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Thursday, November 24, 2011

WAKRI Graha / PLANETS (Retrograde)


Retrograde planets (wakri) are called so as they are moving back when seen from the Earth (relative to the Earth). I.e the wakri state of a planet is relative to the Earth and not the Sun! J How can a planet be wakri around the Sun? It is moving in its orbit the same way as it usually does! It is just that with relative to the Earth is “appears” wakri i.e. moving back as Earth’s speed of rotation around the Sun is faster than this planet. 2 Trains moving in the same direction is a great example – passengers of the faster train feel that the other train is going back! J

1. The Earth needs to be in approximately between the Sun and the planet in order for us to “see” that planet moving backwards i.e. the Earth moving faster around the Sun than the specific planet and hence the planet “Seems” to move back w.r.t. the Earth despite it moving forward as usual! This is much the same way that a faster train would see a slower train going back despite the slower train moving ahead. This mean a planet can be wakri when it is in Pratiyog (180degrees) of Surya in the horoscope for the “external planets” (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

2. The planet is seen with a great speed w.r.t. the Earth when the Sun is in between the planet and the Earth i.e. Earth’s speed is “added” to the planet’s speed – much the same was as two trains going opposite direction the effects is “addition” of the speeds.

3. From Dec 2009 to May2010 Guru was outside of the Sun from the Earth, I.e. the Sun was in between the Earth and the Jupiter – This resulted in a GREAT speed for Jupiter w.r.t the Earth. The speed of the Jupiter and the Earth got added to each other and Guru travelled from 1st degree of Kumbh to Meen in 5 months which usually takes close to 12 months! This period was also called as Guru-ast and marriages were not allowed by “Dharma-Martand” folks in this period! J I found it very absurd as folks with Shukra in Leo and Aquarius sign had a great chance to find someone in this period itself!! L

4. Side Note: I NEVER could and will understand how some muhurat is good or bad for all!!! L It is so against the law of karma – each person has different karma!

Wakri planet’s "Prabha" (brightness/intensity) is better than non-wakri and they are seen brighter in the sky. This makes some Astrologers (Sanskrit granth) think that the wakri planet is more powerful.


1. Wakri planets denote some “not so good” past karma as the SPEED of the wakri planet is very slow. (Rather, it is STAMBHI (no motion w.r.t. Earth) for a few days before and after wakri motion -- Stambhi is worse than wakri!!!) Guru being wakri would show some past bad karma with mentors or santati. Shukra wakri with life partner/secs etc and so on. Surya & Chandra can't be wakri! :) Rahu Ketu are always wakri with fixed motion so not considered as “wakri”!:)

2. When Budh is wakri, the person's 1st assessment, comment or thought on a topic is usually wrong -- Then they correct themselves on "second thought". Shukra wakri - tendency to choose wrong necklace, jewelry or partner in the 1st shot -- i.e. after watching an artifact or a person -- 1st thought could be something which would be reverted later on -- i.e. some adjustment to the thought later on.

3. So, the Horoscope wakri planet shows some issues and certainly some very bad issue with at least 1 house they own -- which could be checked by the "quality" of those houses. Wakri planets in Moola, Ashelsha, Jyeshtha etc are further problematic - show further intense bad karma (specific). Wakri planets NEAR some YOG-KARAK TAARA like Antares in Vrushchik (BIGGEST star in the zodiac: aprx 15th degree – hence called as “Jyeshtha”?) is a bigger issue than say the wakri planet in a DevGuni nakshatra like Poorva Bhadrapada or Rohini, Pushya etc.

4. The planets in the sign owned by a Wakri planet also become weak as they are not very well supported by their rashi-swami. If this wakri planet is in 6, 8 or 12 house from these planets then the effects are further worse. If the wakri planet is 6 8 12 and in neech rashi and also astangat (combust) then the severity increases further.

Rather, the FASTER planets in the horoscope show very good Karma / Gati in related subject or some aspect of life.

SO ALL THINGS SAID --> Wakri planet in the horoscope shows some deficiency in past life karma w.r.t what the planet represents in your horoscope/life.

