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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aries Annual 2013 Horoscope -- Mesh RashiBhavuishya 2013

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Random Thoughts 14: Medaniya: Country/Region Astrology; Close Degree Planets

Random Thoughts 14: Close degree Yog, Geographical (Medaniy) Astrology, Planetary Cycles

[1] “CLOSE-DEGREE” yog i.e. Anshatmak yog.
There are countless planetary formations called as “YOGAS” in Astrology! Nava-Pancham (9-5) Yog, Shad-Ashtak yog (6 – 8), Labh yog (3-11); Dwirdashak yog (2-12), Kendra yog (4-10) and of course Yuti Yog and Pratiyog. I guess all the possible formations are covered here. There are fancy Sanskrit names  to these formations depending on planets involved. These names also make these formations sound special & mysterious! For example “Gaja-Kesari” yog is when Chandra and Guru are in Kendra to each other i.e (4-10 or yuti or Pratiyog of Guru and Chandra). Pancha-mahapurush yog is when specific uchcha planets are in kendra from lagna (ascendant) Shani Mangal yuti is called as Angarak yog and so on. Guru and Rahu together called as “Chandal” yog (what a lovely name!! J) and Chandra Mangal together called as laxmi yog!

Whatever the yog in the horoscope is magnificent or downright obligation (karmic burden) – it is of not much “practical results” if it is not in close degrees. The deep desire/past karma of a soul is reflected in planets are that are in some formations in close degrees. Also, as mentioned earlier planets that are in similar degree as lagna-degree or Chandra-degree are of particular significance.

For example: I saw one case where Moon Sign and Ascendant was almost the same and rashi-swami and lagna-swami (both the same) was in the 8th house and in the same degree! This person had tremendous health issues or accidents or even surgeries when Shani was aspecting the 8th house. Almost the same horoscope after 2 days had the same moon sign but later/last degrees and ascendant also in 20th or so degree – The rashi-lagna-swami was again the same degree as the first person. This person had some minor health issues and minor accidents which could even be ignored when Shani was aspecting the 8th house (and hence the rashi/lagna-swami). Now from the 1st person to this person you would see thousands of horoscopes with the same moon sign but different lagna-rashi – They would not see as many health or accidents as these same lagna-Chandra rashi and that too close degree!

Similarly, saw a horoscope where there was exchange of 1st house and 8th house owner (anyonya-yog) in exact degrees; both around 18 degrees. (There were other yog which supplemented these yog so not to take only this yog as the resultant.) Both being Shubh planets the person lived for 21 years. Similar horoscope with exchange in 2nd and 26th degree lived for 70+ years! Again, the 1st person had the ascendant degree also at the 18th degree which was very close to these two planet’s degree!

What this means is – whenever you have some very bad or very good yog in the horoscope – it is not of that significance (both in good or bad results) if it is not in close degrees!

[2] Medniya Bhavishya (Geographic Astrology)
This is when we say India is of Makar rashi, America is of Mithun rashi and Pakistan is of Mesh rashi and Maharashtra is Dhanu rashi and so on. Nobody would know the origin of these hypothesis. Maybe yes America was formed on 4th of July (which means Gemini Sun and date of “change” agent Uranus). You can see that these signs can be used to guess the events in these countries. India’s Makar rashi is in last few degrees as per my observations of past few years.

Makar had a GREAT patch from August 2004 to Nov 2007 with Guru 9 10 11. Real estate and Share Market went berserk in this period in India. 2008 Saw India having 8th Shani and 12th Guru – tremendous downfall in share market and rear estate getting hit badly too! 2009 some feel good and recovery and 2010 bringing real estate rates to normal and so on! Now 5th Guru will certainly have tremendous success by May2013 for sure. Shani will support from Nov2011 to 2017 end almost. So India is now going to it a growth trajectory – Do not crib about weekly downfalls in Share Markets – By May2013 India would have had a good success and would catch the next curve for sure.

Now – every state will have their own sign-pattern and every city would have its own – they will of course alter the overall India Makar rashi effect but would not be completely able to negate it for sure.

Every time Shani enters Vrishabh rashi USA gets in to a very bad phase of 7.5 years. They are riding a GREAT WAVE until Shani in Aries! Previous bubble probably was the biggest in Aries Shani and Aries Guru that came in around the same time until 2000. Then it burst! 2001 2002 saw Shani going 12th to USA and entry in Sadesati. (Events similar to 30 years ago -- 1972/73)

[3] Planetary Pulls regardless of Countries
Apart from this regardless of Country Signs – Planets have their own cycles – Guru and Shani predominantly have their cycles – Guru in Kirk (water sign – uchcha for Guru) has the greatest rain all across the country! Hail-storm could be seen in the places that hardly get any rains! Similarly Guru in Kirk makes the same. Guru or Shani in Nakshatra owned by Chandra also have similar effects (Rohini, Hasta, Shravan). In 2005 Guru in Hasta & Shani in Kirk caused havoc. Rather May2005 to July2007 Shani in Kirk caused havoc with the rains. (Some last part of 2003 Shani entered Kirk and went back to Mithun – it rained only when Shani was in Cancer and helped Congress win the election in Maharashtra!)

