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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope Sept2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

19 Sept 2011 to 25 Sept 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Planetary Movements in the week

MOON (Chandra): Vrishabh 11:11 degrees to Sinvha 14:22

BUDH (Mercury): Singh 22:47 to Kanya 5:47 à VERY FAST (Communication/TelCo stocks?) J

RAVI (Sun): Kanya 1:29 to Kanya 8:19

SHUKRA (Venus): Kanya 10:32 to 19:14

MANGAL (Mars): Kirk 5:47 to 10:03

GURU (Jupiter): Retrograde Mesh 15:42 to 15:11

SHANI (Saturn): Kanya 23:09 to 23:58 (Very good speed until 15Nov2011 entry to Tula)

RAHU (North Node): Always Retrograde Vrishchik 23:57 to 23:32

KETU (South Node): Always Retrograde Vrishabh 23:57 to 23:32

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Chandra / Guru yuti in this week good for all etc. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Week in Short:

This week is very good for Sinvha/Singh, Kanya and Tula (except peeda Monday) rashi folks as Moon is mostly 9, 10, 11 to them most of the week. Mangal continues to trouble Sinvha and Dhanu with traffic/vehicles issues. Shani aspects Rahu in close degrees (paternal family issues with kidney or internal reproductive organs) and nava-pancham to Ketu (good for paternal grandparents). Kirk would do very well on Monday and Tuesday with some peeda on Wed/Thursday along with Vrishchik too. Makar in party mood on Wed/Thus but some good work on Mon/Tues.

22nd on this month will be a “4 and 8” date – please be conservative and careful.

The Guru, Shani, Rahu description below is not just for the week but complete stay in their current sign.


1. Moon in Vrushabh on Monday/Tuesday helps with cash inflow, share market, investments etc. Family get-together from maternal side quite likely. Travel possibilities on Wednesday/Thursday quite likely (21/22). Friday/Saturday (23/24) shows meeting mom, coming back to home, meeting dear ones etc. 25th/26th shows achievements due to past 5 days of work done.

2. Guru continues to enhance image but only execution mode and not many gains (look at Lalit Modi!) Slow increase in physical and social weight on cards.

3. Shani continues to TEST at workplace with difficult assignments and “out of comfort zone” but increasing mass-base /”reporting-to” folks at workplace à increasing cash but keeps you on your toes if you are in service. If business – new people joining in to cause trouble/delays etc.

4. Mangal troubles on domestic front – keep cool.

5. Sun moving to Kanya will help to achieve over competitors now

6. Budh in 5th very similar to Sun above – moves to 6th house (Headache possible, meeting Mama/Mousi etc) from 23rd Sept onwards.

7. Shukra conveys caution with any relationships – be careful of any unwanted contacts. (They WILL be unwanted or unwarranted) J

8. Rahu – Deal health and inheritance issues with elders from paternal family.

9. Ketu – Some gains etc from and within the Maternal family and specially elders


1. Moon in Vrishabh on Mon/Tues (19/20) shows energy, some much needed optimism. Possibility of some teerth-kshetra visit or mandir visit as it is not a weekend! J Wed/Thursday (21/22) shows good income, good speech/debates, and investments related stuff. Friday/Saturday (23/24) shows travel, presentations, some quarrels or debate/heated exchange quite likely. Sunday shows relaxing with family/dear ones.

2. Guru continues in 12th house which mandates planning/strategy and going on with what you have achieved until May2011 without worrying too much about future. PLAN – read, certification, study etc. Be on guard as you are now in unfamiliar territory with multiple variables have changed in your environment. What worked before will not work now as is – Show flexibility and studious approach.

3. Shani in 5th house needs perseverance in your tactics/executions despite delays/no visible results. Success is just around the corner (Nov2011 onwards in 6th house Shani)! Health issues of kids could be a worry.

4. Sun stays in Kanya – Still away from Shani but show tact and diplomacy while dealing with seniors. This Sun shows good TACTICAL success / quick success and also good in speculation/trading.

