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Sunday, January 1, 2012

JAN 02, 2012 to Jan, 08, 2012: Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Rashibhavishya / Weekly Rashifal / Weekly Horoscope

JAN 02, 2012 to Jan, 08, 2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in MEEN: 22:16 at the start of the week (midnight)

Moon enters MESH at 3:40 p.m. Monday JAN 02, 2012

Moon enters VRISHABH at 4:20 AM Thursday JAN 05, 2012

Moon enters MITHUN 3:13 PM SATURDAY JAN 07, 2012


Guru becoming maargi is great news for everybody especially Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks. The things would move in a faster manner now onwards until May2012. The week is great for Mithun, Kirk and Singh folks. Kanya needs to keep giving attention to vehicles & driving (helmet, seat belts, servicing on time, tire air pressure) in general. Mangal-Guru-Surya in Fire signs make things very fast & great for these signs.

MAKAR and VRISHABH: Beware of seniors until Jan14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:


Expense, delays until Monday 4 p.m. Then, until Thursday 4 a.m. shows good energy, proximity with mentors/Gurus, good health consultancy to mom by good doctors. Thursday to Saturday 3 p.m. shows incremental gains, investment gains. Travel, expression, speech, singing, meeting maternal side cousins or siblings etc possibilities on the weekend.


Get things done until Monday 4 p.m. Then until Thursday 4 a.m. it is a period of some peeda, expense of time, energy and money (investment for future). Thursday to Saturday 3 p.m. you get back on track with some efforts and good work. Weekend shows good gains. (Beware of seniors:


Great week until Thursday 4 a.m. Workplace pressure, hard work until Monday 4 p.m. Later until Thursday 4 a.m. period show multiple gains, income and meeting elderly folks/mentors which is of great benefit to you. An idea/advice is much more important than plain cash! J Thursday thru Saturday 3 p.m. shows expense, peeda and need for planning for next month. Sunday helps you gain your momentum back for sure. Rashiswami BUDH is in Moola nakshatra – Please do not take risks or go on rock climbing missions or racing etc for next week or two! J


A VERY good week right until Saturday 4 p.m. Shani & Guru are creating a lot of stress but Chandra “bal” (strength) makes it a good week for sure. Travel, starting new things until Monday 4 p.m. Later until Thursday 4 a.m. shows tremendous churn/stress and hard-work but fulfillment. Very good 2 days from Thursday 4 a.m. to Saturday 3 p.m. Afterwards the weekend shows expense, headache, investments/planning for next 30 days.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

Start of some great things from Monday 4 p.m.!!! A GREAT week for sure. Monday 4 p.m. to Thursday 4 a.m. shows start of new things, travel, meeting with mentors, travelling with mentors/Gurus to a distant place etc. Thursday 4 a.m. to Saturday 3 p.m. HAPPENING but hard work, lots of churn at workplace. Saturday 4 p.m. onwards 2/5 days shows GREAT GAINS – multiple gains and some ‘dream come true’ scenario for sure – strategic development you are waiting from May2011 if you have been listening to me and wondering why 9th Guru not working for you. I guess Agneepath would make wonders for Hrithik regardless of if it works or not!?


Well – service your vehicles on time please! J Check tire pressure, use helmets diligently & such. The week shows 2 troubled days (DHONI – Are u listening? J) from Monday 3.40 p.m. to Thursday 4 a.m. THEN – You enter 6/7 GREAT days. You will start something new from Thursday to Saturday 3 p.m.


Partying, socializing etc until Monday 4 p.m. Then Until Thursday 4 a.m. a great time to collaborate, build partnerships and spending with spouse or even marriage related activities. Physical pains and stretching from Thursday morning to Saturday 3 p.m. You start great 7 days from Saturday 3 p.m. The 7th Guru would show some good gains now for sure. What started in 5th Guru will now expand until May2012. (5th Guru for Tula from Dec2009 to April2010; May-June-July2009 and also Nov2010 – staggered this time) J Wakri-Maargi play by Guru! J


Spend some quality time with your kids until Monday 4 p.m. then until Thursday 4 a.m. it is time for social networking, some dinner & getting good investment advice. Thursday 4.30 a.m. to Saturday 3 p.m. great to build partnerships and collaborations, travel possibility for the same. Saturday 3 p.m. onwards 2+ days are VERY hectic – stay calm, avoid impulse!!


Great developments from Monday 4 p.m. onwards until Saturday 4 a.m. Some “dream come true” “anubhooti” would be there now! Thursday 4 a.m. thru Saturday 3 p.m. shows social gathering, partying and attending some dinners etc. Good time for spending with spouse/marriage stuff and overall partnerships.


4th Guru and 10th Shani shows stagnancy but happening stress. Moon will add to that from Monday 4 p.m. yo Saturday 4 a.m! J You will have a GREAT time at personal front though (luxury, rest, meeting mom etc). Thursday 4.m. to Saturday 3 p.m. shows some tactical success/activities – what you need to do. The weekend shows partying around. Beware of seniors:


Travel, expression, sports possibilities from Monday 4 p.m. to Thursday 4 a.m. Thursday to Saturday 3 p.m. shows rest, a homely environment. There could be a move for a year from the current place for a year or so (or more depending on personal maha/antardasha). Some achievements in 2.5 days from Saturday 3 p.m.


An average week until Thursday 4 a.m. Thursday 4 a.m. to Saturday 3 p.m. shows travel possibilities, meeting with (elder) siblings/cousins, also good for expression of some kind for sure but mostly artistic in nature. The weekend after Saturday 3 p.m. shows rest and spending with mom/dad.


  1. Milind Sb. Happy New Year! U think u will be able to collect ur stuff from Dhiren?

  2. Hey Milind,
    Happy new year to you....wanted to start the new year Q&A with you on a specific subject...when someone ventures in would you tell them what kind of business (industry) they would do wonders and be excellent vs being just good or average businessmen...can you elucidate the same for a person with the following specs :)(using IT language here)
    - leo ascendant with sun in own house and mesh rashi with mars in own house
    - venus in virgo, jupiter (retro) in capri and mercury in cancer
    - saturn and ketu together in gemini

    Amit Jain

  3. Hi, I have a very fundamental question on astrology.

    my Lagna is 8 degree Mithun. my Rasi is Mithun,Nakshatra - Punarvasu.

    accordingly, my Kantak(4th house) Shani will be over when? when Saturn goes to 8 degree Libra(5th house)? or the last degrees of Libra? or the moment it enters Libra at 0 degree?

  4. [1] Dubey-Ji -- I guess new year will help now. Will collect this week.

    [2] BUSINESS
    Planets and owners of the 10, 2, and 6 houses should be considered for business related quesitons. HEAVY 2nd house shows investments profile, HEAVY 6th house shows service sector and 10th house PRODUCTION. The Nakshatra and the Navamansh of the planets and 2, 6, 10 houses and navamansh and nakshatra of the rashi-swami of 2, 6, 10 houses would give you the SECTOR.

    So 1st -- Decide What and then How! :)

    You have 11th and 6th owner Anonya yog -- that means it is quite skewed to SERVICE SECTOR. Makar rashi in 6th hosue -CHAR Sign -- Proividing service to masses (Shani) for some mass market products is the direction -- This ANYONYA YOG in MAKAR and MITHUN rashi certainly show the same. As Mercury teh owner of the 11th house & Shani Ketu is in 12th hosue it shows exports or movement of products from 9 to 12 hours away place .....

    [3] RITA
    The 4th Shani BAD effects are mostly over in the 1st degree of Tula rashi itself BUT the good effects would start seeing when it is close to the Chnadra and Lagna degrees...Hope this helps (8th or whatever in this case) I would take lagna degree for health matters and chandra degree for some results that you are expecting for yout Kriyamaan Karma.

  5. Hi Miliand,

    Wish you & your Family very happy new year.

    Amit Wadhwa

  6. wishing u a very happy new year...
    My dob 15 aug 1988 at 8.20 am..visakhapatnam...
    Gal dob...5 may 1992 at 5am..visakhapatnam...
    Is there any chance of marriage b/n above two..?
    If so when..? How it helps 4 me...

  7. Hi Milind,
    In continuation to the discussion on business sector, where you mentioned 2,6 and 10 house decides what before how, in this case 2nd house (virgo) has venus and 6th house (capri) has jupiter with 10th house being blank. Also jupiter from 6th house has an aspect on 10th house, mercury in 12th house and venus in 2nd house..Do you see a possibility of technology enabled (due to mercury) services business in healthcare, financials OR manufacturing business in food & beverages and agri products?

    Secondly, I dont quite see ANYONYA YOGA in this chart as you had specified...since mercury (11th house owner) is in 12th house (cancer) whereas saturn is 6th house owner in 11th house (gemini)..isnt ANYONYA yoga a reciprocal yoga as you had earlier stated in your articles?

