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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Roger Federrel Loss: Mangal position -- Strategy Versus Tactics -- Horoscope Angle

Roger Federrer Tula rashi -- Kirk Surya – Mithun Mangal

1. From Sept 2009 to Dec 2011 – “testing” Shani aspects his Mangal (sports) – Shows delays, issues and problems, turbulence, “much neglected issues so far to be addressed situation” in his sports career.

2. Yesterday rather past 2+ days Chandra/ Moon was in Vrishabh rashi which is 8th house for Tula rashi (Peeda sthan – a misleading name is Mrutyusthan)

3. In between Dec 2009 to May 2010 Guru was in KUMBH and helped his sports (Mangal in Mithun) side.

It is really interesting to see such things in practice.

For a sportsperson: When Mangal is with Chandra or 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th from Chandra – the personal ambitions/desires are quite in sync with the sporting ambitions. This is more true for folks who have Mangal in 1, 5, 9 houses either in horoscope or from Chandra (Federrer, Dravid, McGrath, Nadal, Sachin Sunil, Dhoni) etc are some examples. In such cases Guru Movements of 5, 9, and in the moon sign or lagna rashi also aspect Mangal and bring success in sports.

Sachin, Sharapova, Warne, Sania Mirza do not have Mangal 1, 5, 9 to Moon – This means they need to keep their personal ambitions ONLY sports and work towards it – The result is magical as Guru every 12 month is either favorable to Chandra or Mangal bring success even if it is off to Chandra! BUT the moment their “personal ambition / personal idea of success” is not Sports – They can suffer heavily in sports as Guru favorable to Mangal is OFF to Chandra and favorable to Chandra is off to Mangal!! Folks like Federrer, Nadal, Dravid McGrath stay on course of sports by design.

The mangal in 9th house of Horoscope (McGrath, Dravid, Nadal) or to Chandra are strategic in nature. McGrath bowling outside off stump as a strategy regardless of batsman in front, Dravid playing his game/strategy of spending time on pitch regardless of conditions etc.

The 5th house Mangal is VERY TACTICAL – aggression, quick attacks and some quick sporting maneuvers etc is what they LOVE. Dhoni has 5th house Mangal to Lagna rashi but it is 9th to Chandra! Sachin has 5th house Mangal in a serious Makar rashi. He has been out many times to attack someone or teach someone a lesson or get into some “dominating-tactics” etc. Whereas Dravid or MCGrath stick to their strategy no matter what the situation and the challenge!

Wheras, the 3, 7, 11 (“Sahaj Sthan”) Mangal folks play for pure PLEASURE and to make a statement. (Sir Viv. Richards – might be, Kapil Dev 7th house Mangal) etc.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maria Sharapova -- Dhanu Moon Sign -- Vrishabh Mangal 19 April 1987

I was watching a Wimbledon game today and remembered I read somewhere (Times of India?) that Maria Sharapova was Dhanu (Sagittarius) moon sign. There was “something” in Mesh (Aries) Sign but I forgot if it was Sun (career/ego/father) or Mars (Sports/siblings).

Well, thanks to google, I got her birth-date as 19th April 1987. This indeed shows Dhanu Moon Sign and Mesh Surya (Aries Sun Sign). Mangal (Mars) is in Vrishabh sign though and it is Vargottam (Vrishabh rashi and Vrishabh navamansh).

Now – I am most comfortable to declare great wins for a sportsman when Guru is having drushti on his/her Mars like Dhoni in 2007 and 2009 (He has Mangal in Vrishabh) Not sure what Sharapova did in 2007 when Guru was bang opposite her Mangal. I think she won Grand Slams in 2004, 2006 and 2008 when Guru was either 9th, 11 to Dhanu rashi or IN Dhanu rashi.

Given this logic – Guru is now in Mesh/Aries and now drushti on her Chandra and like Aishwarya and Sachin it is a grahayog like “Dream Come True”. 5th Guru has magical ability to deliver Dream Come True situation – the dream that you have from past 3-4 years.

