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Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 26, 2011 to Jan, 01, 2012 Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Horoscope

Dec 26, 2011 to Jan, 01, 2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

Weekly rashi bhavishya is driven mostly by moon movements and of course acute “grahayog” say Shani Mangal yuti or oppose in close degrees. Ravi / Shani yog causing Govt and janata to fight or cooperate. Your sentiments are mostly driven by Guru and Shani and they continue for a longer period of time but under them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars cause ripples or “smaller curves” which are mostly considered here. The moon movements are the most effective to see how the week will turn out to be.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in DHANU: 22:53 at the start of the week (midnight)

Moon enters MAKAR at 12:18 p.m. Monday DEC 26, 2011

Moon enters KUMBH at 6:08 p.m. Wednesday Dec 28, 2011

Moon enters MEEN 3:31 a.m. Saturday Dec 31, 2011


Guru becoming maargi is great news for everybody especially Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks. The things would move in a faster manner now onwards until May2012. The week is great for Mesh, Meen and Vrishabh folks. Kanya needs to give attention to vehicles and driving (helmet etc) in general. Mangal-Guru-Surya in Fire signs make things very fast & great for these signs.

MAKAR and VRISHABH: Beware of seniors until Jan14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble!


It is a great week indeed right until Saturday early morning. Start of new things in this week and some good achievements. Travel possibilities until Monday afternoon. Great help from opposite sex folks at workplace from Monday to Wednesday 6 p.m. Multiple gains from Wednesday evening to Saturday early morning 3.30 a.m.


A great week after Monday noon. Things would start to fall in place now for Vrishabh folks but still need to keep the hard work going. Monday/Tuesday some strategic decisions and travel. Wednesday evening to Saturday early morning shows great hard work and results at workplace, interactions with seniors. Weekend shows multiple gains! (Beware of seniors:


Mithun would now start to benefit from 11th Guru much more. Monday noon to Wednesday 6 p.m. is peeda (physical & mental hardships and fatigue). Wednesday evening onwards you start 6+ GREAT days. Thursday Friday shows great pro-environment for you. The weekend shows meeting with father & his relatives.


Social events, meeting with maternal folks until Monday noon. Then until Wednesday 6 p.m. collaborations, spending time with spouse etc. After that until Saturday 3.30 a.m. shows peeda, delays/roadblocks, frustrations & also hard work. From Saturday you enter 6+ great days where you gain from all the peeda you did until Saturday morning!.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

Singh folks now would see why I keep harping about 9th Guru! J From now on to May2012 Singh folks would shine in various quarters. Start of new things is assured and some good strategic positions. This week however shows good with kids until Monday noon. There on until Wednesday afternoon shows social events, too much eating and maybe meeting with maternal side folks. Wednesday 6 p.m. early morning onwards to Saturday 3.30 am shows good time for collaborations and partnerships. The weekend shows peeda, roadblocks and slow movements. Monday onwards you have 6+ great days!


A much better situation now with Guru going margi. Monday until noon shows homely environment. Monday noon to Wednesday 9 p.m. great for kids and family matters and some quick achievements. Wednesday 6 p.m. to Saturday 3.30 a.m. shows social events, upset stomach, need of slow driving & some tussle with siblings. The weekend is good for collaborations/partnerships and spending time with spouse.


7th Guru ‘expansion’ effect would be seen now much more! Good for marriage related things until May2012. Partnerships would work the way they did not work for past 10/11 years or at least 5/6 years! The weekend and until Monday noon was of travel, some presentations etc. The week after Monday noon to Wednesday 6 p.m. is slow but homely environment. Later on, until Saturday 3.30 a.m. shows good news from kids, some good execution of plans and success. The weekend shows social events, eating/drinking! J


Travel/presentations, publishing after Monday noon to Wednesday 6 p.m. Later on until Saturday 3.30 a.m.: meeting with “close to heart” (su-hrid) folks & friends & spending with mom. The weekend shows good connect with kids and some study (& forecasting!) J


Sukh din ayo re! J Guru going margi is going to bring in great news until May2012. The week after Monday noon shows good gains until Wednesday 6 p.m. (speech, shares, and investments). Later on, until Saturday 3.30 a.m. it is time for presentations, travel, and expression/writing etc – good possibility of meeting elder siblings. The weekend great to spend at home, interior decoration & to connect with mom!


