on blog DO NOT FEAR anything – rather they are looking at a VERY positive things in life – possible promotion, Certifications, their natural strengths and use it for PLANNING purpose as a 3rd angle or an ADDITIONAL opinion…

(2) Your and most Astrologers in this country -- Their situation is like those 6 Blind folks analyzing an Elephant -- they see various things but the Elephant! :)

(3) NOT everything happening to you is FATE or DESTINY or preordained or predestined! Most things in life are about Kriyamaan Karma i.e. instant karma – you giving 5 Rs to a Chaaywala and getting a Chaay in return has NOTHING to do with YOUR or HIS destiny! J Your destiny has already decided the family, the parents, the siblings and also most cases the life partner too – Your Kids and quality of kids is 50% about this life Karma.

If EVERYTHING was FATE or PREDESTINIED – We would not have got birth at all – It would have been ROBOTS and not Human who CAN think. MOST folks that consult me HEAR my opinions and do what THEY want to do! J I can only help them understand without ANY detail of their life but just b-details – MANY of the things – Which is QUITE SOMETHING – Without Astrology you have NOTHING – Are you better off with Astrology or without it….It is just a TOOL and in the hands of a surgeon it saves life and in the hands of a bad guy it hurts people.

You should read – WHAT IS JYOTISH Article on this Blog: and also Autobiography of a Yogi instead of asking (and accusing) such questions. My posts are based on the CASE STUDIES I come across – and that is why I have stated that when a lot of things come together there is a definite PAST karma and hence definite results – But you do not need an astrologer to tell you that Sachin plays well! J J

I guess there are more doctors and lawyers and politicians that take people and nations for a RIDE than Astrologers! J

You cannot chose parents, siblings, cousins BUT you can chose friends and that is good enough to know that the Human beings are NOT driven by strings of destiny RATHER THIS BIRTH is given to you to FIGHT that pull which is bad and carry forward the positive things. What you have done only YOU can undo.

One sides support or one sides oppose to astro BOTH are detrimental. You should 1st ban ECONOMICS and also Weather channel and Stock Market Technical or fundamental analysis – They are also predicting something and MOSTLY WRONG!!!!! I BET that Astrologers would be able to give a MUCH better CURVE to you % wise than these folks can give. ALSO, Astrology can be used to COMMENT on EACH AND EVERY ASPECT under the Sun unlike Economics, Weather, and Stock Market analysis that focus on only 1 subject.

There are many things that even I have issues with current state of Astrology in India and also the world:

1. Use of WRONG Signs by Western Word (Tropical Calendar Versus Sidereal Calendar)

2. Ayanash debate in India: Lahiri seem to be most correct to me. There are at least 4 widely used ayanansh in India (Ayanansh means the difference between the Tropical and Sidereal calendar).

3. 1 Astrologer is supposed to answer questions on (& not an expertise in specific subjects like an MD)

a. Marriage

b. Investments, Land, House Purchase

c. Line of Education, Service, Business

d. Santati

e. HEALTH issues

f. Travel, Promotion, Increments, Trouble from seniors/Other job troubles etc

g. Court Cases etc

h. And Many more things

4. No use of NUMEROLOGY, Palmistry or Face Reading by Horoscope-Astrologers – These combined can make wonders. I have seen one type of Astrologer ridiculing other types – Which itself is ridiculous!

5. WRONG /incomplete understanding of RAHU and KETU which show family history (both good and bad) 35% of a person’s life is controlled by Rahu Ketu dasha antardasha etc and still family history is not and cannot be used by astrologers. Rahu Mahadashaa Ketu Mahadasha are completely driven by family history!

6. No new books or thoughts that suggest how to use basic principles of astrology. The basic purpose of this blog was to have NEW approach towards astrology - -The same way I learned engineering subjects. That is why you would not so far find a single Article on GEMSTONES on this blog.

