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Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Your own observations without Astrology

1. When you call Rahul Dravid a WALL you are indirectly attributing his Mars in Scorpio sign which is known to be a FIXED Sign. By FIXED means it has a methodical way of doing things and every-time you can count of them to behave in that fixed manner. Gavaskar has Mangal in Vrishabh rashi, again a Fixed sign. This shows that without knowing astrology you tend to acknowledge Scorpio Mars (Vrishchik Mangal) that Dravid has.

2. Everybody who knows and meets ShahRukh Khan says that he has got tremendous energy. They are just stating that he has 1st house Mars (Mangal). Mangal is energy, blood, drive, strength, the 1st house is called TANU-Sthan (body) and it directly impacts your outward expression & disposition and overall body structure/attitude.

3. When folks say Salman Khan has got some temper – they are indirectly saying that he has got Rahu in the 1st house! J (Abrupt chin compared to forehead, unapproachable expressions and air of don’t mess with me are some of Rahu in 1st house effects!) J

4. When they call Dhoni “captain cool” they are actually acknowledging the sukoon/calm of 1st house Ketu! This Ketu makes a person cool for sure and his Moon with Guru is also great for temperament but with Shani also which shows a bit of pessimism & unnecessary humbleness from time to time.

5. Libra & Vrishabh are supposed to have the best smile and they always smile, especially Libra. So, of course Julia Roberts 28th Oct Sun Sign and Madhuri Dixit who is Libra ascendant and Vrishabh Sun has a great smile. (Monroe 1st June Vrishabh Sun). This means that the most folks in the world who have a great smile have connection with LIBRA & Taurus sign. Every time you acknowledge someone for a smile it is more often than not saying that the person has Libra/Taurus influence.

6. Kapil Dev known to be a hasty, over aggressive batsman with Mars in Aries. How many times folks in 80s said -- yaar thoda aur rukata to match khatam kar deta tha! J

2. BUDH IN MEEN (Mercury in Pisces)

Budh is owner of basic reading, listening and expression ability; our primary connection/response system to the surroundings! A VERY badly placed Budh can result in hearing impaired condition. Budh also shows composition of brain and many neurology issues that can show brain/nerve disorder are related to badly placed Mercury in the horoscope. Budh also shows grasping power, analytical ability and ability to make wise arguments, articulation. (Pramod Mahajan Mithun lagna, Kanya rashi he was great in articulating & expressing his thoughts! Balasaheb has Kanya rashi and Budh in Makar – it shows clarity of thoughts and expression.)

So, I think we have established/understood the connection of Budh with basic comprehension, analytical ability, basic communication and overall expression etc. Mercury/Budh is karak or Governor of Nervous system/brain related stuff for a person.

Budh in Meen does not cause damage to this ability as such and health-wise it is quite ok for sure but it does have some effects on a person being slow-witted, slow to react, slow in mathematics early on and even dyslexic condition could be attributed to badly placed Meen-Budh in the horoscope.

Budh in Meen is further lesser of a health issue if it is with the Sun, as the ability of Budh giving separate effects is reduced quite a bit. This limits person’s ability to write business deals/trading but it also limits health issues or brain issue quite a bit as the Sun is the governor of health and does not do harm to ANY planet (including Shani) with it from health point of view. Budh with Surya or Mangal is more like an engineering/mathematical configuration than separate BUDH which shows commerce/trading ability. Of course, forgetting phone numbers and directions is their birth right! J They do not give importance to remember such things! J

Separate BUDH (away from the Sun) shows some definite past karma with Mama/Mousi family, ability of a person to do trading or commerce (Selling something for 7 which is bought for 5! 5 ka 7! J)

1. Budh in Meen makes person completely oblivious to this trading ability rather their gullible/naive nature completely takes away this ability unless the person has 5th Shani (always doubting others) but still trading etc would not be their cup of tea.
2. Attention to details is something completely not known to Budh in Meen – the review process is something a big issue for them. They would NEVER be able to follow a check list like Budh in MAKAR and give detailed findings!
3. It will be very tough for a Meen Budh to review and tear apart something – it is not the genes! J

a. Yes Shani VERY close to BUDH and CLOSE Drushti on Budh will give this ability to criticize but again articulation will go for a toss.
4. Meen Budh usually takes more words / more verbiage than other Budh to express something! J
5. Their choice of words would not be correct and many times they will not remember the exact word, exact song, the exact phrase at THE moment. They will remember it just after the moment is passed! J
6. Meen Budh is good for being a Pustak Pandit without much practical/hands-on knowledge! It is good for education or sports sector much like the Budh in Dhanu!
7. However, innovation is something which is possible to Meen budh. Creativity, Lalit-Kala, short writing etc will be quite good in the subject of interest. The REVATI nakshatra which is owned by BUDH itself could show some ability on expression for sure BUT again without any monetary or SELF-Gains.
8. Selflessness is the biggest vice or virtue of Meen budh: Ye log pagalo jaise dusaro ke kaam karate firte hain without any gains to them! J
9. To reach some place on time is again a herculean task for Meen rashi folks. Their Time Management should be actually called as Time Mismanagement! J
10. Dream-Nature is again a vice or virtue of the Meen Budh.

These folks are GENTLEMEN – They would not have intention of taking someone for a ride. They would not be pranksters like Gemini or Kanya Budh. They would give away their knowledge, information for free with a very wide mind and vision. They are perfect EARTH Citizens like the Pisces Sun!

You can see honesty, a bholapan, innocence on their face and especially women can easily sense it for sure. They themselves have a good 6th sense and good understanding of body language, reading minds etc.

All said and done, these folks are called neech Budh as they are slow witted, rather do not want to crack jokes on other folks, are compassionate, cannot sell something for Rs. 7 which they bought for Rs. 5 as they are NOT BORN for that. They are born for sharing something freely; show compassion and “Bhut-daya”, ‘Wishwabandhutva’ (Vasudhaiva Kutumbam) like Dhanu Sun and Budh. The 12th sign or house in a horoscope shows great vision and sense of belonging to this world and not bound by man-made boundaries. These folks might not be able to articulate LOVE as well as Gemini and Virgo but they FEEL love like NO OTHER person. They might not be able to express thru words but their eyes which are downright beautiful will express their “beautiful/pure mind” effortlessly.

1. Budh in Meen – A person will read text for a long time but would not be able to reproduce a condensed form. Also, there could be difficulty in reproducing it for exams. They will always end up getting lesser marks/score than their actual knowledge due to lack of crisp/articulation skills.

2. An easy remedy for this is to WRITE while doing the studies and try to prepare notes while studying.
a. This makes a good imprint on the mind which is much easier to reproduce.

3. Similarly, listening to a song they might not remember it but watching it will go a long way as they have more of a graphic memory which stored the body language, lip movements “As is” in their memory! They will be able to talk about the complete song and the filming of the song but would not remember just by listening it. It I could be true for all folks but more so for Meen Budh.

