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Friday, December 9, 2011

2012 TULA RASHI BHAVISHYA (Libra 2012 Horoscope)

2013 All Signs Horoscope (Rashi-Bhavishya) published here:

TULA Rashi Bhavishya 2012 (Libra in 2012)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi TULA and also to a large extent Libra Sun Sign i.e. people born from Oct16 to Nov16. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong: You can also check these articles as per your ascendant / lagna-rashi but I would advise to check as per MOON Sign for sure.

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination of horoscope (birth-time chart also called as natal-chart) and palmistry, face reading analysis.

Chandra rashi plays a significant role with the “Kriyaman” (i.e. instant) karma. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2012. I will post all signs one by one. (Some well known moon sign Tula folks: Maruti-Suzuki, Rajesh Exports, RD Burman, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Akshay Kumar, Curtly Ambrose, Reema Lagu? Ashok Chavan, Sun Sign Tula: Nehru, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Leonardo de Caprio, Shah Rukh, Waqar, I will add more here)

Shani change article covers “What to expect” in 2012 quite a bit:; Major planetary movements:

TULA Rashi Characteristics

Tula rashi folks are charming, well mannered, all rounder, easy going, positive, tall, trade-mark smile (they always smile: Madhuri Dixit is Tula lagna and Julia Roberts Tula Sun 28th Oct). They try to balance whenever they see excess of anything. While they try to balance they are the most unbalanced ones! They are easily teased by Vrushabh’s ridicule and Kanya’s meticulousness. These folks are very pleasant and it feels good to have them around. 95% Film actors have at least 1 planet in Tula rashi! J 50% are either Moon sign or Sun Sign Libra. Moon or Sun Libra is always successful regardless of the neech Sun. They are also workaholic and try to do things one by one as it is a “char” rashi (“moving”).

Libra sun sign folks born from 16th Oct to 16 Nov also show these characteristic. Folks born from May14 to June14 Vrishabh/ Taurus Sun oppose these characteristics (Calm, Stable, Ridicule); Folks born from Sept16 to Oct16 Kanya/Virgo Sun also oppose Libra characteristics due to highly analytical, meticulous nature.


Guru Curve

You had a dream come true sorts from Dec2009 to May2010 due to 5th Guru like Bachchan getting KBC back! J This is and will expand from May2011 to May2012 in 7th house Guru, again like KBC. May2010 to May2011 was okie-dokie due to 6th house Guru – hold on to what you have acquired in 5th Guru. Currently under 7th Guru you are happening regardless of sadesati from Sept2009.

Shani Curve

Grand support from Shani from 2003 to Sept 2009 and after that you were thinking “WHAT NEXT, just like Akshay Kumar, Ratan Tata. Well 5th and 7th Guru is keeping you in the game for sure but still you had to plan something new in 12th Shani from Sept2009 to Nov2011 and now would execute that in 1st Shani.

TULA Rashi in 2012

Guru Effects: Guru 7th until May-17-2012 and then 8th

7th Guru from May2011 to May2012: EXPANSION!

1. 7th Guru is about feel-good, expansion of your sphere of influence, increase in your turnover, and increase in workload.

2. This Guru also shows increase in your image as Guru drushti on Moon. It also improves health of your mom. It helps water retention in your body and your looks become optimal (peak) of what you can look like! J

3. The 7th Guru also shows success through other people, partnerships and collaborations.

4. This is also a very good time to get married or find an appropriate match.

5. The Shani in Tula rashi will oppose the effects of 7th Guru somewhat but their timings are different for different nakshatra so I guess their effects although mixed to a sign, in this case would be “mostly” mutually exclusive.

6. The 7th house Guru is also good to winning rather settling of the court cases as 7th house shows direct opposition and competition. This house also shows long term wars but that is not the topic of this article!

7. So overall 7th Guru takes you to the next level of what you started in 5th Guru’s dream come true success. Your definition of success in 5th Guru will not expand in this 7th Guru BUT it does not mean your role is changing due to this Guru bhraman – it is MORE OF THE SAME.

8th Guru from May2012 to May2013: Tough period!

1. Assignments that are very tough for you and make you grow up considerably.

2. These initiatives do not stay with you in 9th Guru but they prepare you for the glorious period of the 9, 10, 11 house Guru.

3. You will be overworked, overstressed, frustrated etc – if this is true for you then, one thing is certain that you are BOUND to have a glorious period of 3 years from May2013! This is certainly a common sense for an astrologer as it is a law of karma.

4. PLEASE use this time from May2012 to May2013 to do certifications, document learnings, case studies etc. You will learn tools, techniques for next glorious period.

5. All the things that would happen from May2012 to May2013 are trying to tell/teach you something – do not ignore it please! Hard skills are one thing but this 8th Guru is also teaching you soft skills, especially, conflict management and also increasing your temperament.

6. You will be the most in demand commodity after May2013 – most sought after! Seniors who are currently not spending time with you – will start paying a special visit to you! J

7. Your only response should be HARD WORK, certifications and awareness that you need to learn new things and not use the same ways that worked earlier.

