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Saturday, December 3, 2011

YEARLY Issues with “authorities” (Seniors, Govt, Father etc)

Issues with “authorities” (Seniors, Govt, Father etc)

The reason for this article is a quick feedback from a friend about our discussion sometime back that these two specific months (periods) would not be good for him w.r.t. seniors/Govt etc matters.

This article has nothing to do with the individual horoscope or past karma. It simply states the months in EVERY year you need to be especially aware of some issues with the authorities – could be your own father, Government agencies, seniors at workplace or in school/colleges etc.

Simple Astrology Rule:

Whenever current (Gochar) Surya is 8, 12 to your Moon Sign you will be at odds with the authorities. You will need to take special care in order to meet the demands and expectations of the authorities. You will need to use TACT and DIPLOMACY in this period as there is a saying in Marathi “Kayadya pudhe shahnpan chalat nahi!” J i.e. Boss/Authority is always right! J The exact degree of your Moon Sign would exactly tell you which 2/3 days are the worst in those 2 months (30 + 30 days)

Note Again: This article is nothing to do with the Horoscope/Birth-time Sun placement of 8th or 12th. This article is just about YEARLY Sun movements w.r.t your MOON Sign regardless of Sun’s placement in your horoscope!

The SUN represents authorities, head of the institutes, someone with any authority like cops, RTO officers, Govt folks at passport office or any damn Govt officer. It also represents your seniors at workplace and also your father. When SUN is in 8 (peeda/ mrutyua sthan) or 12 (expenditure /wyay sthan) house, it shows these folks are not in harmony with you.

Following are the 2 periods (months) when you are at odds with the authorities for each Moon Sign 8th Sun and 12th Sun in the sub-bullets:


o Nov 16 - Dec15 (Scorpio is 8th Sign)

o March 15 - April 14 (Pisces is 12th Sign)


o Dec16 - Jan 14 (Sagittarius is 8th Sign)

o April 15 - May 15 (Aries is 12th Sign)


o Jan 15 - Feb14 (Capricorn is 8th sign)

o May 16 - June 15 (Taurus is 12th sign)


o Feb15 - March 14 (Aquarius is 8th Sign)

o June 16 - July 15 (Gemini is 12th Sign)


o March 15 - April 14 (Pisces is 8th Sign)

o July 16 - Aug 15 (Cancer is 12th Sign)


o April 15 - May 15 (Aries is 8th Sign)

o Aug 16 - Sept 15 (Leo is 12th Sign)


o May 16 - June 15 (Taurus is 8th Sign)

o Sept 16 - Oct 15 (Virgo is 12th Sign)


o June 16 - July 15 (Gemini is 8th Sign)

o Oct 16 - Nov15 (Libra is 12th Sign)


o July 16 - Aug 15 (Cancer is 8th Sign)

o Nov 16 - Dec15 (Scorpio is 12th Sign)


o Aug 16 - Sept 15 (Leo is 8th Sign)

o Dec16 - Jan 14 (Sagittarius is 12th Sign)


o Sept 16 - Oct 15 (Virgo is 8th Sign)

o Jan 15 - Feb14 (Capricorn is 12th Sign)


o Oct 16 - Nov15 (Libra is 8th Sign)

o Feb15 - March 14 (Aquarius is 12th Sign)

You can see that the elements of both the signs that are troublesome to you are the same! J Fire signs of course have issues with water signs, Air signs (intelligent) with the Earth (practical) signs and Water (emotions) with Air (intelligence) – Air and Fire are the best friends reflected in 3 -11 for relationships all signs and Water – Earth are the best friends reflected in 3-12 relationships in these signs.

You need to do this in these two months:

1. Obey traffic rules J

2. Use tact and diplomacy while discussing anything with your seniors

a. Even though something you do not like and they are completely wrong be careful with your words

b. Leave some room for negotiations, do not pass your decisions directly

c. Always ask for more time, “allow to me think and get back” “Give me some time” etc

d. Be respectful as nobody likes to make someone miserable on purpose; do not think that it is a broad conspiracy against you! J

3. Please be extra respectful to the Govt officers or anyone with some authority!

4. Expect delays and some expense in Govt related matters

5. Remember, things happen – all that matters if your reaction and your temperament!

6. At times, you have to go against the authorities or Govt and do a satya-graha for the betterment of company or surroundings! So, this opposition should not be considered as a problem but should be done in a constructive manner with greater good in mind.

Some folks might have observed that these dates are for REAL Sun Signs and not the Western Sun Signs!! J


  1. How do I read this? Is the main bullet Moon sign and Sub-bullet the sun sign?

    So if I am a Tula rashi Aries sun sign then no such show off for me?


