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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NAVA PANCHAM YOGA / The “9-5” relationship”

NAVA PANCHAM YOGA / The “9-5” relationship”
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“Nava-pancham Yoga” (9-5 relationship) is regarded as the best yoga in a horoscope. Technically, It means that 1 planet is 120 degrees away from the other one. This is exact degree Nava-pancham yog. In simple terms, it means that both the planets are in the signs of the same element. i.e. Mesh Leo Sagittarius (Any two!) or Vrishabh, Kanya, Makar or Mithun or Tula, Kumbh or Kirk, Vrishchik, Meen.

Vedic(?) or better yet “Indian Astrology” (Sanskrit Granth) give importance to signs and call it nava-pancham despite without exact degrees as long as they are in the signs of the same element. Western astrologer adopt supposedly more scientific (?) J way to treat only close degrees nava-pancham as the real ones even with the sign change (element change!). Both are a bit flawed in the approach. In my opinion, change of the element completely negates the Nava-pancham yoga. Say Mesh rashi 3rd degree and Kanya rashi 1st degree cannot be a nava-pancham yoga as western folks would like to call it (They have wrong signs without Ayanash makes it more worse!:) J J Also, Mesh rashi 1st degree and last degree of Singh rashi are also nava-pancham as both FIRE signs but of lesser significance.

The effects/characteristics of the Nava-pancham yoga are as follows:

1. Like all yoga it is more effective when it is in exact degrees. I have Moon in 27th degree and Sun in the 28th degree in Water Signs – This is more effective.

2. More closer/matching these nava-pancham yoga degrees to lagna degree or Chandra degree the better for this yoga. That means they are nava-pancham at “bhavarambh-degrees”.

3. If not close degrees, they should have the same nakshatra swami. There are same nakshatra-swami sequence in the Nava-pancham rashi:

a. i.e. Mesh rashi Nakshatra Swami are Ketu, Shukra and Surya and Singh rashi and Sagittarius has the same sequence and same degrees to each nakshatra-swami in that rashi.

b. So, Surya in Mesh rashi Ashwini (Ketu) nakshatra and Mangal in Singh rashi Magha Nakshatra (Ketu) are more effective than say Mangal in Uttara Nakshatra in Singh (last owned by Surya). In this case Nakshatra-swami is the same and there is more harmony to the results/past karma and this life Karma’s pull.

4. It shows good harmony in the Governance (Karakatva) of the planets and the houses they own and also the houses they occupy in the horoscope.

5. This life actions or past Karma of these planets in nava-pancham yoga supports the actions of the other planet.

6. The same element shows the same “attitude” (philosophy, method of inward/outward reaction of the planet to karma stimuli. (Sounds impressive huh? Simpler words – “Re-actions to incidents around”)

7. My 2 cents: One planet is in tactical success house of the other (5th) and the other one is in a strategic success (9th) house of the other. The 9th planet decides the “WHAT” part and the 5th planets decide the HOW part most of the times.

8. The same nakshatra-swami also shows harmony in their methods as usually the Rashi shows what and Nakshatra is How.

a. Singh shows ego – Magha Nakshatra shows with more discipline (Ugra / Kathor) and theatrics and Poorva shows with lesser theatrics (Happy like dancing around ‘Simba’) but BOTH show Ego and Self esteem and being a great ABHIMANi host.

9. The 9th house is the LUCK or in other words good deeds in the past life. So this nava-pancham does indicate good past life karma and luck in this life.