5. Budh in Kanya – Similar to Sun above – some writing, publishing likely.

6. Shukra in 5th house is good for romanticism and for answers from other party (!) if they are awaited. J

7. Rahu – 7th Rahu is building partnerships with paternal family folks.

8. Ketu – 1st house Ketu is good for spiritual pursuits and maternal family folks’ visits

9. Mangal in 3rd house Kirk rashi will make you combative, express more freely and confidently. Some racing or travel is quite possible. Good for sports related activities.


1. Moon 12th on Monday/Tuesday shows expense of time, energy and money and should also show “investments “of time and energy on some strategy for next 28 days of Moon cycle /curve. Wed/Thursday moon in rashi shows energy/execution of plans and optimism. The results would be shown on Friday and Saturday with good luck with investment/trading etc. Sunday very good for travel, expression, presentation/blog-article etc.

2. 11th Guru – Great year until May2012 – Crescendo of past 2 years of efforts. Guru only adds to the positives denoted above of the moon movement.

3. Shani in 4th house shows trouble at home pitch – which means house and also your unit and your colleagues etc. Infighting among subordinates is quite possible due to 4th Shani until Nov2011.

4. Sun in 4th in Kanya with Shani – Home front troubles added, seniors going missing, not accessible for some time to support etc.

5. Budh in Kanya similar to Sun

6. Shukra in 4th in Kanya good to maintain some decency at workplace and house. Spending money for home décor is possible.

7. Rahu – 6th Rahu working with people with different cultural background (caste, religion, language etc) – Victory over competitors due to alliances with people from different background.

8. Ketu – 12th house Ketu – donations to ashrams and money/time/energy spent on maternal family elders or overall family. Monday Tuesday certainly shows these possibilities.

9. Mangal entering 2nd house will bring some quick gains in investments and increasing cash flow for business folks. Best change for bankers. Friends would give you money which they owe.


1. Moon helping greatly on Monday and Tuesday but need a lot of planning, strategy hard-work etc for Tuesday/Wednesday as Moon is 12th – Show expense, bad mouth etc possibilities. Need to spend energy/time to avoid setback. i.e. trading health for good name! L Friday/Saturday moon in your sign shows execution of several things that happened on Wed/Thurs. Sunday shows family get-together and also some visible results on the work on Friday/Saturday.

2. 10th Guru: Satva Pariskha at workplace, heat – stress, tension but happening – Reporting to someone of equal ability due to no fault of their and also yours! J

3. Shani in 3th house good for guerrilla warfare, rallying masses/support for initiatives, playing games with folks around (setting – Fielding!) J Usage of Power! Great for politicians.

4. Sun in Kanya good for expression, travel of short term to meet seniors of various types. Beware – Use tact and diplomacy in such occasions – chose words carefully – Communication gaps quite possible.

5. Budh in Kanya – Similar to above – effective presentations but again communication gaps possible.

6. Shukra in Kanya also good for some travel.

7. Rahu – 5th house Rahu – completion of some project with paternal family.

8. Ketu – 11th house Rahu – Some unexpected help / gain from maternal family especially on Mon/Tuesday.

9. Mangal in rashi is not bad at all as it was in wyay sthan before! J Now your accident possibilities reduce dramatically and you will get energy and momentum to execute many things with full force!!

SINGH / Sinvha

1. Moon in Vrishabh increase in power at workplace on Monday/Tuesday. Wed/Thus multiple gains for past 5 days of efforts. Friday Saturday Moon in Cancer 12th house is of expense/investment of time, energy and money. Plan for next 27 days of moon curve. Sunday moon in sign shows energy and feel good, some good news by mentors.

2. 9th Guru: Part of Strategic initiative to last for 3 years from May2011. Wakri – So slower results.

3. Shani in 2nd house – weakness in previous investments could be brought to fore. Slowly Increasing cash flow from Sept2009 to continue for all the NEW efforts done from July2007.

4. Sun in 2nd house is good to get additional income of past 2 months’ effort. Beware of speech/writing – spoken word could create issues.

5. Budh in Kanya –Beware on what piece of paper you sign in next month or so.

6. Shukra in Kanya good for some quick bucks again

7. Rahu – 4th house Rahu – Soukhya – from paternal family – Paternal family spending on vehicles, home décor etc, Home rebuild etc

8. Ketu – 10th house Ketu --- workplace could be near a spiritual place! J Kidding! Actually shows maternal family folks doing good in career etc.

