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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2012 MITHUN RASHI BHAVISHYA (Gemini 2012 Horoscope)

MITHUN Rashi Bhavishya 2012 (Gemini in 2012)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi MITHUN and also to a large extent Gemini Sun Sign i.e. people born from June 14 to July 14. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: You can also check these articles as per your ascendant / lagna-rashi but I would advise to check as per MOON Sign for sure.

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope (birth-time chart also called as natal-chart) and palmistry, face reading etc.

Chandra rashi plays a significant role with the “Kriyaman” (i.e. instant) karma. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2012. I will post all signs one by one. (Some well known moon sign Mithun folks: OP Nayyar, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Acharya P. K. Atre, VasantRao Deshpande, Sonia Gandhi I will add more here)

Shani change article covers “What to expect” in 2012 quite a bit:; Major planetary movements:

MITHUN Rashi Characteristics

Usually go for masters, like to debate/talk, roam around, free spirits, play with words, sense of humor, they laugh a lot, Twin-Minded, walk & talk very quickly, expressive, love visiting new places, short-writing, Multifaceted, all-rounders, good in maths, Get bored easily and look for something new in life. You can see these patterns also in Sun Sign Gemini folks 15th June to 15th July. Folks born from Jan 14 to Feb 13 Makar/Capricorn Sun opposes these characteristics due to seriousness; Folks born from May14 to June14 Vrishabh/Taurus Sun also opposes Gemini characteristics due to calm, stable, slow nature.


Guru Curve

You are riding the Guru curve right now. You started something new in 9th Guru from Dec2009 to May2010 (or May to July2009 or Nov2010). This new thing would have caused stress/happeing form May2010 to May2011 in 10th Guru (but reporting to someone of equal ability). From May2011, this is giving you a lot of growth and a great time – leverage mode until May2012.

Shani Curve

Shani was 4th until Nov2011 – this is very troublesome at domestic as well as career. Rather you see domestic types of issues in career also! J Like Sonia Gandhi saw a lot of infighting in Congress from Sept2009 to Nov2011. 4th Shani showed you the abuse of power you might have done in 3rd Shani from July2007 to Sept2009. Now 4th Shani is over which is quite a difficult period. May2010 to May2011 became more chaotic due to 4th Shani and 10 Guru acting at the same time!

MITHUN Rashi in 2012

Guru Effects: Guru 11th until May-17-2012 and then 12th

1. You reported to someone of equal ability from May201o to May2011 probably. In 11th Guru you get a similar or better portfolio.

2. 11th Guru is about multiple gains from all efforts you did in past 3 years or rather past 11 years!

3. Any planet is great 11th from your sign and planet of optimism, expansion in 11th is of course a great blessing. This is a period of great strengths and gains. The 11th Guru to any rashi is the best year in the 12 (11. 8) year cycle of Guru in 12 rashis.

4. Every contact you acquired in past several years would have/would yield some gain until May2012. Mrig nakshatra would see gains in 2011, Ardra Q42011 and Q12012 and Punarvasu would see it March-April-May 2012.

5. Great results would be seen more after Dec 26 when Guru goes margi and gains speed in Jan/Feb.

6. This is the period which puts lot of air in you and you could assume that the curve of growth will stay as is and end up taking bigger risk than you should! J Basically, you will stay at the same/similar level at least for next 2 years after May2012 and this could make you mathematics go wrong – not mathematics but the assumptions in the excel sheets! J

7. You need to put your income sensibly in appropriate investments and do not try to get too ambitious with something assuming increased income in later 2012 or 2013.

8. As Guru is owner of the 10th house and 7th house – it will show gains due to partnerships also and from spouse too. Also, it will show more gains from your work (10th hosue) than say investments/shares etc as it shows for Kumbh rashi when Guru is 11th to them (2008!)

9. Leverage ALL that you can until May2012 and earn as much as possible with the “Sadhan” you have right now in your hand.

Guru 12th from June2012: I copied all this from Vrishabh rashi article and modified a little bit! J (Re-usable component!) J

Every project, every damn thing in this world requires you to spend 1/12th time on planning, studying, calculating etc and then start the execution. The 12th house represents planning -- expense of time, efforts and money for planning the next 12 (or rather 11) units of life. The Guru curve is 11.88 years i.e. 1 year in each rashi aprox. So the 12th Guru forces you to plan for next 12 years! Do certifications, read as much as possible, it is time to decide WHAT and also chalk out the blueprint of HOW until May2012.

This is Guru movement in 12th house like Shani’s sadesati but instead of 2.5+2.5+2.5 years of Shani movement before (12), in (1) and next(2) to your rashi – Guru moves in 1 year each – So these 1+1+1 = 3 years of Guru movement many times feel as “sorry” as Sadesati effect. However Sadesati makes you pay for every bad thing you did – whereas Guru’s job is of optimism and guidance and teaching with “Maya” / love and not by teaching you a lesson! J

So ACCEPT the GIFT of TIME given to you from May2012 to May2013, regain your health, regain your thoughts and re-profile your “personality” for next 12 years. It is a great blessing in disguise, this 12th Guru. If you have planets in any FIRE Signs (Mesh, Singh, Dhanu) then this 12th Guru will bring a feel good with that planet – that means all is not lost due to 12th Guru – RATHER – You have what you have but it will not grow with the same RATE or steep slope as it did from Mid 2009 to May2012.