10. The TRIKON of these Nava–pancham yoga: Dharma (Duties), Artha(Money/Business), Kaam(art, peripheral stuff, Uchcha Abhiruchi Life), Mokasha (Spiritual) shows the “Karya-Kshetra” – the “sphere of influence” of these planets.

a. Dhirubhai Ambani has Guru in 10th (Production/career, business) and Shani in 2nd (investments, share market) house. Shani in own rashi of Makar! i.e. their sphere in “Artha” i.e. Economic zone.

b. Dravid has Mangal has Moon in Meen and Mangal in Vrishchik rashi I am sure in Dharma Trikon – that’s why personal pleasure is set aside and “sense of duty” prevails – The Wall! J J

c. Viv Richards must have Mangal in Kam trikon – Mostly the 3rd house!? Or 11th? I guess mostly Dhanu lagna but Singh cannot be ruled out.

d. Gautam Gambhir is Mesh rashi Singh Mangal; Dhoni is Kanya rashi, Vrushabh Mangal etc both in Dharma Trikon – Tremendous Sense of Duty!!

11. You can see the best results of these planets in the Mahadasha and Antardasha of each other! Or even Antardasha and Bhukti of each other in any other planet’s mahadasha.

12. You can see great/expanded/feel good results of these planets when GOCHAR (current) Guru is in the same element rashi (Currently Guru in Mesh aspects planets in Fire signs/houses of your horoscope!)

13. When the bigger & slower moving planet is 9th to faster moving (smaller) planet then the yoga gives more strategic/broad attitude to the person. Say Surya in Dhanu and Chandra in Mesh (planning, chalking the plan, diplomatic)

14. When the bigger/slower planet is 5th to smaller/faster planet, it shows tactical approach and action oriented approach – EXECUTION ability. Flamboyance over diplomacy – Hon. Ram Jethmalani sahab could have Shani the lawful in the 5th house and not 9th house! J J Just a guess!!! I have no idea of his b-date, time or place! J

15. Would you say that the movie actors might have Shukra in Kaam-trikon and Film Directors would have it in Dharma-Trikon and Producers in the Arth (Economic) Trikon!? J J Isn’t it very logical?

16. I have 14 nava-pancham yoga in my horoscope: Chandra-Neptune-Rahu with Surya-Budh (6 nava-pancham there!) Guru-Shukra with Shani-Mangal (4 there); Guru-Shukra with Harshal (2) and Shani-Mangal with Harshal (2) – Total of 14 – Out of those 6 are in Dharma Trikon and 8 are in Moksha Trikon. This example is to just show that ALL folks on that day had these yogas and just nava-pancham does not guarantee great success to a person but shows some harmony in the personality etc! J

17. Guru and Shani are two MOST Yog-karak planets and their presence in the same TRIKON i.e. Guru and Shani’s Nava-pancham yoga has VERY LONG TERM and specific karmic indications. They do not become nava-pancham very often! J

18. TRIKON YOGA is an extended example of Nava-Pancham Yoga – when there are planets in each (3) rashi of the same element, it becomes a Trikon yoga which has further better results. One trikon means 3 Nava-Pancham yoga!

19. There is one more reason may be Nava-Pancham yoga is the best as in a horoscope Shani cannot aspect more than 1 planet of the Nava-pancham or the Trikon-yoga. It can aspect only 1 of these planets with its 7, 3, 10 drushti. The same way, Mangal cannot aspect more than 1 planet of this yoga. Rather, even Gochar (current) Shani and Mangal cannot aspect/impact both the horoscope planets at the same time! (Maybe, Shani and Mangal’s drushti are given as 3, 10 and 4, 8 so as to not affect nava-pancham plannets and affect only yogas which create friction/energy like Kendra yoga (4-10) and labh-yoga (3-11)!) J J

Hope this helps! J J


  1. navam pancham is very common tool of jyotish like sadashtak / 2-12 / 4-10 etc. But u described it with nakashtra & it's lord including trikona effect- it's amazing, like 'sone pe suhaga' . dear readers just grasp the knowledge given by milindji; bilieve me no one can teach u all, like he is doing. Clap for him :)

  2. Thanks Pradip -- I am humbled...!!

    I just updated the article with additional point and also some minor changes in some of the points above.