Gochar (current) planet Wakri is again not so good. Delays in results that start due to this planet are quite often seen in this period. Stock Markets get into SLOW correction phase or slower downward spiral when Shani or Shani go Wakri! Both Wakri and market can come down QUITE a bit. One of both starts picking up speed and the market surges ahead. (In a bull run – upwards – in a bad market faster Guru and Shani would deliver downward moves faster – they just show results of society’s own instant/Kriyamaan Karma.)


  1. Milindji can you please check and respond to my queries as soon as you can? am waiting to hear what you say to take action! thank you....

  2. Milind,
    Quick question-- When saturn goes retrograde next year (middle of 2012)--- is it worst sadesati period->REPLAY? Should kanya rashi folks expect setback even when guru is going 9th for transit?

  3. Hi Milind,

    Will Kumbh rasi again experience ashtam shani when saturn retrogrades next year ? What is the duration of this retrogression ?

    Thanks for your valuable articles

  4. Thanks Milind for this article. Query - what are the effects of wakri paap graha shani and mangal?
    do two negatives make a positive here i.e is the negative effect of a paap graha nullified when wakri or is it further added?
    Snehal Pathak.

  5. Milind, can you pls give your thoughts on guru wakri in midhun(7th house)

  6. If Saturn retrogate in 5th house?

  7. Hi Milind!

    Another interesting article. Can you please tell me how does Saturn (wakri in jyeshta)conjunct with moon in vrishchik affect the native?

    Another chart, Mars wakri in purvaphalguni (leo,10 house). What effect does it have?


  8. Guru wakri in 5th house, Adra-4. . . Sure a bad karma in the past life with my children n siblings. But in this life, I will undo it. . . . Am I rite Milind ji?

  9. Milindji,
    Thanks for your reply , on my horoscope , please check your email , I have an important query.


  10. Dear Milindji - Great Article - Would like to know, how do u or any astrologer calculates the speed of the planet as calculating the speed would require very hi-tech instruments

  11. [1] Sahiwal:
    Kanya folks who have moon in 28,29, 30 degrees could see some issues in this Shani wakri period when Shani enters Kanya as it went too fast thru does degrees and might not have paid all the good/bad karma to all signs.

    [2] DIV
    Read above comment - answer is YES if your sign Kumbh is in last few degrees. But again does not have to worry...

    [3] SNEHAL
    Even Shubhra graha wakri is seen a issues in the horoscope -- how a so called "paap graha" can be shubh if wakri? i.e. If somebody uses slow poisoning instead of cynide (spelling?) -- is it good? Please don't take it as if Wakri planet is a calamity -- :) It shows slow progress in life about the things shown by the planet.

    [4] Wakri Guru in 7th House
    This could show some strange experience while fixing teh marriage - incomplete information and then getting complete information for better decision making etc. It could also mean some health issue to self or mother mostly mother as Guru i owner of the 1st and 4th house.

    [5] HEMA
    It coudl mean a person who is too critical of things, black circles below eyes and person who makes caustic remarks every often..

    [6] Bhargob:
    Yeah -- Guru in 5th is a GREAT yoga --- wakri shows some unfinished karma with kids...nothign bad etc -- if that Guru or Shani in 5th wakri in Moola -- it could have shown some issues.

    [7] Speed of planets
    MOst s/ws give the speed but you can add subtract 2/.3 days in the date to check how much degrees change...


  12. Guru vakri in 4th house..kumbh

    i dont know in which nakshatra its is..purva-falguni is in vrishchik though

    i guess something about mother?


  13. Interesting!! I was just about to ask you about retrograde planets, since Guru wakri in my 11th is giving me some pains related to my friends etc.. a total opposite situation when guru was direct in my 11th recently. strangely guru gave me a hard time in my 10th, or maybe it was Saturn acting in the 4th.

    Guru can never be malefic you say? My birth chart astrologer said, due to its conjunction with Mars in my 9th house ( aquarius ) it is a functional Malefic for me..

  14. i have heard dat guru will be going retrograde in december 2011...firstly correct me if i am wrong secondly if it is so what effect it will cast on all the rashi's and especially kanya rashi coz it has 8th guru........

  15. Thanks Milind! What about mangal wakri in purvaphalguni (leo,10 house). What effect does it have?


  16. I also heard that moon and saturn conjunct would mean a life of loneliness, mental disturbance etc. Is it true? In this case moon and saturn (R) both being in Jyeshta would it aggravate the situation?