3. Intuition
Intuition is nothing but highly evolved level of knowledge. After weeks months and years of hard-work, number crunching and stats analysis, one starts to see patterns and their probable future ramifications or results. Data becomes information, Information becomes Knowledge, Wisdom is evolved state of knowledge & how/where to use knowledge, and years of practice by a knowledgeable person results into intuition. So you can chose ANY subject of your liking and choice and spend time on it for years to get to a level. (Chinese proverb says 10,000 hrs on anything makes you THE expert of that thing.) Bhagwad-Geeta Says "Karmanyawadhikaraste". And common sense says "practice makes perfect". Garry Kasparov gets intuition about next chessboard move, Sachin Tendulkar can guess what a bowler would do next and Amartya Sen would get intuition about economics. Jayant Naralikar can guess what kind of research could happen in next few years in astronomy and Lata M can guess the next big thing in singing. The problem occurs when Amartya Sen starts talking about politics and Modi, Ssachin starts talking "Mumbai kunachi", and naralikar kaka starts talking about astrology and Lata M talking about flyovers locations!!! :) :) Greatness in one area of life should not be taken for granted in other areas of life????? So let us all start of journey from Data / Information (google) to Knowledge, Wisdom & Intuition..!!


  1. Hello Milindji
    Thanks guruji
    Excellent article about Budh.

    Once again, shamelessly a request : per your convinience

    If you can take a look at my email sent Dec 29 from, and can comment, that will be appreciated.

    There are some imp, life changing decisions to be taken in the months to come. So we are trying all avenues: Medicine, prayers . I also thought some astrological advise might help

    Best Regards
    - Aniruddha

  2. hi...
    First time i am visiting this blog...and i read most of the articles..they r well observed..and wel written too...
    And when cming to my problems...i loved a hook or crook i want to marry him...otherwise i vl become a nun...wats der in my horoscope..?
    Can u tel more abt my marriage details..and hw my lyf would be in future..?
    Born on 4 july 1990 7.34pm...ahmedabad...


  3. hello milind,
    an excellent article and amazing analysis.
    my husband has budh in meen rashi.whatever u said is every inch true except one fact regarding slow in mathematics.he has jupiter with moon in kirk rashi.born on 10th march '79.not a piscean according to more thing i have noticed in my uncle also who also have budh in meen that both of them have some teeth and neck problem from very early age.may be it is a coincidence.

  4. Hello Milind ji,
    Fantastic Article about Budh! ITs always pleasure to read your blog!!!
    Thanks a Ton!

    I have Budh in Mithun along with Surya! So what does it mean?

  5. Hi Milindji
    Also thanks for the real world examples.
    I did not know personality was that close related to stars!
    Also the physical appearence, related to planets !

    Each article is house of knowledge for me

    thanks for the great work.

    BTW what planet in your chart allows you to manage time so well ? :)

    For me even getting the most basic things done seems a challenge


  6. very good article, Milind.


  7. Milind,
    This is a pretty interesting article...a specific Q came to my mind related to your analysis and observation on budh...

    you mentioned budh in pisces or budh with surya (which is also termed as budhaditya yoga) cannot do trading or business for nuts and anyone with separate budh and sun can def do trading...this surprised me coz that would mean that statistically speaking almost 66.66% of the world population can do trading !! something that we all know is not possible....

    so would be interested in knowing what planetary combos lead to great vs average traders and entrepreneurs..(traders btw, I treat as a very different species from enterpreneurs)...and how would you rate trading or entrepreneurial capability of simha lagna with sun in lagna and budh in cancer (12th house) with 7th aspect from jupiter in makar and 4th aspect from mars in aries (9th house)and mesh rashi

    A more detailed article from your end on judging entrepreneurial ability of a person using the chart is long due now :)

    thanks and have a great day

    Amit Jain

  8. Hi Milindji,

    Every alternate day a new article rocks!!!
    I have only one case study for Budh in meen but he is just 9 months so will have to wait for some other one..
    Can you help me what does it mean in Gemini lagana budh in 12th house (tauras)

    Nothing mentioned for random thoughts 4 at end of the article :((
    what will be next?


    ps: check if you can reply for mine 2nd January mail

  9. VRISHCHIK lagna with lots of plants like sun.mercury.Venus.Jupiter.Uranus. 2nd house ketu and 3rd house magal and 8th house moon with rahu.12th house sani.....want to know which plants r good and bad for me and y ?..(moon sign is krik)

    pls reply ........thnx

  10. sahiwal seems to be on leave
    Pretty silent since the last 2-3 days

  11. Hello Milind,
    Again a good one. These BUDHA in Meen qualities probably might hold true in late degrees (beyond 28 degrees) of KUMBHA as well because 'CHALIT' kundali will show Budha in MEEN - I guess.


  12. Hello Milind,
    I am highly impressed with the simplicity that the articles are written with on such a complicated subject. I pretty much visit this site every single day, often multiple times a day and read some of the articles over and over. For example Random thoughts - 2 where you covered Mithun in Mangal (I have it in my patrika). Also the article on Neech vs. Ucch Planets last year was an excellent one. Not to mention, the article on Shani Badal was undoubtedly a great one too. I do have one question and before I this, I want to mention that I beleive in astrology 100%. At the same time, I believe in God as well and so I am trying to understand the difference between the two. Many a times I have come up with a conclusion that they are the same. Any comments on this are well appreciated.

  13. Budh Meen.
    The naive/ bholapan, honesty, cannot sell something for more than cost price, forgetting a word at the moment and remembering later all applies to me.
    But I have an AMAZING memory. I remember people, faces, instances, my childhood memories are crisp clear. I can see things in my mind in full color vision. Earliest memories would be from 4 years of age. I remember Many many instances. I still remember birthdays of my school classmates. Or sometimes birthday of a random person I wished only once. I never owned a telephone diary until the invention of mobile phones. I never forget something I have read/ studies/ news I read etc. I never forget something someone said. Especially if it made me happy/sad/excited/angry etc. And I can quote them years later which is shocking for them/ even they don't remember saying it.
    What do you attribute this to?

  14. hello,

    Can you tell me about mercury,sun and venus in 6th house gemini. Thanks a lot for all your articles.


  15. Milind ji, thanks for these observations. :)

    i want to ask you about 2 cases of Ketu in lagna (as you have mentioned in point # 4 above),
    what happens when ketu is with :-
    1. Mangal in tula lagna (no incoming graha drishti)
    2. Surya in kanya lagna (no incoming graha drishti)
    are these persons supposed to be cool as you have discussed above?
    thanks in advance. :)

  16. Dear Milind-Sir:
    Excellent article. I have budh in meen in 12th and I display all the characteristics mentioned in the article.

    Note: Einstien had Budh in Meen with exalted Venus (as per internet info)

    During my basic schooling I was weak in math and grammar. However it is astonishing that with this debilitated Mercury I was able to complete degrees that involve advance math.

    Some Obs of Budh in Meen:
    1. Low discriminating power that leads to poor decision making ability.
    2. Difficulty in public speaking & expressing thoughts
    3. Poor Mgmt skills

    Once again thanks Milind-sir for excellent article. Waiting for many such articles ahead.


