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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Rashibhavishya (Saptahik) 12Sept2011 to 18Sept2011

Weekly Rashibhavishya 12 Sept 2011 to 18 Sept 2011 (Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Planetary Movements in the week

MOON (Chandra): Kumbh 17:43 degrees to Vrishabh 11:10

BUDH (Mercury): Singh 10:06 to 22:47 à VERY FAST (Communication/TelCo stocks?) J

RAVI (Sun): Singh 24:39 to Kanya 1:29

SHUKRA (Venus): Kanya 1:50 to 10:32

MANGAL (Mars): Kirk 1:28 to 5:47

GURU (Jupiter): Retrograde Mesh 16:04 to 15:42

SHANI (Saturn): Kanya 22:20 to 23:09 (Very good speed and very fast now until Nov2011 to Tula)

RAHU (North Node): Always Retrograde Vrishchik 25:01 to 23:57

KETU (South Node): Always Retrograde Vrishabh 25:01 to 23:57

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Chandra / Guru yuti in this week good for all etc. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

The Guru, Shani, Rahu description below is not just for the week but complete stay in their current sign.


1. Moon in Kumbh helps for a day only and then 2+ days it makes you spend time, money and energy on the things you are working on (planning!). Further next 2 days continue to be execution and only when it enters Vrishabh you will see gains. That means this week from Tuesday is about hard work and karma and not expecting quick results. Monday however is wonderful!

2. Guru continues to enhance image but only execution mode and not many gains (look at Lalit Modi!) Slow increase in physical and social weight on cards.

3. Shani continues to TEST at workplace with difficult assignments and “out of comfort zone” but increasing mass-base /”reporting-to” folks at workplace à increasing cash but keeps you on your toes if you are in service. If business – new people joining in to cause trouble/delays etc.

4. Mangal troubles on domestic front – keep cool.

5. Sun moving to Kanya will help to achieve over competitors but only starting at the end of the week. 5th Sun good for gambling, day trading until the end of the week though.

6. Budh in 5th very similar to Sun above

7. Shukra conveys caution with any relationships – be careful of any unwanted contacts. (They WILL be unwanted or unwarranted) J

8. Rahu – Deal health and inheritance issues with elders from paternal family.

9. Ketu – Some gains etc from and within the Maternal family and specially elders


1. Moon helps greatly for first 3 days which makes the week good (Anukulata) – Execution of some plans from the last week. Thursday Friday would be of some expenditure, rework and postmortem with seniors/mentors but good advice from mentors likely. SPEND time and energy so that it does not result in loss of image or good will. It is either health/hard-work or image/name that would get affected – your choice!

2. Guru continues in 12th house which mandates planning/strategy and going on with what you have achieved until May2011 without worrying too much about future. PLAN – read, certification, study etc etc. Be on guard as you are now in unfamiliar territory with multiple variables have changed in your environment. What worked before will not work now as is – Show flexibility and studious approach.

3. Shani in 5th house needs perseverance in your tactics/executions despite delays/no visible results. Success is just around the corner!

4. Sun stays in Leo most week – Some tussle with seniors within the organization. Sun enters Kanya next Sunday– it will start helping – it is better than 4th Sun for sure. At least you will be fighting with seniors in other organization than in your own organization! J Some of your seniors could lose out a battle.

5. Budh in Singh – 4th house some rest offered by it

6. Shukra in 5th house is good for romanticism and for answers from other party(!) if they are awaited. J

7. Rahu – 7th Rahu is building partnerships with paternal family folks.

8. Ketu – 1st house Ketu is good for spiritual pursuits and maternal family folks’ visits

9. Mangal in 3rd house will make you combative, express more freely and confidently. Some racing or travel is quite possible. Good for sports related activities.


1. Moon helps for first 5 days except the next Sunday (expenditure). The moon starting from Kumbh gives new quick initiatives, 10th moon in Meen increases power at workplace and Mesh Moon 11th gives labh / gains – fruitful contacts with seniors. Sunday/ next Monday shows expense.

2. 11th Guru – Great year until May2012 – Crescendo of past 2 years of efforts. Guru only adds to the positives denoted above of the moon movement.

3. Shani in 4th house shows trouble at home pitch – which means house and also your unit and your colleagues etc. Infighting among subordinates is quite possible due to 4th Shani until Nov2011.

