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Thursday, December 8, 2011

2012 KANYA Rashi Bhavishya (Virgo 2012 Horoscope)

KANYA Rashi Bhavishya 2012 (Virgo in 2012)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi KANYA and also to a large extent Virgo Sun Sign i.e. people born from Sept 16 to Oct 16. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: You can also check these articles as per your ascendant / lagna-rashi but I would advise to check as per MOON Sign for sure.

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope (birth-time chart also called as natal-chart) and palmistry, face reading analysis.

Chandra rashi plays a significant role with the “Kriyaman” (i.e. instant) karma. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2012. I will post all signs one by one. (Some well known moon sign Kanya folks: Shivaji Maharaj, Balasaheb Thackeray, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Pallavi Joshi, Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Preity Zinta, Anil Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra?, Narayan Rane, Late VP Singh, Sun Sign Kanya: Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Chhagan Bhujbal, Manmohan Singh, Narendra Modi I will add more here)

Shani change article covers “What to expect” in 2012 quite a bit:; Major planetary movements:

KANYA Rashi Characteristics

These folks are highly meticulous and organized. They have very good control over speech and are a natural at mimicry / imitation. While Kumbh is highly intellectual, Kanya is highly analytical. Short writing, drama, white papers, statistical analysis, making sense from a bunch of data is their forte. They like cleanliness and being organized. Their bath (ladies especially) begins by cleaning the bathroom etc! J Their attention to details is unparalleled. They are mostly shy unless they have a major Leo, Aries influence. Kanya + Aquarius makes person unusually taller (than family members.) Kanya rashi people have a habit of worrying too much and often have acidity, stomach issues due to this over analysis. They are often described as “paralysis by analysis”. J Adjustments (Tadjod) are their strength. (This is a very natural rashi for politicians along with Vrishabh and Makar)

Virgo sun sign folks born from 16th Sept to 16 Oct also show these characteristic. Folks born from April14 to May14 MESH/ Aries Sun opposes these characteristics (Firebrand, Direct); Folks born from Aug16 to Sept16 Singh/Leo Sun also opposes Virgo characteristics due to extrovert, dashing, firebrand personality.


Guru Curve

Well, 2009 was very good, May2010 to May2011 was of expansions with some pro-environment. From May2011 to May2012 you are part of VERY tough initiatives that require a LOT of attention to detail and hard-work. This period of 8th Guru is preparing you for GLORIOUS 3 years that would start from May2012. Until then it is really a tough! But remember that this period is about growing you as a person in ALL respects. You will be all set by the time Shani’s 2nd house bhraman is over and MAJOR solace after May2012. PLEASE USE this time for certifications, studies, as much hard work as possible etc.

Shani Curve

Shani has moved 2nd now and “emotional atyachar” period is over! J Now the focus is on previous investments – would need to take slow but sure/tough decisions about previous investments which are totally based on cold calculations – without any emotional angle towards them – difficult but possible. NEW income would start now as Shani in past 5 years has forced to PLAN and EXECUTE new things in life – these now would start paying off as per your exact degree of Kanya rashi.

KANYA Rashi in 2012

Guru Effects: Guru 8th until May-17-2012 and then 9th

8th Guru from May2011 to May2012: Tough period! Assignments that are very tough for you and make you grow up considerably. These initiatives do not stay with you in 9th Guru but they prepare you for the glorious period of the 9, 10, 11 house Guru. You are overworked, overstressed, frustrated etc – if this is true for you then, one thing is certain that you are BOUND to have a glorious period of 3 years from May2012! This is certainly a common sense for an astrologer as it is a law of karma. PLEASE use this time until May2012 to do certifications, document learnings, case studies etc. You will learn tools, techniques for next glorious period. All the things that are happening from May2011 to May2012 are trying to tell/teach you something – do not ignore it please! Hard skills are one thing but this 8th Guru is also teaching you soft skills, especially, conflict management and also increasing your temperament. You will be the most in demand commodity after May2012 – most sought after! Seniors who are currently not spending time with you – will start paying a special visit to you! J

9th Guru from May2012 to May2013: it is a natural house for Guru – this house shows broad intellectual ability, the big picture whereas 5th is tactical and initial phase of intellect. 5th house is “doing something when you know what needs to be done” and 9th house is “doing something when there is nothing to do” i.e. alignment to a strategy. This Dharma Trikon house will give you a strategic position which is a result of the tactical & ‘dream come true’ success of 2009 (Slumdog for Anil Kapoor: gave him expansion from May2010 to May2011 and not from May2012 he will only get much better strategic things). This position is about the “big picture” and understanding your role in that big picture. In 2009 you were in the thick of the action, now you will be playing cards, coordinating and giving direction to other folks – solving a big puzzle by putting appropriate parts together. Uttara Nakshatra will get this in Q3-2012 itself, Hasta nakshatra will get it in Q4-2012 and Q1-2013 and Chitra nakshatra will get it in Q2-2013. It is like turning on the light in different houses of the Kanya rashi! J

As Guru is owner of the 4th house and 7th house for Kanya – it means 9th house Guru could take away from home/parents and WITH spouse/partners. (9th house is 6th (shatru) to 4th house & 12th (peeda) to 10th house– opposes 4th and 10th. 9th house is friend of 7th house and vice versa). There is a great deal of chance of travel abroad or to a different place after May2012.

This 9th Guru starts 3 great years from May2012 to Aug2015 of Guru being 9, 10, 11 – Increasing power, clout and sphere of influence. You will have a great “feel-good” in this period. This Guru also gets you in touch /closer to Mentors / Gurus. You get great advice from experts in their specific fields. Overall this period will be of expansion, growth, success and starting new things in life.

1. Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J

2. GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. In the 9th house this yuti is VERY powerful for Kanya rashi and only adds to the effect of the 9th Guru and takes it to a great height! (Ketu denotes height!)

2nd Shani Effects: DHAN/Family Sthan: Shani stays 2nd except for May2012 to July2012 when it is 1st

1. Previous investments under scanner! It will force you to take calculated decisions without any emotions. Slow but steady decisions required here. Shani will expose issues with these previous investments and their real worth so that further damage assuming their Big worth is avoided!

2. This does mean that if you can hold on to the investment for the long run then you should but this is a tight rope walk and only DATA/Stats etc would be useful do not listen to anyone and do all the number crunching yourselves.

3. This 2nd Shani like ANY other 2nd house planet will start NEW INCOME in life. 12th Shani from July2007 to Sept 2009 forced you to PLAN for next 30 years in life, prepare blueprint. Sept2009 to Nov2011 was a painful execution of those things without many gains. NOW these **new** things would start to give monetary gains for Kanya but the results would be sequential as per Uttara, Hasta and Chitra nakshatra – divide the 2.5 years of period from Nov2011 in 3 (Uttara) + 4 (Hasta) + 2(Chitra) parts roughly – does not take into account Wakri etc period but I guess this is just for rough calculations.

