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Saturday, January 7, 2012



1. I have coined a new YOGA – “JAMBUWANT Yoga!!” or also called as Anil Kapoor yoga J J When Sun or Mars or both are in MESH or MAKAR rashi – The person becomes Jambuwant or say Anil Kapoor! J i.e. It becomes a very hairy affair! J J Applies in some extent to Makar lagna and Chandra also specially in Shravan or Dhanishtha nakshatra 2 charan and less so in Uttara Bhadrapada 1 charan. But when you see a tremendously hairy person – almost a certainty that Sun or Mars are either in Aries or Capricon (Mesh or Makar). Is it coincidence that the RAM and GOAT are also hairy!?! J J J

a. At the same time planets in Budh Air sign Gemini are supposed to give lesser hairs. Knaya is medium but again lesser side

b. Agnirashi (Leo, Sagi) planets are medium in this regard but Agnirashi result in broader forehead which becomes broader due to hair loss! J J This is seen much more for Magha, Mool nakshatras! J

c. Vrishabh and Makar are the most except Krittika and Uttara-bhadrapada each 1 charan only.

2. TRAVEL in a Horoscope: In the older times, 3rd house used to show 6 hrs away destinations i.e. Satara or Nashik person coming to Say Pune. The 9th house used to show 9-12 hrs away i.e. Maharashtra person going to Delhi or say MP etc. The 12th house used to show using boat/Sea journey and going to other countries (Mahatma Sun in the 12th house, Bhartratna Dr. Ambedkar 12th house Guru Shukra and so on). Now, the world has come closer and things have dramatically changed but I am able to use 6/8 hrs rule or 9/12 hours rule as it is. The 12th house is still being used as house of LONG term abroad stay or even immigration. The 3rd house is now become Singapore, London house and 9th house a few years in USA and even a Green card if the 9th house planets also own 3, 12 houses! J The 12th house is still immigration or very long term stay abroad with GC/Citizenship etc. (I am a rare occasion of staying 8 yrs in states with NOTHING in 3, 6, 12 houses! J) Well, I was under Shukra mahadasha until 2006 and Shukra does own 12th house in the horoscope but that is a lame excuse for an astrologer. So let us face it, my abroad stay cannot be explained much by using astrology/dasha/planetary motions! J J Maybe, KP folks can do a better job with SUB LORDS and SUB SUB Lords?! J

3. It is often asked about TWINS – Why their lives are so different despite not much different b-time

a. Well, they do have same parents; same grandparents and also go to same school have same servants and teachers, Prime ministers etc. J Only later on in life they become different.

b. This could be explained very well with Navamansh Chart (D9) which changes aprox every 10 minutes or Dashamansh (D10) or Dwadashansh (D12) charts. But sometimes even Navamansh and D10 is also the same! J

c. Spiritually easier to answer is that – They are two DIFFERENT SOULS with different karmic history BUT with lots of similarities and karmic connections to same parents/social-economic conditions etc.

d. Krishnamurthy Method (KP) answers this more finely as Sub-Lords change every other minute or so as a Nakshatra is divided in 9 different size parts (as per their spread in Winshottari mahadasha). It is called as Sub-Lord. Further each Sub can be broken in to 9 parts i.e. 81 parts of same nakshatra which 13.33 degrees (13 degrees 20 minutes). Each house has a Sub lord or Sub Sub-lord which would help explain differences in twins.

e. I did come across TWINS Horoscope when I used to post in Astro Forum. I saw Dhanu Lagna with Mars in 5th (Aries) in one Navamansh and other navamansh (elder) was Vrishchik lagna with Mars in 6th house (Aries) – I asked if the Dhanu one was in Engg and the Vrishchik navamansh was in medical sector. It was indeed true!!! I was also spellbound and awestruck with this Astro-LOGY!! They had already taken the admissions etc and wanted to check on this forum if that was the correct decision! J

f. Example: Ashwini Nakshatra owned by Ketu: the 1st SubLord would be of Ketu. Ketu maha is 7 years in 120 years of Winshottari – So KETU is 1st sub-lord and gets 13.33*(7/120) part of Ashwini nakshatra. The next mahadasha is of Shukra. Shukra is 20 yrs in 120 so 13.33(20/120) i.e. 13.33/6 part is given to Shukra in Ashwini nakshatra i.e. Shukra is 2nd sub-lord in Ashwini with a bigger size.

g. In Navamansh a SIGN is divided in 9 EQUAL parts. Here, a Nakshatra is divided in 9 UN-EUQAL parts. Well, Ketu and Mangal parts are of same size as 7 years each in Winshottari mahadasha.