4. Sun 3rd in Leo great for presentations, debates, quick travel with seniors etc Sun moving to Kanya add to the issues of Shani 4th. Now your seniors would also enter the confrontations! (Watchout Sonia Gandhi!) J

5. Budh in Singh in 3rd house good for writing, presentations, debate etc.

6. Shukra in 4th good to maintain some decency at workplace and house with Shani there! Spending money for home décor is possible.

7. Rahu – 6th Rahu working with people with different cultural background (caste, religion, language etc) – Victory over competitors due to alliances with people from different background.

8. Ketu – 12th house Ketu – donations to ashrams and money/time/energy spent on maternal family elders or overall family.

9. Mangal entering 2nd house will bring some quick gains in investments and increasing cash flow for business folks. Best change for bankers. Friends would give you money which they owe.


1. Moon in Kumbh troublesome / hard work/peeda on Monday. From Tuesday fantastic 7 days ahead with 9, 10, 11 movement of Moon!

2. 10th Guru: Satva Pariskha at workplace, heat – stress, tension but happening – Reporting to someone of equal ability. Meeting Seniors/their seniors -- when Moon In Mesh i.e. Thursday and Friday (IST)

3. Shani in 3th house good for guerrilla warfare, rallying masses/support for initiatives, playing games with folks around (setting – Fielding!) J Usage of Power! Great for politicians.

4. Sun in Leo good for some bucks from share market. Sun moving to Kanya at the end of the week would add to power but with Shani so confrontations with seniors to be handled with tact and diplomacy.

5. Budh in Singh – 2nd house good for share market quick gains day trading etc.

6. Shukra in Kanya good for some travel.

7. Rahu – 5th house Rahu – completion of some project with paternal family.

8. Ketu – 11th house Rahu – Some unexpected help / gain from maternal family.

9. Mangal in rashi is not bad at all as it was in wyay sthan before! J Now your accident possibilities reduce dramatically and you will get energy and momentum to execute many things with full force!!

SINGH / Sinvha

1. Moon in Kumbh good for partnerships on Monday. Next 2 days hectic and peeda, delays, rework etc. Thursday afternoon (Moon in Mesh) onwards great support and faster results/speed with work. Thursday Friday is a great time for some bhagya-karak ghatana – meeting with some elderly and sage like person.

2. 9th Guru: Part of Strategic initiative to last for 3 years from May2011. Wakri – So slower results.

3. Shani in 2nd house – weakness in previous investments could be brought to fore. Slowly Increasing cash flow from Sept2009 to continue.

4. Sun in rashi is good one – health etc. Good for execution of some plans.

5. Budh in Singh – same as the Sun.

6. Shukra in Kanya good for some quick bucks again

7. Rahu – 4th house Rahu – Soukhya – from paternal family – Paternal family spending on vehicles, home décor etc, Home rebuild etc

8. Ketu – 10th house Ketu --- workplace could be near a spiritual place! J Kidding! Actually shows Maternal family folks doing good in career etc.

9. Mangal going 12th is not the best – drive slow / carefully. Helmet a must. Siblings need to be careful. Left eye and ankles could give some trouble.


1. Moon in Kumbh is mostly good for social causes/party etc on Sunday(today) and Monday. Tue/Wednesday good for partnerships/alliances. Thursday afternoon onwards 2 days are tough, peeda etc. Delays, rework, revisit, panchanama etc etc. HARD WORK would ensure that you do not lose your image and prestige but maybe some effect on your health for sure after Thursday afternoon. SPEND time and energy so that it does not result in loss of image or good will. It is either health/hard-work or image/name that would get affected – your choice!

2. 8th Guru – Peeda, You are part of initiatives that do not go too far!

3. Shani in rashi – Mental stress etc to be reduced after Nov2011. Take care of Mom.

4. Sun in 12th house until end of the week – CHECK what SENIORS wants on PRIORITY. Time to get hit by seniors, Govt or even Traffic cops! J Park, drive well /correctly etc.

