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Monday, August 29, 2011

Interesting Stats: Top 5 hits for my articles on this blog

Top 5 Hits show an interesting pattern

Included below are top 5 hits for my articles on this blog for the week. As you might be aware most of my hits are directly from google by searching for a specific rashi bhavishya. The following stats would make even the most skeptic folks think about astrology. The following pattern shows that the most trouble top 3 signs folksare Kanya Sinha and Tula – all 3 under sadesati. Someone going to google and searching for rashi bhavishya is usually a person who is curious about some difficult situation or decision or complex surroundings. You can see that the Shani in 12th, 1st and 2nd house Rashis are the top 3 (& this has been the case from the DAY I posted individual rashi bhavishya).

You can check the next sign is with Shani in 8th house (Kumbh) and the one next is Shani in 4th house (Mithun). If you see any site on astrology you would see that Ashtam Shani and chaturth Shani is regarded as troublesome (?!) as sadesati itself. Yes indeed 8th house Shani shows peeda / delays / certifications / hard-work etc and 4th house Shani subjects to new/complex things to you in career which demand coming out of comfort zone, going away from mom / house / family etc!

I have not posted next 5 top articles else you would see 10th house Shani, 10th house Guru and 4th House Guru in that order! And This order of planetary positions remains the same just the signs from top10 change the order as per the Shani position - -Shani being KARAK of Dainya, Poverty, Bad Karma, Masses, Step by step slow moving things.

Kanya Rashi Bhavishya in 2011 (Sade sati) Jan 2, 2011, 88 comments 1,498 Pageviews

Sinha /Simha / Singh Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (sade sa... Jan 2, 2011, 184 comments 1,057 Pageviews

Tula Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (Sade Sati from Setp 200... Jan 2, 2011, 67 comments 707 Pageviews

KUMBH Rashi Bhavishya 2011 Jan 1, 2011, 57 comments 586 Pageviews

Mithun Rashi Bhavishya 2011 Jan 1, 2011, 22 comments 515 Pageviews

This pattern is undeniable and a very honest portrayal of “state of mind” these folks are in. Other guys might think that these folks are doing just fine – but these folks are concerned about their position in life / career etc regardless of what they have achieved so far.

This also shows that the signs and people searching for these articles would change and the sadesati signs would only come up top 10 on this blog always. i.e. signs would be rolling. What this also shows that as folks work hard and come out of sadesati they start doing well and do not need to search artciels on net! J Kirk was prominently on the internet until Sept2009 for Astrology – Now they are less so! What this means is that if you keep working hard REGARDLESS of hardships and difficulties – you WILL succeed. It is just a matter of TIME!!


  1. Sir I 100% agree with you regarding the state of mind of some of the rashis under SHANI SADESATI ONCE again sorry for posting my request again. BUT I just want to draw your attention .MY emails are sent on 19TH may , in JUNE and my latest email is on 13TH JULY .In my first emails I had quoted my birth time wrongly .I have corrected the same in my 13TH JULY emails.I am waiting for your reply .PLEASE see if you have time.----THANK YOU.

  2. So true! And this is all the more reason to commend the invaluable service you are rendering.
    Especially the first 2.5 years when Buddhi is affected. Of course bhakti is better but in this day and age people put so much store by buddhi, that when it does not function they feel lost.

  3. (1) Pranav: I WILL reply to you today no matter what.

    (2) Sunne: What a lovely summary! You are absolutely right - Patience is THE KEY when going gets tough.


  4. This goes to show that this blog is turning out to be a ray of hope for those in despair. Well I didn't come here looking for sadesati guidance as there is yet quite some time for it to hit me ( Pisces moon). Yes, I have 8th Scorpio Saturn and I do ALWAYS face obstacles in everything I do. But I have accepted it and learnt to work my way through it. :)
    The occasion I reached here was that I was looking for moon Rahu conjunction. And I found every word you have said about it to be true. After reading the article, I also wrote to you about my experiences in detail. But it seems there are many others with more pressing issues such as sadesati, health issues etc. So I can rather wait for a reply to my mail while you sort others' problems out.
    May the number of hits to this blog increase exponentially in future, so that you can reach out to many more of those on need of your noble service.