9. Mangal going 12th is not the best – drive slow / carefully. Helmet a must. Siblings need to be careful. Left eye and ankles could give some trouble.


1. A great week except the next Sunday (25). Monday Tuesday Chandra in 9th house – Start of some short term new things and good contacts etc. Wed/Thur increase in power at workplace. Friday Saturday multiple GAINS and gains from friends also. Meeting with elder brother/sisters possible. Sunday shows expense and need for planning for next 28 days.

2. 8th Guru – Peeda, You are part of initiatives that do not go too far! But your work is IMP and will decide your fate for May2012 onwards.

3. Shani in rashi – Mental stress etc to be reduced after Nov2011. Take care of stomach and your Mom.

4. Sun in rashi now better than 12th – seniors would be less critical now! J

5. Budh in Kabya – same as above.

6. Shukra in Kanya – Some feel good in this tough environment

7. Rahu – 3rd house – Good support from Paternal side family, expression, white paper publishing

8. Ketu – 9th house – Visits to spiritual places, maternal family getting natural support from good souls.

9. 11th Mangal helps with money now for next 1.5 months. Friends would now give you money which they owe. Land deals would be good.


1. Moon in Vrishabh on Monday/Tuesday is peeda-karak and high effort affair. From Wed/Thursday you start a very good period of 7+ days. Wed/Thursday pro-environment – good contacts, travel possible. Friday/Saturday increase in workplace influence, stress but happening. Saturday Sunday – multiple gains and meeting friends and celebrations.

2. 7th Guru – Expansion! The dream come true sort of thing that started in 5th Guru until May2010 to expand in 7th Guru now.

3. Shani in 12th house – Sadesati! A bit of Ninda / Badmouth effect. Spend TIME, EMERGY and Money to acquire new skills, build new blue print of new product, and design new stuff for next 30 years of life. PLANNING stage, Certification, learnings etc

4. Sun in 12th house – Check proactively what seniors / Govt wants. Observe compliance to traffic rules, regulatory body needs etc. Deal with seniors with tact and diplomacy.

5. Budh 12th house – Sign documents after careful reading, caution in communication – could cuase confusion and badmouth.

6. Shukra in 12th house with Shani – beware of any naughty stuff – Badmouth yoga if seen with some folks! J

7. Rahu in 2nd house – Paternal side folks could give you some part of investments, wealth etc (18 months and not just this week)

8. Ketu in 8th house: Peeda etc for maternal side elder folks, you will need to support/help them. Hereditary (health) and also wealth-inheritance issues on maternal side family.

9. Mangal in 10th house now shows energy at workplace – some debates and fights but in a good way.


1. Mon/Tuesday great for building partnerships and getting some work done in a group. Wed/Thursday show peeda, hard-work, health issues. Friday onwards you enter 7.5 great days ahead of increasing success, new ideas and workplace influence.

2. 6th Guru – Enemies/Competitors/Colleagues getting the success you got from May2010 to May2011. Competitors would get the image enhancements and success. You need to stick to what you have and invest time, money and energy in what you have and SERVICE it. Deal with long ignored HEALTH issues and SPEND money on health issues. J Fun – isn’t it?! J

3. Shani 11th house – MONEY – increasing mass base from Sept 2009 (Check Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi, Nitin Gadkari) to continue until Nov2011. Right time right you are! Nov2011 onwards say hello to Sadesati! J

4. Sun in the 11th house – Support from seniors/increasing power until Saturday. Pro-Environment at workplace. Increasing cash flow – meeting with some seniors, meeting older friends etc. Great for Govt deals. Overall from July15 to Oct16 you are under 9, 10, 11 Transit of Surya which is great for you.

5. Budh on Kanya – Increasing cashflow

6. Shukra in 11th house with Shani – beware of any naughty stuff or contacts

7. Rahu in Rashi – Image makeover – Contacts with paternal family folks

8. Ketu in 7th house: partnerships with maternal side elderly folks

9. Mangal finally out of Gemini reducing accident possibilities! 9 10 11 Mangal in next 5/6 months is a GREAT news for you – reduces a lot of stress of 6th Guru for sure.


