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Sunday, November 13, 2011

14 Nov 2011 to 20 Nov 2011 : Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

14 Nov 2011 to 20 Nov 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

If you want to check as per SUN Signs – Please check your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign:

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani & Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Graha-stithi: SHANI MOVING TO TULA now! J Vargottam navamansh from Kanya to Tula. Surya changes to Vrishchik Nov16th night ISt. Shukra Budh stay in Vrishchik/Scorpio with Rahu(20:21 at weekend). Guru wakri in Mesh; Mars in Singh/Leo.

Shani Change effects: A detailed article for all signs:

Moon Movements in the week:

Enters Mithun on 1:12 am Monday Nov 14 (Early morning);

Enters Kirk Nov 16 Wednesday 10:41 am;

Enters Singh Nov18, Friday Afternoon 5:20 pm

Enters Kanya Nov 20 Sunday night 8:52 pm


The week is great news for all folks who have anything to do with Astrology. Vrishchik folks now enter sadesati and would wonder only if they had not done this, if they had not done that! J Just kidding – It is not that dramatic! J J Kanya gets a MAJOR relief. Singh gets OUT OF SADESATI. Vrishchik and Kirk additionally get an irregular/chaotic/problematic start in the week with some long due stuff on Monday thru 10.40 am on Wednesday! TULA enters middle 2.5 years of sadesati of mental stress etc but Guru will help until May2012 and you would not realize its effect to that extent. Kumbh: Olakh thewa! (Pehchan rakho!) J J J

Vrishchik / Meen: From Nov 17 you get a bit of a solace from seniors/Govt etc.

DHANU and MESH: Now, you beware of seniors! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble!

MESH: 7th Shani: Decreasing reporting to, collaborations/partnerships under scanner

Monday thru Wednesday 11 am shows meeting siblings, possibility of a travel, presentation or proposal/white paper writing etc or some publishing for that matter. Wednesday onwards you will see get some rest, might meet up with mom or spend time at home/home front. Nov 18, i.e. Friday 5:20 pm onwards 2+ days great for sports, meeting friends and spending time with kids.

VRISHABH: New collaborations, New initiatives, Tough assignments, increasing mass and money base

Good week overall – Some gains etc until Wednesday 11 am. Travel possibilities after that and also some presentations or a lot of activity on expression/emails overall communication. Friday 5:20 pm onwards much needed rest and spending time at home and with mom too. Very good weekend for the ladies in the family.

MITHUN: Watch your kids & put a LOT of effort on education!

Weekend was high on spending – Now until Wednesday shows a good enthusiasm and energy. Gains afterwards until Friday 5:20 p.m. Travel, meeting siblings and short picnic etc from Friday evening to weekend. Good weekend to write blogs, articles and overall expression /publishing etc. You can surprise yourself with your writing etc on the weekend as Neptune is also opposite to Chandra on the weekend and 9th too your sign.

KIRK: Watch your home turf and infighting!

A hectic week until Wednesday 11 am IST. Shows needs for planning, hard work to maintain reputation. Please put in time for sure. You will need to do what you usually do not like! J Wednesday to Friday afternoon is a feel-good one. The weekend shows some gains of the hard-work done in the week.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha: Alvida dude – have a great period of 22 years now!!

CONGRATS! J Out of sadesati now! 9th Guru would start showing its charm now! J Travel almost imminent now, for better opportunities. The week until Wednesday amazing! Wednesday 11 am to Friday 5.20 pm shows some tough time and of hard work, covering neglected things in past 25 days or so. Weekend again a good one.

KANYA: Mental agony over, now gains start but will review your previous real estate/share etc investments!

As a highly analytical sign who like to tear apart every little/small event for analysis – past 2.5 years have been tough as many things might not have made sense to your analytical thoughts!! J J Now your thoughts will start making sense (to you) again. Again your troubles will reduce but real fun is after May2012 – Until then HARD WORK PLEASE. The week is simply GREAT until Friday 5.20 p.m. After that you will see spending time effort and money on several things but I would call it an investment for sure.

TULA: Watch mom’s health, lose water/weight, watch image, you will be humbled now! Start execution of the plans created from Sept2009

Enter sandman! J Shani in rashi but Guru 7th so not a problem! J The week is GRRREAT for you until Sunday night. “Anukulata” at workplace. Until Wednesday morning you could see that there is some new initiative and some travel due to that – it could be a meeting in the next building in different floor or different building or an office which is 2/3 hours away from yours etc. From Wednesday 11 am IST you would see happening but stressful events, lot of activities, karma/churn etc of various activities. From Friday onwards you will see multiple gains over the weekend until 8.52 pm or so. Later on 2 days would be a bit tough!

VRISHCHIK: So you think, you are tough!?