4. The 2nd house Shani would show health issues elderly folks in the family, specially mom due to Shani’s 3rd Drushti on 4th house. Also hereditary issues due to 8th house drushti.

5. The 2nd house Shani could cause health issues with eyes, internal reprod organs but this applies more to the Lagna rashi and not moon rashi as is.

Shani is wakri From Feb 8th 2012 to June 26, 2012: Things could be slow in wakri Shani for sure. Shani becomes 1st from May2010 to July2012.

Other Effects:

1. Rahu and Ketu 3th and 9th:

a. This is very favorable overall. Rahu in parakram sthan (3) shows great communication, whitepapers, material growth, Direct / indirect support from the paternal family.

b. Sunil Gavaskar has 3rd house Rahu – and his most of the career happened in Rahu mahadasha. (Parakram sthan, house of arms/shoulders).

c. Ketu 9th is also very good and the position it likes very much apart from 12th. This shows contact with good souls, support from ‘Muth’, Gurus etc.

2. Mangal is 12th (peeda) rashi until June2012 but is in Guru drushti: This shows that you need to drive carefully and service your vehicles and check air pressure every week for sure. Check tyres if they need to be replaced often a most forgotten thing in India! L Mangal enters Kanya in June which is good for some energy! Then until Sept 28th Mangal and Shani are together in 2nd house –Some investments related trouble and also shows accident prone environment quite a bit. Do not participate in street fight – do not even stop by to watch what’s happening! J

3. August 12 to August 20 is a period when Mangal and Shani are close to each other – Drive vehicles carefully. Period of injury to all signs

4. Mangal in 3th house from Sept28th to Nov 8 with Rahu: Trvael possibilities along with 9th Guru! Expression, writing, publishing!

5. Mangal 4th from Nov 8 to Dec 18 Domestic issues, very goodif you have your own gym! J

6. Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! 6th house Neptune is well – just ok…! J

7. Harshal in 7th house in Meen shows sudden developments on partnerships or relationship. Contact with unorthodox folks! Beware! J

8. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. May 15th to June 15th à 9th house Sun (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. June 15th to July 15thà10th house Sun (Power, Happening, Support & stress from seniors)

c. July 15th to Aug 15th à 11th house Sun (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. Jan 14th to Feb 14th à 6th house Sun Success in competition, better results that colleagues

9. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. April 14th to May 14th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

b. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

c. For Details:


  1. Hi Milindji
    Without reading it , I thought I should be the first person to comment.
    Thanks a lot. Kanay lokanche anek Shubhcecha tumahala


  2. Thnx Milind...I'm Kanya rashi...going through very painful & frustrating time in personal life & this comes very timely & sounds very energizing...

  3. So till may 2012 trends are going to be similar ..

  4. Thank u for posting kanya rashi part... incase no one ever told u... U R D BOMB BRO! :)
    Much regards

  5. Hi Milind,
    I am Kanya Rashi and the past 4 years have been painful, lots of career problems and financials woes, I have also worked on newer differnt things with no return yet. As I understand things would slowly improve, is there a way to know where to focus to get maximum benefit, where to focus attention in the coming months before may 2012

  6. Hi Milind Sir,

    Thank You so much:)


  7. will kanya rasi people do have any chances of getting a job in Jan 2012...?

    Good Article....but suffering of 5 years...and need still more patience I wonder how kanya rasi would be after sade sati.??? thier personality would have been changed !

  8. hi
    milind thanks for your blog mine is moon rashi meen but sun sign kanya and my husband is moon sign kanya so you can imagine i have lived more of kanya rashi lifestyle i hope new things start for both of us and even a good period ahead had a lot of suffering from 2006.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Thank you so much.. it really helps

  11. Thanks a Lot Milind. Whatever is written so far I can say 100 % I felt the same.

  12. Thanks Milind your information on Virgo Sign..I am suffering from last 2009, with both personal and professional life.let see how things will get normal!!!

  13. Milind,
    You are spot on especially kanya rashi reading for last 5 years. I have been sufferring like never before psycologically , financially , keeping my patience intact. Lots of 'new" opprtunities came in 2009 but got delayed . They havn't gone yet but improving slowly. U give a great hope for the coming years to kanya people.

  14. Hi Milind Sir,

    I have one question, Now a days children born by normal birth or C-section birth. Is there any difference between them. By C-Section birth - we are changing their expected natural time of birth.

    Piyush Varshney

  15. I am Kanya too. Your forecast gives me hope and strenghth to go on. Life has really gone up the shit elevator in the last few years.

    Blessed Be Milind


  16. Hi
    Yes I can agree too. Last 5 years
    - Slogged like crazy, did tasks which were almost impossible single handedly, only to see the rewards go to someone else
    - All close friends, moved away. So left alone
    - Some oppurtunities did come, but did not materialize.
    - Let us not even talk of 'emotional atyachar'

    Just curious, how now all these things come to normal. It takes years to build something your reputation , foster good relations. All have come crashing down
    Even if 1/4 th of them are regained till the next sade sathi (if I live that long), I will consider myself blessed

    But that said MIlindji has been a great source of encouragement to all of us, and we owe him a lot.

    - Just a Dukhi Kanya person


    2. Hi Milind ji,

      I have been mailing you at times for some predications, I also belong to kanya rashi and from last 5 yrs its been a too hard time for me to come accross, till now things are not in place... Seeing your article it feels good, but thing is i m loosing patience.. Donno when it wll be wen things will really work.. But thankyou for the article.

  17. as milindji told we need to learn many new tech and other things...this is learning period..first complete that..

  18. Milind,

    Well! even my rashi is kanya and even I am facing the abovementioned problems for last 1 and 1 and 1/2 yrs in personal and professional ife. I would say that you are doing an good job, by posting updates with maximum info for each rashi. With this info, people with respective rashis will be able to take the required precautions.

  19. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for posting, really encouraging for Kanya rashi folks.
    Thanks once again for showing the direction for learning till may 2012, in fact last week i have joined one course on public speaking.


  20. Till 2009 end life was a breeze, fun. 2010 i quit my job took to doing masters, moved away from my parents, friends everyone i had known all my life. now in debt, n facing very tough times academically. Just hope 2012 bring some hope to my life.
    Thanks Milind,

  21. Hi Milind ji.
    Thanks for posting kanya rashi horoscope.
    As i am kanya rashi and going through tough times since 5 years,i can understand the importance of your predictions. thank you.