8. Also – check what YOU can do – Do your Dharma/Duties without any pride and prejudice and you will be fine.

9. Half of the battle is won when you set your own expectations correctly. Expecting too much or miracle etc in this period.

1. Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J

2. GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. In the 8th house this yuti shows some adverse situations and some attention to maternal side elders but not a big threatening issue. It also shows some hereditary health issues that come from maternal side and some estate/inheritance etc related quarrels!

1st Shani Effects: House of I, me and MYSELF! J Dharma Trikon The 1st house Shani is balanced by 7th house Guru until May2012 so you would see lesser issues until then.

1. You are subjected to some water loss – You lose water in the body quite a bit. You are shown anomalies in the water retention etc in your body as Shani is moving over your horoscope moon which is karak of water. This is in contrast with 7th Guru so until May2012 you might not see these effects as much!

2. Mom’s health becomes a concern as Moon also shows Mom. Staying/going away from mom is quite possible.

3. The cash flow could become a bit low Moon does show cash flow. As Moon is owner of the 10th house in Chandra Kudali, it also shows shrinking effect at workplace, reduction in circle and emotion atyahcar too! J

4. The social profile can take a beating as you hardly get any time to participate in social events, you are too busy in execution of your new plans and no time to socialize and have fun.

5. You get a complete reality check about your near and dear ones – You will get to see who your real friend is. You will be shocked by reactions or attitudes of many folks who you thought were close to you.

6. This is an “atma-Shuddhi” period and a very good phase as you get to know who not to trust for the next 30 years! J This short term loss ensures long term big gains. But it is NOT fun when it happens – it affects your emotional profile. The KEY is to NOT lose emotions and not become too 100% stiff and practical but try to “live” with these issues with emotional maturity and not lack of emotions.

7. Shraddha and Saboori is the name of the game now for 3 years.

8. For Tula rashi folks Moon is also the owner of the 10th house – hence the Shani in rashi also affects workplace not only due to 10th drushti of 1st house Shani but also Shani going over Moon which is Dashamesh. Some unnecessary emotional scenes at workplace could be caused in this Shani bhraman.

9. Mass Support will come back now. Masses will again start believing in you – They might have deserted you in the 12th Shani.

10. This 1st house Shani however is VERY GOOD to execute the plans you put together in 12th Shani from Sept2009 to Nov2011. You will now start work on those plans which would keep you going for next 30 years!

Shani is wakri From Feb 8th 2012 to June 26, 2012: Things could be slow in wakri Shani for sure. Shani becomes 12th from May2010 to July2012.

Other Effects:

1. Rahu and Ketu 2nd and 8th:

a. Paternal family will help from finance point of view and you will see some activity there.

b. Some great purchase of sell (activity) on investment front. To make a statement or to keep/show an image - Could be avoided if possible.

c. Some responsibilities towards maternal family will be required.

2. Mangal is 11th (GAINS) until June2012 in Guru drushti: This is a great support for income and also sports activities if any! 11th Mangal is a great support for such a long time in sadesati period! Mangal enters Kanya in June and shows increase in expense and careful driving, health issues for left eye! Then until Sept 28th Mangal and Shani are together in Tula rashi -- shows accident prone environment quite a bit. Some worker unrest possible and you may need to intervene/mediate! Do not participate in street fight – do not even stop by to watch what’s happening! J

3. August 12 to August 20 is a period when Mangal and Shani are close to each other – Drive vehicles carefully. Period of injury to all signs

4. Mangal in 2nd house from Sept28th to Nov 8 with Rahu: Something on investments, share market etc

5. Mangal 3th from Nov 8 to Dec 18 in Dhanu: Travel, meeting siblings, sports activities, recreational activities etc

6. Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! 5th house Neptune is very good for anta:sphurty and some dreams which could be advance notice of things to happen especially when transit Moon is in Kumbh!

7. Harshal in 6th house in Meen shows sudden stomach upset and sudden parties, social events! J

8. 3. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. June 15th to July 15th à 9th house Sun (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. July 15th to Aug 15th à10th house Sun (Power, Happening, Support & stress from seniors)

c. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 11th house Sun (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. March 14th to April14th à 6th house Sun Success in competition, better results that colleagues

9. 4. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. May 14th to June 14th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

b. Sept 16th to Oct 16th à 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father


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  5. Corrected the SUN SIGN DATES --- 16th Oct to 16th Nov is TULA SUN SIGN


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    Exactly similar things have happened with me. I am from Tula Rashi. The situation came in such a way that I got some good offer outside Mumbai and although I was earning reasonabaly without job satisfaction, by thinking that I will get job satisfaction and better earning prospects. However after joining there I found that company was financially weak and dealing with customers was not proper and hence I left the job only after 4 months in October 12. I joined with my friends in business at lower earning but in last 4 months I noticed that success which I was getting earlier is running away from me increasing frustration. I have learnt a lot in this period. I hope that situation will change as predicted by you from June 2013 onwards and really look forward for same. In fact me, my wife as well as my elder daughter are all of Tula Rashi and last 1.5 years are bad for us. Rgds, Rajendra

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