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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neech Bhang and Wipareet Raajyog

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Lately, there have been a few requests and some protests too to write Astro-Articles. :) Here is one quick article on Astrology. Please note that I have been putting some quick snippets on my Facebook page on Astrology almost every time I logon to Facebook

We looked at Uchcha / Neech planets in the last article:

In this let us discuss Neech-bhang: It broadly means nullifying neech planet’s adverse effects both in its mahadasha/antardasha or when there are adverse gochar drushti / transits of say Shani on this planet. It also means that it will not show adverse effects on health (Shukra in Kanya - Skin issues, Mangal in Kirk - blood issues etc).

Sanskrit granth(s) describe “Neech-Bhang” scenarios as follows (I am not going to include all scenarios here). This might not work as much if this neech planet is in 6, 8, 12 houses or it is astangat in close degrees. It also works lesser if the neech-bhang planet is not the friend of this neech-rashi-planet.

1. The Neech planet’s rashi-swami is in Kendra from lagna or Chandra.
a. Shani is in Mesh (neech) and Mangal the owner of the Shani’s rashi is in 1, 4, 7, 10 from (lagna or Chandra)
2. The Neech planet’s “uchcha rashi’s swami” is in Kendra from (lagna or Chandra)
a. Say Guru in Makar is neech; It is uchcha in Kirk – So when Chandra, the owner of Kirk is in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses of the horoscope, then it is a neech-bhang
3. The Neech planet is with the rashi-swami or there is a drushti of the rashi-swami on it.
a. Budh in Meen rashi but with Guru in Meen or Guru in say Kanya or Vrishabh, Makar with its 5, 7, 9, Drushti on Budh
4. The Neech planet is with a planet which is uchcha in that rashi.
a. Guru is in Makar rashi is neech but when Mangal which is uchcha in Makar is also there
b. Shukra in Kanya but with Budh which is uchcha in Kanya and also rashi-swami.

I tend to believe more in 3 and 4 above more than 1 and 2 (Kendra-sthan). I believe in 3, 4 even if it is in 6, 8, 12 houses from examples/case studies I have seen so far.

A Raajyog is when the owner of one Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) and 1 Kon-sthan (1, 5, 9) is 1 planet and it is in Kendra or Kon-sthan and it is well placed (not ill-aspected, not astangat, not in ill-navamansh etc). i.e. the owner of two of the 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 house is one planet & is placed in those houses only.

The word ‘Raajyog’ sounds very majestic! J These Sanskrit words have some air of seriousness & impact on Indian minds. We need to look at the technical meanings of those words than what they mean in spoken language! (Example: Mrutyu-Shadashtak – Sounds VERY ominous – But the Sanskrit usage of “Mryutyu” word is not only death? – it could also mean “END”). American culture has very good words for Raajyog à WINNER – When we say that “He is a winner” more often than not the person has a Raajyog in the horoscope of some above average formation. The other phrase is “He’s figured it out” is a better expression of the Raajyog in a kundali!

1. Kirk, Sinvha (Mangal is Raajyogkarak); Vrishabh, Tula (Shani is Raajyogkarak) and Makar, Kumbh (Shukra is Raajyogkarak) lagna get the Raajyogkarak planet! (Mangal is the best friend of the Moon and Sun and Shani and Shukra are the best friends.)
2. For Kirk and Singh it is Mangal as
a. it is owner of the 5th and 10th for Kirk lagna and
b. owner of 4th and 9th for Singh lagna.
c. Mangal should be in 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 houses to cause a “Raajyog” –
d. But, in other houses also it is the Raajyogkarak planet anyways i.e. Mangal in 2nd house for Singh or Kirk lagna – Investments, Lands would be of great significance as it is Raajyogkarak! But it would not cause Raajyog in the sense that person getting great posts etc in this life. i.e. this planets will decide major direction for the person.
3. For Vrishabh and Tula it is Shani –
a. For Vrishabh Shani is owner of the 9 and 10 houses and
b. For Tula it is 4 and 5th house.
c. Shani should be in 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 houses to cause a Raajyog (Vajpayee, Margaret Thatcher Tula lagna with Shani in 1st house; Yashawantarao Chavan Vrishabh lagna with Shani in it.)
4. The “standard” or “Darja” of this Raajyog is decided based on the Speed, the quality of the Sign, Nakshatra, Navamansh and Drushti of other planets etc usual drill! J (Non Wakri, Non astangat)

