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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Moon and Sun Relationship for a person

Analysis of a horoscope from behavioral or psychological aspects is much more scientific than say the predictive astrology. The attitudes or behaviors that a horoscope creates is the most interesting part of the astrology. Health analysis is of course an interesting one which when combined with ayurveda can have surprising results.

When it comes to psychological behavior or attitude of a person, the most impact is shown by Moon Sign/Nakshatra, Sun Sign/Nakshatra and Ascendant in that order. The Moon and Sun yuti or drushti by other planets can certainly alter this behavior quite a bit. Chandra-Rahu, Chandra Ketu, Chandra Mangal, Chandra Shani yuti are the topics of separate articles or rather they could be used for a thesis! One trip to a nearby psychologist would show you that their 90% patients are due to afflicted Moon or Mercury (the yutis described above).

The topic of this article is Moon & Sun relationships in a person’s own horoscope i.e. angles or yogas of Moon and Sun in the horoscope of a person has a DISTINCT impression on the behavioral pattern. It shows how Mind – Emotions, inward behavior (Moon) is placed with the ego/outward behavior. It also shows Mom and Dad’s relationship and also their impacts on him/her and also other.

(1) Sun and Moon in the same house:

a. Either Mom or Dad is completely shadowed by the partner. i.e. existence of 1 person is completely “wilin” or astangat in other person. Usually Dad is the dominating force and mom is more like he anskrit word “Mama” used in pooja.

b. As Moon is astangat and does not have a separate existence -- The person does not feel extreme emotions or mostly incapable of showing emotions or express them effectively. They do not cry much even in extreme sorrow nor they laugh a lot even to some extreme jokes (Not while watching even “Dumb and Dumber”!) J

c. This is also called as “Amawasya” in Hindu literature.

d. This could result into lesser flow of the water/blood in the body and could lead to a condition which is low BP.

e. It would be very difficult to a high quality artist or a highly creative person under this formation. Even Tula Suya and Chandra might not result in high creativity as Chandra doesn’t have a separate existence!

(2) Sun next to moon (2 – 12 relationship -- Say Moon in Aries & Sun in Taurus, Moon in Tula and Sun in Scorpio etc)

a. Every planet which is behind some planet always tries to correct, show anomaly or gaps in planning etc to the planet next to it. That is a typical aspect of any “wyay” or 12th house planet. So when the Moon is behind the Sun it tries to show gaps in the thinking that the person has due to his/her EGO. But the mighty Sun is too powerful to accept these advices. So you have someone who knows these gaps but still wants to go ahead due to force in their personality. But many times, consciously or subconsciously, they do accept the gaps their mind has to show. It is just that while executing something they cannot stop despite knowing it could result in some issues. The 12th house Sun to Moon rather would force the person to take a step back and evaluate - -have a sound strategy first.

b. The Sun 2nd to the Moon the person is more comfortable in execution – this mostly true for the Sun 1 to 6 positions to moon anyways! 2nd house Sun shows execution in investments, share market or PLAIN INVESTMENT in many aspects of life including family and family members.

c. Rather, it could show the destiny and attitude of the soul wanting to payback/help the family by some losses to him/her of time/energy and money (“material” traded for quality as Gary Kasparov would call it.)

d. Despite say Vrishchik rashi and Dhanu Ravi – The Dhanu Ravi would tend to mask the Vrishchik moon – the urge to speak the truth will override the sneaky/khufia approach of the Vrishchik moon.