Similarly, Shani in Singh (Leo) changes power all over the world! Democrats won in 78 and again Obama in Leo Shani. Shani in Leo is not very good for the Rulers or Kings or presidents or plain simply people in power. Similarly Shani in Aries or MESH is not good for warriors – BIG WARS happen when Shani is in Aries. Cargill also happened in Aries Shani and crushed Pusharraf’s MESH MANGAL big time! J 1st World War and 2nd World war also I think was Aries Shani effect quite a bit. Warriors/military leaderships all over the world are changed in Aries Shani!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Thoughts 13: Death Prediction Problems and Thoughts on Longevity, Health

Random Thoughts 13:  Astrology and Longevity, Death, Health

The most feared part of Astrology or Astrologers for that matter is comments about Longevity or simply death! Can death be predicted accurately using a horoscope? The simple answer is "NO" but “it depends”! J It depends on the intensity of the past karma and specific desire of the soul which gets reflected in the horoscope for this life. We are of course talking about a natural death and not by an accident or murder or even war etc stuff. If a soul has a very narrow minded purpose of this birth, the moment that purpose is served the soul wants to move on to the next journey. It is very similar to Sir Gary Sobers giving away the wicket to a baller he liked after he has scored a century and the team is in a good state! Is it that simple – No -- but logically yes it is similar? The soul would chose or forced to chose the death which is in line with the past karma. If a soul has a wide vision for his birth with multiple interests and serving/entertaining humanity as much as possible, the soul could stretch beyond the logical age/longevity shown by a horoscope also. Even practicing Yoga, practicing Ayurveda best practices etc would increase life span for sure.

Disclaimer: Is it logical to comment about death generically for a horoscope of a person who have so and so ascendant, so and so planetary formations? NO – A BIG NO – Logic is simple – You cannot say that all the people born in that 2 hrs of ascendant time will die at specific time! J J This is downright bogus! Hence, if you see ANY Astrologer forecasting death – DO NOT TRUST it – Even though some death was predicted correctly – it would be by chance and not exact calculation! J Yes, we can certainly say that so & so period is of some issues for accident or say stomach issues or even say kidney or bladder etc issues but the intensity of the events is VERY difficult to forecast.

Suicide is a separate/different topic and I did not want to complicate or confuse this topic with it. So this topic is not applicable to Suicide cases. For example Dhanu Ravi/Sagittarius Sun shows long life but horoscope could show suicidal tendencies. Accidents or sudden health issues are of course covered as it is about some “yoga” & “karma” which could cause such termination of the journey.

How does Astrology tackle this issue of Longevity: There are 3 types of Categories the horoscopes are put in and there is no clear cut age limits for these (There is Balarishta also which means some issues before the age of 8 itself but again it is just a probability)
1.       Alpaayu: Up-to 32/35
2.       Madhyayu: Up-to 58 to 65
3.       Dirghayu: More than 70 / 80 etc

The important houses that should be checked for longevity are of course the 8th (Peeda/mrutyu) and 3rd house (8th house from the 8th house) and of course 6th house (Rog-sthan). The overall robustness is checked by the 1st house quality. So 1, 3, 6, 8 houses are very important when it comes longevity and these houses help put horoscopes in 3 broad categories.

Alpaayu: There are no clear cut definitions for this but moon in 8th house or lagnesh in 8th house is usually frowned upon by Astrologers! J What *I* feel is that “parivartan” or exchange of owners of the 1st house and 6th house; 1st house and 8th house; 3rd house and the 8th house; 3rd house and the 6th house certainly shows some probability of say a bit shorter life. BUT BEWARE – Again read the disclaimer above!! J What brings some certainly to the main horoscope is the exact same situation in the Navamansh horoscope or 1 of the above yog in main horoscope and other one in the navamansh horoscope. Without replication of the Alpaayu yoga in navamansh, it could be bumped into Madhyayu yoga! I know a person with L1 & L3 in 8th house still alive at the age of 38 despite having similar stuff in Navamansh too! ;) ONE VERY BIG Disclaimer will come at the end of the article! J

Madhyayu: Just simple L1 in 8th or L3 in 8th or L8 in 1st or L8 in 3rd, L1 in 6th or L6 in 1st could show Madhyayu yog. Even L1 in a very intense nakshatra and near some karmic Fixed Star and also wakri etc could be considered. These are again diluted if the planet is not in similar degree of the Ascendant or even Moon Sign degree. Closeness to ascendant degree shows the DESIRE (or forced) of the SOUL which is almost impossible to alter by this life karma. Planets not close to ascendant degree (in any house) could accept this life karma’s push! J i.e. the past karma is not that extreme (good/bad) with those planets – they are middle-class planets for a horoscope. J J

Dirghayu: L1 in 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 without Shani or Mangal drushti or association in a friendly sign and non-intense nakshatra or fixed star; Guru drushti on such a well placed L1 only adds to the quality of this long life (health/robustness and also good “acharan” – behavior in this life). Guru 9th to L1 is more important than Guru 5th to L1.

The Biggest Disclaimer: When Guru is aspecting L1, L8 or L3; there is a great chance of Alpaayu becoming Madhyayu, Madhyayu becoming Dirghayu! J Even Dhanu Ravi i.e. Sagittarius Sun shows a great longevity. This Guru drushti can completely make an astrologer fall on face! J

So all said and done: If you are really serious about Astrology get out from the urge to check your own horoscope for every article! J Yes, it does happen in initial stage of leaning (6/8 months) but instead of thinking that everything you read applies to you – You should also makes mental notes that the things you are reading could be mediocre or downright wrong! J Not everything written in Sanskrit is great! Even in those times some bad words might be available in Sanskrit. J

Whatever you read including this site/article should NEVER be taken on face value! Unless you have 50 case studies for 1 Astrology concept – it should not be taken seriously!! A common sense would tell you – not everybody born in those 2 hours drops dead on a certain date – nor everybody born on those 2 hours becomes Balasaheb Thackeray or Sachin Tendulkar or Ratan Tata! Rahu & Ketu show family history and THE EXACT SAME horoscope with L1 with Rahu or Ketu would show DIFFERENT life-span as per paternal or maternal family average longevity! ;) 18 years of Rahu mahadasha + 7 years of Ketu Mahadasha and then various antardasha etc are controlled by Rahu Ketu i.e. YOUR OWN FAMILY HISTORY --- Rather you are born in the family which has a DNA that matches with your Karma! Then how you can escape the pulls/push of the family karma?