  22. Hi Milind ji,

    I am Kanya Rashi. I don't have to tell you what I have been going through for last five years. You already know:) Your article is like oxygen to those who are going through a very miserable period. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  23. What is the meaning of NATURE of SIGN? & what does it mean that KANYA RASHI has a DUAL NATURE? Is it something to do with person's decisiveness?

    Thanks & Regards

  24. Your blog is amazing. I am born on 14 Dec 79 and i have Kanya rashi. Thats what my mom has told me. Last 3 years have been through ups and downs. But overall good, not as bad as others have mentioned. Things are stressfull and slow at times.

    We are planning to sell our old home and buy a new bigger one with some amount of loan.
    I am not confident if I should wait or go ahead with this decision. Plz advice

  25. Sir,

    Pls help Sir, I need your urgent help.I had send a mail few month back, pls I beg help me out.

  26. Can anyone tell me what is my Moon sign/ Sun sign..
    I am so confused which one to check!!
    My Details
    DOB: 14 Oct 1986, Time: 9:52 AM, Place: Amritsar.

    Which one do i follow??
    Please help

  27. with this birth detail as provided DOB: 14 Oct 1986, Time: 9:52 AM, Place: Amritsar.
    your rashi is aquarious / kumbha

    your sun sign is virgo

  28. Kanya + Aquarius makes person unusually taller

    1. yes. very true..I am kanya moon and aquarius sun...and 5.8.

  29. Great work Milind and much in layman words to understand it.


  31. Hi Milind..

    This is really fascinating info... I am a zodiac taurus and always thought Taurus description is apt than Virgo which is my chandra rasi.. After seeing the characteristics you have given above, I feel may be I should look more at Kanya rasi :).. you are absolutely right I start my bath by cleaning my bathroom first.. boy!!! I never did it consciously and never realized before reading this...
    I are right Kanya rasi is having hard time and heavy load now and thanks for giving right directions and advise...

  32. hi Milind...

    Thanks for the valuable post, I am regularly following your blog. this is the best one i have ever read... thanks again

  33. Milind,
    I had read about 2nd Shani "Previous Investment" issues for Kanya folks, in your article some days back. But never thought it would be applicable to me, since I had made all necessary arrangements and care for the flat I had purchase some yrs back. I had locked the flat (so no renters issues) for this long. I visited India this month and went to see it after 3 years. I received 1 shock after another regarding the flat, its pending payments / taxes / maintenance / society probs/ issues in the flat itself etc etc....Couldnt believe that you had written about it earlier itself....Never had thought this would happen to me!! Now, i rented it out...But then now I am sort of prepared for more issues to come! :(

  34. Pretty interesting:

    for me the third phase of sade sathi is actually acting the other way round;

    cash flow has started reducing; due to unforeseen expenses. have to take a pay cut at the job ; thanks to greedy guys controlling the company, always keep looking for cost cutting measures, while they are building mansions.

    but after all i have been through in the last 5 yrs, one positive thing is ; I have become tough: so nothing seems to affect me anymore.

    just a question: for me Shani is in sixth house Aries ( Vrishchika lagna), So obviously Shani is neech: So I am wondering if the neech shani is making things worse in sade sati

    And also would that mean a relatively tough time in the Shani Mahadasha ?

    Thanks for all your help/



    Shani in Aries in 6th house Vrishchik lagna (and Vrishchik Surya too) is also for Sharad Pawar. Just check with social presence and circle. Of cousre it is with Guru. 6th house is your SOCIAL presence, your servants, your mom side folks ('Maatul' gharana), your pets, your ROG /deceases, SERVICE SECTOR - & hence house of incomoe too (Artha-Trikon), MEDICAL sector, YOUR STOMACH (healthwise) and MANY MORE other things.

    6th house Shani is badly placed could givce deceases but **usually** 6th house Shani shows income from masses and you providing services to them for that income. It also also IT/GADHA/Cement related luck (this Shani in Mangal rashi is good for mixing people and it/gadha cement with technology -- i.e. service sector but related to INDUSTRY which is related to Iron/prodcution industry with lots of steel and iron being used...

    Pawar saheb despite having Shani opposite to Mangal is doing quite well. Mangal is owner of 1st & 6th hosue and being opposite to Shani he had cancerous things from 2006 or so when Shani was in Leo drushti on his Mangal. But Guru drutshti on Mangal ensures his long life -- he is now 68+ I think.

    So for a SLOW moving planet Saptamansh, Navamanshm Dashamanshm, Dwadashansh etc Shad-warga Bal or Divisional Chart "Bal" is important and it should not be taken plainly as a NEECH rashi planet.

    Yes Shani in 6th in Aries with wakri Budh could mean alot og bad things for your brain, your mama/mousi brain and head/accident etc etc.



    Thanks much for the feedback! Yes, now 2nd Shani has started income from this property also. i.e. 2nd Shani does start NEW income in life apart from showing issues with existing investments/property etc.


  37. Chakri:
    Thanks for the feedback...


  38. Hi Milindji
    Thanks for the response for my query
    Pawar Saheb is in his own league,
    I guess he made big fortunes , but for me money has been hard to come. that is fine, In terms of social circle: all my friends have moved away esp after Sade sati started, so nothing there to rely on
    But I am in IT too, so hope what you said does come true

    Also, I did send you an email about an extremley urgent matter if you could comment on that when you get a chance, that will be of immense help.

    Thanks a lot for all the articles and guidance

    Best Regards
    - Aniruddha

  39. Hi Milind

    I have experienced a very high and low period in last 3 yrs........many time i think i have lost my control on my own life.dont knw whts gonna happen.........but ur article has given me a hope.....plz continue posting ur predictions it helps a lot for people like me.


  40. HI Milind thanks kanya rashi che details vachlya nantar bara vatala. maza bhau kanya rashicha ahe ani yeh mahine tyala khup kattin jaat ahe naukri madhye may 2011 pasoon he vachlya nanatar manache samadhan zale. abhari ahoth NAV VARSHACHYA SHUBECHA 2012

  41. Thanks Milindji,

    I have faced very very tough period of 5 years and now I dont have any energy to retaliate this things .....

    I want to know when is Shani's Sade Sath going to end in Kanya Rashi

  42. Thanks Milind for the blog. Able to see new hope from astrology point of view in this year. Thanks a lot for the predictions.

  43. Thank you Milind. Like other Kanya Rashi folks, I am also undergoing the pain for the last 3 years and seeing some light from November 2011.

  44. Thanks Milind. Surely a ray of hope in this darkness. As many of the folks on this blog, last 2 years have been extremely stress full and depressing. I have been questioning my own decisions taken since last year. Hopefully things will get better for me after May 2012.