  17. thanks for the great articles.. im going through a really hard week for wedding. can u please give the weekly horoscope

  18. [8] VRISHABH LAGNA and Shukra with Multiple planets in LEO : April 29, 30 or May1 1980 ??? Moring 7 to 9 AM or so.
    Your hair could CURLEY as Vrushabh lagna and Vrushabh Shukra.

    Shani close drushti on Shukra --- interesting. Can;t comment on Mahadasha but most likely Shani is ongoing So along with Sadesati it is indeed tough BUT i am sure that you will see EXPANSION in your sphere of influence untili May2012 for sure.

    >>>> Milind ji, thanks for taking time out and replying to me, your guess of bdate and time is perfect !!! And some other things also are correctly predicted!! Kudos!!

    one thing i forgot is, my shani is retrograde, how does retrograde shani effect things ?

    with guru rahu and mangal all other 3 present along with it, what are the effects ?

    also , my moon is in 6th house in tula, and sun and mercury in 12th in mesh to go with shukra in vrishabh and multiple planets in leo in 4th house and ketu in 10th

  19. Regarding afflicted Budh, someone I knew had wakri budh + ketu in lagna = had issues later in life and almost lost her mind in her 50s.

    I have budh in 8th house in Jyeshtha (scorpio) and matches a lot with the above description as well- poor maths/analytical ability, unable to judge people, cannot gather my thoughts while talking,poor memory,cannot "give-back" on someones face.
    Also have a very poor concentration. I miss out on lot of info because "i didnt hear it" in meetings etc and end up asking abt something that just was discussed!! :(
    I dont know if I can attribute a little bit of my ADD (Attention defecit disorder) to this Budh though.

  20. Wow, 3 articles back 2 back = 3 consecutive sixers in one over! keep it going!
    I too have meen budha + surya + venus + rahu under drishti of jupiter. While i am absentminded as described, i remember mobile numbers, complex equations etc, maths was always OK . Public spk, etc has never been a problem _ rather bholapan, non trader rings true. Attention to detail is difficult but can be done when it matters. Rather, I get lost navigating to own flat many times, or forget names of ppl i am spking 2. BTW both my budh and surya are vargottama. will that make a difference?

  21. What does ravi budh in kumbha mean?

  22. Thank u Milind ji for wonderful write ups...really appreciate.Though I have immencely enjoyed reading Random Thoughts,,,,I am missing the weekly bhavishya..and wondering how good bad each passing day is
    I may sound greedy but pls keep them constant along with these too !!!Asking for lots-is it
    Also pls reply on horoscope combination of me and my sister(84 born) in terms of joined karma(asked in previous write up (Random Thoughts-2)

  23. Hi Amit

    this surprised me coz that would mean that statistically speaking almost 66.66% of the world population can do trading !! something that we all know is not possible....

    I am not a pro but to see this in regard for alone budh...66.66%
    1) should not we consider wakri budh every now and than (quarter) which will reduce capacity
    2) Budh uses to get along with the planet he is any other than sun will again play role
    3) and of course com-bust with any other planet...

    now let Milindji answer 66.66% - (___)
    I cant answer that


  24. @Hina, thanks for ur inputs and good points all...infact aspects specially of guru, vakri, yutis, houses, house lords, nakshatras, navamsha etc will all play a major role in increasing or diminishing the "trading competency levels"...however I was considering the statement in isolation and wanted to understand by how much sun and budh in separate houses can be attributed alone as a core factor...hence the reason why I wanted to understand from as a composite we can gauge the "trading or entrepreneurial capability" of a person using his/her chart

    Amit Jain

  25. Milindji,

    Eagerly awaiting your response on the birth details sent to you... I am Budh in Meen person :) (have Sun also, but am not sure if Budh goes combust for me?)so am all the more interested to know answers to my queries...


  26. Milindji,

    I dont know which my graha is in which house. How can I get that info.


  27. milind wht about this weeks
    weekly predictions.????

  28. [1] ANIRUDDHA
    Didnt know the urgency -- will try to check

    [2] Swetha
    WELCOME to the MAYAJAAL! :)
    Swetha -- diff to comment without the other horoscope BUT your horoscope shows care and delay in getting maried. You would tend to like a person which could be good looking healthy but UNORTHODOX for your family -- that is a bit older that you and also

    from totally diff background etc. There is a GOOD bit of a chance for being taken for a ride also in relationships! You need to be VERY careful is what I woudl say. Metaly or rather physically weird person is possible to come in touch with you. Good possibility

    of liking someone quite OLDER than you or even divorced etc -- PLEASE make sure to do a background and EVEN a physical check before marriage!

    [3] RASHMI
    Mathematics is NOT a problem for 5th hosue Budh folks and also with Mangal or Surya but still forgetting phone numbers of folks not very imp is very easy. I have VERY VERY STRONG MEMORY desdpite Meen budh as Vrishchik rashi and Lagna. But not taht

    NOT bcos of Meen budh! :) Actually, I was very good in mathematics -- Which is also a blessings of planets in MITHUN rashi.

    [4] ROHINI: Thanks -- Mithun Budh Surya are good for writing, cracking jokes, learning forever with multiple degrees! :) :)

    RATHER PERSONALITY and ATTITUDE canbe given VERY VERY ACURATELY with Horoscope -- Future prediction is a C class D category use of Astrology -- Very petty use of astrology! :( Psychology of a person can be guessed VERY acurately without

    meeting the person with just the horoscope and numero...Palmistry is LIKE a MIRROR of the person!!!

    [6] AMIT JAIN 66%
    BUDH NEVER goes more than 28 degrees AWAY from Sun --- that means it is USUALLY and always with Surya and not without it! :) :) So that Stat is wrong. Also Budh wakri, Budh SLOW could cause some issues mentioned in the article too. TRADING is an

    ability and does not have to become a profession --- Rather 2nd house and 11th house should be related in order to do trading etc. So yes even 2nd and 5th BUDH could give TRADING ability regardless of MEEN BUDH but the DESTINY needs to cover that. 5.

    14. 23 born folks are also VERY Good at trading. For example Balasahen Kanya rashii and 23 born once met a renowned Maharashtrian painter and saw his paintings -- GOt impressed called TAJ and asked the manager to come to Matoshree --- He requested

    to check paintings for their lobby -- they were sold for 5 lakh+ per painting which would have otherwise gone for say 50K ! :) :) THIS is trading. Raj Thackeray and partners bought a land in Mumbai for some 400Crores and sold for 700+ crores I think - Will need

    to check it though -- 8th house Surya Budh and Mangall in GEMINI -- Trading sign (BUDH) and 14 born. etc etc

    YES -- A detailed article with 2 and 11th relation ALONG with BUDH RASHI or BUDH in there etc is needed to cover this topic of trading.