5. Budh in Singh – same as above. Possibility of bad mouth in upper circles or thru emails etc

6. Shukra in Kanya – Some feel good in this tough environment

7. Rahu – 3rd house – Good support from Paternal side family, expression, white paper publishing

8. Ketu – 9th house – Visits to spiritual places, maternal family getting natural support from good souls.

9. 11th Mangal helps with money now for next 1.5 months. This is a welcome change from Mithun rashi – as it was in Shani drushti so far causing workplace fireworks with seniors and management. Friends would now give you money which they owe. Land deals would be good.


1. Moon in Kumbh on Monday good for studies, time spent with kids and some good news on their front. Go-Getter sort of a day. Tuesday Wednesday most likely partying around, dinner/lunches etc which feel good but upset the stomach! J Thursday afternoon onwards two days good for partnerships, spending time with partner etc. From Sunday 2+ days would be of peeda / hard-work etc.

2. 7th Guru – Expansion! The dream come true sort of thing that started in 5th Guru until May2010 to expand in 7th Guru now. Chandra Guru in 7th house on Thursday afternoon onwards would make you meet some good partner.

3. Shani in 12th house – Sadesati! A bit of Ninda / Badmouth effect. Spend TIME, EMERGY and Money to acquire new skills, build new blue print of new product, design new stuff for next 30 years of life. PLANNING stage, Certification, learnings etc etc

4. Sun in 11th house – Support from seniors until Saturday. Later on from Sunday 1 month need to take special care of seniors and what they need etc. Avoid braking law even iindirectly.

5. Budh on Singh – Good money cash flow

6. Shukra in 12th house with Shani – beware of any naughty stuff – Badmouth yoga if seen with some folks! J

7. Rahu in 2nd house – Paternal side folks could give you some part of investments, wealth etc (18 months and not just this week)

8. Ketu in 8th house: Peeda etc for maternal side elder folks, you will need to support/help them. Hereditary (health) and also wealth-inheritance issues on maternal side family.

9. Mangal in 10th house now shows energy at workplace – some debates and fights but in a good way.


1. Moon in Kumbh on Monday good for coming home, meeting mom, meeting with hometown friends! Tuesday Wednesday will be good achievement, spending time with kids, good news from kids – Revati Nakshatra on Wednesday could cause schedule slippage/delays from 10 am Sept14 for 26 hours. Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening great for some party, attending some social event! From Sunday good time to build partnerships.

2. 6th Guru – Enemies/Competitors/Colleagues getting the success you got from May2010 to May2011. Competitors would get the image enhancements and success. You need to stick to what you have and invest time, money and energy in what you have and SERVICE it. Deal with long ignored HEALTH issues and SPEND money on health issues. J Fun – isn’t it?! J

3. Shani 11th house – MONEY – increasing mass base from Sept 2009 (Check Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi, Nitin Gadkari) to continue until Nov2011. Right time right you are! Dec2011 onwards say hello to Sadesati! J

4. Sun in the 10th house – Support from seniors/increasing power until Saturday. Pro-Environment at workplace. Later on from Sunday 1 month increasing cash flow – meeting with some seniors, meeting older friends etc. Great for Govt deals from next Sunday for 1 month! Overall from July 15 you are under 9, 10, 11 Transit of Surya which is great for you.

5. Budh on Singh – Good tactics at workplace

6. Shukra in 11th house with Shani – beware of any naughty stuff or contacts (mostly inter-caste possibilities)

7. Rahu in Rashi – Image makeover – Contacts with paternal family folks

8. Ketu in 7th house: partnerships with maternal side elderly folks

9. Mangal finally out of Gemini reducing accident possibilities! 9 10 11 Mangal in next 5/6 months is a GREAT news for you – reduces a lot of stress of 6th Guru for sure.


1. Moon in Kumbh on Monday shows travel / expression. Tuesday Wednesday good for coming home, meeting mom, meeting with hometown friends! Thursday afternoon onwards will be good achievement, spending time with kids, good news from kids. From Saturday night onwards great for some party, attending some social event!

2. 5th Guru – DREAM come true until May2012 – Tactical success of what you are working for 2/3 years! You will FEEL GOOD about yourself and you would think that you have achieved success.

3. Shani 10th house – Power at workplace, increasing mass base, increasing potential BUT STRESS – Pressure cooker situation which would FORCE you to grow, increase your ability. Tussle with seniors/authorities within your organization and also outside or even Govt. But a HAPPENING period from Sept 2009 for sure. Seniors could feel a bit threatened or so.