The weekend and Monday until noon was not good: expense, peeda, planning etc. Now Monday noon to Wednesday 6 p.m. gives you new energy to execute your plans. Good gains from Wednesday night to Saturday 3.30 a.m. in 2nd house Chandra. Later on the weekend shows travel, some singing, partying with siblings/cousins etc. Beware of seniors:


Should have got things done until Monday noon! J Monday noon to Wednesday 6 p.m. shows expense of time, money and energy on something you want to do for next 27 days. – PLANNING. Wednesday 6 pm to Saturday 3.30 a.m. shows good energy to execute things. Weekend shows incremental benefits & spending time and resting at home.


Very good start of the week for sure and you should get things done until Wednesday 6 p.m. Later on until Thursday 3.30 a.m. shows some tough environment for sure – need to do things for the long term and not for short-term-fix. Overlook short term pain for the long term gains. You get back on track on the weekend. Guru going maargi in 2nd house shows your value will be noticed slowly by folks until May2012.


  1. is guru going maargi good for kumbha rasi people also??? despite being in 3rd house..

  2. Milind ji , I had asked last time as well, guru being direct now, is there any chance for kanya people on job front, is it a good period to get an offer for who are trying desperately for job ? financial crunch is pushing to dark room. pls answer.

  3. [1] 3rd house Guru is ONVIOUSLY very good -- why you are saying "despite in 3rd house" :) It shows that 2nd hosue and 11th house owner in 3rd house -- Parakram sthan --

    (a) 3rd House GUru -- Expression, Proposals, Presentations
    (b) HALF BHAGYODAY due to above things -- possibility of travel to a 6 to 8 hrs place.
    (c) Owner of 11th and 2nd -- Both shows Wealth --- So SELF EFFORTS or PARAKRAM or presentation, expresson would get money -- GREAT FOR ARTISTS or people who use thier tongue for income! :) :) it also shows income/property / investment in a place 6/8 hrs away from current place or simply NATIVE place.

    [2]MAARGI GURU: Great for all -- Kanya might not get great help for getting NEW JOB but will make things MUCH better in the existing job for sure. Vrishabh/Kanya/Makar folks should concentrate on SKILLS enhancements until May2012 REGARDLES of whether they have job or not....


  4. Dear Sir - Great Work - I am LEO Rashi and am having 9th Guru & 3rd Shani - let hope that i get come good job for sure since Guru is margi now - Thx once again for posting the article.



  5. Thanks so much Milind for your reply..about 3rd house guru... ur articles are always so well written and reassuring... i really wait for your posts!!!

  6. Dear Milind, was waiting for your post. I am Dhanu, any chances for the job change in coming weeks.

  7. If a kanya person is not having job and searching for one, does that mean he would not get any ??

  8. Kanya rashi folks: What would not get new job??? :) You can certainly -- What I am saying is that you will get STRATEGIC INITIATIVE, Project, Program etc after May2012 -- Getting a job should not be a problem at all as now Shani is also 2nd and whoch means it is starting ti increase income due to ALL the efforts from July2007.

    Dhanu: YES very good job & job profile and success by May2012

  9. thnk u very much ji...
    I keep on asking there any chance of a guy singh rashi..uttara 1 leg..24 running age...marriage with a gal of 5.5.92 at 5am cmng 2 years..

    pavan k

  10. Hey Milind,
    I have a question for you on the mahadasha of debilitated retro jupiter (6th house) for a leo ascendant, mesh rashi person. Normally guru mahadasha is considered a blessing however given its debilitation and retro nature would it create challenges? Jupiter in 6th house in this case also has an aspect on mercury in 12th house/cancer and venus in 2nd house/virgo

    Many Thanks and wishing you a happy new year ahead of time....I hope you have a great year ahead new pic btw :)

    Amit Jain

  11. Hello Milidji

    cool picture.
    thanks and happy new year to all


  12. Hello Milind sir,

    Yog yene mahatvache ahe, karan maza horoscope baghacha yog agun ala nahi.


  13. mazi raas kanya aahe stomach problem aahe guru margi zalyamule helath recover hoel ka???

  14. Hi Milind!

    There is Lagna Chart, then there is Chandra rasi chart, then there is navamasa .... in one of those 3 , any astrologer will definitely find something that will explain a good event or good life or bad events .... so how do we really make good predictions ? Is it chandra chart or lagna chart or navamasa chart ?