(3) Sun 3rd to Moon – 3 -11 Relationship (LABH yog) (i.e. Moon in Aries & Sun in Gemini; Moon in Leo and Sun in Libra etc; Moon in Kanya, Sun in Scorpio)

a. The 3rd house planets to moon are far more visible and vibrant in a person’s disposition! They rule the person’s expression completely. Shani shows careful articulation, slow but steady speech with facts and figures etc whereas SUN in the 3rd house from Moon shows a VERY vibrant and FORCEFUL personality. There is a certain force in the way they express themselves.

b. There is more than normal conviction in their speech and there is sort of a tendency to underscore every statement!

c. There is some desire to express and speak in front of an audience. There is some aggressive or inspirational side to their expression /speech.

d. In this configuration (1 -3) the person is seen as his own friend as the mind of the person is very friendly towards his ego and outward behavior. There is some harmony in the person’s mind / emotions and his ego. The elements of the Moon and the Sun sign are friends in such configuration i.e. Air and Fire, Earth and Water or vice versa – and hence the harmony and supportive nature of mind and ego towards each other.

e. The downside is that these people are tactical with attempt to meet some quick goals and objectives. The strategy is something which comes after deliberate efforts as desire to ACT is much more than to plan. The upper phalanx of the thumb tends to be bigger --which shows force and execution abilities (the middle phalanx shows logic and planning)

f. 1-3 folks always get along with 1-5 folks and 1–7 folks vey easily. They find 5 – 9 complimenting. 4 -10 folks make fun of 3 – 11 folks though. i.e. Sun in 10th house makes fun of Sun in 3rd house to Moo BUT the Sun in 4th house – is usually poked by Sun in 3rd house folks.

g. The Sun 11th to moon has a calm and ego being friend of the mind and has quietness – absent minded genius and harmony to it. 3rd house Sun is aggressive and expressive which 11th house is not as much – rather 11th house Sun is a GREAT friend of the Moon sign and has a great appreciation for his own mind! J

(4) Sun 4th to Moon (4 – 10 relationship – Kendra Yoga)

a. There is some “tension” between the emotions/mind and ego. There is some opposition/friction by ego to mind/feelings. The ego many times drives away the sentiments or feelings. This friction can create some anger from time to time which is not great for overall health.

b. This creates a lot of energy and lot of work due to this ‘tension’ in line with “Maximum work is done when there is a maximum opposition” but the lack of harmony is clearly visible to the people surrounding them. Say Kanya rashi and Dhanu Ravi – Kanya (Earth sign) is all “adjustments, mandwali, and practical” – Dhanu is idealistic, aggressive, Truthful etc. Leo and Scorpio – Leo is inspirational, extrovert & expressive, Scorpio wants to hide information, use it as power and is overall spiteful etc.

c. These people can disturb the harmony and peace in the surroundings and often can be seen as quarrelsome. It is their destiny to be part of initiatives that need FORCE and FRICTION to get things done.

d. The Sun tries to mask the moon characteristics and vice versa. – The power of their rashi swami decides which one masks other more.

e. The Sun 4th to Moon creates more karmath /conservative behavior. The 4th house is native place/Motherland. These folks show extra ordinary pride of their native / motherland.

f. These people do well in their motherland as they can behave the way they want around their native place and not at distant places. Going abroad is being out of comfort zone for them and could stop their growth if they do not adjust in time.

g. The motherland brings them success (Well if both moon and Sun are in visible hemisphere say – 9 and 12 houses – it is an exception. – These people rather are the best cases for immigration!)

(5) Sun 5th to Moon – Harmony – Tactical Success, very Strong in tactics, Forecasting, Hands-On (Lack of foresight at times or lack of a strategy or a big picture) Mesh rashi Sinvha Ravi – Vrushani rashi Kanya Ravi – Kirk rashi and Scorpio Ravi etc

a. The element of both the Moon and the Sun is the same so obviously there is a great harmony. If Nakshatra swami is also same then there is a much greater harmony.

b. This is a Nava-Pancham yoga or “5 – 9” relationship which is the most harmonious, synchronized relationship - -When Guru is part of it then nothing like it as Guru has 5, 9 drishti which only increases the results! The 5th house is of inspiration, music, art, forecasting, Sports – Go-Getter-ness etc. This is found in abundance in this configuration and also with Sun in the 5th house of lagna also.

c. Shammi Kapoor – 5th house Ravi, Leonardo Da Vinci 5th house Ravi, KL Saigal and countless actors directors, musicians etc.

d. These people want RECOGNITION of their abilities and the reason why they acquire any ability in the 1st place is to be recognized! J Man Samman from authorities and Govt are very likely.

