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Sunday, November 20, 2011

21Nov 2011 to 27 Nov 2011: Weekly Horoscope /Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Horoscope

21 Nov 2011 to 27 Nov 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani & Guru. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Shani Change effects: A detailed article for all signs:

Moon Movements in the week:

Enters KANYA on 8:52 p.m. IST Sunday Nov 20

Enters TULA 9:55 p.m. IST Tuesday Nov 22

Enters Vrishchik 9:54 p.m. IST Thursday Nov24

Enters DHANU 10:38 p.m. IST Saturday Nov 26

Budh becomes stambhi (motionless) in Vrishchik 26:05 degrees on Nov24, on Nov25 after midnight it becomes wakri (retrograde).


The week the best for Makar rashi except the Sunday. Very good week for Dhanu also expect Thursday night and Friday. Too many planets in Vrishchik rashi making MESH rashi’s schedule very chaotic and busy – Be patient – Drive slow!! Mithun rashi will have competition success as Sun Rahu are not happy about your competitors! J

Vrishchik / Meen: From Nov 17 you get a bit of a solace from seniors/Govt etc.

DHANU and MESH: Now, you beware of seniors! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble!


Start of the week (from Sunday night) shows socializing, time spent in party and some social welfare. Tuesday mat night onwards 2 days are good for collaborations and partnerships, working in a group (team efforts). Very hectic 2 days starting from Thursday night 10 pm. Very good period of 6+ days starting from Saturday late night.


A good week for achievements and spending time with kids. Tuesday night onwards 2 days shows some meetings with seniors, offering service for a good cause etc. 2 days from Thursday night are good to spend with partners/spouse. Very hectic (sharirik peeda) period of 2 days from Saturday 11 p.m.


Homely environment until Tuesday night. Then 2 days good to spend time with kids, some contacts regardless if they are away. Some personal achievements and gains too. From Thursday night 10 p.m. onwards good for parting but watch stomach, do not eat too much! J


Travel possibility from Sunday night for 2 days. Meeting siblings quite likely, some presentation/proposal writing could take a good shape. Tuesday 10 pm onwards good to take some rest, spend with mom and address home front issues. Thursday night onwards shows some quick achievements and spending time with kids or even uncle etc folks. Saturday night onwards good for socializing, partying etc.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

Good gains in first 2 days, good speech etc. Travel / presentation possibilities from Tuesday night for 48 hours /meeting with sibling quite likely. Thursday night onwards good for taking some well deserved break/rest and spend time at home. Saturday night onwards 2 days good for spending with kids.


Weekend was tough. Now two days shows some optimism. Wed/Thursday shows some quick gains. Travel/presentations etc possible on Thursday night onwards for 2 days. The Saturday night onwards shows rest.


INVEST time, money effort and energy until Tuesday night 9 p.m. to plan for next 28 days. These two days are hectic and demand more efforts. Execution of plans from Tuesday night 10 pm onwards for 2 days and some visible gains start pouring in from Thursday 10 p.m. onwards for 2 days. Saturday night after 11p.m. 2 days show travel, presentations, meeting siblings or a short trip for some trekking etc.


Very good until Tuesday night. Then 2 days very hectic – Need to invest time and energy for some escalations etc not to happen. Thursday night onwards good success in execution of the plan. Saturday night onwards visible gains. Watch health specifically as Guru 6th and Shani 12th in close degrees! Too many planets in your sign shows a lot of execution on many fronts and success to in this execution. Your competitors will get focus/lime-light now.


GREAT week until Thursday night 11 p.m. Multiple success stories and development. Rock baby rock! J Thursday night 11 pm onwards 2 days need to show hard work and patience and sound PLANNING/architecting efforts and not jumping into execution. Execution should start from Saturday 11p.m. onwards.


Great week for you guys. The best sign for this week – despite STRESS (but happening) feel due to 4th Guru and 10th Shani. Difficult initiatives would come your way now on Wed/Thurs. Saturday night 11 pm onwards 2 days take care with some patience and hard work -- not the best 2 days to take risks.


