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Monday, September 5, 2011

Future Prediction or (Career/Life) Curves of Planets? -- Just Like Economics or Share Market Technical Analysis

Sometimes I get questions that “sadesati main kabhi kabhi achha bhi hota hain?” or “sade sati jaate jaate kuchh achha kar jaati hain?” – “akhiri 2 saal sadesati ke ache hote hain?” etc etc. I guess you get the sense what I am talking about. The simple answer is NO!

EVERY planet governs some “curve” in your life/career for the period denoted by its orbit around the Sun. So at a given time you are under 11 curves of 11 planets (including Rahu Ketu) in your life. Like various curves detailed in the subject of economics or even stock market technical analysis “chart” – each planet also has a curve for you when it goes around in 360 degrees thru all 12 signs.

Moon Sign is the most important as it applies the most & used for GOCHAR analysis). When Moon and Sun Sign is same or Moon and Ascendant sign is the same – these curves apply to you even more. When all 3 signs are different (Moon, Ascendant and Sun) then Moon sign is the most important one to be used for curve analysis.

Of this journey of a planet thru 12 signs, the planet blesses you the most when it is 9, 10, 11 from your moon sign and it allow you to leverage ALL you have acquired and learnt in the movement from 1 thru 8 signs. When it goes 12th (the sign previous to your sign) -- it makes you start again with a new curve, learn new things, pay off some mistakes, SPEND time, energy and money when it is 12th, 1st (in your sign) and 2nd to your sign.

1. You are at right time and right place with respect to your abilities and skills when a specific planet is 9, 10, 11 to your Moon Sign. It shows great success with respect to the things related to that planet (Guru – Optimism, Growth, Rituals, Sanmaan, Knowledge, Positions etc; Shani: Masses, Politics; Mangal: Racing, Sports overall, land; Sun: Seniors, Rajsatta, Govts, Father, Moon: Moon: Mom, Friends, daily movements, good-news etc)

2. When planet in 12th you have to PLAN new things, Pay off previous debts or mistakes by money or imprisonment or plain simple studying/meditation etc! J i.e. you have to SPEND a lot of time/money etc etc on 12th house movement of a planet. It is not the LEVARGE mode for THAT planet.

3. When a planet is 1st i.e in your sign – you are to EXECUTE the plan made in 12th house planet. You also pay off health related things and temperament related things when the planet is in your sign.

4. When the planet goes 2nd to your moon sign – You are getting monetary results of the NEW PLAN that you have EXECUTED. Remember you pay-off any mistakes or bad debts or investments you did in this period. i.e. pay off previous mistakes BUT pay-back for NEW plans in the 2nd house bhraman of the planet!

5. You enjoy a lot of support from all the planets in your career when they are 9, 10, 11 to your moon sign. You are awarded (9, 10) and rewarded (11) in this period.

6. 9th house planets start new strategic things denoted by the planet, give you a strategic position in a big plan of some good vision. 9th house planet often increases your skills and give you a strategic initiative which lasts until the planet is in the 11th house.

7. As you can see 3 signs i.e. 25% folks on this mother Earth at a time are under favorable TRANSIT of every planet! J 25% folks are under worst phase of each planets (12, 1, 2 movement) which makes you learn new things and adopt, change and make new products)

8. 9, 10, 11 movements of the planet LEVERAGE EVERYTHING you have done when the planet was 12 to 8 to your moon sign and hence so much of a landslide results in 9, 10, 11 planets!!!

9. So it may very well happen that Shani is not supporting you BUT Guru is 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 which means you are under favorable movement of Guru is not Shani!! The 5th house Guru starts something NEW in your life which expands in 7th Guru and 9, 10, 11 effect is well explained above.

10. You can see that Shani’s curve is the LONGEST one and hence the biggest one – 30 years of total curve. So 9, 10, 11 Shani period is around 7.5 years.