    Refering to comment above, 3 rd guru, owner of 2nd and 11th yes, but it is Chandra Chart!!

  15. [1] Anonymous: LAGNA Chart is the most important for sure and yes it should be THE ONE to be used for the predictions. However, if I start writing combinations of Lagna and Chnadra -- I will have to write 144 combinations! :) :) Which is impractical. But yes TECHNICALLY the main Horoscope HAS to be used for analysis -- Chandra Kundali and Bhavchalit, Navamansh and other Devisional charts should be used for detailing and INTENSITY of good or bad events. Getting finger hurt, getting amr broken in plaster and getting hand amputated or fingers completely removed ARE ALL "arm getting hurt" things due to say BAD placements in Mithun rash or 3rd house --- but their intensity is VERY different. Lagna, (Close degrees i.e. Bhavchalit) Chandra, Navamansh is the sequence of analysis. Short life-- How short ?! is again about this detailing!!

    But for GOCHAR WEEKLY Bhavishya -- using ONLY CHANDRA Rashi is possible and that is the limitation of it.

    5th Guru is Dream come true for sure but is horoscope has 5th hosue Mangal then dream come true would be in sports, siblings or engg maths etc. 5th House Budh would be expression, short writing, some art etc.


  16. Hi Milind !

    Nice pictures. Hands down the most good looking astrologer in India. :)

    Now, my question, while predicting for Mesh rashi, Rahu is in 8th house and the person is going through Rahu Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha - Rahu in 8th from Jupiter affects the career adversely right? Is this Guru chandal also?

    Will the favourable position of other planets be able to negate the dasha effect?

  17. AMIT JAIN:
    Guru mahadasha is not bad usually for folks unless say wakri in 1st degree of Moola or Krittika nakshatra closee to a teevra fixed star or in Shani and Mangakl drushti etc etc. It is antardashas of other teevra planets that cause more harm. That being said 6th Guru shows good money flow as it is in artha trikon and also Artha rashi of Makar. It might not be great for dev-dharma and blessings from Guru/mentors as these 6th house people never venture nor get a great Guru in life as they start fighting with any person with more knowledge a bit too earlY! :) :) Diff. of opinion with mentors -- inability to "trust" a mentor or older wisdom is the root-cause. 6th Guru is also about self medication and inner voice about your own health. These people can do their own medicines very well! :)

    So this Guru mahadahsa great for money and career as 9th house from 10th house. Not great to get blessings of Guru and SOME health issues to your kids. As your owner of 2nd and 11th hosue is in 12th house -0- I see some connection to EXPORTS i.e. getting money/wealth due to someone/something abroad (which is quite common now a days actually!)


  18. [1] KANYA RASHI STOMACH ISSUE: Actually Shani movinig out of Kanya should help a lot more than Guru going maargi.

    [2] I did not understand very well -- So your sis Rahu Maha and Guru antardasha and you are not describing your horoscope Guru and Rahu at all???? You are talking about only Guru in Rashi and Rahu in 8th house.

    What is CHNADAL -- Does your horoscope has Guru-Rahu yuti which is termed as chandal yog in granthas! I HATE some of these names! :) :) They make person all frightened and spend on something which helps Astrologers! :)

    So you are MESH rashi -- 8th house Rahu shows that you will have some obligations to take care on your paternal parents' side.

    Rahu maha and Guru antardasha is mostly about your HOROSCOPE situation of them and yes about Gochar also but without horoscope placement -- gochar would make only sense from Mooon sign of Mesh,

  19. Hello Milind Sir,

    I am simha rasi,pubbha nakshatra,pada 1.I've read that we are just out of Sade sati,but things don't seem bright even now.Is it because of Rahu?

  20. hey milind another great predeiction as being kanya rashi i had a very minor accident wid ma car...and luckily no1 got injured and everything was da way i need a special favour from you...i have mailed you several times for predictions regarding my horoscope...but next week on 1st of january i.e sunday i have ma bday..i just need one thing from u i am preparing for I.A.S i just want u to tell me wether ill b able to make it or not...thats it..u can consider it my birthday wish watever u can..
    my D.O.B is 1 jan 1989
    TIME is 2.55 am
    PLACE is delhi...
    and its very imp dats y m asking u dis and only dis as i m puttingt lot of hard work..