  2. Hi Milind,
    Horoscopes in south:have 9 plantes : ravi, chandra, mangal ,budh,guru,shukra,shani,rahu and ketu. In your articles I see "-Neptune Harshal".Can you please explain which horoscope method are you following ?



    VRISHAB rashi(leo asc)Dhanu Real sunsign(11thjan) as per rashi chart i have surya in 8th hose but as per gochar on 9 sep2011 surya was 5th to moon sign had issuses with senior (result job lose)how do i go with its not working as per your dates/months it will be kind if you explain

  4. Hi Milind,

    Again a very useful article - and thought provoking too.

    Does that mean if someone has sun in 8th house of horoscope, he/she is a permanent failure in govt matters and will have difficulties getting along with father or peeda from father's behaviour ? What to do in that case ?


  5. @ Div
    I have sun in 12th house (4th house ruler is sun opposite pluto)--- I have always gotten along well with my dad but it has always been subtle powerstruggles or subtle manipulation but MOST of my life - hes always been my blind supporter... but yes i always land up in powerstruggles with authority with my sun yuti rahu in 12th house and ironically these r the people i get along with most after some acrimonious encounter


  6. also another thing ...ive noticed a friend of mine who has sun in 8th house... when I met him, our acquaintance started with confrontation...may b becoz my sun fell in his 8th house (aries) and conjunct his sun...but that confrontation paved d foundation for respect in our frship ....transiting sun in his 8th house also gave him problems... he felt like his whole identity was questioned...

    gr8 article... now i understand these placements lil better
    Thanks milind...


  7. Thankyou Sahiwal, for sharing your experience. So, looks like the rule is not hard and fast; one might encounter difficulties, but the end result can be very productive.


  8. @ div- no hassles ... u r most welcome...astrology is best learned when we share our experiences rather than merely following rules... sometimes the worst of placements hav the best hidden benefits...I have a bias for SUN IN EIGHT HOUSE house n in folks.. they are very enigmatic and have a magical trait to see thru pretense :)
    P.S> sorry milind for taking up ur space with too many comments


  9. hi milind..
    This is as po in canara bank...leo moon sign...nw i am 750km away frm my nw i am getting a chance to go to my home place thru mutual transfer...
    shall i go...? Pls help me in this regard..

  10. FOLKS THIS ARTICLE IS MORE ABOUT YEARLY SUN MOVEMENTS -- PLEASE DO NOT USE "AS_IS" for yoru HOROSCOPE ANALYSIS !!!!! Also this purely based on Sun transitions to Moon 8th and 12th --- it shows responsibilities towards seniors and father...and not liabilities! :)

    [1] Rishabh
    Check as per your MOON sign -- for every moon sign 2 signs are bad -- when Sun is in those signs -- -so those two peirod are bad for those signs and SUn is in specified sign in the subbullets period.

    [2] Archana
    Neptune and Uranus are seen to have very acute impacts. I do not know why South folks do not use it. In today's eWorld -- Harshal as utmost importance. Neptune controls all thse Gudh-Shastra -- so Astrologer should consider it for sure. I have NEVER used PLUTO but in Maharashtra many astrologers use it. Maharashtra astrology has been driven by two BHAT brothers V D and M D and BOTH had a western influence -- the WAY western folks approach ANY subject and the way our RUSHI MOONIS approached it..... VD Bhat was an in DRDO whole his life and has Masters in Science.... MD I relate to more as he has less inhibitions....and is more fluid and human. VD is COMPLETELY LOGICAL......NOT trying to get in intuition etc get in between but only PURE logic.

    [3] Vrishabh rashi Leo Lagna and Meen ravi
    Dude -- From Sept2009 to Nov2011 you had SHANI bang opposite to Sun -- So ALL FOLKS who had SUN in MEEN or KANYA hd issues with seniors in this period. (March 14 to April 14 MEEN and 15th Sept to 15th Oct Kanya ravi)

    But this chart WILL work EVERY YEAR for you - when Sun is in MESH and Sun is in Sagittarius.