Guru going over Sharapiva’s Sun would certainly boost her Ego and good for her father too.

So let us see if 5th Guru works for Sharapova! Unless there is some lady with Dhanu Mesh or Sinvha rashi with Mars also in fire sign – I think it is Sharapova – Well – I have not analyzed a single competitor of her this year so just analyzing her horoscope is a bit risky but horoscope of some influential people ARE imp and a massive indicators of things to follow. (Bill Clinton, George Bush – 9, 10, 11 Shani early in Career and then sade sati making mockery of them in last few years and Obama also difficult May 2010 to May 2011 (12th Guru) and image enhancement from May 2011)

So yes Maria Sharapova has one of the best years from May 2011 to May 2012 like Rafael Nadal who is Mesh rashi and Dhanu Mangal and could be unstoppable. Federrer has 7th Guru to Tula rashi and 11th Guru to his Mangal just like Dhoni at the time of world cup but I think Guru’s aspect on Nadal’s Mangal could be a very strong effect.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


CHAR or Kendra Rashi (Cardinal Signs): MESH KIRK TULA MAKAR

Have you ever observed that some people always keep themselves busy with some or other thing? They just can’t rest when they are not asleep that is. Most often than not these people have Moon, Sun or Ascendant in CHAR rashi. They are also called as Kendra rashi or Cardinal Signs. These are 1, 4, 7, 10 : The signs that are in “KENDRA” sthan of the horoscope with Mesh Lagna:

1. Mesh Rashi – 1st

2. Kirk Rashi – 4th

3. Tula Rashi – 7th

4. Makar rashi – 10th

These signs are the BUSIEST signs of the Zodiac. They are far busier than EXPRESSIVE Signs (always busy talking/writing: Mithun, Kanya, Dhanu, Meen) or POWER HUNGRY (Sthir) signs (Vrishabh, Singh/Sinvha, Vrishchik, Kumbh).

The reason is simple: There are lots many STARS in these signs and nakshatras that are in these signs. The sheer number of stars in these signs in the zodiac make these sign very HUNGRY and always (CHAR) moving and onto something! (Consider this: Mesh has Ashwini complete, Bharani complete and also gets most stars of Krittika that are in the 1st Charan of that Nakshatra – i.e. it reserves many of the stars of the next signs in 1st Charan of the nakshatra that is mostly 3/4th in fixed signs).

So a horoscope with more planets in CHAR signs is always a successful one – it is just that they might not feel that way as they are always hungry for more.

So here are some quick observations on these CHAR Signs:

1. CHAR (Sanskrit for “moving”) signs are Mesh, Kirk, Tula and Makar.

2. They have 1 sign from each of the Elements i.e. Fire, Water, Air and Earth in that order

3. These are the BUSIEST signs (Sampras/Sachin has Mangal/sports in Makar) and end up doing a lot in their life time.

4. They all love MONEY (salary) more than Art or Power (Role/designations). They change jobs frequently.

5. Even if a planet is NEECH in a CHAR Signs it achieves a LOT just due to the fact that it makes the person do more instant or Kriyaman Karma – keeps person BUSY and the success follows! Mangal in Kirk (Javed Miandad 1st degree Vargottam!)

6. The richest people in the world have more planets in these signs. Bill Gates has Guru in Kirk and Sun in Tula / Libra Oct 28th)

7. If you look at a horoscope with a lot of planets in CHAR signs – even if they are in 6, 8, 12 houses or debilitated or combust etc – They WILL yield results as they are in a CHAR sign!

8. These planets might make a person less of a great character or affect health if badly placed (say Shani in Aries with Budh or Mangal badly placed in Kirk) BUT it will always yield MONEY – That is almost a LAW that CHAR rashi planets denote MONEY in this life! J

9. CHAR rashi (1, 4, 7, 10) are the ENGINE/MACHINARY of the world, The STHIR signs are the programs or the administration (2, 5, 8, 11) that drives this engine with some rules and the expressive/Mutable/changing signs (3, 6, 9, 12) are the OIL that keeps this machinery going with as much less friction as possible.