    MY MOBILE NO. 09550007070 HYDERABAD..

  22. @ Milind ...
    One of ur above responses reminds me of a question I wanted to ask ... i remem u writin prior to this that :
    "NAVAMANSH chart HAS to be analysed along with the main horoscope. If main horoscope shows 1 thing and Navamansh shows completely different then INTENSITY is reduced quite a bit --either good or bad. BUT NAVAMANSH horoscope shows 1 thing which is NOT shown by MAIN CHART AT ALL -- It will NEVER happen!"

    I am having trouble with the application part
    where do u stop deciphering the hidden navamansh meaning...

  23. agar example in my cousins chart- radix chart mein his venus(9th house ruler) conjunct his mars (8th house ruler)fall in his 9h house taurus...saturn his 5th house ruler also in 9th house but distance from shukra yuti mangal is 14 degrees...
    on the other hand- his navamansh shows venus conjunt mars and venus conjunct south node...
    The way I am undrstanding from ur article is that VENUS CONJUNCT MARS is prominent and venus yuti ketu wont harm him?
    Am i understanding this correctly?


  24. [1] Bhai -- Why to blame Rahu?! :) Guru going maargi will surely help all folks more so Singh, Dhanu Mithun Tula and Mesh.

    [2] RAJAT
    Thanks for the feedback. As Guru your Sun Sign owner is aspecting your SURYA (Govt) now until May2012 you have a GREAT GREAT chance with IAS for sure...Please put ALL efforts in this. You will get a good posting after May2012 as Rashi Kanya and 9th Guru after May. Until trhen GREAT luck with Govt matters for sure. Also 8th Guru is VERY good for certifications, competitive exams and such.

    [3] ANIL Gupta
    Will get back

    [4] Sahiwal
    Navamansh should be seen like this:
    1. Main Horosocpe a planet is very powerful -- check how it is placed in Navamansh -- what drushtis, house, rashi etc in navamansh. This will add subtract from planets power
    2. If thinking about kids -- check 5th hosue in the horoscope -- aspects on it -- Same in Navamansh --
    Check owner of 5th house in main horoscope -- Say Shukra -- then check SHUKRA's placement in Navamash (rashi, house, drushti on it) etc
    3. Check Guru in the main horoscope and ALSO in Navamansh -- placement in main and then navamansh horoscope
    4. Check 5th house of Navamansh horoscope itself...planets in it, aspects on it etc

    So you understand that Navamansh without main horosocpe is USELESS and main horoscope without navamansh is a bit incomplete and would not be able to give CONFIDENT predictions.

    Main horoscope has 1st and 8th hosue exchange -- -possibility of short life? But navamansh shows 8th and 1st hosue owner well placed in Guru drushti of with Guru -- this short life could become 55 - 60! :) or even more..! :) So let us not jump to EXTREME conclusions unless navamansh "confirms" the extreme conclusions -- for average yogas in main horosocpe -- navamansh might not be THAT useful.

    My Mangal and Shani badly (?) placed in main horoscope in Moksha Trikon are in 10th and 11th house in Navamamsh do not mean that they negate the MOKSHA part -- rather they show good career (10) and money(11) fromm mokasha part in main horoscope! :)
    However short life in main horoscope is confirmed in the main horoscope also! :) So my age 48 to age 55 (Mangal Mahadasha) is going to be VERY interesting...!!! :)If that is thru somehow with grace of God & Saibaba then you could have a very widely known MODERN "BABA" in Rahu mahadasha from age of 55. BUT looking at Mangal placement in main horoscope -- looks likely that crossing 55 is going to be a GREAT task !!! :)


  25. Oh Milind, Please don't say such things .... Tum jiyo hazaaro saal ...

    am waiting for you to quit this software and get full time into predictions

    God bless you for long life :)

  26. Dear Milind,

    Nice analysis of Navamsh. Please see here. In my main chart Mars and Mer in 9th house and Shani and Rahu in 7th house.
    But in Navamsh all the above 4 are in 9th!

    What it means? please help.


  27. Milindi ji.....God Bless you with a good , blissful , long life.....our heartfelt wishes for u....always..

    Without knowing signs of all those planets I woudl say that the bad sideeffects of these planets are reduced QUITE a bit as they are in 9th house in Navamansh but trashibal in main kundali annd in navamansh is very imp...