1. Mon/Tues good for social events and even party/celebration, dining out etc. Meeting with mom’s relatives – Mama/Mousi etc. Wed/Thus about building partnerships and group activities. Fri/Sat are of some peeda, delays, hard-work, drive slow/accident possibilities etc. From Sunday you enter 7.5 GREAT days.

2. 5th Guru – DREAM come true until May2012 – Tactical success of what you are working for 2/3 years! You will FEEL GOOD about yourself and you would think that you have achieved success.

3. Shani 10th house – Power at workplace, increasing mass base, increasing potential BUT STRESS – Pressure cooker situation which would FORCE you to grow, increase your ability. Tussle with seniors/authorities within your organization and also outside or even Govt. But a HAPPENING period from Sept 2009 for sure. Seniors could feel a bit threatened or so.

4. Sun in the 10th house – Support from seniors/increasing power has started from Aug 15 for 3 months. Pro-Environment at workplace. Later on in the 1st/2nd week of October, Sun will be with Shani so some senior could be a victim of your actions! J Tussle with seniors likely. In-fighting within your seniors is possible.

5. Budh in Kanya – Similar to above

6. Shukra in 10th house with Shani – Female boss could give some trouble/stress.

7. Rahu in 12th house – badmouth yog, expense within paternal family.

8. Ketu in 6th house: health specific issues (stomach). Health issues to maternal family

9. Mangal entering 8th house indicates caution with driving, helmet a must etc. Also shows that your siblings need to be careful too.


1. Mon/Tues are very good for achievements. Wed/Thurs good for social networking, social events, party, celebration etc. Friday/Sat good for partnerships and collaboration etc. Sunday/Mon would be peeda, delays, problems, hectic, stress etc.

2. 4th Guru – STAGNANCY! Satva-Pariksha at workplace. Things would be very slow. Good time to enjoy TV, Furniture, house, interior etc J J BEST time for any certifications and tremendous HARD-Work as all the effort done now will be fully paid from May2012 to May2013 in 5th Guru!!

3. Shani 9th house – START of some new things from Sept 2009 which changed your job profile, 1 promotion, 1 step up responsibilities at workplace which also increases or STARTS your mass base increase. Getting some “reporting-to” people who would stay/grow with you for next 5/7 years.

4. Sun in the 9th house – Start of 3 months of support from Sun/seniors/Gov from Sept16/17. However travel could throw surprises due to Surya Shani close in Oct.

5. Budh in Kanya Similar to Sun in 9th house.

6. Shukra in 9th house with Shani – Very good as Shukra raajyog-karak and Shani rashi swami for Makar.

7. Rahu in 11th house – GAINS from paternal family, Feel good in paternal family

8. Ketu in 5th house – Tactical success/achievements to maternal family in whatever they are doing – Fun times

9. Mangal entering 7th house indicates caution with relationships, partnerships.


1. Mon/Tues good for rest, peace, harmony, meeting mom and her relatives, very close/dear friends etc. Wed/Thurs individual achievement, good news from kids, certifications. Friday/Sat partying, social participation, some outdoor events with friends. Good for sports. Sunday good for partnerships and collaboration.

2. 3th Guru – Half-Bhagyoday – Some new things would start from May2011 to May2012. This coud cause going to a 6 to 8 hours away place for work for a year or so Or frequent travels in this period are likely. But welcome change in career after 12, 1, 2 movements of Guru.

3. Shani 8th house – PEEDA, Going away from your mass-base, inheritance/land issues, health issues. Great time to regain health issues, complete certifications – capacity building etc. Part of initiatives that go nowhere regardless of how good you are doing BUT your good work will always be noticed and NEW POSITION and NEW initiative etc would be given to you after Nov2011 in 2.5 years until March 2014 or so. LAGE RAHI MUNNA BHAI!!

4. Sun in the 8th house – Problems with seniors, Govt and authorities. Communication breakdown possible, Use tact and diplomacy, good quantitative methods than subjective remarks.

5. Budh in Kanya– Same as above

6. Shukra in 8th house with Shani – nothing major, some easy money!

7. Rahu in 10th house – Some great unexplained success in some initiative or a project which even would surprise you. People would think that you have some mystical ability or so.

