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Monday, August 22, 2011

What is Astrology - Part2

(1) Why the burden of proof always with Astrologers? You should prove that the astro does not work. Most folks who have Shani and Mangal closer to each other in Mithun rashi have some accidents with their arms (shoulder to fingers). Every chart would detail the intensity of the event to most extent. Most of my articles are based on MY OWN observations and hundreds or thousands of CASE STUDIES. The statistics of this blog (hits on articles are a very good indication that sadesati signs – 3 of them and the 8th house Shani (Kumbh) folks are visiting the blog the most. ALSO MOST FOLKS who email me or comment on blog DO NOT FEAR anything – rather they are looking at a VERY positive things in life – possible promotion, Certifications, their natural strengths and use it for PLANNING purpose as a 3rd angle or an ADDITIONAL opinion…

(2) Your and most Astrologers in this country -- Their situation is like those 6 Blind folks analyzing an Elephant -- they see various things but the Elephant! :)

(3) NOT everything happening to you is FATE or DESTINY or preordained or predestined! Most things in life are about Kriyamaan Karma i.e. instant karma – you giving 5 Rs to a Chaaywala and getting a Chaay in return has NOTHING to do with YOUR or HIS destiny! J Your destiny has already decided the family, the parents, the siblings and also most cases the life partner too – Your Kids and quality of kids is 50% about this life Karma.

If EVERYTHING was FATE or PREDESTINIED – We would not have got birth at all – It would have been ROBOTS and not Human who CAN think. MOST folks that consult me HEAR my opinions and do what THEY want to do! J I can only help them understand without ANY detail of their life but just b-details – MANY of the things – Which is QUITE SOMETHING – Without Astrology you have NOTHING – Are you better off with Astrology or without it….It is just a TOOL and in the hands of a surgeon it saves life and in the hands of a bad guy it hurts people.

You should read – WHAT IS JYOTISH Article on this Blog: and also Autobiography of a Yogi instead of asking (and accusing) such questions. My posts are based on the CASE STUDIES I come across – and that is why I have stated that when a lot of things come together there is a definite PAST karma and hence definite results – But you do not need an astrologer to tell you that Sachin plays well! J J

I guess there are more doctors and lawyers and politicians that take people and nations for a RIDE than Astrologers! J

You cannot chose parents, siblings, cousins BUT you can chose friends and that is good enough to know that the Human beings are NOT driven by strings of destiny RATHER THIS BIRTH is given to you to FIGHT that pull which is bad and carry forward the positive things. What you have done only YOU can undo.

One sides support or one sides oppose to astro BOTH are detrimental. You should 1st ban ECONOMICS and also Weather channel and Stock Market Technical or fundamental analysis – They are also predicting something and MOSTLY WRONG!!!!! I BET that Astrologers would be able to give a MUCH better CURVE to you % wise than these folks can give. ALSO, Astrology can be used to COMMENT on EACH AND EVERY ASPECT under the Sun unlike Economics, Weather, and Stock Market analysis that focus on only 1 subject.

There are many things that even I have issues with current state of Astrology in India and also the world:

1. Use of WRONG Signs by Western Word (Tropical Calendar Versus Sidereal Calendar)

2. Ayanash debate in India: Lahiri seem to be most correct to me. There are at least 4 widely used ayanansh in India (Ayanansh means the difference between the Tropical and Sidereal calendar).

3. 1 Astrologer is supposed to answer questions on (& not an expertise in specific subjects like an MD)

a. Marriage

b. Investments, Land, House Purchase

c. Line of Education, Service, Business

d. Santati

e. HEALTH issues

f. Travel, Promotion, Increments, Trouble from seniors/Other job troubles etc

g. Court Cases etc

h. And Many more things

4. No use of NUMEROLOGY, Palmistry or Face Reading by Horoscope-Astrologers – These combined can make wonders. I have seen one type of Astrologer ridiculing other types – Which itself is ridiculous!

5. WRONG /incomplete understanding of RAHU and KETU which show family history (both good and bad) 35% of a person’s life is controlled by Rahu Ketu dasha antardasha etc and still family history is not and cannot be used by astrologers. Rahu Mahadashaa Ketu Mahadasha are completely driven by family history!