    [7] HINA
    He will start talking a bit later and would not be able to "R" early !! :) :) :) Just like me and my son Tanish. But he will be regarded as cute and innocent like Tanish (my son) and not like me! :) :) (As I am Scorpio moon/lagna!) :)

    1. Thanks MIlindji
      I will wait for your reply.


  29. I have Budh in Vrischik (12th house from lagna) with Mangal and Shukra. Looking at my nature I have short term memory, not sure whether you consider it is similar to Budh in Meen.\


  30. [8] SAURABH
    CHALIT Kundali is NOT for Rashi -- IN Chalit Kundali RASHI is NOT written so not it would not apply --- However BUDH in Purva-Bhadrapada in Kumbh would show straightforward approach and honesty and absent minded person but NOT DOWNRIGHT

    bhullakad etc in Meen! :) Last 3 chaaran in Kumvh are Purva Bhadrapada..Nakshatra .owned by Guru -- GENTLEMAN nakshtra! :) :) BUT NOT not about CHALIT for sure.

    [9] VIRAL
    Please read my WHAT IS ASTROLOGY article and Autobiography of a YOgi chapter 16 -- Outwitting Stars chapter....Astrology is a merely a TOOL / MAP --- you do not throw away the MAP until you reach teh destination! :)

    WHAT IS MEANT by "Belief in Astro": ---?????? It is VERY vague. I am not complaining or criticizing - just provoking thoughts...What do you meanby belief in astro! :) :)

    [10] VANESSA : Your memory is DESPITE Meen BUDH -- GURU drushti on CHANDRA is a GREAT effect of remembering stuff. SINGLEMOST IMP grahayog in your horoscope is Drushti on Guru on Chandra -- it shows shows that you can earn a lot thru shares/trading! :) :) (2 - 8 houses!)

    Here is one more RANDOM THOUGHT: The HOUSE opposite to GURU in your horoscope is the STRONGEST house and body part in your horoscope!!! :) The TRIKON Guru is in the strongest Trikon in the horoscope....(Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha)

    [11] ABDUL
    Makar Lagna 6th hosue Surya makes person workoholic in the field of education or training etc. Learnign a lot, READING a lot, Constantly upgrading yoruself, creating training capsules, creatign white papers, writing articles etc etc. Serious approach to the not so serious topics of BUDH rashi! :) :)

    Mangal in 1st house DIFFICULT to be COOL but still with Ketu shows SOME control and well directed anger but still blood related issues in worst case severe ones -- HERIDITARY from Maternal side grandfather or family. With SUN -- again cool but self assured and confident etc. So yes with Surya and Managl more so the effect of Ketu is a bit offset...

  31. [13] ANIL
    WOW thanks for those 2 points -- being Meen budh I did not articulate it so well and wrote a LONG TEXT! :) :) -- Public speaking, mathematics is for childhood -- early days only...later on it is conquered COMPLETELY or GIVEN UP COMPLETELY.
    THE FISH has a CHOICE to FLOW completely downstream or completely upstream ---- it is DWISWABHAVi in its own way and not like GEMINI who likes 2 things at the same time! ;) MEEN is a CHOICE given to the fish -- the UPSTREAM is MORE REWARDING

    which folks done advanced mathematics have done.

    [14] Deepak - -Thanks for the feedback - Like me you MEMORY & remembering bdates, phone numb etc DESPITE MEEN BUDH and not bcos of it! :) :) Vargottam BUDH and Surya makes a HUGE difference -- It shows GREAT luck and doing things VERY

    EASILY...EFFORTLESSLY....I never showed interest in batting but when I did concentrae on batting it was termed as VERY effortless by a critique called Yogesh Deshpande in our college days! :) I liked "FREE FLOW" Balling spirit much more than batting

    though. MEEN vargottam is a very effortless Allrounder -- So you are born on 11, 12, 13 April I guess! :) :)

    1. 10th April _ bang on. (great!) Also Vrishchik Mangal in 4th and exalted in navamsa i.e. makar -mangal in navamsa. does that compensate for budh-meen? (as per rahul dravid example given by you earlier

    2. Dear Milind,
      10th April. :-) Bang on as usual.
      One doubt meen vargottam in budh case will be good or bad? since budh is debilitated. also are exalted planets exalted in navamsa also ( i.e. i have mars-makar in navamsa )

  32. Hi Milind,
    note ur point on degree of closeness of budh to sun :)
    I was attributing 66.6% based on the fact that budh can either be with sun in same house or one house ahead or after...hence given equal probabilities to all 3 placements, the overall probability of not being in the same house as sun is 66.66%, however astrological calculations speaking the probability could be much lower :)

    Now you mentioned 2/11 house along with budh placement can tell a lot on trading ability. How would you judge the same for a leo lagna (sun in lagna) and mesh rashi (mars in 9th) with budh placed in 12th house (cancer) being the lord for 2 & 11 house having aspect of jupiter in makar (6th house), venus in 2nd and saturn along with ketu in 11th house?

    Since 2 & 11 houses are also considered houses of wealth accumulation and profit are correlating the trading ability to the above as well....then in that case, I am guessing that someone with 2/11th lord in 12th (house of expense) should be a bad trader and quite poor in his ability to accumulate wealth or make profits :)

    eager for your views on this one

    Amit Jain

  33. Amit Jain:

    In Guru drushti there should not be bad effects if trading is done overseas. Budh in 12th -- owner of 2 and 11 in 12th shows wealth from some connection abroad or exports. So yes GAINS from exports, abroad connection are very well possible for sure. Now tarding "Ability" is concerned Moon Sign is imp but Budh in cancer shows not bad not great for trading. I would look at this BUDH as abroad connection for sure.

  34. Milind,
    Got it thanks I rem you had mentioned exports relation earlier in a previous note as well :)

    however I do feel that somehow I relate my personality to more of what you mentioned as budh in meen...gullible, too trusting, cannot judge people, forgetful, taking what people say on face value....for me it has been and still is a learning curve to gauge people and not get fooled...though I would say my analytical capabilities are much better than most of the folks that I know, but my memory sucks big time....I am guessing it is somehow related to budh in 12th house and sun in lagna as lord :)

    anyways, thanks mate for a good discussion...will wait for ur detailed note on trading ability :)

    Amit Jain

  35. Hi Milindji,
    Awesome article.
    I am budh -meen. Budh is retro and i also have ketu with budh for good measure.
    R there any remedies that can be done to make life better in terms of time management and articulation in terms of speech and diplomacy ?
    Eagerly waiting ur expert comments.

    I believe that my horoscope is one of the most amazing things with a lot of exotic combinations.
    Other details are
    vrishabh lagna
    mithun - jupiter
    kirk - mangal
    simha - chandra / shani
    kanya - rahu
    meen - budh / ketu
    mesh - surya / shukra.

    Any info will be very useful.

  36. hi this is swetha [4 july 1990 7.34pm ahmedabad]...
    actually u scared me by telling weird persn and divorced persn...i m loving a guy who is ur follower born on 15 aug 1988 8.20am vizag...[i thnk u knw his dtails]...we both were of diff castes...nw can u elaborate mre on our relationship and marriage..?
    Wat wil going to hapn in future..? Can u explain in simple terms..