  3. Milindji,
    My curious brain cells rattle at the concept of degrees(orbs)..
    You mentioned the exactness of degrees in effectiveness and while I did not have the previledge of learning astrology in India, I assumed that indian astro mein hum orbs nhi use karte... jase yehan mujhe jin western astrolgers ne sikhaya bits n bops- they told me to emphasize on orbs which is quite the contrary of our indian way of understanding aspects( be it natal or synastry) say, u have shukra in taurus and mars in taurus and they are 19 degrees apart-- do u count that as an aspect or yuti?
    P.S>jab bhi main thodi bohot synastry karti hun, that becomes my dilemma-- ORBS!
    Thank u zillions for sharing ur knowledge.. may babaji shower all his blessings on u for enlightenin souls who r passionate to learn astro but don't have the right resources.

  4. Will have to read it atleast 95 times to undertand

    A bouncer for me: pls excuse,just a beginner.

    Thanks for the article


  5. Saheb, Two things!
    Most of us who are ignorant of Jyotish know of sade sati or anything that all these details make no sense to us..!SO what would u recommend to read so we can grasp what u are saying...?
    It would be interesting to analyse Narendra Modi's kundli since he is expected to become next PM of India..!

  6. (1) SAHIWAL:
    Shukra Mangal 19degrees apart is still a YUTI as per Indian Astrology as the rashi-swmai is the same for them and also the Element is the same. However they will not result in as many passionate relationships as SHukraMangal in close degrees. The intensity of the effects reduces as the distance increases. ALso the WAY they implement their effects changes due to Nakshatra swami and the nakshatra swami state in the horoscope.

    Shani Mangal in close degree in Mithun might cause fracture in arms (mostly left) but if they are apart it could cause injuries but might not be a fracture...Same Nakshatra the possibility of a fracture increases and also possibility of a mis-carriage to the mom in next pregnancy or blood issues to this guy and his siblings also BUT MORE the distance lesser the intensity of the issues...


    (2) ANIRUDDH:
    This article is for astrologers who have at least started with knowwing signs their rashi swamis and 12 houses of teh horosdcope and what they mean.

    (3) Anonymous
    Yes this article is for Astro folks. About Modi: He is the MAJOR reason congress is in power in Center. They lost allies due to Gujrath incidents. Who stayed with BJPO lost in their home states.

    Modi and Nitish Kumar and Nitin Gadkari all Vrushchik rashi -- Will enter SADESAToi from Nov2011. Until end of 2014 they will struggle due to 12th Shani shows political EXILE....VilasRao and RR Patil also Vrushchik rashi.


  7. Thank u so much bro....:) u make such daunting concepts sound so logical... please keep such articles coming coz sometimes acquiring even bits of new knowledge is like soup for the soul..

  8. No sympathies with politicians, they should be having some special form of Sade sati or ( sade ikkisi ). All the corruption, and blood sucking needs lot of justice, which cannot be given in 7.5 years

  9. haha good comment above mine....

    Milindji what would you analyze 4th Surya in Mesha and 12th Shani in Dhanu as?

  10. I have Guru in 2nd House in Kumbha rashi and shani with Budha in Mithun rashi in 6th house forming a Navam Pancham Yog. Guru and Shani’s Nava-pancham yoga has VERY LONG TERM and specific karmic indications. COuld you please let me know what it indicates.

  11. PANKAJ:
    It means MONEY has more importance in your life than any other part. You will hold responsibile positions in economic service sector. Shani Budh close shows synicism and skeptical nature..try to avoid that! :) BUt yes this shows lots of money and also money from masses by providing them service and also money from MAMA side folks (Mom's siblings and their family) or some work/budiness with mom side folks.

    (2) 4th Surya in Mesh -- Shows that person is Karmath - swabhimani about his native/religion and home/house etc. 12th house Shani shows good planning ability, some obligation to masses i.e. you will need to work FOR masses and spend a lot of enegy for masses in its maha/antardasha!! This Navapancham shows a good people leadership ability but setting lower goals/objectives than one can achieve!! Someone with this configuration can achieve whatever they decide as Moksha Trikon's inner ability is there but SUKH sthan Surya can make set lower goals despite VERY BUSY Makar lagna and Mesh Surya.