11. Guru’s period of 9, 10, 11 is for 3 years – 3 good appraisal cycles! J Aprx 12 years (11.88) of total curve.

12. Mangal’s period would be for 4.5 month aprx. 1.5 years if total curve

13. Sun Mercury (Budh) and Shukra (Venus) for aprx 3 months of 9, 10, 11 bhraman (total 12 months)

14. Rahu /Ketu is 4.5 years from 11, 10, 9 houses and total 18 years (They are always Retrograde/Wakri and hence 11 first then 10 and then 9!) J

15. Uranus curve is about 84 years and Neptune curve would be around 164 years! J

16. You have the best results of your own karma when a planet is going through 9 (Bhagya), 10 (Karma), 11 (Gains) houses from your Moon Sign

17. 9, 10, 11 Shani bhraman being landslide success and 12, 1, 2 Bhraman of Shani is called as Sadesati! J J Ratan Tata and Akshay Kumar Bachchan sahab all had landslide results from 2003 onwards. Now they are thinking what next BUT their Guru cycle/CURVE started from Dec2009 to May2010 with 5th house Guru (Dream come true)

18. So in short – You have various CURVES to look up to! J It is just that Shani is the most SLOW and BIG effect in your life which stays for 7.5 years with us and we get used to it just the way Akshay Kumar got used to Comedy working ALL the times! But when Shani goes 12th which marks start of 7.5 years of PLAN, EXECUTE an d BENEFITS cycle of each 2.5 years and you think that “Maja nahi aa raha hain yaar!” J But Guru going 9. 10, 11 – Will again give you a big curve for 3 years for sure. Rahu coming 11, 10, 9 (or Ketu for that matter) will bring some results for 4.5 years and so on.

19. Guru going 12, 1, 2 is AS TOUGH to adopt and get used to as Shani Sadesati period. It is just that Guru’s bhraman is only for 3 years but Shani’s is 7.5 years. Also Guru bring optimism without too much lessons – or lessons taught with some Mamata – Shani teaches with examples – The difference between Shani and Guru’s approach is as follows:

a. Guru: Are dekh yaar abhi Gir jata tha – bach gaya na??

b. Shani: Saale xxxxx – Dekh Giraa na – Lagaa na -- Ab to sudhar ja! J J

c. But BOTH are trying to teach you and make you PLAN when they are 12th, EXECUTE when they are 1st and benefits when they are 2nd.

d. The Basic difference is that Guru in rashi improves health, gets good doctors, social image etc etc and Shani in Sign shows ISSUES with the health that are already there in your body! (Shani does NOT give anything on its own – it only shows faults your OWN system!)

So this analysis of various curves in your life is quite complex BUT Sun Mercury, Shukra have the same pattern every year in various months which is easier to predict – you are also used to it as we follow Solar Calendar – it has become a common sense or sorts! Mangal’s curve analysis is needed only for sportsman and land related things. Rahu Ketu shows ancestral things. All said and done – it is GURU and SHANI that are the BIGGEST DIFFERNTIATORS. (Without good/acceptable Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus the person would not even need an astrologer! J J) So when these planets are 9, 10, 11 you FEEL GOOD and when they are 12, 1, 2 you CRIB! J What we all need to understand is that 12th house planet needs planning – SPENDING (wyay) time and energy on planning new things, 1st house planet demands EXECUTION of new things in life and 2nd house planet then gives you monetary benefits from this new thing. 9, 10, 11 leverage existing skills, products etc and 12, 1, make you work out new stuff.

Just that during 12 and 1 movement (2 years for Guru and 5 years for Shani) you do not get paid by these planets – they start paying when they go 2nd.

Special Considerations for Guru and Shani:

So YES – Shani and Guru also need you to work on new products and spend time, money and energy etc. However Guru and Shani have different roles too that is regardless of need for new product for new curve.

Guru is about optimism, positivity, GROWTH, Enhancements, direction/magnetism in the right direction (“Sat”) etc. Shani is about RUTHLESS Karma payback/payoff (both ways). Think of it as a Tall DARK and Handsome Auditor! J 12th Shani can put you behind bars – Guru would put you behind some ashram or class/college! J Shani’s effects is STRICT AUDIT of your each of the Karma of THIS life (12th) including body/health (1st), all relations and investments (2nd house) of this life when Shani was 2 to 11!! J Also Shani is Nishkaam Karmayogi – it will make you pay & get paid for what wrong/right you did. It does not like anything pending. J


  1. Hello Milind Sir,

    A brief description of all the planets serves as a good base for beginners like me.Keep educating us with such good articles.HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY.

    Thank you


  2. Namaste Milindji,

    I have to sit with a cup of coffee and your articles as it makes for a good read. Please keep more coming for all of us.

    I have decided to put a few lines about my current situation. Shani transiting 9th to my Makar moon yet it is 12th to my Tula Lagna now. I had sadesati around 1987 or so. There have been troubles then but what effect i am having now with "12th Shani to Tula Lagna" is more profound. It is also bang opposite to my horoscope 2nd and 7th lord Mars which also happens to be my "Atmakaraka". It is causing problems related to "Marriage"(7th), "Enemy"(mars-> 2nd lord", so enemy from within family. "money"-again 2nd lord---> money spent on family, i love my mama and mashi folks(mother's family)and have been helping them so far with money. Now my own bank balance is zero in helping. Also their problems never seem to end. If one is out, other is back on. I have very insensitive cousins and they have taken the role of my enemies.

