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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012 MESH RASHI BHAVISHYA (ARIES 2012 Horoscope)

MESH Rashi Bhavishya 2012 (Aries in 2012)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi Mesh and also to a large extent Aries Sun Sign i.e. people born from April 14 to May 14. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: You can also check these articles as per your ascendant / lagna-rashi but I would advise to check as per MOON Sign for sure.

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope (birth-time chart also called as natal-chart) and palmistry, face reading etc.

Chandra rashi plays a significant role with the “Kriyaman” (i.e. instant) karma. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2012. I will post all signs one by one. Let us start with Mesh! (Some well known moon sign Mesh folks are Obama, Lalkrishna Advani, Bill Clinton, Anil Ambani, Gautam Gambhir, Lalit Modi, Sharad Pawar saheb – I will add more here)

Shani badal article covers “What to expect” in 2012 quite a bit:

MESH Rashi Characteristics

Initiative, forthright, direct, bow-like eye-brows, Fighters, Warriors, Senapati, Action oriented, positive, workaholic, do not like to talk too much, fast, impatient, anger from time to time, accident prone if combined with Dhanu Sun or ascendant! J More like Chandragupta than Chanakya! J (You could see these effects in April 14 to May14 born folks also who are Sun Sign Aries.)


Guru Curve

You are not very happy after May2010 which ended your great period of 3 years that started from start of 2008 of 9th Guru. 2008 started something new, 2009 stressful but happening/workload etc. Dec2009 to May2010 was wonderful with complete gains of efforts from start of 2008. May2010 to May2011 was of SLOW or NO Growth – 12th Guru forced you to plan for next 12 years, complete certifications/reading of imp books etc. It forced you to prepare blueprint for next 12 years. It was also a year of some badnami (badmouth) if you did something wrong in the power of 9, 10, 11 Guru! (Lalit Modi, Anil Ambani). From May2011 to May2012 you have Guru in your rashi – increasing your circle, image – social and physical weight gain. Increase in responsibilities as Guru in your rashi and also start of “execution” part of the plans prepared in 12th Guru from May2010 to May2011.

Shani Curve

From Sept2009 to Nov 2011 are you forced to come out of your comfort zone. You are asked to work with new set of people and form new collaborations and new relationships at workplace. It also made you work with people who are different in religious/caste or cultural background – completely different than yours. Of course, the 6th Shani also ensured increasing clout and social image/presence. It increased cash flow/income from service sector (you provided some service to folks/masses.) 6th Shani is about increasing abilities by tests at workplace.

In short, many tests by 12th Guru and also 6th Shani!! J J

MESH Rashi in 2012

Guru Effects: Guru in rashi until May-17-2012 and then 2nd

Now you are about to enter 2012. Guru is still in rashi which means you are supposed to execute things planned in 12th Guru. This phase is until May-17-2012. This phase shows increasing image, social and physical weight gains, increasing income but more imp increasing responsibilities in the field you are in as 1st Guru is in Dharma Trikon for Chandra – (Duties/Responsibilities). Guru becomes 2nd to you in Mat2012 when it enters Vrishabh rashi. This 2nd Guru shows “expansion” of wealth, investments, jewelry and your family. The 2nd Guru is certainly Dhan-Labh and Dhan-Vruddhi especially folks in business or investments markets as their Kriyaman karma matches with 2nd Guru movements! J People in service would find increasing support from seniors at workplace. The 2nd Guru still does not make a person feel “dream come true” or “successful” in his own eyes as it might not bring in personal accolades/awards to you.

The 2nd Guru also has a distinct effect of starting NEW income in your life - the things that planned in 12th Guru (1 year) and executed in 1st Guru (1 year) START paying off in 2nd Guru. You might not see great promotion or designation or a positional power increase etc but this Guru does show progress for sure. You need to invest your income wisely and this Guru would certainly help you find a good mentor in investments sector.

1. Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J

2. GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. This shows some monetary news from maternal (grandfather) family. This also shows some great investments related activity for you. Shani-Ketu shows cyclones – let us see what Guru-Ketu shows this time. Good(?) part is that it is not in Krittika (Sun/Fire) but Rohini (Moon/Water) nakshatra.

