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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope Oct 3 to Oct 9 2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

3 Oct 2011 to 9 Oct 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Keeping it simple this week due to time constraint.

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Week in Short:

Mesh rashi rather gets the complete week from Monday to Sunday in 9, 10, 11 bhraman. The Meen folks get the 10, 11 moon this work-week except Saturday Sunday when Moon is in Kumbh. Shukra moving out of Kanya mid week is not the best as Sun is moving towards Shani which shows worker – boss unrest or Govt/masses unrest. Not the best 2 weeks for the folks in power!

The Kumbh, Tula, Mithun rashi folks are going to get affected the worst in the next 2 weeks due to Surya Shani yuti and are advised to use all the TACT and DIPLOMACY possible in the circumstances – keep your options open and do NOT take one sided stands.


1. The whole week is great for you guys. Wining over competition indirectly! 9, 10, 11 Moon shows great week from Monday to Sunday! Monday Tuesday gives some travel and start of new things. The Wed/Thursday increase power and happening feel at the workplace -- Meeting with bosses and also father. Friday/Saturday and most part of Sunday – GAINS from multiple parties, meeting influential people and some monetary gains for sure.

2. Guru continues to enhance image but only execution mode and not many gains (look at Lalit Modi!) Slow increase in physical and social weight on cards.

3. Shani continues to TEST at workplace with difficult assignments and “out of comfort zone” but increasing mass-base /”reporting-to” folks at workplace à increasing cash but keeps you on your toes if you are in service. If business – new people joining in to cause trouble/delays etc.

4. Mangal troubles on domestic front – keep cool.

5. Sun moving to Kanya will help to achieve over competitors now

6. Budh in 5th very similar to Sun above – moves to 6th house (Headache possible, meeting Mama/Mousi etc) from 23rd Sept onwards.

7. Shukra in Tula from Oct 5th – Good for partnerships, finding life partner, marriage activities etc

8. Rahu – Deal health and inheritance issues with elders from paternal family.

9. Ketu – Some gains etc from and within the Maternal family and specially elders


1. Monday thru Wednesday 10 am IST are volatile and highly peeda-karak, hard-work and some fights at workplace! From Wednesday onwards the week is great though. Wednesday/Thurs some good initiative and speed at workplace. Friday/Saturday and most Sunday busy for workplace for some or other thing. The Surya Shani closeness shows care with authorities.

2. Guru continues in 12th house which mandates planning/strategy and going on with what you have achieved until May2011 without worrying too much about future. PLAN – read, certification, study etc. Be on guard as you are now in unfamiliar territory with multiple variables have changed in your environment. What worked before will not work now as is – Show flexibility and studious approach.

3. Shani in 5th house needs perseverance in your tactics/executions despite delays/no visible results. Success is just around the corner (Nov2011 onwards in 6th house Shani)! Health issues of kids could be a worry.

4. Sun stays in Kanya – Still away from Shani but show tact and diplomacy while dealing with seniors. This Sun shows good TACTICAL success / quick success and also good in speculation/trading.

5. Budh in Kanya – Similar to Sun above – some writing, publishing likely.

6. Shukra in Tula from Oct 5th – health wise need to be careful – eat well and sleep well.

7. Rahu – 7th Rahu is building partnerships with paternal family folks.

8. Ketu – 1st house Ketu is good for spiritual pursuits and maternal family folks’ visits

9. Mangal in 3rd house Kirk rashi will make you combative, express more freely and confidently. Some racing or travel is quite possible. Good for sports related activities.


1. Monday until Wednesday morning 10 am IST good for collaboration, partnerships. Wed/Thursday are of some opposition at workplace, hard-work and peeda, health issue. From Friday evening you enter very good 7 days. Try to keep peace at home and stay away from controversy at workplace. Avoid arguments with seniors and only put forward facts and figures and speak only if asked opinions directly!

2. 11th Guru – Great year until May2012 – Crescendo of past 2 years of efforts. Guru only adds to the positives denoted above of the moon movement.

3. Shani in 4th house shows trouble at home pitch – which means house and also your unit and your colleagues etc. Infighting among subordinates is quite possible due to 4th Shani until Nov2011.

4. Sun in 4th in Kanya with Shani – Home front troubles added, seniors going missing, not accessible for some time to support etc.

5. Budh in Kanya similar to Sun

6. Shukra in Tula from Oct 5th – Good for proposals if expected or results of proposals/hard work! J Meeting/spending time with your partner.