    In spite of being pretty wealthy due to my husband, i have to look for a job. This long i did not want to work given i have ketu in 10th house. Now my 12th transiting shani (may be) is making me plan for my future by looking for job. Also since my Shani is 5th lord, i cannot go out and get a job because i have a 3year old to take care. Since Shani is 4th lord too, all my problems are related to Mom, (i have sun-rahu-moon) there. This 12th transiting shani is 8th shani in my horoscope. So far from 2009 to this day was having issues with in-laws. After getting u'r advise went back and reconciled with them. That has made my older kid happy (5th Shani). So thanks for the advise.

    I have a question---is the midlife sadesati the most trying then others sadesatis. Is that why we call it "midlife crisis"?

    thankyou and God bless you,


  3. Milindji,

    Could you please, please check my mails and respond as soon as you can? Waiting to hear what you have to say, desperately in need of advice!

    Thank you - Avi

  4. V nice artical...a must read for all.

  5. Milindji, Pl check ur mail I have some important issue which needs to be solved Pl give me advice.
    -- Shruti

  6. perfect writing , by reading this article every person can manage and judge time for success or to sit at home.. A master stroke article. but i want to add point that if sun placed 11th from moon sign then 11th shani / rahu is not good at all. But in the same case 11th guru will give grt success.

  7. (1) Veena
    Thanks Veena. Will check the email today.

    (2) Natasha
    Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure why Mars has to be Atmakarak -- it is the Sun! I would not reach too much into the 12th Shani to Lagna rashi -- it will affect health more than anything but you should look at the job as something 9th Shani is starting for you. This JOb will help you DReam come true in 5th Guru and also make you happening until Oct2017 or so until 11th Shani lasts. SO I would look at it as something as positive out of 9th Shani but yes 12th to Libra is making you come out of a comfort zone for sure. Instead of 12th Shani I would look at it as a Shani opposite to Mangal in 6th house to Lagna and 3rd house to Moon: For you it is HEALTH and for Kriyamaan karma is 3rd hosue from Moon which is about siblings. Mangal in 6th or 8th house shows that the perosn is more of a achiever than the siblings and they need to support their siblinigs as siblings have done it to them in the past birth. It is an obligation that you are serving so no worries...You are doing great -- Investment in People is always GRETER than in a land or a apartment! :) :)

    MidLife Sadesati:
    In the childhood it is more about health and nothing else as there is NO Kriyamaan Karma of THIS Life...Kuchch karenge to kuchh achha ya bur ahoga na!? :) SO of course midlife sadesai when you are at the peak of your Priyamaan karma is the most difficult one. The budhapa sadesati is again about health! :)

    (3) Avi
    Chekcing today

    (4) Thanks Megcool -- About yout offer for a website -- I will certainly get back! :)

    (5) Shruti: Will check this week

    (6) Pradip
    No - Do not Sit at home !!! Please keep working --- When planet is not 9, 10, 11 THEN and THEN ONLY you bow the seeds of landslide success in 9, 10, 11 bhraman! :)


  8. Hi Milind,
    Nice to read a article which is so real n near to our personal experiences.
    Keep writing, we enjoy reading and relating it to our day-to-day lives.
    And we do look up to you when obstructed with situations and questions for better results :-)


  9. Hi Milindji

    bang on target article
    keep doing good work


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  11. hey milind bhai....good work...very precise...bhai is it possible to look at my email when your free...this is the sixth eager to know your analysis...i have never checked my astro in my life....just wanna know when my problems will solve...sorry for the trouble..should i resend email with priority tag?...

    please bhai..let me know....anyway will wait more months if worries ...i trust ur gift and hardwork...God Bless you


  12. Hi Milind

    Very good article. Can you please spare some time and provide me some guidance. I have sent you my details.


  13. I have shani and guru both in my sixth house.. what does that mean?

  14. Hi Milind,

    Great article & should help everyone to plan his year. i am trying to study the science in my own little way ,
    Would like to have answer to few of my queries.