  5. Hi Milind ji,

    Good to know that so many people are following your blog.WAY TO GO!I am also under SADE SATI and a kanya raashi folk with vrichika lagna.Can you please check my mail.I have sent mails earlier and latest one on Aug 19th and 22nd.Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Kindly check my mail.
    Thank You


  6. SIR ,I HAVE resent my details and time .AND my younger brother details also .I APOLOGISE FOR INCONVENIENCE CAUSED .BUT IN MY MAY AND June emails I had resent my corrected birth time . THAT'S why I did not mention it in my 13TH JULY EMAIL. I AM EXTREMELY SORRY FOR THAT . PLEASE SEE MY TODAY'S EMAIL for my and my younger brother.s details.PLEASE SEE AGAIN FOR MINUTE DETAILS FOR CORRECT ANALYSIS .---ONCE AGAIN SORRY FOR INCONVENIENCE ----THANK YOU.

  7. It would be really helpful if you could post a single article about the effects of the transits between now and nov 15 2011, when saturn transits.

    It would definitely help kanya rash folks inch along through the next two and half months.

  8. Hi Milind
    You are doing a great job...keep it up!
    I just wanted to share an interesting observation with the readers...somebody mentioned above how saturn transiting the 12th from the moon (ie the first part of sade sati) affects the buddhi....I've observed this to be the case also when rahu transits the 2nd from the moon( the first part of rahu's 4 1/2 year 'bad' transits) but this is intensified manifold if rahu dasha also happens to be running at the same time.
    And I speak also from personal experience... I am makar rashi and in 2007 rahu was in the 2nd from the moon,saturn in the 8th (obviously along with ketu) jupiter in the 12th adding to the fact that i was running rahu dasha and that i have mars and venus conjunct in the natal chart in the 8th from the moon in leo made it all in all to be the worst time in my life...but this all came about from rahu affecting the mind by transiting the 2nd house...much like
    what saturn does when it is in the 12th...
    Ok, done thanks...

  9. Thanks Milindji. I'm kanya rashi and your blog provides a constant source of energy. As requested by someone else too, can you pls post something on NOv 15, 2011 Shani transition and how this effects Kanya folks...Eager to get out of this situation. Also, any foresight on 2012 would also be helpful. thnx a lot!

  10. (1) Sandy:
    Yes Chandra-Rahu is usch a typical and a very vibrant garahayog that if you see 100 cases of Chandra Rahu -- you will see similar behavioirs in 99 or rather 100 cases! :) Those who try to prove or disprove astrology should check psychologist's patients and their horoscope! You woudl see a hell lot of them with ChandraKetu and ChandraRahu. Others could be with others planets close Rahu andKetu like Sun, Venus, Mars in that order.

    Rahu and Ketu always give DEJA-VU feeling and I am sure people who think that "this has happened before" most often have ChadraKetu ChandraRahu yuti! :) I will check the horoscope later. There are SO many aspects to Chandra Rahu and Ketu yuti -- Their Sign OWNER has a GREAT GREAT importace and decides the outcome of this yuti of Chandra with either Ketu or Rahu.

    (2) VEENA
    If you do not mind please resend the same and mention Veena in the subject please? I will check it out.

    (3) Pranav
    I have already sent A VERY DETAILED analysis of your horoscope -- PLease check and will get back about your bro for sure.

    (4) Anonymous: You mean effects of Shani transit on all signs?

    (5) JK: Anonymous
    Interesting but I will have to think over 2nd house Rahu effect -- Gochar effect is on speech for sure and also if some planets in2nd house then it could show some paternal side heriditary health issues. Also some agitation or frustation/aggression (hedonism) on some things like property. shares, estate etc.