The “WIPAREET RAAJYOG” is an “ANYONYA YOGA” of owners of the 6, 8, 12 houses:
1. Anyonya yoga is reciprocal yoga -- i.e. Guru in Shukra’s Sign and Shukra in Guru’s Sign or say Mars in Shani’s rashi and Shani in Mar’s rashi.
2. Wipareet Raajyog means that there is an anyonya yoga of owner of the 6, 8, 12 houses i.e. owner of the 6th house in 8th and 8th in 6th. Owner of 12th in 6th and 6th in 12th and 12th in 8th and 8th in 12th etc.
3. This yoga is called as Raajyog as these planets close the loop – They are codependent on each other to give fruits without any other planets or ownerships etc.
4. This is called as WIPAREET as this yoga brings in money / recognition due to some calamity or some widespread disease etc. Basically some incident which is not the best for the society; not that these folks cause such events but they are born to deal with such events.
5. These folks tend to get money and recognition due to unimagined / unplanned circumstances. You cannot prepare or plan for such events in this life – This is highly a destiny prone kind of yoga.

Even a yoga where one of the owners of the 6, 8, 12 is in 6, 8, 12 is also called Wipareet Raajyog as these also give some effects of the Wipareet Raajyog. The reasons being 8, 12 are nava-pancham houses and shows signs that are conductive for the owners. Also 6, 8 are 3-11 (Parakram and labh-yog) and also beneficial as the planet becomes very expressive/effective (or “in Synch”) when 3rd or 11th to its sign. However owner of 6 in 12 or just the 12 in 6 without anyonya would be a bit difficult to call Wipareet Raajyog as there is an opposition and the planets are in shatru-gruha.

Simple/common-sense examples of a “Wipareet Raajyog” are professions like Astrologers /Doctors / Lawyers– Gaining due to troubles of others! :) Medicine companies earning due to say Swine-flu etc deceases is also a good example. You would see this yoga and planets in 8th and 12th house of almost all astrologers! J

Uchcha Neech Signs for a quick Reference:
1. Surya : Mesh is uchcha and Tula is neech (The 10th degree “paramochcha” / Ultra-Uchcha or Ultra-Neech)
2. Chandra: Vrishabh Uchcha, Vrishchik Neech (3rd degree)
3. Budh: Kanya uchcha, Meen Neech (15th degree??)
4. Shukra: Meen uchcha, Kanya neech
5. Mangal: Makar uchcha, Kirk neech (28th degree)
6. Guru: Kirk uchcha, Makar neech (5th degree? I will need to check I am not sure)
7. Shani: Tula uchcha, Mesh neech (15th degree?)
8. Rahu: Mithun uchcha, Dhanu neech
9. Ketu: Dhanu uchcha, Mithun neech
10. Harshal: Not available in Sanskrit granthas but obvious that Harshal is uchcha in Kumbh
11. Neptune: Not available in Sanskrit granthas but obvious that Neptune is uchcha in Meen
2014 FB Post: NEECH-BHUNG :: Putting together something I replied to a Good Question on my FB wall (Neech-Bhung means when a neech planet is with in yuti with uchcha planet - The way ShivSena does neech-bhung of BJP in Maharashatra :)