4. Sun in the 9th house – Support from seniors/increasing power has started from Aug 15 for 3 months. Pro-Environment at workplace. Later on from Sunday 1 month increasing power at workplace and support from seniors BUT with Shani so some senior could be a victim of your actions! J

5. Budh on Singh – Some quick short travels possible

6. Shukra in 10th house with Shani – Female boss could give some trouble/stress.

7. Rahu in 12th house – badmouth yog, expense within paternal family.

8. Ketu in 6th house: health specific issues (stomach).

9. Mangal entering 8th house indicates caution with driving, helmet a must etc. Also shows that your siblings need to be careful too.


1. Moon in Kumbh on Monday shows cash/investment income. Tuesday Wednesday good for coming travel / short trip. Thursday afternoon onwards will be good for coming home, meeting with mom, spending time at home etc. From Saturday night onwards to Monday afternoon or so good for achievement, spending time with kids, good news from kids.

2. 4th Guru – STAGNANCY! Satva-Pariksha at workplace. Things would be very slow. Good time to enjoy TV, Furniture, house, interior etc J J BEST time for any certifications and tremendous HARD-Work as all the effort done now will be fully paid from May2012 to May2013 in 5th Guru!!

3. Shani 9th house – START of some new things from Sept 2009 which changed your job profile, 1 promotion, 1 step up responsibilities at workplace which also increases or STARTS your mass base increase. Getting some “reporting-to” people who would stay/grow with you for next 5/7 years.

4. Sun in the 8th house – Peeda from seniors – CHECK what they want – Do not lag behind. Obey laws everywhere. Tact and diplomacy needed when dealing with seniors.

5. Budh on Singh – Some quick short travels possible

6. Shukra in 9th house with Shani – Very good as Shukra raajyog-karak and Shani rashi swami for Makar.

7. Rahu in 11th house – GAINS from paternal family, Feel good in paternal family

8. Ketu in 5th house – Tactical success/achievements to maternal family in whatever they are doing – Fun times

9. Mangal entering 7th house indicates caution with relationships, partnerships.


1. Moon in Kumbh own rashi on Monday shows energy/utsaah. Tuesday and Wednesday shows cash/investment income. Thursday afternoon onwards good for travel / short trip. Saturday night onwards will be good for coming home, meeting with mom, spending time at home etc.

2. 3th Guru – Half-Bhagyoday – Some new things would start from May2011 to May2012. This coud cause going to a 6 to 8 hours away place for work for a year or so Or frequent travels in this period are likely. But welcome change in career after 12, 1, 2 movements of Guru.

3. Shani 8th house – PEEDA, Going away from your mass-base, inheritance/land issues, health issues. Great time to regain health issues, complete certifications – capacity building etc. Part of initiatives that go nowhere regardless of how good you are doing BUT your good work will always be noticed and NEW POSITION and NEW initiative etc would be given to you after Nov2011 in 2.5 years until March 2014 or so. LAGE RAHI MUNNA BHAI!!

4. Sun in the 7th house – Partnerships with seniors.

5. Budh on Singh – Same as above

6. Shukra in 8th house with Shani – nothing major!

7. Rahu in 10th house – Some great unexplained success in some initiative or a project which even would surprise you. People would think that you have some mystical ability or so.

8. Ketu in 4th house – okie dokie…

9. Mangal entering 6th house success over competition, cash and overall achievement/success etc in service sector for 1.5 months. Some blood related issues to watch out. Siblings could catch sardi. J


1. Moon in Kumbh on Monday shows expenditure, badmouth etc. Tuesday and Wednesday shows energy and execution of some plan. Thursday afternoon onwards shows some cash/investment income for sure. Meeting someone elderly/Guru/Mentor like person within your family. Saturday night onwards very good for travel / short trip.

2. 2th Guru – DHAN Labh – Surprise increase in income and also FAMILY until May2012. Much better than past 2 years of Guru being 12th and in Rashi until May2011.

3. Shani 7th house – Reducing social circle and “reporting-to” people. Reducing initiatives. Employee trouble/accusations, blame games etc by workers. Keep a close watch on health of your Mom (ankle, water related issues)

4. Sun in the 6th house – Success over competition – money increase, senior support etc J

5. Budh on Singh – Same as above – Be careful when you sign some papers and also be careful of the language you use – could create enemies.

