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Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Study Astrology

How to Study Astrology

Prelude: Before you Begin
The most critical & important thing to follow when learning astrology is to "observe". Sanskrit books or Marathi / Hindi books or my articles they can give a lot of text and hell lot of conflicting information. You CANNOT accept what is written in the scriptures and books at face value. For example, some Sanskrit scripture and Soman Shastri book (amazing book by the way) says that "Surya in 5th house does "Santati-Naash:" -- destroys kids!!!? Now, this can put fear of God into people's mind who are 25 30 years old and trying to be parents! :) What they forget is that -- their own parents and their parents also had 5th house Surya! :) :) Rather what I observed with so many cases that Surya in the 5th house shows some of the most brilliant kids!! So, don't run around trying to do a pooja for something which is not a problem. (VD Bhat mentions that Sanskrit books are extreme in opinions about the 5th Surya.)

Similarly, they say that even if a planet is badly placed in D1 but in Navamansh it is Uchcha then it gives Great results!! You would find this NOT working more times!! For example, Shukra is in the last degree of Kirk rashi. It is in Meen navamansh and uchcha navamansh, So it must give great marriage and spouse, right or great life, right? Half-Truth. Any planet in Kirk rashi gives money thats not the point. Shukra in Ashlesha last degree is SO KAARMIC, regardless of L7 and marriage house planets it could show marrying some moron some physical or mental weird person (Karishma Kapoor is one example). Also, Shukra in the last degree of Jyeshtha also similar.

Additional example: GURU in the last degree of Vrishchik rashi -- Some people I know could not have kids -- as it shows some really bad past life karma with kids.

In some granth, wakri/retrograde planets are said to be like uchcha/exalted!! And KP method says that planets in the nakshatra of Wakri planets have ZERO impact! Both are extreme statements and one must observe for themselves and try to understand WHY they are saying that. Maybe some reason they observed but that does not mean it is a line drawn in stone..!

So one MUST take all the stuff found in the books, blogs and internet (including mine) with a HUGE grain of salt! Internet especially is greatest source of unreliable information. There is no substitute for observations, collecting case studies. Once you “see for yourself” one thing working most of the times in say 7 out of 10 cases then start using it and advising people on it. Else, wait and watch and wait and watch instead of fear mongering. The problems is people want QUICK Bucks from astrology and want to keep astrology mystified. The part of the reason is that Indians do not want to pay for good ANALYSIS but would pay thousands for pooja & mantra and gemstones and “remedies”!! So this brings to the next discussion.

How to Study Astrology:
Over the years I have bought hundreds of astrology books many of them were great and some not so. I often get a question on “how to” start study on Astrology and I often end up answering it in a hurry while commenting on the articles. Here is an attempt to summarize my recommendations and some quick comments.

Anybody who starts with Astrology needs to understand that every reading should be followed by CASE STUDIES and observing people around you and on TV etc. You need to identify astrological patterns that you read in real life. Without ANUBHUTI of what you are reading your study will never be complete! Also NEVER EVER take a single sentence in ANY Astrology book (and my articles) separately! (Example: 5th House Ravi does “Santati Nash”  is what written in most Sanskrit books – what I see that the folks who have 5th house Sun have the most BRILLIANT kids!) J BEWARE of the books that translate Sanskrit books “as-is”. They are so “Ekangi / Ek-Kalli” --- Lopsided that the student just gets scared and stops reading! J

My Astro study has been mostly Marathi and some in English (mostly Linda Goodman). M.D. Bhat and V.D. Bhat were highly impressed with the Western astrologers and their way of thinking (exact degrees/angles etc). They brought WESTREN scientific approach to Maharashtra / India and integrated it with the Sanskrit granthas and existing Marathi / Hindi literature.

Here are some of the most important and influential books that I have come across. I am writing them mostly in the sequence you should read them. These books will SHAPE you thinking and also make you aware of basics of Astrology.