  45. I am kanya rashi uttara nakshatra tula lagna. Currently really feel beat down after stuff I've been through in the last five years. Even now I'm trying to stay positive but it's very hard. Everyday hope for some good to come along then other times just feel like giving up. I have not seen much relief since nov 15. Hope things turn around after may 2012. Would appreciate any input.
    B'day jan 29 1978 @ 1.12 am pune.



    2. Interesting. Yes, undergrad & MS both.

      Very glad to have stumbled upon this blog. I'm just amazed how astrology just makes so much sense in understanding how certain events occur in one's life. I'm a complete believer now.


  46. [2] KANYA UTTARA: Very good horoscope.
    Any accident or injury etc mark on face? Both Shani mangal drushti on 1sthouse and hence checking som eminir injury in the childhood quite likely. Minor as Shani is great for Tula lagna. Abroad stay recommended or envisioned in this horoscope as visible

    hemepshere is quite strong. Good nature person as lagnesh in 4th house but some minor skin issues (oily) but less so as Shukra very close to Sun which reduced this effect but I would still go with SOME minor skin issues. Some help needed to mamas from

    your side -- there could be some issues with at least 1 mama mousi you will also benefit from their contact. They could be 9-12 hrs or some hrs away from you. Horoscope great for frequent travels, expression and writing, publishing. The 1st kid/delivery

    could cause some issues as again both Shani Mangal drushti oon the santati sthan. Rahu maha from 1996 to 2014 is great for abroad stay or immigration. Frequent travel rather immigration possibiltiies in this maha. Even GURU maha from 2014 would further

    bring in travel/immigration aspect for sure. Shani maha from 2030 would being in amazing MONEY and GAINS from masses for sure. There are gains from restaurant or some CCD or Food Outlet like business in this horoscope. This should be tried in this

    horoscope. Providing good environment to people for food, beverages, drinks etc woudl being in success/riches to you. Mangal in 10th house gives great positive energy and ego to work more and be ambitious or run your own business. Should walk for 4 KM

    everyday as Mangal nech and blood circulation could be slow in the body.

    1. Hi Milind,
      I posted a response below to your analysis of my horoscope above. It is amazing how accurate your analysis is.

      Also, about my work aspect...I'm very energetic and love to take inititaives. Currently I'm in a is stable but I don't see the results of the hardwork I put in...someone else seems to take away my credit. On top of that....I'm definitely not my boss' favorite. It is extremely stressful and frustrating. I'm very non-confrontational and don't speak up as going through these last five years I seem to have lost confidence in things. Appreciate your advice on that and wondering when things start to look bright. Also, can you also please comment on my family life....surely the frustrations and failures of last five years have put stress on it.

      Thanks so much for your help...I sincerely appreciate it.

      KANYA UTTARA (in above post)

    2. Hi Milind,
      We just got news today that our rental property rent has gone up but at the same time we have some repair expense coming our way in the next few months. Just thought I'd mention it and amazing kanya rashi forecast post.


  47. Milind ji,

    Your post made me emotional reading it...but thank you veryyy much! its been a mixed bag for me, and as you've said may 2012 onwards things should look up..( i'll graduate around that period) and my placement season begins in a few days, with my academic performance not upto the mark..

    i just hav a doubt ( dob 27 feb 1986 /8.15 pm hastha)

    in your article, plus, in some other articles as well, i'd seen that during guru transition in the 8th house, for that hardwork that we do, we'll get proportional benefits after May....
    in my case, for my semester exams, i was not able to even concentrate properly to study..some or the other thought would spoil it all..and even in subjects that i did prepare and toil hard, such efforts were either totally wasted..or i'd forget it all during the exams..
    so, in such a case what would be the effect of Guru?

    Thanks again for a well informative article!

  48. Hi Milind,
    (From Kanya Uttara)
    Thanks for taking a look at my horoscope. You are right on. I live in the US (moved in 97). Yes, I did have a motor accident at age 16 and have scar under my right eyebrow (had to get stitches). I do have oily skin and other issues (allergies). I have two sons and the older one definitely takes up immense energy from us. You talk about mama mosusi...Yes they do live far away (in India) and they have definitely been a big part of my life and extremely supportive in terms of every aspect in my life. Like you mentioned too...I have a lot of neck problems..I'm quite tall (5.9) and growing up had bad posture.

    You also talk about my work aspect...I'm indeed very energetic and love to take inititaives. Currently I'm in a is stable but I don't see the results of the hardwork I put in...someone else seems to take away my credit. At times it is extremely stressful and frustrating...but I'm very non-confrontational and don't speak up as going through these last five years I seem to have lost confidence in things. Appreciate your advice on that...really would like to see some positive days. Also, can you also please comment on my family life....surely the frustrations and failures of last five years have put stress on it.

    Thanks so much for your help...I sincerely appreciate it. Undoubtedly it was extremely uplifting to read your response this morning...and for that my sincere best wishes to you and your loved ones.

    Kanya Uttara

  49. Milind,

    This is Amit Limaye. I have sent a mail with the required details to your email id given in this blog. Your urgent assistance would be highly appreciated for the same.

  50. Hi Milind,

    I am kanya rashi uttara nakshatra makara lagna. I have sent you an e-mail on Dec 29th 2011 asking your inputs about my professional and personal life. Currently my days are going in a very rough phase. I'm trying to stay positive but it's very hard. Everyday hope for some good to come along then other times just feel like giving up.
    Your early reply would be a great help for me in this situation.
    Here is my dob (15th Feb 1979 at 5:50am)

  51. Hi i am prashant mamadi my date of birth is 3rd oct 1986 i think my raashi is kanya as u said i am suffering a lot from 5 years and i dont know whether it is going to be good for me or not after may 2012 hoping good bye..

  52. Hi am praveen my date of birth is 08-07-1981,timing 08.05am.

    prediction for 2012 about my job & my marriage life,

    my e-mail

  53. Everyday when I get up, I just hope that there would be some ray of hope for a job. But things have touched and gone. Not materialized. Just hope that May 2012 onwards things would be better. Meanwhile, doing certain certifications.


  55. Hello Milind, My DoB Sept 8th 1975, time 2.22 am, place : lasalgaon, maharashtra. My life has been very troublesome and down since past 3 yrs, career wise, financially and domestically. Can u pls give any hopes, there has been no progress in life at all. u r help is very much appretiated. I currently reside in USA , with a pending immigration status, waiting for u r reply. email :


  56. quite informative and really appreciate the accuracy which is not seen so often, good work , warm wishes for such a wonderful detailed information.

  57. Hi Milind-ji,

    Good predictions. Today I saw this link for the first time. Mine is also Kanya Rashi and I see some really good coincidence in your predictions (with that of mine). I would request you to look at my horoscope and advice specifically pertaining to my chart. I am in a critical phase right now.