  12. Milind ji, why dont you analyze Karnataka's X-Cm, Yediyurappa's horo as well, he keeps coming out the issues every time...this time also he is out of Jail on bail...this would be an interesting cae analysis as this person does everything according to his astrologer's inputs. Would these corrupt politicians ever get punished??

  13. Yediyurappa:
    I do not know his b-time date etc etc. a SIMPLE fact is that EVERY KARMA is PAID In FUll this or next life.This guys made whole BJP look like a party of fools by not quitting in time....the whole anticorruption campaign of BJP tool a toll by this needs to think!!!


  14. Hi Milind,
    for a singh lagna with sun in ascendant and aries rashi with mars in aries what would the 5-9 combo signify? Also what would the meaning of venus in 2nd house debilitated and jupiter in 6th house debiltated as 5-9 combo given that both are debilitated and in arth trikonas?


  15. Hello Milindji
    These days , for the last couple of articles, I have been pulling up my horoscope to see if somethings how it looks ( for neecha ucha , nav pancham etc)

    could you comment on the following please, if they form navpancham, and if what would they indicate
    Kanya Rashi , Vrishchika lagna

    a) shani in Mesh ( 6th house ) ( Neecha Shani)
    Venus, Ketu ( in 10th house)
    Are these navpancham?

    b) Surya, Budha in Mithun ( 8th house)
    Guru in Tula ( 12th house )

    c) Guru in Tula ( 12th house )
    Rahu in Kumbh ( 4 house )


  16. Dear Milind,
    Sinhva lagna, 2nd Guru +ketu(kanya) and 6th Moon (makar). Is that one or two Nav-Pancham yogas? Also 4th Mangal(vrishchik)with 8th Surya+Shani+Budh+Shukra (meen). That makes five planets in moksha trikon involved in this yoga, what is the significance? Thanks in advance.

  17. Milind ji ,What does shani in 8th house and rahu in lagna indicate?
    Also if rahu is in 9th house.?

  18. Hi!

    A question - if a planet is placed 9th to its own house it will be in same element I suppose- I have heard people saying that it too is navapancham. Is that correct?
    Also another question - since you mentioned about 14 navapancham yogas in kundali of all people born on same day -
    Most of the people born in 1984 had Guru in Dhanu. Does this mean that all those people are likely to have better Karma than people who were born in 1985 - with Makar Guru?

  19. Hi, I am Shital, I have Guru in Meen Rashi in 11th House and Shani in 3rd house in Karka rashi it forms Navam Pancham yog. COuld you please clarify what kind of benefits i can expect.

  20. (1) SHITAL:
    Kaam Trikon planets shows important part of life in peripheral activities, leadership etc. 3rd house Shani shows great sense of mass-leadership/people leadership, ability to judge people and meet-bhashi (good articulation) etc. It shows person is very tactical and can use guerilla tactics very effectively (Shivaji Maharaj 3rd Shani Uchcha, Balasahab Thackeray 3rd Shani to Moon and 11th to Lagna and Surya). 11th house Guru in own hosue shows GREAT GAINS in life from Guru/Mentors, CASH FLOW etc. Guru's drushti on Shani only makes sure that Shani's ability will be used construcvtively. Kaam trikon planets make person do MANY things WITHOUT much emotions etc -- peripheral things in life -- Done by Choice -- Uchcha ABHIRUCHI life...Sampanna life..

    (2) RITIKA
    YES!!! FOlks born in 75 Meen Guru -- the next Batch in Egineering than MINE -- was VERY SMART -- very well placed and very well directed -- had much better equipment in college - We had not see MOUSE in collge despite Computer Engineering from Govt college! :) :) Similarly 72 borns with DHANU Guru had some STUNNING folks - many are now in R&D and such stuff or they had multiple skills -- much better WELL ROUNDED PERSONALITY and NEW what they wanted to do. I saw lesser focus in our batch with all due respect...i.e. the # of folks with individual brilliance were hiugh in 72 and 75 born folks with Dhanu or MEEN Guru

    RATHER -- 72 born there were 4 TWINS bro/sister pairs in our college and also 75 born aso 4 pairs were there!!!!!!! :) :) Rather many folks with Meen Guru have twins -- I have a separate blog on this.


