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Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope 17 Oct2011 to 23 Oct2011

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

17 Oct 2011 to 23 Oct 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani & Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

The week starts with an “8 and a 4 combo” date of fate; it is not the best day for adventurous activities at personal level. Surya changing to Tula/Libra on Monday night is not the best news for Meen and Vrishchik rashi people: watch-out for what seniors want from you, manage seniors with tact and diplomacy. It is a good news for Kumbh and Tula rashi folks who were at receiving end with seniors and authorities in the last month. The Sun changing sign and moving away from Shani is a good news for everybody. Surya joining Budh, Shukra in Tula is a very good thing as they are all in direct drushti of Guru in Mesh. DHANU would be the biggest beneficiary of this change.

The week is best for Kanya and Tula rashi folks as they would go thru 9, 10, 11 Chandra (Tula from Monday 8 p.m. IST). Not the best for Vrishchik & Kirk rashi folks due to 8th /12th house Chandra from Tuesday night thru Thursday 4:40 a.m. aprx!

Deewali is technically Amawasya in Tula rashi i.e. Surya and Chandra both in Tula rashi. That is why deewali always happens from Oct 17 to Nov 16 or so.

1. The Moon enters Mithun /Gemini on Monday night 7.30 p.m. IST becomes 12th to Cancer and 8th to Scorpio

2. The Moon enters Kirk / Cancer on Thursday morning 4:40 a.m. becomes 8th to Dhanu, 12th to Singh

3. The Moon enters Singh / Leo Sign on Saturday morning 10:02 a.m. IST 8th to Makar, 12th to Kanya


Monday is good for family stuff and some trading gains. Tuesday thru Thursday morning are good for travel of up to 6 hrs or so. These are good for expression/presentation also. Great week to decide/get married or to find someone great! J The Thursday Friday are great for resting and spending time at home and visiting Mom. From Saturday/Sunday you again start getting busy but again a good time to spend with kids!


Monday is a good day to execute things/hard-work. Tuesday thru Thursday is good for gains and family matters and investments too. Thurs/Friday is a good one for travel, presentations and expression overall. Weekend is very good to take rest, visit mom and even spend money for interior decoration.


Monday is not the best day as it shows expenditure and some peeda. Tuesday thru Thursday morning will be positive and full of enthusiasms. These are 2 great days to execute/get things done. Thursday/Friday are good for gains and family matters and investments too. Weekend shows a short travel to a nearby place.


IST Monday is fantastic but Monday night 11 pm IST onwards 2.25 days are not the best. They show some peeda, expense and need for planning and strategy etc. These 2 days are to invest efforts, money and energy into something new for next 27 days. Thursday/Friday is to start execution of the plan done until Thursday IST morning. The weekend shows gains and meeting family members. Good 2 days to think about investments.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

It is a very good week until Thursday IST morning. The week starts with increased power & happening & actions at workplace. Monday night onwards shows 2.25 days of great gains and meeting folks you like to meet etc. Thursday morning 4.40 am IST onwards 2.25 days shows difficulties, planning, spending money time and energy to cover previous mistakes and new planning for next 25 days or so. The weekend shows enthusiasm and spending time/money on you.


It is a very good week except the weekend which shows some expense especially the Sunday. Sunday shows expense, peeda etc. It also shows need for planning. Monday will see some important/strategic tasks/work being done. Tuesday Wednesday are happening and of a lot of work. The Surya entering in 2nd house will make quite a few things work for you. Planets in 2nd house always make Deewali a great period of “eating with family” around scenario! J 2nd house 3 planets are great for investment returns.


Enjoy feel good with 3 planets in your sign and Guru aspecting it. IMAGE enhancements are for sure. Watch Bachchan sahab! J Monday is of peeda though and from Monday night you enter 7 GREAT days. Get a lot of things done during this time. Guru is supporting you despite Shani at odds. The Guru has not allowed you to feel sadedsati from Sept 2009 as much. Many plans will now start execution as 3 planets in your sign!