  37. Hi Milindji

    Thanks for replying..
    The concern person is quick temper may be because of lagnesh Rahu other one with mangal there.. but yes reply comes in curves :))

    Well Tanish must be cute & innocent same as his father...


  38. Swetha -- :):) :) LOL -- I can't stop laughing...In marathi we way "Yed lagala"! :) :)

    I will analyse both in details now in the NEW context BUT I guess both the horoscopes reccommend late marriage that is for sure...

    Let me check and ask Pavan to send me an email with the subject with both the names! :)


    1. Milindji

      Bowler got bowled...LoL
      Pavan was asking ever since clearing PO & you thrown googaly..
      May everything turn out right & bright


    2. even i hope everythng right and bright hina ji...
      Bt i dnt knw wat our horoscope suggestng...?


  39. Milind Ji...
    What does it mean with Guru (029-51-44) and Sun (004-28-34) in Scorpion? Any over seas profession? More over Mithun mangal. Meen Raashi and Dhanu Ladna. Budh in 11th Tula (Swati-4). Shani in 9th Leo (Purvaphalgini-1)with Ketu, Shukra in 10th Kanya (Hasta-3). Any Health issue?

  40. Hi Milindi
    Another question : may be a simple one, so pls excuse me , for I am a novice

    What should be considered: The Rashi in which the planet is, or which house it is in
    For e.g Surya + budha in Mithun, which is in 8th house , for vrishchika langa, may be a different house for some otehr lagna. How would be the effect here ?

    A friend of mine claims that houses are calculated from moon position, and not ascendant, So that left me a bit surprised, Your take on this?

    And thanks for all the great work.

    - Aniruddha

  41. hi milind ji

    VRISHCHIK lagna with lots of plants like sun.mercury.Venus.Jupiter.Uranus. 2nd house ketu and 3rd house magal and 8th house moon with rahu.12th house sani.....want to know which plants r good and bad for me?..(moon sign is mithuna) is my rahu and moon both r bad ...Can u elaborate more abt my marriage (love/arrange)


  42. Thanks for the response Milind ji :)

    just a small observation i want to share, may be you have noted it already:-
    for budha to be in meena the surya rashi always would be kumbh, meena or mesh.

    does that mean in a generalised way that people with these 3 sun signs are more prone to have poor budha effects?

    just a thought.

    1. forgot to mention it earlier :-

      this site is quite descriptive.

      barbara ji has done a great job in defining the descriptions for each combination.

      worth a reading, i believe. do have a look and discuss.

  43. Hi milind..

    Swetha here...

    just now Pavan send the email with the subject "SWETHA & PAVAN - RELATIONSHIP".



  44. Dear MILIND SIR,

    what an insightful article...simply fantastic...
    U knowledge & analysis is beyond excellence...which you are sharing wid everyone...
    I am a devout follower of all ur articles...& make it a point to visit your blog daily...
    Hats off to you...

    All What you have analysed about BUDH in MEEN is quite true in my case...

    i hav KUMBH lagna & also KUMBH Rashi, with NEECH BUDH in MEEN, along wid UCHHA SHUKRA in 2nd HOUSE..both are VAKRI... & no planet is aspectin them, they are independently sitting there in 2nd house...
    Does it amount to "NEECH BHANG yog"? Lagnesh SHANI is vakri in 10th house....

    Kindly analyse with your your divine & oceanic knowledge, positive, negative &any special points such combo?

    Eagerly Waiting for your reply...

    Kindly keep sharing such deeply insightful analysis...for all various signs...
    When you will actually do that, it will be such a divine gift to human mankind...

    thanks thanks thanks...
    Warm regards

  45. Hi Milind,
    Thank you very much for this article.

    Mine is Kumbha Lagna and Budh ( Navaamsha 2) along with Guru (Navaamsha 8) in Tula . Can you please explain about this ?

    Thank you,

  46. Hi Milind,

    Wonderful article these "Random Thoughts" are...

    I have Meen Budh(5th House) - Vrishcika Lagna & Kirk Rashi

    Regarding remembering ability ; In the pre-mobile days I used to be the walking telephone Directory for my friends and also in remembering everyone's Birthdays.

    Also I was good @ Maths...Scored centum (200/200) in my 10th Matric Exams.

    As you replied to one of the earlier comment might be influence of other planets also..(but no planets in Mithun or Kanya)

    6th House - Surya (Mesh)
    7th House - Shukra (Vrishabh)
    9th House - Chandra (Kirk)
    10th House - Shani,Rahu,Mangal,Guru (Simh)

    And also born on 23rd !!!


  47. [1] Deepak:
    Vargottam Budh will be good only --all rounder and "easy" way of doing things. Exalted planets might not be Vargottam and hence might not be exhalted in

    Navamansh. Non exhalted ones could be ehalted in navamansh.

    [2] HINA :) :) But it does confirm the osbervation of late marriage for both of them! :)

    [3] VINOD (v@w) -- Yes I too have 5ht house Surya Budh in MEEN rashi (Vrishchik lagna) and I also remember 1000s of songs by heart with tune etc, was VERY

    good in maths (Gemini Mangal) and can remember bdates for 1000s of folks -- Rather Horoscopes of 1000s of folks with almost everybody with exact degrees

    too. 5th and 3rd house BUDH are ACUTE and VERY POWERFUL & Highly TACTICAL regardless of the signs. But I have NO use of this memory and this ability in

    what I do to earn! :) This is Meen Budh! :)

    [4] ARCHANA
    Kumbh lagna Budh and Guru in TUla is wonderful to say the least -- intelligent is an understatement. Staregic thinking -- long term thinker etc.

    [5] SIDDHARTH: Thanks for the compliment. and YES it IS neechbhang and it does show trading income as Budh and Shukra in 2nd house regardless of Meen budh (as it is not with Surya) show trading ability. Both wakri --> Your 1st argument or sentence usually could be wrong and you would correct yourself on 2nd thought! :) Also some losses in trading or LESSER gains from Sept2009 to Nov2011 as Shani was opposite these two. Was a period of some saboori in investments despite good luck in horoscope. Lagnesh in 10th is great regardless of wakri.

  48. [6] Raghav -- Will have to check -- I doubt it I will be able to check. I tend to give my thoughts that are not usually covered in ANY books that I read or have with me. i.e. unique content mostly which would not be found easily -- else my blog would become repeat and duplicate...I would give stuff where I have anubhooti.

    YES Surya would be in 11, 12, 1 signs for Budh to be in Meen. Also SHUKRA goes only 45 degrees away from Surya.

    [7] SNM
    Jambuvant yoga with Makar Mangal! :) Moon Rahu 8th house Vrishchik lagna -- Mom could have issues with reprod organs and also arms I guess. Also AGITATION and ANGER could be easy to come for you -- HIDDEN one though. Not sureif Ketu in Moola. With so many planegts in 1st house of Vrishchik it is good todo own 10th owner in 1st house and also with owner of 6th hosue -- Engineering service and production sector -- Fire/AAG/Explosive/Chemicals, Steel, Acids etc etc 00 I do not know the Navamansh and other stuff so just pseculating.