7. Rahu – 6th Rahu working with people with different cultural background (caste, religion, language etc) – Victory over competitors due to alliances with people from different background.

8. Ketu – 12th house Ketu – donations to ashrams and money/time/energy spent on maternal family elders or overall family. Monday Tuesday certainly shows these possibilities.

9. Mangal entering 2nd house will bring some quick gains in investments and increasing cash flow for business folks. Best change for bankers. Friends would give you money which they owe.


1. Monday Tuesday are just average – things would go back to where they were by Wednesday and you might have to start over. Wed/Thurs good for collaboration and partnerships. The weekend is not the best for health, too much fatigue etc. rest advised on the weekend. Later in the week be aware of tensions while meeting /communicating with seniors especially the ones who are physically away.

2. 10th Guru: Satva Pariskha at workplace, heat – stress, tension but happening – Reporting to someone of equal ability due to no fault of their and also yours! J

3. Shani in 3th house good for guerrilla warfare, rallying masses/support for initiatives, playing games with folks around (setting – Fielding!) J Usage of Power! Great for politicians.

4. Sun in Kanya good for expression, travel of short term to meet seniors of various types. Beware – Use tact and diplomacy in such occasions – chose words carefully – Communication gaps quite possible.

5. Budh in Kanya – Similar to above – effective presentations but again communication gaps possible.

6. Shukra in Tula from Oct 5th good for rest, home décor, artistic pursuits.

7. Rahu – 5th house Rahu – completion of some project with paternal family.

8. Ketu – 11th house Rahu – Some unexpected help / gain from maternal family especially on Mon/Tuesday.

9. Mangal in rashi is not bad at all as it was in wyay sthan before! J Now your accident possibilities reduce dramatically and you will get energy and momentum to execute many things with full force!!

SINGH / Sinvha

1. Monday Tues good news from kids and some achievement – result of the hard-work in the last week, tactical success. Good for certification. Wed/Thurs is of social events, partying and celebrations etc – Social events more likely as these are work-days! J Weekend good for spending time with partners. Watch your words especially when dealing with Govt and seniors. Sign papers VERY carefully by reading all the fine text! Do not commit deadlines for a difficult task.

2. 9th Guru: Part of Strategic initiative to last for 3 years from May2011. Wakri – So slower results.

3. Shani in 2nd house – weakness in previous investments could be brought to fore. Slowly Increasing cash flow from Sept2009 to continue for all the NEW efforts done from July2007.

4. Sun in 2nd house is good to get additional income of past 2 months’ effort. Beware of speech/writing – spoken word could create issues.

5. Budh in Kanya –Beware on what piece of paper you sign in next month or so.

6. Shukra in Tula from Oct 5th good for travel and meeting someone 6 to 8 hrs away.

7. Rahu – 4th house Rahu – Soukhya – from paternal family – Paternal family spending on vehicles, home décor etc, Home rebuild etc

8. Ketu – 10th house Ketu --- workplace could be near a spiritual place! J Kidding! Actually shows maternal family folks doing good in career etc.

9. Mangal going 12th is not the best – drive slow / carefully. Helmet a must. Siblings need to be careful. Left eye and ankles could give some trouble.


1. Week of mental stress mostly but Monday Tues is a bit of a rest for you, meeting mom, spending time for home/people at home. Wed/Thurs very good for some visible results, good news from kids. Weekend great for a party, social gathering and expenditure for pleasure.

2. 8th Guru – Peeda, You are part of initiatives that do not go too far! But your work is IMP and will decide your fate for May2012 onwards. (Look at Dhoni!) J

3. Shani in rashi – Mental stress etc to be reduced after Nov2011. Take care of stomach and your Mom.

4. Sun in rashi now better than 12th – seniors would be less critical now! J

5. Budh in Kabya – same as above.

6. Shukra in Kanya & moving to Libra now – Some feel good in this tough environment

7. Rahu – 3rd house – Good support from Paternal side family, expression, white paper publishing

8. Ketu – 9th house – Visits to spiritual places, maternal family getting natural support from good souls.

9. 11th Mangal helps with money now for next 1.5 months. Friends would now give you money which they owe. Land deals would be good.


1. Mon/Tues indicate travel or presentations, expression, writing, white papers, shayari/poems etc! J Wed/Thur shows meeting mom, home décor, much needed rest etc. Friday onwards some results, go getter attitude will bring results. Beware of seniors/use tact and diplomacy at any cost and keep cool regardless of provocation by seniors.

