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Saturday, January 14, 2012



[A] Astangat Planets some quick examples

1. In a Horoscope (natal) Planets that are very close to the Sun or in the same house/rashi as the Sun are called as Astangat or combust. WHY? à They are so because your past karma does not show a great deal of activity (good/bad) with things indicated by that planet. Things indicated by planet would be of course related to the houses the planets own but more so with the KARAKATVA i.e. the things that are Governed by the planet! So this negligible past karma is reflected in the astangat planets in this life.

2. It also means that the efforts in THIS life would have MORE effect on the outcome of those houses and the karakatva of the planet than the PULL of the Destiny (your own past karma)! (Health deficiencies by say Ayurvedic/Homeopathy efforts, other deficiencies by spending effort, time and money)

3. Astangat planets also show that the EGO (the Sun) does not allow the other planets do or given what they can give in that house and rashi! i.e. the separate effect of that planets in WILIN or LUPT in the almighty Sun!

4. I have a friend who has got Mangal in the 5th house (perfect for sportspeople) in Singh rashi i.e. it has both rashi and sthan-bal for sports. He plays VERY WELL (Cricket in particular) but the Sun is also with Mangal. The Sun is also VERY powerful in the 5th house as it belongs to Sun in the Nisarg-Kundali (owner of the 5th Sign!). Here, the Sun, the EGO especially in Leo has affected his sports ventures and has not chosen that path despite all things at disposal. (Former English Tennis player Tim Henman has Surya Mangal in Singh but I guess the Sun in 5th and Mangal in 23rd degree).

5. One more example: Shukra in Kanya rashi shows a possibility of an inter-cast affair/marriage. With Mangal it could become more than 1 affair also! But, now PUT SUN in the equation and what you have is that the EGO does not allow the person to get out of the line and have an affair! J The EGO stops the person from degrading from its moral level to have an affair or take an advantage of a person. At the same time however, this SUN stops Mangal & Shukra to give various other good artistic effects also to the fullest or rather it could completely stop it from having those effects.

6. DO NOT get CONFUSED: The Sun with Shani and with Mangal is a **completely** different effect in a horoscope!!! The reduction of the ability of a planet to give results due to Sun should not be confused with the combined outcome of the conjunctions! These planets do modify the effect of the Sun also in turn! Health aspects and have their own effects on the Sun (overall health, heart, eye-power, spine, father, Govt etc). It is just that the Sun does not allow them to go beyond certain sphere of influence or a boundary if you will.

7. You can still have very good artists with Sun and Shukra conjunction but their image (result of power of the Sun/Ego) would not allow them to put ART before that image (Bachchan). You can have very good sportsman with Sun Mangal but their captainship or leadership would make their own sports interests a back seat and so on.

A Side Note: Guru also with these planets and the Sun would certainly allow the planets to give their effects a lot more. Guru or Guru-drushti closer to these planets in degrees than the Sun will certainly cause it for sure.

[B] L10 in 12th house : Dhirubhai Ambani

I just wrote the Lord 10 in Dharma Trikon and Kaam Trikon. A quick note about L10 in 12th house: The 12th house is about placed 9/12 hrs away from your native, it is the house of immigration, the house of expense, investments and house of sleep, left eye, young siblings of your father, FEET/Ankle, Getting rid of stuff from your body (sweat, water and stuff). So when the Lord of 10 (L10) is in 12th house there is KARMIC connection of your workplace or business with the EXPORT or places abroad or 9-12 hours away. The 12th house strong shows longer middle phalanx of thumb (planning) than compared to upper phalanx (willpower/execution) Also finger of the arms curve upwards showing intellectual profile. 12th house is of ACPs & Commissioners and not Inspectors (6th Mangal) or Hawaldar (3rd house Mangal)

The planets in the 12th house can make you do a lot of expense or INVESTMENT before you find a BIG TIDE that takes you FAR with success. The 12th house tests, makes you spend time, efforts and money before you get the tremendous success. The 12th house – I have a separate article on this 12th house – House of planning.

One needs to SWIM against the tides when the L10 is in the 12th house. Sanskrit Granth(s) & preliminary astrology books are VERY ONE SIDED when describing L10 in 12 – do NOT get discouraged. J RATHER the L10 in 12th house is STRONG as the planet is in PARAKRAM sthan i.e. 3rd from its own rashi.

Dhirubhai: Dhanu lagna, Budh L10 in 12th house in Vrishchik rashi. Vrishchik is about chemistry/chemicals etc. This Budh is with Shukra and in navamansh with Guru. We need not talk about his exports! J Also, he had to spend time abroad to learn the business and catch the tide after this exposure i.e. investments of time & energy and money in this business before he thought of his own stuff. L10 with SHUKRA – So garments is not a surprise? (A Side-Note: His SONS are supposed to be rebirths from his maternal side family as his L5 – panchamesh is with Ketu in 9th house.)


