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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gemstones, Sadhana, Mantras, Mandir

Usefulness of Gemstones, Sadhana, Mantras, Mandir

These questions are often asked by many folks. Do the gemstones really help? If, it is ALL about your karma: then why the gemstones, why Sadhana why Dev-Darshan and why all these Mantras. This article will try to answer very pragmatically the usefulness of these “upaay” or “Remedies” suggested by Astrology. (Remember, NOT everybody is as educated as you are or can read English or have done masters or bachelor etc.)

The gemstones have their own characteristics and as per Astrology they are supposed to create certain vibes around you or say certain frequencies around you. They are also part of a color therapy which spans across the food (fruits/vegetables) and also clothes.

This article will try not to state “mysterious” reasons behind these remedies.

Simple explanation and the most pragmatic use of these remedies are explained below:

1. Going to Mandir/Church/Guruwdwara/Masjid à Getting good/constructive thoughts à Positive Action leading to à Positive Karma and à positive results.

2. Going to Mandir/Church/Guruwdwara/Masjid à Meeting religious and positive people or people with the intent of improving themselves à Will it lead to good progress as you are increasing your social circle/connections? Minimal positive effect is that 100s of folks would know you as some religious or a “good” person who believes in God and going good karma.

3. Similarly, using a Gemstone, it reminds you EVERY single time you look at it or feel it of the REASON why you are wearing it à would it lead to positive action? You have spent a hell lot to get it in the first place.

4. When other see a person with a Gemstone – There are two thoughts – either this guy is weak or this guy wants to improve, has a positive outlook towards life and is ambitious. Unless you are a very lethargic person the thought you being weak would not be there – so gemstones even affect other people positively even if they do not believe in gemstones!

5. Similarly, reciting a Mantra – say 1000 times – You increase your FOCUS, your speech/tongue (Sanskrit is not easy!) J you increase your concentration & it makes you do something for a long time – increases your hard work ability. Gives you peaceful time for yourself which can solve many issues in and around you!

6. IF just laughing creates good chemicals in your brain then the thoughts that originate thru gemstones, going to Mandir or reciting Mantra is going to ONLY HELP you in a considerable way.

7. So in short - -Gemstones, Mantra, Mandir/Dev-Darshan can ONLY HELP but do not expect miracles – What we do not understand, we call it a miracles.

Remember, Kay Kay Menon in “Mumbai Meri Jaan” who goes to “Haaji Ali” following some guy and ends up getting a big order to supply computers? The guy who gives him order “assumes” that he is there for positive purpose and not to search for a terrorist! J

Spreading joy, gets you joy back, smiling at folks around you only get smiles back at you and creating good vibes will only force you and folks around you do something positive.

A few notes on Gemstones:

1. There is NO uniformity what-so-ever in astrologers as to what to suggest to whom! Even the Sanskrit granthas state various if then else and all of them could be present in a single horoscope.

2. Some say that only strong planet’s gemstone should be used; some recommend only weaker planets – I do not agree to either of this to 100%

3. Some recommend only use of shubh planets’ (Guru Chandra Shukra Budh) gemstones and not of Shani Mangal Rahu or Ketu. (Again, I tend to disagree to this wholesale thought.)

4. Not many astrologers have opinions on Neptune and Uranus Gemstones! J

5. Krishnamurthy (KP) recommends opines that only those gemstones are useful where the planet is under Guru’s drushti in the natal horoscope (janma-patrika). I like this logical thought but rather it should be other way around? Guru drushti magnetises a planet I such a way that its gemstone might not make much difference to this huge magnetic influence of Guru!? – Again, this is open to a lot of debate/speculations!

6. Some state that Gemstones are magical and they can avoid great calamities that person could have to bear – sounds illogical to me

7. Some claim that some gemstones change color when the person is under some danger or under influence of poison! Again, quite illogoical!