6. Shukra in 7th house with Shani – Different caste or even some “older” than you person’s approach possible – be careful about the quality of the person (& not the caste!) J

7. Rahu in 9th house – Travel – teerth yatra for paternal family folks. Support from paternal family

8. Ketu in 3th house – Similar to above for maternal family but more in practical matter (material stuff)

9. Mangal entering 5th house success in sports – kids could bang their cycles or feet on some stone! J You will have some playful mood.


  1. @Milinda- Friday and Saturday (9th and 10th) turned out to be horrible health-wise and emotionally for me. :( Will be on my toes this week as well now I guess!

  2. Hi Milind, Can't for things to improve for Mesh rashi! Wish there was a magic wand or something to switch over to a better sign:) I guess its the most unluckiest moon sign ever! Why do we guys have to go through so much pain all our lives? Nothing comes easily, no matter how hard/smart we try and it never stays there for a decent amount of time. Gosh!

  3. hey milind
    was just wondering that i hv harshal and pluto in 5th house in kanya. budh in lagna & exalted in navmansa. i get sudden bursts of writing stories or sudden depressions. moon is in 12th house in aries do you hv any idea how to control the depression part.

  4. hello milindji,

    Nice to know that you had started weekly forcast...good keep going, it really help a lot to people like us.

    Still waiting for my email replay

  5. thanks, Milindji
    Nice to be in the first six of these Rashis, dont have to wait for the next report. even if that means running sade sathi and Guru causing Peeda

  6. Hi Milind Sir,

    Thank you for posting the weekly forecast and most importantly,you had posted an article on AUG 16 on mama mousi and it is 100% true.One of my mamas had a serious accident on 17th Aug.Your predictions are very accurate.

    Thank You


  7. Hi Milind,

    I follow your blogs regularly and in one of the blog you even mentioned that some astrologers call the Makar rashi folks unfortunate which you don't agree with. However, I have seen you write very less for Makar rashi folks as compared with Aries, Virgo etc. I don't know why.

    I'm Makar rashi and nothing is going as per the general guidelines given by you. Lots of frustration is building up since last 3-4 years.

    Can you please write something on Makar rashi although Shani is 9th now, and going to be 10th in Nov with Jup in 4th.

    Thanks & Regards,

  8. Dear Milind just completed reading “Autobiography of a Yogi" (your recommendation in article “KARMA : What you need to know about Karma”)

    It’s amazing, a Masterpiece, rare and Unique. Heavenly, a must read for everyone to understand the essence of Life. It has totally changed my thought process.


    Anyone can download / read this book (original 1946) from -

  9. Hi Milind Bhai
    Excellent analysis...way to go!!


  10. Thnx Milindji! I'm a fan of your blogs and can't say enough on how much your work is appreciated. I'm Kanya rashi going through a worse time. Humble request to keep your energies focused to folks like Kanya rashi who need the most this time...if you could pls take a look at email sent from God bless!

  11. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for a great blog, keep up the good work.

    I wonder if I can read the prediction for my Lagna sign as well. As I m Dhanu rashi, though Makar Lagna.

    Wish you luck with your astrology career, also wishing you blessings of Ganpati bappa.

    Best regards,


  12. Nice start for weekly horoscope. I understand, it's difficult to predict for such a short duration. Thank you so much for your effort and time.

  13. G88888!!!! It always a treat to vist ur blog MILIND :-)....Thnx a lot

  14. Its wow!!!
    to see weekly article
    keep it writing at least for few weeks
    along with prediction it will help in

    Thanks a lot


  15. (1) Deepa
    Thursday afternoon onwards 2.25 days are a bit tough. Also you have multiple planets in Kanya nad hence the Shani bhraman thru Kanya is trobling you more than other Kanya folks.

    (2) MESH Anonymous
    :) They will start improving by 2012 start for sure -- visible changes. Now look OBAMA also is Mesh rashi so is Lalit Modi so is Sharad Pawar and so is Lalkrishna Advani.

    (3) Sachin Saraf
    Depression part is BEST directed by HANUMAN SADHANA

    (4) Megcool: Will check and get back

    (5) Veena
    Thanks for Mama related feedback. Hope for a speedy recovery!