    I am replicating the chart details again for your reference
    1H(Leo): Sun
    2H(Virgo): Venus
    5H(Sag) : Rahu
    6H(Capri): Jup (R)
    9H (Aries): Mars, Moon
    11H(Gemini): Saturn, Ketu
    12H(Cancer): Mercury

    Thanks again for an interesting discussion

    Amit Jain

  8. Milind sir happy new year
    I am wondering what is wrong with my posts !
    U have replied to people who have posted many times after me !
    i hope u reply to me sir
    2 may 1982 amritsar 2:52 am
    carrer and marriage

  9. my email id
    Please respond back asap sir

  10. @ amit Jain-- I am not a PRO but L10 venus in house of mercury- U r awesome at mercurial work and writing, clerical. L2 in vyaya- ur investments related to foreigners(again cancer- very wishywashy)...
    L6 in 11 with ketu- u can earn as a manager of marital conflict,workplace stress, chronic illness-(saturn- dealin with public)
    p.s. Please excuse my amateur analysis....but if u were to get into marketplace, u cud apply new conceptual thinking towards care for the clinically ill, criminals, the poor, the ignorant and those without access to basic human services.
    I recently learned that radix L10 in navamshahouse(with sign)- can
    tell a lot

  11. Milind,
    In astrology, we refer to the 12th house as the house of immigration or talk about other things such as "5-6 hours away from birth place" etc
    If a child is born in say USA or UK, what would would a foreign land/immigration mean for him? is that India in his case?? :)

  12. Hi Milind,
    I had emailed several times but got no reply.Can you tell if there is a chance of marriage in my chart.All my friends/family have only this concern for me.

    dob 3 nov 1972
    tob 19 hr 22 Gmt+4
    long 57 E 41
    lat 20 S 6

  13. Wish you a very Happy New Year Milind ji! I have been telling you time and again that whatever you write is perfectly spot on when analysed from my Singh Lagna. So now, if what you have written about Singh comes true then you will get a treat from me. This is no joke, I am damn serious!

  14. AMIT JAIN:
    Yes -- Mistake on my part -- about the anonya yoga..! :) But Guru in 6th house doe show medical sector connection but please send me your b-detail so I can check navamansh etc and also nakshatra related stuff...

  15. Hi Milindji

    I have sent you an email, this is quite urgent as everyone is in rush to finish up the scenario
    please don't delay


  16. @ Amit jain..
    Want to add some more outside ur question, hope you don’t mind it..
    Sun & Mangal Suggest you are action oriented person having good & creative personality, like a warrior.
    4 house Lord Mars in 9 house & in own house with Moon = having Good mother, Good Childhood home, pleasant house, farmhouse or Land owner.
    Saturn in 11 > good life partner but may be age differs
    I guess social services will be good for you :) you’ll get good fame thro it.
    But Milind can elaborate more… :)

  17. shraddha....namaskar...tumache bhavisha khup ahuk aste..maza ayshat sadhya khup vadal ale ahe.....tumache nishkarsh ekdum barobar dob 18sep 1983vel 3.45am ahe mala kahi suchaval ka?sadhya khup garaj ahe mala...

  18. [1] PAVAN: Marriage
    Delay your marriage as much as possible with both Shani and Mangal aspecting your Shukra suggest a caution and 7th house Mangal -- your ideas of marriage could chnage quite abit after age of say 27/28 and previous chosen partner could come across as misfit!! So delay is very good for you.

    There is a good chance of finding someone from June2013 to June2014. (say -- July20, 2013 to August 30, 2013). And actual marriage could happen say from August2015 to August 2016.

    [2] AMIT JAIN
    August 19/20, 1973 around 7 am is the time I took. 19 and 20 makes a huge difference to Chandra nakshatra and WHOLE Maha calculations.

    1. Guru in 6th house in MESH navamansh -- Service Sector but Engineering Navamansh. Owner in 11th house ensures income from this. Makar rashi shows production and finance too.
    2. Shukra Kanya but uchcha navamansh in 2nd house -- L10 in 2 ---> Good for raising capital & doing/starting business using capital/debts. But as it is not the friend of Lagna and Moon (but could be owner of Nakshatra swmai of both!) it might not PULL towards it but would just HELP --- Assist.
    3. Owner of 6th house Shani and owner of 2nd house Budh both in Dhanu navamansh in 6th house in navamansh.
    SHANI to get the MOST importance as it is owner of 10th house from MOON and 6th hosue from Lagna rashi.

    BOTH the following possibilities are good in this horoscope for it is in accoradance with 1 above. I would go with technology one as Mangal and Chandra yuti.

    "Do you see a possibility of technology enabled (due to mercury) services business in healthcare, financials OR manufacturing business in food & beverages and agri products?"

    [3] WSU
    Nothing wrong -- Just could not get to your email on weekend! :(

    (a) Interesting horoscope. Sept2009 to Nov2011 VERY tough for health, stomach, acidity & also internal reprod organs. Land related things in family could create lot of delays etc and fights too. There could be some blood related issues to your siblings. Good possibility of a miscarriage to your mom after your birth in the next pregnancy. It seems your mom or father's Guru might not be very well placed (Say in Moola or some other intense nakshatra).
    (b) Marriage recommended late and certainly after Nov2011 which is a good thing that it is delayed for you. I think until May2011 is a good chance to find someone and get married. Family financial data could cause some stress in marriage proposals if doing in a big family as your horoscope indictaes.
    (c) Even May2010 June 2010 was a good 2 months period to find someone good -- Please check if someone had approached you or your fmaily in that timeframe.
    (d) CAREER: Until May2012 you will see soem dramatic improvements now -- Very good time in career to find a POST which is very good and you always wanted. 2008 was a GREAT year and something you get untiul May2012 will be a reflection of what happened in 2008.

    Hope this helps.

    [4] SAHIWAL on AMIT JAIN Horoscope: Good analysis there on AMIT's Horoscope! :) But Shukra is in Meen navamansh which would HATE clerical stuff! :) Also income from medical field seems to be there but consultancy seems a bit tough and "produciton" seems more apt as Guru and Budh in CHAR rashi & Guru in MESH i.e. CHAR navamansh -- denotes production more than say consultancy!

    If the child's grandparents are settled in USA or say great grandfathers are settled in USA -- then 12ht house woudl show immigration or travel abroad away from USA. But if parents are immigrated to USA then the 12h thouse planets woudl merely reflect this move of parents and the chidl would not travel abroad but stay abroad which is USA for this kid as his immediate previous generation is gone to USA.

    Hope this LOGICAL thought is acceptable to you! :) Someone whos family belongs in USA from some generations -- say at least 2/3 then only that 12th house shoudl be taken as going away from USA -- else it is merely a reflection of movement away from India (or their native country).

    Recently saw a horoscope of a lady born in USA but family had come to USA then recently from scandanavian country -- 5 planets in 12th house! :) The lady would continue to stay in USA in this life! :)

    [6] HARI -- GMT--4
    (a) Shani in 1st house recommends late marriage but not THIS late! Any skin issues? Just checking. Your horosocpe inidicates a intercast love marriage/affairas. 2005 was very good for such marriage or relationship.
    (b) Sept2009 to Nov2011 was VERY bad for relationships, health/acidity and also skin issues.
    (c) 2009 was VERY good to find a GOOD match -- please check if someone in that timeframe...
    (d) May2010 to May2011 was also good but Shani travel would have made you concentrate on other aspects of life more! :(
    (e) So overall, Rather I see multiple relationships etc in this horoscope than not getting married! :)
    (f) NOW -- May2012 to May2013 is a GREAT tiem to find someone and get married FOR SURE. Do not miss this chance.

  20. place of birth is bidar karnatka...plz guide me ...abt my married life..

  21. [7] HINA
    I did respond to your email rigth away yesterday - Please check!

    [8] Pradip on AMIT JAIN
    Some good observations from your side. The 1st hosue Surya give sRIBUST health andf energy to carry out one's plans. The Chandra Mangal in Mesh only add to the RAAJYOG of this horoscope. and Yes it makes it MORE energetic for sure. The 6th Guru and 11th Shani are differentiators as to WHERE this energy woudl go -- ie. ARTHA TRIKON decides which WHAT and HOW business where this energy will be directed.. Else this horoscope is not bad at all to become a RACE CAR Driver! :) he must be driving vehicles VERY fast anyways! :) :)

    [9] Shraddha
    (a) Your Shukra and Mangal in Ahslelsha nakshatra annd last last degrees of Kirk (Rashi Gandaant) show some issues with love marriage.affair. Assuming Pune as birth place as not given which shows even teh Lagna degree in Ashlesha at 23rd degree. (makar lagna in navamansh). Whats the b-place.
    (b) Regardless of that Mangal and Shukra in last few degrees does show some helath issues with lungs and talpay and also in your case they are rulling complete body as in 1st house so very difficult to hone down the areas of health issues - Something related to viral stuff. Guru drushti on Shukra mangal is a saviour and could take you out of these issues.
    (c) Overall a good horoscope with cucha Shani and Guru in 5th house and Surya in Parakram sthan. So gives you enough energy to come out of any issues.

  22. [10] Shraddha:
    The change in b-place only added to intensity as the Nakshatra LAGNA Ashlesha became in 26:xx degrees that is Meen Navamansh and not makar. This also makes marriage issues a bit tough. What I feel is that the Shani in Tula is not making matters easy for you. and also Rahu maha and SHUKRA natardasha causing these Kaarmic issues.

    The SHUKRA MAHADASHa ends in Dec2012 and you woudl see these issues easing out after that. Until then you WILL have to show patience and calmness. The DATE of 18 shows an aggressive temparament and also Mangal in the 1st house shows a AGGRESSIVE person -- You will need to channel this aggression to come good things -- else they coudl do MORE HARM than your karmic issues from past lfie.