YES – There WOULD be similarities in the people born on the same time-span with same ascendant and navamansh but family history is reflected in Rahu and Ketu works completely on its own and sets the people differently.

So when you see an Astrologer saying FIRMLY that falana person would get cancer or die FOR SURE – STAY AWAY from that person! They are half-baked potatoes! Best case – they are mediocre or stupid without false intentions; Worst case they are intelligent and want to MILK you completely!! J We can only talk about certain probabilities. With some effort I can show you people born from 9 10 11 April 1974 having some or other serious or minor health or accident issues from Sept20009 to Nov2011 – The degree of issues is SO MUCH VARYING THAT it takes REAL Concentration, REAL intuition and also COMMON-SENSE (which is not common) and ability to see “THE DIFFERENTIATOR” of a horoscope to predict the degree of intensity of an event.

P.S. There are other thoughts that by doing Hat-yog one need not die at all – your body can start active cell regeneration and just survive on fresh air and water! J You can check Linda Goodman’s STAR Signs book for that. It is said that many yogis are living in Himalayas for 1000s of years (I haven’t met one yet though!) J

The same book has MANY secrets in front of you if you are ready to “tune” to it! It is almost scary once you realize what she has shared there!!! Two VERY interesting concepts in that book are related to “Permanent Weight Gain and Permanent Weight Loss procedures”.


Sunday, July 8, 2012 Anonymous Comments Available now

Hi! All,

Anonymous comments are now allowed at website for all the new articles to be posted now onward: 


Thanks for the support and let us continue the discussions!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope: Mission Impossible

“Son your Ego is writing checks, your body can’t cash!” J

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, The South direction.

Mars in the 8th house of a Horoscope (Moksha/Spiritual Trikon, Inheritance, Mrutyu/Death or rather Ayushya Sthan, Internal Reprod organs, Kidney)

The 8th house is not in sync with the 1st house; it opposes the 1st house and shows the obstacles, physical pain or loss of energy. The 8th house is 2nd in spiritual triangle (4 8 12) and shows yoga, alternative medicine, occult, mysterious stuff or hidden/secretive stuff. It is called as Mrutyu (death) house but is also called as ayushya (life) house, more than longevity it shows the situation (type/nature etc) at the time of death.

Mars in the 8th house is troublesome to self. These folks write cheques their body can’t cash! J They are known to do stuff beyond their physical limits. Mission impossible hero Ethan Hunt is the best example of the 8th house Mars. It is obvious that these folks drive bikes & cars VERY fast – they tend to know the bike/car limits instinctively but rest of the folks don’t! J It is a stupidity to give them even a bicycle in their childhood – be prepared to attend them anytime! Yes, Jupiter drushti on this Mars makes it much tolerable as Jupiter allows them to do all these things with calculated risks and know exact limits of these things. Multiple marks on their face (teeth, eyes, eyebrows, nose) are very common due to childhood activities. Yes, this excess energy tends to get channeled better from the age of say 28/29 etc for guys and say 24/25 for girls. Saturn movement on this Mars or opposite (or even 4th) to this Mars teaches them very valuable lessons not to take matters beyond a certain limit. If this signal is ignored -- the repercussions are far more serious (loss of a finger, broken legs or even permanent damage affecting quality of life) – of course this Mangal needs to be too much of a badly placed in order for this to happen and even then there are so many social / family values etc pulls etc to keep folks away from this.

There is an excess energy in these folks which is for everyone to see. They seem not to get tired, they are but they do not think that way and continue to put in efforts with the same vigor. They do go through periods of excess hard-work and then recuperation by over-sleeping/resting. The 8th house does give Sinusoidal wave of energy dissipation. A High peak followed by a high valley. Their sports career or overall career also seem to have the same pattern of periods of tremendous hard work followed by periods of Business-As-Usual. They can accelerate any time they want & also again go to cruise control when they think so. It is VERY VERY difficult to brand them or to predict them with accuracy!

They speak very fast (unless Mars is in a fixed sign) and their speech is not clear, especially, in childhood. It takes time for them to say “R”! J Sanskrit shlokas can really clear their speech / tongue. Eating habits are usually irregular and they like spicy stuff. Eating on some shabby joints is quite likely (taparis) as the 8th house does show such hidden or not very well known places. These are the folks who suggest that certain place has very good wada-paav or Misal that not many people are aware! J

This Mars of course shows karmic obligation towards siblings (all kinds including cousins) and they usually tend to be elder ones in the family in their generation or have to act like one. It also shows some bad land related karma in the family. This karma if bad could cause blood related issues in the family to make you spend exactly the equivalent amount the family gained due to land stuff. Kidney failures, piles or any kind of blood issues indicate such stuff. Karmic healing works wonders for any 8 or 12 house planets. Donating blood, land(!) to Non-Profit -Organizations works wonders. Donations to blood cancer research institutes, helping cousins, siblings also wonderful. Needless to say gym / regular walk / running is a must to keep blood circulation regular as 8th house does show irregularity for sure.