4. MITHUN Mangal is a VERY difficult graha-yog for self and also for others! J

a. Mangal is drive, energy, aggression. In Aries, it gets a very good expression like Kapil Dev and countless sports people (Balasaheb Mesh Mangal). In Makar it is uchcha and again shows great results (Sampras, Sachin) and in Singh, Dhanu and Meen also it is quite happy/strengthened overall.

b. This mangal always wants to make some extreme STATEMENT with their speech or action!

c. In MITHUN (Shatru Rashi for Mangal) it becomes aggression in thoughts. Misplaced aggression which is in debates, arguments (Witand-waad Is a great Sanskrit word for that).

d. These folks are VERY hard to debate with and can change the tracks of their arguments like a railway!! J

e. These folks often seem to show OVER aggression in their words and there is a certain AGITATION in their expression.

f. These people put lot of energy in their speech and common people found it unwarranted and untimely. They often have issues in articulation and tend to use relatively more extreme words.

g. It is VERY easy for these folks to get agitated in a split second. Dennis Lillee is a very good example.

h. Mithun Mangal is can give very good results when Budh is in uchcha rashi of say Kanya or with Mangal in Mithun itself – mathematical ability, trading ability, expression, good debates and multiple subjects of interest.

i. However if BUDH is in an intense Nakshatra like Moola, Magha, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Krittika or in Mesh rashi overall – it can yield very extreme results. When Budh is in intense nakshatra – their extreme thoughts can become their actions. Budh also in Kendra yog or Pratiyog of Mars can give extreme actions.

j. This Mangal in bad graha-yog is also known to have ARMS related accidents, broken bones, arms from time to time (especially when in bad yoga with Shani or Rahu)

k. Nathuram Godse Mithun Mangal and Budh in Krittika. – He ended up blaming EVERYTHING on a 79 year old man!! VERY weird thinking pattern.)

l. Blood circulation in the body is not the best. These folks also tend to have bone related issues due to over aggression (Rheumatoid) and agitation.

m. This Mangal is all the more imp when Moon Ascendant or more planets are in Mangal’s Mesh or Budh’s sign (Mithun, Kanya)

n. Overall – Mangal in Mithun is a big misfit for Mangal’s natural attributes and overall attitude. It is an unheathy sign for Mangal whichever way you look at it.

o. Some great players who use ARMS predominantly have Mangal in Mithun which is well aspected by milder planets and more often by Guru which is able to DIRECT this Mangal’s anger/agitation/mathematics/all rounder nature very well.

p. GURU drushti will be able to reduce the intensity of this Mangal VERY much and also well placed BUDH would rather ensure a GREAT success to these folks thru ARMS – Prakash Padukone and Roger Federrer have Mithun Mangal. Padukone is Mesh lagna and I bet Roger is also Mesh or Tula lagna (he is Tula rashi anyways).

q. For MESH lagna this Mangal is not as bad as it is for Vrishchik lagna. For Mesh Lagna 3rd house Mangal has its own positive attributes apart from being in Mithun! Parakram Sthan Mangal i.e. Parakram sthan and Parakram Planet is OK in ANY rashi but still health wise some issues would be there when in Mithun (blood quality, bone quality later in life)

r. For Vrishchik lagna and rashi – you would see folks not getting married, not able to have ANY friends, misplaced fights, unnecessary arguments etc. Many women with Vrishchik lagna and Mithun Mangal stay unmarried.



  1. hi Milind,

    I'm very happy to read the Travel article. Thats something i have trying to read in multiple places to analyze my horscope.
    I have Sun, Mercury in 12 and Ketu, Neptune in 9th and Rahu in 3rd.
    A lot of articles do not explain the effect of Neptune,Ketu.
    Can you please shed some light on that.


  2. Hi Milindji

    back to back sixes..
    thanks a lot for such a brief article on Mars in Gemini


  3. wow..very good article milind ji...
    I keep on asking u abt my marriage...and u also told a few times..
    Is there any chance for me 15 aug 1988 8.20am marry a gal born on 4 july 1990 7.34pm hyderabad...we both are frm different there any chance of marriage to both of us..?
    Can u elaborate more abt my marriage [love/arrange/intercaste]...