2. 7th Guru – Expansion! The dream come true sort of thing that started in 5th Guru until May2010 to expand in 7th Guru now.

3. Shani in 12th house – Sadesati! A bit of Ninda / Badmouth effect. Spend TIME, EMERGY and Money to acquire new skills, build new blue print of new product, and design new stuff for next 30 years of life. PLANNING stage, Certification, learnings etc

4. Sun in 12th house – Check proactively what seniors / Govt wants. Observe compliance to traffic rules, regulatory body needs etc. Deal with seniors with tact and diplomacy.

5. Budh 12th house – Sign documents after careful reading, caution in communication – could cuase confusion and badmouth.

6. Shukra in Tula from Oct 5th in own house gives feel good.

7. Rahu in 2nd house – Paternal side folks could give you some part of investments, wealth etc (18 months and not just this week)

8. Ketu in 8th house: Peeda etc for maternal side elder folks, you will need to support/help them. Hereditary (health) and also wealth-inheritance issues on maternal side family.

9. Mangal in 10th house now shows energy at workplace – some debates and fights but in a good way.


1. Mon Tue great for trading, share market or investment – avoid greed though as on Monday moon is in Moola nakshatra! Wed Thurs could cause travel, working on a presentation, preparation of white paper or some documentation etc. Friday onwards -- the weekend is about meeting near and dear ones, taking some much needed rest etc as next Monday would be hectic.

2. 6th Guru – Enemies/Competitors/Colleagues getting the success you got from May2010 to May2011. Competitors would get the image enhancements and success. You need to stick to what you have and invest time, money and energy in what you have and SERVICE it. Deal with long ignored HEALTH issues and SPEND money on health issues. J Fun – isn’t it?! J

3. Shani 11th house – MONEY – increasing mass base from Sept 2009 (Check Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi, Nitin Gadkari) to continue until Nov2011. Right time right you are! Nov2011 onwards say hello to Sadesati! J

4. Sun in the 11th house – Support from seniors/increasing power until Saturday. Pro-Environment at workplace. Increasing cash flow – meeting with some seniors, meeting older friends etc. Great for Govt deals. Overall from July15 to Oct16 you are under 9, 10, 11 Transit of Surya which is great for you.

5. Budh on Kanya – Increasing cashflow

6. Shukra in 12th house – beware of any naughty stuff or contacts, watch expense

7. Rahu in Rashi – Image makeover – Contacts with paternal family folks

8. Ketu in 7th house: partnerships with maternal side elderly folks

9. Mangal finally out of Gemini reducing accident possibilities! 9 10 11 Mangal in next 5/6 months is a GREAT news for you – reduces a lot of stress of 6th Guru for sure.


1. Mon/Tuesday is about new energy and execution/work of the planning done on the weekend. Wed/Thurs would show some results for this work and also good for investments. Friday onwards good time for travel over the weekend in Kumbh Chandra. The 10th house Surya moving close to Shani – Workplace calm could be disturbed by your seniors and your subordinates conflicting making your position very difficult! J Some care needed to chose words carefully and CONFLICT management will be required.

2. 5th Guru – DREAM come true until May2012 – Tactical success of what you are working for 2/3 years! You will FEEL GOOD about yourself and you would think that you have achieved success.

3. Shani 10th house – Power at workplace, increasing mass base, increasing potential BUT STRESS – Pressure cooker situation which would FORCE you to grow, increase your ability. Tussle with seniors/authorities within your organization and also outside or even Govt. But a HAPPENING period from Sept 2009 for sure. Seniors could feel a bit threatened or so.

4. Sun in the 10th house – Support from seniors/increasing power has started from Aug 15 for 3 months. Pro-Environment at workplace. Later on in the 1st/2nd week of October, Sun will be with Shani so some senior could be a victim of your actions! J Tussle with seniors likely. In-fighting within your seniors is possible.

5. Budh in Kanya – Similar to above

6. Shukra in 11th house --- Increase of cashflow.

7. Rahu in 12th house – badmouth yog, expense within paternal family.

8. Ketu in 6th house: health specific issues (stomach). Health issues to maternal family

9. Mangal entering 8th house indicates caution with driving, helmet a must etc. Also shows that your siblings need to be careful too.


1. Monday Tuesday and until Wednesday 10am IST the time is of a lot of expenses and spending time, energy and money maybe to plan next 27 days. It is a tough period where you would need to make amendments for any mistakes done in the last week’s great results. Wed Thurs better but not much of a progress – very good for hard work though. From Friday you would see some support/improvement at workplace, Please be careful about travel as Surya Shani in 9th house. Some weird events possible in travel and also dealing with seniors.