    [4] DIV
    8th house Surya shows that the person would have tussles with Govt - it would be like Anna Hazare or even like Mahatma Gandhi (Mahtma Gandhi Tula lagna and Kanya Surya 2nd Oct!) they always fought against the Govt. 8 or 12 house Surya shows that your life and your father's life might not be in synchronization --- it does not mean you ALWAYS need to have issues/fights etc with Father or Govt. MOst ofthe Moawadi or previous krantikarak could have Surya Magal in 8th and 12th house which gives them "Against Authorities" attitude.... The problem is that they can topple a Govt or someone in power but do not know how to rule! :) They need to find someone exactly NOT like them after Kranti is over.....and they keep fighting with them also ! :)

    Bill Clinton has LEO SUN 19th August and in 12th house -- He also suffered from impeachment....Raj Thackeray has 8th house Surya too and that too with Mangal -- I am sure he will have more tussles with Govt than his uncle had as the GREAT Balasaheb has 1st house Surya in Makar rashi Makar lagna....Shani 11th in Vrishchik i n Tul anavamansh and Mars GURU in ARIES and Moon in Kanya -- Shani 3rd to Kanya/Moon and 11th to Lagan - SUPERSONIC mass support! :)

    [5] Sahiwal
    Well said! :) :) 12th house Surya recommends planning and efforts to get along with authorities but if 10th hose owner is well placed in Guru drishti you get along well with father but still his life and your life has different directions and they do not cross much...

    [6] PAVAN
    I think this could be beneficial but the decision is yours. I checked Prashna Kundali -- it does show travel and MONEY gain too....


  11. Modified the article for better clarity...I think it was being confused with horoscope Sun placement and also sub-bullets were confused for Sun Signs instead of the periods of issues with authoritiy for a MOON Sign in the main bullet! :)


  12. @sahiwal- like ur attitude about '' astrology is best learned
    when we share our experiences rather
    than merely following rules'' :)
    Thanks to MILIND , he gives us a good platform to share & he is always here for solution.

  13. want to know,
    Whenever Gochar Surya will pass thro natal shani, then result will be same as above or similar ... ?????

  14. Thanks Milind for the reply. Could you please provide any link where we can create Bhat Style horoscope ?I have few horoscopes in front of me which are south Indian style and I can't follow what you are referring in your articles.


  15. Prdip -- I think yes but not to BIG extent as Sun will astangat the horoscope Shani.

    ARCHANA: AstroGyan will create NORTH STYLE horoscope OR your S/W should show NORTH STYLE my opinion North style allows easy inferences of KENDRA and KON, LABH etc


  16. Hi Milind,
    I read your posts regularly which are quite interesting but I am not sure of my moon sign which I should read. My BD is 4th Jan. and my name starts with "R". So I need to read "Tula" rashi or "Makar" rashi? I would appreciate your reply please. Thanks. Rashna.

  17. Milind, Earlier you wrote"14th April is Aries -- Just observer these folks -- They would not spend time explaining Astrology -- Real Sun Signs etc wihtout any gain" But isnt real sign should be Pisces? & secondly 11/4/74 chaa lifepath number 18 kasaa? Thanks Gajanan

  18. Hi Milind,

    Way back in 2009, I was advised that I would do good in self employment. Still struggling in naukari. Just to recap, 19/06/1967, 1715 hrs, Ranchi. Please throw some more light on business/ self employment prospect. Also advise whether that would be in India or foreign country. Awaiting very, very, very anxiously. Tks, Om

  19. Hi Milind, I am presently living in UK, planning to go back to India for good but couldn't successed yet. Please advise when would that be possible for me to move to India. My details are DOB: 03/11/1970, time 1745 hrs, place: Bhusawal. Would also appreciate if you could advise whether I will continue working or move to business. Niharika

  20. @ MILIND--ur words in the line below struck a chord with my background and my innate behavior

    "MOst ofthe Moawadi or previous krantikarak could have Surya Magal in 8th and 12th house which gives them "Against Authorities" attitude.... The problem is that they can topple a Govt or someone in power but do not know how to rule! :) They need to find someone exactly NOT like them after Kranti is over.....and they keep fighting with them also ! :)"

    I can relate with this profoundly'coz my ancestors were very much a big part of the independence struggle (including great gran parents)and were also in the kama gata maaru ship(of 15-20 ppl) to canada.... they were rebellious folks and very head strong and their stories always kindled my desire to make a difference for all their suffering or change things around (very different from my dads goals- he conforms with the world)...Also, ive always had dreams of such things like some past life bleed thru .... The rebel in me is very eccentric ever since i was kid and idea of humanity is not abstract for me.. i believe in it with a passion.... may b my 12th house sun!
    @ pradip-- thanks buddy! :D

  21. HI Milindji
    Good article, as usual. Will keep special care of the time period.
    Myself: Surya and Mercury in eighth house ( for Kanya raashi, that is Peeda sthan)
    I can relate to the "rebel' feeling. Also my opnion is I end up working for people half by ability ,and people who cannot recognize talent. ( or may be I feel that way coz of w 8th sun )
    Question; Would a natal Eighth sun ( espcially in the peeda stan ) always indicate , lack of progress in professional life , as long as you work for some one?

  22. Milind, can you please reply to my email. I've sent you an email through my email address:


  23. Boss, U will be better off with monthly rather than weekly horrorscope...!Since u r very busy.Besides in 3 weeks it would be time for 2012.