New Dawn!! J J Well, Until Tuesday night 9 p.m. you would not feel that way. Shows physical peeda, take care. From Tuesday night you enter 6 wonderful days. Sheer HARD WORK until Tuesday night will go a long way. Keep “cc” to correct folks else other would take credit for your work. Of course, from Wednesday you will get that credit but anxiety until Tuesday could be reduced by more work. Take B-complex to avoid health issues! J


Good collaboration and partnerships until Tuesday night 8 p.m. PEEDA from Tuesday night to Thursday night. You enter 6+ great days from Thursday night 10 p.m. New things could start from Fri/Saturday. Saturday onwards 2 days shows happening and stress at workplace but good achievements. Saturday 11 p.m. onwards 2 days shows MULTIPLE gains. 8th Shani is DEMANDING development of personal skills and health-issues for a great period of next 7.5 years starting from end of 2014. Abhishek Bachchan sahab – chalo bahut huwa – you are also an actor – make us realize that now! J


  1. Milind, A lot of us with Kanya rashi here are taking some courage from you that the last phase of sadhe sati will be better than the middle phase. However, I see some websites saying exactly the opposite i.e. the thrid phase is going to be lot worse. I know you know the fundas better than these other guys, how true/false is that? Also does that depend on the placement of other planets?

    - Shilpa

  2. ....great effort!! many thanks


  3. hi could u respond to my email..anxiously awaiting response

  4. My (tula) next weekend was already planned for meetings and presentations. Glad the stars support that.

  5. Hello Milind,
    I tried numerous times emailing you about my son but I never got reply back,I know you must be busy & I really appreciate your work on this blog but nevertheless I am really anxious for him as someone had not predicted good for him and your article about Shani & mangal has made me worried. Please please reply on this blog, I wouldn't mind your reply on this blog.
    His details:
    Date of birth: 6th October 2000
    Time: 9.36 am (US-eastern standard time)
    place: voorhees, NJ zipcode 08003
    Let me know if you need anything else.
    Please please reply

  6. Wat an accurate prediction, i'm mesh rashi, went socializing to a a concert today n thts happened after ages.. tx Milind ji

  7. Hi :)

    what are the effects of a malefic jupiter transiting 11th and 12th houses?

    what is the effect of shani badal to 5th house for marriage/partnership? :)

    hoping you would reply....

  8. All I can say is that last week was very tough mentally & emotionally at work and at home. I am kanya rashi and was hoping to see some relief after Shani tarnsit on Nov 15. Not felt it yet.

    Milind: Can you please respond to the first comment (made by Shilpa) on this thread? Really appreciate it.


  9. [1] Kanya rashi : Other sites:
    I do not know the logic of those sites -- it is upto every individual -- if you have lots of planets in TULA or MESH OR KIRK RASHI then last 2.5 would be a tough BUT what I have given in my article is GENERIC pattern which applies to ALL Kanya rashi folks: Start of new incomes and scrutiny of existing investments and REDUCTION in Mental stress.

    YES -- Period until May2012 is STILL TOUGH for Kanya for sure but MENTAL PAIN and Agony would be reduced and lots of "execution" of 1st Shani will start paying when Shani goes in close degrees 2nd to your moon sign degree in Kanya.

    [2] Thanks Vivek

    [3] Thanks Sarvesh - Someone with Tula lagna Tula rashi -- this will apply 100% and also to someone with Mithun or Kumbh lagna too as Chandra in 5, 9 houses

    [4] SON Born in USA
    I will check and send response thru email -- blog not the best place. IGNORE BAD predictions except health issues which needs more care but nothing to worry about .....

    [5] Thanks Sidhant...


  10. hi milind...
    Can u pls write articles on NUMEROLOGY..especially 15 number...
    And tnx for ur articles...


  11. Hi Milind,
    Based on your response above, I am Kanya rashi and have Mars in Kirk (retro) and Uranus in Tula (direct). My lagna is Tula. What does the last 2.5 years of sadesaati look like for me?

    Still not seeing relief after Shani transit on Nov 15. Appreciate your response.


  12. Hi Milind,
    Also, I've sent you numerous emails with birth details under email id - Do hope you respond soon.


  13. Annie:
    How can jupiter be malefic? :) Despite being an owner of 8th or 6th house it would not do any harm in 11th movement -- it is only about gains. 12th Jupiter forces you to plan for next 12 years of life. Please check CURVES Of planets article on this blog...


  14. Padmini:
    When Shani woudl be exact degrees 4th to Mangal in Kirk it would expose some issues (if any) with blood and also siblings. Please get a blood test done right away... Also check what your siblings and cousins are upto! :) Their decisions could go a bit wrong or it is time for hard work for them.


  15. Thanks Milind. Will do...are these issues (if any) expected to be of serious concern? I am on travel and will not be able to get test done very soon. Please advice.


  16. Hey all kanya rashi folks i m also a kanya rashi as milind predicted there has been a change with shani transit as mental harrasment has reduced alot but then there is a lot way to go still sometimes the past comes over the present but then i think this is the time to work hard coz everything done in 8th guru will pay off in 9th 10th and 11th...until den lets not sit and think but act....

