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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Planetary movements in 2012

Significant Planetary movements in 2012

GURU / Jupiter

(1) Guru becomes maargi in Mesh (6:20 degrees) on Dec 26, 2011 around 3 p.m. It is stambhi on Dec 23 around 8 pm until it becomes maargi

(2) Guru enters Vrishabh/Taurus on May 17, 2012 around 8:23 a.m. Stays in Vrishabh for rest of the year

(3) Guru becomes wakri in Vrishabh on Oct5, 2012 at 22:20 degrees

(4) Guru becomes maargi in Vrishabh on Jan 31st, 2013 around 4 a.m.

SHANI / Saturn

(1) Becomes Wakri on Feb 8, 2011 at 5:28; From Feb 1 to Feb 8 almost stambhi in Tula 5:26/5:28

(2) Enters KANYA in wakri mode on May16, 2012

(3) Shani becomes maargi on Jun 26, 2012 at 28:44 in KANYA

(4) Shani enters TULA again August 4th, 2012 at 3.03 a.m.

SHANI stays in TULA / Libra for rest of 2012

RAHU / North Node

Rahu changes to Libra on Jan 14, 2013 around 10:47 p.m.

KETU / South Node

Ketu changes to Mesh on Jan 14, 2013 around 10:47 p.m.


(1) Mars becomes wakri in SINGH on Jan24, 2012 at 29:03 degrees around 6:46 p.m.

(2) Mars becomes maargi in SINGH on April 14, 2012 at 9:39 degrees

(3) Mars enters KANYA on June 21, 2012

(4) Mars enters TULA on Aug 14, 2012

(5) Mars enters SCORPIO / Vrishchik on Sept 28, 2012 (Last 4 days in last Charan of Jyeshtha nakshatra!)

(6) Mars enters DHANU (Moola Nakshatra) on Nov 8, 2012 Midnight

(7) Mars enters MAKAR on Dec 18, 2012


  1. 1. What will be the effects of Guru retrograding in the 12th house?

    2. Along with Mars, Shukra also would be spending almost 4 months due to her retrograde, in this case in Vrishav, what are the effects on mithun folks?

    3. Saturn being placed natally in the 6th house for a mithun person along with Mercury, what can be the effects?

    4. Raku / Ketu transiting to 5th - 11th, what are mithun folks to expect?

    I know.. lot of question.. :(

  2. Hi! thanks for the heads up :)

    The western folks seem to place a lot of emphasis on Eclipses. Are they relevant/significant at all in vedic astrology?

    If they are, why don't you write an article mentioning their significance etc?

  3. Dear Milind,
    When shani goes back to kanya for a period of about two months in May June, is this time same as first phase of sadesati for tula rashi (12th shani)?

  4. Milind,
    I have never been able to understand rahu ketu transits.....
    For example- around feb rahu conjuncts my saturn in 7th and saturn is ruler of 9th and 10th.... should I expect problems with 7th, 9th and 10th house issues? or will there be restructuring in a good way? I understand that rahu is opposed to saturn in nature, does this mean any kind of deviation?

  5. Milind Sir,
    Very useful info! Thanks a lot!
    Here's sharing an experience:
    Since I started reading your blog, I have picked up the habit of finding out charts of people I come across and validating it. In this process I have come across quite a few charts which do not seem anything out of ordinary themselves but their navamsha tells a blazing story; e. g. 4-5 planets either vargottam or uchha, very strong yutis like shukra - Rahu in 7th etc. Since I personally don't know anything about how to read a D9 chart, I feel that the knowledge I have earned so far is incomplete and I feel deprived of a lot of exciting information.
    Hence I would request you to be so kind as to put down your views of navamsha, its meaning and interpretation in an article towards the end of this year, and give us all a thread to grow our thinking upon in the next year.
    Sincere gratitude,

  6. Dear Milindji - Thx for the wonderful article. I am Leo Rashi and just out of sade sati. I am having 9th Guru ( which is wakri at the moment ) and 3rd shani. Since Guru will be margi on Dec 26 onwards and Shani will be wakri from Feb 08 -- will it affect Leo Rashi folks in any adverse way - Pls advise - Rgds, Mehul

  7. Milind,
    I find your blog articles well written and very informative. However, being a novice on the subject I do get lost in the details, and find it hard to interpret as to how it applies in my case. I have e-mailed you my birth details, could you please find some time to respond. Thanks. VJ

  8. On Shani's movements, does that mean we all go a house back from May 16 to Aug 4th??? :( Not good to go thr' Ashtama shani 'again'

  9. Hi Milindji
    A very basic question.

    They say say Shani gives positivie result in 6th house. Is that sixth from the Ascendant or the Moon (rashi). I think it is Ascendant, but wanted to double check.
    In my case Kanya Rashi , Vrishchika Ascnedant I have Shani in 6th House (Mesh) in my Lagna chart. But Shani in 6th is Neech. How should this be interpreted, but 6th house being house of enemies, does that mean more opposition in general?