7. Many more --- Only an Astrologer can oppose Astrology – Common people are helped by Astrology day in and day out – A blind opposition to Astrology will only discredit the movement of Andhashardha Nurmulan folks. I believe that India needs more people asking good questions about astro than making derogatory statements in favor or oppose of astrology.

But the simple question is – Are we better off with Astrology or without astrology? My experience is that “Forwarned is Forearmed”.

Just to summarize my **personal** opinions with around 20 years of exposure to Astrology:

1. NOT everything is pre-destined or preordained etc or driven by FATE. Most of the daily things in your life are about Kriyamaan karma (as explained above with an example of a Tea)

2. The way you cannot chose your parents & siblings (driven by past karma) – the say way MOST folks can’t chose the life partner or even kids --- YES – Your actions of THIS life DO decide the quality of kids and even WHO comes thru you.

3. Astrology is about analyzing your strengths and weak areas

4. This life is given to you and your soul itself has chosen this channel to pay off previous life debts and leverage previous life good-deeds. What YOU have done (this or past life) ONLY YOU can undo.

5. Sadesati is about THIS LIFE karma and NOTHING about the past life.

6. Shani Mahadasha/Antardasha is about past life Karma with masses and the houses which Shani owns in the horoscope – It has very less about THIS life and IS about FATE/Destiny etc – Your actions of THIS life have a very good impact on masses and health also but there is a limit. You cannot override your DNA (yet!) J

7. You do have a choice else Human being would not have been given MINDS – They would be robots!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Horoscope GURU and “Sat” as in SatGuru, SatBuddhi, SatKarma, SatSang

Horoscope GURU and “Sat” as in SatGuru, SatBuddhi, SatKarma, SatSang

Well someone who knows Astrology for some time knows that Guru is “karak” (Governor) of santati. The state of the Guru in the horoscope decides the presence of kids in life and their quality of life (along with the owner of the 5th house in the horoscope). Guru is also karak of his Mentors / Guru the jatak will (or not) get in his life. Guru has tremendous magnetism (and hence the name Gurutvakarshan) which even “pulls” the SUN (dasturkhudd!) in its direction. Sanskrit wachan says it all – “Guruwina Gatee nahi” (Gati means ‘speed’ or even ‘distance’). Baiju Banwara Movie song “Man Tarpat Hari Darshan ko aaj” has a line “Guru bin gyan kaha se paawu” ( “How do I get the knowledge without a Guru”).

Guru is also karak of the broader knowledge. Budh might allow you do solve the puzzle, add numbers quickly, prove a theorem etc but GURU will allow you put all these theorems in perspective and their practical significance, interrelation and their coexistence. Guru will impart a “Vishal” buddhi to Budh’s basic intelligence and GUIDE it to acquire WISDOM! Only knowledge does not guarantee wisdom.

BUT apart from all these things there one and THE MOST important thing that Guru is Karak of – “SAT” (Sanskrit) in charachar srishti! “SAT” as in SatPravrutti, SatGuru, SatBuddhi, SatKarma! Guru is the KARAK of “SAT” which does not allow the intelligence of BUDH in statistics to be used for “Teen Patti” but makes the person use it for welfare of humanity. J

Every planet has drushti on the house it occupies and the one 180 degrees from it (opposite) which is called as the 7th drushti or aspect. Guru has two additional aspects: 5th and 9th. Shani has additional 3rd and 10th; Mangal has 4th and 8thWHY these full drushti – I have thought about it without any result – might be related to their “Gurutva” – weight, speed, nature of their orbit – I have no clue about these like the years of the Vinshottari Mahadasha!! J Rahu are Ketu are said to have 5, 9 drushti which I have NOT observed…Guru, Shani Mangal drushti – I have observed in thousands of horoscopes! They ALWAYS work!!

Guru is the SAT – Power behind Tendulkar’s uchcha Mangal – Mangal gives him power, strength, girth, the stamina, the high quality blood etc BUT it is Guru’s drushti on this Mangal which DIRECTS the Mangal’s power to the “right” things i.e. SATKARMA. It does not allow Tendulkar to shout vehemently or show vulgar display of his might.