6. No new books or thoughts that suggest how to use basic principles of astrology. The basic purpose of this blog was to have NEW approach towards astrology - -The same way I learned engineering subjects. That is why you would not so far find a single Article on GEMSTONES on this blog.

7. Many more --- Only an Astrologer can oppose Astrology – Common people are helped by Astrology day in and day out – A blind opposition to Astrology will only discredit the movement of Andhashardha Nurmulan folks. I believe that India needs more people asking good questions about astro than making derogatory statements in favor or oppose of astrology.

But the simple question is – Are we better off with Astrology or without astrology? My experience is that “Forwarned is Forearmed”.

Just to summarize my **personal** opinions with around 20 years of exposure to Astrology:

1. NOT everything is pre-destined or preordained etc or driven by FATE. Most of the daily things in your life are about Kriyamaan karma (as explained above with an example of a Tea)

2. The way you cannot chose your parents & siblings (driven by past karma) – the say way MOST folks can’t chose the life partner or even kids --- YES – Your actions of THIS life DO decide the quality of kids and even WHO comes thru you.

3. Astrology is about analyzing your strengths and weak areas

4. This life is given to you and your soul itself has chosen this channel to pay off previous life debts and leverage previous life good-deeds. What YOU have done (this or past life) ONLY YOU can undo.

5. Sadesati is about THIS LIFE karma and NOTHING about the past life.

6. Shani Mahadasha/Antardasha is about past life Karma with masses and the houses which Shani owns in the horoscope – It has very less about THIS life and IS about FATE/Destiny etc – Your actions of THIS life have a very good impact on masses and health also but there is a limit. You cannot override your DNA (yet!) J

7. You do have a choice else Human being would not have been given MINDS – They would be robots!


  1. Thanks Milind for yet another thought provoking article!

  2. Thank you for another wonderful article Milind ji.Now I feel confident and ready to face the world .And most importantly there is no substitute for HARD WORK.Most of my doubts are cleared.


  3. Milind.
    Just analyze the fate of these communists and The Hindu...they were the ones who opposed the introduction of Astrology as a separate discipline in central universities by Prof. Joshi when he was HRD minister.

    For me. I am under 8th Shani (I came to understand that after visiting your blogs) and of course feeling the heat (maybe a trough) BUT I am not worried now as I know my strengths and understand things will be fine some day.

    Given a chance, I will support astrology being established as discipline in social sciences.

    Thanks for helping people through your writings.


  4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge through your blogs Milind! It is much appreciated, especially since most people are keen on hiding what they know. Your perspective is refreshing to a reader like me.

  5. Milind
    A very thought provoking article.You have been very lucid and practical .

  6. Thanks folks -- I saw some derogatory and undermining questions/comments by someone today and thought that it was a common tendency to ask stupid questions on the subject of astrology -- BOTH who support it and oppose it use very naive/baised arguments made with mislaced confidence!! :)


  7. hi...nice info again frm u..

    i am sekhar..
    born on 11 june 1990
    time & place: 2.15am....visakhapatnam
    studying final year
    wen will i get the job...and how will be my future...

    hope u answer me soon

  8. Milind,
    I think criticism is always required for any theory to evolve, for, it is only through criticism that, those who propose the theory are made to think to answer the critics, in the process, strengthening their own beliefs and evolving the theory itself.
    As for your reply, I happened to read the comment to which you had reacted. It was indeed ill informed to say the least. One should be open to criticism, but it is then you are so naturally agitated, when the criticism is not done at a purely intellectual level but corrupted by emotions like hate and anger. So yes, I think that was a necessary reply to it. Hope you didn't reply to that in the heat of emotions and agitation ;) (seeing the immediate nature of your reply....moon - Rahu still at work?...js kidding...I am no one to talk on are the boss when it comes to spheres up there..)
    So please don't let such small things deter you from the noble work that you have taken up. Cause, what I personally felt was, that the bottomline of all your articles was to keep one's deeds clean and pure. And one doesn't have to believe in astrology to believe in such a simple but important fact of life.
    So, keep up the good work and all the best...

  9. Regarding Rahu/Ketu n family history:

    I found an interesting trend in my family. Me and my younger brother are born in Rahu stars (Swati n Shatbisha respectively). My sis (youngest) gave birth to a boy in January 2009 and he also born in Rahu star (Ardra).