e. The harmony or the Moon and the Sun can be seen very easily in such people. The mind supports outward expression, rather the mind/emotions/feelings are HAPPY that the Ego is expressing the abilities and those feelings and bring them the recognition they desire!

f. There is a ORIGINALITY with this 5th house Sun and ability to complete Projects – i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12 months projects are liked more than year on year small gains or service sector.

g. Strategy is something not that easy and almost resistant to vision etc! J – Upper phalanx bigger and dominating! Sadesati 1st phase very helpless as both moon 12th Shani and Surya 8th Shani! J J

h. The joy of the journey sometimes can sway them from the ultimate task in hand. Rather they might not have an ultimate task in hand in the 1st place! J

i. They need to set-up weekly and monthly goals if they are forced in to service sector else they can have a very slow progress which would force them to seek an alternate career which has quick/frequent stimulus & turnover.

j. The 5th house Sun can come up with quick tunes (advertisements), punchy lines etc whereas the 9th house Sun would tend to write elaborate and big picture text.

(6) Sun in the 6th house (6 – 8 relationship) Mesh rashi Kanya Ravi, Scorpio Moon, Mesh Ravi, Vrishabh Moon and Tula Ravi etc

a. HARD Working folks. This is very favorable as Sun in 6th house shows competitive nature, a hardworking person always aware of others he needs to out-perform.

b. Workaholic person – best fit for Kaizen and service oriented projects – Service sector presence.

c. Good for warriors and people who need to maneuver platoons.

d. Creates enemies by their performance and desire to show better results than others.

e. This is not harmonious but like Kendra yoga (4 -10) the elements are not outright opposite like Fire and Water. But they are not complete friends either as say Kumbh Air and Kirk Water or Mesh Fire and Virgo Earth – Anonymous!

f. Indian granthas rate 6 much better than 5 – but this is very subjective – Just imagine Leonardo Da Vinci trying to earn more than his neighbor! J 5th house Ravi is about go-getter – FP projects but 6th house Ravi is like continuous improvement, 6 Sigma or Kaizen etc etc. Projects versus Service! Without projects/products there would not be a need for service and without 5th house Ravi’s creation there would not be anything for 6th house Ravi to improve or service.

g. This shows a bit of a disharmony (different type of personality) with mom and dad but a successful family life nonetheless.

(7) Sun 7th to Moon – Poornima (180 degree apart)

a. This shows Mom and Dad compliment each other and have a personality that do not overshadow other, rather understand each other’s importance completely and take a stance which is often complimenting.

b. The mind of the person and ego complement each other. These people are self assured and self-sufficient with respect to temperament. The elements are always complimenting and the gaps in 1 sign are provided by the strong points of the other sign. What 1 lacks – other provides it.

c. This is a good configuration for psychologists assuming Rahu and Ketu are not accompanying the Moon & the Sun! J

d. Mesh aggression and lack of relaxation, engineering attitude is complimented by Tula easy manners and easy going approach. Vrishchik’s calm surface but turbulent internals & spiteful nature is complimented by Taurus’s actual stability and sense of ridicule – However Taurus’s status quo is challenged by Scorpio’s wit. Makar’s practical/material side is complimented by Cancer’s emotional side and so on.

(8) Sun in the 8th house to Moon ( 6 – 8 relationship like 6th house Sun but this is not very favorable)

a. Folks at odds with authorities/law from time to time by their natural disposition and approach.

b. At odds with father from time to time and very different person that their father is.

c. Spine, heart could and power of eyes be an issue later in the life. Attitude to secrecy could very well be there.

d. This 8th Sun can trouble person with the Sun + Moon combo and is at loss with 3rd house Sun to moon/lagna (can’t handle easily). The 8th house Sun is good friends with 6th house Sun (the attitudes are synchronous or sympathetic).

e. Yoga and other esoteric things could come naturally or with lesser efforts than others.

f. Extra efforts should be put to obey laws and rules. DO not expect support from Govt / police much.

g. There could be some inheritance related issues in the paternal family.