  58. HI minlind sir,

    i m sushant jadhav & my birth date is 26-06-1985.

    i dont know anything about this forecast & all. but i believe in jyotish. Before this i did not try ever to know anything from any jyotish or sadhubaba. but after reading your predictions i want to know about my forecasting. i dont knw about shani sade sathi when it starts & when will get over. but i had suffered a very bad experience in my personal as well as professional life from year 2010. I lost my job, my love get married with other guy, & lots of things because of which i just loose the hope of my live. but i can believe u if u dont mind can u pls tell me something about my forecast.

  59. Sir, I read it again today, it's really amazingly accurate...want some more insights and detailed observation of my chart by you, excited to see you on coming Saturday as decided.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pranav Gandhi

  60. I am also Kanya Rashi born on 25th Aug 1971. 3.59pm. I have been suffering career-wise from 2010. I put in so much efforts but I am not recognized. I do not give up but have started losing motivation this week. I currently work for a company would like to understand if I would keep that job longer term. I love the place, work but am not getting recognized.

    Could you please respn dme at with my prediction and when will time sbe better. it Thanks so much for your help...I sincerely appreciate Look forward to your prompt reply.

  61. Hello Milindji,
    I have sent you an email with all my details.
    If you could please reply on

  62. hello . i am moon sign Kanya, Hast(3) .
    sun sign Saggi. is there possibility of change in place in near future ?ask


  64. Hi Milind,
    Have been following your posts for sometime now.
    Thanks for all the insight.

    Can you please clarify a doubt of mine?
    Will my horoscope have any impact on my sibling's?
    I mean, if my planetary positions are very favorable and not so in case of my brother, can I be of any help to him?

  65. Namaskar

    Amazing predictions about Kanya rashi. Could u pls look into my chart:

    Time: 16:56 PM
    Place: Bangalore,India

    I am totally messed up in all aspects of life.

  66. Namste Milindji
    I am V.V.Bagait born on 1st July 1960

    Thanku for showing the light in life.
    I am also Kanya Rashi. Your Prediction become me a full of energy.
    Thanks a lot.

  67. Your Blog gives the confidence required to believe in the creator

    MY Name :SA, DOB : 11.12.1952,born in Trivandrum,4.55AM.(Kanya rashi,star:Hastha)lived in Nagpur,Raipur,Ahmedabad,Baroda,Bangalore,Bahrain,Chennai Now in delhi,Taken a Transfer back to
    chennai leaving tomorrow .
    I feel I have been made for something special which can benefit the humanity.I I have been facing problems galore since birth -sickness when a child break in studies as a student good and bad in business . debts, unsettled life, not a happy marriage,switched many jobs.Presently working as vice president in a company in delhi . last 1 and half years was good cleared major portion of debts ,I found it will be better to operate from the place where i have better contacts .when company started pressurising for more business while restricting my movement to cut travelling exp.I have offered to work at 50% salary but a commission which is to be settled once in a quarter operating from Chennai covering all southern states,maharashtra and Gujarat.Presently having lots of stress.Pl tell me how to proceed.I am in knowledge of natural process of success through thought process management.I am trying to put every thing into a book form wishing it to be a best seller.I am also doing a doctrate course with specialization in construction management.

    Something for you to ponder over as to How dirt can become gold.!!

  68. I am also Kanya Rashi born on 25th Aug 1971. 3.59pm. I have been suffering career-wise from 2010. I put in so much efforts but I am not recognized. I do not give up but have started losing motivation this week. I currently work for a company would like to understand if I would keep that job longer term. I want to keep the job but if I go not get good review will not be able to keep it. I love the place, work but am not getting recognized.

    Could you please respnd me at with my prediction and when will time sbe better. it Thanks so much for your help...I sincerely appreciate Look forward to your prompt reply.

    My Date of Birth is 12, Nov. 1982, time 8.50 pm I am a Kanya Chandra Rashi fellow. I am trying to arrange for my sisters marriage since last 4 years, after father its my responsibility but whenever i talk to them both of them unitedly and arrogantly deny for marriage. Their rashi is DHANU and MIN accordingly I am capable of handling every problem single handed and dont even expect any kind of help from anyone else but in these 5 years period i am facing problem from my sisters itself they play politics inside the home, they have no role in any establishment and work but tries to show everyone else how great they are. They ruin my every developmental plan. I have lost Rs.3,00,000 because of them. They take my mother to their side by pressuring her that dont behave properly with ur son. I have fade up with all these things.Now my age is also to marry with someone else but i cant marry until both of them get married. So please guide me in proper direction to go ahead in my life. Please reply. My email id :

  70. My date of birth is 27.11.1956, I have been facing tough time all along except a few years
    from 1989 to 2004. I came up by ranks at work after sincere hard work, I did business everything went well till 2008. But since then I have nothing
    finance is just to live, no respect all, friends withered, no job, whatever business started all are in loss or closed. trying for job nobody gives me one because i am 50+ sometime back, even i thought of committing sucided but thinking- a good day is not far off, i am still hunting for a job or start a business in a small way. Will i see a good day. Is my life is at dead end ?

  71. Dear Mr.Milind,

    Excellent predictions about kanya raashi.
    I am kanya and have been suffering since at least Jan. 2009. I lost my job (for no fault of mine) in spite of doing well. In fact I should have been promoted to the highest level, but was sidelined and had to leave. Now I am jobless since August 2011. I have nothing left to pledge or sell to keep myself afloat after paying huge EMI's etc. Will good days commence at least from May 2012? Please let me know. I am a kanya raashi and mu sun sign is capricorn. I am sending a separate mail to you. Kindly respond with all details. I completed my long-pending project report and got my MBA diploma certificate in Jan 2012. 8th Guru along with saade saathi is eating away into my wallet. we are depressed and dejected. I have done many remedies like 'abhishek' 'upvas' etc. for Guru and shani but to no avail. Things seem to be happening but don't. I do get the first call for a very high position but either I am not called for the interview or they I am over-qualified / over-experienced. Please advise. I pray to Lord Hanuman and to all the nava-grahas and lord shani and lord guru but to no avail. we are afraid we might lose our house to the bankers due to non-payment of EMI's. will we come out of this in May 2012? Pls advise. Thanks!

  72. Milind,

    This is Amit Limaye. I have sent a mail with the required details to your email id given in this blog. I do understand that your are quite busy with handling lots of queries pertainsing to horospital, but, still, your urgent assistance would be highly appreciated for the same.