    (6) Anonymous
    I have already posted a separate article how 8th Gru Efforts and Hardwork from May2011 to May2012 is going to bring in GREAT strategic position and initiative to the Kanya rashi folks from May2012 to May2013. Please check the separate article on that. YES on Shani change I will certainly write one quick article as 2nd house Shani has various impacts and aspects that are often neglected due to only PAST Karma analsis! :)


  11. Sir,I have already checked your email .I just hope you haven't confused about my birth time and taken it as 2.23 A.M. And not as 2.30 A.M. !This is because I received two emails from you ,out of which in one email you asked for birth time and place that's why I sent my details again yesterday.ANYWAYS A VERY WARM 'THANK YOU ' from my side .YOU gave your quality time for my request .I am thankful to you .--THANK YOU

  12. Hi Milind!

    Interesting observation and statistics too! Just goes to show the impact and influence of Saturn in our lives. You are absolutely right about 'hard work' being the ultimate 'mantra' for success. Like others, I'm also looking forward to your article on the next Saturn transit. Moving to ashtama shani :)


  13. so true...i have sent you a mail..since i am going through same situations!

  14. (1) Pranav:
    2.23 does not change the horoscope that much. SO all the observations remain the same. Dasha mahadasha change by say 10/15 days backwards but that should not impact as much. Navamansh Horoscope changes from Vrishabh lagna to Mesh lagna but again I have used Navamansh rashi of the planets and not horoscope positions in navamansh so all my observations to you are valid.

    (2) Hema:
    Yeah -- In 8th Shani you go away from your MASS BASE and not too many people report into you etc. You come up with new product, certifications etc in 8th Shani and also pay off any health related issues and also heriditary issues (cud be health or property)

    8th shani preppares you for a LOGICAL PROFILE CHNAGE and INcrease of teh 9th house Shani.


  15. Hi Milind Sir,

    I have resent my details as you said.Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you


  16. Sir,THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN .Aapan mazya manatali shanka dur keli!DHANYAWAD!A WARM THANKS --THANK YOU.

  17. Milindji -- Could you please take a look at my queries as well? Have been waiting for so, so long, and am waiting for your advice to go forward! Please do reply as soon as you can - THANK YOU!!

  18. Hi Milind,

    I have send a mail , pls pls reply the same.


  19. Milind!!!!, that's too much a precision to be a coincidence....."deja-vu"....that's the word that kept coming to mind while I was writing the previous comment.....was about to mention of recurring occurrences of that thing to me...but I dared not confess it thinking that I might sound stupid. In fact, there has always been constant hesitation on my side to publicly accept such personal experiences due to the fear of sounding unreasonable/ illogical. But yes, a little "different" psychological phenomena is quite a familiar situation.
    Your insights on this topic sound heavily intriguing but i'd prefer not to discuss any more of personal experiences in a public forum. Hope to be able to have a word with you privately as I'm sure this would also make an interesting case study for you. As far as whatever little kmowledge I posses of my own chart, is concerned, there are a few other very unique/ rare combinations there. Not that it would be something that has never been seen by a person with the kind of experience you have, but it might just help to confirm the findings of the research you have done on such cases.
    Deeply obliged by your guidance...

  20. hi milind just a clarification, i am mesh rashi. since jan2010 facing plenty of problemsin my job, 12th jup for mesh was from may10 to may11. my bad time started in jan10 and still not fully recovered. do you think sixth shani also create hurdles in job as naukari is seen from the sixth.

  21. Great work Milind..Brilliant service..
    Have sent you few emails in last couple of months..Still awaiting your response..Would be v.helpful to have your advice on my job..badly needed asap.Again sending today. Please 2 respond. Many thanks.

  22. Someone who has been going through sade saati as a Leo, I can only say this; trying to keep positive attitude ,with 100% faith n bhakti in Almighty's doing and reading of Bhagvat Puran has helped me to sail through these trying times.

  23. Milind
    What you have stated is absolutely true.There is no substitute for hard work.There are more failures in this world who are intelligent but not hard working.People who work hard,have faith in God and themselves get the benefit,even if it is late.