I can tell you countless examples from my childhood where I jumped from 3/4th floor into construction sand or went to an apartment on 3rd floor from other apartment gallery and so on; broken teeth due to “Kabbadi” (Trying to get hold of Harkesh Singh)– a scar still on my lips (a stitch that came out); stitches in my head (no kidding – HEAD – the noise that reverberates in your head when they put stitch in head is amazing to say the least!) J Trying to walk on the walls of adjacent building wall (“Chandranagar” in Nashik) full of glass pieces specially put for me! J (Spending hours on tamarind trees and taking pride in climbing any kind of tree!) Knowingly running in to a tree full of thorns to take a “catch” (3 balls 5 runs – you got to attempt that catch!) J Trying to take a VERY fast turn on sand (bicycle—countless injuries on knees); Broken arm at the age of 4/5 etc

Mars in 7the house of a Horoscope

I think the Mars Series  went to back burner for some time. Let us start it now:

~Milind N Chitambar

Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Astrology Thoughts Part 12

Random Astrology Thoughts Continued: Part 12

(1) Rain & Astrology and
(2) Intense Constellations like Moola, Ashlesha, Krittika, Jyeshtha etc


Moon in the 2nd and 3rd House of a Horoscope

Here's the continuation of the article on Moon in various houses of a Horoscope:

Moon in the 2nd and 3rd house:

~Milind N Chitambar

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Moon in the 12 Houses of Horoscope

New Article: Moon in the 12 houses of a Horoscope:

I think this article has turned up well and will only get better with additional moon positions:

~Milind N Chitambar (

Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Article and 1.5 Million hits on the Blog!

Hi All,

Thanks for making the blog a hit - it has now 1.5 Million+ hits!! The Site also has very good traffic and it is increasing every day!

New Article: 

Thanks again and have a great week ahead!!
~Milind (

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sai Baba: Article by my Grandfather on Sai Baba

My great grandfather lived in Shirdi in the times of Baba. His son Hon. A J Chitambar (my grandfather) Hon. G. J. Chitambar (younger brother of my grandfather) were blessed by company of Sai Baba. I guess they might not have realized at that time (being kids) how privileged they were! J Our family doesn’t like to mention this in public as this Shraddha is personal matter. But I came across the following article and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. So posting this article at the expense of being scolded by my father and uncles!! J Hon G. J. Chitambar was true to his birth-date of 22nd August – master number “Change agent / unorthodox” who started all-girls primary school in 40s (I think) in Ahmednagar (was almost outcaste that time and had to cope with dirty politics & anger of the elites). True to his Sun & Moon sign of Leo and intense Magha nakshatra, he was highly disciplined & a fierce progressive (“Sudharnawadi”.) I guess he has Ketu with Moon Sun and in the ascendant of Leo – He was under Ketu mahadasha when he spent time with Baba. Here’s the article I found on internet a few days back. Couldn’t gather courage to post it but read it again today and almost felt an obligation to share!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My New Site and Mars in the 12th house of a Horoscope

Hello ALL,

[1] THANKS much for your support, encourgement on this blog for so long since I started to write here from 2009 in 3rd house Rahu and Guru! :) Now, thanls my friends Prashant Kulkarni and Archana Hebbar - The BRAND AstroMNC is now a ".com"!! I would like to announce the Website on this Blog -- I did it in the TITLE of the blog sometime back but here it is thru a post! :)

I will now post articles on the Website and post the URLS here on the blog. I really cherish the comments and views of all the members visiting here and I would request you to continue it using your Facebook account on the WebSite -- The Website would allow posting comments using your Facebook id. It would be fun to track your comments and threads using your facebook account and also get notifications thru Facebook!

[2] Let me take this opportunity also to release a new ARTICLE on the AstroMNC web-site.

MARS in the 12th House of a Horoscope:

THANKS Again!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 GURU Badal / Guru Change (Jupiter Change) in May2012

PLEASE CHECK for Guru Change Effects of May31, 2013 - New Article

MEEN (Abhishek Bachchan)
You are not in a great mood since end of 2009 as 11th gloriousro Guru of multiple gains ended and Shani also moved from 6th to 7th position reducing your sphere of influence! Until May2010 was downright stagnant! May2010 to May2011 you found some ground and increasing responsibility. May2011 to May2012 was the time when surrounding started to notice your usefulness and the 2nd Guru ensures a GREAT increment and cash increase by May2012. Now you enter 3rd Guru which starts something new for you which could be counted as a 50% of a Bhagyoday! J The Kaam-Trikon house shows your VISIBILE impact on the surrounding world. The 3rd Guru would allow you to make some visible changes! This 3rd Guru will pave the way for the extra-ordinary success from Aug2014 to Aug2015!

3rd Guru from May2012 to May2013:
1.       Starting of something new in career and life. Something related too expression, proposals, presentation, writing etc. It will show your visible IMPACT on surrounding.
2.       The 3rd house Guru is of “Adha-Bhagyoday” which means that you have got to travel away for 6 to 8 hrs in order to get a good brake.
3.       There is a good possibility of going to a distant place for a year and coming back to current place after May2012
4.       The new stuff that you are working on would get you a very good success in 5th Guru from Aug2014 to Aug2015. So need to plan something from 2/3 years point of view.
5.       The period until May2013 could also get you a land or a house some 6 to 8 hrs away from where you are.

You have struggled a lot from Sept2009 to Nov2011 in 8th house Shani. Yes, May2010 to May2011, the folks realized your value and that made you carry on further. The 8th Shani made you check health, knowledge level and also overall well-being. This 8th Shani prepared you for glorious 9, 10, 11 Shani period that started from Nov2011. The Guru came in market for you from May2011 and until May2012 it will have started something new for you for sure. There could be some change in job description in this period. Shani changing 9th would ensure a very good promotion and position for you until end of 2014 which you always wanted!