  17. Do not agree with your thoughts on vakri planets. Moreover u have generalised it, cannot comment on vakri planets without seeing Navamsh & shashtiamsh of the client

  18. Very intersting article. Thanks:)

  19. What would retrograde jupiter in 6th house signify for leo ascendant?. I had read articles on net which are divided on the impact of debilitated retrograde planets that are benefic or malefic by nature...would like to know your views on this...moreover how would the jupiter mahadasha pan out for such a person?

    Amit Jain

  20. What would wakri and combust venus in the 8th house signify.Are there any remedies to lessen the ill effects of wakri planets, venus to be more precise ?


  21. Dear milind ji
    i Have retrograte Guru in lagna in natal chart in leo lagna vrushab rashi does it effect my santtati & bhagya as i am facing problem for the same.

  22. Dear Milind,
    I have saturn wakri in Mrigasira,and my Taurus lagna. What does that signify saturn being my 9 and 10 th lords.


  23. #Rajat,

    Although you directed this to Milindji, but since I saw it thought I'l answer too..

    As far as I know, Jupiter is already retrograde in Aries, and is in the first few degrees.

    It resumes Direct motion from December 25 onwards and runs through the whole 30 degrees of Aries in just 6 months..

    I believe I am correct since I have been following Guru's movements, cuz its in my 11th currently. I am watching for signs of Gain/Disaster! :D

    Heads up though: Mercury is about to Retrograde soon, till Dec 13 I believe. :)

  24. [1] MANISH
    Giru in 4th -- many friends and good nature (antaratma) provoding good environment to folks (CCD ka lelo franchise) :) later days of life are VERY good due to 4th Guru -- 4th house is about later days of life..also 4th Guru is a good guiding force which make sure the person does not fail in life. Purva Phalguni is in SIngh and PurvaBhadrapada is in Kumbh owned by GURU only.

    [2] ANN
    Guru as malefic is not a good concept even for Vrishabh or Tula lagna. Guru with mars shows great blood quality and good luck/past karma of your siblings. Good land related luck in life.

    [3] RAJAT
    Guru is wakri since Sept 1/Aug 31 night I think and will become margi Dec-27....Shows slow progress -- and hence folks get frustrated.

    [4] Hema
    Life of loneliness if 4th hosue is say with Rahu Shani or harshly placed etc. 4th and 11th house shows friends etc -- So just Moon Shani does not indicate such thing.

    [5] Rana Biswas
    More you keep it generic more the concepts apply....check wakri planets - how they impact Share Market -- Slower/reduced in Wakri Guru and Shani -- almost all the times. Wakri planet IS an issue -- HOW MUCH is an issue is based on nakshatra bal rashi bal, rashi swamiu nakshatra swmai bal....and aspects on the planet and also its position to MOON and also in divisional charts....But such articles always show something issue with their karkatva and the bhavesh stuff.

    [6] Thanks Sharmila

    [7] Amit Jain
    Guru in 6th house -- The person tries to do self medication. It shows the person is born for service sector or providing some service! Doctors (all desciplines like ayurveda , homepathy etc) are shown with Guru in teh 6th house. Guru in Makar shows financial sector but nakshatra and navamansh and SHANI position is VERY VERY imp for outcome of this Guru...But financial service sector is quite likely - good influence from Mom's relatives....This Guru ensures good CASH flow in life....the person is more effective at workplace ....

    I do not believe in Malefic wakri being good etc etc stuff - -it sounds totally illogical -- Malefic if in Moola is bad -- then Malefin WAKRI in Moola is MUCH more ghatak...! or shows past karma which is more of an issue! :(

    [8] PINKY
    Actively participate in marriages of friends and relatives. Try to help people get and stay married -- a bit delayed marriage -- a bit later than family tradition -- health: skin/hair issues --- so try to use Ayurveda stuff for good skin and hair...

    [9] Leo Guru in 1st house wakri
    Which nakshatra? Magha not the best nakshatra for SATVIK pravrutti of Guru but ANY planet in Singh shows some great qualities -- inspirational attitude....good kids overall.

