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Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Oct 2011: Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

31 Oct 2011 to 06 Nov 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani & Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Graha-stithi: Surya stays in Tula(13+); Shukra Budh has moved to Vrishchik/Scorpio and Rahu is there too. Guru wakri in Mesh; Mars enter Singh/Leo now. Shani is in Vargottam navamansh of Kanya (the last degrees: 28+). Ketu in Vrishabh (20:49).


The week starts with Moon in Dhanu rashi in Moola nakshatra making the week the most beneficial to Mesh rashi. Even Meen rashi is beneficiary during the most of the week except the weekend. Vrishabh will do great from Wednesday. Both Mangal and Shani now will aspect Vrishchik & men rashi although not in close degree for now. Mangal Shani drushti on the same house/rashi makes things a bit “accident prone” for all. (ankle/feet, reprod organs). However, this week or the month of Nov is fine as Mangal in initial few degree of Singh and Shani in last degree -- so their drushti on Vrishchik and Meen is not in close degrees – Not on the same Navamansh or nakshatra!

Vrishchik / Meen: Beware of seniors! J Check what they want and do not jump any signal/lights – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble!

Singh: Nov 15 is approaching! J Kanya – Mental harassment about to end from Nov15! J Vrishchik – Welcome to Sadesati on Nov15! J


Great week indeed with Moon going 9, 10, 11. Next Sunday evening onwards 2+ days would be trouble but otherwise a great week. Monday Tuesday possibility of a travel and also a new opportunity at workplace – increasing sphere of influence! Wednesday Thursday – Stress but happening feel at workplace. Meeting with seniors and father quite likely. Friday Saturday and Sunday until afternoon of great gains from multiple sectors. Meeting with elder brothers or friends. Try to get Govt work done before Nov 16 or so.


Monday and Until Tuesday 4:45 p.m. IST a VERY HECTIC schedule – Physical stress is almost a certain. Some inheritance issues could see progress. Tuesday evening onwards a great period of 7 days is waiting. Wed/Thu possibility of a travel and new strategic things. Friday/Saturday stressful but getting things done – churn! Sunday evening onwards 2+ great days – meeting with elder bro/sister and meeting friends and also various “gains”.


Monday Tuesday good to spend quality time with partners and good for collaboration, meeting client etc. Wed/Thurs is VERY hectic and troublesome. Friday Saturday is great which starts a great 7 days period. Sunday night onwards great for meeting father.


Mon/Tuesday great for social event and partying around. Good days for community service also! Wed/Thurs best for spending time with partners, collaboration and meting clients. Friday noon to Sunday evening is VERY HECTIC and physically stressful –Expect delays. Sunday evening onwards things become easier and faster – travel quite likely after Sunday evening.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

Monday Tuesday can show some good news from kids. Wed/Thurs is great for social gathering or partying --- watch stomach issues. Friday noon to Sunday evening great for partnerships and collaboration. Sunday evening onwards 2+ days are very hectic and not very conductive for your goals – excpect delays for sure.


Monday/Tuesday great to spend time with mom and home. Spend time/money on home décor. Wed/Thurs of some quick achievements and meeting deadlines successfully. Friday noon to Sunday evening is great for partying and social events. Sunday evening onwards 2 days great for spending time with partner and collaboration etc. Expect delays/wait period if you are planning to receive your spouse at airport/railway station etc! J i.e. waiting for spuse quite likely from Sunday evening for 2 days! J


Travel possibilities on Mon/Tuesday. Wed/Thurs are great for taking rest, meeting mom and spending quality time at home – achieve some inner peace! J Friday noon to Sunday evening great for quick achievements and tactical success. Sunday evening onwards great for a paaarty! J Expect some senior citizen next to your table or on even with you! J


Check comment about seniors/cops etc above in the summary section! Monday/Tues great for stock market gains and for family matters, buying some gold/silver too. Wed/Thurs travel is quite likely and also meeting with siblings. Friday noon to Sunday evening great for resting, spending time with mom and home.


Enthusiasm and energy on Monday/Tuesday. Wed/Thurs are great for gains in stocks/investments etc. Friday noon to Sunday evening great for travel and meeting siblings. Good for presentations and also speech (to seniors). From Sunday evening 2+ days shows rest and meeting mom and staying at home.