    1. If moon is debilated & ascendant is strong , should we look for transits wrt Lagna or still we go for moon only ?

    2. Another doubt is wrt to importance of 9th house . In traditional astrology , dasha of Bhagyesh is considered to be very good , but KP astrologers think that it is very bad from career perspective. Same is the case for Dasha of 5th. I have been puzzled by this contradiction for long time now. For example leo ascendant Mars comes as rajyogkarka but if you go by KP logic would be bad for job career etc. being the lord of 9th ,,Awaiting your views sir

  15. hi milind
    i am a freelancer in media, so my earnings fluctuates every year. yesterday I calculated my yearly earnings of last 12 years. i am mesh rashi and i was surprised to find that whenever Jupitar is 6th, 8th and 12th to mesh my earnings have dipped with an exception of one year when Mangal dasha ended and rahu mahadasha started. well i think Gochar logic surely works on me. it will be nice if you can write an article about transit of different planets over natal planets, like transit of Guru over natal saturn, or rahu over Natal Jupitar etc.
    sachin saraf

  16. SHARDUL:
    (1) No -- still Gochar has to be analysed primarily from Moon Sign -- When Moon is weak the person's behaviour is rather more moody and controlled by Lunar movements (Chandrachya kala) than the ones with stable/good position moon!
    (2) PLease use KP ONLY for Prashna Kundali and not to analyse the main horoscope! Graha uchcha/neech really works and also KARAKATVA of planets has a superlative importance in HOROSOCPE analysis BUT in KP PRASHNAKUNDALI -- Use that methid only --

    I have seen that KP is GREAt for Prashan Kundali and hecnce very popular in FAST FOOD places like Mumbai Thane. You would see KP as VERY popular in Mumbai THane where folks are more worried about some prashna than say some prediction for a year or two or patters for next few years etc etc.

    Understanding of planets and Signs and BASICS of Astrology is a MUST before you even think about KP learning.


  17. SHARDUL / KP:
    So while prashna kundali then can use whatever they want but KARMA -- Kriyamana Karma etc 5th owner shows SUCCESS of ONE's Plans -- GO GETTER n ature --

    Fixed Price Project -- Some Activity which has a START AND a FINISH - is RULED by 5th house.

    A Production Mgmt or a MAINTENANCE project etc are ruled by 6th house. (SERVICE SECTOR). Without 5th thouse there would not be a need for a 6th house! :) :) i.e without a PRODUCT -- You woudl not need to service it! :)

    9th house is about STRATEGY --- Say Honda Accord Redesign -- ALL NEW -- for year 2013 Model year woudl be driven by a person with a strong 9th house -- Once it is done the 10th house will PRODUCE the Car using the strategy...

    So a STRONG 9th house is 12th to 10th house which shows that you need to SPEND TIME/ENERGY and Money on the 9th house before you can can dream of going to 10th house !! :) :)

    KP is ignoring all these thins and Assuming that -- when you ask me whetehr I woudl get this 10th house job -- you are ASSUMING and by default saying that 9th house moevement and work has been taken care already by someone else! :) :)

    5th House TACTICS -- 9th house STRATEGY -- 6th house SERVICE -- 10th house PRODUCTION...

    What KP indirectly means and tells you that STRONG 5th house person and planet would ask you to go after your DREAMS and Achievement and creation of product and NOT ASK TO SERVICE someone else's product...!!


    Yes of course you would see these curves happening to you all the times. They ALWAYS applpy as they are YOUR OWN Karma! :) :)

    Without 6th house hardwork there is no EXPANSION on 7th house movement and without 9th house PEEDA Hardwork LEARNINGS etc there is NO Strategic Position that you get in 9th house movement.


  19. R PRTER -- VIVEK etc I have replied to the emails...

    Veena : looking at yours.


  20. Thanks Milind , for enlightening on the topic.
    I completely agree with you that KP is a fast food science. I was able to predict when my passport would be delivered to my house, when gas cylinder would come in home etc, using prashna kundali.
    Mazya sarakhya Punekarana purn satvik jevan lagte :) , may be that’s why was not able to reconcile with conclusions of KP method
    Loved the way you explained by FP & T&M pricing methodology , lights a quick bulb for a IT guy like me:).
    By answering my question so nicely , you might find lot of queries coming your way .
    Thanks for the beautiful blog , very relevant & lucid , doing away with typical pedantic ways of astrologers . Count me as your fan :)

  21. Hi Milind,

    Plz try to take a look at my mails too.
    Asked few questions regaring my sister n hubby.
    Waiting eagerly :-)

    Thanks ,

  22. Hi Milind,

    My lagn rashi is kanya ani chandra rashi is Tula. I having very hard time. Good job, good experience but seems I am bored now and do not want to continue with this field. it is very late now to have these things. I am trying for higher education but nothing is materializing. financially it has been very hard for last 3-4 years. 4th shani and guru is in 8th. What do you make of these things?