    But it helps to have them in 9th house in Navamansh for sure. I hope navamansh is not changing with 1/2 minutes of change in birth time either way! :) :) Else they copuld beocme 8th or 10th in navamansh! :)


  29. thanks milind i cant tell u how happy i am and i m putting ma best to this I.A.S thing....and all i want is to get thru..thanks i wish this wud b the best birth day after so many years.....

  30. Dear MilindJi,
    Thanks for reply. In my main chart Mars and Mer in 9th house (VRASHABH) and Shani and Rahu in 7th house (MEENA) from KANYA Lagna. Moon and Jupiter in SINGH.
    But in Navamsh all the 4 mars,mer,rahu and shani are in 9th (KUMBH) from MITHUN lagna!. Jupiter and Moon in MESHA.

    Hope it gives more info for analysis.
    What it means? please help.


  31. Hi Milind,
    Thanks for your feedback on guru mahadasha....and I sincerely wish to see you as a new age guru in rahu def have baba's blessings with you.....have a great year ahead and keep up the good are doing wonders for people and thats what you will be remembered for...

    have fun mate

    Amit Jain

  32. Milind can you please reply to my email - I'm eagerly waiting for your reply. Hoping to get your reply.


  33. @ Milind
    :) Thank u so much for the navamansh explanation... as i said b4- U R D BOMB BRO! n nothin bad wud ever happen to u coz.. when u engage the world in a loving way, when u truly appreciate and help without attachment... the universe tends to send ur luv back to u in most surprising forms....
    Rab rakha... Have an awesome newyear for ur fambam

  34. Hello Milind Boss
    I would agree with the sentimnets above.
    Aap Jiyo Hazaro Saal.
    Wish you all and your family a great year ahead, full of joy and happiness.
    Thanks a lot for all the service you have given to all of us, we have been privileged to read this blog.

    Best wishes

  35. well I have exhausted my ways of contacting u sir . EMAILS EMAILS ,EVEN PEOPLE who have written many days after me have got a reply !
    Well i dont know what is the reason for the same .
    Hope u reply \

  36. Dear milind ji

    Is guru going margi good for Start a new business in service sector(fmcg distributorship)
    Vrishab rashi,Leo asc. shani(13.12 uttarabhabra)&mercur(5.30 uttarshada)6th&12thhouse as per gochar.Shani yogkaraka graha my 8th shani is most powerful bhava while 6th is least powerfulbhava(mer) shadbal ranka 6&7th pls advice as i am shifting from job to business

  37. Thanks much for the wishes for long life. Being a Vrishchik lagna and rashi I have tremendous survival instinct -- so let us see! :)

    [1] WSU:
    OK --- Whats the email id I should search my emails? will get back by weekend.

    [2] Starting business -- can't answer this question based on the inputs. But owner of 2nd and 11th in 6th house does show service sector for sure.

    Is it Jan21 1967??? Raajyogkarak Mangal in 2nd house is good for food & stomach as it is Vargottam. Its owner in 6th house in Guru drushti is good anyways! Shani the owner of 6th house is in Meen rashi and in Kirk navamansh in 2nd house in navamamsh -- so I guess FMCG sounds very good to me. ONE ADVCIE as you are VRISHABH rashi:

    Guru 12th until May2012 recommends PLANNING, Proof of Concept, PILOT etc and not full risk. 6th SHani to vrushabh shows NEW sectors, new people you need to work with different culture/caste/religion yes it is a good time but I would suggest to take step by step approach until May2012 as Guru 12th to Moon. Guru coming in Vrishabh would be MUCHH better as this Guru would put drishti on Chandra, Mangal Surya Budh and Shukra...!!!!


  38. SORRY !!!! I think it is Jan 11, 1968 !! around 9 pm :) :) Guru in 1st house --- Shukra in 4th and Moon in 10th house.

    Willl analyse and get back later -- please ignore earlier comment above...

  39. Dear Milind,
    Our prayers with you for a long life, well beyond 55.
    Also, looking at your photo, who could guess connections to astrology?!!

  40. Dear Milindji,
    I have sent one mail to you on 17th Dec 2011. I am vigoursly waiting for your reply.

    Please do the needful.