(9) Sun 9th to Moon: Mesh/Dhanu, Vrishabh/Makar, Mithun/Kumbh etc: diplomats, Strategy

a. Same element shows harmony of mind/emotions and ego.

b. They like and appreciate and understand BIG picture and how small actions fit into a big thing or great cause. The joy of the journey does not sway them from the ultimate task in hand. Rather they have an ultimate task in hand in the 1st place! J

c. Great configuration for the diplomats/ambassadors. People with good strategic side.

d. They are not comfortable with tactical requirements of their job though. They do not do very well early in the career as tactical side/execution ability is more important in this phase. They do much better when strategy etc is needed. 5th house Sun folks will stay around longer in a job which has some kicks and daily fun and not much longer future but 9th house will sense longer issues much earlier and quit when it is not seen in the current job.

e. These people at times are not well versed with the org behavior which can derail their plans and need this aspect for success.

f. They are better doing some MBA etc which allows them to do what they like instead of working on tactical matters with bottom-up growth.

g. These folks lack the rough edges of the other Sun positions and especially 6, 8, 12 house Sun positions. This helps them grow step by step in the job. This is not the best combination to start own business as it needs ability to generate/create lot of friction/energy & momentum.

h. Bigger (and hence slower) planet in the 9th house is about strategy and in 5th house it means tactical success /implementation! The bigger/smaller moving planet is better placed in 9th house than say smaller/faster moving planet – this results in to more vibrant personality with an eye on the final state!

i. Slower planet in 5th house and faster in 9th is not the best thing but ANY planet in 9th house is never bad – they just show more desire for strategy/planning in a particular field.

(10) Sun 10th to Moon: Great potential, creating momentum, Forming/Building teams

a. These folks have ever increasing potential and ability to produce things, run businesses, production houses. This is next step after 9th Ravi which plans something – the 10th house Ravi tries to put it in production.

b. These folks are at odds with the dominant 5th house people – 10th house tries to constantly increase quality of metal say to withstand higher temperatures but 5th house Sun folks try to use it quickly somewhere (“Applied” nature is high in the 5th house Surya).

c. The 10th house might look at holistic approach at the job but 5th house is worried about quick success of some specific initiative of the workplace!

d. The 10th house is of potential and ability of a person do something – the 5th house is about actual achievement / execution – go-getter approach

e. Owner of 10 in 5th & vive versa could show affinity / connection to the education sector. (5th house is also Vidya or Buddhi sthan, 10th house is Karma sthan)

f. The 10th has some circle of people with some different abilities; the 5th does not care much about that. The 9th would now better about these people but would not bother to keep them close for self interests.

g. The 10th Surya is great for kings and center of the respective universe as they provide a good environment for success and production for others to express (3rd house), achieve, complete projects (5th), continuous improvement/Service (6th house) etc.

h. The people that want to always do projects and achieve something are not the best friends of the 10th house folks – which is easy to see why. The 3rd house folks are used by 10th house but 5th are their need but headache also! J

(11) Sun in 11th house (GAINS – Harmony of Highest order, Absent minded genius etc)

a. The Sun in 11th house to Moon – You would see the person at VERY EASE with himself. He (his ego/esteem) etc likes his mind and is completely in synch with the mind. Rather he supports/appreciates his mind like a elder brother or an older friend.

b. The Sun element is always very conductive to the moon element in such case. THAN Moon element being conductive to Sun’s element in the 3rd house configuration.

c. 11th Sun is much more strategic than the 3rd house Sun – rather 3rd house does not have much to do with strategy but winning quick arguments/presentations only. The 11th house is about how much everything fits into big picture and also the last stage of getting all the benefits of the understanding of this big picture.

d. The most harmonious and supportive Sun is what 11th house Sun shows. They do not like friction much though and would not confront the friction but avoid it as it is not their cup of tea to tame this conflict – they tend to ignore and bypass it. The 3rd Sun will not bypass anything that comes across or even 5th house.

e. The 5th house Sun compliments the 11th house Sun folks by having enough guts to take on advserse situations. When 5th house Sun starts enjoying the fighting or thr struggle itself then 9, 11, 12 house Sun would remind it of the bigger picture!