8. Ketu in 4th house – okie dokie…

9. Mangal entering 6th house success over competition, cash and overall achievement/success etc in service sector for 1.5 months. Some blood related issues to watch out. Siblings could catch sardi. J


1. Mon/Tues possibility of travel, presentations etc. Wed/Thursday – arram! Meeting with mom, coming back to home. Meeting dear ones. Friday Saturday – tactical success in some plans of past 5/6 days. Good news from kids, education/certification etc. Sunday good for partying, social events etc

2. 2th Guru – DHAN Labh – Surprise increase in income and also FAMILY until May2012. Much better than past 2 years of Guru being 12th and in Rashi until May2011.

3. Shani 7th house – Reducing social circle and “reporting-to” people. Reducing initiatives. Employee trouble/accusations, blame games etc by workers. Keep a close watch on health of your Mom (ankle, water related issues)

4. Sun in the 7th house for a month – Turmoil /turnover /churn etc in partnerships possible with so many planets in the 7th house. Use words carefully. Avoid communication gaps.

5. Budh in 7th house same as above.

6. Shukra in 7th house with Shani – Different caste or even some “older” than you person’s approach possible – be careful about the quality of the person (& not the caste!) J

7. Rahu in 9th house – Travel – teerth yatra for paternal family folks. Support from paternal family

8. Ketu in 3th house – Similar to above for maternal family but more in practical matter (material stuff)

9. Mangal entering 5th house success in sports – kids could bang their cycles or feet on some stone! J You will have some playful mood.


  1. Thanks Milind Ji.
    Bhargob Baruah.

  2. Milind, I have started looking for your lessons in astrology as well as your weekly forecasts now! I have a question. My daughter (13 yo now) seems to have ketu in her 5th house (kumbh, she has Asc in Tula) as well as Kuja-shukra yuti in Mithun rashi. Her Rahi is Simha and Chandra-budh-rahu are in simha with Surya in Karka rashi + Shani in Mesha rashi and Guru in Meena. Someone told me that she currently has Venus Mahadasha with Ketu sub-period, which can be very bad for her life because of 5th house Ketu. Could you explain + plus suggest prayers perhaps?

  3. Hi Milind,
    I am Kanya rashi. You mentioned next Sunday (25th) may be the down day of the week. Can you explain in terms of what? Appreciate it.


  4. Hi Milind Sir,
    Yesterday night i saw a dead body in my dream, what does that mean actually?
    dead body was nt personally known to me ... can u interpret and tell me .. m in confusion now (wat will happen nd all)


  5. Hi Milind,
    Thanka ton for all the details in blog as well as queries sent across by mail.
    I wish I could meet u in person sometimes in life.
    -Trupti Barde

  6. Milind, why you are writing rashibhavisya.
    you are a scholar, you have a very good knowledge of astrology..write concrite articles on astrology..we do not want rashi bhavishya from you.

  7. Hi Milindiji,

    I am leo Rashi - one of the astrologer has told me that i have 'Pitra Dosh' in my janam kundli - that is the reason i am having problems in my profession. Can u pls advise details of Pitra Dosh.

    Await yr reply.

    Warm Regards,


  8. Hi Milind Sir,

    It's wonderful that you are writing on RashiBhavishya ALSO it would be great if you write articles ON Astrology.It's a humble request.Really miss it.

    Thank You


  9. Hi milindji

    12th Mars I slipped on wet surface left leg got hard hit thanks god stand with which I dashed after slipping was of fiber or my (left only) leg might had broken right from ankel!!!!!...LOL

    Keep Posting its damn good work

  10. (1) Bhargob: Thanks buddy!

    (2) Aninymous Dughter Question:
    Wahat rubbish? Ketu in 5th house shows great buddhi -- height in buddhi and even awards like schiilarship if Guru aspects on it. Any planets in 5th and 9th house ADD and AID to the Gunadharma or the Lagnar ashi. :) Ketu in Kumbh and its rashiswami Shani in Mesh in 7th -- but it is raajyogkarak so Ketu mahadasha would be driuven by Shani whichh is raajyogkarak except for some delay in partnership there is hardly any harm. But of course I do not have complete horoscope in front of me...Chandra Rahu means she coudl be getting agitated suddenly out of nowhere! :) Tula lagna shows a very cute smile and overall smiling face....