    [10] HARI
    Raajyogkarak Shani in Mangal's nakshatra shows steel, iron related connection! :) Some worker unrest in life -- Jan200 to Dec 2002 specially Q4-2002 was of some issues -- but this shows good luck in Mars related stuff like steel plant, iron ore, sports related stuff etc etc...Mangal related stuff is also chemistry but again we will need to check Shurka and Mangal position etc to check completely.

    [11] Thanks Ann


  25. Hello Milind Ji,
    I have three major planets in retrograde position Guru, mangal, and shani in 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively, lagna meena. How can I improve the benefits of these planets?

  26. ur article is always good & informative, but one can learn thro ur comments too, learners can easily understand it. I think 4th house also suggest good home, mother, land etc.. ??
    Thanks to share knowledge, & also it's free of cost.. I appreciate it.

  27. just to know, u said any planet in Singh shows some
    great qualities ; what about shani in singh , magha-1 , coz i guess singh is not good for shani ???

  28. Hello Milindji

    I have 8th guru(wakri)in mesh rashi, kanya lagna/rashi(both) & shani in sixth house, can you please explain...

  29. Thanks milindji I have leo guru(R) in magha nakshatra -4pada(against satvicktata)harmful for one of the houses its rule.does retrograte
    uran(uttaraphal)&plut(uttarphal)in leo& virgo has effect as other 9 planets in 1st & 2 house.

  30. Hi Milind,
    Amazing are spot on about jupiter in 6th house doing self medication and finance bit :)...and I am guessing since my saturn is in 11th house (singh lagna & mesh rashi) with retrograde jupiter in 6th house (debilitated) and shravana nakshatra and is in 11th house/aries in navamansh it has led me have an interest in finance??...what I would be interested to know is that given that I am a recent entrepreneur, your suggestion would have been to stay in a job as I would be more successful in job than in business?

    Thanks again for your views....

    Amit Jain

  31. as usual........good article, good information very simply explained.
    Its really amazing that you are so passionate about this and you dedicate so much of time.
    Keep up the good work Milind ji, very soon you would have lots and lots of people/fans following you..

  32. Hi Milindji
    For a absolute beginner like me , please excuse my basic questions.
    I am trying to see which planets in my horoscope are wakri.
    Is there any trick to this?
    Any pointers are appreciated


  33. Hi Milind,

    Could you write also on vargottama planets.


  34. Hello Milind,
    I thought kumbh rashi is relieved of ashtama shani and now
    I hear its coming back!!!!not again!! Please illaborate,
    I had lot of career issues in this period, health wise also v bad period
    DOB 29 sep 1974
    Time 4.05pm
    Place mumbai
    Am i in the last few degrees of kumbh??
    How does it look overall 4 me. Somebody told
    Me i have Gajkeshari yog , what does it mean? I want 2
    Hear it from you.

  35. Hi Milindji

    Great work
    I was late reading this article by 2 days :(
    I want to understand the word "ISSUE" which you very often use with intense nakshtras like ashlesha, megha etc
    As I have guru wakri in Mool 5th house, leo asc., and ascendant it self is in megha both ketu & ketu in scorpio (luckly not in jayestha but Anuradha)
    Please through some light on "Word - some karmik Issue..s"

    Keep up good work

  36. Reading these comments, the wakri saturn caught my eye. Looks like for Kanya folks there is no respite ! Extremely unfair, that only one Rashi is being targeted. ( I mean by God or nature , or whatever we may call it . One Planet seems ok, other messes it up, The chain continues )
    MIlindji, per your experience, is this one of the Rashi a Soul chooses to be born, if it has to just see suffering for most part. I will not be surprised if the answer is "yes"

    And BTW I do agree with most of your views except: that Shani is a Nshkam karm yogi. A Nishkam Karma yogi does not ruin people. That is why people pary to shani out of fear ( unlike guru , which is looked in reverence )

    That being said, I do follow all your artilce, and will continue to read them
    One last comment: The power of Hard work, and faith in yourself and in God, and work miracles. I have numerous examples of friends, who wre told that they would not make it big in a particular area such as education, now have reached heights just by relentless hard work.