Guru as owner of 9th and 12th house:

As Guru is the owner of the 9th house (strategic thinking, broad picture) and 12th house (vision/planning/expense) – both the houses of travels and Guru’s travel in rashi could make you travel frequently to execute your plans. The travel of navamesh (9 is the most imp Dharma-Trikon sthan) in the 1st house – another Dharma-Trikon sthan certainly shows increasing responsibilities and possible promotion too or maybe role without actual promotion/designation! J Every increase in responsibilities and duties comes with lessons and learnings for sure. Meeting with a mentor or getting a new mentor is quite likely in this Guru in rashi until May2012.

7th Shani Effects: Shani stays 7th except for May to July2012 when it is 6th again.

Now that Shani has moved to 7th house which shows your sphere of influence, partnerships at one-on-one-level, your spouse and business partners and even your competitors. The 7th Shani is seen to reduce the circle of influence somewhat. Rather, it fine tunes the increase in circle in 6th Shani, this involves some reduction of fat for sure. 6th Shani starts a big initiative and 7th Shani slowly starts completing it and hence further reduction of that circle is quite likely. It paves the way of 8th Shani when there is not much circle and you need to improve your personal skills and work alone.

7th Shani to Moon also makes you take care of Mom as Shani aspects Moon and also 4th house. 7th Shani shows some tough subjects in studies if you are a student, the subjects that need complex calculations, focus and concentrations – subjects that YOU are not very comfortable with. The % of marks could go down a bit if you are not putting enough efforts.

Shani is wakri From Feb 8th 2012 to June 26, 2012 – This could show reversal of reduction of the circle/reporting to folks for this duration especially from May to July2012 when Shani enters Kanya again.

As owner of the 10th and 11th house (Karma/Production/Career/Potential and LABH – Gains House) Shani in 7th house shows initiatives with partnerships and collaborations. Diligent execution of partnerships and collaborations would lead to a lot of churn/income in this period. But, 7th Shani shows learnings in partnerships and you are advised to get into partnerships with CLEAR LEGAL agreement regardless of HOW CLOSE that person/entity is. Shani mandates a CLOSE AUDIT of your life in the area shown by the house it is in. Patience and perseverance is required in partnerships and also marriage. There is a good chance to stay/go away from your spouse in 7th Shani especially in the 6-9 months when Shani is 7t in close degrees to your Moon Sign.

As 7th house is of KAAM-TRIKON these business partnerships or collaborations have a limited shelf life and they would get over by 8th Shani and hence entry and exit should be clearly defined for all parties. (This is not applicable to marriage/spouse! J J)

Other Effects:

1. Rahu stays 8th showing issues with paternal family elderly folks, Ketu in 2nd shows gains from maternal family. Some hereditary issues from paternal side could surface due to Rahu in 8th house. (Health issues are usually more applicable to Lagna rashi)

2. Rashi-swami Mangal in 5th house until June2012 is a good news as it stays in Guru drushti – This is good for sports (Gautam) and also vehicles, land related matters. Gains and cooperation from your siblings is almost guaranteed. Mangal enters Kanya in June and then shows success over competition until Aug14, 2012. Then until Sept 28th Mangal and Shani are together – which shows some turbulence in relationships and also partnerships/collaborations – patience required. This Mars in 5th house in Guru-Drushti could give some posts/positions in sports. (Captain/Vice captain etc) Some quick tactical success is very much possible in this Mars movement.

3. August 12 to August 20 is a period when Mangal and Shani are close to each other – Drive vehicles carefully and overall conservative approach in sports activities. Period of injury to all signs and not just mesh but for Mesh – Head and waist are areas of impact.

4. Mangal in 8th house from Sept28th to Nov 8 is again not the best thing for health and shows some caution in driving 2 wheelers for sure (helmet a must). Of course it is in Guru drushti so damage/issues will be very limited.

5. Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! Good to have Any planet in the 11th house! J

6. Harshal in 12th house in Meen shows sudden expenses from time to time.

7. SUN: Beware of what seniors/Govt/authorities wants from

a. Nov 16 to Dec 16 (8th House Sun)

b. March 14 to April 13 (12th House Sun)

c. For Details:


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