  24. Milind ji, once again I find it more accurate w.r.t. lagna as compared to moon sign. In fact all your analysis, whether Shani badal or Guru badal fits perfectly when I analyse it from lagna. Moon sign does not fit that much, maybe because I have Chandra-Shani yukti in 10th. That is why I am so interested in having your interpretation of this yukti in my chart.

  25. Hi Milind,

    Didn't notice this before - but after reading your article it does make sense.

    I have a query when we calculate effect, should this be done from Chandra rashi or ascendant? While most of the houses in Chart are seen from the lagna, I personally find transit effects are more w.r.t. Chandra rashi.
    Is this correct?

  26. Milind Sir,
    Shani going over sun currently which is 8th to my moon. Boss is making life hell :P... I am also considering taking a break from work after 3.5 yrs exp and trying to get admission to MBA.
    really tough times...desperately need guidance..
    Please have a look @ the mail I have sent from on 20th September
    Eagerly awaiting,

  27. Milindji,
    Nice article. Enjoyed reading it.


  28. Thanks for sharing it! It seems to have related to what's going on in my life.
    Can you also please share the weekly forecast too. That would helpe plan the week ahead successfully.
    Thanks again!

  29. [1] Animesh:
    I think Gochar applies more from Chandra rashi however one needs to always check reference of planets with ascendant and all other planets too. But Gochar would always apply to Moon. Unless you have SUN in the 1st house which makes 1 sign double impact.
    Rather which Chandra Rahu -- Chandra becomes more important (violent, impulsive etc) and the gochar wud apply more to moon unless you have reached a state where you have complete control of your emotions!

    [2] SANDY
    Yes -- that sounds tough as 2 effects which are troublesome. Will check.

    [3] Vikas
    Posted the weekly one yesterday night.


  30. HI Milindji
    Could you comment on my remarks, if you get a chance
    Would Sun in 8th , in the birth chart indicate a general lack of growth in career, as long as ou are working for some one. Even more so , when these days you have to be a chamcha of the boss, if you want anything, and 8th sun will not allow you to do chamcha giri.
    So I guess I am asking about more long term trends, as I have this in my birth chart ( along with Budha in 8th, not sure what that indicates)

    Thanks, (if I get 1/100 th of your time mgmt skills, I will consider myself as lucky)

    Best regards

  31. No Aniruddha --- 8th Surya does not show lack of growth at all --- it just shows setback from seniors from time to time but does not mean lack of growth!

    Sachin assuming Kanya lagna has Surya in 8th house and also lost his ftaher when Shani was going over Surya in 8th house... Is his career not good!? :)

    He did has tussles with selectioon committee etc when he was the captain!


  32. Milindji,

    can you send personal horoscope on email Id also?
    I am little confuse with the dates as those applies to 2011 or 2012 or 2013 or 2014..since you mentioned all these years in KUMBHA Rashi.

    sorry for any inconvinience.


  33. sir,
    great article as well.
    i have chandra-rahu yuti in kanya 3rd place and budh-ketu in 9th......... is it good or it is worst.ALSO sun in aries in10th... some says i am unlucky amd some says i have horoscope of "KULDEEPAK".
    so now professionaly being a web developer i am on a break since last oct. and preparin for adminstrative services.being extreamly stresed just want to know if i am doing right thing.
    i hope there will be an answer for me.

  34. How do we calculate those worst 2-3 days?

  35. JIGY:
    It is simple you need to know your Moon Sign Degree -- Roughly that many days after the START-DATE mentioned above is the day 2 days before and after that day would be more careful.

    Exmaple: Someone has Moon Sign Leo(Sing) in 10th Degree -- Then their worst days would be 14March+10 = 24 March -- So 22 March to 26 March woudl be more troubelsome as Sun would be exactly 8th.

    Say Singh rashi is in 20th Degree -- Need to add 20 to the Start date and So on.

    Hope this helps and is easily understandable.


  36. Wish you a very happy year 2012 ....

  37. Hi Milind,

    I mailed you about sudden change in career.

    Vijay [DOB: 14-10-75]

  38. Hi Milind,
    Very interesting and informative. I have mailed you to know more about my career.

  39. Milind,

    What is your email id? Sent you several mails but no response so far from you. Can you help?

  40. Hi Milind, i'm sinha rashi and i did lose my job in this period, 14th March to 14th April, Leo is 15 degrees, which should mean 14th march + 15 days which is march end..but i lost my job on teh 11th is that? I was extraordinarily courteous and polite to the mgmt during dis time, but how does it help?
    Why are simha rasi still facing problems? Milind, do you give astrology classes?

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