  73. 1. Beautifully explained predictions about kanya raashi.
    I am kanya and have been suffering since December 2006 which peaked in February – March 2009, when I lost my job (for no fault of mine) in spite of doing well. I remained job less till December 2009 and got a job where I had to compromise on position as well as income. Now I am again jobless since October 2011. I hardly have anything to keep myself afloat and have to pay huge EMI's towards home loan. Will good days commence at least from May 2012? Please let me know. I am a kanya raashi, Kark Lagna, Rahu in lagna, Moon in kanya Rashi (3rd house), Shani & Ketu in 7th house i.e. capricorn. Guru in 8th house, Mangal in 9th house, Surya, Budh & Venus in 10th House i.e. Aries. As mentioned above the 8th Guru along with saade saathi is eating away into my wallet. I am dejected, don’t know what to do. I have done no remedies axcept daily Hanuman Chalisa Paath. There is a pin drop silence as far as career aspect is concerned, no calls for new opportunities. Please advise. Thanking you in anticipation.

  74. I am rb and I am kanya uthram. As many ppl mentioned, I too suffered a lot especially since Aug 2009(1st shani) until Dec promotion or incentives for last 4.5 yrs at job front in spite of doing hard work. Lost confidence, I felt I wasted my time and health unnecessarily during last 2.5 yrs. I lost nearly 20Lakhs in stocks and gambling, very worst period ever. I lost my mind. lost is lost, but at least I am back to normal now(recovered from bad habits). the confident that I had before is lost, lost my self esteem at personal and professional circle. Few main things I lost during sade sati is Money, Health, Confident, Knowledge, No growth, Energy....

    Milind, could you kindly look into my horoscope.


    it will be so nice of you. Thank you, RB

  75. I am Kanya rashi, lost job in 2011 june.and facing lot of problem both financial and carrier. not able to find a job, I clear all technical interview how many rounds they take, but finally when it comes to offer letter it is on hold. when can it be resolved and when can i get a job.

    Please respond me

  76. Hi Milindji,

    Thanks for this wonderful insight of sade sati effect on hasta kanya for 2012. it is indeed a ray of hope for me as i had a worst part of my life in the past 5 years and have personally felt the effect of sade sati in true terms. thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!

  77. Namaste Milind ji,

    I am Chandra Kanta, I have send you an email on your gmail Id..please do respond...I am in a very bad shape...waiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

  78. Namaste Milind ji,
    I was born on Mar 16 1968, Place: Pune, Maharashtra, Time: 5:30 AM. Please tell me how many more years this saga will go on, what are the precautions and remedies to be taken to minimize the effects of sade sati.
    Thank you

  79. Hello Milindji,

    Read your blog on kanya rashi...I am unemployed since 3 yrs now and every day i spend 6 hours in sending applications relegiously but in vain. DOB 22.5.75, time; 3:50 am, place Patna...someone predicted I will not get any job for another 6 mths from now...Is it true? Will I not get any temporary work as well??

  80. Milindji.... thank you... Reading your blog made me feel good.i have many Qs though. How can we contact you...
    Thank You.

  81. Namaste Milind ji,

    Many many thanks for your predictions.
    My rashi is kanya and lagna is kanya.
    From worldly parlance, I have been going thru hell (emotionally, financially, career etc). But, as an individual,I am going thru the best teaching of wisdom. I am 35 years old and quit my job in january 2011. It was a very good job but I could not continue there. For the last 1 year, i am reading lots of books on scriptures, spirituality etc. I have gained a lot of wisdom which I have not gained in school, college days. Last 1 year has taught me what is life, why we are here, where is our destiny, what is our purpose here etc. Studying western education from childhood was a blunder, we should have been taught spiritual wisdom and scriptural studies. I am changed a lot. By the blessings , grace of LORD, i have inclined towards spirituality, study of scriptures or else I would have remained like a western materialistic person with animal instincts and animal spirits and would have committed lots of sins. I want to say it louder that "SCRIPTURES ARE NOT BLIND BELIEFS. THEY ARE TRANSCEDENTAL, ETERNAL AND TOLD BY THE GOD HIMSELF". English medium education taught us to call scriptures as blind beliefs and question them , doubt them, ridicule them etc. It was a big mistake. Divine wisdom are written in scriptures. Sade shati period has taught me a lot.

    My date os birth is - 22.10.1976 (time is 04:37 AM) (21st night and 22nd morning). Place of birth is rourkela (odisha).

    JK Martha

  82. Namaskar guruji,

    I my self Mr.Piyush from Andhra Pradesh, India.

    First of all thank you very very much for giving predictions through this blog to every one. almost i read all the comments & predictions and understood that you are setting people in right path as i've some little knowledge on astrology.

    coming to me, I born at 19/08/1985, 8.30 AM, in Tenali of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh (Kanya Rashi, Kanya Lagna, Uthara Nakshatra-4).

    Guruji, am facing so many problems which are unexplainable but am giving some of them here to understand my present situation.

    1. Lost my Father suddenly.

    2. Married & Child Born but no piece, Every day having war with mother & her too.

    3. Total Property has been lost (almost some crores, now unable to earn & spend 100 rupees)

    4. after all has been done, started a new office recently, but no business, presently into BPO.

    5. Investors & Borrowers are harassing me to clear the given amounts immediately.

    6. Reputation & Fame has been lost.

    7. People related to me are mis understanding me & think that still am living luxuriously.

    8. No hope on life.

    Please, Please suggest something to me to over come all the situations.


  83. That was a good read up on kanya rasi.

    From singapore

  84. Hey Milindji,

    Great article on kanya rashi,Super efforts, You are a Genius !! Informative Blog. Well done!

  85. hello milindji,
    thanks. your article has given me some hope...
    mine is sinh lagna, kanya raashi. past seven and half years were a nightmare for me.

  86. Beautifully explained predictions about kanya raashi.
    I am kanya and have been suffering since December 2006 which peaked in February – March 2009, when I lost my job (for no fault of mine) in spite of doing well. I remained job less till December 2009 and got a job where I had to compromise on position as well as income. Now I am again jobless since October 2011. I hardly have anything to keep myself afloat and have to pay huge EMI's towards home loan. Will good days commence at least from May 2012? Please let me know. I am a kanya raashi, Kark Lagna, Rahu in lagna, Moon in kanya Rashi (3rd house), Shani & Ketu in 7th house i.e. capricorn. Guru in 8th house, Mangal in 9th house, Surya, Budh & Venus in 10th House i.e. Aries. As mentioned above the 8th Guru along with saade saathi is eating away into my wallet. I am dejected, don’t know what to do. I have done no remedies axcept daily Hanuman Chalisa Paath. There is a pin drop silence as far as career aspect is concerned, no calls for new opportunities. Please advise. Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. please be calm and keep patience brother, you have passed almost 5yrs now only 2yrs and little more to pass , just like me,, so dont lose your courage everything will could be find soon, if Shani dev , can messed up and destroy all good things and give us really bad time it can make all things happening good again at the end so dont worry for now we have passe almost through it .. just a little more

  87. Milind ji thank you very much for having this important inforamtion and guidance for Kanya rashi through this period and upcoming time in Shani sade saati

  88. Hi Milind,
    I have asked many a astro person on the Sade Sati that plagues the Kanya Rashi now. No one had answers.
    Your analysis as per the Hindu Lunar calender is precise. It explains Sade Sati in simple languade & in great detail.
    I appreciate your talent at Astro Analysis.
    Thank you!