    Plus my mother also born in Shatbisha. Does this mean anything?

    My sis born with Moon in Gemini (not sure which star).

  10. Sandy:
    Criticism is MOST welcome -- Rather -- I am always VERY VOCAL about things I do not like so I respect everybody's RIGHT to express their opinion while I may not agree to what they are saying! The thing that I can't tolerate is the "IHGNORANCE" and "MEDEOCRITY" of the folks who propose "BudhdhiPramanya-Waad". The UTTER IGNORANCE of Astr0olpgy is even evident from someone like Jayant Naralikar who is DEEPLY respected in India and Manharashtra.

    Calling Astrology as Andhashraddha is something beyond comprehension. Calling it "Not a science" is fine by me. Astro canNOT be an exact science -- It is like economics and more of a "ART of Probabilities" -- Can ANYONE predict for SURE -- NO!!!!

    If these folks are so adamanet and intellectually arrogent -- Then they should take challenge to provbe astrology is THOTAND (BOGUS) instead of giving challenges to prove astro as an exact science which it is NOT.

    I have been part of such arguments, have read literature of these folks who have VALID arguments etc but they are very shallow when it comes to Astro & VERY biased too. It is against their own Buddhi pramanyawaad -- They are completely CLOSED when it comes to Astro! :)


  11. NA:
    Definitely there is similarity in this. Even we have a a lot of Shatataraka folks in our family! Also lot more Rahu pradhan than Ketu.

    Rahu Ketu indeed provide some of the most mysterious aspects of Astrology.


  12. Just to re-iterate there is a differece between Criticism and redicule "SO -- Do you believe in past birth -- do you remember it then why do you belive it etc etc" Questions can't be called as criticism -- The Tone is of redicule and not an argument...

    Also mentioning that there are enough people without confidence etc so you wil always have followers etc -- Is not a criticism -- Then you shoudl close down psychologist in USA also....

    My only answer is that make it a subject -- Try to teach Astro to doctors/psychologists etc check how it applies -- WETSREN folks are MASTERS in documenting their observations and create stats.

    "You woudl see 90+% of folks having some troubled mind are with Moon affliction-- With Ketu Shani Rahu --- Moon more close to Shani Ketu or Rahu -- more pronounced the issues. More planets with Rahu and Ketu.

    We do not get PAID to do such research in India and Media opposes to include Astrology in syllabus.


  13. Sir, this is PRANAV .I just want to remind you .
    1.I HAVE sent emails on 19 th may ,in june also and in July also.
    2.My latest email is on 13 th JULY
    3.BY mistake i had quoted my birth time wrongly ,I have corrected the same in my 13th July email.
    4.Waiting for reply .Please see my latest 13 th July email ,if you have time.
    5.BY the way, I just want to mention here that WE people have complete faith in you ----THANK YOU.

  14. Milind,
    Completely understand your getting bugged by such desperate attempts on validity of astrology. It can only be called ridiculous if someone opposes something they don't even understand.
    Well our only request to you is not to lose your calm and your focus while reacting to such things. I myself cant make a comment on validity of astrology as I am not an expert. Perhaps that is the whole reason I reached this blog in the first place; to know what is it all about. And I find your approach to this ancient art, a refreshingly realistic one; putting it in a present day frame of reference. As is evident, it is picking up pace amongst the new age intellectuals looking at the number of posts/ comments by young graduates/ engineers/ corporates.
    An inspiring example could be that of Galileo whose theories were ridiculed by contemporary church, but had to be accepted hundred years later.
    So, again, thanks and keep it up!!!

  15. Milind,
    Forgive them,for they know not what they are talking.Astrology may not be a definite science but a science of probability.
    You may also say that no science is a definite science ,as a theory or fact, which we believe is correct and definite, can be dispeoved tomorrow .
    GOD BLEES YOU and keep up the good work.

  16. we all r learning by this blog's article . Thanks milind for sharing and writing . I have also a 8th shani and rahu-chandra yuti in kanya rashi. I am learning astro by 10 years but ur astro articles are amazing just like pavan sinha .