    (3) Anonymous Kanya: Sunday -- Expense and planning for next 28 days required. Spend time energy and money on Sunday and Monday. If ignored something will need to revisit.

    (4) Abhi
    NO CLUE man -- I don't know any damn thing about dreams! :) The dead body could be sleeping body! :) It could be yours only as many times "Sukshma Lingadeh" /Astral Body goes away from body and looks at the room we are sleeping in.

    (5) Trupti: Likewise!!

    (6) Anonymous:
    :) An astrologer has to eat -- Weekly Bhavishya will give me audience and they will also read my articles on astrology which would reduce possibility of they being take nfor a ride by some notorious astro folks and also overall awareness about my other articels likes REAL Sun Sign Sadesati and Shani Maha etc etc

    (7) MEHUL Leo Rashi Anonymous
    WIll need to check horoscope -- Pitrudosh is not a big deal -- These sanskrit words make them sound very scary / mysterious! :) We have this tendency of anything sanskrit being Godly or heavenly which is wrongly used by folks! When Guru is with moon or in Kendra of Moon it is called as "Gajakesari Yog!" now that does not mean anything but sounds good! :) :)

    (8) veena
    Thanks much!

    (9) Hina
    :) 12th house also shows ankle /feet! :) Good that not much hurt -- have a good/fast recovery!


  11. Hello Milindji,

    Thanks for advising on 'PITRA DOSHA' - infact i had sent you my birth details on Aug 02,2011 - and you had replied that things should improve by Nov 2011 after sade sati. There was no Mention of Pitra Dosha or Gajkesari yog.

    So would like to wait till Nov 15, 2011 -- Incase things don't work positively by then, then will send you birth details once again for your advise.

    Thanks a lot once again.


    Warm Regards - Mehul

  12. Milind ji,
    What is Tripap Chakra? It seems like 'Three Papis' in a circle.
    Bhargob.hree Papis' in a circle.

  13. I have a question. Since I am in a different time zone, how do these predictions affect me? The planetary positions would be pretty different at my location right? And most probably I can't assume that things will happen 12 hours later for me. Because the stars and planet positions would vary a lot because of the tilt of the earth and also the continental difference right (like longitude and latitude)?

  14. Hmmm....I'm curious about Deepa's query as well. I hope Milind can clarify.

  15. Milind,
    This is not fair, you post mesh to kanya and then the later rashis have to wait in curiosity. Since you already posted half of the rashis, other halves are getting curious. We are already in time the first 6 can wait,post the last 6 first.


  16. I think it is fair, given that the first half of the folks have been the hardest hit by Shani and guru.
    So atleast some good luck has to come their way :)

  17. Regarding Yogas etc,
    I have read in quite a few places on net about a person who had debilitated mercury as the ascendant lord. He also failed in maths in early school days. Today, we know him better by the equation he came up with, E equals M(c)square.
    Conclusion: One should not jump to conclusions without INTERPRETATING relative planetary positions.
    Any thoughts, Milind?

  18. (1) Bhargob:
    No idea what Tripaap means in Astrology!

    (2) Deepa: You have to just subtract 12 hours from the predictions. When I say Monday I mean Monday early morning 12:01 IST -- YOu are 12 hours late probably with the predictions here.

    In short -- My predictions are for IST timings JUST SIMPLY subtract 12 hrs from them and you should be fine.

    (3) yeah! :) Sure -- Better way -- Will post all 12 and plan a little better!

    (4) Sandy
    Yeah! :) Budh in Meen is called debilitated as it does not have the cunningness of the Kanya Budh nor the TRADING ability of the Kanya budh. Meen budh is more in academics, books and PhD sorts. But they can forget very obvious things like their own telephone number or home number etc etc and also can be messy with time management or even articulation - ! :) Meen budh will take a lot of time to explain something! :)

    Sachin has meen budh -- and that too without Sun -- Typical BHOLSAT (Bhola type) nature....Non-Cunning etc.