    (6) Makar rashi has been at average results since end of 2007. Mahy2012 to May2013 will be of DREAM come True sorts. Look at ShahRukh Khan too -- watching success of Aamir and Salman Akshay from end of 2007.

    (7) Pradeep:
    That's GREAT. The book does change you perspetive completely!! It is a wonderful one.

    (8) Shubhashish
    Makar lagna was not doing well health wise until Sept 2009 ---- After Sept 2009 it should be much better now. You can read Maka rashi bhavishya above but I would suggest to stick to Moon sign!

    (9) JIGY
    Yes -- it is indeed tough -- we are just talking about instant karna -- kriyamaan karma that too day to day!! Nothing to do with individual destiny! :)

    (10) Yes -- Plan to write every week and even thinking of starting DAILY ones.


  16. Hi,
    Been itching to say this for quite some time now. Your predictions of guru transit effect on pisces are turning out to be absolutely spot on in my case. Switched 2 jobs since June '11 and now at a +85% worth from what i was before that. Go guru!!!
    Can't wait for guru to move onto 3rd. May be my first onsite travel could be in store!!
    I have started reading Linda Goodman's sun signs on your recommendation. Need a little clarification there. Sun is in Libra in my chart although she would say that I am a scorpion. So which sunsign's description is applicable to me? I believe it is Libra after taking into consideration the ayanamsh.
    Please do keep predicting such nice things for pisceans.

  17. Hi Milindji,

    Thks for supporting people like us

    NAME : Vivek

    Dob : 12th Jan 1968

    Time : 4.30 pm

    Place : Matunga

    Question : I am without job since i came back to India i.e Sept 2007 till now. I am trying my best to get job in india but no success & also trying for abroad but still not getting materialized.I had been just once on job abroad that also for a short period in between

    Pls help me ...


  18. Hey Milind,

    Plz try to answer two of my mail queries too.


  19. Hello Milindji
    Thanks a lot for posting. I am a regular follower of your blog.
    Kanya Rashi, Vrishcika Lagna: and positions of planets such that, each day has to be am exciting day. But Frankly i have got so used to not having good luck, that I like it that way, as long as there are no health issues for me and my near ones. Also sadesathi and bad times ave doubled my faith in myself and god, stretched my limit, I have been foreced out of my comfort zone: So thanks to all : Jai shani dev

    If you could kindly get some time to reply to my email queries ( subj: Advice per convinience )

    words fail to describe your help to the community

    god bless
    - Ani

  20. Hi Milnidji
    I also realized that, my previous comment here appears to have a date/time of Setp 13, 8.00 AM , what a coincidence
    just and observation
    - Aniruddha

  21. dear milindji,
    great job, reading u r blogs has become a daily routine.

    Please check mail , i am a cancer pateint and desperately need u r advice for my future and for my kids.


  22. Thanks for the appropriate guidance Milind, further to this, how can we decide, whether the Lagna/Rashi is more important in a particular horoscope. I liked your analysis of 'Sachin's horoscope, actually I liked all of them.

    Keep writing and enlightening us,



  23. Hi Milind,

    Looks like a double blast of shani... with both my husband and me in sadesati. I am a native of kanya and my husband is a native of vrishik. My question to you is, what will be its overall impact? Can you guide on any do's amd donts doing the period of sadesati. I am totally lost and believe you can help in this matter.

    I also have written you a mail on this, please can you reply to it.



  24. hi milindji

    nice blog love to read your blog. I am passing through very taugh astham shani but ur insight guide me. I have retro saturn in 2nd house and parivartan between 2nd lord moon and 9th lord saturn and currently saturnMD-moon AD

    plz shed some light on this exchange

    Regardshi milindji

    nice blog love to read your blog. I am passing through very taugh astham shani but ur insight guide me. I have retro saturn in 2nd house and parivartan between 2nd lord moon and 9th lord saturn and currently saturnMD-moon AD

    plz shed some light on this exchange


  25. SIR JI......
    Please Milind Ji, Every hour I do open my Mail to check your reply. When your bless will be on me? Please Reply soon.
    Bhargob Baruah.

