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Saturday, January 14, 2012

RANDOM THOUGHTS 4: How to analyse a Horoscope and Lord 10th house (Career)

[A] Here is some quick text on how difficult it is to analyze a single thing in astrology:

1. A planets denotes a lot of things that includes karakatva of the planet, the house it owns, the nakshatra and the sign is occupies, the house it occupies, the position of the owner of sign this planet occupies and again that planet’s rashi-swami position – i.e. 3 generations of the planets need analysis.

2. A Planet denotes a few things; a house (bhaav) also denotes lots of things. So to analyze something you need to check the signs and nakshatra in the house, the planets in a specific house in question, the nakshatra of the planets in that house. The aspects of various planets on that house and those planets in that house. The RASHI-SWAMI (Bhavesh) of that house – the HOUSE it is placed, the nakshatra and the rashi it is placed in. The aspects of various planets on this rashi-swami (Bhavesh). The Karakatva of the thing you are trying to check. The karak planet’s house, nakshatra & sign, the aspects of various planets on this karak planet.

3. Now – SIMILAR or THE SAME things need to be analyzed for Chandra Kundali (assuming Chandra in the 1st house) and do NOT forget the NAVAMANSH Kundali. J

4. Also do not forget the planets at the BHAVARAMBH (exact degrees as ascendant) and BHAvCHALIT Kundali’s exceptions i.e. the planets that are way off from the ascendant degree! J (Bhavchalit VERY imp for health and body-parts analysis – instead of internal reprod organs I could be external reprod organs issue in bhavchalit! J A planet moving from house 8 to house 7!! J

[B] Quick Information on 10th house and the Dharma Trikon and Kaam Trikon angle

1. The 10, 2, 6 houses in the horoscope denotes what a person does for a living. The 10th house is house of career, workplace, father etc. The planets and aspects in the drushti on the 10th house shows the nature of the job and the conditions at workplace. However complex the analysis as can be seen from the above thoughts – here are some generic ATTITUDES or an OUTCOME for consumptions.

2. When the owner of the 10th house is in DHARMA-TRIKON i.e. in house 1, 5, 9 houses. The person tends to occupy the positions of responsibilities i.e. with specific duties or job description. The Lord of 10 (L10) in 1st house does show own business but the person also occupies the CEO or other POSITION of a regular duty! The 5th house is not in synch with the 10th house but still it shows the positions of duty for quick achievements (tactical success) in the workplace. It also shows education sector and teaching profession but you would certainly say that – it is one of the biggest duty or dharma to do to educate people.

3. The owner of the 10th house in KAAM Trikon i.e. in say 3, 7, 11 houses shows that the person does not care for a position or designation of position of duty but likes to ENJOY the work he/she is doing. They tend to take career and work with more panache and want to contribute without having the boundaries of duties or TIED down with some duties. Bu duties, it means the things that you do on daily, weekly, monthly basis that you HAVE to do whether you want to them to or not. Duty is doing what NEEDS to be done and Kaam Trikon is about doing something you LOVE to do. As you can see, the folks who have L10 in 3rd house are a FREE SPIRIT who like to make an impact by being an outlier. They would be more interested in their IMPACT on the OUTCOME than what is their badge, designation or position in the undertaking. The 7th house shows next level of maturity and that builds collaborations at workplace & working with folks who they like to work with and not they HAVE to work with! J The 11th house is about GAINS and indeed the 10th house owner in 11th does show great cash flow and pro environment at workplace but these folks again work on something they LOVE to do with their friends and seniors and not what they HAVE TO do on daily basis. I knew a very Senior Manager who did not have his mailbox sorted by date but by people and subject – so that he will NOT clear the emails of approvals and leaves etc or other things that he HAS to do day in and day out BUT he would do things randomly as to he LOVED to do! J It was a hedache for people as to they needed to go to him every now and then for any approvals or emails that need his views on topics he find boring! J

BOTH are IMP – too many folks with L10 in 3, 7, 11 would cause a CHAOS at workplace as they do not want to be saddened by financial matters, ROI, loss/profit analysis etc but care for results on their work in FREE spirit. You GOT to have folks with sense of DUTY who keep the machinery going by daily/weekly tasks – the things that HAS to be done! It is a matter of importance where YOU belong! J The L10 in 3, 7, 11 sometimes take much more risk than warranted and can get into trouble if given too much leeway. The Dharma Trikon could get stuck in operational issues so much that they do not get to work on something they LOVE to do so then usually what they LOVE to do is something other than their daily grind/work.