Support from seniors. Monday Tuesday shows some strategic expense! Spending time on planning and covering for mistakes/rest of the past week. Wed/Thurs great for execution of the plans and enthusiasm etc. Friday noon to Sunday evening are great for some incremental gains of the past 5 days of efforts. Sunday evening onwards shows short term travel for next 2 days and also meeting with cousin/sister etc.


Monday Tuesday 4.4.5 p.m. IST are of great gains and supportive environment. Wed/Thurs shows expense and need for planning and care in whatever work you do – take your time! Friday noon to Sunday evening (IST) shows feel-good and energy.


Check comment about seniors/cops etc above in the summary section! Monday thru Friday noon is a great week. Monday Tues shows a lot of churn/happening etc at work-place. Meeting seniors quite likely. From Friday noon to Sunday evening: some expense and planning required. Some review of the past week is a must (lessons learnt etc.)


  1. Thank you Miland for the Weekly horoscope as my moon sign is Leo and wife sign is Virgo look to me all come right will be sending you and E mail for more analysis as I am not sure for many thing myself so your blessing are also very important to me. With best Wishes as always from Germany:-)

  2. Thank you for the response. So regardless such issues with seniors...good things will still start? And if the person is more close to nov 16 then it will be around 2013, but till shani is in tula or 2013 to +2.5 yrs?

  3. hi milind...
    One of my frnd facing so many prblms regarding job and other life related issues venkat and dob is 15 jan 1988 at 8.30am visakhapatnam...he has done btech and mba also...til nw he didnt get the job..he tried very hard bt in vain...
    And wen wil he get married..and wen wil he get job...


  4. HI Milind Ji,
    My DOB--feb 25th 1976, TOB-6:40am in Hyderabad and my husbands is aug 9th 1969, TOB-4:04pm in madanapalle,AndhraPradesh. He was jobless for a longtime and recently gotinto a very good job finally. But we are unable to stay at one place together as a family. We returned to India. Is there a abroad chance for him again and please let us know when the good times will come agian. Regards,Your blogs admirer

  5. hi milind ji,
    kindly check my mail form the mail id and revert back with your valuable comments,
    waiting for your comments,...

  6. Dear Milind,

    Your blog had great articles basis which it had become very interesting. However, you have sort of stopped this for sometime. While the weekly horoscope is very useful, I would request you to continue the good work w.r.t great articles since it helps the reader immensely.


  7. Well Milind,
    I noticed that you tend to get rather specific in your predictions, compared to other astrolgers, who keep things vague like 'happy period ahead', 'may be risky' etc. Don't you think you are exposing yourself to scrutiny? Anyways, looking forward to this week.
    (I might add that your predictions for Tula are seriously in sync with my plans for the week!)

  8. Sarvesh:
    Yes -- but I never claimed of 100% acuracy -- even if I am 70% correct, I will be happy with it. Weekly Horoscope is mostly YOUR FORCE or YOUR ACTIONS on this world and NOT world's force or impact on your actions -- so it will always have some problems. There will be a force of travel say on Thursday BUT workplace and etc would not make that feasible etc. But presentation.speech/meetin siblings are patterns -- Some pattern might end up working...

    I would like to be as elaborate and also different than what you get to read in weekly rashiphal...Else one more additional article is not needed with every daily coming up with their own versions! :)


  9. Ramakrishan:

    Actually recent past have posted various articles -- Also please check my PAGE on FACEBOOK where I intend to chat/write small things about Astro...

    But will certainly post something in next few days.


  10. Dear Milind,

    As you know Mangal Maharaj staying in Simha rashi for long time, if you can write how it would impact on each rashi then it would be a great help for everyone. Your predictions are very accuarate, please accept this request and give us valuable information.


  11. Dear MilindJi,

    Please stop this weekly rashi phal and write on good articles on Astro facts/Vastu etc. This weekly rahi phal may not be accurate.

    Thank you.

  12. Milind sir,
    Plz start charging for the consulting ASAP. That way troubled souls like me will know for sure when are they going to be shown the right path. It is indeed frustrating to know where you could find answers and still not being able to have them.
    Requesting earnestly once again to reply to my questions sent to you on 20 th Sept.

  13. hi milind ji...