    [8] ANIRUDDHA: ALL shoudl be considered the house and the sign in that order.. RASHI BAL is VERY VERY imp despite good placement BUT yes HOUSE has its OWN advantages like Mithun Mangal for some great sportspersons. Regardless of Mithun rashi -- Mangal very STRONG in 3rd and even Mithun rashi also strong in 3rd! :) i.e. Mesh lagna itself is a strong one! :) Specific GOOD karma when a planetr is swagruha or uchcha in Mesh lagna.

  49. VERY Good new feature on Blogspot....I can reply to each comment in there itself..Good one!!

    1. we are expecting a return mail frm u milind regarding SWETHA PAVAN RELATIONSHIP....can u pls mail it fast if posble...

      pavan & swetha

    2. Absolutely. Makes life easier.

    3. yes, it will be easier now to read your replies to the relevant query without too much scrolling up or down, keeping in view the volume of comments here. :D

  50. dear MILIND SIR,

    thanx a lot for your quickest reply...

    You are right, I am somehow attracted to stock markets, & finance, havnt yet started trading as such since I am currently pursuing CA FINAL (1group to clear) & wish to go further into finance & stock markets field...

    Also as you said...I had a tough time in "ASHTAM SHANI" & also SHANI MAHADASHA (since 26-5-2007)...infact there were a few months during which I underwent TRIPLE shani (shani maha+shani antar+ashtam shani) which was really testing...i need not elaborate to you, sir, as u wud have realised what i would hav went through...

    As i said i m kumbh lagna & kumbh rashi, SHATBHISHA Nakshatra...with lagnesh SHANI VAKRI in 10th house...could you kindly tell would my overall SHANI MAHADASHA of 19 yrs Started since 26-5-2007 be...
    Till now it has been really testing in all success, hurdles, delays, lonliness.

    I have read your insightful articles on shani mahadasha etc which were simply which you have say that KUMBH rashi folks need not worry much as in this phase of 19 yrs SHANIdev takes 1 to the top like eg. Of Amitabh Bachan, Michael Jackson, Salman Khan, & others tht u gave..readin which has given me some hope really...

    Could you kindly shower your divine knowledge on it...

    Warm regards

    1. It's not that kumbha rashi people need not worry about shani mahadasha.
      If shani is good in a horoscope by rashi/sthan/navamansh, than shani mahadasha can be very good. provided you keep ego in check.

  51. Hi Milind ji,
    Awesome article and replies

    Can u tell about my marriage details.(and cause delay).and how my life would be in future..?
    Born on 4 December 1982 5.50am..Dhaka.Bangladesh

    And thanks for all the great work.


  52. Milind ji, kindly find some time to advise ...

    VRISHABH LAGNA and Shukra with Multiple planets in LEO : April 29, 30 or May1 1980 ??? Moring 7 to 9 AM or so.
    Your hair could CURLEY as Vrushabh lagna and Vrushabh Shukra.

    Shani close drushti on Shukra --- interesting. Can;t comment on Mahadasha but most likely Shani is ongoing So along with Sadesati it is indeed tough BUT i am sure that you will see EXPANSION in your sphere of influence untili May2012 for sure.

    >>>> Milind ji, thanks for taking time out and replying to me, your guess of bdate and time is perfect !!! And some other things also are correctly predicted!! Kudos!!

    one thing i forgot is, my shani is retrograde, how does retrograde shani effect things ?

    with guru rahu and mangal all other 3 present along with it, what are the effects ?

    You had said shani drishti on shukra interesting, interesting in which way ?

    also , my moon is in 6th house in tula, and sun and mercury in 12th in mesh to go with shukra in vrishabh and multiple planets in leo in 4th house and ketu in 10th


  53. thanks milind ji for a great info,

    I hope things does work out.
    just wanted to ask you on more bout love life and marriage, when do think there are chance of me getting married?

    sry to bug you again
    thanks again


  54. Sir ji, u skipped my question. . . .

  55. milind...

    i again send the e mail with the subject SWETHA & PAVAN RELATIONSHIP...

    caN U plz check it out...


  56. Milind,
    Now this is killing me...My kundli has some of the above mentioned combinations, which I'm enlisting below:
    1--> Aries lagna
    2--> Lagnesh in 10th (exalted, 28th degree)
    3--> Venus in own house in 7H Libra
    4--> Sun Mercury also in Libra, only a degree apart, Sun debilitated but with double neech bhanga from Venus and Mars
    5--> Jupiter in 11H Aquarius, same nakshatra lord as Venus, forming nice nav - pancham..
    6--> As per your above post, my H5 (opposite to Jupiter) should be strongest, but here's the twist: Mars - Saturn also aspecting 5H, 5th lord debilitated...however, 7H aspected by Jupiter
    7--> Saturn in 8th vargottam, mars - Saturn exchange, mars aspecting lagna from 10H
    8--> ALL planets except Ketu in visible hemisphere!
    9--> Last but not the least, moon - rahu conjunction in 12H, 2 degrees apart, moon going in..
    You have already written about individual effects of most of them, but I am dying to know their combined effects and how work around them, as it very difficult to cope up with the amount of activity that takes place with such a loaded chart.
    Hence, once again requesting you to have a look at the email sent to you on 14th August 2011, from and please show me a way through this!!!

  57. Milind,

    Hope you can reply to my email request reading charts... I am eager to have your views please


  58. Hi Milind
    Great article as always. I'd just make one small observation- Sharukh Khan is Leo lagna and not scorpio. So in my humble opinion when you mention his energetic personality, it does not arise because of mars being in the lagna- mars is actually in the 4th house- but because of jupiter being in gemini(11th house). Further, his jupiter dasha was running roughly from 1991 to 2007. So it is at that time that he felt the most energetic- actually a better description would be 'restless', which is a characteristic of gemini as a sign. So now that he is running saturn dasha since the last 4 odd years, there should be a marked reduction in his feeling of restlessness.
    Also one often hears of SRK calling himself the 'king' and talking about how he is here to 'rule'. Right since his early days in bollywood he has been called arrogant- but in a way his horoscope does explain why he does this. His lagna being leo - the only royal sign- he is only being honest as his mental make-up is genuinely such.
    Ofcourse, not to mean that all leo lagnas are kings or equivalents of king- for that is only the starting point and needs futher planetary combinations.


  59. Milind,

    "Selflessness is the biggest vice or virtue of Meen budh:

    Regarding this , I know a person who has Budh (navaamsha 5) in Meen but I don't see any characteristics of selflessness in her.

    Is it because of any other planetary combinations ?

    She has Mesha Lagna,Vrishchika Raashi.
    (I have written Naavaamsha in brackets.)
    Rahu(3) in Mesha,
    Ketu(9) in Tula,
    Mars (10), Moon (4), Shani (8) In Vrishchik ,
    Shukra(3),Ravi(12), Guru(9) in Kumbha


  60. And Milind, for a person with Budh in Meen, how would you consider their Budha Mahadasha to be please? I finish my Shani Mahadasha in another year or so, and Budha MD starts.