    Ajit Patil

  41. Very good explanation/clarification about Navmansha; you know Milind, one can learn more from your comment section rather than articles.
    Thnx sahiwal , for asking a question, since many folks learning here thro it, Thnx.
    Well our modern BABA [I like to call u BABA :)] which brand’s T-Shirt (blk strp) you wore in above pic.; I guess it’s “Indian Terrain” .
    GOD BLESS YOU !! will pray for our BABA’s long life. :)

  42. Let me be frank. . . I m following Astro from last 5 months and yes, Astro makes a lot to Human being. . . Feeling a huge differece frm 4th to 5th Shani. Getting results faster from 27th Dec. . Gr8. . . Really the PERSON turned me frm NAASTIK to a AASTIK (?) one. . . Salute U Mr. Milind Chitambar. . . Ur wish is My Command. . . . .

  43. @ Pradip: NO PROBLEMO :P
    vase vi main bohot inquisitive soul haigi haan...i torture my homies a lot with my questions as well :D


  44. [1] Thanks PRADEEP / SAHIWAL: :) The T Shirt is ADIDAS and the logo is visible too. Yes, comments are more focused towards a question & also bring out some examples. It is funny the way our brain works when challenges/questioned -- it brings all that information indexed in it! :)

    [2] BHARGOB
    Astrology is merely a TOOL and one should read Autobiography chapter "outwitting stars" (Grahonpar maat) to understand the Astrology purpose. A tool in a hand of a thief is very bad but in a hand of a worthy -- it is a life saver. There are MANY MORE doctors & lawyers that take their clients for a ride than Astrologers in our country. That does not make people abandon doctors are lawyers. Rather, people look at doctors as Gods which is not true about Astrologers. Astrologer is a CHOICE and not a compulsion. FRANKLY, Astrology is not used as a TOOL but used as a destination which is pretty sad.

    My MOTTO / Tagline for Astrology would be that I might charge you X Rupees or $ or Pounds but for each Rs you pay me I would have saved you at least 10Rs! :)

    [3] Sahiwal
    Questions are very good and one should not take any statement on the face value. Manmohan Singh does not tell the truth everytime regardless how honest he is! :)


  45. Dear Milind Sir,
    This is Raghav,
    I have tried to contact you through your personal e-mail as given.
    Pl check ,even requests , who have, written many days after me have got a reply !
    My mail id is,
    Hope u reply
    thanks and regards

  46. Completely agree with you. most of the people curious to know the future, but vice versa they also maintain a fashion to arguing against this sacred science & feels like they are secular!!

    Like to suggest again “Autobiography of yogi”, where master wrote “A child is born on that day and hour when the cosmic rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a portrait revealing his unalterable past and its future results. But the natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by those of intuitive wisdom – but these are few.”

  47. @ Milind
    HATS OFF to u for ur admirable motto... I echo u on how astrology is a way to understand our soul journey and not a mere tool to make mullah..:)
    n Yes> things can't b taken at face value.... my mercury in pisces gets a hard time accepting the same....
    Thank u for being a wonderful mentor for all...

    @Pradip>> Buddy... the fact that I am a science teacher workin to get my graduate degree in dentistry should tell u ke even there r people in the scientific community who respect astrology and theology... As a matter of fact, DARWIN (FATHER OF SCIENCE/EVOLUTION) was born in a religious ministry family...They deviated for their own reasons( and I am thankful for their work as well).... But TRUTH B TOLD...v all are walking towards enlightenment... if ur route of getting there is different than mine,then that does not = u r wrong!... :) if u believe in somethin, u give a damn to everythin else but retain tolerance for difference in opinion...(just my 2 cents-- I RESPECT ALL DISCIPLINES AND ACCEPT their plausible errors :)


  48. Hii Sir,

    I need ur help. I am facing great problems in my marraige. M 26 years manglik girl. Please tell me wen it is going to happen in my life. I have consulted many astrologers and every astro has told not so good things in my life. Moreover I have many health issues too since my childhood. My date of birth is 16.05.1985, time 6.00 PM, Date of place- Delhi.
    A help is awaited from ur side From Charu Chhabra

  49. Milind can you please reply to my email - I'm eagerly waiting for your reply. Hoping to get your reply.


  50. well sahiwal i don't want to argue... But Just want to add, i m also a scientific person & just sharing my thoughts.... god bless you :)