    So PLEASE SHOW SOME PATIENCE and Shraddha and Saboori which you already have due to KIRK lagna amnd Makar rashi.


  23. Happy new year Milind ji,
    I had written u a mail some time back but cud not get a reply.
    Need some very imp help on a horscope of a person :2nd April 1973,dehradoon dop and time is approxe 23:50(not sure).He is married with 2 kids and since 1.5 yrs in relationship and at verge of divorce with his wife....they are close to me and i seek only your advice.this person is also having some problem in left leg since birth due to which he cud not walk..but his sheer will n stamina..started walking/running at tender age of 5yrs.His mother passed away in 2010 due to stomach cancer(details for approximation of time of birth)..PLEASE HELP...

  24. agreed with sahiwal @ “we could find a common ground and gather equally passionate astrologers”
    We can try Milind – I can manage any help including financial matter – even we all can manage together. - Saathi Haath Badhana..

    And for Astro related stuff you are always here & we too are with you. plz ask for any help. :)

    well, you are in tremendous mood today, as answering very fast.. :)

  25. Milindji

    Its from gmail ID I did send in norning only
    subject :: "damm urgent"
    Please recheck, there must be other one with same name

    Pls pls

  26. [11] HARSH
    The root-cause of issues in relationships: (a) Shani in 7th house but in a good nakshatra and rashi so delay was supposed to be there but not big issue (2) Shukra & Chandra have Harshal opposite to them - tendency to chose a partner which is not conventional but again, Shukra in uchcha rashi with Surya and Chandra is in a very good company and shoudl not cause long term issues in the relationships. YES -- Sept2009 to Nov2011 was chaotic for relationship as the Shani was opposite to 3 planets in meen and wakri for sometime exactly to Shukra. BUT this period is over now and May2012 to May2013 is a VERY good time to reconcile their differences and get some stability in the relationship.

    The issue with leg is not very difficult to explain as Both Mangal and Shani have drushti on his legs. But it is not in close degrees also Mangal and Shani have good rashi bal and owner of that house is well placed so -- I could have even ignored this issue actually!!!

    [12] Pradeep / Sahiwal: Sounds good -- We can certainly do that. before I launch my own Astro Stuff as profession - I would like to have DETAILED case studies of at least 100 folks from various fields and create some "baselines"

    [13] HINA
    Can't access gmail until late night. But if you need do some stuff with operation etc on him then avoid MESH Chandra from today 4 p.m to Thursday 4 a.m. aprox. From Thursday 4 a.m. it is a good time but if possible I would even advise to wait until Saturday 3:20 p.m. when Moon enters Gemini / Mithun.

  27. Tnq very much...
    I hope i vl find a betr partner soon...4th july 1990 at 7.34pm..thiz my gfs bday..mine is 15 aug 1988 at 8.20 it compatible...? Careerwise i am scale1 ofcr in canara bank...hw it wl be in future..?


  28. cont. To above...
    I was born in vizag..she was in it posble for a love marriage..? Pls do ans me...we both are eagerly waiting...


  29. Hi Milind/Pradeep/Sahiwal,
    I am amazed at the prowess of peers like Sahiwal and Pradeep apart from the guru here aka Milind and I honestly dont mind joining hands on the case study discussion bit as being a novice here I can add my own 2 cents to the analysis and get a business plan coming along as well when Milind plans to go full time :)

    @SAHIWAL: not sure what mercurial writing is..I am aware of species with mercurial nature though ;)....however you are spot on writing is a passion though havnt made it a profession yet and I guess dont intend to as well....clerical job !! would rather die an honorable death :) so Milind is abso spot on that front...applying my skills for basic human services is what I am really passionate dude, you are good is what I would say :)

    @PRADEEP: action oriented yes...but do u see bouts of procrastination somewhere? Milind as usual is again spot on regarding the fast driving bit and I have had my fair share of close partner need to analyze this further :)

    @MILIND: I am amazed at your prowess of getting so close to the birth date and time details...and you are right difference in dates can make...I have mailed you the birth details separately on ur mail id..however for the benefit of our friends Praveen and Sahiwal, I am providing the navamsa chart details below as well along with birth chart details given earlier. And I will tell you where the conflict is...whether to focus on
    1. manufacturing, trading and packaging business in agriculture, food and beverages OR 2. services business in healthcare, financial services, technology enabled retail (read ecommerce)

    More importantly as you have stated earlier in a previous mail...where is the true calling and where lies the real success..someone long back from astrology world told me that I wont succeed as an entrepreneur but do better as a consultant...I am trying to prove that wrong :)

    Here are the details on NAVAMSA Chart
    1H(Gemini): Mars
    2H(Cancer): Rahu
    7H(Sagi): Saturn, Moon
    8H(Capri): Mercury, Ketu
    10H(Pisces): Venus
    11H(Aries): Jupiter
    12H(Taurus): Sun

    Thanks again Milind for a lively discussion here and I am guessing now I have 2 peers who would provide me details I can analyze for them :)

    Thanks folks
    Amit Jain

  30. Dear MilindJi,
    Please request your answer on Navamsh chart.

    In my main Natal chart Mars and Mer in 9th house (VRASHABH) and Shani and Rahu in 7th house (MEENA) from KANYA Lagna. Moon and Jupiter in SINGH.
    But in Navamsh all the 4 mars,mer,rahu and shani are in 9th (KUMBH) from MITHUN lagna!. Jupiter and Moon in MESHA.

    What it means? please help.


  31. Good life partner = advantage by life partner / partners; or luck starts after marriage. check your time line after marriage :) – but for detail analysis one have to go deep.
    Milind is right about racing/driving, as your mars is vey well placed >> energy , force.
    p.s. I wrote your details just in 2-4 minutes, as having hectic b’ness schedule; also I didn’t find much time for this hobby, except some personal group. but I m trying learn some new thro this blog.
    Well, again some b’ness work here :)
    Thnx milind / amit.

  32. Dear Milind Sir,
    Happy new year to you,
    This is Raghav,
    I have tried to contact you through your personal e-mail as given.
    Pl check ,even requests , who have, written many days after me have got a reply !
    My mail id is,,
    Presently i m in saturn hahadasha and rahu antardasha, pl suggest something.
    Hope u reply
    thanks and regards

  33. Hello Millind


    1] My Star is Meena and nakshatra is Dhanu, currently Sukra maha Dasha is on with sukra Sub dasha

    2] My Wife star is Measha and nakshtra is Tula, currently Surya Mahadasha is on

    How the year 2012 could be for us?

  34. Dear Milindji,

    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.... I have read details about DHANU rashi "dreams come true? so is there a chance for Sachin Tendulkar too in Sydney test match ?
    I am sure everyone is interested to know your prediction...

    Anjali J.

  35. @ milind

    1 ) You said interesting horoscope what does it mean ! Yes there was miscarriage after my birth .
    2) u said some sort of stress regarding financial matters at time of marriage .can u please eloborate .I wanted to know how will the girl be .what precautions/do/don to do before choosing a girl
    3) may 2010 to june 2010 there was no proposal as such
    4)Please tel me when will earning come up
    5_) As u said 2008 ., i dont recall anything significant happening .it was just an routine period .

  36. Hi Milind,
    Thank you for responding. Just to validate your analysis.
    Yes my first house shani has denied me marriage, may be partly because I try to be too choosy etc. and unstable job/fin

    I had health issues mainly thyroid disease and acute vitamin b deficiency. I have skin rash and for past 2-3 years having problem with pimple leaving ugly marks on the cheeks.

    year 2009 nothing new with regards to relationship.
    2009 onwards very difficult time for relationship .

    1) if you can tell me why this relationship in 2000 had failed

    2) can you tell me characteristics of spouse from my chart


  37. sir ji,
    rahul..............sirji maine apko mail kiya tha lekin aapka javab nahi aaya hai.kripya javab deve..(

  38. Milind,
    I wanted your help to analyse this girl's horo.
    DOB : 29th August 1978, Pune, 8:14 am.

    This girl has an unbelievably extreme life, full of ups and down and currently is suffering with a very serious health issue.
    She was born good looking, intelligent, to highly educated parents.But due to her family prbs (Having parents who hated each other, an absolutely crazy father who never worked the last 20 yrs) she could barely even complete her graduation. Its more of a riches-to-rag story, mainly due to her father.
    So, there is no question abt marriage right now.
    But, will she be able to atleast come out of this serious illness, get some job and start a respectable life??

  39. Dear Milindji,
    maze career parat suru hoil ka? if yes then when?

    DOB : 17/12/1978
    BP : A'Nagar
    BT : 00:28 a.m.


    Anjali J

  40. @ Milind-- Thank you again for teachin me somethin new and correcting me when I err :) n I AM ALL UP for case studies- infact I think we should come up with concrete plans and mayb lay out the specific and come up with feasible deadlines compatible with out work schedules..:D I AM ALL PUMPED UP TO B A PART of this!

    @pradip --- OH YEA V GOT THIS BRO! :) I wanted to ask u... tusi keda software use karde hon to make 9th harmonics? i use the free astrodienst wala but i dont trust it for navamansh coz even 2 minutes makes a huge difference for the same...