Beware of seniors/Govt and authorities for a month now. Think of what they want/need first. Use tact and diplomacy and be humble when dealing with Govt and cops etc. The Monday night to Thursday morning 5 am is not t7eh best period. It shows hard work – peeda etc and health issues. Do not drink water/T etc at shady places. Thursday onwards you enter very good 7 days. With 3 planets in 12th house, deewali is going to bring a lot of expense (in a good sense) as Guru is in 6th house supporting these planets for a well directed expense/investments.


Thursday Friday are not the best days to take risks. Be watchful as both Chandra and Mangal 8th house – Drive very carefully. Otherwise absolutely wonderful period in your career and life. Surya 11th is just like the cherry on top of the cake. Enjoy your time. Weekend great for travel and start of new things for next 27 days! You enter great 7 days from Saturday morning.


Sun entering 10th house shows a lot of support at workplace and increase in power/sphere of influence. Moon supports on Monday for achievements but Tuesday Wednesday it shows providing service/support to others. Also it shows some social events and a party/dinner etc outside. The Thursday and Friday are great to spend with partner and overall collaboration. The weekend is of peeda, hard work and lots of hindrances. The weekend is a race of 400m hurdles! J


Finally the Sun enters Tula (Ajit Dada now would feel a bit better!) in the evening! This will end your spat with the seniors. Next 3 months you would get good support from seniors. The Monday is good for a much need rest and a dull day sorts. Tuesday Wed is busy and of some achievements. Thursday thru Saturday morning great for socializing, partying around; watch out stomach issues though. Do not drink water outside (use mineral water etc). The weekend would be great to spend with your partner.


Sun entering 8th house (peeda) shows trouble with seniors, authorities etc for the next 1 month. Think of their priorities first. Please use tact and diplomacy while dealing with them. This week shows end of travel on Monday and some rest/solace on Tuesday Wednesday. Thursday morning onwards you would come back in action and deliver some goods. The weekend great for party and social events.


  1. Too short. . . . May b u r busy . . . . . . Waiting for ur 12th Guru article Milind Ji. . .

  2. nice one......thanks a lot


  3. he milind this week you are bang on. i am mesh, travelling on tue to my native place to meet mom. i am surprised.


  4. Like always...good one. Kanya rashi...going thru immense personal peeda, pls take a look at my email from if you can.

  5. thanks for your bhavishya was desperately waiting for the same.

  6. really Milind - wish we had your skills. Why don't you take this up as a full time job? :)

  7. great...Milind all your posts are bang on target

  8. Well as per articles,the planet gives most good results when in 9,10 or 11. so why people says that when shani is 9th and 10th it is very inauspicious.

  9. Hi Milindji,

    I am waiting for your prediction, please suggest me. I have been requesting you since long time and very eagerly looking at your comments every day.

    Please do help me out.


  10. Ajinkya --- Thats the problem with the analysis. But one thing is Sure Guru shows optimism and Shani gives only after hardwork and thru masses...people connect and working with masses is a must in Shani maha antardasha or when Shani is 9, 10, 11 etc..


  11. Subha -- My laptop is not with me -- But I SURE want to check your horoscope ASAP...! :(

    Will get back.

    Thanks Sachin for feedback and also anonymous- I might start it once I become old! :) Indian people want ther doctors and Astrologers OLD>..! :) :)


  12. what is the importance of ashtakavarga points when sadesati period is going?

  13. AshtakVarg:
    Instead of looking at Ashtakwarg look at the planets' degress/navamansh and nakshatra -- i.e. how intense, how blessed, how harsh etc these planets are placed -- The more hard placement -- Shani movement over than planet including Moon (Sadesati) will be more intense. Here initense word is both positive and netative. INTENSE stuff has a lot of SIDE EFFECTS -- Shani not only highlights side effects but obvious BAD DIRECT effects ....

