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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope: 10 Oct 2011 to 16 Oct 2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

10 Oct 2011 to 16 Oct 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Keeping it simple this week due to time constraint.

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani & Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Surya and Shani are going to have a showdown in the later part of the week. Oct 13, 14, 15 are the worst affected by this yuti. Do not get into arguments with any figure of authority, police or Govt. “Sir, Please” will help a lot with them. This is especially true in the day time. The Govt/police etc will be very firm/rude etc during the day time. From night time masses will regain their standing but there is a certain face-off of Govt and masses during these days. The Govt/police could win the short term battle but they would have a long term problem if things not dealt with maturity and patience. Budh and Shukra in Libra show a good time for artistic types. Best time to compose/write/paint etc something great Especially as Shukra is bang opposite in drushti of Guru on Oct 15.


The week starts with a bit of a problems on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday until 7 p.m. as the Moon is in Meen rashi, 12th to Mesh. This shows expense of time, energy and money to keep your rating intact! J The Wednesday 7 p.m. onwards you will again feel energized and enthusiastic. Meeting with /blessings from some “Guru type” folks on Thursday and Friday is quite possible. Saturday 8 am onwards you will see gains of the hard-work done in the week. Your competitors could get the stick of Surya Shani showdown and you could enjoy the show actually! Be careful of what you eat – health – stomach could throw (literally!) some surprises! J


Well a good week until Wednesday 7 p.m. -- Long due recognition for work done in the last 20/22 days! After Wednesday evening however until Saturday morning is a tough environment. 12th Moon will make matters a bit difficult. You will need to do a lot of hard work to maintain the success/level from early week. Weekend would be good with Moon in your sign though. It will give enthusiasm and energy to execute things which you wanted to do from past 20 days but couldn’t.


A very good week indeed until Saturday morning. Until Monday morning it shows some travel. Monday thru Wednesday shows a lot of work & activities at workplace. You will get a lot of work done with high productivity. The Thursday thru Saturday morning is especially of great gains from all quarters. A tremendous week indeed! The weekend shows a lot of shopping! J The weekend also shows some peeda and revisiting/correcting/paying back the mistakes done in the past 25 days!


A GREAT week for you. 8th and 9th Oct was of quite a bit of peeda and hard work. Oct 10th i.e. Monday thru Wednesday show a great support from the environment and good news coming in. Travel is very much possible. The Thursday and Friday happening but with a lot of stress. Some meetings with seniors / role models quite likely. However immediate blessings could be difficult despite they understanding your value. Your time will come after May2012! J The weekend is marvelous – meeting & spending time with folks that you really like.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

Monday thru Wednesday 7 p.m. are quite tough. You will need to do a lot of hard work to keep things going. Some face-off, stand-off at workplace is likely. This mess will get over from Wednesday evening onwards until Saturday morning – where blessings from upper level folks will be coming easily. The weekend would be really good to meet your father or elderly folks. Rather, Wednesday evening onwards you enter very good 7 days of Chandra-Bal – Best 7 days in the 28 days cycle (including these 7).


Monday thru Wednesday evening is great for collaborations, partnerships. Wednesday 7 p.m. to Friday night is of peeda, hard work and health issues. It is good to get good tips or a mentor in Yoga or alternate healing / therapy etc. The weekend is refreshing, travel is almost certain and it starts very good 7 days from Saturday morning.


Monday thru Wednesday is good for social events, gatherings and even party! Wed 7 pm onwards you will see wonderful partnerships, collaborations. Great 2/3 days to young folks from marriage point of view. Lot many marriages could be decided (not just for Tula) on Wednesday onwards. J Very good for artists, bollywood folks. Saturday morning onwards 2+ days are very tough – hard work and health issues – overall peeda! B-complex/Basitone Forte will certainly help.

Stay away from seniors though – You are in for some issues with seniors/Govt especially the dates mentioned at the top. Until Oct 16 – seniors are going to be tough on you. Put extra efforts for what they want.


Until Wednesday great to spend time with kids and also studying. Some fulfillment for the hard work done in past 5 days for sure. Support from seniors is ensured despite they having some spats with their seniors! J Thus Friday could see some partying around, social events and meeting financial/accounting consultants for some economic advice! Weekend great to spend time with the partner.


Good for spending time at home until Wednesday evening. Thus/Friday good for achievements and good news from various fronts. Kids would do wonders. Weekend shows party-mood & socializing, meeting maternal relatives.


Monday thru Wednesday evening is good for travel – a hectic one. Good for presentations and white papers. Thus/Friday are slow but steady and they show great time for an interior designer to visit your place. The weekend would show gains coming thru due to work done in the week. Take care while travelling – keep tickets safe else TC could trouble you! J You could be stopped by patrol cars/police etc.


Seniors are a pain until Oct16. Monday thru Wednesday although shows good cash flow, trading gains, positive things – overall you will be nervous a bit. Managing seniors with TACT and DIPLOMACY cannot be emphasized enough! The weekend is great for spending quality time at home and meeting mom –watching movies etc with friends.


Until Wednesday – watch your health and also health of your partner. Partnerships could throw some unpleasant surprises. Be patient with your partners. If something is pending from seniors/Govt – try to get it done before 16th Oct. Budh Shukra 8th to Meen in Tula -- Good time for trading, share market investments but in a controlled manner. Thursday/Friday you will impress with your speech and further gains from trading, investments. The weekend good for a short travel.


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