Without the drushti of Guru the strong Mangal in Horoscope might get fired up in dance bars, used for theft, used to kill folks without a reason etc. The energy and power of Mangal is ONLY useful when Guru is aspecting it in the horoscope.

Powerful Shani shows Mass-support and knowledge of Mass-Mentality but it is Guru’s drushti on Shani that makes person to use that power to direct masses to do good things. Without Guru’s drushti you do not know which way this power will be used. It is the drushti of my horoscope Guru that is making me uplift my 8th house planets by paying off Karmic debts. It is the drushti of Guru on my Mangal which has left my left hand intact despite my valiant attempts to break it! J Guru made ne aware of my limits which I tend to forget when Shani is in Mithun, Virgo and Dhanu (Gochar Shani’s Drishti on my horoscope/natal Mangal!) J This Guru’s drushti has given me at least a medium life span despite so many issues in my horoscope that would have resulted in a VERY short span of life.

No wonder some of the great (or most) minds are born with Guru with their Moon (Mind karak) or 5th, 7th or 9th from their Moon which shows Guru drushti on Moon. Ketu is Karak of spirituality and hence most of the saint are born with Ketu in the 1st house, Many of them who are rated highly with Ketu in Meen rashi in the 1st house with Guru drushti from 5, 7, 9 houses But the BEST of them all with maximum impact have had KETU GURU in the 1st house and I guess GREAT Saints like Gautam Buddh, Paigambar and Christ must have been born with Ketu Guru in 1st house in MEEN RASHI (or Dhanu also but it shows more disciplinary approach like Samarath Ramdas Swami). Ketu in the 1st house shows “calm”/sukoon but with Guru’s drushti that is used for “sat”karma. (MS Dhoni has 1st house Ketu in Guru drushti from 9th house and his Moon is also there with Guru along with Shani. Most of the folks who play with him call him “captain cool” – despite not having knowledge of astrology!)

So do you think that some of the BABA folks that earn money are born with Ketu Shani without guru drushti? In say 6th or 11th house -- Would be interesting to check! Definitely shows money from masses but there is no “Sat” behind their actions. I think Rajanish would be a VERY curious case to check (Mangal Shukra yuti!) No Offense – I am just curious! It is a wonder why someone like him needed when we have Saint Tukaram, Saint Dyaneshwar Mauli, Shirdi Saibaba and such. (I have a DEEP respect for Baba Ramdeo and Satya SaiBaba – The reason to write is to make sure not a SINGLE person has any doubt on my respect for these amazing folks who brought the sacred / secret knowledge from classes only to masses! There could be some controversies but they were means to attract masses and NOT detract them --- their intentions are and were of “Sat” & I hope stays that way (Baba Ramdeo)!


Gochar Guru or Current Guru Effect: NOT all of us are born with Guru’s drushti on some planets in the horoscope. But whenever gochar Guru (now in Mesh) aspects ANY planet in our horoscope (birth time) – it makes us do good things. Gambhir / Dravid score tons of runs when current Guru is aspecting their Horoscope Mangal. Tendulkar has Horoscope Mangal with Guru but when Guru aspects his horoscope Mangal (and also horoscope Guru) some “beyond wonderful” performances happen! His best performances in world cup and otherwise happened when Guru was in Kirk, Vrishabh, Makar or Kanya! (Very easy to check the records) His worst performance happened when Shani was aspecting his Mangal (World Cup2007 is one example)

BUDH / MERCURY: MAMA/Mousi and Brain, Chess etc

Horoscope Mars (Mangal) in Gemini (Mithun) and current Shani in Kanya / Virgo:

One thing I observed that after Sept2009 (to Nov2011) I have seen a lot of people hurting their arms – right from shoulder to fingers as Shani is in Kanya and aspecting the Mithun sign. Those who have Mangal in Mithun (including me) were subjected to some or other “accident” (vehicles, bathroom, simple events or complex ones). The intensity of thir events is of course the function of their horoscopes but also their (lack of) discipline or “masty”! J Shani aspecting Horoscope Mangal should not just affect the body shown by the Mangal’s sign but also the part of the body shown by the house Mangal is in., Most affected are Moon or Ascedant sign: Vrushchik, Mesh, Makar, Kirk as Mangal in Mithun is not in the best house for them too apart from being in Gemini! J So let us all who have Mangal in Gemini careful about arms, sports, driving etc; those with Mangal in Pisces about their feet and those with Mangal in Kanya/Virgo about stomach / acidity etc. (Have heard a lot of incidents lately after Guru moved away from Meen to Mesh)

Anyways – Now some basic about BUDH which I have observed in some cases in the past few days: From day to day analysis many of the basic principles of astrology are validated. Each horoscope shows some very basic rule and significance of it for a specific horoscope. It also shows that a specific planet affect some Moon Sign or Ascendant sign much more than others. Here in the past few days I have observed significance of BUDH and the Brain related activity of the person. Some basic principles of astrology are as follows:

1. (Mercury) Budh is Buddhi-Karak (Basic intellect – Reading, Grammar, Analysis, listening skills), basic mathematics too.

2. Budh is Mama-Karak (Mama or Mousi – Mom’s siblings)

3. Budh denotes “brain” of a person (physical characteristics).

4. Mangal (Mars) is karak of sports, speed, Blood, aggression, adrenaline, siblings etc (also Bhoomikarak – LAND)

Now in the last few days I saw horoscope where I saw Mars and Mercury in Gemini – I thought the person must have very good basic mathematical skills, good expression ability and obviously some aggressive but wise debates/articulation ability etc. This was true but even his Mama had those characteristics as it was a Makar lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) and Budh was in 6th house which is Mom’s siblings and Budh is Maka karak and also Budh in this horoscope owner of the 6th house too. So Mama/Mousi etc are driven very much in this horoscope by Budh alone!

Another Scorpio ascendant horoscope – I was Budh in the 6th house wakri in Mesh rashi and opposite to wakri Shani – I asked if some Mama/Mousi was subjected to head injury? It was indeed so – (That was my 1st question to the lady to confirm if the horoscope was correct/applies to her). I asked if it happened from April 98 to Dec2000 (aprx) when Shani was in Mesh rashi. It was again really so and again the Mama folks suffered when Shani was in Kirk (10th Drushti on Mesh Budh) from May2005 to July2007.

I have already written an article where I underscored how definite effect is seen when Mesh/Makar lagna has badly placed Budh in the horoscope – it shows some extreme events for Mama/Mousi folks. This does not happen due to this horoscope / person – rather many events are even before the birth of this person and merely “reflected’ in this person’s horoscope. Also whenever you head or brain has some issues – your Mama/Mousi also are not doing the best in their life and might need help – This is a karmic link actually as they are caused by the same root-cause in the horoscope which is nothing but you and your families (unalterable) past karma.

Also recently saw Budh wakri and almost the same degree as Ketu and also ill-aspect by our usual friends: The person has lost control on some body parts. Budh-Mangal-Rahu could damage brain nerves etc due to overuse, overstress, over-worked brain. Budh-Shani-Ketu would show pessimism and SLOW reaction and less control etc. Budh in 1st degree of Moola can show intense karma w.r.t mama and even in last degrees of the water signs. (Budh is Mesh or Vrishchik rashi is the highlight of the Chess Champions’ horoscopes – over-use and engg mathematics and more blood supply to brain than other people!)

When Budh is badly placed in a horoscope – Ayurveda from childhood will certainly help take care of / lessen brain related issues. Rahu/Mangal (Hedonism/fast) with Budh and Shani-Ketu with Budh need very different treatment though! Also good Karma towards Mom’s relatives – helping them and being in touch with them etc would work magically as that is your Karmic mandate and an imp reason why your soul (YOU that is!) chose the horoscope a the time of your birth!