  61. Sir,
    If you have time ----

    I am waiting for my brother's analysis . I have learnt that he is going through SHANI MAHADASHA AND SHANI ANTARDASHA also .He is a KUMBHA MOON SIGN.

    His details are there in my 13th July email .{And 29th August email also }

    You replied me on 29th August .

    Have a look at email dated 22th September also , if you have time .

    THANK YOU ---Pranav.

  62. i read your article of meen rashi budh i got tense that meen rashi budh people cannot trade or do bussiness
    i have meen rashi budh now what to do i am worried
    male 20 april 1980 1:39 pm mumbai one of your daily article reader

  63. [1] JK
    Impossible that ShahRukh is Leo lagna - The Shani in 7th house late marriage and the Shukra in Mool in 5th? :) HIs marriage would be disaster if Mangal and Shani both aspected 7th house! :) He IS 1st hosue Mangal for sure. 4th house Soukhya sthan mangal woudl not want to run or dance around until 4 a.m.! :)

    Shah RUkh is ANURADHA LAGNA Nakshatra Personofied with intense eyes and typical ANURADHA NOSE. His Mom house has Shani aspected by Mangal and his Surya which shows father and also owner of the 10th house is in 12th house reflects the father's history. His Mars is in 4th hosue and hence SOUKHYA from Masses. MOM was more influential due to 3rd house Moon. His Height and body structure is TYPICAL Anuradha Nakshatra!! Rather, I obsered his Scorpio lagna (I thought he was Scorpio Moon Anuradha that time) in 92 itself when I was able to guess better way as did not have too much information/knowledge! :)

    I can BET 1000% that he is Scorpio Ascendant in Anuradha nakshatra -- also his MOON is in MAKAR and not Gemini, Sun being in TULA / LIBRA

  64. [2] Budh in Meen is NOT forbidden from trading! :) 2nd house Budh and 5th house Budh or even 11th house Budh would show that ability for sure regardless of

    sign BUT Budh in Meen does make person a bit naive for sure despite karmic history of good trading. Usually such Budh is with other planets and acts like those

    planets -- Budh in Meen with Shukra would be much better -- I know a friend with KUMBH lagna who is VERY good at finances with BUDH in Meen with MANGAL

    and SHUKRA. But simply Budh in Meen woudl find it a bit tough to do trading on own -- it will MIMIC other people who have Budh in Kanya or Mithun! :)

    [3] Ashok Ghosh: SHANI Maha from 2004
    Horoscope shows some issues with 1st born - maybe legs or even head/brain but not when santati when Gochar Guru aspects horoscope Guru only when Shani has aspect...but still thought of sharing. Difficult to beleive financial issues -- yes July2007 to Nov2011 was TOUGH environment as Shani caught hold of 3 planets from July2007 to Sept 2009 and again 2 income house planets Budh Shura from 2nd house of finances! So yes it WAS tough as specially Shani maha and Shani in 12th house of WYAY -- Expense, Obligation towards people and mom side relatives. Shani in Ashlesha does not help but Swa-navamansh so limited issues. CURRENT Antardahsa of Shukra from Jan2011 is a good one for 3+ years for money matters. Also until May2012 you WILL have good luck with job/position and also LAND related stuff. I think period until May2012 will settle many issues on personal front -- THE BEST INCOME woudl be June2013 to June2014 -- GREAT GAINS for sure. July2007 to Sept 2009 was VERY VERY tough for health and also overall...!!

    [4] BUDH Maha in Budh MEEN Sharmila
    Will need to check horoscope -- But it shoudl be good if GURU is welll placed and Budh has good speed and not close druthi by Shani/Mangal etc. IF Shani makes person to do things on HIS OWN -- BUDH mahadasha makes person to go into consultancy mode. Advisor, consultant etc and not actual SELF in action. It starts getting things done by others.

    [5] SANDY
    With such a STRONG chart why do you want an Astrologer! :) :)

  65. Archana:
    MESH lagna AND --- VRISHCHIK RASHI !!!! :) :) :) Becha Meen budh akela pad gaya! ;) ;)

  66. Archana -- Also Mangal and Shani with Moon -- Troubled but stil a VRISHCHIk mind! :) :)

  67. [6] PRIYA
    You should find someone GREAT to marry from May2012 to May2013 and espeically in Apri - May2013 for sure. You coudl get married inthis period or within 6/7

    months of finding that guy!! You have VERY SPECIFIC Karma with your "Would-Be" spouse --- Most likley to come from maternal family reference in the

    abovementioned period. Mostly from north direction to your place is possible.

    1. thnx ji.....can u suggest me what type of professional life will be ok for me....i m in very much depression cause i m so much confused thing hv mention u that science my childhood family life (relationship with parent) is not going good..can u naksatra is purnovasu lagna is vrishik with sun mercury Venus Jupiter Uranus 2H ketu and 3H mangal. 8H moon n rahu. 12H sani is bad for me?.... and one thing luv to bilve ur thought......


  68. Milind,

    Thank you for your reply.

    No wonder astrology needs such a careful observation of all the planets and their combinations!!

    For Kanya Rashi and Sade Sati - All the things you wrote are 100 % correct for me !!Now things are slightly changing.But still having some health problems. I am just waiting for some peaceful time !! Shraddha and Saboori as Baba Milind calls it:)

    You are an excellent astrologer !! More than that sharing your knowledge, replying to everybody's queries - extra marks :)

    Do you have some special planetary combinations in your Kundli for this? and we can call it as 'Milind yog ' :)


  69. milind...

    i again send the e mail with the subject SWETHA & PAVAN RELATIONSHIP... from

    caN U plz check it issues watever the result is....


  70. Oh you don't budge, do you? :P Lolz
    Anyways, got the rhetoric there...and I am very sorry if I was talking like an expert.. :D but lemme declare very publicly (and I have no regrets in doing so) that whatever little I know about astrology, uska har ek word aap ka hi diya hua gyaan hai sir...thanks a ton for it!!
    BTW, I once had a boss when I was a rookie, who had Scorpio ascendant, sun and moon!!!! There's only one word for him : IMPOSSIBLE!!! I learnt a very important lesson from him : Never try to outsmart a Scorpio boss, that hurts their ego like hell!!!

  71. Why do I need an astrologer:
    Did you also get a message from the heavens saying " Please don't help out this guy. Let him work out his own way and walk off with the credits for the entire show" ? :P
    Jokes apart, lemme give you a trial of my shoes: imagine an office where everybody ( 9 of them) is fresh from a weekend, at 10 AM on a Monday morning, ready to pounce on the day's battle. The only small problem is, every one of them is a manager! And everyone's got an agenda of his own! And I am responsible for managing the affairs of this office...certainly not my cup of tea! It would rather be handled better by an SME!!
    As you have always taught us not to, me too don't believe in "Asel maaza hari, tar deil khaatlyawari"! Hence, in spite of a strong chart, I am very much concerned about the purity of my actions. I just need to know in what particular direction do I need to direct my good deeds to get rid my karmic debts. That is why an astrologer!!
    Apart from all that, its the fifth house!! Kids and wives are gonna be my most beloved ones!! (Should I have said wife? :P) Now clearly, I can't help people concieve babies, for karmic healing of myself.. Hahaha..So what other way is there to pay off the debts? I am getting very serious about this question these days...
    I think everybody needs an astrologer to find a very precise answer to this question early on in life. So, once again, please?