10. VARGOTTAM Navamansh i.e The Mesh Sign MESH Navamansh etc)

a. CHAR Signs have Vargottam-Navamansh at the START (First 3.33 degrees).

b. POWER Signs the MIDDLE i.e. 5th Navamansh

c. EXPRESSIVE have it at the END.

Whenever any planet in 9th , 10th 11th to CHAR rashi – They start something (initiative) and increase the GDP of the world and then SHTIR Signs get something to manage/administer as that planet next becomes 9, 10, 11 to these signs. The expressive signs get a chance of 9, 10, 11 planet when everything is in order, money is made/product is made and they can display their talent/art/expressive ability

After this cycle again the NEXT CHAR Signs gets 9, 10, 11 movement of the planet followed by NEXT POWER Sign to manage it and NEXT expressive sign to display their talent and the cycle goes on and on.

So NO sign is BEST or WORST etc – it is all about CO-EXISTENCE! Always do Karma and WAIT for YOUR TURN of having big planets like Guru, Shani 9, 10, 11 to your signs!! J

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baba Ramdeo

Looking at Baba Ramdeo's face I only saw TULA rashi and assumed he was under sadesati from Sept 2009 and need to plan for next 30 years much like Hon. Ratan Tata, Bachchan, Akshay Kumar who have also started sadesati recently. Someone on this blog posted Baba Ramdeo's b-date. From that it seems he is 11th born and a Vrishabh Moon Sign. So this means that he is not under sadesati BUT Guru would be 12th now instead of Shani being 12th. The effect is somewhat similar. He is starting something new but instead of "planning", going back to design board and spending time on meditating this NEW Subject of politics he is directly entered into action.

2009, 2010 until May he has had 9, 10, 11 house Guru which was unprecedented success which every planets ensures when it is 9, 10, 11 to any rashi. Now 12th Guru from May 2011 to May 2012 is about BADNAMI, peeda and wyay (haani/kharcha) etc for him. It is also of teerthyatra and it is also for planning for next 12 years.

The Ketu in his rashi next 18 months is the time for image makeover. Ketu /Rahu cause images and image makeovers when they are in your moon sign or lagna rashi or even Sun sign in respective sectors.

His Shani is in KUMBH rashi just like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan and shows that masses will/are paying back him in this life due to this Shani in Kumbh rashi.

Baba Ramdeo needs to plan and quietly study, spend time in meditation for this NEW subject until May 2012. May 2012 to May 2013 his image will reach new heights.

BTW Anna Dhanu rashi (not confirmed) and Baba Vrishabh are not the best matches from Astro point of view. Anna is more administrative oriented and Baba is more mass oriented. They complement each other but not similar for sure.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 2011: Mangal in Krittika Nakshatra from 8th June 2011 to 26th June 2011

June 2011: Mangal in Krittika Nakshatra from 8th June 2011 to 26th June 2011

From 10.30 a.m. on 8th June to 11.30 p.m. aprx on June 26th 2011 Mangal will be travelling in Krittika Nakshatra. This nakshatra is spread ¼ in Mesh rashi and ¾ in Vrishabh rashi. i.e. 1st Navamansh (Dhanu) is in the end of Mesh rashi and 3 next navamansh also called as “Charan” are in Vrishabh rashi. The Nakshatra swami is Surya. (Mesh rashi swami Mangal, Vrishabh rashi-swami Shukra).

If you looked at this nakshatra in the zodiac you would see a formation of a SHARP-knife (marathi word “Dhar lawalela Wastara”!) Especially, there are some yog-karak “stars” (taraka) at the end of Mesh rashi in 29/30 degree and first two degrees of Vrishabh (Karmic repercussions).

Mangal shows Vehicles in motion, Running, Blood, Sports, Competition etc. You would see a lot more traffic issues, smaller/bigger accidents depending on day time (minor in heavy traffic) and MAJOR ones in night with lesser traffic. Drive slow – do NOT at all drink-n-drive (always but in this period especially so). Take rest before driving and do not indulge in arguments or even showing a “red eye” etc or making some gestures. You never know how violent they could turn when Mangal in going through Krittika. Even GYM etc – use equipment carefully in this period.