  37. Dear Milind,
    1. Wakri planet which is exalted? e.g. shukra in meen etc? what does that show?
    2. Two wakri planets with full drishti on each other?

  38. [1] Puneet Ki Awaaz
    Meen lagna which loves to "serve" and Guru in Mithun -- like to talk/write for a living! :) Shani in 6th again providing service.. the Sun would decide the direction of this service and also Shani's navamansh would show how/where also. 5th house mangal good for sports but in Kirk -- i doubt. Also, 4th house planets make people not put in a lot of efforts/hard-work --- especially "shubh" planets like Chandra Guru and Shukra.

    [2] Pradip
    Yes 4th house shows Matru Soukhya -- along with Chandra, Yes it shows Farms and Lands along with Mangal and it shows SOUKHYA of ALL things in life.... Vehicles, House, Music systems ALL the stuff in life -- Ability to enjoy is 4th house....

    [3] Pradip
    yes -- ANY planet regardless of rashi bal etc shows some personal inspirational ability in Singh rashi...

    [4] Pravin
    It shows some issues to Santati as Shani drushti and Guru in 8th house especially if 1st is Son -- 1st, if daughter might not have many health etc issues. Sugegsts that you need to do some good karma by donating to orphanages and also spend time for less prividleged kids> it also shows some issues with Mom's health and also your past karma towards your took vidya but did not give money or credit to them -- hence acknowledge EVERY advice etc you get in this life by compliments or otherwise. A Horoscope is NOTHING but a reflection of your own past karma -- what you have done ONLY YOU can undo by sufferings, delays or good deeds -- Sometime you have a choice sometimes you do not! -- That AGAIN depends on the inetnsity of the past karma! :) But STILL - with a good GURU / Mentor you can even turn around that too! Even Titanic had 700+ survivors! :)

    [5] AMIT JAIN
    Does not matter service or entreprenuer -- You entreprenuership would be in "Service Sector" say Finance or medicines! :)

    [6] Anonymous -- THANKS for the compliments!

    [7] Anonymous: Check wakri planets
    Generate your chart on any astro site - I do not have it yet on my site -- You can also download JUNIOR JYOTISH FREE Software and generate your own chart...

    [8] HARI
    Vargottam Planets -- there are 12 vargottam navamansh and 11 planets -- just check how many combinations -- I have only one answer to your request: NAVAMANSH RAHASYA by M. D. Bhat.

    [9] Gajakesari yoga
    If you have Gajakesari yog -- I guess you should not worry about 8th Shani! :) Anyways -- now Shani coming back would be only of SOME issues to Kumbh folks in last degrees of Kumbh rashi i.e. Poorva Bhadrapada folks in the 3rd charan.

    [10] HINA
    Issues is a problem but problem means something very definite --

    [11] Kanya -- complaints! :)
    Someone's problems should NOT be attributed to one sign only! -- There could be some definite past karma which could be reflected in also Mangal, Guru, Surya etc planets in the horoscope....It is Shani's task to show the bad results of that karma and make you pay it off....

    Yes PATIENCE AND PESEVARANCE -- Shraddha and Saboori with Hard work is what is NEEDED ALL THE TIMES. Planets WILl align themselves for your to get paid your karma -- good or bad! :)

    [12] Deepak
    I have GREAT reservations about Shukra uchcha in meen -- it is a very secs-less in Meen rashi and shows marriage in a uchcha family and shows some GREAT poetic/uchcha thought process about DIVINE love! :) It shows GREAT SKIN for sure and also great fat control in the body. being wakri could show anonymity towards secs and physical relationship -- not a physical problem but lesser "wasana" for the lack of a better word.


  39. Dear Milind,

    Nice to read your informative articles! I was waiting for your article on wakri planets for long time!

    I had one question for you. I have read that if an Exalted Planet is wakri then it becomes a debiliated planet. While a debiliated or neech planet becomes Uccha/Exalated if it is wakri. If you can please clarify on this it will be great!

    Thanks once again and hope to read more of such informative articles from you!