  24. Very illuminating statistics indeed. You know, statistical correlations are not always taken seriously by people. They want exact answers. The mind is comfortable with exact knowledge. I find people's attitude very annoying, since I do correlations as a profession, and often get ridiculed.
    Its a great thing that you study an ancient knowledge with a scientific viewpoint. I hope more interesting statistics are revealed in your studies.
    Btw, thanks for the blog.

  25. Dear Milindji,
    I 've been following your blogs very carefully, and have found them very helpful indeed. I've been meaning to ask you for a while now. I am Tula rashi, with both Sadesati and Shani Mahadasha on. Besides, I have shani in 8th house in Mithun rashi. I have read very unfortunate effects of shani in 8th house. Can you comment on how bad will things get? Thankfully, strange events have created stress several times so far, but has been manageable (perhaps thanks to Hanuman Sadhana). But I fear if it will keep getting worse and worse. Any comments/advice?

  26. (1) Sandy:
    Thanks much and I certainly hope that we meet someday. Your email on your Guru was really interesting one! yes - Stats is a very good way to present something scientific. Espeically this is the factor which is harped so much by the people who oppose astrology.

    (2) Sachin Saraf
    Oh Yes 6th house Shani shows increase in people/masses that work for you BUT it does show TESTS at work place that make you work in a challenging (for you) environment which you are not used to. You might haver to leave your political influence field and work in some other sphere where you do not control many things that create perceptions etc. Tact and Diplomacy and Facts-n-Figures help a lot in such situations. Mesh was/is indeed in a fix due to 12th Guru and 6th Shani (in workplace). But I would take 6th Shani anyday than the 7th one which reduces the sphere of inclufence a little bit ! :)

    (3) DINESH
    Not sure if I rpelied to you. Will check and try to clear as many emails as possible.

    (4) K DDUBEY
    Thanks for sharing you first hand experiece - -I will also need it starting this November!

    (5) Anonymous
    Yes -- It is finally Law of karma -- Action Reaction --- More the hard work more the result -- this applies to every person.

    (6) Anonymous Tula rashi with Shani maha and Sadesati
    Sadesati and Shani mahadasha are often confusing as you are not sure where to attribute what thing! Sadesati is ALL about THIS life Karma and Shani Mahadasha Antardasha is about Destiny Fate and past life Karma -- as simple as that!! Unless your Karma with masses in the past life is VERY bad or VERY good -- yOu would have So So Shani Mahadasha -- it will be a step by step growth with people contact and something done for and with masses. BUT Sadesati is a period which shows end of a progress and Growth CURVE which forces you to PLAN New (2.5 years) EXECUTE NEW (2.5 years) and take Benefits NEW (last 2.5) =-- Whjie you do that you ALSO PAY FOR bad or DEBTS of THIS LIFE KARMA -- 12th Shani Exile, Ninda, Wyay (Kharcha), Badmouth, Haani etc 1st House Shani -- Health, mental stress, health of parents etc, 2nd house Shani -- issues in investments/lands etc done in this life.

    Despite Sadesti TULA has entered a Favourable Guru cycle from Dec2009 to May2010 in 5th Guru --- Now 7th Guru from May2011 to May2012, 9th Guru, 10th Guru, 11th Guru would be GREAT years with this Guru curve - Sadesati notwithstanding.

    It is VERY difficult to saggregate the Shani Curve - Guru Curve, Rahu Curve etc etc. So only way is to respond to negative thigns with Shraddha and Saboori and positive things with some partying around but without arrogance!!


  27. Hi Milind,

    Nice work and so true about the stats. I'm new to this blog looking for an answer :( myself for all that happened to me in the last 2.5 years.

    I had sent you my horoscope and will be glad to share critical events happened during these 1st phase of sade sati.

    After reading your blog, it was an eye opener and educating myself to be patient and work even harder.

    Thanks a ton for this contribution to all of us.

    Thank you,
    Nandu Konat

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