(12) Sun in the 12th house to Moon

a. The planning, vision folks.

b. Self correcting nature: “What if we do like this – but you know what we will need to think about this too – and also we will need to take that along with us and never forget some xyz along the way – always handy”

c. The 12th house planets are in “wyay” of the next house Moon – They always make the person to “think again” and correct the complete planning before they start to act. Rather 12th house Sun would not hesitate to stop completely and correct the planning completely.

d. These folks are good for Commissioner etc jobs and not to chase the criminals! J Planning commission, writing constitution etc involves lot of time spent on planning. The more you spend in planning less you waste later on. The more TIME you spend – less money you spend later and vice versa. One thing IS sure.. You HAVE to spend time, energy OR money from time to time – Spent either on money on a white paper OR spend TIME to write it yourself or spend dearly in some losses later on! 1st two are good ones depending on your ability in that field you can chose accordingly.

e. Ravi Shastri has 12th house Sun to lagna and 6th to Moon I think. He was always known to have a very calculative mind with much better planning and PLAN than say K Shrikanth who always believed in banging every ball! J Must have 3rd or 5th house Mangal! J

f. Again this configuration shows that at the time of birth mom was not doing as good as father maybe? As Sun is 12th to Moon. It does show different types of parent’s personalities.

g. 12th house Sun and 6th are complimenting ones. The 7th house Sun troubles the 12th house Sun and 12th house Sun makes some fun of the 5th house tactical people – by poking them how they are too tactical and do not understand the big picture as well as they do!

h. PLANNING is THE dominant phase for 12th house Sun folks and execution is the worst! J


  1. So true about me.... I am Amavasya born (Sun and Moon in Kanya) and apart from other factoids you state here, I cannot laugh at Dumb and Dumber - I just find it dumb!!! In fact why did other people laugh?
    - dumb :-)

  2. Milind,

    Nice artcile. But you have yet to say anything about my combination of Sun-Moon. I have Sun in Moon's house and Moon in Sun's house (Moon in Simha and Sun in Karka). Would that make it something strange - like Mom and dad in each other's house?
    - Shilpa

  3. Welcome back, Gandalf the White!
    Only on this blog I have found such innovative approaches to the ancient art. Indeed making valuable contributions to the divination science. May be you should seriously think of writing a book of your own soon.
    Eagerly waiting for 8 - 6. I'm sure it would be something stormy or an inharmonious relation at least.
    On the above parivartan yoga, indication of fatherly mom and motherly father? Kindly excuse my follies, but js saying what I thought of the situation. Both would be very strong though and leave an independant impression on the person though.4-5 or 9-10 would be even more awesome I believe, provided lagna supports.
    Kindly correct any gaps in understanding. Or a separate article on mutual exchange will be wonderful.

  4. @ Sandy/Anonymous/Shilpa on parivartana yoga, have exactly the same combination as anonymous. From self observation can say perhaps this a 'blow hot - blow cold' personality - intensely emotional/egoistic and intensely statesman/dispassionate like. But Sade sati can be bloody humbling simply because first 2.5 years Shani over Surya combined with lack of 'stable mind' - big reality lesson. very useful, though to strengthen self resolve , pay karmic dues and come back.

  5. hi milind

    i dnt knw abt my moon and sun positions..can u tel me plz..
    Dob 15 08 1988 at 8.30 am..vishakhapatnam...


  6. @Pavan: You have the same parivartan as the above 2. In houses 11-12. Moon conjunct Ketu in 12. Sun in second last degree of Ashlesha. Saturn in 3rd degree of Moola. Ascendant lord in 12th. Strong karmic links.
    Milind, please review above.