12th house is of also Moksha and Teerth-yatra – possibilities of visiting some religious places is quite high. Donations to religious places or rather orphanages would certainly help you. Meet and discuss things with elderly folks as much as possible – they will give you tremendous insights regardless of your age! The fact that Guru and Ketu both stay in Vrishabh in next year for some time shows this possibility quite a bit.

Remember: more time and effort you INVEST in 12th Guru period – more you achieve in next 12 years.

1. Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J

2. GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. You could see some expense for maternal family in this period. You might also visit some religious place for sure around this period and donate etc to ashram or religious place.

5th Shani Effects: Shani stays 5th except for May2012 to July2012 when it is 4th again.

A big relief from 4th Shani’s audit! The 5th house is in Dharma-Trikon. The 5th Shani certainly shows addition of duties & responsibilities which also show some new position/designation but very slowly in 2.5 years. The 5th house is about tactics, so you will know what to do and when do to very clearly now which was not possible in 4th Shani’s saturation. You will need to execute your plans with diligence, patience and surefooted perseverance. 5th Shani gives you “development” initiatives i.e. initiatives with a specific start and end date and goals and objectives – The way PMP defines a “project”! J Success is assured after hard-work in 5th Shani.

You will need to take care of your kids and 5th house shows Santati! Your duties towards your kids would need fulfillment. You will need to give time to them! 5th house is also about lottery, quick gains in share market etc – 5th Shani recommends going slow and caution when it comes to quick money – you might lose dearly…! So take a long term view for sure as Shani’s drushti is also on 2nd house which is of investments.

The 5th house Shani is THE BEST for the lawyers, it shows great learnings also but great & complex cases also. Shani is karak of the law (Guru is of rituals and dharmic law), Law enforcement is ruled by Shani. Of course the police force itself is ruled by Surya and Mangal but the books that they need to obey are directly under Shani’s influence! In short, the 5th house Shani is very lawyerly! J

The 5th house Shani often gives some learnings in love-affairs, many times one needs to fight for results and needs to show a lot of perseverance and letting go of EGO (not self esteem though!) in such cases. 5th house Shani’s drushti on the 7th house indicates what could happen in 7th Shani on a large scale. There is a possibility of going away from kids and souse in 5th Shani for shorter periods and more so in 7th Shani.

Shani is wakri From Feb 8th 2012 to June 26, 2012: Things could be slow in wakri Shani for sure. Shani becomes 4th from May2010 to July2012 – again some infighting possible for Punarvasu nakshatra folks (2/3rd Charan)

As owner of the 8th (peeda, mrutyu, inherited property, family debts) and 9th house (Bhagya-sthan, Travel, promotions, positions, strategic thinking) Shani being 5th shows definite addition of duty/responsibility and possible promotion too when Shani is 5th and Guru is in rashi from May2013 to June2014.

Other Effects:

1. Rahu and Ketu 6th and 12th:

a. Raahu in the 6th house shows that your enemies/competitors would be reduced / defeated greatly by mysterious ways!

b. There could be a great image and also great expectations from masses of lower rung in society or other castes/society than you are. (Balasaheb has 6th in Raahu in uchcha rashi in his horoscope; Raj Thackeray has Rahu-Shani yuti and Uddhav has Guru-Shani yuti )

c. You could get some projects done which seem very difficult. This 6th Rahu will give a great material success.

d. The 6th Rahu in Vrushchik will also show (if any) hereditary health issues in the paternal family. These would be very difficult to diagnose and treat thru medicines. Karmic debt analysis could be required.

e. The 12th house Ketu shows that you will need to spend on maternal family and also for spiritual things (Teerth-yatra, Jeernoddhar, Building / Donating for Temples etc)

f. It also shows maternal side health issues with ankle/feet.Rashi-swami

2. Mangal in 3rd house until June2012 is in Guru drushti: This shows more of what you like: travel, debates, outdoor activities etc. Mangal enters Kanya in June which means domestic issues! Then until Sept 28th Mangal and Shani are together in 5th house – which shows accident prone environment in sports and also to your kids.

3. August 12 to August 20 is a period when Mangal and Shani are close to each other – Drive vehicles carefully and overall conservative approach in sports activities. Period of injury to all signs

4. Mangal in 6th house from Sept28th to Nov 8: Success over competition, colleagues

5. Mangal 7th from Nov 8 to Dec 18 shows caution in partnerships and collaborations.

6. Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! 9th house Neptune is quite good actually!

7. Harshal in 10th house in Meen shows sudden changes in work environment or working with a senior who could be off-beat / unorthodox.

8. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Feb 13th to March 14th à 9th house (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Mar 15th to April 14th à 10th house (Power, Happening feel, Support & stress from seniors)

c. Apr 15th to May 15th à 11th house (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à Success in competition, better results that colleagues etc

9. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

e. May 14th to June 14th : 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

f. Jan 14th to Feb 14th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

g. For Details:


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