  89. Hi milind,
    my DOB is 26/12/1983.kanya rasi and uttara nakshatram.from past 3 years onwards my parents are searching for life partner.because of some reasons no one is set.pls let know when i will get marriage.Thanks in Advance.

  90. Good Evening Milind
    I Am Pradeep Singh

    My DOB is 23/05/1983
    TOB 1855 Hrs
    POB New Delhi
    Kanya Rashi
    I want to know how harsh will be my coming year as because of Sadesati i am jobless and very much depressed. Please help me out..

  91. Great blog sir!! never found this much detailed explanation on a website...While reading this article i felt like sitting in front of Astrologer. you were able to answer all my questions i had in mind.

    Thanks alot for your service!! you rock!!

  92. Amazing predication. I myself have done Joytish Acharya Course. But your way of predicting things is more scientific and probable. If possible can u predict about career and other things in near future.
    DOB-29th September 1962, TOB-7.45AM, Delhi


  93. Since last one year, I am reading your blog frequently. Everytime I felt that it is written for me especially. Iwould like to consult you personally.
    Thanks to you.

  94. I have read it several times I got married in 2009 without parents knowledge and then soon in 2010 got divorced and since 2009 very very tough time loss of money loss of time and energy and no jobs where as im highly qualified but now since 2012 started things are changing and got a very high position job which will start next month and marriage is also fixed for next year everything happened in this month and it was so quick ur predictions are very correct thank you so much now i feel better to be a kanya rashi else i was only blaming why was i one of these rashis. which such lows during a period from 2009.

    1. shalini, keep it up, never never skip efforts, KANYA people are very emotional, other people take gairfayada of their swabhav. I am also kanya, I also faced difficulties in last 5 years, but think positive.....It's easy to tell but hard to accept.

  95. Hi Milind,

    As several people said, I also have suffred a lot in last 2-2.5 years. Lots of misunderstandings with relatives and collegues.
    I have lost my first 10 month old sun, suddenly and unexpectedly before 6 months.
    I was comletely devastated, gone through hell.
    Waiting for the good time to come.

    Thanks after reading this I am hoping that good time will come, and yes in May end I am going abroad as you stated.

  96. As far as I know I am being told I am Vergo [ Kanya rashi. But I was born on Sep 12th. But I was fasing worst times on my life from last 8 yrs or so. I do not see anything changing so far, but I do see new investment opportunity. Any specific time or dates should I invest or done deal?
    Please let me know.

  97. Milind sir, i can't explain how i spend my last 5 year.I have lost my every dob is 20 03 1973 birth place is rourkela (odisha) birth time, 10.05 a.m. if possible please predict my comming future.sani sade sati has taken everything from me.again after 3 year sani maha dasa will start. Thanks. A m a r

  98. thanks Milindji, i am also kanya rashi and makar lagn, born 31/12/ 1969. time morning 8.30. birth place nagpur. pl tell me that i should continue in politics, or do my land dealing business, what is good for me. namaskar

  99. dear sir,i have started my new business in insurance and investment business,i have experiance in this sector 5 years but from start now it have 6months but till now i can not see the signifiant progress in it so tell me about my newly business,how its future,will it grow or birthday-05-09-1978,time-12-011 at mid night,place-sherpur

  100. Milind ji,
    I have been reading your blog from almost a year now and really like the simplicity with which you explain. Hats off to you on your knowledge of these things. Both me and my husband are kanya rashi's. We have gone thru a lot over last few years specially from our career perspective. Will this change for better from this month onwards? Also can we invest in property now?

  101. Have not seen any changes yet as a kanya rashi...Are you sure jupiter in 9th house will help us taking car eof the court cases and better business and name and reputation...I am still seeing the enemies who did wrong are flourishing...They are still managing to ruin our reputation by spreading lies and rumours

  102. DOB 19/07/1988 time 14.59 (2pm) place mumbai moon sign virgo lagna scorpio status : single
    Life seem to be too tough since years but now its seems nothing is going to change.completely lost.
    Plz help with the predictions plz!

  103. Things are definitely looking up. Last four years have been an exponentially fast learning experience!

    Hope I don't jinx it by saying that this week is going to bean important day for me. KaNya rashi kanya Lagan here

  104. Hi MIlind,

    This is spot on, amazing...keep posting god bless your work.


  105. GURUJI,

    MY D.O.B - 14/10/1983
    City - Jodhpur
    Time - 6:00 a.m
    Please tell me about my career and personal life

  106. plz help me.

    my d.o.b=4/4/1985,time 7 14pm
    city hyderabad
    country india
    plz tell me when i will get time in my horscope.

  107. My DOB is 18-02-1968/time 6:48 am/ place of birth : mangalore, i had suffered a lot from last so many years, pls advise sir. waiting to spend life happily. need ur advise.

  108. Hi Milind Sir,
    I will really appreciate if you could pls provide your oopnion about my Kundli.
    My Dob = 22September1979.
    BirthTime = 18.15
    Place= Thane, Maharashtra, India.
    Moon Rashi = Virgo

  109. sir my dob 4-12-1988
    birth time is 11.20 am
    tell me about my future and marriage

  110. please let me know abt my career..and my life ..i am going to give up my life now.. becasue nothing is working ...puja please help me 25 feb 1978 surat 10:52 am

  111. Hi Milindji,

    My DOB - 01/09/1976
    Place : calcutta

    Since 2009 I am going through the most difficult phase of Life. I really need your advice and when would I do well. Professionally and personally I am too much disturbed. Please suggest some remedy to me as I am much disturbed. Its been 3 years now no relief.

  112. "it means 9th house Guru could take away from home/parents and WITH spouse/partners".

    I am not clear about the above mentioned sentence.what does this line means. does it indicated death or separation.