    @ amit jain-- Thank u buddy (although i wud still call myself a complete amateur)
    mercurial se mera matlab tha ke aap technical writing mein kaafi excel kar sakte hain :)
    aur kyunki mercury is in vyaya(i.e- ancestor spirits use language/writing as a conduit for ur excellence)... u will b amazed at how proficient u cud get if u start learning new languages... :)
    I am all up for providing my chart details for ur analysis although I refuse to look at my chart now (i cud get biased)-

    1st-- venus in taurus
    5th- Moon in virgo
    6th- Pluto and ketu in libra
    7th- Saturn and uranus in scorpio
    8th Mars and neptune in sagitarius
    10th- Jupiter in aquarius
    11th- Mercury in pisces
    12th- sun conjunct rahu- aries


  41. hi milindji i am shraddha just now send u my dob n everything....please reply asap...i am in a big troble....please help me...

  42. Hi milind,
    I have the same question as anjali above ..:)!
    When will i make a comeback in career and when will the money matters improve?
    DOB : 19 dec 1983
    Time : 10:32 pm
    Place : Pune


  43. hi milind ji,
    i am financially very down at this stage, also want to make it big in bollywood or hollywood, can you please tell me if this is possible and when ?
    date of birth - 10/11/1986
    time - 14:15 PM
    Place - ghaziabad (u.p)


  44. is it posble in tel whether a guy/gal wl have love/arranged/intercaste marriage...if so wat is mine..?
    Dob 15 08 1988 at 8.30am...visakhapatnam...gals dob 4 7 1990 at 7.34pm...hyderabad

  45. wishing u a very happy new year to u and ur family...
    And is there any significance for zero 0 number in numerology...


  46. Sahiwal

    Try jaganath hora software
    Its free and gives much detailed charts


  47. Milindji
    Your list of fans if growing, and thanks to your articles people are finding good advice and knowledge.
    When you get a chance can you reply to my latest email. (I am sure , lot of people have mailed before me, So i promise to be patient)

    Thanks again for the great work


  48. Thank u Hina.. I appreciate that :)

  49. milindji i am shradddha ...yesdy mail u my dob n everything bple guide me.... i need ur help.....

  50. @ 12th house immigration topic--
    I wanted to add some personal and close experiences of ppl with heavy 12th house...
    1) My brother was born in india and moved to States at the age of 5 and ever since he feels imprisoned as a kid- he has an acute memory of most random things but always lost in imagination(LAGNESHA IN 12th house)
    2) 12th house heavy ppl go thru immense suffering since childhood and feel a loss of identity ALL THE TIME... also catastrophies appear as gifts to connect with past life during periods related L12 and graha in 12th....EXTREME LOSS OF SLEEP! n have this sense of ego being dissolved to connect with somethin unexplainable and they always wanna work for a cause- Their soul seems to have signed up a contract of confinement (emotional)to connect with anythin foreign, abstract or divine..VERY PRIVATE coz their levels of empathy can pick up signals in an acute way and they protect their space from other ppl...
    its like a stroppy god is asking for an ultimate sacrafice and just when u feel like a loser, U R BLESSED with somethin better by the same god :)


  51. Wish You A very happy New year 2012
    Sir,plz let me know when should I buy property.what is right time to purchasing house/plot?

    My Details-
    Tula lagna,vrishabh rashi
    First to 4th house empty.
    in fifth house-ketu(kumbh)
    in 6th house-budh (meen)
    in 7th house-surya (Mesh rashi)
    in 8th house-shuka & chandra(vrishabh rashi)
    then in 11th house-guru,mangal,shani,rahu (all in singh rashi)

    currently in Guru mahadasha (2005 to 2021).
    born in rohini nakshatra.

    Thanking you.
    best regards.

  52. @ Hina- what link do u use to download the software? i tried doing the same and it gave me a corrupted file :( I guess Im gonna go home and try this again tonite on my laptop..


  53. I have Jupiter in 12th house, What would that indicate> currently in Guru Mahadasha

  54. @SAHIWAL - Try

    Amit Jain

  55. @ Amit-- Thank u zillions...
    astrodienst put jupiter in 29th degree of pisces
    and this software put it in aries! i knew somethin seemed off


  56. Thank u for your insights...wife of the person i mentioned has been told specifically that he has divorce yog in his kundali and so she has given up and are staying seperately already....just wanted to know do u see a divorce yog or 2nd marriage which has been so strongly told.A great help..his wife DOB is 15-11-75,dehradoon..time is not known.Thanks!

  57. sorry his wife's DOB is 15-11-74 and not 75.oops

  58. I've been following your blog since september 2009 and find most of ur articles accurate. But all ur weekly rashi bhavishya till date for 3 different moonsigns in my house has been ALWAYS wrong. You need to take an online opinion poll and then discard this weekly bhavishya stuff altogether.

  59. [1] HARI
    Thanks for the feedback. It helps, I guess most of the analysis was correct. The health issues shoudl improve now as Shani has moved away from the 3 Kanya

    planets in your horoscope. In 2000 Shani was in Vrushabh and going over Shani. For your horoscope, age of 30 should have been passed for marriage as far as

    possible. Also your saptamesh from Chandra is Guru which is in 8th house and MOOLA Nakshatra -- Around same time Guru maha Guru antgardasha was good

    for money etc but not the best for relationship beiung L7 from Moon in Moola and 8th house. Marriage after Dec2000 would have been better.

    [2] Rahul Vyas: Will check

    [3] GAL2012: Girl Issues: Not surprised as 29 is a Karmic issue date and total addition of 8 does not help further. Shows paying off in this birth quite a bit.
    (a) Rahu Mangal with Shukra in 1st house give a agitated temparament with ange mgmt issue and also intercast love affair/marriage possibilities. Sun in Leo with

    Shani in 12th house shows restless sleep and also father's issues (spine and heart too). The owner of the father's hosue is Wakri in Ashlesha nakahstra last

    charan! :( Rashi-Gandant. CLOSE degree Surya Shani and 10th onwner so badly placed shows definite bad kaarmic history in past life with FATHER and hence

    this quality of father in this life. She could also have some skin issues and blood related ones -- affecting stomach also. Sept2009 to Nov2011 was a BAD period

    for health for sure and July2007 to Sept2009 VERY BAD for Father and his health. She does not have any sukh from father in short. Mom is like father as Moon in

    10th house. Until 1992 they might have done good as a family. 1992 to 2011 Sept was a horrible perod for them as a family -- It also shows some issues with one

    uncle. NOW -- Her father might still do worse but she will fdo better economically. One of the MAMA/Mousi is also an issue for this girl. i.e. her mom would need to

    help that family quite abit! :( Budh mahadasha will bring in MONEY now for sure and economic stability. So the next few years are actually quite good for her.

    Hanuman Sadhana is a MUSt with Rahu Mangal in the 1st house.

    [4] ANJALI
    Career start -- March April 2012 are absolutely wonderful for this -- try hard. In 2012 later part in August-Sept, you would have great expression an proposal etc

    acitvities and also some travel from time to time for short term.

    [5] SAHIWAL
    Please use LAHIRI Ayanansh -- they are the most acurate. For 2012 --i,.e. today they are at 24:02 --- This will yeild you correct degrees.

    [6] Shraddha - I guess I replied to you in details in the comments section itself but will check the email too when I get time.

    [7] PRACHI: Horosocpe shows a lot of positive energy and ego/self esteem -- dsciplined nature and some anger/agitation from time to time also! :)
    I think March2012 would be a VERY good time for you to find something which is 6 hrs away from current place or if not 6 some 120/150 KM away from current

    place. You could come back to this place around May2013. But if you do not travel then May2012 onwards -- say in August2012 also there us a GREAt chance to

    find something close by. Hope this helps. Actually -- NOW onwards ANY time is a good time -- I am giving above timeframes for GREAt assignments in career and

    not just finding job. For finding job Dec27 onwards to May2012 is a VERY good time anyways.

  60. [8] SAMARTH
    A very good horoscope indeed!!!! Raajyogkarak sorts. The numero of 1 and 9 are also in synch and good.
    (a) Both Moon and Lagna KUMBH so Nov2011 onwards 7.5 years are GREAT for you due to Shani bhraman of 9 10 11 to your rashi. May2011 to May2012

    shows travelk away from current place for a good asignment.
    (b) Shukra in Tula in 9th shows a very good fortune in & around artistic folks and the line you are talking is suitable for this horoscope for sure. Surya in Tula only

    adds to it. PLEASe use DIAMOND to increase power of SHURKA for sure. Do not spend too much on this though. Use of RICH-White and Blue clothes would suit

    you greatly. (White which is not dull but a rich white usually seen in movie shirts - Shukra-Pradhan and not Guru-pradhan White which is normally seen at

    (c) Guru maha fro, 1996 to Oct 2012 is of great optimism and income for family for sure and also great for you to get a ISHT-GURU (the way you want) and also

    for great education and consultancy in life from various SMEs. Dec2009 to April2010 was great time to find a mentor / Guru for next 12 years!
    (d) Your REAL fun would start in SHANI mahadasha from Oct2012 for 19 years. Shani is Vargottam and 10th house -- shows support from masses -- This is

    greta for you. This will show great support from masses for you. You have a good ability to write/criticize etc -- Youhave good planning ability which needs to be

    used. PAY more attention to driving though! :) Negligent driving can really affect you! :) Always pay very good attention while driving.

    Overall I do see a good success for you for sure. Keep working on it. I can check horoscope in details later on.