  51. @ pradip...
    I know :D maine to avein apne 2 cents diye... my bad if i sounded harsh :(
    n since u r part of scientific comm too- u r automatically our AWESOME_ASTROLOGY_CLUB_MEMBER... :D

  52. Milind Ji!

    Aap ko aur aapke parivar ko naye varsh ki bahut sari shubh kanayen! Bhagwaan hamesha aap ke saath ho yehi usse hamari prarthna hai! Dubey

  53. Dear milind ji
    We are in the last week of the year
    Just felt I shoud thank every one who made me smile this year.You are the one of them you have taken me in depth of astrology comment/analysisfrom time to time.I have the previlage to read this blog&Missing why i have not the Yog to meet you before 2003when i wasabsolutly needed a here is a Big THANK YOU .Whishing youa very very happy new year& waiting for my analysis for starting a new business(fmcgdistributor).you are accurately correct its 11.1.1968 around 9.00pm pune email id


  54. @ Sahiwal :) , I m not feeling bad - u r right on your way, :) - I always like to appreciate a person who show my mistakes, b’coz it help me to grow. (but if I m in fault :D ) ; so I value your 2 cents. :D
    Moreover I m not directly connected to scientific profession; but fond of it, sp. Astronomy, Physics & neuroscience ( our brain/mind works)
    “A man, who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it, is committing another mistake” - Confucius

  55. Hi Milind Sir,

    I came across your blog seven months ago and I can't tell you how much it has changed my life.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through the tough times.May God bless you with good health and a long peaceful life.


    Thank You


  56. Milindji,

    Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous new year.


  57. Milind Sir,
    Wishing you a very Happy New year to you and your family and many more to come! With your good karma of helping people for last so many years, you should do not think about a short life or anything, because that will never happen. You have the good wishes of so many of your followers and that those will definitely mitigate the bad influences in your horoscope if any!!!!


  58. Milindji

    Happy new year to you and your family
    Thanks a lot for guiding in rough time through out the year


  59. Sir,
    I Wish a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to you and your family.
    I really feel that you have taken astrology to new heights with your own style of writing and explaining things!
    Thank You.

  60. @ Pradip> MAD RESPECT for u bro... happy new yr
    @ Milind> A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to u n ur fam

  61. [1] THANKS HINA, PRANAV and others.

    [2] Sahiwal -- Pradeep:
    Actually I wish that Govt funded to research in Astrology and its priciples. Only thru western way of study (which even our RISHI/MOONI's were doing) that has careful study of case studies, experimentation -- we can come to some very specific conclusions. I have many "patent" sort of observations about Astrology which one I would like to put in a RULE - BASED engine (Self sufficient). But LACK of Govt or monetary support -- Astrology is not able to progress and EVERY person needs to start from scratch.

    Thanks for your opinions.


  62. Thanks much Aditi and Veena for your wishesh. I plan to start MONTHLY predictions along with Weekly ones from today -- the 1st JAN 2012!!! :) :)


  63. Hello MilindJi
    Happy new year, and look forward to another year of good knowledge through this blog.
    Would it be possible for you you to take a look at my email sent about an urgent issue? Any response to the email would help a lot.
    Thanks once again, and wish all of you a Happy and joyous healthy new year.
    May the light of astrology guide us


  64. Hi Milind!

    Wish you and your family a wonderful 2012! Also to all the blog readers .....Happy New Year Everyone :)

  65. Hello Milind!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, too. I am looking forward to your MONTHLY predictions along with Weekly.

    May GOD Bless You.

  66. milind sir
    My email is is
    2may 1982 2:52 am amritsar
    carrer and marriage

  67. @ Milind
    I agree with how Govt funding is not available for astrological research... but I was wondering if it is feasible to get funding from different astrological associations that exise(whether india or abroad- like british vedic assoc, american vedic etc)... if we could find a common ground and gather equally passionate astrologers-- it is DOABLE! :)
    I SOOOO THINK u should write ur book milind-- that wud soooo be taking things to next level


  68. Hi milind,

    I have chandal yoga (guru-rahu yuti) in 9th house. I have cancer lagna. There is also mercury with guru rahu in 9th house.
    So in 9th house guru-rahu0budh.

    Is is bad yoga??

  69. Respected Sir..
    I have done Btech in computers and now in gr8 dilemma to choose my wish is to become can I ??
    time: 22:50
    place : beawar(raj.)
    Sir i had immense trust on please reply me asap at

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