2. 4th Guru – STAGNANCY! Satva-Pariksha at workplace. Things would be very slow. Good time to enjoy TV, Furniture, house, interior etc J J BEST time for any certifications and tremendous HARD-Work as all the effort done now will be fully paid from May2012 to May2013 in 5th Guru!!

3. Shani 9th house – START of some new things from Sept 2009 which changed your job profile, 1 promotion, 1 step up responsibilities at workplace which also increases or STARTS your mass base increase. Getting some “reporting-to” people who would stay/grow with you for next 5/7 years.

4. Sun in the 9th house – Start of 3 months of support from Sun/seniors/Gov from Sept16/17. However travel could throw surprises due to Surya Shani close in Oct.

5. Budh in Kanya Similar to Sun in 9th house.

6. Shukra in 10th house very good now for you with increasing clout at workplace.

7. Rahu in 11th house – GAINS from paternal family, Feel good in paternal family

8. Ketu in 5th house – Tactical success/achievements to maternal family in whatever they are doing – Fun times

9. Mangal entering 7th house indicates caution with relationships, partnerships.


1. Monday Tuesday are very good to get most things done – try to get major things done by Wedneday 10 am IST as there is a natural support. Wed Thursday are not the best – could cause chaos and a lot of expenditure or time, energy and money. Friday onwards it is not great support but at least comes back to some normalcy. Surya moving close to shani – next 15 days ALL YOUR Tact and Diplomacy will be tested for sure. USE it.

2. 3th Guru – Half-Bhagyoday – Some new things would start from May2011 to May2012. This coud cause going to a 6 to 8 hours away place for work for a year or so Or frequent travels in this period are likely. But welcome change in career after 12, 1, 2 movements of Guru.

3. Shani 8th house – PEEDA, Going away from your mass-base, inheritance/land issues, health issues. Great time to regain health issues, complete certifications – capacity building etc. Part of initiatives that go nowhere regardless of how good you are doing BUT your good work will always be noticed and NEW POSITION and NEW initiative etc would be given to you after Nov2011 in 2.5 years until March 2014 or so. LAGE RAHI MUNNA BHAI!!

4. Sun in the 8th houseProblems with seniors, Govt and authorities. Watch what they want – spend 1 hr everyday thinking what THEY want. Communication breakdown possible, Use tact and diplomacy, good quantitative methods than subjective remarks.

5. Budh in Kanya– Same as above

6. Shukra in 9th house– Very good for health, peace of mind and something positive with Surya Shani in 8th house creating discomfort!

7. Rahu in 10th house – Some great unexplained success in some initiative or a project which even would surprise you. People would think that you have some mystical ability or so.

8. Ketu in 4th house – okie dokie…

9. Mangal entering 6th house success over competition, cash and overall achievement/success etc in service sector for 1.5 months. Some blood related issues to watch out. Siblings could catch sardi. J


1. Monday Tues support at workplace, meeting mentors and seniors at workplace. Increase in sphere in influence. Wednesday/Thurs are GREAT with multiple gains and influential meetings. Friday onwards shows hectic 2.5 days with a lot of expense, time spent on things you would not appreciate the most. Need to plan the whole month on the weekend while you enjoy your shopping etc. The Sun Shani coming closer in 7th house shows care while doing collaborations and any lack of patience could cause some adverse reaction from seniors.

2. 2th Guru – DHAN Labh – Surprise increase in income and also FAMILY until May2012. Much better than past 2 years of Guru being 12th and in Rashi until May2011.

3. Shani 7th house – Reducing social circle and “reporting-to” people. Reducing initiatives. Employee trouble/accusations, blame games etc by workers. Keep a close watch on health of your Mom (ankle, water related issues)

4. Sun in the 7th house for a month – Turmoil /turnover /churn etc in partnerships possible with so many planets in the 7th house. Use words carefully. Avoid communication gaps.

5. Budh in 7th house same as above.

6. Shukra in 8th house with Shani – Easy money chances. VERY Good time to buy a lottery ticket! J

7. Rahu in 9th house – Travel – teerth yatra for paternal family folks. Support from paternal family

8. Ketu in 3th house – Similar to above for maternal family but more in practical matter (material stuff)

9. Mangal entering 5th house success in sports – kids could bang their cycles or feet on some stone! J You will have some playful mood.


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