  21. Hello Milindji
    Hope I have a yoga of getting answers to my comment. Please see above, and if you could briefly touch on this, that is appreciated.


  22. (1) AMIT: Sinvha lagna
    It is a very good horoscope is what I woudl say. Raajyogkarak one with Mangal in Mesh in 9th house and Sun in 1st house in own sign is a "MAIN HUN NA" effect. This Sun single handedly change the horoscope quality singlehanded. This is Navapancham yoga --- and planets in visible hemephere shows assignments/job in strategic initiatives but while working on them you will show good tactical approach as Sun is in 5th house of Chandra...Shukra in Guru's drushti is very good for skin/health etc and shows that Dharma and Artha trikon are effectice in your horoscope!

    (2) ANIRUDHA
    Yes Shani in 6th house is Navapancham with ShukraKetu in the 10th house.
    Yes Surya Budh in 8th and Guru are also navapancham and 3 planets in Moksha Trikon with Guru shows why you are reading these articles! :)
    Yes Guru and Rahu are also in navapancham and Rahu is also navapancham with Surya Budh. Rather they are in TRIKON yoga in Moksha Trikon.

    (3) DEEPAK: Looks like a *****March-14-1969***** Horoscope?? If yes then you are using wrong Ayanansh -- My LAHIRI ayanansh Horoscope shows Shani and Shukra in MESh rashi in 9th house. PLease check the horoscope validity itself.

    Similar situation of Guru Ketu again came in *****MARCH-30-2005***** but that time Mangal was in Makar and Moon was in Vrishchik and Budh Surya Rahu Shukra in Meen in 8th house. But Shani in 11th house. Something is wrong with the horoscope if 1969 and if 2005 horoscope then you are not correctly looking at it -- confusing Mangal for Chandra and Chnadra for Mangall etc etc...Please check. But I am asnwering the quesitons below:

    Yes These are 2 navapancham Moon with Guru and Ketu.
    Yes Mangal is in navapancham with 4 planets making it 4 nava-pancham yogas.

    (4) Anonymous:
    Rahu in 1st house shows narrow chin, anger, sudden agitation, "Santapi chehera :: perception by others", unnecessary anger at many times. 8th Shani shows long life but lack of mass mentality and some issues with inheritance and also late (possibly) santati and some differences with father and family. Problems with teeth and right eye quite likely. It shows some obligations towards masses with respect to money...

  23. Thanks Milind for your response. If I may ask a follow up had earlier mentioned about the fact that for simha lagna with sun in 1st house and mesh rashi with mars in 9th house its a navpancham yoga and defines the quality of the horoscope singlehandedly. However with Jupiter debilitated and retrograde in 6th house and venus debilitated in 2nd house, what would be impact of these debilitations during Jupiter mahadasha? Is it also the case that business partnerships would be a problem for such a person and what would be his chances of success in business ventures? He also has mercury in 12th house and saturn with ketu in 11th house. I know I have asked you a long winded question and I would really appreciate your insight on the same.

    Thanks again

  24. Hi Milind Sir,

    I think it takes a bit more time for me to get it.But I am sure I'll catch on.

    Thank You


  25. Dear Milind,
    :-) very close 10 Apr 69,
    abt validity: yes u r right, it was actually shukra+budh +surya +rahu in 8th meen and shani in mesh, an error from my side.
    but main question actually was with 6 nav-pancham yogas in moksha trikon, whats the significance?
    great article as always, keep them coming

  26. Milind, Can you please help to describe what will be effects when Rahu, Guru and Surya in Dhanu lagna and Rahu transitioning 12th from lagna which In Rahu M.D. Again 72 born with Guru in Dhanu, but it is also with Rahu and Surya.