8. All of them say that opposites/shatru planet’s gemstones should not be used together: Guru and Shukra; Shani and Surya, Mangal and Budh etc. I agree to this 100% - A person should not think about a University education (Guru) and dance-floor/wine/film industry (Shukra) at the same time! Well, unless the education is about wine factory! J J OR wanting to be Chanakya (Budh) and Chandragupta (Mars) as the same time! J Also trying to be Raja (Sun) and Praja (Shani) at the same time! J

9. Many granth claim medicinal use of gemstones! I am quite skeptical but would not comment on something which I would probably never do and have not heard anyone doing…Who would burn down a Rs 20,000 gemstone into ash and drink the ash in a glass of milk? J J J

10. There are 1000s of opinions on which HAND the gemstones should be worn. There seems to be unanimity with which finger though except Rahu and Ketu!

a. Index Finger: Guru (next to thumb) Pushkaraj (Pukhrah, Yellow sapphire)– This is in line with palmistry calling this finger as Guru’s or the Guru’s mount is at the base of this finger.

b. Middle Finger: Shani (Blue Sapphire)

c. Ring Finger: As per palmistry this is SUN’s finger: Ruby: Sun, Munga/Coral: Mars; Diamond Shukra are worn in this finger. They are all teevra and hence in the finger of Surya.

d. Small Finger: Budh Emerald and Moon: Moti / White pearl

11. Rahu Ketu (Gomed and Lasanya/Cats Eye) Many astrologers recommend these only for protection and “najar na lage” as these are considered VERY STRONG or JAALIM to be specific. I tend to agree to this. They are usually recommended in LFET hand and in the finger of the planet they are close in the horoscope or their rashi-swami planet’s finger (as mentioned above). I find this VERY LOGICAL and I tend to suggest it in the same manner. A Maharastrian astrologer who appears on TV and makes fun of Kanya and Makar rashi folks (1/6th people on this planet) advises to wear Rahu and Ketu gemstones in middle finger --- SHANI’s finger L I for one find it illogical. I subscribe to the line of thought of Rahu/Ketu’s yuti with a planet is more significant and hence the above recommendation.

12. I think that the gemstones are like TONICs or Vitamin supplies – they do affect you but they do not make you DARA SINGH! J

13. It is highly incorrect for Mesh Vrishchik folks to wear Budh’s gemstones and Mithun and Kanya to wear Mar’s Coral (Munga). HIGHLY not recommended. DHANI and MEEN are better-off without Diamond – Jo gaon jana nahi hain usaka pata Q pucchana?! J

14. I do advise some CONTRAST gemstones by considering GOVERNANCE – KARAK Graha! I find it the MOST useful.

a. If Santati-issue – Guru is karak and hence -- Pushkaraaj

b. Overall focus/prosperity or education: Pushkraaj (Guru)

c. Primary Education /basic level of intellect / Trading: Emerald (Budh)

d. Man:Shanti (peace of mind) / Mom: Moon

e. Confidence /daring: If need to increase then RUBY or Coral in that order

15. You do not want to recommend Moti to a Policeman, right? J or Ruby to a mass-leader! Ruby would be good for Darbari politicians! J

16. White Pearl is seen to make person friendlier but then if you are in trading you will have a lot of udhari – people would not pay you back and you would still be happy! J To get money on time and success in trading, emerald will be much better!

17. Many times MAHADASHA or ANTARDASHA could be used for suggesting gemstones. It is a good thing and quite logical but I would still want to recommend something which is appropriate for the person’s goals and objectives in life.

18. As you can see, this is quite a complex subject and is open to various debates, opinions and a complete chaos! J I cannot claim to “know-all” neither I can say that my opinions are correct. Astrology like medicine or management is practice and you keep refining your suggestions based on newer findings/newer case studies etc. Of course, they should not be against the very basics or friendship of planets and KARAK-Wichar (Planet’s Governance – Karakatva!)

Hope this helps!