  4. Mangal position is really very important in overall personality. I have mangal and Shukra both in Kumbha rashi.
    It's funny that I am a nerdy person who loves to read and talk about intelligent stuff all the time. It's so boring for people as I don't like to hang out without purpose/ go shopping/ see movies with no meaning/ even listen to songs and relax. My shukra being in intellectual rashi does not help. I am always high strung and can never relax/ let go.

  5. I am traveling to US for the very first time on 21st Jan (my life path number, 3 :D ). I have Pisces moon rahu, aries ascendant, Libra sun and Neptune in 9th. Nothing in houses 1-6. How could the timing for my first ever abroad travel (although for just two weeks) be explained? Also, should I expect more such travels for longer duration or immigration?

  6. @Vanessa: Shukra in a serious sign and Shukra represents Pleasure, joy, etc. So, Shukra in Kumbha or Makar makes people take relationships serious.

    I could give this info only after reading Milind sir's articles. I think I read this in one of the articles.

    Even I have Shukra in Makar, I get same comments from folks.

  7. Hi Milind,

    I have mithun mangal 11th house and badly placed budh+sun in pisces in 8th house.
    What can be done to remedy this misplacement ? Self-discipline...pooja...donations...gems..?

    Thanks agin for the nice articles.

  8. Hello Milindji,

    I am Tula rashi, Vrischik lagna. I have Moon and Shani in 12th house and Venus in 3rd house. How will be my chances of going abroad?


  9. Milindji,

    Travel related info in horoscope is very much interested, i could relate the same with my husband's horoscope :) Is it true if shubh planet is there in 9th house then abroad travel is happy and successful , if bad planet is placed then its not that much happy?

    Anjali J.

  10. Milind. Just trying to kick couple of planets out of my horoscope. Will that be possible?

    Shani+Guru in 9th house of Kumbha rashi and kanya lagna. Sun+Budh in 12th and Shukra+Ketu in 11th. Mars on lagna.

    Wanna meet you in Pune in person. Please advise. So far haven't lost my hope and courage despite catastrophic 8th Shani but nothing seems to come by.


  11. Hi Milind,

    With regards to settling abroad/immigration. is there a link between 4H/4L and 12H/12L. In my case i have 4L in 6H aspecting 12H. I was told from early age that I will be away from home.I only immigrated when I had turned 28.


  12. Hello Milind Ji,

    How to analyze Mithun lagna (Neecha Ketu in lagna) aspected by Mars (from 6th house), Rahu (from 7th house), Saturn (from 4th house) and Jupiter (from 9th house. Also, Mercury (Lord of Muthuna) place in 6th house with Mars and Sun.

    Please shed some light to analyze this horoscope...


  13. Hi Milind,
    Looks like this article will continue further in part 3 as I could see the heading "Budh in Meen" left incomplete ...will you be also writing in as much detail on other neech planet conditions like Guru in Makar?

    Amit Jain

  14. Milind

    Thought provoking article.

    - M

  15. @Hari
    A link between Asc lord and 12th lord is very imp for immigration. 4th lord/ house is supposed to be weak. Plus a relation between 12th, 9th, 3rd.

    My husband has asc lord and 12th lord together in 6th house aspecting th 12th. He has shani in 4th. In a funny way 4th lord Sun is in 4 of Sinha (sun's own rashi) which should make the house supposedly strong. But Saturn is more powerful there by position. Sun is the last degree just an hour away from changing to kanya. Plus Rahu is in a few degrees of Sun. (birth was during Chandra-grahan.)
    It's a confusing matter. But judging by his life till now, 4th house matters have been weak. He has a working mother and never formed good relation with mother. He has been either abroad/ moving from place to place/ away from mother for 10 years now.
    Let's see how things develop in the future.

  16. @Vanessa

    I think you are quite right. My 4L Sun is debilitated
    Thanks for sharing your hubby's detail

  17. Vanessa@
    Yes Shukra in Makar makes one serious to an extent.I have Sukra,Ravi and Guru in Makar which is my 10th house and Mangal,Moon and Ketu in Kanya,my 6th house with Sani in 5th house.
    My son also has shukra in Makar 9th house with Budha and Moon in the 10th Kumbh and Sani and Mangal in the 5th-Kanya.He also is very serious .Your observations seems to be correct.