    Indian Astrology Uchcha Neech has very specific meaning but health wise they are good. Meen Shukra is uchcha but these folks hardly get into marriage -- most of the folks without marriage or without too much secs affinity are found iwth Meen Shukra -- With Indian mentality Meen Shukra is regarded as Uchcha as it makes you stay away from excess of "stuff" and keeps in control etc. Also allows only connecting to a uchcha wichar person/family. Kanya Shukra is neech as it can make person take chances wherever possible! :) Do not make generalization as 1/12th people have Shukra in Kanya -- With Mangal it shows compulsive obsessive behavior with Sun the EGO does not allow to weird things.

    MOST horoscopes with delayed marriage or without marriage do have Shani aspect on 7th and Shukra but Meen and Dhanu Shukra % is VERY VERY high there!!!

    Meen Shukra gives person poetic romanticism and uchcha feeling about love and partner -- HIGHEST degree (sublime) of commitment but it has lesser affinity with the physical stuff. (Relatives -- it snot absence etc but love/romanticism is more platonic level and in mind than physical...Hence Shukra is uchcha in Meen as per Indian Philosophy.


  19. hi thnx for ur predictions

    one of my frnd has 9 shankas on his hands..wat does it mean..?
    Dob: 22.4.1985 @ 3.13am...jagadalpur
    even sara federer (astrologer) wants hm to meet persnaly aftr seing hs date of birth...wats spl in it...

  20. sir,
    this is subhashini devi again waiting for your advice, please check mail.
    Need to throw some light on my health issues and further treatment.
    Last month went to boston for medical help but of no use, even the best doctors in this field could not help me, sorry for troubling you


  21. Milind,
    With regards to your above comment, I know atleast 4-5 people who have Meen Shukra and are very good-looking. Can we say that all people with Uchha shukra or well-placed shukra blessed with good looks? Does position of lagnesh or any nakshatra contribute to the looks?

  22. Great replies by you Milind, keep up the good work, learning a lot from you.

    'Sukshma Lingdeha' is another scary sanskrit word for sure, I understand Astral body phenomena in meditative n low brain wave states, and in deep sleep it can happen, so its not a worrying thing, its a way our brain switches off and relaxes our body. If someone has this feeling, he's rather blessed, cause people try hard to achieve such state.

    I have faith in my stars n in vedic light, so I hope my questions will be answered, for rest I can always ask you Milind.

    Thanks again,


  23. Namskar Milindji,
    You said you will check my email and send reply to me last to last week I am a bit tensed please please go thru the following email I resent it today and pl reply me.
    My husband (Kumbha rashi) is thinking of quitting his job before getting a new one and some thoughts about starting a consulting-service which I am not in favour as my both
    kids are still young and need some more years to complete their education Plus I am not working anymore and totally involved in social work. So I feel that he should
    continue his job or new job for another at least 4 years.
    Pl guide me. So far your readings/findings are correct for me.
    Waiting for ur reply desperately.
    Thanks in advance.
    -- Shruti

  24. (1) 9 Shankas --
    Did you mean 9 Chakras? Bcos 9 chakaras are more rear than 9 shankha! My observation abotu Chakra is that these people have conservative nature and donot carry a very expensive etc life style -- it shows ability and tendency to conserve. With Shankhas (I have 9 shankhas) pelase tend to spend time energy and money on things that might not be of great material use to them directly. WHat is good is your own perspective. Concentric circles/Chakaras are show more focus generally speaking.

    Your friend is a 4 and 4 -- Change Agent.. Almost everybody born on that date and time would have similar chart -- The journey of the soul is very important and might not reflect 100% in the horoscope THAT obviously...Rahu Ketu show family history -- How would an astrologer know family history by meeting that person! :) :) Rahu and Ketu rule 35-40% of our life from Mahadasha/Antardasha angle...Family history and hence DNA governs most things in our life.

    (2) subhashini devi
    Sorry about the delay! :(

    (3) Samradnee
    Meen shukra alone woudl not make a person good looking but Meen shukra shows a good skin -- color, texture etc etc everything about the skins. Also Shukra along with Moon shows quality of hair and also beauty of the eyes..(but power of eyes is SUN dominated). But Meen and Dhanu Shukra character is 95% above good one... Unless close degree or opposite Mangal --- BUT STILL it woudl show love marriage and not multiple affairs as Mangal Shukra in Kanya "could" (not a anecessity) show...