4th Guru from May2012 to May2013:
1.       Slow period for you that shows some stagnancy! What you got in the 3rd Guru, you need to service and finish off in a better way.
2.       This is THE best period for certifications, studies, a lot of reading, spending quality time with your family, spend time on home d├ęcor
3.       Also time to spend time/socializing with your dear ones, increase your social network.
4.       The period until May2013 is about preparing for the glorious 5th Guru of DREAM COME TRUE!
5.       It is easy to say all things but when you need to go thru 4th Guru it is not that easy! You might need to report to someone with equal or less in ability!
6.       The funny thing is that when everybody has 5, 9 1st Guru – they are worried about the additional responsibilities etc and think if/when they will get time for themselves! When they are given time for SELF in 4, 8, 12 Guru or Shani – THEY DON’T KNOW what to do with it! J This is YOUR PERSONAL time; please use it to the fullest extent possible! J INVEST in yourself!

MAKAR (Raj Thackeray, Shah Rukh, Rahul Gandhi, Gopinath Munde)
I know! You are completed stagnated from May2011 to May2012 in 4th Guru and nobody knows what to do with you! J Was a good time to spend at home, with mom and spend time money and energy in you. Reporting to someone of equal or less ability was almost a given in this period. Now 5th Guru will bring your dream come true for sure. It will give tactical success you wanted from 2008 in 12th Guru. You are FINALLY going to “Arrive”! J There’s new kind in town! J Shani will continue to support until 2017 end but 10th Shani from Nov2011 to 2014 end will make you work with elderly/older folks; you will need to seek their help advice & maturity etc no matter what. Some long term differences or tussle etc are possible with seniors and it could result in someone older enough to be acceptable to all in your sphere of influence will be thrust on to you! J BUT you will lbe happening and growing in power! Increasing steam in pressure cooker!

5th Guru from May2012 to May2013:
1.       Dream come True success in 5th Guru. What you think as success will be delivered to you.
2.       Great news from kids either great news or having great kids! J
3.       Tactical success which is the effort of last 5-6 years for you that started from Dec2007 in 12th Guru.
4.       With 10th Shani this 5th Guru is only going to shine like real good until May2012 – LANDSLIDE – WINDFALL gains and success for you!
5.       The owner of the 3rd and 12th house (travel houses) in 5th house also means that 2008 period and May2010 to May2011 period contact are going to be greatly helpful.
6.       The way microwave hits up things from “within” you will feel good in the month when Guru is exactly 5th i.e. in/around the same degree in Mesh where yours is in Makar!
7.       Uttara-ashadha naskahtra would see success in 2012 – Shravan would see it in Q42012 and Jan/Feb2013. Dhanishtha would see it in March April May2013.
8.       Folks born from Jan14 to Feb13/14 would see tremendous support from seniors/Govt and people in higher places.
9.       Overall – one of the best years in the past 6 years for you after end of the glorious year 2007.

Well, you have got enough in 5th Guru! Now service/hone/fine tune it will well in the 6th Guru. 5th house is projects with start and end dates with specific objectives and tactical success. The 6th house is about “continuous improvement” and maintenance/service support! J The 11th Shani will keep giving you MONEY and increasing MASS-BASE until the very end of 2014! J Be on GUARD in 6th Guru – else reputation will be tarnished.

6th Guru from May2012 to May2013:
1.       Long pending health issues WILL need to be addressed. Expense of medicine is almost a must! More applicable to Dhanu lagna & Surya I guess!
2.       6th house is about Rog (diseases), Enemies, competitors, mom’s relatives, servants, service sector (providing service to others) – You will have these things increasing! J Yes, your enemies would get more focus and limelight! Your Rog/Diseases will also increase/brought to attention and dealt with. You will have more touch points with Mom’s relatives – some marriage and etc functions on Mom’s relative’s side are quite likely! You will get good servants in this period too.
3.       The 6th Guru is in ARTH (Economic) zone of the horoscope and has drushti on 2nd (shares, investments) and 10th (career, karma, production) house. This shows that your circle will keep increasing bit by bit but not with your direct action but the folks who work for you.
4.       6th house is also about social presence and image – this will also increase in 6th Guru.
5.       6th Guru can make person sort of “fade-up” with job/career and only 7th Guru brings back the fun and the charm BUT it is imperative that 6th Guru needs a lot of vigilance for sure!
6.       5th Guru was more like a development project with some end date and goals and objectives and 6th Guru is more like an ongoing initiative and providing service to it diligently. This is of continuous improvement more than tactical success of 5th Guru until May2011. It is obvious that what is made, what is developed etc needs to be serviced in order to be very effective! INVEST in it and you shall reap benefits in 7th Guru!
7.       The 12th Shani is only adding to the off-time of the 6th Guru but 12th house is about political exile /oblivion/planning whereas 6th Guru is about hard-work & keep fighting.

VRISHCHIK (Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Zaheer Khan)
Grow up! J 12th Shani forcing you to grow-up! The 6th Guru made you fine tune, hone what you got until May2011. Now, it is set to EXPAND in 7th Guru from May2012 to May2013. Your sphere of influence will rise and expand in this 7th Guru period. You image will enhance but your mass base will not see significant rise as Shani is 12th and forces you to find NEW avenues to increase your mass-base – rather ABILITY which would result in increase in mass-base.