  113. I am also kanya rashi. It is our time, so, let us endure it. There are 2 angles to look at this period. one is - if we look from worldly parlance, this is a tough period. All problems regarding career, finance, health, relationship etc are bound to happen. second is - if we look from spiritual angle, this is the best period for wisdom, knowledge, vairagya etc. SO, is it a bad period if Lord Shani is teaching us wisdom regarding life ? Certainly not. This knowledge is worth billions of dollars which we are getting free of cost. This is the time of our reward,award,punishment etc depending on our past karmas (of this life and previous life). For leo moonsign, this ended in Nov 2011. Just ask any Leo people, how the period was for them. It was the toughest for them. I have met many Leo people. Some have become complete bankrupt from millionaires, some are given a lifelong disease, some are divorced etc. I personally, am going thru the toughest period of my life full of agony, torture, ordeal, trauma, torment, tribulations etc. Life has become so restless, anarchy, chaotic u cant imagine. Absolutely nothing is working, as few of u have mentioned in the above posts. Complete full stop and dead end. Divine and cosmic intervention can be obtained by visiting Shanidev Singhnapur (Maharastra), by visiting Shirdi Sai Baba. Avoid non-veg foods, avoid liquor. Saturday should be the day of living like a saint, such as fasting or no salt food, no sex. Read Sundarakanda on saturdays.

  114. Milind

    Nice article. In the last 18 months I have suffered a bit on the professional front. Early with same effort I used to hit 4s and 6s but now the same effort get me zero. It is a bit frustrating but was hoping that June 2012 would bring better times- but so far no change. My nakshatra is Hasta 2. Dob 17th June 1967

  115. hello Milind ji,
    very happy to see that good time starts from may 2012. mine birthdate 11.05 76. rourkela, orissa, birth time 8-02 min morning, my sunsign kanya. can you help me with my forecasting? is my email ID. swati

  116. hello milind
    frankly speaking Kanya rashi ppl r very unlucky who knws better than us... but MS dhoni is very lucky....even he has Kanya rashi......
    by seeing his luck even i get a lot of hope tht my lyf also gets changed like him..........

  117. milind if u get time plz reply k

  118. Article is giving really productive information to everyone. Well done.

    horoscope signs

  119. Thanks Mr Milind, i want to know one thing, you are mentioned their might be chances travel abroad, kindly i need reply on this matter, possibilities are there to travel abroad for career purpose.

    Ajay V

  120. Hello Milindji,
    I am kanya rashi born on 25/8/71 born at 3.59pm. It's already August but things haven't got well at work. They are little better than ealrier in the year but there is no recongintion for the good work.

    Is there any chance for better days?

  121. I am Kanya Rashi, Uttara nakshatra and Simha lagna. I have been through the worst time since the last one year. I have been abandoned by my own parents. i dont even know what i did to upset them so much. They don't even care for their new born grandson. I am defeintely going through some personal crisis. My professional life ain't rosy either. Please let me know if things will get better? Will my relationship with my parents get any better? DOB: March 30, 1980 5:10 pm Jodhpur.

  122. Good read, can you do my chart analysis ? Concerned about my first kid that will be delivered in November 2012 and my own career.

    Name Pankaj Rai
    DOB 2-9-1981
    Birth Time is 11.19 am
    Place-New Delhi

  123. During this phase i lost my job on 17th May,2012
    Please tell me when I will get the job
    DOB 13.06.1970
    Birth Time : 08:57 am
    Place: Mumbai
    Rashi Kanya

  124. how about finding patners or love for single kanyas

  125. The Milind
    My Birth date 22 / AUGE Time Afternoon 4.10 PM 1982 Birth Place Pune,
    My Rashi is Kanya rash i ,My problem Personal is
    shani sadesati, how long it Sadesati In My LifeMy Family My Sadesati Not Profit in Its My BusinessNo Help Moniy My Family My Hard Timein .6 members in my family,my loan is 8 lakh other, no help my family, they its very enjoy. no suppotred my family me,
    Allow phonetic typing
    Divide this not in the family for me,
    My problem with this in a Divided When my Femily.and Times How many days divided family. Answer Please your answer waitihg time for me,
    Thank & Regards

  126. Dear Milind your article sucks. It is august 15 and no good for me. I am kanya rashi borne on 5_10_1983 at 5.00 am in Nanded, MS. Extremely suffering since end of November 2006. I see no hope. Environment is depressed. I think astrology is fake science to fool people. The truth is we suffer from the ignorance and not from planets. That I have learned.Your article though interesting and inspiring but far away from ground reality.

  127. I want to know about relationship status for my rasi.. im kanya rasi. born on 16-FEB-1987 9:59 PM. I broke up with my girl friend just because of interference from third person(her mother).
    I wanna know wil relation be set right

  128. When sadesati for Kanya rashi will end?

  129. sadesati for kanya rashi will end on Nov 2014

  130. "house Guru could take away from home/parents and WITH spouse/partners".

    I am not clear about the above mentioned sentence.what does this line means. does it indicated death or separation.

  131. Hi Milind,

    Birth Details: Aug 3 1973, 12.37 PM Kolkata India. I am kanya rashi, thula lagna, hasta nakshatra. Is this the reason that sade sati appears so terribly harsh for me? because shani is in Libra now? I am childless and have been told that if I dont have a baby in the next 2 years I never will have. Is this possible or likely during the sade sati? I have been told that the chances of my ever having a baby is 1%. Also, I am totally finished job-wise (huge loss of respect), money-wise (doubt that I can recover in the next 10 years), marriage (relation with husband), mother's illness, brother's illness, increasing responsibilities everywhere, no rest, not enough sleep and now my health is failing me too. I didnt feel the first phase of the sade sati that much but after that it deteriorated very rapidly and the third phase is turning out to be the worst. But I have heard that it starts getting better in the third phase. Why is it turning out to be so bad then in my case?

  132. why do you people bother writing ur details here when Mr Milind has not answered a single question.

  133. Milind, your predictions are very accurate. Whatever you have predicted has come out to be very true.

  134. From past 4 months I'm not getting job. When will I get a job?

  135. I have been all my life overseas.I had some very good luxurious time,Fancy cars big house to live.Suddenly one fine day I lost everything I had in last 30 years.I got back to square one again.However no regrets I will fight back and will not be defeated so easily.Ofcourse I sometimes do get depressed.I have joined spiritual organisation which is really helping.For everybody in Kanya rashi do not loose hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel.All the best to u all.

  136. hevghvyuegrvbhjm huhuhuhuh in inininininini hihudsichujdshcujhdujc
    i cant understand anything :(

  137. hi Jim Modi, your story is incredible. shocked to know that One fine day, u lost everything. Donot worry, u will regain back everything. Could you please share how u lost everything one fine day....May be a lesson for all

  138. HI Milind,

    I did send you an email but did not get any response. Hope you will provide your insight regarding career prospects this year (2013).

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Praveen Bajaj

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    i am kishor
    in feature i am success in our old printing packaging business.or some new change business.

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