  18. Shukra in makar can make one serious or more fond of being doing something all the time. Boring jobs that others don't like will not bore them. Like doing same things over and over again. 'Serious in relationships' is true, but it also depends on other factors like 5th/7th house, chandra rashi etc.
    Venus in Kumbha rather than serious, I think makes one 'Nerdy.' eg- There was this guy in college who was kind of interested in me. I knew it and felt good (teenage!), but I also knew he was a flirt. One day, I saw him at the canteen, he said what's your plan this evening after college? All I had on my mind that day was a Solar eclipse. But I was not happy that it was a cloudy day. So I said excitedly, 'there is a solar eclipse today' and then said with a frown. 'I wish there were no clouds'. He was like, 'what solar eclipse?'
    Not to mention he moved on. (which he would have anyway, going by his nature.)

    But that's a classic Makar rashi + Shukra, Mangal in Kumbha behviour. Serious + Nerdy. Not a very good combination for romance :) Head over heart all the time

  19. @Vanessa: True, I have Shukra in Makar and Mangal in Kumbh. Serious and attention to technicalities in everything are the traits.
    I am not sure what other astrological factors are responsible for the traits!

  20. Its been 2 days and I have read milind ji's blogs over the weekend . It has left me under a spell with the amount of knowledge this guy knows . I am sure You will continue the great work .

    But at the same time I am scared by the analysis you gave it to me ( Too Interesting horoscope) and problems and problems as u mentioned .
    I havent yet understood what exactly it means ( interesting - is it good or bad ) and with wakri planets .

    1) Does it mean I have to suffer all my life . I have been doing hard work for past 10 yrs now and when the time to reap benefits was there , sadesati started and the whole cycle of what sadesati does happened as outlined by milind ji in his last years article .

    2) In retrospect It was no fault of mine that i was born on that particular day, time ,place . why do one has to suffer . But I have now come to terms with this fact

    I hope milind ji does spend sometime and explain me bit more to be whenever he finds time

  21. hello can anyone confirm if 9th Nov 1984 time :8:06 AM in DELHI has Mithun Mangal???Pls confirm

  22. this blog is becoming addictive for me .... i keep visiting just to read comments ... you have been missed greatly over the weekend Milind ji!!!!

  23. [1] HARSH 1984
    No Harsh rather is it Capricorn (MAKAR) Mangal in 3st hosue - ENERGETIC person like Shah Rukh who has it in 1st house and known to be an energetic person despite TULA Surya which u also have! :) U also have Shukra in Moola like Shah Rukh but in Guru drushti like Shah Rukh but your Guru MUCH stronger in Dhanu.
    There seems to be karmic burden with father - and you might not have a lot of help/support etc or even his presence in your life. i.e. either father away from you due to his early health issues or some other reasons. You will tend to have issues with atuhotiries/seniors/Govt etc. Howver a horoscope of GREAT wealth. Marriage advised a bit careful as Shukra in 1st degree of MOOLA nakshatra! There is a VERY VERY SPECIFIC Karma which is intense with BOTH your father and youru SPOUSE which is reflected in VRISHCHIK Lagna rashi and Shukra and Surya being in this position. You have jambuwant yoga! :)

    [2] WSU
    Thanks for the comments. NOT a bad horoscope dude...just that it has some very specific yogas which makes astrologer predict something specific for sure. Shukra Surya are uchcha. Shani Mangal together in 8th house shows that there is some ECONOMIC bad karma from past birth which you will need to pay back this birth. (Must have borrowed and not returned money in past birth OR taken JAMEEN from farmers and not returned back -- HADAP kar li etc) :) :) ACTUALLY the worst period of Sept2009 to Nov2011 is alkready over -- so not to worry actually.

    I woudl advise NO RISKS with investments and NO participation in QUICK Money like Share market trading, commodities, F&O etc. ONLY Long term investments without any frequent changes to it.

    [3] Shukra in Makar and planets in Kumbh: Nice discusions! :) I think 1st and 5th house Shani contributes more to seriousness! :) Also 5th hosue Shani can make santati/kids serious and 5th house Surya can make them outgoing. Mangal in kumbh is more about advanced sciences/eletrconics and studies in engg etc than sports.

    [4] AMIT JAIN
    yes -- :) Article will continue in Part 3 for sure! :) Budh in MEEN and also MESH would be covered. Guru in Makar would not be a DIFFERENTIATOR for a horoscope as it stays there for a year! So VERY VERY difficult to attribute it to specific things in life -- it will be very generic one.