7th Guru from May2012 to May2013: EXPANSION!
1.       7th Guru is about feel-good, expansion of your sphere of influence, increase in your turnover, and increase in workload.
2.       This Guru also shows increase in your image as Guru drushti on Moon. It also improves health of your mom. It helps water retention in your body and your looks become optimal (peak) of what you can look like! J
3.       The 7th Guru also shows success through other people, partnerships and collaborations.
4.       This is also a very good time to get married or find an appropriate match.
5.       The 7th house Guru is also good to winning rather settling of the court cases as 7th house shows direct opposition and competition. This house also shows long term wars but that is not the topic of this article!
6.       So overall 7th Guru takes you to the next level of what you started in 5th Guru’s dream come true success. Your definition of success in 5th Guru will not expand in this 7th Guru BUT it does not mean your role is changing due to this Guru bhraman – it is MORE OF THE SAME.

TULA (Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Ratan Tata)
You had a great RUN until Sept2009 and then you wondered what next! J Until Nov2011 you had to figure this out 12th Shani – regroup – re-strategize etc. However, the 5th Guru from Dec2009 to May2010 ensured some dream come true success to you (Bachchan getting KBC back! HouseFull for Akshay after some flops?) and kept you in the game. Now from May2011 to May2012 – what you got in 5th Guru expanded and your image got enhanced and your sphere of influence increased! Now enter 8th Guru and 1st Shani – Adhich Ulhaas tyat Phalgun Maas! J Now you will be part of an effort or initiative that goes nowhere in the next 1 year but you LEARN a lot!! This 8th Guru will pave the way of success from June2013 for 3 GREAT years ahead!

8th Guru from May2012 to May2013: Tough period!
1.       Assignments that are very tough for you and make you grow up considerably.
2.       These initiatives do not stay with you in 9th Guru but they prepare you for the glorious period of the 9, 10, 11 house Guru.
3.       You will be overworked, overstressed, frustrated etc – if this is true for you then, one thing is certain that you are BOUND to have a glorious period of 3 years from May2013! This is certainly a common sense for an astrologer as it is a law of karma.
4.       PLEASE use this time from May2012 to May2013 to do certifications, document learnings, case studies etc. You will learn tools, techniques for next glorious period.
5.       All the things that would happen from May2012 to May2013 are trying to tell/teach you something – do not ignore it please! Hard skills are one thing but this 8th Guru is also teaching you soft skills, especially, conflict management and also increasing your temperament.
6.       You will be the most in demand commodity after May2013 – most sought after! Seniors who are currently not spending time with you – will start paying a special visit to you! J
7.       Your only response should be HARD WORK, certifications and awareness that you need to learn new things and not use the same ways that worked earlier.
8.       Also – check what YOU can do – Do your Dharma/Duties without any pride and prejudice and you will be fine.
9.       Half of the battle is won when you set your own expectations correctly. Expecting too much or miracle etc in this period would cause unnecessary stress/aging process of your body!

1.       Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
2.       GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. In the 8th house this yuti shows some adverse situations and some attention to maternal side elders but not a big threatening issue. It also shows some hereditary health issues that come from maternal side and some estate/inheritance etc related quarrels!

I know – you are either crying or on the verge of crying, especially until May14th, you have Surya Guru Mangal and Shani all opposing your rashi’s magnetic channel of good Karma! Only your bad karma or mistakes are being highlighted to you right now! J Every small mistake is thrown out of proportions! This is now ‘somewhat’ going to change! J Guru change on 16th and Surya change from 14th May is going change the horizon for you quite a bit. Rather, a lot of planets in the 9th house in next 2/3 weeks is going to start a NEW CHAPTER in your life. Mangal will keep opposing until June 21st (vehicles, blood, siblings, land trouble). Shani is making matters slow but 2nd Shani from Nov2011 will start NEW income for you for what you have worked on from July2007!! Of course Shani will also highlight previous mistakes in share-market or investments. On the whole, things are WORST right now for you and they will ONLY GET BETTER!!!!! Be prepared and have no regrets like “only if I had read that book”, “Only if I had studied this topic or completed this certification” etc etc – JUST DO IT! J J

9th Guru from May2012 to May2013: it is a natural house for Guru – this house shows broad intellectual ability, the big picture whereas 5th is tactical and initial phase of intellect. 5th house is “doing something when you know what needs to be done” and 9th house is “doing something when there is nothing to do” i.e. alignment to a strategy. This Dharma Trikon house will give you a strategic position which is a result of the tactical & ‘dream come true’ success of 2009 (Slumdog for Anil Kapoor: gave him expansion from May2010 to May2011 and not from May2012 he will only get much better strategic things). This position is about the “big picture” and understanding your role in that big picture. In 2009 you were in the thick of the action, now you will be playing cards, coordinating and giving direction to other folks – solving a big puzzle by putting appropriate parts together. Uttara Nakshatra will get this in Q3-2012 itself, Hasta nakshatra will get it in Q4-2012 and Q1-2013 and Chitra nakshatra will get it in Q2-2013. It is like turning on the light in different houses of the Kanya rashi! J

As Guru is owner of the 4th house and 7th house for Kanya – it means 9th house Guru could take away from home/parents and WITH spouse/partners. (9th house is 6th (shatru) to 4th house & 12th (peeda) to 10th house– opposes 4th and 10th. 9th house is friend of 7th house and vice versa). There is a great deal of chance of travel abroad or to a different place after May2012.

This 9th Guru starts 3 great years from May2012 to Aug2015 of Guru being 9, 10, 11 – Increasing power, clout and sphere of influence. You will have a great “feel-good” in this period. This Guru also gets you in touch /closer to Mentors / Gurus. You get great advice from experts in their specific fields. Overall this period will be of expansion, growth, success and starting new things in life.

10.    Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
11.    GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. In the 9th house this yuti is VERY powerful for Kanya rashi and only adds to the effect of the 9th Guru and takes it to a great height! (Ketu denotes height!)