The L3, L7, L11 in 5, 9, 1 houses could also bring in interesting results but these folks then would hold posts in creative fields like cinema making (directors, people supporting a music director with settings etc) à Next time! J


  1. Hi Milind Sir,
    Thanks for sharing this invaluable information.
    What about dashamesh & lagnesh in bhagya house?

  2. milind ji...
    Plz give me reply for the mail wit the subject SWETHA PAVAN RELATIONSHIP...i am eagerly waiting the lyf im going to strt wit the Pavan...


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  4. dear MILIND Sir,

    wow what an article once again...its like 4 sixes in 4 balls... ;)

    so analytical & deeply insightful... Hats off to You Sir...

    It clearly shows your mastery & expertise...with which you solve every 1s queries & elaborate further by your comments, with the sheer amount of analysis tht You apply & put into them before writin them here...

    As you have to view 1 single lagna chart frm so many different angles...similarly for other charts for other you have said above in Part A... You wud be viewing from so many aspects & tht too wid so few such a less time....classss!!
    You would definitely be having certain saraswati or vidvaan yog in your charts apart from MILIND YOG... :)

    Its an honour for me to even post a comment in your blog of such a divine soul like You..Sir, who is spreading this divya vedic knowledge for the benefit of human mankind...

    Part B applies to me...sir..

    I am kumbh lagna + kumbha rashi wid lagnesh SHANI vakri in 10th house in Vrischik... Further L10 MANGAL is swahgruhi in MESH in 3rd house along wid UCHHA SURYA & RAhu... i.e in KAAM TRIKONN...

    All what you said is true...although i still havnt started with any job (jus appeared for CA final) but will soon in the comin months...but as you said i am not crazy about designations, badge etc but would love to contribute to the final impact of the result... Absolutely true sir... Bullseye :)

    I hav given my detailed position in the ending section of the comments to your PART 3 random thoughts... Wish u would kindly hav a look to it...

    Based on whatevr little astrology I know...with saturn in 10th house & lord of 6th house(service) moon I will start my career, earn with doing job/service... Also L10 being strongly placed, would I be really hardworking & dedicated... sir correct me if i m wrong
    could you kindly tell me which field would be suitable for me...

    does Rahu along with this strong combo of sun + mars play spoilsport...? I hav heard somewhere tht rahu is good in 3rd house... In my early teens was very passionate about cricket &wished to further it as my career but landed in CA... :) i think rahu played a spoilsport

    hope you will analyse for my chart

    thanx thanx thanx a lot for sharing

    waitin for 5th six in 5th ball.... ;p

    warm regards

  5. Dear Milind,
    Why 2nd house? wealth? if 2nd and 10 lord in yuti, then what are the indications?

    what if 10 lord is in Moksha trikon in Rashi and Navamsha?

    similarly if some of the lords debilitated (i.e. 6th etc) and some exalted? i.e. 10th etc then what to understand?
    lastly will rashi or nakshatra of the 10th lord determine profession more? and what role of drishti of various graha on the 10th (i.e. if saturn drishti in chandra kundali, but mars drishti in rashi - basic question is how can both chandra and rashi charts give same results, when drishtis, 10th lord, etc are different?
    Lots of questions :-) sorry but ... all genuine doubts

  6. What if
    1) 10th and 6th Houses are Empty and 2nd has Rahu?
    2) 3rd and 11th are empty and 7th has saturn and Pluto?

    Could you share something about Artha Trikon?

    I'm a scorpio ascendant with moon as aries and sun as leo.

  7. Siddharth:
    You will do great in your own business despite starting in a job initiaily which happens with all L10 in 3 folks. Rahu in 3rd house IS VERY powerful and with its lord also in there in 3rd house and that too in MESH fire sign it shows tremendous productivity and creating GREAT momentum at workplace. The KAAM TRIKON planets are alwaysin LABH of DUTY houses so they are not opposite to them so DUTY minded folks always LOVE these folks and MY OBSERVATIONS Is that L10 in 3rd house folks are OFTEN in FAST TRACK of their career - NUMEROUS example -- VERY VERY FAST GROWTH in career - Restless ness when Mangal in Mesh.