    If u hav a time can u plzz describe abt my marriage life...i dnt knw y iam so concerning abt my marriage...

    15 aug 1988 8.20am...visakhapatnam

  14. Kanya -Monday/Tuesday great to spend time with mom and home. Spend time/money on home décor. //

    Sorry, but Monday and today has been really horrible for me. Infact had really bad time with mom on Sunday and fell sick on monday. My moon sign is kanya too. Guess, its just generalized prediction for all. I would love to read, about how the third phase of sade saati is going to be for kanya rashi !

  15. I will agree with "Anonomous" above...The weekly predictions may not be accurate, and probably a waste of your time. I have been reading your articles since you started this blog, but the weekly bhavishya is not that interesting. Sorry, but that's what I honestly feel.
    - Regards,

  16. Pathfinder: So you did spend time at home and mom due to falling sick! :) :)

    I udnerstand that these are very generic ones. These show the "patterns" that you are in for -- -If you decide to go on trip/bike in 4th house Moon -- Nobisy tops you from that -- right? But 4th house Moon WILL show a pattern of RESTING, Spending time at home and meeting mom etc etc..

    I udnerstand that articles give more mental kick but there are 100 requests for weekly article for 1/2 folks who do not like it.

    Also, Weekl;y MPOnthly YEarly Rashi bhavishya gets new people to blog and gets them hooked to pure Astrology articles.

    Also, I am putting some small paragraphs on my FACEBOOK page..So far 2 posted -- on Horoscope TRIKONs and also 2 wasys to Group all signs.


  17. About paying more attention to emails etc -- I do try to reply as many as possible on the Weekend but there is a limitation -- Maybe I will take my id off from this blog.

    I posted my id as folks posted their birthdates open in the comments section -- this is not secure...Id makes sure that the bdates are not in the open. But if this frustates folks to not get reply in time -- I can remove this id ...It is unfair that folks keep posting emails and not getting responses.


  18. Dear Milindji - You have recommened me -- GOMED in left hand index finger 3 carat in Silver - Start on Thursday. Also Pushkaraaj in RIGHT hand Index finger in Gold.

    Should Pukhraaj should also we worn on Thursday ?

    Any reommended time for wearing both the Gems and also if any specific puja before wearing such gems -- Pls advise.


  19. Milindji thanks for the rashiphal. I have been waiting for your responder to my email and I can understand you are busy but please try to reapond. DOB August 13, 1978 at Kolkata at 5:30 pm. I am extremely unhappy at workand wondering when will I get another better job. Much appreciate if you look at my chart and advise.

  20. Hello Milind ji-Sorry for being silent observer since quite some time and not been sending my views and heartfelt thanks since a loong time-Reason-I felt there are soo many who are joining and wishing u with the same feel.u are positively popular.Thnak u so much to say the very least
    To others-i would say lets not pressurise Milind as he is as is doing unimaginable and quite excellent job with his pure heart and soul showing in the explainations and help.
    Lets not in a way criticize and contaminate the flow.Rashi phal cud be for certain folks and meaty write ups for others.All classes shud be able to get there "appetite" from this site.
    My personal opinion is the meaty stuff made me hooked to this site some 2 yrs back(dont recall)and Milind's genuine and transparency cemented it.Weekly rashifal are like "side dish" and not really the "meal" and his personal mails to us "sweet dish"……and its not that mine is answered too in pending list but somewhere we shud understand Milind!!Have a heart
    Lets really practice shraddha and Saboori and have faith...even in this.thanks!!


  21. Hi,thanks for making aware about all this,by the way my name is Rajesh Dawda ,my birth date is 13/5/65 at11.50am in Mumbai and as i am doing licening work with government and municipal corporation and expecting huge funds ,but some how things are not moving as if you could just let me know then i will be highly obliged and thankful.
    Rajesh dawda

  22. Hi,thanks for making aware about all this,by the way my name is Rajesh Dawda ,my birth date is 13/5/65 at11.50am in Mumbai and as i am doing licening work with government and municipal corporation and expecting huge funds ,but some how things are not moving as if you could just let me know then i will be highly obliged and thankful and even i also knoe little bit about astrlogy as my 2nd phase of sadesati is going to start from 15th and surya alreadyis there ,so whether i will be able to reach great heights
    Rajesh dawda

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