I think this works quite a bit but this works in the field or area of life shown by the uchcha planet which is with the neech planet. For example: Guru in Makar rashi shows Guru neech which means the person is after money and very practical than say after knowledge for the sake of knowledge or SHARING of knowledge freely with others. Makar is sort of a GREEDY and a Selfish sign. So Guru in this sign can make person selfish. BUT Assume that this Guru is with uchcha MANGAL (Mars) -- This means this person would share knowledge in the field shown by Mars which is sports, wars, sports-equipment or land or blood. Also, the person will become very knowledgeable in the areas shown by Mars mentioned above. But still this doesn't mean that the person will become a great Guru or a philosopher in various sectors of life.. The person would be quite practical and greedy and materialistic in all areas of life except those shown bY mars...!!! Now try to apply this to Sachin Tendulkar...!! He got great Guru in sports and got great brother who was elder and also philosopher etc --- but in rest of the areas of life he hardly ventured into finding any Guru!
So Neechbhang works for HEALTH related issues -- Say Mars in Kirk - could show blood flow lesser or blood content missing (red cells) - fBut when Mars is with uchcha GURU -- this effect would be reduced quite a bit -- JUST bcos of Guru being Guru regardless of uchcha or not -- but also Uchcha so better effect...!
I have seen that Kanya Shukra can show some relation with people from lesser rung of society or even some affairs with lower rung folks in society (not to be taken as caste but status overall in society) -- but when this Shukra is with BUDH which is uchcha in Kanya rashi -- This effect of Shukra is reduced quite a bit and person becomes very choosy & avoids such contacts. Also, Skin issues of Shukra in Virgo are reduced quite a bit when Budh is with Shukra...!
However Surya Shani yuti in Aries on Libra -- Would it qualify for the same logic -- I really doubt it! As they are such a fierce opposites -- I just don't know if this will work for Surya and Shani yuti! Yes again Health wise Shani illeffect due to Surya in Aries could be reduced but Surya in Libra could show not the best of the heart or spine -- which could be compounded by Shani in Libra with Surya !! a
Hope this helps -- So this concept works but as usual the devil is the details...! So this Neech-bhung would apply when the planets are not enemies and have some harmony...!
Hope this helps -- As usual devils is in the details!

I never used PLUTO in ANY horoscope and never saw any effect of Pluto in a horoscope particularly.


  1. Knowledgeable and very well described article.

  2. i tnink “ANYONYA YOGA'' also called ''prati yuti''

  3. Dear Milind,
    Re your first example, if sinhva lagna, mangal in 4th and also shani in 9th mesh. is that a double? i.e. Rajayoga + neechbhanga? if so whats the effect? I have that combination.

  4. Hi Milind Ji,

    I enjoy reading your posts immensely. Some posts are too complex for me to understand, but I try anyway. I would like you to comment on the "double transit of Shani and Guru on Sagittarius" beween Nov 2011 and May 2012 - and it's effects on the different rashis.


  5. Hi Milind,

    always like your articles,thanks again.
    One point here, I thought Makar and Kumbh also had venus as yogakaraka planet as it owns 5th & 10th and 4th & 9th respectively.

    Also, isnt there another rule about Neechbhanga, if the the planet which gets exalted in the neech rashi, if that is kendra to moon or lagna will give neechbhanga. Eg, mercury in pisces, with venus in aries or shukra or cancer to a libra , makar or tula lagna/moon.
    waiting for your reply

  6. ***correction...

    eg. mercury in pisces, with venus in aries or libra or cancer to a libra , makar or tula lagna/moon.
    waiting for your reply

  7. Milindji,
    I always used to think that yogakarak planet works in a kendra... so wouldnt shani in 7th house for vrishabha lagna be a yogakarak?

  8. HI Milindji ( and all the readers )
    Please excuse me for the very basic questions

    a) What is meant by "is in Kendra from Lagna or Chandra" . (used in 1) and 2) of Neecha bhanga yoga)

    b) Also what is drushti of a planet.
    If it can be explained with a very simple example that will help.

    I am sorry, this is for absolute beginners like me.

    Thanks for writing this article , once again

    Best wishes and regards

  9. Dear Milind,
    Does the above applicable only for Janamkundali or for Navmansh i am told that Navamansh is also used for deciding Unch and Neech..Please advise
    Jiten K Panddya

  10. Hi
    I have a feeling at some point I will stop following these excellent articles.
    I do feel 'ignorance is bliss" . Not knowing what exactly liges ahead, but doing your best, is far better to me personally. If it does not click , learn to accept defeat and move ahead.
    Too much of analysis of grahas for me is becoming depressing, esp when I see major planets like Shani in neecha, do not want to start each day with that burden, that my horoscope is messed up. Bcoz I cannot do anything about that

    That being said, I have enjoyed reading these articles a lot, and am sure have provided guidance to lot of people (including me). Just that I have reached a stage, where looks like nature has chosen favourates ( by giving them an excellent start , in terms of their graha position ). That gives me a bit of uneasy feeling, so depending on Hard work and leaving rest to him , is more agreeable to me.