  27. this is fantastic. I think i have this 5-9 series happening. I have 2nd shani, 3rd guru, 10th mangal and 11th surya. Milind what do you think? BTW, thanks for these wonderful blogs.

  28. Dear Milind,

    thanks for another informative post. i have jupiter (retrograde) in 11th house kumbha at 21 degrees, and shani in 8th house mithun at 21 degrees. i also have moon in 12th house tula at 7 degrees. this qualifies as the nava-pancham yoga, am i right? particularly the guru-shani at the same degrees? if so, what would it mean? also i have ascendant at 21 degrees in vrushchik. does that qualify your second point, bhavarambh degrees?

  29. Dear Milindji

    I have budh(lagan)-guru(5th) in ketu nakshtra megha-mool in dharma trikon
    in moksha trikon ketu(4th)-surya(12th) bang at 11 degrees though 12th has two more moon-shukra
    can you help what to read here from this placement


  30. Dear Milind,

    Thank you very much for the article. As you said in the above comments, it is for those who have basic knowledge.

    Could you please write articles which provide the basic details, so that beginners like me can understand these 'advanced level' articles!!

    Thank you and God bless !!


  31. Sorry Milind, made a stupid mistake, as you have no doubt guessed. I have guru in 4th house in kumbha. (mentioned the wrong house earlier). Do I have a Guru-Shani-Chandra trikona yog, along with bhavarambh degree? Since this is in moksha trikon, what would it mean?

  32. Hey Milind
    A regular reader of ur articles...have interest in jyotish and wud like to whether a nav pancham does form in d below case....I am a july 86 person...
    I have vruschik lagna shani lagni and vrushabh raas... I have guru in kumbh raas at 29 degrees and sun in mithun at 17 degrees...wud u still call it a navpancham and since my sun is in astham sthan does it get help frm gurus career wise I guess the 10th lord in eigth makes me think abt my futureeee :)

  33. Jhakas Blog Milindji , kya baat hai!!! , will mail u , i have some questions .

  34. how much u charge for personalized predictions??

  35. Dear Milind,
    Wonder if I could request you to drop a short line about the meaning of trikon yog (guru, shani, Chandra in kumbha, mithun and tula) in moksha trikon with bhavarambh degrees? Sorry to be pressing, your statements about rarity of guru, shani navapancham yog has made me rather curious.

  36. Milind, very very interesting article...i have several nav pancham yogs with shani rahu in 5th house (vrishchik), surya in 9th house (meena) and EXALTED Jupiter in karka lagna. as you will have observed all three house are water signs, hence also TRIKON Yog. but i am most enthused by your statement that nav pancham planets give their best in the antardasha bhukti period of each other and im eagerly waiting for that to kick in july 2013, surya pratyantar in rahu antardsaha, venus mahadasha.. it could be a game changer. then from Jan 2014, Jupiter antardasha in venus mahadasha..4/10 relationship

  37. Hi Milind,Interesting article.
    I am aquarius ascendant.
    I have jupiter in 7th house and rahu in 11th house.
    Can this be considered as Navpancham yog? Will rahu's aspect in neway bring harm to my marries life?

  38. Hiii...
    I have GURU in Leo MANGAL in Meen SURYA in Mesh...
    with Rushabh lagna...
    SHANI in kumbha...
    plz tell me d effect of these...

  39. I am glad I come across your blog, the article is eally helpful and provides all the information I need! I will definately follow your blog as it enriches my knowledge.

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  41. I don't understand nav pancham yog but I can do predictions bang on via vimshottari dasha and planet qualities and combinations in each house

    1. Hi Palllavi Madam,

      I have never studied astrology,but just by seeing the charts i get intutions and i give readings to the point, I personally dont belive in Yogas, No matter what, as readings should be in synch with the person for whom we are reading


  43. I think that thanks for the valuabe information and insights you have so provided here. reading this article