  26. Milind,Its really great of you to post weekly forecast.But I feel, daily one will not be a better utilisation of your precious time,give that so many of us quite eagerly await to hear from you on their respective questions.Anyway, very well done and keep up your excellent efforts.gajanan

  27. Milind,
    There is a baby girl born in our family a couple of months ago. I checked her horo and her lagnesh is moon in the 6th house and has mangal drishti from 11th. But also guru drishti from 10th house. Other planets are - sun,venus in 12th (gemini), mangal+ketu in 11th, shani in 3rd, mercury in lagna.
    Do we worry about her lagnesh moon being weak? Does guru drishti help?
    Do we suggest that she wear moti ring/earings when she gets older?

  28. (1) Sandy
    Thanks Sandy! :) Libra Sun Sign woudl apply to you while reading the book. Those Western dates are tropical and not Sidereal.

    (2) Vivek: Have you sent an email -- guess public domain reply is not the best. I am surprised with no job from 2007 to say the least! Vrishabh rashi shoul dhave had a gala of a time from 2009 to May2011. Even Guru mahadasha was that ti,e. Shani maha is also great from Dec2010 onwards.

    (3) TRUPTI: Will check it out

    (4) Aniruddha: Thanks Ani.
    Vrushchik lagna and/or Sun would amke sadesati more trouble some! :) BUt I guess major part will be over by Nov2011 anyways!

    (5) Subhashini: Cancer!! Will check the email ASAP.

    (6) Shubhashish
    I think Gochar should be checked for Moon sign (Kriyaman). Lagna rashi decides the destiny for THIS life.

    (7) Karuna
    Please check my 1st article here which is on Sadesati.

    (8) D.S.
    Mithun lagna kumbh rashi -- Shani in 2nd wakri and owner of it in 9th house in Kumbh -- both 6/8 from their house is not the best things but 2 and 9 exchange is interesting one. Raising money by travelling is one effect specially in maha/antardasha.

    (9) bhargob
    Will check out today / tomorrow.

    (10) A1 -- Girl 2 months back
    I do not think that need to worry as Moon in Guru drishti and also Mangal is raajyogkarak for Kirk lagna so its drushti is not bad from health point of view that much or rather will reduce some water related issues due to fire drishti...

    Yes Moti will certaiinly help.


  29. Hi Milind,

    I am Leo Rashi, so sadesati going on - as per your prediction, good time has started from May 2011 and once sadesati is over in Nov 2011 -- it will be a blast. But in my case nothing seems to be moving.

    Can u pls advise

  30. Thank you so much for taking time to reply!

  31. Hi Milind,
    First of all, your predictions for this week are right on. Can you please take a look at my birth details under email ID I have sent you emails multiple times and I'm at my wits end with my current situation. I would really appreciate your guidance. It feels like I am slowly losing all faith.


  32. Thanks again Milind,

    I believe your replies make you more popular amongst your blog readers. You are doing great work, hope is invaluable in everyone's life, in good days n in not so good days, astrology can provide loads of it.

    'Truth cant be hidden for long' and astrology is one of them arts which has a lot of truth, but it has lost some shine, but good astrologers like you will be beacons of its new found power. It may take some time, but Truth will conquer everything. Another way of believing in 'Satyamev jayate'.



  33. hi milind liked your weekly rashi bhavishya keep it up waiting for your next week blog.

  34. Hi Milind. I have a serious issue on hands. My son is of 3.5 years and Sinhva Rashi-Sinhva Lagna born during the 2nd phase of Sade Sati, so Shani Maharaj is in the Lagna Bhav. Last year when Guru was Ashtam (8th), he got diagnosed with focal epilepsy and began having fits. Since other planets like Guru are in a strong bhav, he has recovered but he is on long term medicines. I would request you to please help by analysing his kundli because one of the astrologers we consulted painted an acutely pessimistic picture of his health- so much so that my wife became a wreck. It was with great difficulty that I handled both my son and wife. Please let me know if you will be able to help me out. Awaiting your reply. Thanks.

  35. Milind Ji,
    You are just superb. Thanks for your explanation. The clouds of my doubts have just vanished and feeling so light and relaxed. I wonder how a prescription without medicine can make the sick person well. (I have no doubt that a great Doctor like you can do it to their patients.)
    Since we are far away from our maternal family, therefore I have no clue about it (Regarding MAMA/MOUSI). I will sure ask my Mom about it. As for the Business, from today itself I will plan for the single handed business and will never work as partnership business.
    Thanks for replying me personally from your busy schedule. May The Almighty always give you the holy power to help the needy persons like us. Thank you, thanks a lot.
    Bhargob Baruah.