  23. Hey Milind,
    Sorry bothering you again with the same, but as you promised you are going to look at my as well as my son's kundali...remember kumbha rashi. I have again sent you details , please let me know. Anxiously waiting. The subject should say kumbh rashi/child. I have been waiting for long. Please reply.


  24. Hello Milind,

    I have sent you emails with my details from ssskamath can you please read and tell. Have been waiting for your response for very long. Please answer.


  25. Milind,
    Reading comments here reminds me of the scene from Bruce Almighty, where Jim Carrey receives a zillion requests from ppl across the world, he grants all their wishes, and relaxes only to receive another zillion requests. Lolz...
    Good to see ppl looking up to you as their Mesiah in dark times..Hope you find some system like Jim Carrey to answer all theirs... :D.. (that would give me some hope to get a reply too...Haha)
    Just a quick question regarding the article. If there are multiple curves ruling the outcome at any moment, how do we find out the net result? I mean, is there any way to quantify the effects of these curves? I know this makes astrology sound more like a science, rather than an art. But being an engineer, whenever someone speaks of graphs, we immediately start smelling just curious to find out how far can this approach go...
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  26. Ohh this is one of the top most articles on effects of Shani (and sade sati). Kudos to you for enlightenment.

  27. Milindji, I have sent you emails with my details can you please read and tell. Have been waiting for your response so request you to answer.

  28. Namaste Milindji,

    I have emailed you my details can you kindly revert with a reply .Thank you for guiding all of us with your knowledge. God has truly blessed you with a great talent.


  29. Hi Milindji,

    Thanks for another great educational paper. You make things so simple to understand.

    I have question for your review. I'm Kanya rashi currently in the second stage of Sade Sati. Guru will transit into 9th house in May 2012 which is meant to be the start of 3 great years. However, with Sade sati still in effect until 2014, will Kanya rashi benefit from Guru's 9/10/11 house effects?

    Thanks again for enlightening us all.

  30. Hello Milind Ji,
    I wanna ask a ques-
    For accurate prediction,which one is most important-->Lagna kundali or chandra kundali?

  31. My Moon sign is Meen and Lagna is Dhanu Sun Sign is Cancer kindly advise how Shani and Guru is affecting me

  32. Saw a good side of Shani today in your blog! I am Kanya (moon sign) and I Knew that I was going through sadesaati, but this article of yours and the other one on Sadesaati which I read today have changed my perceptions abt sadesaati and have made me look at it's positive side.

    Thanx Milind !

  33. hi milind, i have mailed u 2-3 times my birth details. please check my charts. my email is, i am born on combination of 8 and 4. with moon sign libra

  34. Hi Milind

    If Shani will payoff whatever is in balance, whey do we have effect from past life? isnt that is paid due to Shani ?

  35. Hi milind,

    I always wondered..out of rising, moon and sun sign...which sign should be considered while examining the result of the curves as said by was obvious to go for moon sign as it mainly represents the kriyman karma..and to my surprise it proved that way!

    i am scorpio ascendant with leo moon...with leo in 10th house

    so for my moon, sadesati was there while saturn being in cancer-leo-virgo (12-1-2)

    but at the same time these houses were (9-10-11) for my ascendent!!!

    and let me tell, there were hardly any gains by hard work, quality education etc that i had acquired during 12 to 8 SATURN FROM ASCENDENT!

    furthermore, as said by you in another post on leo rashi...i could see gains only in 2008 & then during dec2009 to may 2010...when it was 5th and 7th GURU TO MOON SIGN!!!

    So i am now sure that Moon sign has got most importance when it comes to examining transit planets.


    1 question that arises in mind is that..moon sign was prominent because i have vinshottari mahadsha of moon going on (2004-13)


    My further question is about saturn 1st to moon (in moon sign)

    I got to read an article saying that, out of 7&half yrs of traditionally described sadesati..which is precisely 45 degress back and forth to exact degrees of natal moon...the main focus should be on middle 80 degrees that remain after shaving off 5 degrees on each side of this orb.

    which gives rise to interesting phenonenon of saturn conjoining navamsha moon during sadesati...which it does 3 times,

    40 degrees behind the natal moon degrees
    exactly at the natal moon
    40 degrees ahead of natal moon degrees

    Waiting for reply :)

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