  1. Dear sir, what would be the effects when sun and
    ketu conjunct(virgo) in 12th house when there is moon and rahu conjunction(pisces) in 6th house...

  2. Wow!!! Milind, this (the last few blogs) is a wealth of information!!! Keep it coming, man. I bet this is faster than any of us can assimilate.
    (was busy with several meetings, so could not keep up with the blogs for a few days, and when i came back, i am blown away by the information.)

  3. Hey Milind,
    Wanted to repeat the query I had posted earlier on this entry as well on L10 -

    1. what happens in case L10 is in another artha trikona house ie 2nd or 6th house?
    2. what would be the impact of it being neech?
    3. what would be the impact of guru drushti on L10 as well as 10th house independently?

    Thanks mate

    Amit Jain

  4. do i understand something right? the combust planet indicates negligible past karma regarding the karakatva of that planet. but the mahadasha of a planet is associated with the past karma ( am i right here?). so what about the mahadasha of a combust planet? how does the mahadasha effect happen when there is no past karma?

  5. Milind,
    a couple of Qs and observation I had on dhirubhai's horoscope

    1. L11 venus is in 12th house hence depicting loss of profits (expense house) yet he made amazing do we explain this?
    2. L2 saturn is in own house, may be this is why he accumulated wealth for himself and masses on commodities related to "earth"
    3. L5 in 9, L9 in 1, L1 in 10 and guru drushti on L2 and 2nd house !!! what else does one need for a phenomenal lakshmi yoga :)

    hence I am guessing L10 and L11 (venus) in 12 should be less relevant here...clearly you are the guru here so I would ask you to put things in perspective for me here :)

    Amit Jain

  6. Dear Milind,
    ketu yuti panchamesh = rebirth.Need a separate article on this. What does it signify? leftover karma wrt that person? must be same for husband wife as well. What is for paternal family rebirth and how does it show up?
    (off topic but curiosity)

  7. Dear Milind,
    Superb article!Gud Luck:)
    sir,My L10(Mars)is in L12(Mithun)& ketu is in 10th House.
    I just wanna know about my career.
    Gud Luck:)

  8. Dear Milind,

    Just to add another dimension. If there is parivartan between 10th and 12th house lords (Mars in Makar and Shani in Vrishchik for Kumbha Lagna) how does it impact?

  9. Hi Milind,
    Analyse this dhanu lagna, sun+mer+moon+venus in L10. mer is exalted at 10 deg. mer adds up with the sun positiveness. any comments?

  10. Hi Milind....articles on these random thoughts are tremendous indeed !! start some online classes soon ;)

    May I know, how to analyse that one earns or not and also up to some what age in life..? I really want to know whether I would be earning continuously and have some money ( not greedy but just to be independent with bit comfort) do I analyse this in my own horoscope?

    pls pls pls answer....

  11. Sir you forget to mention about surya-chandra yuti...... could you please tell us more

    i have a sury-chandra yuti in 10 th house kumbah rashi, aspected by 5th drusti Guru (from tula rashi). Makara rashi occupied by Mercury & Venous, mangala & shani reside in Kanya rashi.

    Thank you vey much

  12. Milindji,

    You are on a roll wrt random thoughts. Would appreciate weekly rashiphal too, if it is not too much trouble.


  13. Dear Milind Sir,

    Superb article... 5 sixes in 5 balls :)

    I am Kumbh lagna & rashi... with SWAGRUHI MANGAL + UCCHA SURYA + RAHU all 3 in 3rd house & lagnesh shani in 10th house in vrischik rashi with mangal drushti on it...

    as a result L10 is in KAAM TRIKONN...(3rd house) as per your previous article in PART 4

    You also said that it is very very good for career & it boosts tremendously...but it hasnt started yet sir.. as due to SHANI MAHADASHA (started from 26th may 2007)... & ashtam shani success in CA (only 1 group remains to b cleared) is being delayed... leave aside career :(

    As you rightly said (in ur reply to my comments in PART 4), due to my mangal got asta being with Surya I wanted to pursue career in cricket in my childhood, being reasonably good at it(not boasting myself)...& instead landed up into CA...
    no qualms for it.