  40. Shardul Kulkarni said...

    What an excellent master pices you are giving
    It is simply great to read your articles..
    This will not come with out past births sanchit Karma

    It would be great if you guide me on some issues ,Specially worried about my shani and mangal yuti and with both vakri :-)
    I have mesh lagna at 28.57
    ravi meena 23.27
    chandra Kanya 07:47:56
    Mangal (V) Kanya 14:17:56
    Budh Meena 18:32:52
    Guru(V) Tula 14:15:54
    sukra Kumbha 07:06:42
    Shani (V) Kanya 25:33:58
    harshal Vrishka 10:43:56
    Neptune Dhanu 10:31:56
    Rahu Mithun 24:44:


  41. [1] Bhushan
    NO -- I do not think that is true...Exhalted planet when wakri is lesser power than exhalted margi planet but exhalted wakri would be better than the same planet in neech rashi....better/good etc is relatives & we are talking about health issues here and overall quality of life. Mangal in Makar wakri would shows some issue with 1 of the house it owns but it would show good quality blood regardless of being wakri..maybe flow of the blood is not as string as margi uchcha mangal but wakri Makar mangal is better than Cancer mangal....

    [2] Shardul Kulkarni
    Very interesting...
    (1) Chandra with Shani and Mangal in 6th hosue shows health issues to mom for sure and Shani Mangal opposite to Surya (Dad) also shows some issues to father's health.
    (2) These garahayog are not in close degrees so I guess their longevity is not affected but serious health issues for sure -- I woudl suggest good medical/health insuarnce! :)
    (3) Chnadra with Shani Mangal shows some temparament issues and Sept 2009 to Nov2011 was TOUGH PERIOD....Stomach issues, blood issues, younger siblings' accident, your accident etc etc possibilities when Shani was in Kanya close degrees drushti on respective planets.
    (4) Mom coudl have had a miscarriage after your birth OR your immediate next sibling could have some blood related issues in my opinion.
    (5) You GOT to use Ayurveda 100% along woth alopathy etc but Ayurveda will be of GREAT GREAT help to you -- eating discpline is a MUST. Dinner should be only say GHAS_FUS i.e. salad-bar only...KHAJUR and RED fruits/Veg are a MUST...
    (6) Drink a LOT OF WATER and eat icrecream everyday
    (7) U r out of a VERY tough Sept2009 to Nov2011 period out of which May2010 to May2011 was a bit better due to Guru's support.

    Hope this helps.

  42. Hi Milind

    Thanks for you guidance.I too have had interests developed in astrology from long back and continuously studying it.

    your predictions are correct only.As I do regularly practice all the rituals(sandhya,shiveleelamrut,atharvshirsha etc)with that helps so by gods grace bad period passed away without much harm but in last 2 years bad Events i.e accident happened with my CAR where one person died in it but that case has also been resolved ,also my younger sister has been affected with Swine flue but recovered from it.
    In addition to it if you see Rahu mahadasha for a person is as bad as Shani sadhesathi also it will last longs for 18 years
    .Parallely I am undergoing that as well.

  43. Milindji,
    Please reply to my mail...myself and my husband are really awaiting the same.
    I sent it to your gmail account... also please let me know one thing can anyone wear Neelam(if suits) and Pushkaraj at the same time in respective fingers?
    my husband is in dangling position in his career, your help and guidance will really show us a good direction.

    Anjali Jagtap.

  44. Hi All
    The way I understand it, Sade sati is atma shuddhi etc, your own doing , which now you have to face.
    If so how can the following really help : any basis for this
    a) Hanuman Sadhana, Shani mantra, Shani Mahatmya etc
    b) Gem stones

    Please do not treat this as a skeptic comment. I am sure these help, just wanted to know how

    thanks for all the articles

  45. Gemstones/Sadhana:
    (1). Gemstones and Sadhana (mantra) apart fro creating some vibes around you -- (2) also constaly remind you of your own MISSION --- as to WHY you are wearig them and why you have spent so much on them -- it works for sure.
    (3) If laughing creates some stuff in your BRAIN -- Imagine what your brain will create with SADHANA -- Mantra and Maruti Upasana -- YOU ARE AS GOOD AS YOUR THOUGHTS

    SADHANA/Cocentration allows a person to decipher good signals from all the noise -- focus on the task in hand etc.

    Going to a Mandir and remembering Ram, Hanuman or Allah for that matters reminds you are that SOMEONE is MUCH GREATER than you are -- it removes your EGO and makes you further work harder....