Addendum in 2017:
Pooja Path and Mantra-Sadhana, Gemstones, Namaz /Roza and so on
It can be safely assumed that our DNA which is also our conscious and subconscious memories of the past birth karma make us go thru good & bad times in this life. It is our own choice to take this birth to go thru the paid sufferings and good times for what we did previously. Now, imagine that your DNA or your health has X Y Z bad and A B C good things. X YZ is due to some bad karma done to some people. These souls and these people (parents, siblings, cousins, relatives and so on) want to get paid by you in this life as they had some issues from you and you fell to pay them off last birth.

Now, will it be correct that you do a DNA correction or some stem cell therapy which cures you of some of the problems. You got this cured WITHOUT paying your karma back. So you are creating a deficit of Karma in the system. Sooner than later some big bombs would start falling or some bad things could happen to balance this karma off (“Yada Yada Hi Dharamasya”). The system can’t stay without paying this karma. One MUST pay back this karma.

It is like taking loans from a bank and then doing some therapy to forget this loan or change your identity and run somewhere without paying it. You are probably ok for some time but you have created major problem in the system. The banks will go soon go bankrupt and it will affect everybody. Before they go bankrupt they would have hired people to search for you and beat you up to get the money back. (Something like witness protection program where gangsters keep chasing you.) So by not paying your loan, you are creating bad stuff in society.

Imagine 10000s of people killed in the streets in Iraq /Afghan etc and these terrorists clearing their conscience by going into some mosque or doing pooja 5 times a day and thinking their karma is absolved magically!! NO - ! It WILL come back and it will affect LOT MORE than JUST these terrorists. It will affect everything what these folks want to think they represent. The KARMA will get back to them slowly but surely.

Now coming back to some of these REMEDIES:
(1)     Pooja, mantra and meditation these are immensely useful for aura cleansing and also having clean slate of mind which then absorbs new good things easily. It is great for focus and concentration and so on.
(2)     However, it should be for self-improvement and not to run away from your karma and your loans.
(3)     If you try to run away JUST by doing pooja & cleansing your subconscious and conscious memory of your obligations to folks, it might work for some time but it does not mean it is going to be useful in the long run.
(4)     So Pooja Mantra and meditation gemstones and what not remedies are good for enhancement of good karma and good luck BUT cannot be substitutes for your kaarmic debts towards various things.

Imagine 1000s of people roaming around cured by DNA or stem cells or say Pooja, Mantra and aura cleansing and so on! And the steam in the pressure cooker rising to unprecedented levels due to unpaid karma in the system. One day a nuclear explosion will solve all this injustice and unpaid karma! Remember “Karmanyawadhikaraste” --  you have right only by your karma and not by anything else. Pooja/Namaz/Church etc is the FIRST step and not the destination. They help you clear your mind so that you can get focused and pay back your karma.

That is why probably, most of the messenger wanted to oppose most of these remedies like gemstones and karma-kaand for poorvaj bad deeds etc. Clearing your conscience by relatively simple methods is NOT going to pay back the people affected. The ones who want to take revenge – when they see you paying back by good-deeds might not take rebirth to avenge but move on with a better birth!

What Hitler did was demonic and inhuman and he would go thru millions of births of torture before getting a good birth but why Hitler was created was deeply rooted in British colonies world over (greed) and also a lot of (continued) injustice done to Germany after WW-1.  By not adjusting in time, they sent German people to elect Hitler! So apart from that injustice, British greed and the kingdom was the reason for all the expense and the complete loss of wealth that London had to go thru for their 200 years of looting of the “then” first-world! ;)

So if karma is paid back then and there itself the system remains clean..! It doesn’t accumulate bad karma and one day delivers a Hitler to the world! Hitler is a Nimitta-Matra. It is OUR OWN Karma that creates something like Hitler.

So again - -Pooja Mantra and Gemstones are highly recommended like tonics to make us remember our own unpaid karma and pay it back by good-deeds and NOT sufferings. They are NOT to be used to forget our unpaid karma conveniently. The people affected are not just going to accept this sorry and apology for a long time. They WILL come back to ask for their share sooner than later!


