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Sunday, November 27, 2011

28 Nov 2011 to 04 Dec 2011 Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi-bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi-bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

28 Nov 2011 to 04 Dec 2011 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any Astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by the moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Weekly rashi bhavishya shows variations by smaller and faster planets under the bigger “curves” of Shani & Guru. Your sentiments/perception of how you are doing are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

Shani Change effects: A detailed article for all signs which covers what to expect in 2011/2012 for ALL Signs:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in DHANU: 15+ at midnight on 27th.

Moon enters MAKAR 1:55 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov 29th

Moon enters KUMBH 8:53 a.m. Thursday Dec 1st

Moon enters MEEN 7:25 p.m. Saturday Dec 3rd

Mars in Vargottam navamansh in Singh rashi. Shani in Vargottam uchcha navamansh in Tula. Shukra out of Moola nakshatra on 4.20 p.m. Dec 2nd (Friday)


The week is the best for Mesh rashi as they have 9, 10, 11 Moon. Vrushabh the next best from early morning Tuesday. Vrishchik despite sadesati are a bit happening due to rashi planets and also 10th house “digbali’ Mangal (power!).

DHANU and MESH: Beware of seniors, Govt and father! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble!


A great week indeed until Saturday 7 p.m. Image enhancements, success of many short term plans. Very good environment as workplace. Make things move fast. Travels likely on today and Monday /start of new things. Tuesday / Wednesday: a happening feel at workplace. Multiple gains and meeting elderly friends on Thursday / Friday.


Hectic Sunday and Monday. Tuesday onwards you enter a great period of 7 days. Guru 12th forces to plan for next 12 years while 4th house mars making hostile environment on home-front and also workplace (infighting). Delay important decision making/execution until Tuesday IST morning.


Good times with partner until Monday night. Tuesday Wednesday very hectic and of high efforts. Very good 7 days period starts from Thursday 9 a.m. Leverage 11th Guru as much as possible until May2012! J


Celebrations/party/social event etc on Sunday/Monday. Tuesday/Wednesday great for collaborations/tie-ups. Very hectic and troublesome 2 days from Thursday 9 a.m. A good period of 7 days starts from Saturday 7 p.m. Watch what you say/do as 10th Guru and 4th Shani is a hostile environment for sure.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

Until Tuesday good to spend with kids and also studies/certifications. Tuesday/Wed some partying and social events. Thursday/Fri good to decide marriage, partnerships. Saturday 7 p.m. 2 days quite hectic and of hard work!


Watch your driving as Mangal is 12th. Traffic cops could cause some expense! J Service your vehicles ASAP if any known issues/suspects. Okie-Dokie week for you as start shows some rest until Tuesday morning. Tues/Wed good for kids and also quick achievements. Thursday 9 am onwards 2.25 days watch stomach as you could attend some dinners/social events. Saturday 7 p.m. onwards good time to spend with family/spouse.


Travel likely until Tuesday early morning and rest on Tues/Wed. Good for kids on Thursday and Friday and some achievements. There could be some POST coming your way on Thursday if you are a Chitra nakshatra – Some new initiatives could happen for Chitra nakshatra – stress but happening. Shani in Dharma trikon will increase responsibilities.


Shani forcing to think about next 30 years and not 30 days. Mangal in 10th keeping you in the game. 6th Guru is not good for personal milestones BUT to service something you got from May2010 to May2011. Rahu in rashi doing “image-makeover” since May2010. This week shows travel on Tues/Wed. Rest on Thursday/Friday: meetings Mom/friends etc. Great for spending with kids after Saturday 7 p.m.


Good week – gains until Wed night. Thursday/Friday presentation/travel/meeting siblings etc quite likely. Great week for racing drivers! J The 5th Guru and 11th Shani will start showing GREAT strides from January – BE READY TO GRAB opportunities.


Adverse environment until Tuesday early morning. Tuesday/Wed good to execute plans. 10th Shani is a stress and difficult assignments but increasing mass-base. 4th Guru is NOT fun. Travel possibilities from Thursday 9 a.m. onwards or some presentation/meeting siblings etc is likely.


Shani in Dharma Trikon – Dhanishtha could get some position/post/new initiative for next 7.5 years on maybe Thursday 9 a.m onwards two days. Dharma Trikon increases responsibilities and duties in life. 3rd Guru will increase possibilities of travels quite a bit now that Shani is also in Bhagy-sthan ( a major travel house)


Check what seniors wants. Take it easy with mom’s relatives. 8th Shani- Be tactful and diplomatic while dealing with your juniors! --- Worker unrest quite likely. Great period until Thursday 9 a.m. for sure. Be cautious f or 2 days after that. Lesser talk and more work would take a long way – take special care of not being misunderstood especially by juniors.


  1. Dear Miliand, I am trying my best to reach you through emails( but I think my Shani is running hard on that also. Need you suggestion on my Job, I am struggling to get a decent Job from 2006. Can you please help to let me know by when I can get a good job with good income and any hope getting Job abroad?
    Please Please Please help

    My Details:

    Amit Wadhwa
    5 march 1980
    Time 02:05hrs
    Current Location Bangalore
    email ID:
    Looking forward for your response. Thanks in Advance.