    Thanks a lot Milindji for all the help

  11. Dear Milind,
    I have a question for you and request you to address it.
    I have tula lagna and mangal in 2nd house in Vruschik Rashi.In Navamansh, i have meen lagna and chandra and mangal yuti in 2nd house in kirk rashi,and guru in mesh rashi in 11th house.My question is willl the mangal have neech bhanga as it iin yuti with chandra and if so will it give me a positive or negative effect overall.My second question is will guru be unch as per anonaya?Please advise.Thanks and Regards,Jiten K Panddya

  12. PLEASE DO NOT jump to any conclusions -- SHARAD PAWAR Saheb has MESH Rashi Shani -- in 6th house --
    :) Shani stays in Aries sign for 2.5 years -- So MILLIIONS of people have Shani in Aries which ensures a LOT OF MONEY as you can read from my CHAR RASHI Article. Shani in Aries ensures success no matter what -- Just that it is Mangal's sign so your leadership could be given to masses in engineering sector depending on the navamansh of the mesh rashi.

    Shani in Aries in excellent to get great support from masses in Engineering or Electronics sector or even a coash in Cricket as Aries/Mangal sign of sports-man.

    I know a person who has Shani is Aries in Aries Navamansh in 1st degree --- He has/is earning in LOTS! :) :) All planets regardless of uchcha neech in CHAR rashis 1, 4, 7, 10 show a lot of money and a lot of karma.


  13. correction in Navamansh i have mithun lagna and not meen lagna.Sorry for this error

  14. Aniruddha:
    (1) Kendra is 1, 4, 7, 10 houses of the horoscope -- the houses that are in kendra of the horoscope diagram itself! :)
    (2) Neech/debilitated planet is supposed to make the person humble and subdued in the area of the planet's governance! Neechbhang increases the standard of thios planet and doesnot allow that to happen. If some soul wants to be an expressive artists/speech etc and wants to have Shukra in Kanya --- without its skin or relationships issues -- they will get birth with Shukra in kanya with Budh also in it etc etc...(Provided past karma is in line)

    (3) DRUSHTI: Every planet has 100% drushti in the house it is and opposite house i.e. 7th Drushti -- 180 degrees opposite house. say Shukra in 1st house has FULL drushti on the 7th house. Budh in 5th has drushti on 11th house etc etc.

    GURU has two additional Drushti 5 and 9: i.e. Guru aspects/drushti on 5th and 9th house 100%. So 1st hosue Guru has FULL drushti on 5th house and 9th house along with 7th house which every planet has.

    Mangal has 4 and 8 drushti along with 7th.
    Shani has 3 and 10 drushti along with 7th

    Rahu and Ketu are supposedly have reverse 12, 5, 7, 9 drushtis but I find that rediculous! :) :)

    If a planet is with Ketu it is in yuti with ketu and should not be considered as pratiyog with Rahu! :)

    But Sanskrit granth do state drushti of Rahu and Ketu --- I have NEVER used it and never had to use it.


  15. Yes of course MAKAR and KUMBH lagna have SHUKRA as Raajyogkarak planet for sure.. I will update the article for the same.

    Also additional neechbhang -- yes but again I do not think that such rule is of THAT much of an importance. I think the rashi swami being with the neech planet or the neech planet with a planet which is uchcha in that sign much more and I observe them much more. Also they should be friends! or at least should NOT be enemies :) Surya and Shani in Aries might not do neech bhang of Shani and same with Surya in Tula with Shani! :) :)


  16. (1) Pradip: NO Anyonya yoga is not called aa Pratiyuti...

    (2) Deepak
    for Sinvha lagna Shani position will not be used to decide the raajyog -- yes it could degrade raajyog if it is WITH Mangal or Surya but not decide is raajyogkarak or not!!


  17. SAHIWAL:
    Yes Yogkarak planets work in EVERY HOUSE and even in 6, 8 12 houses too -- their effects are different. But whereas Raajyog is considered I believe that teh 7th house is not considred as good as 1, 4, 5, 9, 10....Other LOGICs also apply that 5th and 9th house planets oppose business (prodcution) ability of the horosocpe & so on.


  18. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for clarification and your views about Kumbha & makara.

    I m a learner and follow your blog closely for your insights on various facets of transits, principles and predictions.