  24. [5] PUNEET Ki AWAZ
    6th house Surya Mangal Budh in Scoprio not bad for doctor & surgery or using some "astra/weapon". It is very good for CHEMTSTRY for sure and as it applies to medical SERVICE SECTOR sector. Both Shani Mangal aspecting Ketu shows some issues with the maternal grandfather for sure (less life or some pending issues -- tough life for sure). Guru drushti lessen these bad effects. HIGHLY competitive person who would achieve more than siblings and also compete with everybody instead of being inspirational. i.e. working MORE than others always BUT not originating it but doing more than others to get ahead. People might not share their secrets or study level etc with you as you would tend to do it a bit more and get ahead! :) :) ThisSurya Mangal with Budh in Vrushchik coud show impulse and anger from time to time, immense nostalgia -- immense ExTREMEM emotions and STRESS and ability to take stress. GREAT GREAT MEMORY which is also a blessing and a curse! :) Ketu in 1st house bring MUCH NEEDED Calm tothe 6th house Surya Mangal budh in Vrishchik BUT it is a struglee which goes from calm to anger from time to time.

    [6] HARI
    NO -- 4th house owner in 12th house is ok but NOT in 6th house --- 4th owner in 6th house shows staying away from mom and not getting very well with her but it does not show immigration! You went abroad in Guru mahadasha Jun 1999 to June2015. Guru being in UDIT Golardha (Visible hemesphere) and also Moon Sign getting 8/9th Shani at the time and even 8/9th Guru around 2000. So these GOCHAR planets in 9 house from moon in Vrishabh caused your travel than any 3, 9, 12 house influences. It seems you woudl come back after some time...might not stay forever abroad. Too many planets in the invisile hemesphere!

    [7] SP
    Your horoscope description - Please read again! Kanya lagna and 9th house Kumbh??? Surya Budh in Leo or Vrishabh? I guess Shani Guru in Vrishabh in 9th house and Chandra in the 6th house? Mangal in 1st house in Kanya? GOOD for abroad stay-- immigration. EGO but ini control. POORNIMA birth so good for temparament and complimenting Sun and Moon Signs to each other. Things look VERY good until May2012 and overall until 2020!!

    [8] ANJALI J
    What is bad and a shubh planet?? :) :) Please think from KARAKATVA perspective and OWNERSHIP of houses than just bad and good. A soul HAS to ake birth with some configuration and we need to find the EXACT purpose with at least 3/4 different ones statedby SAME planetary configurations i.e. Mangal in 9th hosue -- travel for sports or for siblings or for land or land at 9-12 houses awya like MEEN lagna and Mars in 9th house -- Travel for sports and also 9 12 hrs away LAND purchase? :) :) or Siblings settled abroad or 9/12 hrs away? ALL possible! :) :)

    [9] PRAMOD
    VERY good chances of going abroad - -L9 in 12 and L3 also in 12!!!!! Frequent travels of 9 hrs also possible.

  25. [10] Mithun Mangal 11th house Surya Budh in 8th. YOGA -- AYURVEDA is VERY imp as Lagnesh in 8th house. USE RUBY for sure.

    [11] SANDY
    You seem to have all planets in visible hemepshre -- house 8 to 12/1. This means you are meant to stay abroad more than in India.

    [12] PAVAN
    I have already shared my observations on your marriage stuff. DELAY your marriage as per the recommendations given due to various reasons also given in that analysis. There is no point in checking girl's hrooscope when your horoscope recommends a bit late marriage! Shukra opposite Wakri Shani, Mangal drushti on Shukra, Mangal in marriage house, Owner of Mangal and marriage house in Krittika nakshatra (but this Krittika not a big issue but adds to existing ones). Also Shani is onwer of Moon's 7th hosue and is in MOOLA nakshtra and WAKRI --- !!!! Also, Moon close to Ketu and hence Rahu in marriage house of moon etc etc etc. ALL points to recommendation of delayed marriage.

  26. Oh. Me bad, tried to be succint:

    Shani+Guru in 9th house of Kumbha rashi and kanya lagna. Sun+Budh in 12th and Shukra+Ketu in 11th. Mars on lagna.

    Shani+Guru in Tula (9th house from rashi (Kumbha) n 2nd from lagna (Kanya). I counted houses from RASHI. Sun+Budh in Makar. Hope this clarifies.