    [9] Intercast marriage: I will not say BIRTH cast but more like social status. Shukra in Kanya shows marriage in to a family lower in social status than yours and

    Shukra in Meen shows it in higher social class. Again do not attach it to birth-caste. Love marriage is often shown by Mangall Shukra yog Mangal drushit on

    Shukra causes affairs/;love marriages. Yuti and pratiyog or anyonya yog of 5th and 7th owner is also a GREAT chance of this.

    [10] SAHIAL
    LOVELY thoughts and write-up on the 12th house planets. Keep writing!!! You have given great imaginitive write-up on 12th house planets. I tend to wirte only

    astutue observations and try to reduce the fear behiind 6, 8, 12 house planets as they are unnecessarily feared. BABASAHEB Ambedkar -- had 12th house Guru

    and Shukra in KUMBH -- He was a GREAT VISIONARY -- 12th house is about planning for this and next life and lives of thousands also! PLANNING & VISION is

    ALL about th 12th house. 3000 feet view or bird's view is possible only to 12th hosue planets. Hence Hawaldar could have 3rd house Mangal, Inspector 6th

    house BUT ACP, Comissioners etc have 9th or 12th house mangal which shows STRATEGY and Vision!! 10th house Mangal also seen in UCHCHA placed officers say in MILITARY.

  61. I agree with Neeta. Please stop writing WEEKLY Rashi Phal, it will never be accurate. Please write good articles or if you are so keen Sir, write only monthly Rashi Phal.


  62. [11] HARSH
    No I do not see a definite Diviorce yog etc in his horoscope -- IF the marriage happens after age of 29/30. Also overall if marriage goes beyond age of 32 -- also it does not show issues. YES time until Nov2011was bad for relationship, staying awya etc but NO need for a divorce in this horoscope.

    [12] NEETA : Weekly Horoscope: Thanks for the feedback.
    My posts are very specific on weekly horoscope and they are for folks are ACTIVE -- say in career, job etc so it is obvious that they would apply to folks who have things going around in their life. ALso the weekly horoscope should always be taken WITHIN the Yearly Rashibhavishya posts and not in isolation. So it is perfctly fine if it does not apply to you as it is ONLY based on MOON movements -- I can be VAGUE can write someting that applies to all (the way you see weekly horoscope in MOST dailies or magazines). But that is NOT a value add. Example: For a housewife -- 3rd CHandra at the most would take her to Big Bazaar or nearest vegetable market and not to a place which you call a "TRAVEL" :) Rather there could be some READING and singing for her in 3rd house moon. I cannot cover ALL possibilities in the weekly horoscope. You can read ANY rashi's bhavishya in PAPERS or Magazines and ANY DAMN thing would apply to you as they do not BITE the bullet to be specific. :)

    If Moon Sign Kanya, Sun Sign Mesh and Ascendant Meen -- Obviously weekly horoscope will not appply to this person as much as 3 signs are completely different & mostly out of phase.

  63. Also -- For each 1 email of weekly horoscope not applying much - I get 5 emails of them being very acurate! :) Also there are at least 1000 folks who check the blog on each Monday or Sunday night for weekly horoscope. There are at least 15 comments/messages etc on facebook about request for Weekly Rashibhavishya... :)

    I guess you have to give what people WANT along with what they NEED...! :)

  64. Sahiwal
    Take each file


  65. Milindji
    Could you also take a look at the latest email I sent? from (
    Any response to that is greatly appreciated


  66. namast milindji .happy new year to u n ur family...please guide me...shraddha ..i sent u mail on 2jan2012....waiting f ur reply.. shraddha

  67. thanks a lot milindji....shraddha..

  68. thanks for your info...i will email you on gmail to ask few more personal questions.
    thanks again

  69. @ Sahiwal
    I’ve kudli-2009, but I always consider to calculate softcopy manually with Lahiri Ayanamsa panchang (Tithi, Var, Nakshatra, Yog and Karan, the five basic elements of “Pancha-anga”= panchanga)
    there is just a 5-6 minutes difference between KP & Lahiri ayanansa, but it’s a most imp in astrology to choose right ayanansa. B’coz, the tiny difference of 5-6 minutes will make a big differences, particularly when planet transiting in very last degrees between two nakshtra/signs; as It’ll go to another house. thus you may find completely different calculation while calculating planets lord & other imp details.

    KP is good for vimshotary dasa, but lahiri is all good b’coz it can calculate to the very minute & also too excellent for D-9. so Mlind is right, you have to prefer Lahiri for better result.

    I request all readers, try to learn ayanansa from the grass root; it depends on physics; you’ll be amazed on our great Rishis intelligence, they’re great geniuses, just wonder how they can make charts & other calculations without all the facilities we have today like SW etc.; they found the planets, nakshtras, method of calculation & many other things, even thousand of years ago & before Copernicus and other scientist.
    I believe in Seven Great Masters, the “Saptarishis”

    Well, it’s a very very huge subject; but you can try to learn our Vedas as a science, instead of chanting books; refer maxmuller & read some German books; you’ll feel proud…

    Well sahiwal, you wrote quality on 12 house; this house also covers Moksha & Enlightenment;
    Well done , keep writing.

  70. Hey Milind

    how are you, well i would like to know about my career and marriage which both aren't settled yet, as i would like to pursue Phd in environmental science, if its possible, or what other options for a nice job, and also my stay in abroad, as am living in australia from the past 3 years but not sure about future, so can you pls give a glance to my career, future and marriage (love or arrange).

    Thanks Khushi
    DOB : 23/10/83
    time: 11:15 am
    place : bareilly, up india

  71. [1] KHUSHI
    (a) The horoscope shows GREAT advances in studies and also working closely with a Mentor abroad from MAy2012 to May2012 for sure. August Sept 2012 would be of great progress in this regard.
    (b) Your marriage would be mosgtly love marriage -- by your own choice due to CLOSE Mangal and Shukra. A GREAT possibility to find someone from May2011 to May2012 and MORE SO from Jan2012 to May2012 -- More close period would be March2012 but all the period until May2012 is very good in this regard.
    (c) Career until May2010 was VERY good now -- until May2012 you will see increase in responsibilities and would get a good position for sure. Income growth woudl happen in 2013 or AFTER July2012.
    Hope this helps.
    (c) 2008 was good to find someone and so was Dec2009 to April2010 but July2007 to Sept2009 was also chatic for relationships. There is a chance of some affair so need to be careful that someone is not taking advantage etc.

    [2] Pradip Thanks for the comment. Yes Lahiri is the best. EVen for KP method prashna kundali LAHIRI is the best. You are right about German's and also Russians who use our Vedas and other scriptures and do a lot of research.

  72. Hey Milind,
    So what do you think after looking at the navamsa and birth details that I had mailed you you think I would be able to prove the prognosis wrong about me not being fit to be an entrepreneur :) ??? are most welcome...I will post my observations on your chart details in a couple of days...I am a novice so would be interested in ur feedback on the accuracy level ..

    Amit Jain

  73. Hi milind,
    Thank you so much for the response. I have got at least some hope now that i can find a job. Actually i do not have a work visa currently. I got a very good job offer on 15th nov 2011. The company was even ready to do the visa. But suddenly after 2 days.. around 17th nov 2011 , they refused to do the visa. I was really frustrated since the selection process was going on for 1 month. Now no new visas are available till april 2011 , so I have no idea what will happen to my career. Things are just not falling in place , i am feeling it very hard to digest since my career till 2010 was great ! 2011 i was highly appreciated for my previous work but from that time itself the assignments became weak , and july 2012 i had to leave my current job since i had to travel with my husband and could not get a visa from current company in spite of being top performer. It was very frustrating. I hope this year things fall in line as we need money since we are facing economical problems.
    Thanks again for the analysis.

  74. hey milind...
    Can u pls brief me abt my marriage details...actually i am nt getting u in the comnts abt intercaste...cos im nt sound in astro knwledge... My dob 15 aug 1988 at dob 4 july 1990..we are nt of same caste...

    Is there any possblity of our marriage..? And if nt wat wil hapn wen cmng to my marriage..u said it going to happen in 2015 to


  75. @ Sahiwal and Milind
    Amazing 12th house descriptions, came to the conclusion this life is not great one for personal enjoyment/satisfaction. Sleeplessness - you bet. For long could not put a finger on the desire to do something for society but ever since started following this blog , many things seem to make more sense. FYI 12th house Shani in Mesh. Hope to pay off all / most debts this life time. Trying to control ego in sade sati (simha) - NOT EASY. Privacy/Empathy- sometimes scary so much can be read so easily. Once again @ Sahiwal, very well done.
    Keep going the discussions guys, very very interesting for a layman like me.