    I have neecha meena in 3rd house,makar lagna with rahu in it and tula rashi ( i know, the statistics suggest we guys been visiting ur blog like crazy, lol ) . along with that, mangal+ shukra in 4th house with jupiter in 12th plus shani in 5th. as you can see...its quite a combo!
    I thought my shukra gave me neechabhanga as it was kendra from moon & lagna ; but ur principles suggest otherwise. mangal ka dangal plus sudh budh ka chakkar; lol!

    I m studying a bit of rashi drishti along with graha drishti...what are your views about the rashi drishti as some texts suggest that they r permanent while graha drishti is the desire.

  19. DRUZ : 72 born?
    yes technical SHkra could give neechbhang but I do not think it will reduce your budh's bhola-pan and a bit bhullakad nature. The 5th house Shani which shows "Samshayee" swabhav would rather prevent meen Budh taken for ride by others! :) :) But Budh in Meen does give certain difficulty in quickly grasping the practical usage of what you are reasing. It coudl affect academics at times especially budh is alone in Meen without Surya (or mangal Shkra etc).

    I have no clue of Rahi Drushti -- so can't comment.
    Graha Drushti seems to be related to their magnetism and in accordance with laws of karma i guess.


  20. How about if Jupiter for simha lagna and mesh rash is in sixth house and retrograde.....would that cancel the debilitation or double it and what would be it's impact on the person specially in it's mahadasha?

  21. I also read about kn rao mentioning great parashara exception on debilitation which states that if a debilitated planet is the lord of 6,8 or 12 house and ascendant lord is in it's own house or uccha aspecting the ascendant then it's a raj would that work for a simha lagna with sun in ascendant and guru in maker 6th house being lord of 8th house (meen)? Would welcome your comments on this subject..thanks

  22. Milindji I have been told that though I have shukra mahadasha Venus is debilitated and which is why I have so much unhappiness and struggle finding a new job. My DOB is august 13 1978 at Kolkata at 5 30 pm. Kindly respond.

  23. Hey Milind,

    Thanks a lot boss; yes 72 born....5th march ( budh again!)...Kumbhh ravi, mesh mangal + shukra;dhanu guru,shani in 5th & of course tula rashi; rahu-ketu lagna axis; yea budh is still meen budh here. goin thru shani-rahu; wut an

    appreciate ur time, so many questions , so many answers to give from ur i wont go in further...u already got ur kitty full.:)

    i m following ur articles and tryin to relate with stuff i been reading as i got mesh ravi and karka guru in navansh with budh in leo lagan :)

    was looking at transit of planets w.r.t natal planets of charts including mine...n i like the 9th, 10, 11th transit article by you ... ( made a lot of sense)..maybe makar lagna also sees some physical manifestation in this 10th & 11th cycle of lagna lord.

    lastly, chandra weekly predictions are a gift, thanks again...m tallying the transits with moon in the next few mars plays an important role with rahu, mercury & shukra in scorpio and ...with 15th-17th...there is parivartan of ravi-surya....wanted to know ur side of this very interesting i have noticed u see things & events in an eclectic manner.


  24. Thank you so much does make sense....I have another quick question since I am quite an amateur at vedic astrology and I get my knowledge from barbara pijan lama's site... she used several examples of VRY with celebrities etc and in most of them, she concluded that L-12in 8th house cause is a form of VRY( vimal yoga) and 8th lord in not placed in 12th house...could you guide with this? how does this become VRY? or is it not?
    Thank you tons...
    Sahiwal :)

  25. SAHIWAL:
    Most astrologers consider owners of 6, 8, 12 houses in other 6, 8, 12 houses as a Wipareet Raajyog although it is described as anonya yoga. So 12th in 8th is laso considered a good one. I remember Sushimita Sen horoscope analysi by noted astrologer : Vrishchik lagna and Vrishchik ravi and Mars in the 8th house -- owner of 6th house called wipareet raajyoga (I read sometime in 1992 or so)

    So yes astrologers also consider only 1 planets too as wipareet raajyoga.


  26. Hi Milind,
    How about if Jupiter for simha lagna and mesh rash is in sixth house and retrograde.....would that cancel the debilitation or double it and what would be it's impact on the person specially in it's mahadasha?
    I also read about kn rao mentioning great parashara exception on debilitation which states that if a debilitated planet is the lord of 6,8 or 12 house and ascendant lord is in it's own house or uccha aspecting the ascendant then it's a raj would that work for a simha lagna with sun in ascendant and guru in maker 6th house being lord of 8th house (meen)? Would welcome your comments on this subject.