    Had to cancel my long term VISA after staying two years in Singapore. HOW ABOUT SEEING YOU IN PUNE? I am really waiting for that.

    Thanks for replying.

  27. Dear Milind,

    In Janmalagna i am Tula lagna and have Mangal in Vruschik rashi in the second house.In Navamansha i am Mithun lagna with both Chandra + Mangal in second house of Kirk rashi.Please throw some light and enlighten me as to the effect of this Mangal.Is it good or there neech-bhung?
    Am asking as second house is also money,vaani..and yes,at times i am blunt to the core but always truthful too!

    Thanking you in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Jiten K Panddya

  28. Dear Milind,

    The insights you give are very interesting.... and every time I read them .. i feel they are quite true... and just makes me curious to dig into many questions
    .. can there be a scientific basis for this..
    .. can everything be linked to rashi..e.g.. just the way i wrote this comment.. does it reveal anything about my rashi :)

    Keep Blogging..

    Kind Regards

  29. Rather than seriousness as in general life. But seriousness in relationships and hobbies, likes, dislikes. I think Makar-Kumbha venus people can never get overly passionate in love and take any wrong steps. (Good for parents). Makar venus would be more traditional and Kumbha venus would look at it intellectually rather than emotionally. Plus they cannot let go and dance and sing and party. It just looks too silly to them.

    Which is a problem for mental relaxation. Always being high strung can cause some serious muscle tension. The only available relaxation method for us would be Shavasan I think.
    These are my observations, not an established fact. I might be wrong here.

  30. Milind ji

    good thought provoking article.
    i am undergoing rahu mahadasha until 2022, with rahu in 12th house and exalted.
    as you said do i have to stay abroad in this period?

  31. tnq very much milind ji...
    Local astrologer keep on telling me that im going to marriage in cmng 2 yrs...thts y i keep on insistng abt my marriage...

    And hw abt my career in canara bank[15 aug 1988 at 8.20am vizag]...wil i be succeed in group 1 exam...

  32. Hi Milind,

    Does L4 in H6 necessarily mean bad relation with mother? In my case my mother is all for me, we had difference of opinions for sure but our relation has been strong and very healthy even when living in separate countries.


  33. VRISHCHIK lagna with lots of plants like sun.mercury.Venus.Jupiter.Uranus. 2nd house ketu and 3rd house magal and 8th house moon with rahu.12th house sani.....want to know which plants r good and bad for me and y ?..(moon sign is krik)

  34. Hari

    Fourth house, fourth lord, Moon. It's position and aspects all show relation with mother. More so, Moon and its position. If most of all above factors are negative, there could be not much sahawas/ relationship with mother. Which does not necessarily mean 'bad' relation. As in my husband's case, his mother was a nurse, she worked in shifts. He was brought up by his grandmother. By the time his mom retired, he had been married for 7 years and a 5 year old kid. His primary affection was transferred from his gramdmom to wofe and kid. Mom missed out.
    Not that it is anyone's fault. But this is just how things turned out.

  35. Thanks Vanessa,
    I has always ponder how the debilitated L4 in my H6 is manifesting. All through my life i have seen my mother getting lucky and suffering on account of other people 's stupidity/ego or shortcomings. she herslf has had the best intentions for her children and so many other people. What is true I have always felt sorry for her and tried unsuccessfully to get her out of her numerous pain life was giving her


  36. @Vanessa,
    sorry a few typos in my comment, you would have understood


  37. :D Thanks, Milind!
    It is very nice to see you back in action, posting innovative stuff and responding to peoples queries...Keep going!!
    May you knowledge prosper by leaps and bounds in new year..

  38. Hello Milindji
    If you can take a look at my email sent Dec 29, and can comment, that will be appreciated.
    The matter at hand is much more serious than career, money etc (I do not mean these are not important)

    I think soon, MIlindji will have to start a token system, with an estimated date :)

    Jokes apart, thanks for all the great work

    In this case: There are some imp, life changing decisions to be taken in the months to come. So we are trying all avenues: Medicice, prayers . I also thought some astrological advise might help

    Hopefully Amhala uttar milnycha Yog ahe

    Best Regardsr
    - Aniruddha

  39. [8] VRISHABH LAGNA and Shukra with Multiple planets in LEO : April 29, 30 or May1 1980 ??? Moring 7 to 9 AM or so.
    Your hair could CURLEY as Vrushabh lagna and Vrushabh Shukra.