  1. Milind Guruji
    Thanks for writing a article about one of the questions posted as comment.
    I am really speechless, at your dedication.
    With all the cribbing I do about my sade sati , I think one good thing has happened: I have started following this blog.

    thanks again


  2. Milind, Needless to state,but still, great article.Awe to your time mgmt!gajanan

  3. Hi Milind,

    I am speechless too!

    Thanks a lot for writing this article.

    It helps. This approach is better than hundreds of astrologers who claim 100% results with gemstones and remedies.

    Applauds to your hard work!
    Thanks again,

  4. seriously man hats off.....great work....

  5. Hi Milind,
    A good one again. I read in some websites that gemstones are recommended as per the rashi. For example, some sites do not recommend tula people to wear pushkaraaj. You have advised me (on the email) to wear pushkaraaj for guru, although I am a tula. Do you rely on actual planet positions in the charts?

  6. Hi Milindji,

    Great work
    November happened to be best month..
    Hats off article one after another
    Thank you very much


  7. Wow.. So much of stuff..!!

  8. Milind sir,
    the sadhana is enlighting inner conscious,
    the satsang is mass prayers in any religion,
    the gemstones are personal remedies.

    I feel more concentrated sadhana is more stronger until death and may be thereafter !!
    It is not about any perticular deity or Guru,
    but purity of heart and Act is most important.

    once one achieve this stage, everthing else become immaterial, or outer applications !!

    BIRTH, MARRIAGE and Death are in the hands of destiny, and inbetween life we have to pass with inner conscious only, to reach upto the almighty !!

    poverty or wealthy
    weak or strong
    family or alone
    still remains immaterial

    ultimate goal is purity !!
    a practical life approach !!
    with regards,
    anil sv

  9. [1] Anirudha / Gajanan / DIV / RAJAT
    Thanks! :) I thought this is a good topipc and thoight of postimng like an FAQ instead of giving generic info on gemstones which could be found on internet anyways! :) What is my "value add" -- We use this word in IT so much -- we got to practice it! :) :)

    I could spend only 20 mins on this one -- would edit/add stuff later on. (spelling mistakes/grammer -- Word Autocorrect sometimes is not good! :) )

    [2] SARVESH
    Again a WRONG approach -- If your Moon Sign is Tula and Shukra the owner could be in ANY 12 signs -- !! Also if your worry is education or santati or overall well lbeing -- Pushkaraj is a must.. a WHOLISTIC approach and study of the horoscope is required for suggesting a gemstone. So gemstone based on just Moon Sign or Just Sun Sign is as bad as it gets especially when WESTERN folks follow WRONG SUN SIGNS! :) :) :) There is a lot of CHAOS / NOISE and downright BS when it comes to Gemstones!!!

    [3] Hina / Madhu
    Thanks much for the support! :)


  10. ANIL SV:
    THANKS MUCH for such a great comment...


  11. Hi Milind,
    you mentioned that any planet with guru graha drishti doesnt require a gemstone...what in case guru is debilitated in 6th house (leo lagna, mesh rashi) and has graha drishti on budh in 12th house and shukra(debilitated) in 2nd house?..what should the person do/wear during the forthcoming guru mahadasha and should the person be doing something for guru or shukra or both or better relax and not worry at all :)?

    your response as always is much appreciated

    Amit Jain

  12. AMIT
    No I did not say that! :) I said I want to debate KP recommendation! :)

    For Sinvha lagna Mesh Rashi -- The best gemstones are: Pukhraj (Guru), Ruby (Sun) and Coral (Munga for Mars) in that order... They are friends of Lagnesh and Chandresh (rashi-swami)....

    With Guru neech - I would certainly recommend Pukhraaj as it is aspecting multiple planets and it wil only enhance its effect on those planets & your life...