    So yes AshtakVarg is imp but instead of "points" I woudl rather advise to look at the positive/negative Karma a particular planets shows from past life and also this life and then accordinlgy adjust the analysis of sadesati or ANY damn planet in the horoscope on which or opposite to which Shani is traveling even 3rd and 10th drishti shoudl be considered!!


  14. Dear Milindji,

    I am hardcore follower of your blogs but would like to know on the below subject :

    As i understand from your blog, you have always said that - one has to pay for his karmas, and no prayer or gem stones can help in this regard.

    But your blog dt: March 11, 2011 ( Salman Khan Horoscope Analysis ) -- you have mentioned that he should wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj ).

    If gem stones are not going to help in paying off karmic debts, then why you would recommed Pukhraj to him.

    Looking forward to your reply.



  15. Mehul:
    There is an article on "What you need to know about Karma" which I wrote after reading J.P Waswani's book. It explains types of Karmas etc. The Kriyamaan Karma is karma of THIS life -- i.e. you do the karma and it is paid off right away and it is nOT carried forward. Sadesati is ALL about THIS life Karma and not destiny.fate -- that is Shani mahadasha, Shani antardasha and Shani Bhukti -- Rather ALL planet Maha/Antar etc are about past karma.

    The Upasana, Temples, Gemstones etc make you THINK in the right direction and help you come up with great thoughts that result in good action and good karma -- So yes they are useful but do not expect magic from them.

    Color Therapy is a subject some folks are expert in -- Eating balanced colored food and use of colors in life is a GREAt subject of study. Gemstones are also part of this study but gemstones are not only about color therapy.

    I hope that explains. Using a Gemstone and tryoing to evade Income TAX -- They do not go together! :) :) Using a Moti and still shouting on others is not going to help! :) :) (Moti is for man:shanti) :) So gemstones are not magic but they are catalyst or eneablers as they call in management books! :)


  16. Dear Milindji,

    Fantastic explanation.

    Thx a lot



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  18. hey milind
    please advice. i am mesh rasi, taurs lagna. neelam 9th and 10th hs, diamond 1st and 6th hs, emarald 2nd and 5th hs. planning to wear all three. will they be too many stones. by the way venus is at 8 deg in vakri in mithun, budh in lagna at 29deg, and saturn at 18deg in taurus. sun at 23deg in lagna.

  19. AshtakVarg:

    In our horoscope if some planets are badly placed and current saturn position is aspecting it there is possibility(less intensity) of some bad effects?

    Is there any difference effect when saturn sees 3rd druti,10th drusti ,opposite and travelling same house?

  20. AshtakVarg:

    In our horoscope if some planets are badly placed and current saturn position is aspecting(even though we are not under going sadesati) is there possibility of some bad effects?

    ex: 12th house(mesha) badly placed. 6th(tula) house is having moon. when saturn is in kumbh,mesha and karkataka. Bad effects can happen right?

    how different is this from when saturn is in tula?

  21. makar - perfect.. started new job/chapter in life.. very good support at new job.. way better than what you can expect on day one.


  22. (1) AshtakVarg:
    Are yaar -- lets leave Ashtakvarg aside! :) Just look at Shani travel on specific planet or Druhstri on specific planet -- it WILL show issues with that planet's karakatva -- house ownership and specifically the health issues. Think about the Shani travel degrees and planets degrees and intense STARS that planet is closer to...Keep it simple and jargon-free. The moment one starts to use Jargons -- the subject seems very complex and elitist (which it is not!) :)

    (2) Sachin Saraf:
    Bhai, why you are wearing so many gemstones?? Gemstones should be used considering:
    -- Why you need it-- Career, Health, relationship with specific person -? Ravi with Shani -- One Astrologer might advise to wear Neelam as Shani is astangat and onwer of imp 9, 10 raajyogkarak houses! Another Atsro would say PRAAN-Karak -- Overall Well being karak RAVI is with Shani == Not good for health -- Let us put RUBY on him! :) :) Totally opposite -- Ruby supposedly is good for health, eyes specifically and well being of a person!