    However what is the positive result according to you of this combo of SURYA, MANGAL, RAHU in 3rd house... & when will it start delivering them....

    kindly throw your divine light of insights on it

    Superb article!!! once again


  14. MILIND Sir,

    I have written my queries in comments to part 3... (Last 2 comments)

    i think you were busy with part 4&5 and so might have overlooked those comments ..

    kindly analyse with your divine knowledge :)


  15. hi milindji
    birthday 18/9/1983
    time 3.20am
    place bidar karnataka
    please guide abt my carrier n future life.

  16. hi milind..
    Swetha here..
    Waitng 4 ur email reply[SWETHA PAVAN RELATIONSHIP]...take ur pls gve me the reply...


    The owner of 10th and 11th in 12th would ONLY ADD to the ABROAD connection and EXPORTS. Shukra adds to the dress material etc factor and Vrishchik rashi is of chemicals..

    So 10 and 11th owner in 12th house shows income from places that are 10-12 hrs away of plain simply abroad...

  18. what means if lord of 10th in other houses.mine is in 5th.and 5th in 10th house.what happens when 10th lord is in other houses not in 12th.or is it significant for hour calculation to reach work place only.really need to learn about karma sthan.

    thanx for posting such articles.may be slowly i will be able to read my own horoscope someday


  19. milind ji :)
    thanks for the L10 in house 12 article piece.

    i do have that combination in my kundali and can well relate with that.
    you have written that it is good because the kundali shows quite a lot of planning before accomplishing any task, which is true in my case.

    however, there is another situation.
    my lagna is Kanya and L1+L10 = budha which is in house 12 with surya, to add to it, it both vakri and asta.

    so does that still mean that L1 in 12th from itself will imply expenses?

    i am personally not very extravagant and would term myself as frugal (may be of L12 surya in own house) however, when i spend i buy the best item which is too expensive for my friends and even they wonder that how could i spend on that. :D

    also, i am outside my birthplace in India and in New Zealand for past year, have got a residency here and intend to live here long. :)

    please share your observations on my case too.

  20. My kundali is similar to Dhirubhai but not in business. Probably due to some other planets but i am not sure. Birth place-Vadodara, time- 9.40am and date- 26th dec 72.


  21. Hi Milind ji,

    what if sun and other planets (shukra n budh) there along with Guru?so sun will make the affects of shukra and budha weak/combust however at the same time guru is going to increase their value??wht would be the outcome?
    also will sun not overpower guru?

    I have all 4 in 4th house.Also like u said in your rashi phal have strong 4th house means no travel :-( i have a strong 4th house.Pls explain.Thanks1

  22. [1] Surya Ketu in 12th CHnadra Rahu in 6th
    This is health wise not the best thing to have. It shows GRAHAN when the RING is shown (Khargras) Traditional astro person could get all excited with this formation. I think that this formation is more on psychological level than actual future etc ramifications but psychology can complete afflict your future. So you are advise to do HANUMAN SADHANA and Ram Raksha everyday.

    [2] Sarvesh Thanks man!

    [3] Amit Jain
    L10 in another Arth Trikon house is a VERY good formation in 2 or 6. It shows certain success in career as it is navapancham to its own house. L10 in 2nd would shows career in finance, investments of borrowing money for business -- if it is very badly placed then it coudl show tmep losess due to karmic links but still would bring yout out of it once the payment is complete. In 6th it shows medical or other service sectors : SERVICE SECTOR is a sure thing. The 2nd or 6thb house planets give energy and boost to the 10th house (Career/business/production). Neech Guru is very good for wealth as ANY planet in CHAR rashi 1, 4, 7, 10 gives MONEY in ANY house. When Guru is owener of 10th house and in HCAR rashi-- it shows own business and lots of churn and lots of money. It also shows changing workplace as CHAR rashi planets do not stay at one place for a long time! :) Char rashi folks often get SHTIR Rashi Kids..! :) So that kids manages well what parents have created! :)

    [4] Sarvesh
    The mahadasha of combust planet is neither bad neither SPENDID. But it is NOT bad for sure as being with Surya has its own advantages of inspirational, pioneering ability -- just that the success would be directly proportional to efforts of THIS life so far than past karma which is not very high. w.r.t karakatva of the planet would good overall as any planet with Sun benefits from health. So it is NOT a worry unelss you are talking about planets in ati-teevra nakshatra with drushti from some teevra placed planets.

    [5] AMIT JAIN and Dhirubhai Horoscope
    (a) I already explained-- income from abroad locations. As L10 L11 in 12th 0-- he went abroad when not many people did that!! Also he did massive exports and still doing! :)
    (b) Absolutely True -- The Shani is in Guru drushti too!
    (c) L10 L11 in 12 is NOT less relevant -- they just show the karmic links of past-karma at abroad -- distant places of 9/12 hours.