    Shani close drushti on Shukra --- interesting. Can;t comment on Mahadasha but most likely Shani is ongoing So along with Sadesati it is indeed tough BUT i am sure that you will see EXPANSION in your sphere of influence untili May2012 for sure.

    >>>> Milind ji, thanks for taking time out and replying to me, your guess of bdate and time is perfect !!!

    one thing i forgot is, my shani is retrograde, how does retrograde shani effect things ?

    with guru rahu and mangal all other 3 present along with it, what are the effects ?

    also , my moon is in 6th house in tula, and sun and mercury in 12th in mesh to go with shukra in vrishabh and multiple planets in leo in 4th house and ketu in 10th

  40. I would love Sachin to score his 100th century aginst Australia. Can you please shed some light on his chances based on his stars? thank you very much.

    Rahul Bhatt

  41. Sharing my experience of 4L (moon) in 6th house of Kanya for Mesh lagna.
    As they say "A mother is always closer to the weaker kid". So, my mom was always more worried about my younger sibling (I was stronger than my sibling in all aspects)
    Also I was the first born and granny's favorite, so lost some brownie points even there:)
    Somehow, I did not inherit any of my mom's good qualities, but only her worse ones (like Pessimism, self-pity, depression)
    She had lot of her own issues in life and couldnt give us 100% emotionally (little bit of detachment).
    Anyways,all said and done, she is the wisest person I know,my "reality check" of sorts and someone I still turn to for the right advice.

  42. Hi Milind

    Will you please check my Email from have send you several emails since three months.Please respond to mail.


  43. Milind Sb. How about some chintan on Mayawati..? How long country has to suffer with such rogue politicians...?Any indication on UP elections? Tks

  44. Hi Milind..thanks a ton for 1984 analysis.It was my younger sis’…I am 27th jul 79/11:50pm/del
    Mentioning this as even though my sis is having specific karma wrt to our father I feel I have balanced out the same thru my birth.
    And vice versa for our mine horoscope shows great karma(u mentioned in mail)but my sis’ shows balancing out the same in hers.

    I find quite a few strange similarities and feel that both me and my sis are a package deal sent together –Does our horoscope say the same.Will be very nice of you to tell.thanks!

  45. And surprisingly, all politicians seem to be having great stars !
    whatever they do, nothing happens to them.

    WOW must have done really good Karma in previous births to reach this stage

    Or in Kaliyug: The guy who has power , can chart his own future?

    just thinking aloud

  46. Milindji,

    No weekly rashiphal this week? ENjoyed reading random thoughts.


  47. Milind ji....asking again about Rahu and Shani Mahadasha effects and what actually happens to a person in that period...keen to know antardashas in those period as well..pls take this as subject next time.
    than a lot!

  48. Is there a delay in marriage in my horoscope,please reply
    my details
    Mesh rashi mesh lagna
    House planets
    1-chandra rahu yuti
    2-6 empty
    7- ketu
    8-shani and harshal
    10- guru
    11- ravi and budh
    12-shukrs mangal yuti

  49. nice one milind sir and my elder sister are twins and as u said it goes wid dem too they have totally different and opposite professions

  50. Hello Milind,From Astro/Medical perspective, can you comment on Prof Stephen Hawking,just turned 70 and at age of 21-22 was given just couple of years to live by medical professionals?What keeps driving this brilliant mind in such an ailing body? and apparently he couldnt even read till 8years old!! Thanks, Gajanan.

  51. Milind Ji...
    What does it mean with Guru (029-51-44) and Sun (004-28-34) in Scorpion? Any over seas profession? More over Mithun mangal. Meen Raashi and Dhanu Ladna. Budh in 11th Tula (Swati-4). Shani in 9th Leo (Purvaphalgini-1)with Ketu, Shukra in 10th Kanya (Hasta-3). Any Health issue?

  52. VRISHCHIK lagna with lots of plants like sun.mercury.Venus.Jupiter.Uranus. 2nd house ketu and 3rd house magal and 8th house moon with rahu.12th house sani.....want to know which plants r good and bad for me and y ?..(moon sign is krik)...


  53. post something specific to Leo lagna....and 8th and 9th house, in great detail.

  54. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the real astrologer and he has nice info regarding necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.

    Pandit Bhushan

  55. Written abt travel = very good article to read !!