  76. @ Milind-
    SO TRUE! i agree 12th house pplanets give u vision to see when others are fixating on anythin material/visible... matters of 12th house are least comfortable to discuss coz they never materialize in physical world but 12th house ppl are always aware...i think it is BLESSING in disguise...infact if u ask any 12th- houser( if there is word :P )-- they will tell u that though they had a rough life, they always had a guardian angel to help with the same(OUTTA D BLUE)-- they are never sad with the gifts.. its just the next great transformation that awaits them.. makes them go antsy
    Infact I am surrounded by 12th house heavy folks in my fam n very close frs...they are happy people on the surface and very intuitive and empathetic souls... they prefer to work in religious institutions, research labs(confined space),hospitals(12th house) and into creative arts like theatre(Imagination is again 12th house)...
    Personally i luv matters of 6th, 8th, 12... my chart and navamansh is very 12th and 8th house heavy

    @ Pradip-- Thank u for the post... that will definitely b one of my next books to read.. I luv readin and please write more regardin this some time

    @amit jain-- Hanji Take ur time-- no hassles
    @ Hina-- Thank u again :)how sweet of u


  77. Hi Milind,

    You are right about ju/ju time was good for finance but not relationship. During ju/sa it was even better as I had settled in foreign.

    please tell me about the characteristic of spouse from my chart. All my life I had some hit and miss in career, but i am anxious want the right person to marry and i can never afford a failed marriage in north america if you know what it can cost you.


  78. @ sunne-- U r welcome.. I m glad u realize u r not alone-- nonetheless every planetary placement has a hidden benefit--- ur shani is in rashi of mars but its a good shani for u as shani is MOST benefic for taurus ascendants...
    May babaji bless u with all the peace u desire


  79. @Hari- Please excuse me for my thoughts- I do realize that divorce takes tolls in North america as it messes up ur credit, ur life, ur circle--im surrounded by , ppl gettin divorced all the time but thats coz they believe in SURYA based love and not SHUKRA based love...

    SURYA based love= everythin is pretty n lucrative, infatuation, ouur partner seems like the perfect lil childlike love which disintegrates.. it goes like___ "MAINE YEH SOCHA AUR TUM YEH NIKLE?"

    SHUKRA BASED LOVE- is marital contract based real luv in which our happiness lies in makin partner happy.. there is a sense of-- "AGAR TUMHEIN ZYADA PASAND HAI, THEN I CAN COMPROMISE"

    partners are our mirrors (7th house) to heal us of our own hidden karma...ever when things get bitter or divorce...
    When the right person comes, u will b AWESOME :D GOOD LUCK


  80. @Sahiwal
    Thanks for your kind words. I have seen my friends life crumbling and fading in bitter divorce and this kind of hell going on for years. The worst is when your loved ones like parents have to endure these sufferings at the same time.


  81. @ Hari-- I hear u buddy--ive seen it in my fam too n i totally know as one of my sibling went thru it b4 being happily married 2nd time... i know it affects d family... perhaps thats y i have fears of marraige but TRUTH B TOLD-- jo hona hai, oh hoke rehna eh... jadon kise cheez ya insaan ne tuhadi zindagi vich ana hai, osnu koi rok nhi sakda... but u can always FORGIVE, forget and understand...the person who causes u misery is not doing on purpose.. its HUKAM...
    in gurmukhi(SGGS) we have few lines>>
    "Aakhan jor... chupai na jor,
    Jor na mangan.. dain na jor..
    Jor na jeevan.. maran na jor..
    Jor na raaj, maal, mansor..
    Jor na surti.. gyan vichar..
    Jor na jugti chhutai sansaar..
    Jis hath jor kar vekhai soe..
    Nanak uttam neech na koe"

    Love all.. trust few... do harm to none... n believe in destiny-- HAD THE BEST PLAN FOR U!


  82. @ Milind n Others ::

    I am very impressed by your guys knowledge and stuff and I have learnt a lot. The more i learn, the more i feel is left to learn ....

    In any case, i recently started referring to these dasha's and all, in last year and i honestly feel, we should just do good karma and keep working hard expecting ups and downs.

    Milind is awesome, no doubt!!!

    There are so many aspects, so many drushti's, so many conjunctions, that my head has started spinning ....

    There is sade sati, then shani going over sun, then shani opposite sun, then shani opposite mars, shani going over natal mars ... something or the other will always be there :))

  83. Hi sahiwal,

    Fantastic post - lots for fantastic knowledge u hv - Regards,


  84. Milind SIR

    Happy New year
    I think u missed my queries again . Anyways i will wait for your response again cause u are the best !

  85. @mehul-- nhi meri koi knowledge nhi.. i just speak my heart out aur jo seekhti hun-- i learn from other.. by bababjis grace- I am surrounded by some awesome people...
    besides abhi main BOHOT CHOTI(aur moti ) hun...:P lol
    JUST MY 2 cents :P
    ALll thanks to milind for letting me get verbose on his blog...
    imma get back to work...


  86. Sahiwal
    Excuse me for my stupid question: I am just a dumb guy
    If any way what has to happen will happen: why bother looking at horoscopes etc?
    a) if it is good that is going to happen: you will enjoy it anyway
    b) If bad: do not waste today in thinking that it will happen, live in the present moment'
    Again as i said , i am just an common man , or may be I am missing something here

    BUt yes this blog is attracing a lot of comments: lot to learn for all of us


  87. @ ANONYMOUS- on y bother lookin at horoscope:

    Well I would like to ask u another question in return... Y STUDY MEDICINE? Y research on medicines when people who hav to die will die. :)

    Once again( im a human n i cud b very wrong)-- astrology can help u undrstand ur journey( if u r into it) but astrology can never UNDO ur destiny...besides lots of the vedic text has been lost or misinterpretted coz of language barriers but people have still tried to understand and decipher astrology....
    U do watever tickles ur fancy...wont change the destiny... PRAYERS can reduce the harm a bit later or provide solace (SOOLI KO SOOL KAR DETA HAI faith)-- but u hav to face ur inevitable karma...


  88. @ anonymous--
    I cannot help but share this-- the power of prayer can b proved... there was a study done at harvard a while ago to check the state of people who go into meditate state for hours--
    Study showed an area of the brain colored blue and electro magnetic rediation of blue color being emitted... offcourse the study has to continue or wont get funding coz there are plenty of disbelievers who wud wanna run around like oppressed members of heretical cult...they cannot stand difference in opinion...
    also, if u dont realize- try sayin RAM or WAHEGURU or ALLAH and when u utter the word.. the tip of ur tongue wud touch the roof of ur mouth and send signals to ur hypothalamus-- again producing FEEL GOOD HORMONES...
    People who have seen the power of prayer keep quiet coz they dont wanna waste time arguing... but prayer certainly gives protection....

    ever been to kedarnath or badrinath or golden temple?--- there is a shaheedon and good souls ka pehra around such place... try checkin the electromagetic radiation there and u wud know...
    then again... there is a world that u can see, there is also a world that u cant c... n then there is a world that even if given the eyes to see-- I BET a lotta people will refuse to c :)

  89. Hi Milind/Sahiwal,

    I've sent you email thru my email id I need some help or guidance on career. Can you evaluate and let me know what if there is anything better in future. Here are the planet position from my Dhanu lagna (simha moon rashi)

    Lagna Dhanus 15° 58' 56" Poorvashada
    Surya Dhanus 10° 55' 39" Moola
    Chandra Simha 25° 16' 24" Poorvaphalguni
    Mangal Vrischik 03° 24' 11" Anuradha
    Budh Vrischik 22° 36' 48" Jyestha
    Guru Dhanus 22° 57' 46" Poorvashada
    Shukra Vrischik 15° 38' 05" Anuradha
    Sani Vrishabh 22° 14' 56" Rohini
    Rahu Dhanus 23° 22' 10" Poorvashada
    Ketu Mithun 23° 22' 10" Punarvasu


  90. Sahiwal

    I believe in the power of prayer: do not care if it removes -ve Karma or not.

    Also sorry that a lame question of mine, forced you to do so much typing

    I am going to quote from one of the man I admir e the most: Swami Vivekananda

    Astrology and all these mystical things are generally signs of a weak mind; therefore as soon as they are becoming prominent in our minds, we should see a physician, take good food, and rest.

    Take it easy


  91. @ Anonymous-- AH man ;) im chillin hahaah AS ALWAYS.. :D


  92. By gal2012
    Thanks so much for your analysis.
    You are absolutely right on all things.

    "Mom is like father as Moon in
    10th house."
    Right, her mom was everything to her (she passed away last yr)

    "Until 1992 they might have done good as a family."
    Right, they were living abroad till 1992, and doing very well.Then, the guy was forced to return to India and didnt go back to work after that.

    "It also shows some issues with one
    Right, her mama also had major issues. But her mom was in no position to help them.

    "Budh mahadasha will bring in MONEY now for sure and economic stability."
    --> Hope this happens and with some miracle she is able to get some job and a respectable life.
    But, she has this serious illness of the lungs. Will she get out of this first...?

  93. Milindji,

    Regarding weekly vs monthly predictions I think the call should be yours. I personally like reading the weekly ones and really appreciate them. One predictions about travel was so correct that it just amazed me. I am still waiting for "windfall gains", "dream come true" to happen but am hopeful, coz I still have 4 months left. :)

    One observation about 7th house shani. I had an arranged marriage. I wondered why the super great and accurate panditji's didnt bother to mention possibility of a bad marriage and advice delay. It seems Lord Rama had it too. And Atal Bihar Vajpayee had the worst type. Astrology is such a complicated thing, I see other people with somewhat similar problems and I hope and pray all of us get through this mess in better shape than before.

    Through this blog you are helping me play a better game with the cards I have been dealt with.

    Thank You

  94. respected milindji pranaam

    In my chart mithun lagan kumbh rashi. 6th lord mars in 12th house (vipreet rajyog) . Mars is in moon's nakshatra. Moon in 9th house.