    So gemstone selection is a FUNCTION of WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ...You want to be popular and calm, colder and samadhani -- Wear MOTI -- You want to be colder, calm, quieter but want to do TRADING -- Dhanda - etc -- EMERALD (Panna) etc etc

    Pukharaaj is GREAT for a mainstream guy but it is of lesser use to say Michael Schumachar -- he will need MARS -- Munga and Ruby of Sun!

    Hope this helps your logic building.


  23. Milnd This is my 3rd time request for guidance DOB-02 jAN 1967 tIME 2040 hrs Place DElhi , I hope for 3rd time lucky.

    Thx & Regards

  24. hi Milind ji,
    i have mailed my details from the Mail id, i havent got any feedback from you.
    kindly do the needful, as i need some suggestion from your end, as i am working and running a business for the past 6 year, wanted to take a break from my current job and concentrate more in my business, planning to go for a bank loan and other stuff, need u r suggestion, kindly spare some time and do teh needfull

  25. Hi Milind,

    Can you pls throw some light on Sun and Mercury in first house of Pisces. I am currently going thr Shani dasa, which is to end in Feb 2013. There is a lot of turmoil for me at the moment.

    Since my Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, and my next dasa is Mercury dasa, i am wondering what is in store for me. Pls help

  26. Sharmila:
    Current issues could very well be due to Shani opposite to Surya in Meen. They will reduce after NOv2011. Budh in Meen is called debilitated and also is combust -- BUT IT IS with the allmighty SUN --- So anyways your life purpose is not being a trader - -Rather Budh in Pisces is good for Education sector, PhD level education etc but not trading or common-sense about evaluation of some used articles (cars, tvs etc) There is some honesty -- BHOLA-Pun with Pisces Budh that you can obviously see in Sachin Tendulkar also. Unelss you are 5, 14, 23 born and with Moon in Kanya etc -- I do not see trading possibilities in Budh mahadasha. Meen Budh is also known to have very less ability to ARTICULATE in brif. They need to write/talk more than Kanya Budh (like me) :) to covey a thing! :)

    BUT -- Communication, Expression, DETAILED Research papers, CONSULTANCY etc is quite possible in Budh mahadasha. Budh is with SUN -- So it will ACT LIKE SUN -- Owner of 6th hosue Service sector --- Administrative job in Service sector -- ADVISOR, Consultant to some societies/comanies etc. Navamansh of Sun and Budh will decide the direction of the work...

    But Budh mahadahs for you would be very good as bvudh is in ALL IMP 1st house and with a SARVA-GYN sampanna/ORIGINAL -- BRILLIANT planet like SURYA. Communicaiton, Coordination, getting things done from other is what a person does in Budh mahadasha.

    Balasaheb in Shani mahadasha 1980 to 1999 did his partcipation in Politics. AFter 1999 he became more of an advisor...but not less imporant...!


  27. Also BACHCHAN after his SHani mahadasha end in say 89/90 --- Went into a Supporting sort of ERA of his roles and not single handed stuff in Shani Mahadasha from 70 to 89...(Exact time not known and hence approxination 1/2 years could be different).


  28. Milind,
    Could you please write a separate and detailed article sometime on Navamsha and its interpretation?

  29. Hello Sir,

    Could you write an article on Nakshatras' and their traits? That would be be really nice.


  30. Hi Milindji,

    I have been requesting you for my horoscope prediction and suggestion in my life.

    Could you please atleast look into that and suggest me the solutions for all my problems:

    TOB:12:10PM(day time)
    Place: Khammam(200 KM from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

    Hope at least I have luck now for the fourth time.

    Appreciate your response.

  31. Thanks Milind for your inputs... I was thinking i could be unlucky here as well, but you changed that.


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