W chaotic starts for the week with Chandra in the peeda house – Drive carefully and try to focus on MUST DO things – need of the hour! From Wednesday 11 am you will see very good 7+ days. Welcome to sadesati – 12th Shani for next 2.5+years will FORCE you to pay off misuse of power in 9, 10, 11 Shani. Also Shani will force you to PLAN for next 30 years ALONG WITH fighting hard to keep what you have right now! J Double-work! J J VilasRao, RR Patil, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Nitin Gadkari folks would see some tough days until May2012 for sure and also broadly until end of 2014 or so. J Fun isn’t it! J

DHANU: Have some Benjamins ($$), will you?! J

Windfall gains – Paishyacha paawus! (Mukesh Ambani??) in 11th Shani now for 2.5+ years. 5th Guru would look MUCH better now until May2012! J The week is OKie-Dokie except for Wednesday 11 am to Friday 5.20 pm which is peeda, hard work etc! Friday 5.20 pm onwards you enter VERY good 7 days!

MAKAR: Happening (but STRESS), New Senior/aged person you would need to report to, TOUGH assignments and new mass-base/people under you too!

Until Wednesday is good for get-togethers and some fun at workplace activities. Wednesday to Friday evening good to spend with spouse and some collaboration. The weekend is a tough one – lots of physical peeda.


9th Shani – Start of an ERA now for you. 3rd Guru will shine for you now in a better way. Expect travel or change in position/account/project for much better opportunities. You have been thru a lot in past 2 years. The week is average except this Shani change. Watch out health/stomach from Wednesday to Friday evening. Good to take a short trip etc with your spouse on the weekend,

MEEN: Work alone my friend and build skills and also watch out health & inheritance issues

8th Shani – decreasing mass base of start of a period of a desk job (sort of). Not many reporting to folks for you for 2 years. But take it as an opportunity. The week is fine with spending time mostly for resting, talking to near/dear ones/mom etc until Wednesday morning. Later until Friday evening: good achievements. Weekend is great for social get-togethers, social activities, community service, eating out etc.


  1. hi milind...

    Name: Naidu
    DOB: 9 oct 1985 time: 12.06am visakhapatnam

    very very difficult period as of now...done mba and SAP too in marketing......but no job...failed in many interviews...

    Can u plzz tell me wen will i am going to get the job..and wen will be my good period starts..

    i know its not safe to write my details here...but i hav no option to get the answer frm u...

    i hope u reply to me as soon as possible...

    Tnx & regards

  2. Hi milind Ji,
    Mailed my details from Mail id, quite a long time back.
    I need to take some valuable decisions in my life.
    Looking forward for your support, Kindly spare some time to reply me.

  3. Thank you very much Milind Sir, I was waiting for this information, and I got what i wanted :) Thanx once again !!

  4. 15th nov abhi ayi vi nhi te i can already feel the effects.... yey for kanya rashi ppl! for past 2 year- shit hit the roof n now its a sigh of relief :D (PHEW)---but im glad i went thru this springcleanin of life
    P.S>Milind ur posts on kanya rashi were uplifting.. Thank u zillions

  5. Milind, me zara mahatva kaamachya mail pathavnar ahe, zamla tar ek athauda madhe respond karshil ka? thanks -

  6. Milind, can you give us some more details on singh rashi this week forcast, specially when you said time betwen Wed until Friday will be tough on. Why is it so? I thought it will be all good once sadesati is over. Please give us some more details.


  7. Actually, this last 25 days for singh rashi was so tough don't know when this will end, but it crosses limit and now lacking patience. I have singh rashi and dhanu lagna with rahu, guru and surya in dhanu. I am under Rahu MD and venus AD. Venus, Mangal and Budh in 12th house from dhanu lagna.


  8. congo singh guys...
    And tnq very much milind for the gud news...
    If u hav time pls check my mail...charankanna


  9. Hi Milind,

    Will be nice if you can write an article on effects on dash/ antardasha on a person depending on the status of the planet in the chart? Have not seen it in anyother site and thought it will help a lot of people to understand why 11th Guru will not help during the dasha of a malefic planet.

  10. Do hope travails 'kanya rashi' folks have faced all this while transforms to some consideration on the part of the heavens.

    I hope we have paid most of our karmic debts. But I do realize that this is a lifelong process - Atmashuddhi.

    Thanks Milind. Of all the doomsayers out there, yours is a voice of hope and courage.

    Blessed Be

  11. Thank u Milind ji for writing so much good about leos....finally we get respite!!!

    to other leos-Pavan,Manish n Pradeep(?) and one 27th July one with whom i share my b'day:-)

    I guess we all have desperately been looking fowd to this day since all theses "jagtojahed times"I really felt that all of us irrespective of different dasa and lagan..were majorly going through toughest and esp for leos not an environment that they were feel comfy about..still we are through....

    Milind ji - I am also going thru rahu mahadasa since May9th and rahu anterdasa too..with guru.
    Wonder when is the right time to get GOOD JOB SWITCH and BLESSINGS IN PERSONAL/LOVE HARMONY life.
    I also read somewhere ..which was not the best thing though that even tho Sade sati is gone ..its affects wud only show up in another 2 months...actually its ok but now even a days patience is intolerable :-) :-(


  12. I have heard that the last phase of shani is the most acute. Am asking about kanya rashi people. Is there some respite now after november 15th or is this the worst period?