    Please tell me what effect will in saturn dasha & mars bhukti

  95. hey Milind
    thanks for writing me back, this information is a bit helpful but i still didnt get the clear idea of whats exactly going to happen with me regarding career and good life, is there anything else you can see in my horoscope. it would be great.
    thanks Khushi
    dob : 23/10/83
    time : 11:15 am
    place bareilly

  96. @ DhanuRL- :)
    I have saturn in 7th house too..I am much younger than u to say anythin but i hav seen saturn in 7th is VERY KARMIC ...strong karma towards spouse that need to be catered too...Im not gonna say its easy but saturn in 7th gets directional strength.. it causes delay in fruits of house but never kills it unless conjunct a super malefic or really bad influence... even despite all that- saturn in the 7th can b a blessing due to digbala and fruits appear in later half of life.. all the astrologers will tell u that saturn in 7th-- partner is older,problems hongi,live -inrelationship hoga ya fir early vya toot jayega but what they dont tell u is--- saturn in 7th is longevity--- saturn might not take u on romantic trips but saturn will always change the water in the fridge and feed ur cats in the name of duty...every marraige is a spiritual practice 100 times harder than celibacy...
    Hope we can deal with the same with much needed strenght
    P.s. i thought vajpayee has exalted saturn in 1st house

  97. Sahiwal

    you rocked this weeks comment section..sorry Milindji......
    Sahiwal do you have any planet in 12th house why going damm right in that sense...I have 3 there and can read your words more than you adding there
    not for any planet in 8th/12th or any kind of undoing... here is a line from song "nadaan parinde - Rockstar"

    Sau tald badan pe failey hai
    Har karam ke kapde mailey hai

    keep doing

  98. Can anyone else among other users apart from milind ji answer my questions

  99. [1] Sahiwal:
    7th house Saturn or any planet is also about WARS -- 7th house is also about BIG wars -- Hitler had 4 planets in MESH rashi including Surya Mangal in 7th house. Shivaji Maharaj who had to spend most of his life in various Wars (every day actually!) had Sun in Kumbh in 7th house (also lagnesh). 7th is also partnerships, 7th is also collaborations -- mergers and acquisitions. As expert is Mergers and Aquistions woudl have exchange of 10 and 7 owners or L7 in 10th ot L10 in 7th etc etc.

    Shani in 7th is IMP as it is called Digbaly but Shani being Digbaly can be more tough! :) 7th Rashi Shani is uchcha and hence 7th house it is Digbaly also in the night time Shani is more powerful --- But it is not necessarily "good" for that house's results. Magaret Thather and Wajpayee have Shani in 1st house in Tula. Indira Gandhi and YahswantRao chavan also 1st house Shani -- Cancer and Vrishabh respectively.

    7th hosue Shani would cause more issues with marriage than 1st house as 7th house Shani shows obligations to partner but MASTI and MOUK with masses as Shani in Kaam trikon. SHani in 1st shows DUTY (& not exactly obligation of 8 and 12) towards masses.

    ABHISHEK BACHCHAN has Shani in 7th house -- He married someone older 2/3 years older) and his 1st one was also older (Karishma)!!

    12th house planets are the most deceiving to an astrologer and also 12th rashi planets too! :) I have a separate article on the 12th house itself. Assuming you have gone thru it.

    [2] GAL2012
    THANks for the feedback. Lungs issue -- 2009 should have given her VARIOUS good directions and advice on that front. She should do all those things. YOGA is a must as Budh wakru in last few degrees of Kirk which does show lungs. Budh Maha Budh Antar until Feb2012 does show some issues with lungs but as Budh is with uchcha Guru -- she should get good medication.

    Her Lungs and health issues come from kaarmic connection with MAMA family. She needs to be in touch with them and always check how she can help them - minor acts of affection or love towards maternal family can make wonders for her. with BUDH in Ashelsha -- She HAS to check AYURVEDIC and Homeopathy for SURE along with necessary alopathy!

  100. [3] PRAYER -- Has amazing powers BUT it HAS to follow ACTION without action the prayer is like a extra Sugar in the body which is not used it causes issues!!
    Prayer - good thoughts and health -- leading to good action and hence good destiny ----

    [4] Sahiwal: We have to face our inevitable Karma that is true BUT it is OUR OWN Sould which has selected this inevitable results of the past karma. The moreyou try to pay by good deeds more you are better off. Of course -- choice to pay by good deeds might not be there always as our DNA is like a TIMEBOMB --he horoscope can show you WHAT and WHEN but again -- you are bound by laws of Earth and you can certainly affect your outcome by THIS LIFE's Karma.

    if past karma applies you so much then this life karma will CERTAINLY!! :)

    THERE IS A CHANCE for YOU to make a difference to your life for sure as your past karma is MIDDLE_CLASS in 80% of things inlife. 10% is VERY good 10% is VERY BAD which this life might not be able to ifluence much BUT 70/80% of karma could be middle class WHERE Astrologer can certainly help...

    [5] HEAD Spinning and GAL2012
    :) :) :) :) YEs of course -- The only remedy is perseverance -- slowly it all starts making sense. As Kasparov says in his GREAT BOOK Life imitates chess -- HOW TO GET THE HIPPOPOTOMUS out of the mud ---- When the information becomes knowledge, knowledge becomes wisdom and slowly wisdom starts becoming intuition - -- This HIPPO disppears and you get the BEST MOVE in a SPLIT second which you were not able to get in past 20/25 minutes...!!! :) :) and the papers next day mention that "This player came up with a genius move after 25 minutes of calculations!!!!!" :) :) :)

    *****GAL2010 Reference Horosocpe:*****
    I got TONS of messages from the horoscope that GAL2012 has given 00 wrote only those which came back to me STRONGLY...This horosope starts SPEAKING atthe 1st minutes I created it...It had LOT to SAY --- But I am short on TIME!!! :( :( :(

  101. WHOAAA -- I am gone for a FEW Hours and I see SUCH A GREAT stuff written in comments! :) Wonderful!!!

    WSU: Will get back...

  102. hello Milindji
    good morning
    i am trying again.
    I did mail you some days ago about an important issue.
    I do resepct your busy schedule and your othe rcommitments. So I am trying again to see if I can have luck this time. Hope you do not mind

    Regards and thanks for all the great work

    - Aniruddha

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. AWesome Milind sie ! See This speaks of your growing popularity !
    Please do let me know things in more details so that i dont keep on bugging u . I wish I had know when i used to visit pune .

    Any one in michigan guys !


  105. how about 8th and 11th interchange - shani in tula in 8th and mangal and shukra in 11th in makar .... what predictions for that ?

  106. WSU
    talking about meeting Milind Ji, its my dream too,
    next visit to Pune is this year for sure, lets see if I have that yoga
    Anyone in the Bay area

    Milindji < I am quite shameless, will keep bugging you.

    Have a great day

  107. Hi Milind,

    Wow... You seem to have entered a very busy year!!

    I wanted to request you to respond to my email titled Help reading charts. Hope to receive your email soon.



  108. hi milind ji,

    i have sent you an email on
    please reply if you have time

  109. I have emailed you my daughters' birth details in Dec. and waiting for your reply. Please answer whenever you get time....

  110. [1] Samarth: Can't access person email and only will be able to do from home. Will try to analyse more details for your horocope in next 2/3 days.

    [2] Sharmila-Ji: Not sure if the same Sharmila-Ji (28th Oct midnight) Will check and get back.

    [3] AniruddhaSure -- will meet when possible...are u in the bay area? I guess WSU seems to be in Michigan. I was in Bloomington IL for 5 years...! :) Was in MSP for a year too.

    [4] 8th and 11th interchange.
    (a) Mangal Shukra if close in 11th shows some affairs. Mangal Shukra in Makar could show skin issues (oily etc) but lesser issue as Mangal uchch.
    (b) Both Shani Mangal drushti on 2nd house -- RIght eye, teeth health issues, Also Investments need to be careful and not take risks!!
    (c) Both Mangal Shukra drushti on 5th house -- 1st Kid/delivery could have some issues. If close degrees then heart related issues could be there but owner of 5th would affect it too.
    (d) 8 - 11 interchange shows when in Mangal involved too -- Gains from inheritnace/land. Elder siblings would do good due to Mangal uchcha in 11th. INHERITANCE would be surely beneficial but Shani in 8th shows delays for that say until age of 30/32. 2009 was good to find a good land and good for elder siblings. REAL Estate / LAND related stuff is good in this horoscope as Mangal onwer of 2nd house also. Jewelry would also being in good gains. ONLY advice is not to get GREEDY in invetsments for QUICK bucks.

  111. Sir,
    I just want to remind you.
    I am waiting for my brother's analysis.
    His details are there in My email dated 13th July(and 29th Aug.)
    You replied me on 29th Aug.
    Please have a look at email dated 22 Sept.also.
    THANK YOU. --Pranav.

  112. thanks milind ji,
    ill wait for your response


  113. Nice to know so many folks are from USA and me as well. Chicago IL. Anyone can predict about US economy, not seeing that many opportunities now a days and feels like stuck. Not sure if that is due to my horoscope.


  114. I will resend the email today ...please respond.... Thanks

  115. Hi Milindji

    Yes, i am in the Bay Area.