    [6] Deepak -- Ketu panchamesh rebirth etc
    (a) I already have a VERY good article on Rahu and DNA -- Please check it out. Will write more on that.
    (b) WHen a person takes birth -- the person who wants to be spouse of that person also takes birth in/around that person! :) It is all time bound. When someone murders someone, the murdered soul will wait for his person to take birth or take birth just before etc and make sure he/she avenges it... Similarly, when you take birth maybe depending on your past karma you kids are allready decided which is reflected in your panchamesh, pancham sthan and Guru position, nakshatra, yuti etc etc. So these births ectc are already lined up by respective souls. As an Astrologer we can just try to LOGICALLY analyse it! :)

    [7] SHRUTI:
    Did not understand L10 lord in L2??? :) :) Also Mars lord of 10th hosue and in Mithun in 2nd house?? Now I know what you said Gud Luck! :) :) :)

    [8] Mangal Shani Parivartan 10 - 12
    Welll -- it will only APPLY what I have wriiten MULTIFOLDS -- It will appply SO MUCH. With this anyonya -- it will only increase. Mangal in 12th, Shani in 10th and Shani drushti pn Mangal, SHani L1 in 10th and L3 and L10 in 12 --- therea re SO MANY aspects to be analysed here BUT simply L10, L12 anonya will apply the article so much to you!

    Shah Rukh has L10 in 12 -- We need not talk about his abroad links! :) :)

    [9] Dhanu Lagna with multiple planets in 10th house
    Yes -- Exalted Mercury does benefit from Sun Venus and Moon - Sept 2009 to Nov2011 must be tough anyways! Sun in 10th is simple great annyways.

  23. [10] Earning at some age
    From horoscope a specific Dasha etc could tell if you can earn without working -- or whether will need to work to earn. You can earn at whatever age you want -- Esier Sources could be predicted from horoscope. Maha/Antardasha of 10th owner would make you work,. 11th or 2nd owner could give money from existing invetsments or inheritabce also if 8th house relation of 2/11th owner of established in the horoscope.

    [11] Siddharth
    The Mesh rashi 3 planets and currently Guru going over it - I think you will be associated with a company which is in Electronics - MAJORLy driven by Electronics that is as everty industry today has Electrinics including automative! :) But PLC or some other core electronics company is very much possible. Your career should start taking shape by May2012 itself. Govt of figures of authorities will always help you.

    [12] RASHMI
    L5 in 10 and L10 in 5th -- Association with Education sector is almost a must. You would be able to teach VERY well. Your OWN training institute is what I would suggest to you.

    [13] Raghav ABhi
    L1 in 12 --> Probable immigration of stay away from native place 9/12 hrs away places. The navamansh, the rashi and their owner would give the "Direction" of he country where karmic links are associated. Does not have to be expenses -- it shows you will do something for others (L1 in 12th or donate to Teerth-Kshetra - Temple or Ashram etc) If Mangal 12th then donating LAND to some ashram or hospital or etc etc if well placed -- else Govt will TAKE away the land for good purposes! :) Effect is similar whether good or bad but in one case you feel good and other you have resentment/bitterness! :) Your stay away certainly shows 12th effect. When Guruaspepcts 12th planets the travel is as per wish or happy when Shani -- then it is an obligation/DUTY and not necessarily a choice! :)

    [14] MMS
    Your L10 is in 11th house which **usually** means doing what you love to do and a service mostly. Business possible but 10th house should be loaded by say Surya Mangal which is not the case here. 26th -- 8 shows ability to REVIEW or AUDIT something and not neceessarioly create something from scratch. Wakri Shani opposite to 3 planets shows delays in life & much better life from age of 30/32. 12th house planets in Dhanu shows stay away from motherland. Tremendous income shown by this horoscope. Also planets in 5th house of Chandra also go against doing your own business.Guru maha from Jun2014 woudl only confirm the away (12 hrs away from native) stay started by Rahu maha from Jun-1996. Horoscope shows great for immigration or settling away from native.
    26 shows some obligation for sure in relationshios mostly., Horoscope shows or recommends late marriage else some issues in 1st relationships/marriage.

    [15] Yes HARSH -- Guru will certainly increase effects to the planets it is VERY close and say closer than the Sun. BUDH is VERY strong if it is in next few degree of Sun i.e. it has passed the Sun ini that sign as it has the energy and brilliance of the Sun.

    1. thank you milind ji. :)
      this will be an interesting revelation as i am quite spiritual by nature and try to donate things quite often, regardless of my usually frugal nature. :)

  24. Thanks a lot Milind. I do confirm so many things you said are true. But still dont think "tremendous income". Is there any timing related to that? You were exactly right about immigration and their dates are right too. Marriage did happen @ 25 years and no prblem with marraige, may be my wife horroscope is matching and good. Actually one more correction about my horoscope birth time is 7.40am instead of 9.40am.