  13. My husband laughed out loud when he read 'Olakh theva' :) I was wondering if there will be some immediate apparent changes or gradual over the next 2 years. The BAD changes were sudden and unexpected. Let's hope same goes for the good.

    I have a hypothesis which may or may not be true. Give me your opinion. 12th Guru that started in Jan 2009 for Kumbha was really horrible for my husband. Does it something have to do with the fact that, this 12th Guru is Makar Guru - neech? 12th Guru for Sinha rashi should not be that bad then?
    And Tula Shani should be quite alright for vrushchik, meen etc.?
    Is first half of sadesati worse for Vrushabh when Shani is in mesh?
    Is this logical or do you think I have too much time? :)

  14. yeah i can feel the effect to of shani transit as i am a kanya rashi there is peace of mind now, earlier mind was always processing something or the other was hard to concentrate the clarity of thought has increased and nature has become more wise....
    hats off to MILIND sir.......
    though u dint replied to ma mail but ur blog is really informative and educative...

  15. Hi Milind,

    I know your inbox must be overflowing (Shani maharaj at work) ... ;)

    I had sent you a mail a couple of days back, with my experience with sade sati during the last 2 years . Wish someone had warned me beforehand :( .....I had no idea about my sade sati period, now I am shit scared about the next 2.5. Going by the events in the recent past, I guess I must have been quite a paapi in my previous life...

    I am eagerly waiting for your analysis.


  16. Hello Mr. Milind,

    Excited to know that we share the same Rashi. :)Excited because I feel the same emotion that a school kid feels(a sigh of relief) when he discovers that just like him, there is one more student who hasn't done his homework and the teacher is just about to check the work. :P

    Btw, both my husband's and my sade sati started finally.:)

    Since last few months I have been reading quite a lot about it. I had one query. I have an exalted saturn in the 11th house. guru in my lagna(fyi)moon, mangal and ketu together in 12th.(fyi again)

    So my query is: What does an exalted saturn do during sadesati? Any surprise tests for me?

    Will be happy to hear from you.


    Warm Regards
    Revati :)

  17. Milind Sir,
    My Moon rashi is meen and surya rashi is cancer my guru is in 2nd house lagna is dhanu my many days i am stuggling for promotion, increment and to buy own house but not getting success my marriage is also delayed can u tell me in brief how will be my 2012 it will be great help if u guide me

  18. Hi Sir,

    can you please go through my details.
    DOB - 05/09/1982
    Naksthra - Uttarabadhra 1st pada
    Rasi - Meena

    Till this May 2011 my life is very great every thing going good,but from june all things ruined

    1) june - i am down with health problem,ulcers stress, relationship issues

    2) July - i have to resign my job because girl i am getting married staying in US and i am working in Malaysia

    3) August - girl i am suposed to get married ( kumb raasi) she called of the wedding saying she lost trust in me, every body blamed me but i can say 1 thing i havent done anything all the things the girl done i told her just to be in limits like to comeback to home by night 11 pm and if she is gng out just lok after her saftey and whoom she is going out.she is my friend from last 10 years and girl friend from 2007.

    Now i lost my job moved back to india,lost my girl zero contact ( dont even know whether i can reach her ever in my life), my family completely down, losing my house i just bought that in April 2011

    now i dont have a destination i am moving on to new field doing some training dont know how long it will take to get a job. what ever i am trying to do i feel like all doors are closed

    now i am in a position i never faced in my life pain, egony, frustation dont have words to express my feelings.

    Can you suggest me something please i want to get back my life

  19. Hi Milindji,
    Namaskar. My birthdate is 18-aug-1974 at 23:15. Mesh lagna. Some more details: ketu in 2nd house, shani in 3rd house, venus in 4th house, sun+moon+mercury+mars in 5th house, rahu in 8th house and Jupiter in 11th house.

    Last 7 yrs were not good for me. Lots of tension on job, family, money etc.

    What is the future for me (money+health+job+familywise) ?

    I will appreciate your answer.


  20. Milind, A lot of us with Kanya rashi here are taking some courage from you that the last phase of sadhe sati will be better than the middle phase. However, I see some websites saying exactly the opposite i.e. the thrid phase is going to be lot worse. I know you know the fundas better than these other guys, how true/false is that? Also does that depend on the placement of other planets?

    - Shilpa

  21. Milind - there are websites out there which are predicting doom for Kanya Rashi post Nov 15th. Some are talking about 'kantak' shani for moon signs such as Kanya, Vrischik etc.

    What does all this mean?


  22. Dear Milind,

    Request you to inform us the exact dates when shani dev will retrograde back effecting me and others from Leo rashi.

    I read on your blog that it's sometime in may 2012, but I am unsure about the dates and googling it has only confused me further.


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