  13. have sent you my Birth details please do recommend me the gemstone... Best regards,shrikant

  14. Dear Milind , well said.I would like to add that the ownership of houses 3,6,8,12 also needs to be seen in these cases while suggesting Gemstones.If lords of these houses go to benefic places then these should be avoided.Similarly the owner of Kendra and Trikona also should not find place in 3,6,8,12 houses.Exceptions can be laid in Libra Ascendant in whose case Venus assumes the ownership of 8th house also and in Taurus ascendant Venus assumes the ownership of 6th also.In such cases Diamond could be suggested looking to the requirement of doing well in a particular profession related to Venus.Similarly Jupiter becomes owner of 6th and 9th in Cancer Ascendant,Jupiter becomes owner of 3rd and 6th houses and if it is placed in 3,6,8,12 houses then it could be suggested looking to the need.If such Jupiter goes in Kendra and Trikona it may disturb the indicative fields of these houses.I have one glaring example to prove this.A native , well known to me, born with Sagittarius Ascendant tried Pearl (Moti) in the year 1986.Moon is the lord of 8th house and was placed in 10th house in Virgo.His father died of cancer in May end of 1986.The point is his father did not catch cancer due to his wearing Pearl but these are the coincidences which prove and adduce the point.
    There is one more point i would like to mention here and it is that if after doing some remedy whether it be from Lal Kitab or wearing a Gemstone if the thinking or the rational and logical approach towards a particular subject is not changed in the mind of the person doing the remedy then it would mean that the remedy/Gemstone is not working on him to the fullest effect.e.g. If a person is finding some difficulty in tackling the relationship with his staff/industrial labor or in any dispute with Uncle then the recitation of Sani Mantra or wearing Blue Saphire/Neelam should bring in some reconciliation and respectful ideas/thoughts in his mind else it would mean the remedy is not working.One should also understand that observing a practical view is always better as if the industrialist is having labour problem then instead of doing Havan/Yagna for Saturn the industrialist should help and aid Labour as it is a direct remedy of Saturn.One needs to contemplate well as to what is the logical remedy.
    Going to Religious places/recitation of Mantras increase the power due to the fact that a large number of persons/devotees visit these places where unending Keertan/Bhajan goes on and it purifies and intensifies the positive energy which is grasped by the visitor and thus it improves his aura.This helps him.

  15. Thanks Milind, I stand meant debate for KP recco :) good would do well as a prognosis without your horoscope :)


  16. gr8 article :)
    nothing beats meditation or making small prayer a part of ur regime..tested it numerous times... the power of prayer beats all gems!

  17. great one! Really!!
    I hope people would realise the therapeutic uses of gemstones..
    Btw, Milindji , if u have time do post an article on KAAL SARPA YOGA. People now-a-days seem to be frightened of it like anything n even for pujas n all.

  18. Milind Sb.

    About time u devote all time for this...? Of course, u know better but I feel u need to seriously look at this..! God Bless - Dubey

  19. Milinda, like many people have pointed out, hats off to ur dedication and time management. I really have to learn from u! My blog, like it's name is actually gathering cobwebs.

    Btw I recognized the maharastrian astrologer who makes fun of Kanya raashi, how can I not know him! Isn't he the one who is a Dhanu? :)

    One thing I can say in my last stage of Sade sati. I m definitely a better person.

  20. Hi Milind,

    Apart from Blue Sapphire, another commonly recommended remedy for Shani is an iron ring made out of a horse shoe.

    Iron/black color represents Shani, but the ring has to be made out of a horse shoe ONLY. This appears to be a contradictory requirement. Horses represent speed/travel, whereas Shani is the slowest moving planet. What could possibly be the reason behind wearing a ring that (possibly) represents speed/travel, for a slow moving planet like Shani? Or is it the shape of the ring (U shape) that is of greater importance here?

    Would be interesting to know your opinion.


  21. Thanks for your guidance of gemstones, really useful. I really appreciate your dedication for the astrology & thanks for sharing & giving knowledge to all of us.