  25. Dear Milind,

    Excellent articles once again!!! I think may be you should consider writing a book on astrology!!! Btw thanks for writing some positives of L10 in 12th House!!! I am Karka Lagna and have L2(Sun) and L5/L9 (Mangal which is Combust huh?) in 12th House along with Rahu...:( No wonder i am stuck very badly in career. But now i can see positives.....:)

    Just a quick word on horoscope of Dhirubhai Ambani. Agreed Shani was in 2nd House in Makar Rashi and in Drushti of Guru. But is is not important to consider the awastha of planets too? Correct me if i am wrong but Shani was 'Old' while Guru was in 'Dead' awastha in his horoscope. Can you please explain how did he manage to earn such enormous amount of wealth?

    Thanks once again!!


  26. hi, Milind

    I second Bhushan on that , maybe you should write a book ...


  27. milind...
    Wat wil hapn to my relationship with it nt posble..?
    I already sent u a mail wit my name and Swetha...pls do reply...


  28. @ milind-

    Does sun cause combustion for the nodes as well?


  29. Hi Milind, can you explain what you (and other astrologers as well) mean when they say - some graha G is in some rashi R, some graha G is in Nakshatra N etc..?? It's a bit confusing when astrologers use these terms when talking to layman.. I know some of these articles are aimed towards people who already have some knowledge abt astrology, but it would be great if you could give some Astrology Primer for other common ppl.. -SP

  30. thanks dada .hats off to u again.people who know me swear by my teaching abilities.but i have chosen a wrong profession already i.e. of a lawyer.wish if i knew u earlier .

  31. Hi Milind Sir,

    My L10 is sun and is in 12th house of libra

    You are 100% correct that my earnings are from 9-12 hours abroad locations!

    my work is based on internet (own business)

    budh is in 1st house in next few degrees of sun..your words :)

    guru in 4th having drishti on 12th

    but as you have said about 12th took me a hell LOT of efforts to set the foundation for business.

    more info:

    sun is also with venusR (not combust) in 12th

    and in D-9 chart, sun is alone in 11th house (capricorn)

    and venus is alone in 2nd house (aries)

    can you please guide me about, what might be advisable financially for rashi and bhava shown by these situations?

  32. hi milind.. can u pls analyse the astangata effects for my chart.. DoB 24 Oct 74 Thane 15:12 PM. In my chart 3 planets are in close combustion with neecha sun..


  33. L10 budh in 12th house vrischik. of course i am not but does it denote anything similar to his case like, chemicals, abroad and stuff?

    oh, additionally budh is with shani there.

    11th labhsthan shukra in own house.

    in navmansh also budh-shani together in makar (5th)

    plz suggest something.

  34. also surya is in 1st house..does combustion law apply even for different houses? if it does then 12th house shani and budh both are combust by few mintues. (sun5, shani20, budh22)
    how does that matter here?

    same person
    Anonymous Jan 18, 2012 02:44 AM

  35. Dear Milind,

    Am another of a dukhi kanya rashi person...

    In my horoscope,Guru,Sun and Mercury are in the 10th house..Can you please let me know how my career willbe.

    Also,have sent you my details on mail last month..Am going through an extremely very difficult period in my job and am really scared...Please help..

  36. Truly Nice article.
    I have Sun, Mercury and Mars in 4th house. What does that mean?


  37. I would like to send some infomation about my son and daughter but am not sure if you get this.
    My son born in Phoenix Arizona USA at 10.15 Am August 9 1986 local time .What are his career prospects.
    My daughter born in Los Angeles USA, at 00.05 early mornIng on august 25 1984. What are her marriage prospects? Thanks!

  38. Hello Milind Sir
    Thanks for the L10 in 12th house article:
    My Budh L10 is placed in 12th house with sun and venus,mars in Leo rashi(Lagna)and moon in virgo with ketu.
    So is there connection for me to go aborad for living life or income from abroad.
    how we relate these things.

    piyush Bhireri

  39. Hello sir..I have a dhanu lagna mithun 4 planets sun saturn venus and mercury are in 12th house. And mercury is retrograde. .... can u guide me about my financial position in the future..... dob 1st dec 1985 time 9.58am place delhi..... thanx

  40. Sir I have 9th lord i.e moon in 12th house and 10th lord i.e sun and 11th lord i.e mercury in 2nd house . so would I able to live abroad forever.
    do I able to get huge profit?

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