    Thanks Amit Jain

  27. Hi Milind, in my kids horoscope, the guru and chandra is in makar rasi and its 3rd house from lagna(vrichik). does it form neech bhang yoga?

  28. Hi Milind, in my kids horoscope, the 4 planets guru,budh, chandra and rahu in makar rasi(3rd house) as his lagna is vrichik. does it form neech bhang yoga?

    Actually, the 2nd,5th,9th and 11th lords are in 3rd house along with Rahu.

    Additional Details:
    Shani is in 10th house of simma(leo)
    Shukra in 4th house of kumbh
    sun n mangal(lagna lord) is in 2nd house dhanu
    Lagna is vrichik

  29. Dear Milind,

    I request you to kindly address my doubts/questions herein above.
    Have also left my message on your wall on facebook.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Jiten K Panddya

  30. Hi Milind
    Like you I am Vrishchik. Thanks for the weekly forecast for w/c 14Nov. I did not understand what you mean by "Welcome to sadesati – 12th Shani for next 2.5+years will FORCE you to pay off misuse of power in 9, 10, 11 Shani." I know Sadesati starts but I didn't quite get what you mean by "...will FORCE you to pay off misuse of power in 9,10,11 shani". Also I sent you an email to your gmail account and was expecting at least a holding response for now. Any chance you could have a look at it. I live in the UK albeit born/brought in Pune, so how can I meet you when I am next in Pune.

  31. Hi Milind,

    I really need your guidance. I have mailed my details to you. Kindly look in & help me.


  32. hi milind

    i have sun, mars, venus all in libra in 9th house (aquarius ascendant). moon is in 12th so all are 10th to moon. but both Ma/Ve are around 3.5 deg from sun, hence combust. is the neecha bhanga yoga useful?


  33. Hi Milind,
    My kid born on 31/12/2008(4&8 combination)

    he has 4 planets guru,budh, chandra and rahu in makar rasi(3rd house) as his lagna is vrichik. does it form neech bhang yoga?

    Actually, the 2nd,5th,9th and 11th lords are in 3rd house along with Rahu. actually guru/budh are in close degrees(4), rahu on 15th degree and moon is on 27th degree.

    Additional Details:
    Shani is in 10th house of simma(leo)
    Shukra in 4th house of kumbh
    sun n mangal(lagna lord) is in 2nd house dhanu
    Lagna is vrichik

  34. do i have any raj yoga i have budh in meen rashi
    male 20 april 1980 1:39 pm mumbai

  35. Hi Milind.

    I have a strange combination in my lagna kundali.

    Sun in Libra Placed in 8th house, along with Budha Mangal.
    Sukra in Kanya in 7th House
    Guru in Kumba in 12th House
    Moon in Dhanu in 10th House

    DOB : 20-10-1974 , 17:00 Goa. India

    Lots of grahas placed in bad houses and in Neech position

    want to specifically know if all bad leads to some good somewhere and try to relate the influence in my life.


  36. in my Kundali of SIng Lagna Shani is loard of 6th n 7th house n is in tula rashi ie its Uchcha so what does it signifies? what will be the benifit of this or it is benificial or not?

  37. hii friends

    i really got very good information on this blog.

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    Thanks and regards

  38. hello

    In my kundali i have mangal in 10th house & in neech avasatha , i just want to know is it making neech bhaang raj yoga or its completly negative .
    new delhi

    good wishes astro

  39. HI MILIND ... I haave shukra in kanya lagna ..chandrama in 10th of mithuna..mars of karka...ketu in 6th house n panch grahi yog of surya,budh rahu vrihapati n shani in the 12th house so I have neech mangal neech shukra neech buddha...I m born in 4th phase of adra dear milind please do tell me that do I have any chance of neech bhang yog or atleast tell me how adverse they r for me...dob 15.09.1979...time 7.34 am jalandhar

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  42. I have taurus lagna.. shani, mars and moon are combined in it neech bhanga for shani..DOB 11-03-1970 delhi 11.22 am