    1. Hi Sandy
      My view point:
      Karmic debt: You will have to decide on your own how to pay it. Not sure how a astrologer can help here.
      And once again with no offense to any one, i have awlays been curious

      a) If the astrolger predicts something bad: What do you do? Be afraid, take precautions, Keep thinking about whent that would happen and carry that baggage with you each day ?

      b) If something good happens: I would not be reading this blog anyway. Have not seen a person yet, who goes to the astrologer to ask why good things are happening to him.

      c) One think I think is guaranteed:
      With excellent stars, if you do not slog it out, you are bound to fail.
      And vice versa

      So Do i need a astrologer: Yes
      Bcoz I am not mentally strong to accept reality at face value, always hope things will turn out for the better. ( and want to hear than from a third person )

      Vada Paav Khao, Aish karo

    2. Thank you sir. I do agree with what you said. I will never think of my chart henceforth and continue on the path of good deeds to the best of my abilities.
      Thanks for the guidance so far. You have been a great guru and role model for me. Wish to continue learning from you forever.
      Jai Vada Pav!!!

    3. Hi Sandy
      Kasha Sathi, Gareebachi Cheshta karta?
      I am just another idiot, for whom things are not going so good. So keep checking the blog , to learn something new.

      Best luck, and may you rock in all you do

      Kalave Lobh Asava

  72. Milind,

    My Guru is in 10th house, that is supposed to be the better aspects of my horoscope:) so i really really hope Budha MD is good, as Shani MD has brought lot of sorrows to me:(

    I am also keen on knowing about my career - will i continue in IT or can i look at alternate careers. Pls do tell me.

    Hope you will respond to my email soon, although the question there was on the marital front...

  73. Einsten had budha in meen.he was known for his bad memory.,and obviously he was innovative

  74. dear MILIND Sir

    As some1 rightly commented above...U certainly hav some special planetary combinations in your chart....which may b termed as MILIND YOG.. :) because of the way you analyse & insightfully comment such varied queries... amazing!!!

    Infact your comments elaborate your main article in depth & hav all d more deeper insights...

    Sir, i hav followin placement;
    KUMBH lagna + KUMBH Rashi
    *in brackets - nakshatra & charan no.

    1st house : moon(shatbhisa 3)
    2 : BUDH + SHUKRA both vakri(both uttarbhadrapad 3 & 4 respec)
    3 : SUN(ashvini 1) + RAHU(bharani 4) + MANGAL(kritika 1)
    4 to 8 : empty
    9: KETU(vishaka 2) + PLUTO vakri
    10: lagnesh SHANI(vishaka4) + URANUS(jyeshta) both vakri
    11: NEPTUNE vakri (mool 3)
    12: GURU (shravan 4)

    i m currently undergoin SHANI mahadasha startd since 26/5/2007 & now into BUDH antar...

    Based on above kindly, kindly shower your light of divine knowledge & insights on my chart;-

    -- as to how my shani maha dasha would be, since till now it hasnt been gr8 but only sorrowful & deeply depressing... :(

    -- wid BUDH & SHUKRA in MEEN (NEECHBHANG as u said) how will d subsequently followin BUDH dasha string from 26/5/2026 be...

    --Also based on whatevr little i know, i feel my chart isnt good for marriage life...& love etc.. & hav prepared mentally to b alone.. is it difficult or good?

    -- any remedial measures...u suggest

    I shall be deeply grateful to you...wid your special comments
    pls guide...
    thanks thanks thanks
    warm regards

  75. MILIND sir

    In addition to my comment above

    -- does it amount to NEECHBHANG yog also for GURU ( as shani is in kendra & also 3rd drushti on neeech guru)

    -- I am vry vry passionate about astrolgy since childhood...(thr is really some past connection surely as only by sheer listenin astro programs tht come on tv... triggered in me this divine if i knew the basics...) & know basic reading of lagna charts especially nature, physical, emotional etc not much about nakshatras or othr charrts etc (but no where near d PINNACLE @ where U are). :)

    I wud like to know is it because of combo of BUDH SHUKRA in meen in 2nd house? is it good for my further study of astrology...jus for passion, learning & guidin others like you are doing...

    I have already strtd studying it more deeply in d ongoing shani mahadash (& especially during my ashtam shani sept 2009 till nov 2011 as u always say such shani is good for self study, certifications, occult knowledge etc.. )..but i still dont know how to & where to proceed deep, without any maargdarshan of guru...

    Whats does your divine insight say ...

    thanx again
    warm regards..

  76. hi

    Last month i met best tantrik in Chandigarh, and he told me the same things. So you are also the best Milind gi.

  77. Somehow I am not able to use REPLY to each individual comment! :) Something to do woith Javascripts not being enabled I guess..

  78. Hi ALF_LEO:
    What did the Tantrik tell you? Related to otopic of this blog or something different?


  79. Milindji,
    Random thoughts of budh in meen rashi is really useful info likewise can u share budh in other rashis I mean other than Kanya or Mithun which we know it surely gives great skills to persons.
    Long before you have mentioned Budh in Vrischik rashi gives ability to become master in Chess, my daughter has the same in 1st house(vrishick lagna with Budh) could you please elaborate much on the same , I mean disadvantages too for Budh in Vrischik rashi...

    I have more intrest to know Budh in Makar rashi .... we all have Budh in Vrischik rashi except my son he is having Budh in Makar rashi with Sun,Mars in 8th house.....
    It would be really great to know these facts..

    Last but not least I complete agree with Archana with your info, your replies and ofcourse your time for us from ur busy schedule.

    Thanks a lot

  80. Hi Milind Ji,
    I have a budha in kanya with sun+moon+venus. Can you comment on the same. Also Milind ji i have sent a mail to you on nov. 21 and still waiting for your replay. Also can you comment on mars in 12th house and its some info. on manglik marriage. Waiting for your replay.

    thanking you

  81. my name is date of birth is 20-05-1978 at 3;40 ramagundam ,andhrapradesh. my question is do i have marriage yoga ? and still iam not settled in my career lot of financial struggles. what are the reasons

  82. Hello Minlindji,
    From nearly 2 years I am visiting this blog. I would like to call myself as astology student which is I am from last 8-10 years. I like this article as you figer out so many things about mercury in meen rashi. These facts are so true!!!! Me and my son both have mercury in meen.
    Just I did read article on rahu and ketu which was awesome.... please keep writing on jyotisha often....

  83. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the real astrologer and he has nice info regarding necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.

    Powerful Astrologer

  84. Hello Milindji
    Can you predict for myself regarding my marriage and job prospects.
    My dob 25/6/84.
    Time 23.20pm