  17. Milind,
    I have been following your blog for almost 18 months now. My Guru could communicate with the spirit world and he was a great astrologer as well. After his passing away I have met many people and read quite a bit on the net. No one has yet been able to convey this ancient art and science as cogently as you have.
    You are rendering yeomen service to society, so please do not be disturbed by a few nuts. For every person who posts or mails you there are tens who read but do not acknowledge.
    As for the so-called 'modern' people these are people without roots and nothing but the educated illiterate. They cannot rise beyond their material / tamasic world and seek 'proof' as though modern science has answers for everything.
    Please do not feel disturbed, you have the thanks and ashirwaad of thousands if not millions.

  18. Hi Milind!

    'Straight from the heart' article! Some people think they are being 'modern' and 'fashionable' by criticizing astrology. Even so called science is still a mystery and what we think we have unraveled is just a tiny bit. Anyway, do keep writing. There are many who benefit from your articles.


  19. If Moon and Saturn both Jyeshta (3,4 charan) in 9 house (scorpio) is it punarbhoo dosha? If so, what would be the major impact on the native? Please clarify.


  20. Hema: My knowledge of Sanskrit names of various yogas etc is a bit on the lesser side. The 9th house Shani shows a close scrutiny of Dharma--Religion and even higher education system itself. Thsese people often can be called as nastik etc BUT only due to their questions and not taking something ONLY written in the book.

    In Vrishchik Moon Saturn close shows a DRISHTI -- Eye/NAJAR which is VERY KHATARNAK -! :) BHEDAK NAJAR! :) Specially in Jyeshtha it shows a secretive approach and playing cards close to one's chest which is opposite to your MEEN lagna which shows SHARING the knowledge the moment you know it! :) So your Meen lagna is reducing MANY of the ill and negative effects of Moon and Shani both in last degrees of Jyeshtha nakshatra. The last degree of Jyeshtha shows Water/BIg Pond/RiverBig Lake etc and also MAMA -- or Mom's relatives. 9th house itself is Mom's Mom side relatives and Jyeshtha shows Mom's Mom's Siblings -- Mom's Mama basically? Just trying to logicall expand the planatary formations. What is lagna degree if it is Revato it further shows MAMA and Water related events in past life.


  21. Sunne : Thanks Sunne --

    Actually I do promote debates as I am myself a person with Mithun Mangal which is known for aggressive debates! :) and also Shani aspecting Budh in CLOSE Degrees which shows utter criticism of something -- Close AUDIT and scrutiy of things! Budh being owner of Mangal's rashi is further important here with Shani's aspect.

    :) :) So debates and questions and even accusations are MOMST welcome but INTELLECTUAL ARROGANCE and Redicule without knowing ANY SINGLE thing about Astro is downright cheap.

    Thanks again!

  22. Sunne:
    I would like to know more about your Guru -- if any link /book etc available.


    Thanks much for the comments -- I 100% agree with your comment above. Also -- MAybe I am seen as a "Astrologer" and hence my reply might be seen as I am a bit disturbed etc-- But thats not very true -- BUT YES I was disappointed with those comments which are VERY typical from people who call themselves as "Buddhipramanya waadi". I epxetc some openness when we discuss debate things.


  23. Pradip:

    Thanks Pradip - I wish that what I learned in 20 years -- other starting now shoudl learn in 10 if not 5! :) hence thiis bloh where I share many of my IPRs (if I may) ! :)


  24. Hi Milind ji,can you suggest some basic books of astrology.I am willing to learn.


  25. I think there will always be people who criticise anything and it should be taken as part and parcel of astrology as well. I am sure there is a big segment who believe in astrology too.

    I was wondering whether you can write an article on Guru going Wakri in September, how does it affect each rashi.

  26. Veena:
    If you can read Marathi (Devnagari) you are in luck -- I am not aware of great books in Hindi! :( Sorry about that.

    In Marathi EVERYTHING written by V. D. Bhat and M.D. Bhat and Adarniya Soman is great. Bhat bandhu's stuff shapes your thinking which is the MOST important factor.

    LINDA GOODMAN'S BOOKS are wonders to understand the NATURE and ATTITUDE of Signs - They make the FOUNDATION of your Astrology Pizaa very well! :)

    1. Sun Signs (The Sun sign dates should be Sidereal and not Western/Tropical)
    2. Love Signs: Interaction of Each sign with All other signs -- Makes you learn so much about each sign -- it creates the complete psychological profile of a person looking at the horoscope.
    3. STAR Signs -- Absolutely amazing -- It has MANY hidden messages and stuff and you will see something NEW every time you read it.