I think South India has a BHANDAR or WISHAKOSH of Astrology knowledge – I guess someone needs to translate all those books to English/Hindi/Marathi for everybody’s benefit. Hon. B. V. Raman’s Astrological magazine and other such magazines do share this knowledge to a large extent.

1.       Palmistry by Keiro (not the 1st but parallel reading with all of them)
2.       Kundali Mantra ani Tantra Part 1 (V. D. Bhat)
3.       Kundali Mantra ani Tantra Part 2 (V. D. Bhat)
4.       Sulabh Jyotish (Soman)
5.       SUN SIGNS (Linda Goodman) Good for parallel reading right from the start
6.       LOVE SIGNS (Linda Goodman) Good for parallel reading right from the start
7.       Navamansh Rahasya (M. D. Bhat)
8.       Maharashtracha Kundali-Sangraha (M. D. Bhat)
9.       Ase Graha Ashya Rashi (V. D. Bhat)
10.    Pancham Sthan (V. D. Bhat)
11.    Saptam Sthan (V.D. Bhat)
12.    STAR Signs – Again good for parallel reading right from the start
13.    Sanchit Darshan (M. D. Bhat)
14.    Harshal Neptune Pluto (M. D. Bhat)
15.    Samagra Grahayog (V.D. Bhat)
16.    Sampurna Prashnashatra (V.D. Bhat)
17.    Vrishchik Lagna (V.D Bhat)
18.    Encyclopedia of Palmistry (Forgot the author – Will get back)
19.    Krishnamurty Paddhati (KP) by Hasabe Guruji
20.    The KP Book which is a BIG one by Mr. Walimbe is also gr8

Mantra - Shastra – I have started reading this one and have 2 very good detailed and comprehensive books on them. Will sharte details later as my study progresses.

Hon. B. V. Raman Astrological magazine is a wonder! Just that you will need to generate the charts as the Ayanansh they use are not correct in my opinion! I have not read much about Gems characteristics as such but do have some books on them. I can recommend gems very well based on logical analysis and observations about past life, current situation etc but can’t make much sense when a gemstone is handed over to me! :)

Krishnamurthy Method is essential to study to understand the importance of the Nakshatra and the Winshottari mahadasha division. Most importantly I like it because it is something RADICALLY different and absolutely NEW which Hon. Krishnamurthy launched, practiced and perfected over the years. He came up with something totally new in a BRILLIANT FASHION. He needs to get 1st Nobel if there was one for Astrology!

I will add commentary to each of the books later on. Thought of posting this ASAP.


  1. Hi Milind! I have been visiting and reading your blog. Its a great site indeed and very useful for me but I couldnt post comments.I had thought that I'll write to you when my sadesathi period is over. :)
    Well, I had an interest in Astrology but after I started reading your blogs I think no other book is needed...I just need to keep reading blogs. ;) Great blog...Thanks Milind!g. Its a great site indeed and very useful for me but I couldnt post comments.I had thought that I'll write to you when my sadesathi period is over. :)
    Well, I had an interest in Astrology but after I started reading your blogs I think no other book is needed...I just need to keep reading blogs. ;) Great blog...Thanks Milind!
    - Smita

  2. Hello Milindji
    Very nice material to get starting with Astro study, but I guess correct interpretation needs the experience, too i mean study of various patrikas.

    Anjali j.

  3. Sir ,First of all I am sorry because I am posting my request again and again .But that is the only way to get in touch with you immediately.
    Sir , I have sent emails on 19th May ,in June and my latest Email is on 13th JULY .IN my first email I had wrongly quoted my birth time .I have corrected the same in my 13TH JULY EMAIL.
    PLEASE see if you have time .I am waiting for your reply ----THANK YOU.

  4. Milindji -- Am in the same scenario as Pranav - have been waiting for your advice for a long time and bugging you constantly! But, I am truly waiting for your advice to make my decisions, really need your guidance to make progress on the current/upcoming responsibilities -- otherwise I feel I will be at a standstill. Please do advise as soon as you can, I will be so, so grateful! Thank you --

  5. Hi Milind Sir,
    Thank you so much for posting this article.Sorry to bug you again.Please check my mail.I am eagerly waiting for your reply.I have sent emails in july and the latest one on Aug 19th and 22nd.
    Kindly check my mail.
    Thank you.


