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Friday, December 16, 2011

2012 MEEN RASHI BHAVISHYA (Pisces 2012 Horoscope)

MEEN Rashi Bhavishya 2012 (PISCES in 2012)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi MEEN and also to a large extent Pisces Sun Sign i.e. people born from MAR14 to APRIL13. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: You can also check these articles as per your ascendant / lagna-rashi but I would advise to check as per MOON Sign for sure.

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope (birth-time chart also called as natal-chart) and palmistry, face reading analysis.

Chandra rashi plays a significant role with the “Kriyaman” (i.e. instant) karma. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2012. I will post all signs one by one. (Some well known moon sign Meen folks: Dev Anand, Deven Varma, Rahul Dravid, Sun Sign Pisces /Meen: Linda Goodman, Kundanlal Saigal, Leonardo Leonardo Da Vinci, me J I will add more here)

Shani change article covers “What to expect” in 2012 quite a bit:;

Major planetary movements:

MEEN Rashi Characteristics

Meen Bhulakkad? J:

Meen rashi folks are very mild mannered, with limited mental and physical energy. They are most happy when they are “giving” away something (info, knowledge, money etc). They are born millionaire or live like one. They will not show great urge to achieve materialistic success. They are born to plan for others and plan for themselves. They have wisdom acquired from every Sign and have traits of every sign and can relate to all types of personalities without much effort. They are like the fish who can see at both the sides but ever straight-ahead! J They know what would happen if you take this decision or that decision but would find it taking a decision themselves. But on very broad and long term issues they will be able to decide very easily. They do things with utter ease which could come across as the lack of interest or vigor. They are far better in planning than execution. They can give a very selfless advice. The word selfless is probably made for them. IPR (Intellectual Property Right is something they are not aware of). They give away the most important of their wisdom / information easily. (Unless Makar rashi) J It is almost impossible to surprise them. They can digest any news and can put it in perspective very quickly. Staying in completely in a comfort zone, going with the current/flow or swimming completely against the tide is their real destiny or a choice! Folks born from March 14 to April 13 are Sun Sign Pisces / Meen and also show this trait. Sun Sign Meen / Pisces: Linda Goodman, Kundanlal Saigal, Leonardo Leonardo Da Vinci.

Pisces sun sign folks born from MAR14 to APRIL13 also show these characteristic. Folks born from Oct16 to NOV16 TULA/LIBRA Sun oppose these characteristics; Folks born from FEB4 to MAR13 KUMBH/Aquarius Sun also oppose the Pisces characteristics.


Guru Curve

2007 started something new in life (bhagyoday, new profile). 2009 was the year 11th Guru with GREAT gains and income and overall great results in life. It was a year if a GREAT GREAT feel good! May to July2009 and Dec2009 to May2010 were the months of 12th Guru which makes you feel “what next”. It is indeed a testing time after glorious 2009! You didn’t know how to react and how to respond to changing surroundings! You did not change but your surrounding did in 12th Guru! You realized later than YOU also needed to change – You worked on it and May2010 to May2011 you regained some feel good with physical and social weight gains when Guru was in your rashi. Now May2011 onwards you have 2nd Guru – It will shows your value to your surroundings and you would start becoming important in this period.

Shani Curve

Shani in 7th house (partnerships) from Sept2009 to Nov2011 showed reducing sphere of influence w.r.t the masses or “reporting-to” people at workplace. It showed issues in relationships/marriage if any. It was a reality check w.r.t partnerships and marriage – someone you count on for support as a partner. Mom’s health could have been a concern (except May2010 to May2011) and also water retention in body came down to lowest level (again except May2010 to May2011 – that showed increased retention of water – weight gains) and resulted in loss of weight. There were lessons learnt about collaboration with masses and people who are not like you (lower in the rung w.r.t hierarchy).

MEEN Rashi in 2012

Guru Effects: Guru 2nd until May-17-2012 and then 3rd

2nd Guru from May2011 to May2012:

1. Guru bhraman in the 2nd house shows DHAN & KUTUMB is a good one for sure for EXPANSION of wealth and family.

2. This is a period of increasing presence in share market, investments and growth in wealth & also expansion of your family. This is especially true as Guru is rashi swami and also owner of the 10th house (career). The rashi-swmai drushti on career house and also 6th (service sector) house shows increasing wealth and workplace influence despite 7th and 8th Shani in 2011/2012.