  10. [1] Rita
    Retrograde in 12th would ask you to redo the planning/blueprint. It could delay the planning which you are forced to do for the next 12 years . FOr Mithun Mars in 3rd house shows travels, presentations and meeting siblings. Good luck in sports due to 3rd Mars. Saturn in 6th hosue in horoscope with Budh badly placed - Stomach issues -- One of the Mama could have some issues with brain or the part of the body shown by the rashi in6th hous eetc. It does show headaches to you also. Rahu Ketu are always good in 5 -- 11 houses -- Good luck from both familiies.

    [2] Amit
    Eclipses or not -- -Individual karma is very imp. Even Indian astrologer have very deep belief in GRAHAN and their implications -- Rather the Hrahan concept is gone from here to western world.

    [3] SARVESH: In Short -- Yes!

    [4] Sahiwal
    Rahu Ketu work thru your DNA -- So family related health issues or "swabhav" issues are exposed when Rahu Ketu go over some planets. Rahu Letu movements shows the timing of helaht issues related to DNA etc in your body. This is based on though process and some logical examples but I am not an expert and not enough case studies in this DNA effect and Rahu Ketu ---movements. BUT YES RAHU and KETU DO show heriditary issues/good stuff -- all.

    [5] Sandy:
    NAVAMANSH chart HAS to be analysed along with the main horoscope. If main horoscope shows 1 thing and Navamansh shows completely different then INTENSITY is reduced quite a bit --either good or bad. BUT NAVAMANSH horoscope shows 1 thing which is NOT shown by MAIN CHART AT ALL -- It will NEVER happen! :)

    For example: My mai kundali shows karmic debt towards siblings and masses ----- IN Navamansh it shows GREAT LUCK WITH BOTH -------> It means the main effect of the horoscope is reduced quite a bit and I have a choice to payoff these debts with good deeds --- if navamansh also shown the same bad influence -- it would have resulted in cancer already !!!! (MAJOR Blood related issues to me!!) In this case Navamansh has reduced the intensity and it could happen later in the life maybe.....etc etc THE CONTEXT is always MAIN Horoscope then Chandra Kundali and then Navamansh kundali.

    Rather, instead of Navamansha --- check which planet is closer to which FIXED STAR --- It gives GREAT real results thru analysis.

    [6] Mehul
    TOO GENERIC a question!

    [7] VJ
    Agreed -- these articles on wakri maargi can't be for common folks.... or even Navanash or Shani Mangal yuti etc but they do make you related to your issues and reduce chances of explotation by astrologers! :)

    [8] Sharmila: Yes -- but only for 2/5 months and that too only to PoorvaBhadrapada nakshatra folks

    [9] Aniruddha:
    6th is in ECONOMIC ZONE -- it is about Service sector, Rog sthan (medical), Mom's relatives, Servants, Pets and etc etc. Shani in 6th in Neech rashi with Chandra and Guru is Sharad Pawar saheb.....6th house is SOCIAL STANDING...Shani in 6th hosue shows money from masses-- The owner of 6th house and its navamansh would show direction of the field. Shani's navamash and nakshatra would further show area of interest/field. BOTH to lagna it shows past karma reflected in this life -- and to Chandra but not lagna it shows tendency to create instant/Kriyaman Karma which is in line with 6th hosue Shani in main horoscope...results would be good. 6th house SHani shows LONG TERM health issues -- life style health issues --- instead of 6th hosue Mangal which shows cuts-bruises or some quick operation or downright FIGHTS etc etc..


  11. Milind,
    I have a follow up question to ur response to sandy...
    agar example in my cousins chart- radix chart mein his venus(9th house ruler) conjunct his mars (8th house ruler)fall in his 9h house taurus...saturn his 5th house ruler also in 9th house but distance from shukra yuti mangal is 14 degrees...
    on the other hand- his navamansh shows venus conjunt mars and venus conjunct south node...
    The way I am undrstanding from ur article is that VENUS CONJUNCT MARS is prominent and venus yuti ketu wont harm him?
    Am i understanding this correctly?


  12. Dear Mr. Milind

    Thanks for your information.

    What is result of Shani-Mangal yuti in 8th house?
    Also let me know what is result for mangal-harshal pratiyog ?

    Psl calrify


  13. Dear Mr. Milind
    can you tell me what is exact months of rahu shani yuti in 2013.

  14. Could u pls explain the effects of transit of Shani & Rahu in Tula rashi for all rashis and lagnas(ascendents).

  15. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the real astrologer and he has nice info regarding necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.