  25. Shubhashihs: Thanks buddy!!

    Shruti: Will get back.

  26. Milind,
    I have also sent you an email on 20th as I am myself going through some complicated pickle right now and things looking to get only funnier after saturns transit to Libra in Nov.
    I'd be obliged if you could find some time to reply.

  27. Dear Milind,
    referring to your comment on a no 4 being an agent of change.I am 22 nd born and hence a 4. My close colleagues often acknowledge that my efforts create a change in my organization. But unfortunately I face tremendous resistance in my organization because people, mainly seniors, resist change. I have often felt I fight for new policies but when they are actually implemented, other colleagues are given the reward in a bid to get even with me. What is the point of fighting for change when you never gain from it?
    Btw, very illuminating responses to comments.

  28. Sorry Milind, for the rant above. Just had another hard day at work. Sadesati!

  29. Milindji,

    I have been reading your posts for a while and also sent email regarding my problems and got very helpful insights as reply. I believe your blog is "sat karma" and hope you will be able to keep it up without stressing other aspects of your life. It is very helpful for a lot of people and I hope people could benefit in the right spirit.


  30. Hello Milindji,
    My rashi is muthun and my husband rashi Simha. I have sent you a detailed email. Kindly go through and reply.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  31. hi thnx again for ur wonderful info.

    as u said i blessed by 9th guru and got job in canara bank....

    will my life stick to this organization?

    wat will happen if i try for civils after 4 or 5 yrs...will there any chance of getting into civils according to my horoscope?

    and u said it takes 5 to 6 yrs to get married for it love or arranged?


  32. Milindji,

    I was born in India. Now I live in California. How do we apply predictions for a different time zone?


  33. 22nd on this month will be a “4 and 8” date – please be conservative and careful

    Yep. Fell flat on face while playing Tennis on thursday. Injured forehead, nose and mouth. Tengul ani harry potter scar gheun firtye ata :(

  34. Hi Milindji

    kindly write something on the big conjunction happening in virgo "saturn-sun-mercury-venus-moon"
    It will be very useful


  35. Hi Milindji,

    I have been requesting you since a month.

    I have been asking about my career/professional success.Currently I am doing business related software.

    Could you please suggest me how my future going to be especially professionally. My details are:

    Place: Khammam
    Star: Dhanishta 4-pada

    Please I request you to look into my horo and let me know how it is going to be.

    Looking for your response.


  36. Milindji I enjoyed reading the rash fal and it panned out pretty accurate for vrischika rash though the week is not over yet. I actually had a glimmer of support from superiors at work - time will tell!! Please respond to a couple of emails I sent you with birth details I would really appreciate that. Thanks Namrata

  37. (1) Sarvesh:
    EVERYBODY who tries to "change" or challenge the status quo faces these challenges. Only thing you can do is to present stats/facts-n-figures and handle CHANGE MGMT well -- Once you understand majorly hit stakeholders -- as you are affecting interests of the folks -- if you also present some solution or pay attention to "CHANGE Management" -- people aspect well -- life would be much easier.

    (2) Dhanu
    Thanks much! As a person entering the sadesati in Nov2011 -- I guess I myself will need to use articles on the his blog now! :) I am already going thru some challenges as Shani currently aspects my 6 planets -- Chandra Rahu, Surya Budh and Shani Mangal of the main horoscope! But being 11th Shani I AM getting some benefits and support inteh sphere of influence much the same way as Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Zaheer Khan etc who are also Vrishchik rashi folks.

    (3) Born in India and now inc Cliforia
    Does not matter -- just understand that the timings in this article are IST so you will need toadjust them for your time zone.

    (4) HINA
    Conjunctions in Virgo are not the best for stomach, pancreas of food infection of folks worldwide! When all these planets would move to Hasta nakshatra - you can expect some BIG rains...

    (5) EMAR
    Will check the email and reply thru email.

    (6) Namrata
    Thanks and will check the emails!


  38. Hi Milindji,

    Thanks for your response.

    But request you to please check my horo as soon as possible and suggest me the best way?

    I am in deep troubles..please help me out.

    Thanks & Regards,

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