  17. Padmini: If Mangal is in AshleshaNakshatra a bit more (16:41 to 29:59 of Kirk rashi)...if mangal with Shani drushti more so -- but is Mangal in Guru drushti lesser but still blood test would help to check all components (comprehensive).

    Nothign urgent --tkae ur time just a pointer! :)

    [2] Thanks Rajat - Yes Kanya until may2012 IS about Hard work and slow but steady progress on emotional issues due to 2nd Shani.

  18. please try to respond to ma email as i am anxiously waiting.....

  19. Dear Miliand, I am trying my best to reach you through emails but I think my Shani is running hard on that also. Need you suggestion on my Job, I am struggling to get a decent Job from 2006. Can you please help to let me know by when I can get a good job with good income and any hope getting Job abroad?

    My Details:

    Amit Wadhwa
    5 march 1980
    Time 02:05hrs
    Current Location Bangalore
    Looking forward for your response. Thanks in Advance.

  20. Sir,

    Please share your thoughts on GOD Vs Science
    and Astrology Vs Science

  21. Hi Milind
    I am a kanya rashi guy (17th Sep 1975) please suggest period to change job

  22. Thanks Milind. Mangal is not in Ashlesha and is not in Shani drushti. I will do the test anyway. I am traveling to India (Pune) in a week and would be great to get in touch with you if possible. My email id is Please let me know.

    Thanks again.


  23. hi
    I am bit amused at some of the Kanya rashi comments. I myself am a Kanya Rashi person, so can related to most of them.
    But to expect things to turn upside down, is foolish. I guess for me, even if i get the courage and clarity of thought to go through tough times,, it is a battle already won.
    Keep realistic expectation folks, else we will find ourselves burdened by our own expectations , for which Shani cannot be blamed


  24. Hi Milind,
    your predictions seem to be really good ! I am vrisabh rashi and sinha lagna.. last week monday i had job interview , tuesday got the offer letter , wednesday i accepted it.. as you predicted good gains till wednesday :)!!.. it was a dream come true.. but now the really story... thrusday company offering says that it has some confusion regarding visa status.. lots of communications regarding that.. friday afternoon they withdraw the offer letter.. all the dreams come crashing down :(!!... i dont know now what i will do next...cannot predict anything :(!

  25. Hi everyone ,
    I agree with the last comment about KANYA rashi folks .I am also kanya rashi person and have suffered much during the period .But, I feel that (as it is said manytimes) "SHANI MAHARAJ" have a tendency of giving both good and bad results slowly and gradually. We people will get good results /opportunities graudully over a period of time .And the period of good times has just begun .:)

  26. Anonymous above: I agree with you.... I have been through really tough times and although I'd like for it to end soon and see some brighter days, I can for sure say that I'm much better at handling tough times today than I was before.....and that truly is a blessing as well as an extremely worthy life skill for me. So just hang in there!

    - Padmini

  27. Milind Ji,

    really i am in a situation were i need to take a call on my work related issue, kindly guide me i have mailed my details from the following ID, kindly guide me. planned to quite and continue my own business and start a branch in chennai. kindly guide since not married yet my parents are concerned abt my job profile,... will be expecting your advice, Pls do the needful,..

  28. Hi Milindji, I have been sending emails on a regular basis requesting you to take a look at my horoscope. My husband's sade sati has just ended and things are looking just a little bit positive but we still are separated with no date in sight. Kids are eagerly waiting for their father's return for last 8 months now. We have been to various astrologers and everyone said it was sade sati and things should improve. I believe I have Shani Mangal and Budh in 8th house with Guru drushti (not sure). A little worried but your guidance will definitely help. I have been sending you emails with my first name being Varsha.


  29. Hi Milind
    Your weekly predictions do not seem to be accurate for me. Does it need Some refinement ?
    I am checking from Lagna Rashi as weel as Chandra Rashi? (mithun Asc and Leo sign)

  30. Hi Milind , I am a s/w engineer dropped you a mail with few questions, please respond to that mail will be great of you as I am in need of your help ...


    Name - Vikrant Singh
    Age - 27
    DOB - 28/11/1984
    Place - Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) India
    Time - 9:10 AM

    Looking forward for your response!!

    mail was sent by the same name

    Vikrant Singh

  31. Hi Milind ,
    I am badly looking for career related horoscope. I am planning for a change as there are problems in existing job. Please respond to the email, it will be of help.


    Name - Advait Deshpande
    DOB - 07/01/1980
    Place - Solapur, Maharashtra
    Time - 10:30 AM
    Raas : Sinh
    Nakshtra : Purva

    Looking forward for your response!!

    Have already sent an email to you

    Thank you,

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