  46. Shardul:
    In Rahu maha and Rahu antardasha -- if RAHU is very well placed i,e.. your PATERNAL Grandfather has done good jonbn -- You will have a great time -- else.....!!! If he has done some great harm -- you will have tough Rahu Maha and Rahu Anatardasha BUT in Rahu mahadasha of 18 years Rahu antardasha and Rahu hukti under each antardasha could be chaotic....but say GURU antardasha or sime uchcch -swagruha planet antardasha would be very good!! Also 5, 7, 9, 11 Guru woudl be a great success.....(any planet in 9, 10, 11 gives success)


  47. A hot and interesting topic, why Sachin is not able to complete his 100 nowdays , what could be disasters in his Kundali, is it because he has Kanya Lagna and he has to do Shani sadhana or should increase his GURU power as he has Neech GURU?

  48. thanks on

    As you rightfully said I do have hair& skin issues(hair fall, greying & pimples). Also I have crossed 31 years of age but still un married. Also my retrograde and combust venus is the lord of 7th house and with mercury in the 8th house. I am a scorpio ascendent. While sun conjuncts moon in my 7th house. saturn from 10th house(leo) aspects my 7th house.

    what should be the remedy to accelerate marriage ?


  49. I am having saturn(r),Jupiter(r) with moon in forth house.Mithun lagna- sun,mercury and venus(c) in 12th house,rahu in 2nd house,mars(c) in 11th house,
    suffering very badly from 2years in every aspect of life.Nothing is working.Kindly help and suggest something.

  50. Milind ji Namaskar,
    Can you please enlighten us with results of variations in average speeds of planets.

  51. Milind Ji,
    When a planet is wakri in the chart, and the planet goes to the previous rashi, can we count the bhabas to its (The wakri planet)previouse house? Like, My Guru is wakri on fifth house with Moon. Means Guru is in the first house from my rashi. But, since the Guru is wakri, can I take it as 12th from the moon (Rashi) too?

  52. can anyone elaborate on retrograde exalted venus in 11th house for tauras ascendant?

  53. Retrograde Venus in Meen rashi in 11th house without knowwing navamansh or nakshatra -- i can say that it means something of an issue with health as lagnesh in 11th house and that too wakri. When Gochar Shan is opposite or on this Shukra -- there could be some health issues. This is more imp as Shukra is also the owner of the 6th house which is ROG Sthan -- As Shatru Sthan owner in 11th house it does show some gains by providing service and also gains due to servants, pets etc. But Shukra being wakri when under Shani's movement 1 servant or 1 pet could give some surprises! :)

    Just trying to explain it with PURE logic! :) As Shukra uchcha wakri shukra woudl not cause too much health issue rather skin would quite good despite being wakri.

    Shukra in 11th house many times results in Kanya santati more than purush santati...


  54. Shukra in 11th in Meen --- elser sister probability quite a bit -- if in Revati -- elder sister coudl have some inor issue with legs/feet/fingers too...

  55. hello sir. nice article on wokri my horoscope (guru,mangal,budh,shani,all are wokri in their own nakshtra- Guru in 8th house with moon in kumbh(purva bhadrapada), mangal in 6th house(purvashada),shani in 5th house(anuradha) with harshal(also wokri),budh in 1st house in (pushya)neptune is also wokri with mangal....then what its mean??? in my horoscope total 8 planets are wokri...Kindly help and suggest something....plz...thanks......Yogita.

  56. hi milind ji.
    nice to read such an informative article about one of the most confusing topics in astrology.
    i have a small query, i thought of asking you about it here so that all others may also benefit from the same.

    should there be a gemstone recommendation for vakri planets?
    i will take my own example (i don't want a reading, just want to discuss your opinion).
    the lord of my virgo lagna i.e. mercury is in 12th house with sun.
    mercury is retrograde and combust (within 5 degrees) both.
    so in my case some astrologers say that i can wear an emerald life long as it is a janma ratna for me, however some say that mercury being retrograde i should not try to over energize it.
    please tell your opinion about this issue.

    i believe many others will have such doubt.