SINGH/Sinvha/Simha (Uddhav Thackeray, Suresh Kalmadi, Shahid Afridi)
You have come a long long way since May2005 since your sadesati started. 2008 was good due to 5th Guru & also Dec2009 to May2010 was good but overall it has been an uphill battle for you! Now, Shani is 3rd – almighty and Guru was / is 9th until May2012. This 9th Guru and 3rd Shani has dome miracles for many folks. Uddhav Thackeray won the election in Mumbai despite ALL factors against him! Suresh Kalmadi got out (but he has Shani opposite Surya until 2014 end!)! J J Now 10th Guru makes you happening but makes you report to or work with a person with less or equal ability! This causes a lot of stress but is inevitable due to your own progress and March ahead. Keep folks updated on this and keep working hard. 10th Guru is about success but pressure cooker situation which builds until end of 10th Guru and gives you complete gains in 11th Guru from June2013. Mangal is in rashi so obviously making to feisty! Mangal would keep helping for next several months.

Guru10th from May2012 to May2013:
1.        From May2012 to May2013 you will be under 10th Guru which shows that you will have a LOT of stress but happening feel at workplace.
2.        You will probably report to a person who is equal in ability and reached there just before you by taking some other path. But you have got to accept the situation with making seniors aware of this situation.
3.        Seniors do not know much about what to exactly do with you due to the situation and not exactly your karma! This would change DRASTICALLY with changing situation from Jun2013.
4.        The 10th Guru is a satva-pariksha at workplace which gives you tough assignments. Need to consult SMEs/experts in related matters. Please seek some ‘mentor’ in this 10th Guru period.
5.        This 10th Guru is pressure cooker like situation and all the steam will come out in 11th Guru! J So “KLage Raho Munnabhai” regardless of what’s happening around. Do not try to quit the current job in 10th Guru wait for 11th Guru to get what you deserve! You WILL get it – a lot of things need to happen (“Karma-Shrunkhala”—Chain of events/karma) for someone to get someone and you are not the only cog!
6.        Patience – Shraddha and Saboori is a must in 10th Guru

12.    Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
13.    GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. You would see great support and help from maternal family folks but also great support from seniors! Also sudden spike in income for you! Gains from some elderly folks / mentors at workplace is quite likely. These workplace mentors would not only be about skills but also some indirect spiritual approach.

KIRK (Manmohan Singh, Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik Roshan)
You had some bhagyoday – profile change etc from May2010 to May2011 – some strategic position you must have got in this period! May2011 to May2012: 10th Guru was happening but not fun! Reporting to someone with equal or less ability could have happened with you! Now, you will get similar or better position in 11th Guru. Yes, 4th Shani will highlight some “GruhaKalah” infighting until late 2014 for sure but 11th Guru at personal level will shows great progress and fruits of the hard-work in the past 2/3 years.

Guru 11th from May2012:
1.       You reported to someone of equal ability from May2011 to May2012 probably. In 11th Guru you get a similar or better portfolio.
2.       11th Guru is about multiple gains from all efforts you did in past 3 years or rather past 11 years!
3.       Any planet is great 11th from your sign and planet of optimism, expansion in 11th is of course a great blessing. This is a period of great strengths and gains. The 11th Guru to any rashi is the best year in the 12 (11. 8) year cycle of Guru in 12 rashis.
4.       Every contact you acquired in past several years would have/would yield some gains until Jun2013. Punarvasu nakshatra would see gains in Q3-2012, Pushya Q42012 and Q12013 and Ashlesha Q2-2013.
5.       This is the period which puts lot of air in you and you could assume that the curve of growth will stay as is and end up taking bigger risk than you should! J Basically, you will stay at the same/similar level at least for next 2 years after Jun2013 and this could make you mathematics go wrong – not mathematics but the assumptions in the excel sheets! J
6.       You need to put your income sensibly in appropriate investments and do not try to get too ambitious with something assuming increased income in later 2013 or 2014.
7.       As Guru is the owner of the 9th house and 6th house – it will show gains from service sector (also medicines, service to sportspeople or gym or grounds etc.
8.       Leverage ALL that you can until June2013 and earn as much as possible.

14.    Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
15.    GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. You would see great support and help from maternal family folks. Also sudden spike in income for you! Gains from some elderly folks/mentors at workplace is quite likely.

MITHUN (Akhilesh Yadav)
Welcome to 12th Guru. Knowing that it is time to plan, re-strategize, re-group etc doesnot help when you attend someone else’s success party and people ask you “so what you are you upto now?” J But you should attend more such functions to know that you need to PLAN something BIG – The constant reminders by folks about what you do will only add to your resolve to achieve more. The glorious 11th Guru is over now, it started something great in May to July2009 and Dec2009 to May2010 – this will come to an end now and you will need to see what next. The 5th house Shani is going to help a lot more to add to your responsibilities and will give you a post or designation after a lot of hard work! Also, for students 5th Shani shows success only after a GREAT HARD WORK!!!! You will get subjects that are complex (for your level) and “Clisht” and need careful and detailed study!

Guru 12th from June2012: Every project, every damn thing in this world requires you to spend 1/12th time on planning, studying, calculating etc and then start the execution. The 12th house represents planning -- expense of time, efforts and money for planning the next 12 (or rather 11) units of life. The Guru curve is 11.88 years i.e. 1 year in each rashi aprox. So the 12th Guru forces you to plan for next 12 years! Do certifications, read as much as possible, it is time to decide WHAT and also chalk out the blueprint of HOW until May2012.