3. This 2nd Guru will keep you in the hunt despite 8th Shani. After 2 years of 12th and 1st Guru until May2011 – This 2nd Guru is of optimism with rays of hope around the corner.

4. Your value will be restored by the end of May2012 and you will surprisingly get good increase in your wealth/monthly income. After lackluster period from Dec2009, you are “in market” and happening from May2011. However, you would not feel good about yourself until end of 2012 when 3rd house Guru starts something new for you.

3rd Guru from May2012 to May2013:

1. Starting of something new in career and life. Something related too expression, proposals, presentation, writing etc.

2. The 3rd house Guru is of “Adha-Bhagyoday” which means that you have got to travel away for 6 to 8 hrs in order to get a good brake.

3. The period until May2012 could also get you a land or a house some 6 to 8 hrs away from where you are.

4. There is a good possibility of going to a distant place for a year and coming back to current place after May2012

5. The new stuff that you are working on would get you a very good success in 5th Guru from May2013 to June2014. So need to plan something from 2/3 years point of view.

8th Shani Effects: Shani 8th until Late2014 except 2.5 months in 2012

1. Now 8th house Shani takes you away from your mass-base for next 2.5 years. The assignments or the work areas would be such that not many people need to report to you.

2. You will have lowest reporting to people in this period.

3. You will be asked or happen to work more alone mostly away from the crowds. It is a bit tough as you are used to depend on some people in 6 and 7 Shani quite a bit which are no longer available to you now!

4. The work could be less glamorous but more serious. You are not given glorious assignment in 8th Shani but assignments or ventures that do not have big scale but has equal or more challenges than the big ones.

5. You get new levels of maturity but in a hard way by making mistakes and after putting a lot of hard work you find yourself lacking what the job needs. This makes you grow as an individual. People around you and seniors see your good work but also see gaps that need work before you are given the next level in 9th Shani!

6. All that happens in 8th Shani is VERY BENEFICIAL to you but you have to learn the ability NOT TO TAKE STRESS --- No matter what – only, think what YOU can do and do your best without any pride or prejudice!

7. You are given an opportunity to experiment, try out new things and also innovate without very big stakes – something you cannot do in bigger engagements.

8. Remember, regardless of your GREAT – GENIUS work – The initiatives you are part of have some inherent issues (& also strengths) – You cannot bypass or suppress those inherent things by your great work! J So think what you are learning and what you are giving to the initiatives you are part of.

9. This is time to acquire skills so that when you enter glorious period of 9, 10, 11 Shani – You are PREPARED to take on those, lead large number of people and have a very steep curve of growth fueled by 9th Shani from Nov2014 for 7.5 years.

10. Shani in 8th house also shows health issues that are long pending – need to deal with. This applies more to Lagna Rashi than Moon but I guess it does still apply.

11. Also, a great time for certifications, check every box that was not checked earlier when you were too busy with work.

12. Remember – The way you “use” 8th Shani WILL decide the magnitude of success you get in 9, 10, 11 bhraman of Shani from Nov2014 or so for 7.5 years!

All the best for preparations, study, certifications, tough assignments, enriching experience, working on much delayed health issues in 8th Shani! J

Shani is wakri From Feb 8th 2012 to June 26, 2012: Things could be slow in wakri Shani for sure. Shani becomes 7th from May2010 to July2012.

Other Effects:

1. Rahu and Ketu 9th and 3rd until Jan2013

a. This could bring some travel for you as Rahu Ketu axis is in 9th and 3rd house which are house of travel predominantly.

b. You might need to go away from current place and especially after May 2012 when Guru would also be 3rd. This change would be at better and bigger profile which you would appreciate. (You would be back at the same/original place after July 2013 in 4th Guru.)

c. Rahu in 9th house shows long term travels for paternal folks and short term ones for maternal ones. Rahu in 9th and Ketu in 3rd are a bit of a mis-placved ones! J They like it the other way round! J But still any planet in 9th house makes you part of something big and strategic and in 3rd house something quick, something tactical/operational.