  22. Hi Milind/ Deepa
    Could you be kind enough to give the name of the astologer who makes fun of Kanya / Makar ppl?
    Even more so now , that Dhanu folks are on a high.
    When the tide turns, and they fall in the Sade sati zone, just 2.5 yrs away , will be interesting to see who is making fun of whom :)


  23. Milind,

    i so agree with you on what you said about going to the temples/chanting mantras and its effects etc. i observed exactly the same thing after chanting mantras for months. the only magical effect these things have is to make you more aware of oneself and what one should do in life.

  24. [1]KarmicAstro:
    Thanks for sharing the thoughts. Again, owners of 6, 8, 12 house is a good thought but again one of the thoughts for decision making - anyways GRAHA-MAITRI will take care of that angle as owners of 3, 6, 8, 12 usually are not the friends of the lagnesh. But as a whole this thought should be avoided. If Vrushchik lagna and rashi person is having 3d hosue Shan in Mkaar and say in Guru drushti -- -Neelam will be VERY VERY useful as it will enhance the mass leadesrhip and mass mentality of the person. Mangal and Shani are **different** but they are not outright enemies of each other and hence Mangal uchcha in Makar rashi.

    I think WHAT the person is trying to do is the single-MOST important aspect to suggest a gemstone if at all gemstone is needed.

    So far in my life -- I have not used a Gemstone -- (So far) - I am not against it but I do not yet want to increase effect of one planet on me! I am trying to balance a lot of things and a specific gemstone could disturb this balance in my life!? :) Many time I feel like using Ruby but apart from increasing individual brilliance it also increases EGO..

    [2] Amit: Not lawerly but I wanted to make sure I am not mis-understood! :)

    [3] SHUBHRATRI (Was that meant to me as Good night or the usename itself is that!)
    I already have an article on KAAL_SARP yoga on this blog. Please check it out.

    [4] Dubey-JI -- I will make amendments this weekend.

    [5] Deepa
    After a lomg time a comment from you -- I am sure you woudl start feeling LOT better after May2012 but reduction in negative situations would be there now.

    [6] Rishabh
    Yes of course --- Gemstone will certainly try to direct you in the correct karma. Helping masses by direct money or a blog like this or any information sharing which has some monetary value will be always useful...My sharing of information openly is primarily a KARMIC HEALING Process of a BADLY placed Shani in the horoscope (but very strong in Navamansh).

    [7] Fun of Kanya and Makar
    This astrologer conviniently forgets that Shivaji Maharaj, Balasaheb Thackeray are Kanya rashi -- He himself is Kanya Surya! :) Indira Gandhi, Raj Thacleray, Sha Rukh, Rahul Gandhi -- MAKAR rashi. We should not take names as it would be incorrect as he is not here to defend/respond himself....He is doing a good job and probably uses Kanya rashi for jokes but his many assessments/comments about Makar are downright incorrect --


  25. Hello Milindji
    Talking about gems, when you get a chance, can you check to see if I would need any? As usual , not in a hurry. Enjoying the Sade sati experience, touch wood so far has not affected my health, though career/ family life has been messed up a lot.
    I have mailed you my details a while back, also including my wifes and sons


  26. Hi Milind,
    I do agree with your personal philosophy of not increasing the impact of one planet by wearing a gemstone....i abide by that as well..however what I am still grappling with is that given guru is a friend for singh lagna & mesh rashi person, if it goes neech in 6th house what would be the impact of its mahadasha on the person vs a well placed guru?

    I am guessing a friend is a friend even if he is not "well placed" and "weak" and wont turn into a foe?

    many thanks
    Amit Jain

  27. Hi Milind,

    As advised by an astrologer 6 months ago, i am wearing an iron ring on the little finger of left hand. Kumbh rasi, currently undergoing shani mahadasha, antardasha, (astham shani just over), i am wondering if i should continue wearing it or remove it.