    14 years away from Home:
    Never felt at home outside India, but I guess that is all part of the Karma. Aging parents, need to make a decision to go back to India soon. Hopefully the third phase of sade sati , displaces me from the current country to India :)

    Once again, my request to respond to my email , when you get a chance: ( do search for latest mail from Having a situation, where we are trying everything
    medical , prayers: so some astrological insight would help.


  116. namaste milind sir...shraddha
    i know i am distrubing u.....sorry sir...u r so busy i can c that..but please reply if u get time... ....thanks for such wonderful work.....G8888888888 HAVE HEALTHY N HAPPY LIFE.ahead...

  117. Thanks for 8th 11th interchange explanation, how does Shani being uccha in 8th change things ? Shani in Tula in 8th house is uccha rite ?
    It is 29 degrees with Pluto in 8th house too in Tula at 10 degrees

  118. also, suppose you make investments with your money in account under someone else's name, for eg say one's wife or father or mother, does that change anything ?

  119. sahiwal,
    i loved what you wrote from Gurubani. keep going.

  120. I just read one of the post tht Shani in 7th house is more karmic towards spouse, then what's with Mars in 7th? what does Mars (kuja) show?

  121. @ Anonymous- I am humbled by your response :)

    @ Anonymous-- Mars in 7th house makes u attract aggressive and athletic individuals... :) rest assured- things will get dynamic and rashi etc wud tell u more... ive seen mars in 7th house ppl happier when husband and wife live in a big house or have lots of space from time to time to channelize the energy

  122. @ Hina- I luv ur choice of song and I absolutely adore ur name.. Thank you for the links and compliments... Im humbled by ur msg
    Keep chirping :)

  123. @sahiwal
    what is the case with mercury in 7th


  124. @ Hari-- talkative partner... may b younger lookin, youthful.... for mercury in 7th- u need verbal stimulation from a partner... ull have different forms of communication ... bouncing off ideas with partner makes u feel at home... Intellectual, youthful partner


  125. @sahiwal, what is your reading of uccha shani in 8th in tula

  126. @ anonymous- aapki lambi umar hai :) aap transformations se ghabra jate hain..Death and rebirth in matters of 8th house can b healing... no single aspect can b seen by itself..besides MILIND is the Pro in the same.. he cud guide u better :)

    Much regards

  127. Milind Ji
    Please sir Reply de !

  128. @sahiwal:

    thanks for your explanation ... on 8th shani .. could you please send your email to me at dumesh84 at gmail ... or you can put ur email address here and i will mail you ,,, but i guess taht's more risky for ya :D

  129. **8th Shani some thoughts**
    8th Shani usually shows some issues with internal reproductive organs, shows small voice and right eyes, dental issues. It shows lesser luck with iinheritance and only after age of 30 but still it shows tussles and fights for heriditary wealth. It recommends

    NOT to actively seek inheritance -- take only when given to you else stay away from it. When with Rahu or Ketu in 8th house it could show CANCER to someone in the family (House the Shani owns) due to past life estate/land related issues. Some long term

    diff of opinion with father and delayed santati age of 30/32 is likely due to 8th house Shani. Small eyes, small voice is also Shani. 8th Shani also shows some obligation towards masses, servants etc. It also shows some GUDH Shastra study, alternate medicines, healing methods. When uchcha or in Guru drushti the reprod organs issues are lesser and also obligation towards masses is served thru good deeds and not by sufferings. When uchcha/own house shows good estate etc in family but you still could stay AWAY from it.

  130. ***WSU***

    Interestinf Horoscope: Shani Mangal in 8th house wakri opposite to Shukra. Sun in Mar's sign, Budh.Guru in Shukra rashi which is opposite to ShaniMangal etc -- makes it s abit too interesting to analyse.
    I think May2010 to May2011 was good to find someone -- did you? Rather May2010 to August2011 and Then Dec2010-Jan2011 were very good to find someone. Precautions would be good horo check and family health background check
    Life after 30 is much better than is after Nov2011 when Shani entered Tula and left your horoscope Shani Mangal.
    I am sure that by May2012 you WILL find something very good with respect to earnings.
    I am surprised that NOTHING good happened in 2008 in 5th Guru -- SURPRISING - Some plan or dream should have materialized and something NEW should have started during 2008.

  131. namaste milindji...
    married couple fm last 6yrs..
    1 daughte 3n half year..
    women birth 18sep 1983.
    time 3.20am
    place bidar(katka)
    man birth 12june 1979
    time 13.30
    place pune....
    chance of divorse..if yes any precaution...
    women is doc n yoga teacher..carrier opportunities for her ,when will her carrier start?...please would be g8 help...

  132. @ Milind ji
    hONESTLY i dont know anything about astrology ! I am still perplexed by what u mean as interesting horoscope .Please explain sir
    And yes u didnt answer my questions which arose after your first analaysis which was like u said problem will come regarding financial situation of your family , i assume u mean at time of marriage . what does that mean .
    And now in this analysis u wrote health problems and check horo carefully .what does that mean . I has made me worry regarding marriage .
    well in 2008 what happened a friend told me books regarding what i do , for usa . But i made decisison in 2009 may to give exams and come here .BUT Has been struggle for me still . tHINGS HAVENT WORKED .YET. U can also tel me stay me stay in foreign land .
    IF possible i can call u on phone and u can explain to me in better detail . OR IF U FEEL u can email me answers to these queries at
    I appreciate your time for me and will also appreciate if u reply me back sir

  133. Hi Milind
    Back in November I sent messages to your gmail account twice but haven't heard till date. I know you are incredibly busy. Like you I am a Vrischik, Anuradha Nakshatra and I work in IT too. In the last 9 months I have had death threatening Health issues - one after the other, starting from March last year. I live in the UK albeit I was born and brought-up in Pune. How can I meet you when I am next in Pune. I am not worried about myself but am more concerned for my wife and 8 years old daughter.

  134. hi miling ji,

    how r u? just wondering if u have analyzed my horoscope more in details ? i have also sent you an email on your gmail address. Please reply if you have time :)



  135. can you please analyze these 3 points in details -
    * getting into bollywood
    * Love life and marriage
    * change of location? i am in australia at the moment, wondering where i will live in near future?



  136. Dear milind ji .. birth details are
    03:11 am

    when will marrige happen ..fed up from the past two years...with marrige scenario?

    and how are the future prospects to go into education sector .. as i am opening up my own school.??

  137. Hi Milind ji namaste, i have been reading your blog for quite some time and it is really interesting.

  138. yes it is a really interesting blog ! Me with illiterate in astrology finds it hard to swallow anything though ,but can make out how well and deeply things are written !
    Guys can anyone guide how can i learn things in astrology just the basics even

  139. [1] KM ASSUMING 9th NOV 83 and NOT 11th Sept -- Please confirm!
    9th Nov 83 shows intercast love marriage/affair possibilities and May2010 to May2011 was a very good period to find someone. Now from May2012 to May2013 is a GREAT time to find someone and get married for sure. Actually JUne/July 2012 itself could be decisive! Take care of right eye and teeth and also spine somewhat! Good horoscope for edcuation sector. UNTIL May2012 you WILL certainly have a DREAM COME TRUE SCENARIO!!! Great success will be achieved until May2012 for you.

    [2] Sure Samarth: I thinkk until May2012 itself you WILL get something new for sure. DO use Diamond for sure. Do not spend too much in it but it will be helpful to you. I see tremendous success after Oct2012 for sure and a GREAT GREAT career in films. I think FEB last week and COMPLETE March 2012 will be eventful for getting a VERY GOOD chance. THE REAL DREAM COME TRUE WOULD BE from June2013 to June2014 -- GREAT success for you...but the seeds of that success will be in the period until May2012 for sure. Love marriage: You could find someone appropriate in March or April 2012 for sure but your EGO could affect the relationships -- if you do not bring your EGO in this -- you will find THE MATCH of your life in March2012 to May2012 for sure.

    [3] VRISHCHIK with 8 yrs old daughter
    Yes, we can meet for sure. I will check your email -- whats the subject? Cud you please resend with a subject of Vrishchik rashi 8 yr daughter?

  140. thanks milind ji for a great info,

    I hope things does work out.
    just wanted to ask you on more bout love life and marriage, when do think there are chance of me getting married?

    sry to bug you again
    thanks again


  141. Thanks Milind sir for the time .
    I Read the blog from the 2009 and i like the way your approach to astrology is
    I will ask the last question for now
    How much stay do u see in abroad for me . As based on this I have to make certain decisions .

  142. VRISHCHIK lagna with lots of plants like sun.mercury.Venus.Jupiter.Uranus. 2nd house ketu and 3rd house magal and 8th house moon with rahu.12th house sani.....want to know which plants r good and bad for me and y ?..(moon sign is krik)

  143. my dob is 5th Nov 1965, 5:30A.M,birth place pune. My name suhas
    What are my job prospects in future.
    Pl mail me at

  144. Dear Milind Sir,
    Y u r not responding to my mail
    please look into my matter also from last 1.5 ms i m following u


  145. I am enable to get any reply from ur side.
    Please help and reply.
    my dob is 5th Nov 1965, 5:30A.M,birth place pune. My name suhas
    What are my job prospects in future.
    Pl mail me at

  146. Our famous astrologer forever provides prime notch services in order that within the future you cannot suffer from any style of drawback. Simply tell your all problems clearly in order that we will realize the most effective key solutions of your all problems.