    The TECHNIQUE of PREDICTION is VERY VERY DIFFICULT to master and EACH Astrologer has its own way of interpretations.

    Lastly -- CASE STUDIES 0-- 1000s of Charts, Hands to be analsyed -- Try to guess Moon and Sun Signs of folks around etc etc -- It will add to you knowledge immensly.


  27. Thank you so much Milind ji


  28. Hello Milindji,

    Mi pathavalele mail baghal ka please.
    khup mahinyanpasun wait karat ahe tumchya analysis chi mazya mulasathi.
    Milindji mi 4 varshapnpasun hitguj thru tumchyashi connected ahe.... mala khup urgetnly tumcya tips havya ahet... mi tumchya gmail account var mail pathavale ahe , jar mail milale nasel tar please mala var ack kara...

    anjali J.

  29. Good One! You've written about Kanya rashi folks but would it be possible to provide more insight.For ex, Shani moves out of Kanya in Nov 2011 and re-enters May wud tis interim period be. Also, May 2012 and beyond when Jup enters 9th for Kanya and Shani leaves Kanya rashi for good Aug 2012. Your articles are encouraging....and right now Kanya rashi folks like me need to see that. thnx

  30. Milind Sb.

    Have u started receiving C & D yet?

    I need not tell u but u should seriously consider doing this on full time basis since u have interest and will help few fortunate ones.
    We all are apprehensive & to an extent fearful of future especially when things are not going as expected,due to which most who have made astrology their profession try to exploit this weakness.Honest ones like urself make us all stand up and face the challenges that life throws at us.

    Keep up the good work! God Bless!

  31. Hello Milind,

    I just read this blog and so many comments. Not sure what the matter is? But if somebody is questioning the astrology as not being science because of ??? lack of proof etc; then let me tell those people that modern MEDICINE is a very well established science and ETIOLOGY (CAUSE) of many of the illnesses seen in human being is described as IDEOPATHIC meaning not known or yet to be proven.

    We people in our area many a times say this hindi muhavra ' HATHI CHALE BICH BAZAR, KUTTE BHONKE SAU HAZAR' meaning just ignore those people who dont deserve to be paid attention.

    I have previously said and again say that you are doing fantastic job of simplifying a complicated subject. Keep it up.


  32. Namaste Milind,

    your analysis of my chart regarding my questions were very accurate. I am following your advise of patience and returning hatred with understanding and love--painful practice but it gives peace of mind which results in clearness of thought. Very helpful. You are a very very very very gifted astrologer. would love to ask more questions but you are soo busy. what should I do.

    Keep up with this God gifted talent of yours and your wonderful seva,

    Jai Hanuman,


  33. Milind,

    Am waiting eagerly like so many others to hear from you! Please do give some advise - thanks, avi

  34. HI All
    I think Milind Chitambar and one more Milind is there who also talks on astro... please correct me if i am wrong as i am new to this blog.
    i know Milind Chitambar since last 4 years when I used to get his advise/to talk him on Hitguj-marathi forum.
    But right now he is not checking the emails and even blog... he seems to be very busy. I really need expert comments on my Son's horoscope. I am bit worried because he faced a big problem after his birth. i would like to know his future, education, intelligence, career and most imp health.
    Right now he is facing problem with stomach, I am taking his care like anything I just don't have world beyond him, but still why he has to face :(
    if someone can give expert comments on his horoscope I would be really grateful to him/her.
    his details...
    DOB : 11.02.2011
    TOB: 3:17 p.m. (15:17)
    POB : Pune (Maharashtra)

    I am really eagerly awaiting the response on general prediction as well as his current health issue regarding stomach by checking Gochar.

    Thanks a lot
    Anjali J.

  35. (1) Anjali J:
    I guess you are aware that it is the same person on this blog on Hitguj.! :) I will analyse and certainly get back today. I replied to you yesterday.
    I am not surprised by the Stomach issues but they are TEMPORARY -- Will send you analysis real soon.