  57. [1] Raghav Abhi:
    There should not be RULE as to DO WEAR or DO NOT WEAR Wakri planet's Ratna. The decisions is based on following aspects:

    (a) WHAT you WANT to do in life
    (c) Less important but sometimes to be used -- UTTAR enemies of your moon sign -- Say Budh Mangal and Surya Shani ----> If moon sign Makar -- Ruby is questionable unless Surya is BADLY PLACED and this person is in GOVT service and HEALTH (eyes) is in question. -- Mesh rashi wearing Emerald -- unless BUDH VERY BADLY PLACED and needed for HEALGH reasons for Brain related stuff -- it should be avoided.

    But yes WHAT YOU WANT TO DO -- If TULA but want good advice and good kids -- Pushkaraaj is a must regardless of rashi swami friend or not!

    So YES you MUST wear Paachu/Emerald for HEALTH REASON ALONE --- Although combust -- it is good for health as Surya would not allow any HAANI from health issues to this planet rater Surya will enhance the ROGPratikarak kshamata!!

    MEHS Budh us troubelsome for brain when in drushti of Mangal and Shani etc but when with Surya the harm is reduced as it does not have BIG existence anyways and cannot cause damaneg on its own -- still Shani Mangal drushti can cuase paralysiss etc is Budh is wakri in Mesh with Surya but LIFE expectancy might not be affected much -- say 70+ still available due to UCHCHA SURYA...

  58. @milind ji, thanks for such a fast response. :)
    i thought i would be getting a response in 2-3 days, but thanks for being so prompt. :)
    my moon sign is tula, with shani also in it and both in 2nd house from lagna.
    the surya budh conjunct in 12th house has a 9th drishti by guru present in 4th house with neptune.
    i am currently wearing an emerald.
    health has been good mostly apart from usual seasonal cold and cough etc. :)

  59. will you please guide me for future course of action. My details are- Place of birth-Calcutta(West Bengal), India. Time of birth_0255 hrs(i.e. AM), Date of Birth- 12-07-1962. Tula rashi(Moon), Swati Nakshtra.
    My e-mail-

  60. Hello Sir
    Could you please tell us when the Guru Mahadasha starts giving good results for people having Dhanu Rashi/Lagna with Guru in Kendra and in own house. Thanks

  61. Dear Milind
    what happen when Saturn is vakri in vishakha nakshatra with moon in swati and ketu in vishaka nakshatra in 3 house and guru vakri in 6 house in moon nakshatra for leo ascendant.
    Does there marriage life is hamperred

  62. lol..First study astrology properly and then write blogs. Study Saravali , Phaladeepika and then write. Dont misguide people. You're speaking as if you have karma through naked eyes.

  63. Study horoscopes of Indira Gandhi , Obama and other known people. Also of film actors and well known people. And of course Mark Zuckerberg(3 retrogrades). You'll know what is Karma then..Ppl like you are dangerous, as you twist the concept of astrology

  64. Dear Milind Ji Pl.advice can I wear gemstone of saturn ( Neelan or substitute ) or not. I am of aquarius ascendent . My retrograde saturn 0f 5 degree is in 5th house-Gemini along with Ketu

  65. Dear Milind Ji Pl.advice can I wear gemstone of saturn ( Neelan or substitute ) or not. I am of aquarius ascendent . My retrograde saturn 0f 5 degree is in 5th house-Gemini along with Ketu

  66. Dear Milind,

    I'm a great fan of your posts and they are very deep and thoughtful indeed. However in the case of wakri, my horoscope totally disputes your findings here...birthdate 27-6-72 Jabalpur, I have Jupiter retrograde that too in lagna and Moola nakshatra and have been deeply blessed in its karakatwa...similarly shukra is retrograde too in my chart and with that too, no such effects as mentioned here are observed...m curious why as most of the time your assessments have been bang on...pls do respond..thanks!

    1. Guru 1st - GREAT; Guru Dhanu Amazing; Guru Moola -- Disciplined, Sincere, Serious, thought leadership, Mentor, Guide Teacher etc. Now Guru Wakri means it will reduce "some" of its shine and say instead of 100% it would be 90%. It won't diminish it completely etc :) But yes Guru Antardasha initial Guru Pratyantar can show some misdirection and wrong advice or some hunches going a bit wrong.