2. Mangal movements

a. It is 6th (Rog sthan, Shatru sthan, Samaj sthan) until June2012 in Guru drushti: competition success, competition with friends, drive carefully, take timely care of vehicles

b. Mangal enters Kanya in June: 7th Mangal shows collaboration with friends & siblings. Land related matters could go to court and could bring stress.

c. August 12 to August 20 is a period when Mangal & Shani are close to each other – Drive vehicles carefully. Period of injury to all signs

d. Then until Sept 28th Mangal & Shani are together in Tula rashi –8th house -- shows accident prone environment quite a bit. It is a period to be careful with sports, cars, injuries etc.

e. Mangal 9th in Vrishchik rashi from Sept28th to Nov 8 with Rahu: Travel, new things

f. Mangal in 10th house from Nov 8 to Dec 18 in Sagittarius: Power at workplace, better productivity and enthusiasm at workplace.

3. Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! In 12th house Neptune shows some spiritual exposure

4. Harshal in Meen shows some sudden writing, inspirational stuff, sudden activities, travels etc

5. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Nov 16th to Dec 16th à 9th house Sun in Scorpio (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Dec 16th to Jan 14th à 10th house Sun in Dhanu/Sagittarius (Power, Stress, Happening feel)

c. Jan 14th to Feb 13th à 11th house Sun in Makar / Capricorn (Gains, Money)

d. Aug 16th to Sept 16th à 6th House Sun in Leo: Success in competition, better results that colleagues etc

6. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would not be good for

a. Feb 14th to Mar 13th : 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

b. Oct 16th to Nov 16th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

c. For Details:


  1. Dear Milind ji,

    If already a meen rasi person is going through a severe financial problem, does this mean he/she will get some gain only after May 2012??
    Is there any good period before that as well..? please tell...I know you have said not to take STRESS, but it is very very very this period. pls pls let me know.

  2. Hi Milindji,
    Great articles. I have got a question about my horoscope.

    Mesh lagna. Some more details: ketu in 2nd house, shani in 3rd house, venus in 4th house, sun+moon+mercury+mars in 5th house, rahu in 8th house and Jupiter in 11th house.

    Last 7 yrs were not good for me. Lots of tension on job, family, money etc. (Although income flow was good.)

    My birthdate is 18-aug-74 23:15 (I am not certain about exact time).

    How will 2012 shape out? Is this a good year for investment? Do I have a good money / wealth in my life (due to 11th guru and 3rd shani)?

    I will appreciate your answer.


  3. Milind Sir,
    It seems 2012 is not going to be good for me as I got hospitalized this week due to food poisoning. Also having a hard time @ work.
    I have mailed you my details today from A few words of guidance would help a lot as I am bit nervous with the way things are going currently; especially on health and career front.
    So kindly find some time to reply to the mail.
    Eagerly awaiting reply

  4. ***ERRATA**
    Corrected the SUN SIGNS that oppose the Moon Sign Meen characteristics -- They were wrong copied from KUMBH ! :(


  5. Namaskar Milind
    I have emailed you the horiscope details of my daughters and the questions regarding chandra-rahu yuti in both the horoscopes. I request you to plese go through them and please email me your advice on that. Waiting for your reply.thanks


  6. Pisces Horoscope - Pisces Astrology this is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. Pisces is represented by two fishes in water. That signifies that they require support and protective attitude. As fish remain in water and had no connection to outside world.

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  9. Namaste Milind Ji..Just wanted to thank you for the advice, analysis and great insight you give on this site..I have also learnt a lot and also sent your website to other friends in distress..You are earning a lot of good karma, as your different analyses provide consolation and hope to different people from all walks of life..I pray to God for your good health, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment of all your and your family's wishes. God bless.

  10. Dear mILIND,
    mY dob IS 24TH aPRIL 1979,TIME OF BIRTH IS 4:55 AM. I have written to you before but have not had any response. I am going through a very troublesome period and everybody who sees my horoscope has given me a wrong picture. Please help me....

  11. hi sir,
    i m ram kumar dubey,done 2008 till date i have not get any good job but last year after feb i have lose my job till date i m not geting any job pls let me know my birth date 26 july1986 6:25am

  12. good vishes from dipak jain , my birth date is 31 march 1980 , what is my rashi ?

  13. Hi Milind,

    I have a query...
    My friend has an opportunity to go onsite and it has some risk factors as well.

    Please guide whether to take up this opportunity with all risks or wait for the next opportunity...?..

    INFO : Moon sign - Mesha rashi.
    Ashwini 4th pada
    DOB - March 24th

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    My sibling's birth date is 08/05/1979, time: 4.40AM, Birth place: bagalkot, karnataka.

    Please tell me when he will get marry?

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