    (2) Jyoti: Thanks!
    Yes Shani leaves Kanya in Nov2011 and renters for 3 months or so. Those with Moon in last degrees of Kanya rashi could have some stress etc but nothing worrysome. YES and I have written a separate article "Kanya in 2011" on this blog 4th from top I guess which talks about effect of 9th Guru on Kanya rashi and how to USE period until May2012 for certifications/preparations etc etc.

    (3) Dubey-JI
    Not yet but from my experience in USA it would take 6 to 8 weeks and additional 2 weeks due to India factor I guess.. I will keep you posted. YEs -- I agree on the misuse part -- and THAT IS WHY it should be brought under some university -- certifications etc before folks start doing these things.

    (4) SAURABH
    Thanks again -- This post and comments were a response to some ignorant comments -- I welcome critique as I am one critique myself! :)

    (5) NATASHA
    Thanks for those wonderful words - I am sure that the next 2 days will help me clear a lot of backlog and 2 days leave in next week will not hurt anyways! :)

    (6) AVI
    Will reply back. Avi Pandit, Right?


  36. Whats the diff between a planet present in a particular house n a planet aspecting a house? For example, I have tula lagna. Venus in 2nd house aspecting 8th house. Is it same as venus present in 8th house?

  37. NA:

    No! It is not the same for sure. Venus in 2nd house means that the OWNER of 2 houses in the horoscope is in 2nd house and not 8th -- despite Venus having drishti on 8th house (inheritance for one)


  38. Hi Milind,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I must say that your articles are really thoughtful..

    After reading your this article I was just wondering,
    1)About SADESATI - IF Sadesati is about THIS LIFE karma, what about newly born children or kids when they go through this SADESATI period.. for what "karma" do they pay when they have to suffer through things?
    2)About life partner- What do u mean "most of the times" our life partner is decided by destiny? NO ONE has right to choose their parents or siblings right.. but do u mean that few people have a choice to choose their life partner? Will i have that choice?

    Thanks & Regards,

  39. Learing a lot of wisdom from your posts..

    Keep up the good work!!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. @poonam

    i thnk sadesati is not about this life karma...

    Its about karma denoted by,

    saturn's encounters with natal moon (signs & characteristics of houses 12-1-2) +
    natal saturn's position in chart (conjunct & opposite)+
    houses under saturn's drushti (3rd & 10th)+
    houses ruled by saturn

    all in combination but may differ in strength as per other planets & their aspects...BUT WE CAN CONTROL IT ALMOST COMPLETELY WITH THIS LIFE'S KARMA!

    my logic behind this is:

    what we do in our life with free will is INITIALLY affected by seed of karma in past lives, which is majorly denoted by above mentioned saturn stuff...if saturn is badly placed n showing a particular type of karma to be worked other words a seed of karma to be burned...but still we keep on feeding that seed to grow in a tree...then 'Shani maharaj' has to take a scissor to cut that tree...AND IT HURTS!

    On the other hand if you r aware of ur karmik focuses and you honestly try to modulate ur free will so that it shows to saturn that u have already learned ur lesson quite well! :)..nd u keep on showing it throuought sadesati period...then there ll be hardly any pain in this dreaded period!

    on the same note what i think about sadesati in earlier life or childhood is, though at that time u dnt have control over ur this lifes is always way less painfull than sadesati in young age for obvious reasons! its comparatively better for native although nt fr his parents.


    So all the ppl out their..its better to go to an astrologer when your doing great in life to knw whats ahead..not wen u r trapped sadesati.may guru-mauli will lead us all to such wisdom :)

  42. "saturn's encounters with natal moon (signs & characteristics of houses 12-1-2) +
    natal saturn's position in chart (conjunct & opposite)+
    houses under saturn's drushti (3rd & 10th)+
    houses ruled by saturn"

    said this based on personal experience :)..i faced problems due to my free will/actions only (this life karma)..but my actions and the suffering both were in accordance with these positions!

  43. Manish: I respect your opinion but Sadesati in itself nothing to do with your Past life karma but this life karma only. The Shani maha/antar and Bhukti would show the past life wrong blatant wrong-doings.

    But also dasha/antardasha/bhukti etc of ALL Planets show past life karma good/bad. Even SHUBH or Gooodplanets in intense nakshatra shows some issues with that part of your life in the past karma!


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