Dhanu navamansh in Mesh is Fire Sign Fire Navamansh – so next ¾ days are specifically to be watched.

Make sure your vehicles are serviced properly and in good condition. This Mangal coincides with start of the rainy season/monsoon so more care needed.

Impact On various Signs in June 2011

Mesh: Control vehicles in first 5 days and later tongue! J

Taurus: More care in first 5 days – avoid travel as far as possible

Gemini: More trouble after first 5 days. First 5 days avoid tussle/arguments with friends or even going on picnic with friends despite the rainy season until 26th June.

Kirk: Avoid workplace arguments but this mangal movement is helpful actually!

Singh, Sinvha, Simha: Good movement but still traffic etc guidelines help.

Kanya: First 5 days TOUGH, later on fine but care needed in travel

Tula: Take utmost care after 5 days when Mangal in Vrishabh for aprx 45 days.

Vrishchik: Avoid bullying in traffic in first 5 days and later in take care with respect to opposite secs folks! J

Dhanu: Domestic issues in 1st 5 days later on success over competition.

Makar: Not much of a issue I guess

Kumbh: Avoid travel for 5 days and later on domestic issues

Meen: Travel could happen -- it is fine with some care though.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shani in Kanya: Side Effect of Guru moving to Mesh

One major side effect of ‘Guru badal’ moving to Mesh rashi is that now Shani is getting a free hand in the Kanya rashi to affect Kanya, Vrushchik and Meen rashi planets in everybody’s horoscope! J In other words – it is time for your bad karma (if any) to fructify if you have any planets in Kanya or Meen or Vrushchik rashi and especially from 15 to 30 degrees of these two signs. Well, Vrushchik is getting advance notice of what’s going to happen from say March 2014 to 2.5 years when Shani would be in Vrushchik but still Shani’s 3rd drushti should be taken as seriously as 10 and 7.

This will continue till Nov 2011 and again in May-June-July 2012 when Shani comes back wakri in Kanya.

Shani has 4 drushti or aspects – (Every planet has at least 2 FULL drushtis, Shani and Guru have 2 additional one)

1. The Sign it is in (Kanya)

2. The 3rd Sign (Indicative / Warning drushti) -- Vrushchik

3. The opposite sign (180 degrees) -- Meen

4. The 10th sign from its sign (Gemini / Mithun)

For example – I have planets in Mithun rashi (that too Mangal). From Sept 2009 I have had 4 injuries/accidents to my Arms (as Mithun signifies Arms). This despite knowing it VERY well that it is bound to happen! L Elbow, Wrist or both hand (bike accident – minor on 11th Sept 2009 – 2 days after Shani changed to Kanya and right shoulder due to excess bowling in last few months).

Organs affected:

1. Gemini: Arms (Shoulder to fingers)

2. Kanya: Stomach, pancreas

3. Scorpio: Internal Reprod organs, Kidney etc

4. Meen: Ankles, Feet

Heart and spine will always be affected if Shani going over Surya or opposite to it: Folks born from March 14 to April 13 and Sept 17 to Oct 16th.


1. Manmohan and Narendra Modi, Chhagan Bhujbal are Kanya Surya

2. Ponting, Dravid -- Mangal in Scorpio

3. Sonia Gandhi, Mulayam – Surya in Vrushchik

4. Rahul Gandhi, Raj Thackeray – Surya in Gemini

5. Raj T: Mangal Budh also in Gemini

6. Sharad Pawar saheb: Surya in Vrushchik

7. Roger Federrer –Mangal (sports) in Mithun

8. BACHCHAN Sahab: Too many planets in Kanya rashi in 8th house: Stomach and reprod/regenerative organs

9. Balasaheb: Kanya Chandra, Vrushchik Shani (owner of Sun Sign Makar and lagnarashi of Makar) – Need to be more careful with health