  36. MONTU:

    PLease resend the email and I will check it out ASAP...I do not think that with Guru from Dhanu drishti on Chandra the issues would last long....The MOST IMP Planet to check is BUDH in his horoscope... Also he is so small -- AYURVEDA can make WONDERS for him -- I am no expert there but Horoscope+Ayurveda can make wonders for sure.


    Thanks much for the kind words. You do have great karmic onnections with Maternal family for sure...

  37. hi milind ji
    i had sent u my birth details in 1st week of august but there is correction in my birth time, so today i have again sent my corrected birth details.I am going through sade sati period & facing problems in getting job.Also my last 2 years have been very troublesome plz suggest me over this problem.
    i m waiting eagerly for ur reply
    thanks n regards

  38. Milind,
    Someone once told me something about "Karmic cycles" as in the same things keep repeating in the family one generation after the other. I have noticed a pattern in our family. I checked most of our horos including my grandmoms and I see that someone either has Venus & Shani yuti, or Venus in 6th / 12th house with shani's drishti or shani & harshal yuti. Ofcourse everyone has had very average marriages. Now I see the same pattern in our next generation as well. I wonder if this is coincidence or it really is some karmic cycle?
    Just wanted to share this with you.

  39. Dear Milind,
    I am currently going thru shani mahadasha and sadesati together. Things are getting too confusing and intimidating, and I am terrified of taking any decisions and actions. I have communicated to you on 15-16 September on your gmail id. Could you please give it some time? Hanuman sadhana has helped a lot, but still, I would appreciate any advice from you.
    Thanks in anticipation,

  40. Hi Milind,

    I am Leo Rashi, so sadesati going on - as per your prediction, good time has started from May 2011 and once sadesati is over in Nov 2011 -- it will be a blast. But in my case nothing seems to be moving.

    Can u pls advise

    Warm Regards,


  41. Dear Milind
    I sent another email to you, could not hold myself back. There is this urgent thing that is giving me sleepless nights. Could you give it a lttle time? Really requesting your consideration.

  42. milindji,

    please please check the email from on priority. i have sent you a detailed mail yesterday about my son.


    anjali j.

  43. Dear Milind,
    Thanks a million for the response. Will certainly follow your advice. Your comment on my appearance was spot on! Congrats for the deep study you have made,and keep up the great work. Sarvesh.

  44. Hi Milindji,
    I read your amzing and knowledgable post regarding rahu combination with sun. I have rahu and sun in lagna in karka rashi. and Chandra and ketu in saptam bhav. Mangal and shani in third bhav.I am undergoing thru rahu mahadasha mangal antardasha to end on may 2012. My guru is in second house leo sign guru dasha starting on may 2012. my major concern is that guru is in leo sign whose lord is with rahu in lagna , how would be my guru dasha. what upay can i do? i also want to know about chandra and ketu yuti in seventh house in makar rashi. Is it effecting my husband's career and income negetively what remedy can i do for same?
    kindly help, I am very much worried.

  45. hey milind i am rajat i have even mailed at your email mentioned above please its really URGENT revert back as soon as possible............

  46. hi Milind
    today i send you mail.I am eagerly waiting for your reply.there are some critical issues going on kindly reply when it is possible,I mailed on 22nd September,2011

  47. Namaskar Milindji,
    Waiting for your reply despetayely on my gmail account. Pleeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeeee reply.
    -- Shruti

  48. Hi Milindji,

    As I am very happy with your explanation, I thought I will seek advise regarding my professional life.

    Could you please help me by suggesting the best way forward for my future:

    Place:Khammam, Andhra Pradesh

    I have been struggling with my professional life and finally I started my own business with couple of my friends related to software industry.

    Need your suggestion to be successful in this.

    Appreciate your quick response.

    Pleeeeease respond to my posting and help me out.


  49. Hi Milind,

    I am a regular reader of your blog..
    And whatever you have said about vruschik rashi is 100% true based on my personal experience..i am mailing you my details..would love to have your answer..
    keep up the good work..

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