  6. Hi Milind, Would love to read your take on effects of Shani's move to Libra (Uchcha) starting Nov. 15th for various Rashis - more so Kumbha chandra, it would be 9th house transit. What if Shani is neecha in natal-chart? Would this transit strengthen it?? What if the transit if over natal Guru in 12th? Sorry to burden you, but I value your analysis. So, if you have time... :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Milindji i also keenly waiting for ur article on shani in tula rashi, as i found iffects of "tula shani" starts before 6 months of 15-11-2011 (shani enter date od tula rashi).. i like ur readings b'coz it's not only Jyotish but also includes jyotish as a science too, and thats what we all want to do, Jyotish is a science not a Superstition..

  9. Milind
    Are there any Hindi/Engglish translation of V.D.Bhatt and M.D.Bhatt's Astrology books.

  10. (1) Smita:
    Thanks! I think rather Sadesati is the BEST time for starting new suibjects in life, reading, chintan/manan (meditation) of new subject etc. It is always a GREAT time to read/study. My blog /articles will help a lot if basic foundation of astrology is prepared by the books I have recommended above.

    (2) Anjali J
    Yes! It is the same the way Management study does not make sense without casestudies. It will be just theory and priciples without hands-on -- when 2 conflicting priciples apply to the same horoscope about the same subject -- Then ONLY Case Studies can save you!

    (3) Pranav:
    I will check it RIGH NOW - SORRY for so much delay!

    (4) Avi
    Sure - Will analyse and get back. I think I might not have additional info but I will give it a try by detailing of the horoscopes and divisional charts.

    (5) Veena:
    Hope your email id or name there is also veena so as to find it easily in the emails.

    (6) Anonymous: 9th Libra transit of Shani
    Regardless of how shani is placed in Horoscope (past karma) 9th Shani will be a great change for Kumbh folks. Start of new things in life that will last and be beneficial for 7.5 next years is what happens in ANY planets in 9th house. With Shani things start for 7.5 years with Mars it is for 5 months or so!

    (7) Pradip
    I do not get the logic of "it starts 6 months before"! :) Rather Shani is NOW in 20th degree on Kanya which is far far away from Libra sign and in next 2/3 months it will travel with a great speed and gointo Libra.

    (8) Anonymous
    Sadly no translations available but these books do not have much text so Marathi reading would be very easy for you (Devnagari script anyways).


  11. Hi Milind,
    I have been a follower of your blog for quite sometime now and thank you for your blogs. I have sent you multiple emails with my bith details via my email id I would greatly appreciate your read of my birth chart. I'm kanya rashi and going through an intensely stressful period in life. I look forward to your guidance.


  12. Milindji , in 15-Nov.-2011 shani is going to move in tula rashi. I found Some effect of Shani will start coming from 6 month ago in June-2011( as shani starts giving results 6 months before change to next rashi). I saw many vrushchik rashi people move towards wrong way but as per there thinking they are on the accurate path, but after Nov.-2011 such path lead them to difficult period. So it’s a beginning, the seeds of change start before 6 months. just see all over the world; approx June-2011 activities will start towards some reforms in many countries (as saturn likes and brings justice and this time it’s on faster way b’coz it’s Exalted TULA Shani) plz share ur opinion , I m keenly want to know ur judgment :)
    also I read some facts regarding Tula Shani which I want to share with you..
    A.)From June 2011 events will start towards some change.
    B.)After Nov-2011 activities towards change will be more dramatic and concrete.
    C.)The last leg after June-2012 when we will see full fledged long term war.
    -- see it as it's belong to Annaji & Baba Ramdeo's Movement --

  13. Pradip: IMHO -- What you see are 12th Guru or Guru change effects and not Shani effects....


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