This is Guru movement in 12th house like Shani’s sadesati but instead of 2.5+2.5+2.5 years of Shani movement before (12), in (1) and next(2) to your rashi – Guru moves in 1 year each – So these 1+1+1 = 3 years of Guru movement many times feel as “sorry” as Sadesati effect. However Sadesati makes you pay for every bad thing you did – whereas Guru’s job is of optimism and guidance and teaching with “Maya” / love and not by teaching you a lesson! J

So ACCEPT the GIFT of TIME given to you from May2012 to May2013, regain your health, regain your thoughts and re-profile your “personality” for next 12 years. It is a great blessing in disguise, this 12th Guru. If you have planets in any FIRE Signs (Mesh, Singh, Dhanu) then this 12th Guru will bring a feel good with that planet – that means all is not lost due to 12th Guru – RATHER – You have what you have but it will not grow with the same RATE or steep slope as it did from Mid 2009 to May2012.

12th house is of also Moksha and Teerth-yatra – possibilities of visiting some religious places is quite high. Donations to religious places or rather orphanages would certainly help you. Meet and discuss things with elderly folks as much as possible – they will give you tremendous insights regardless of your age! The fact that Guru and Ketu both stay in Vrishabh in next year for some time shows this possibility quite a bit.
Remember: more time and effort you INVEST in 12th Guru period – more you achieve in next 12 years.

16.    Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
17.    GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. You could see some expense for maternal family in this period. You might also visit some religious place for sure around this period and donate etc to ashram or religious place.

VRISHABH (Vikram Pandit of City, Baba Ramdeo, Viru)
“Ata Kasa watata – God God Watata?” You are at receiving end from May2011 to May2012. You did not know what struck you and what slowed you down! The glorious period of Guru 9 10 11 started from Jan-2009 to May2010 came to an end and you were wondering WHAT NEXT for you! The past 12 months have been completely out of comfort zone and would have caused a lot of stress for you. The 6th Shani is forcing to work with BRAND NEW folks in life and build new collaborations & partnerships with people from different cultural etc background (than you are). New clients, new products, new projects etc. This makes you approach people and issues more methodically than impulse or PTO (page turn over) of 2009 to Nov2011. This will continue until late 2014. Of course the 6th Shani will increase cash flow and social image for sure! The 1st Guru will increase responsibilities, image and social/physical weight. Water retention in body will be optimal now!

From May-17-2012 to May-2013 Guru enters your rashi. NOW, focus moves to execution of the plans. The social image certainly enhances and you start gaining physical weight also. You could more role and responsibilities as Guru in your sign (1) shows Dharma-Trikon. The areas of responsibilities depend on Moon’s location in your horoscope. Although there is some feel-good that you experience in 1st Guru, the newer responsibilities and execution do not give immediate results. So “sense-of-achievement” might not be great in this period. There is a very good chance of getting good advice from elderly folks and more so from friends as Guru is the owner of the 11th house. As Guru is also owner of the 8th house, some exposure to occult/astrologers/Yoga or alternate healing methods is quite likely. Also, health issues need to be watched.

18.    Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
19.    GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. Watch any heath related issues in this time especially those coming from (hereditary) maternal family.

MESH (Anil Ambani, Gautam Gambhir, Sahard Pawar, Lalit Modi, Lalkrishna Advani)
You were forced to work with new folks in life from Sept2009 to Nov2011 – people from different background than yours – build new collaborations and partnerships. The glorious 11th Guru got over in May2010 and May2010 to May2011 was of Bad mouth, political oblivion etc. It was about planning next 12 years of your life. Freom May2011 you started to come in market again and regain some momentum with “satva-pariskha” at workplace and in life. Guru in rashi is feel good BUT TOUGH execution! Social and physical weight gain was obvious until May2012. Now 2nd Guru helps people understand your value quite a bit. BIG cash increase and income increase is obvious from May2012 to May2013. 2nd Guru shows wealth and family expansion. Shani 7th could take away from spouse and also reduce your sphere of influence somewhat (reporting to people).

Guru 2nd from May2012
Guru becomes 2nd to you in Mat2012 when it enters Vrishabh rashi. This 2nd Guru shows “expansion” of wealth, investments, jewelry and your family. The 2nd Guru is certainly Dhan-Labh and Dhan-Vruddhi especially folks in business or investments markets as their Kriyaman karma matches with 2nd Guru movements! J People in service would find increasing support from seniors at workplace. The 2nd Guru still does not make a person feel “dream come true” or “successful” in his own eyes as it might not bring in personal accolades/awards to you.

The 2nd Guru also has a distinct effect of starting NEW income in your life - the things that planned in 12th Guru (1 year) and executed in 1st Guru (1 year) START paying off in 2nd Guru. You might not see great promotion or designation or a positional power increase etc but this Guru does show progress for sure. You need to invest your income wisely and this Guru would certainly help you find a good mentor in investments sector.

20.    Guru Wakri: Oct2012 to Jan2013 Guru is wakri which makes things slower for everybody, so don’t lose patience in this period. J
21.    GURU-KETU Yuti: June-end and July-2012 5 days: GURU-KETU yuti in Vrishabh rashi at 10:40 degrees. This shows some monetary news from maternal (grandfather) family. This also shows some great investments related activity for you. Shani-Ketu shows cyclones – let us see what Guru-Ketu shows this time. Good(?) part is that it is not in Krittika (Sun/Fire) but Rohini (Moon/Water) nakshatra.

Guru as the owner of 9th and 12th house:

As Guru is the owner of the 9th house (strategic thinking, broad picture) and 12th house (vision/planning/expense) – both the houses of travels and Guru’s travel in 2nd house could make you gain investment gains from places that are 9 to 12 hour away from you or your native place. There could be some investment opportunities from abroad or away places. There could be some travel to the family member or rather relatives from abroad or away places would come visiting!