  2. Hi Miliand, this amit wadhwa again, just to give you an update that, I am currently working in Blr. and thing is office is getting tougher day by day and my financial are getting worst and my wife and me are expecting a baby by this week and she is also in sade sati (Tula Rashi).
    I really need your suggestion, might help boost my moral. Looking forward for your Suggestion.


  3. Hi Milind,

    Thanks a lot for your articles. Your voice is more optimistic and logical. It lets the readers to hold on until good times come; and those running good times to make hay while the sun shines!
    Would be nice to read topics like inmical and friendly planets, drishti of shani and guru on houses and planets, remedies - do they work or not, gems, exaltation/debilitation of planets, rasi and navamsah charts or any other general topics.

    Again bravo for your hard work!

  4. Hi Milind,

    Way back in 2009, I was advised that I would do good in self employment. Still struggling in naukari. Just to recap, 19/06/1967, 1715 hrs, Ranchi. Please throw some more light on business/ self employment prospect. Also advise whether that would be in India or foreign country. Awaiting very, very, very anxiously. Tks, Om

  5. Hi Milind, Div again, with a general question. Different astrologers have different views and methods - some observe only rasi charts some see navamsah and other charts too. Some prescribe pratikool gems other anukool gems. Some say strong/exalted planets are favorable, others say unfavorable if the strong planet is an enemy planet or badly so on.

    How to distinguish a good astrologer from a bad one (There are so many astro websites)? Do you think a mistaking astrologer can do harms by giving wrong conclusions and remedies ?


  6. hi milind..
    Tnx for ur article...
    But pls write articles on numerology too..u never write anything on 5,6 and 7...


  7. What is Digbali power (Mangal ) you have mentioned in the article

  8. I can understand that ur busy but for ur kid at least u should have picked up or arranged to pick up the KD

  9. hey milind nice article once again and yes i have come across many sites which claims that the last phase of kanya rashi will be very very good as lord shani is in tula rashi and since he rules the rashi he doesn't cause any harm to far is this true????

  10. Hi Milind Ji,
    Hope you will respond to mail sent from ID, expecting your reply for more then 3 months, kindly reply,
    thankyou in advance,..

  11. Dubey-ji:
    Had to be away due to visits of relatives etc. Was also busy weekends and tri to Mumbai airport yesterday.....have had client visits, seniors vists etc since you sent it and hence...I know it is a pain for your friend and I am sorry about it....I will try to pick it up this week...who would not want to pickup something specially selected for them! :)


  12. RAJAT:
    Many sites say it will be bad - may say it will be good.. I simply sayu these things which are IF THEN ELSE

    (1) Shani will expose your previous investments (if any) and will force you t take some actions on them.
    (2) Shani will START NEW income for the thing to you planned/blueprinted from July2007 to Sept2009 and executed from Sept2009 to Nov2011 -- NOW YOU WILL SEE INCOME starting due to this NEW stuff in life.
    (3) Shani will also show some staying away from family as 2nd house denotes COMBINED family and not just yours.

    Now -- depends if you have previous investmenrs/real estate deals -- ambitious ones etc or is an individual thing.


  13. In short - -we cannot say Shani will be ENTIRELY good or ENTIRELY bad in last phase! :) read my article again for all signs and Ihave in VERY DETAILS said what will happen in this movement. (PATTERNS)

  14. Hi Miliand,

    Can you please suggest on my query( first request for this week)

    Amit Wadhwa

  15. For kumbha rashi predictions..u have said dhanishta get new job/opportunities around thursday.. what about other nakshatras in kumbha rashi..when will they get the opportunities??

  16. Anonymous: I said so as I feel that Dhanishtha in Kumbh is 2 Nakshatras only and they have Shani now in close degrees 9th -- 1 5 9 are DHarma trikon and show POSITIONS and RESPPONSIBILITIES....Under Aspect of Guru from 3rd house in clise degree -- the travel is also emminent...


  17. Hi Milind.. so that means the prediction is dhanishtha nakshatra specific?? sorry to keep asking..ur answer was so technical!! that i am bit confused..Thanks so much :)..u write a good blog!!!

  18. Hello Milindji
    Just seeking more clarification on Rajat's comment, and your answer to that: The Last phase of ss for Kanya Rashi
    What if I have not made any investments so far, but realize that it is high time to do so. Would it be a good time to make new investments in this last phase of sade sati?
    Never had these thoghts before, but having them more frequently now. Want to double check.

    Thanks for all the help

  19. Hi Milind,
    I could not find where i can get navansha rasiya book, i think it is written in marathi too. Anyway please give me clue about my vargottama mars. lagna is taurus with saturn in mrig , mars in 5h virgo with moon and venus,
    my mercury is in scorpio(7L and 5L exchange with mars) Mars also happens to be my atmakaraka

  20. Sir i've a question.sorry if you think it is silly.wat planets or combinations cause relationship failures breakups etc?who is the karaka for love failure?

  21. Hi Milind,
    I have been reading your articles for the last three months.I am very much impressed with that.
    Kindly help in my social life and business . My DOB is 04-JAN-1977 , 04.55 pm , Fazilka(punjab) My email id is
    Thanks in advance
    Rajneesh Sethi

  22. Hi Milind Sir

    Your blog posts are so refreshing and pious.
    A lot different from the stereotype astrology.
    I have sent you an email a couple of days back.
    I sent it again today morning at 6:30 AM.
    Can you please have a look into that.


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