    Saturn in 12th house,cancer
    Sun + Mercury in 8th house pices
    Moon+Venus in 7th house aquarius
    Jupiter+Ketu in 9th house Aries
    Mars 11th Gemini
    Rahu 3rd Libra
    Ascendant leo

    Many thanks for your advice, Div

  28. Milind Ji,
    I sort of agree with Anirudha's comments....not but for my problems...I would have never started taking some interest in astrology and started reading various things...and absolutely no doubt, that i started following your blogs !! Its too too good. And I would definitely continue to do this now. Really appreciate the dedication and passion you have on this subject.

    And 100% agree with your perspective on visiting temples/chanting mantras etc etc ...It is not just knowing oneself, getting peace but lots and lots more...its also about awareness, knowing so much more.
    Indeed a very very good article. Milind ji , please write something on numerology as well.


  29. Hello Sir,

    Another beautiful article from master. THANKS!

    One question though, are the gemstones activated/empowered by radiation from respective planets?

    or the colour of stone matters for respective planets?


  30. I don't like him either...he makes fun of pisceans as well....we are #3 on his list...

  31. Hello, Can an individual wear a gemstone which is the sthanesh or lord of 6th, 8th or 12th house of his/her horoscope?
    Jiten K Panddya

  32. Very comprehensive article. Keep it up Milind.

  33. To add to the fun someone makes of Makar rashi, I am makar rashi myself. I heard it when I was in College and believed for years that I was 'unlucky' So much for helping someone's self esteem.
    In fact, now when I hear it on youtube, they sound so cheesy. Hardly gets me to laugh.

  34. Surprising that this article on gem stones comes from you Milind !!! To my knowledge, you hardly ever recommend gem stones....Personally I believe that most/every gemstone worn has an expiry date also depending on the maha/antar & to some extent pratiantar dasha...also my logics say thatpresent place/location of a person also makes a difference in the effects these gemstome depending on the effect of a particular planet at that location on earth at a given time. Sometimes the negative effect of gemstones can b detrimantal for the wearer. Thus fora wearer of gemstone (specifically stronger ones) its important not to overlook these two aspects. Would appreciate Milind's views on the same plz.

  35. Milinda, the comments maybe few and far in between, and thats mainly because I cannot really comment intelligently on the subject matter in your informed group of people! :) :) But I read every blog of yours!

  36. Hope for a Person : with a messed up chart
    Hi , I am sure there will be many , where not even a single planet, seems to be helping. What is the hope for this person if any
    I think it is Hard work and faith in God. I o remember the Sholka from Bhagwat Geeta

    "Ananyashchintayanto mam ye janah paryupasat; tesham nityabhiyuktanam yogakshemam vahamyaham"

    Which in short means: If yot think of nothing else, and full faith in him, he will ensure well being of you.

    I think this is the hope for people (including me), For each time , i read about Planets and see my case, I am yet to see any planet in a really good position. Instead of thinking, what I did previously to deserve this, my philosophy is hard work, and stated in the shloka above

    So guys never give up: tremondous faith + hard work , wins

  37. Hi Milindji,

    Nice post,very informative.


  38. Hello Milindji,
    Hope you remember me.
    By referring to article I felt like I should wear Pukhraaj (Or Pushkraaj) Though for expert advice
    I have send you my birthdate and time details.
    Requesting you to please suggest me useful Gemstone.
    Thanks in advance.

  39. Dear Milind
    I wonder if you will respond to this post after sucha long time. I have been meaning to ask you for a while now: You have recommended me a Pushkaraaj, and I have often considered wearing it. Just that it is a little awkward due to, say, 'workplace norms'. I have heard some people wear gemstones in a locket, or some even keep their rings in the pocket. Does that work? Are there ways of wearing them while not making it conspicuous? Or am I just being an escapist, and don't deserve the positive effects of the stone? Please advise.

  40. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the real astrologer and he has nice info regarding necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.

    Gandmool Dosha