  7. Hi Milind,

    nice article once again...
    can u analyze my horoscope..i m a vruschik raas going through a tough time..i m mailing you my details once again..kindly help

  8. Speaking of parivartan yogas, I have a mars - Saturn exchange myself, tht too in houses 8 - 10. With deeply exalted mars, vargottam Saturn. Friends sometimes call me a monster js out of fun n exaggeration.

  9. Hi Milind Sir,

    Very nice article!.Eagerly waiting for the rest of the analysis.

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    Could you please write something on Ashtama Shani and Shani Mahadash a(19yr ) period, its effect and details.


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  14. Yes, Sun in the 6th house (6 – 8 relationship),
    Gemini and Scorpion. My character matches with your description completely. BULL'S EYE......
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  17. Fantastic stuff this, Milind! Great to have you back.
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  21. Milind,
    Once again an awesome post. Fits my family to a T,
    also totally a new thing which i havent read anywhere else. Its for these analyses which i keep returning to your blog

  22. Hi Milind,

    Great to read the remainder of the Moon-Sun relationship, it comes out I have a 11th Sun from my Moon as yes indeed my parents have a very harmonious relationship and rightly said, the Sun element is more conductive to the Moon element. I read, someone suggested you to write a book, I m sure you will bring out a classic like B V Raman one day, my best wishes are with you.

    Another thing, I have noticed that Shani dev has a very beneficial relationship with me, or maybe he has made me learn his lessons very well. I m sure in many kundalies he gives a very good result to the jatak. Is there a Sun-Moon relationship effect on how Saturn effects come out for a person. I was profoundly influenced by the Shani dev TV series and it brought many changes in my life. I think people who are having some trouble in Sade sati, should go and watch few episodes say episode 1-10 from that series and it will definitely change their attitude towards the time, I used to respect him out of fear before, which later changed more to love than fear. He's the strongest of them all and will you agree Milind, to have Shani's kripa in your horoscope is a blessing of fate.

    As I have wrote a few too many lines in Shani dev's praise, I will end it with,

    Jai Shani Dev,

    Keep it going good Milind(you definitely have his grace as you are light for the masses of people)


  23. Lots of grammatical errors(when I read back) though never mind.

  24. I have sun moon combination in my 7th house which is taurus. What does this mean?

  25. Bingo,
    I have 8th sun to moon, and yes, I'm always at odds with bosses and dad. In fact, my dad is a bossy types, n I hate that!
    Little correction:
    In 9th sun description, point e, second line:
    Bigger/SLOWER moving planets........
    Kindly excuse my 6th house Virgo ketu.

  26. Subhashish:

    Thanks for the observation.

    Tried to correct grammatical mistakes for 70% of the article. Two main reasons: Lesser time to put thoughts on paper and also ignorance due to lack of time ! :( Thanks for winword at least spelling mistakes are taken care in the articles if not comments! :)


  27. Milind, Absolutely great! Very informative on drill down menu on analysis.Couldnt agree more with my own 5th Sun.Gajanan

  28. Hi Milind,

    Sorry, I wrote it for my comment part(which I submitted just before that one), gustakhi maaf, if you took it otherwise, I never find any in yours.

    Keep writing great articles like these, and enlighten us with light of knowledge.

    Best wishes,


  29. Hi Milind Ji
    This article has confused me a bit as I am purnima born (sun 7th to moon)but the relationship in Mom n Dad was not as predicted at all.....i m wondering may be my horoscope is not correct or there must be other factors influencing otherwise..... AND my son is Amavasya born (sun and moon in same house).....which has put me in a mammoth worry now.....please help!

  30. Hello milind,

    as always your article is a great read. but a question...actually two.
    in my case. i have my moon (makar)-sun (leo) in 8th house. i followed your article and it is true.
    but, my sister has Moon and Sun (and jupiter also)in (leo) in her 11th house. moon-sun same house.

    1. now, what does the above difference in the signs b/w siblings imply? shouldn't the same effect of parents be applicable on the siblings?
    for e.g. for me, i can't relate w/ seniors or different from dad. and for the sister it looks like either mom or dad is shadowing the other. then, why does not the same effect (as my sister) reflect in mine? we have the same parents. :)

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