    SPORTS: Mangal astangat with Sun is teh spoil sport for you actually - Have written one more article which I will publish in afew minutes -- it has exact same exmaple of Mangal in 5th house in Singh with Surya -- how person left sports/cricket despite being very good at it and all avenues at disposal...


  8. sir i have mailed you all the details of mine on 12th,& few questions also you have not replied mine.

  9. hi millind ji

    pls suggest me what type of professional life will be ok for me... i m so much confused ... my naksatra is purnovasu lagna is vrishik with sun mercury Venus Jupiter Uranus 2H ketu and 3H mangal. 8H moon n rahu. 12H sani is bad for me? and xplain my wealth position.... and one thing luv to bilve ur thought......


  10. mine 10th lord in 12th house,,wat abt me...?
    plz reply...:)

  11. i agree with above question.. what about owner of 10th in 12th house and owner of 12th in 10th house?? :)what about them??

  12. Good article .
    When u have time pls explain if L10 is in 4,8,12 or in 2,6,10.
    If L9 conjoined with L10?

  13. Hi Milind,
    I have L10 Sa in Lagna , my saturn mahadasa is a few years away. Do u believe I can be (double) CEO ? LOL

    3 nov 1972
    19 hr 22 Gmt +4
    57 E 41
    20 S 6


  14. Milind,
    As a follow up to your insightful article -
    1. what happens in case owner of 10th house is in another artha trikona house ie 2nd or 6th house?
    2. what would be the impact of it being neech?
    3. what would be the impact of guru drushti on 10th house lord?
    4. what happens in case 10th house lord is neech in birth chart but uccha in navamsa?

    Thanks for taking ur precious time out for responding to our queries

    Amit Jain

  15. Dear Milind,

    Thank you for the lovely article.

    What about L10 being in the 9th house.

    My L10 Jupiter is in 9th house which is Aquarious, and L9 Saturn is Lagnesh, which is GeMini and L1, Mercury is in 5th house, which is Libra.
    L5 Venus is in 3rd house, which is Leo and L3 Sun is in 4th house, along with Mars who is L6 (with Rahu in it) and L11. Jupiter which is in 9th house is also L7 and has Moon in it. Ketu is in 12th house with L12, Venus in 3rd house which is Leo.

    What aM i Made for. What is the best karMa i can indulge in according to My horoscope.
    I could use soMe divine illuMination.

    dhiRaj .

  16. Hey guys my comments just dis- appear i dont know why .this happened few times and y questions goes unattended

  17. HI Milindji

    a) As echoed by others: what if the Lord of 10th house in the Moksha trikon: i am specifically interested in 8th house

    b) As mentioned in the ealier post, if you could reply to my email , dated dec 29 , would give some more perspective in taking life changing decisions .
    - Thanks a lot for excellent articles, the 'random thought' series really rocks


  18. Hi Milind sir
    Inspired by your your article foreign !
    can u please tel me how will things turn out for me .Though i am in states but the purpose for which i have come hasnt fulfilled yet . And I have to make certain decisions based on this aspect . I dont earn here .
    I would appreciate an response thanks
    2 may 1982 amritsar 2:52 am

  19. Good Morning Milind Sir,

    Pls tell me about my marriage as to when will it happen. my DOB is 26/8/1981, time 10.30 am in pune

  20. @ amit jain-- How hav u been buddy :)
    as always I am interested in knowing about one of the questions you posed as well... guru in tenth can be "karako bhaavo nashto"-- "too good of a thing".... i wonder how and when guru drishti becomes beneficial? wat if guru is dushthamsha lord- like 8th house ruler in 10th house?

    and I am not a pro but i think L10 in 2nd and 6th are similar for giving public visibility and social status gain but via different modes.
    In 6th- via service to poor, addicted,diseased.
    In 2nd- via hoarded wealth, cultural and family history, eyes, hair, voice

    P.S>I wonder if you got a chance to look at my chart? im curious :)

    Much regards

  21. Hi Milind,

    I being an Aries ascendant have Saturn (L10 and L11) in the 8th house.. Please can you or anyone elaborate and tell me the type of career i would have? You have talked about L10 in 1st,5th,9th 3rd,7th and 11th house .. What about in 8th house for an aries ascendant? How would the cash flow/income be?

  22. Hi Milind,

    I have sent u a mail from
    Kindly reply as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    Manish Jain

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