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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Random Thoughts about Astrology (Mukta Chintan)


1. There is “some similarity” between the 2nd house planets and the Vrishabh rashi planets. Being self assured, being calm from within and not just surface. The 2nd house planets also make a person eat/try different types of cuisines and same is true with Vrishabh rashi planets. The want & love of wealth and family is also there in the 2nd house planets and Vrishabh rashi.

a. Some addendum to this thought is that – this pattern will be observed ‘much more’ when the 2nd house planets are in earth element signs (Kanya, Makar and of course Vrishabh).

b. It will take some time for you in astrology before to notice this “behavioral pattern” in people around. You will need to do a lot of observations for sure.

c. Similar thought can be extended to the 3rd house and Mithun rashi planets. My interest in debate, short writing (“Lalit” Lekhan), talking very fast & changing topics every now and then (J) can be largely attributed to Mithun Mangal and Shani. Of course, the desire to “share” comes from Meen Surya and not from Vrishchik moon or ascendant! J

2. On similar lines, I have mentioned this before – The planets in 1st house for Mesh lagna are very important; Planets in 2nd house are very imp for Vrishabh lagna/rashi and 3rd house for Gemini & so on. WHY à

a. Gemini lagna has some properties and similar properties are in the 3rd house planets (expression, short writing, small travels, debates etc).

b. The Gemini lagna highlights these planets MORE than other planets in the horoscope on a behavioral level. As you can imagine, behavior becomes future! J

c. Makar lagna is a busy person, industrious, continuous improvement, workaholic nature, greed hence the planets in the 10th house (Makar is 10th sign) for Makar lagna have a lot more effect on them than say planets in 3rd house as Makar do not like to express, talk, debate much anyways!?

3. Kanya lagna & Kanya Surya rashi folks tend to be of above average height. Kanya moon would be masked a bit by Vrishchik lagna or other average height lagnas. You need to compare it to family folks. The same is true for Kumbh lagna and Surya folks. So when you have someone with Sun and Moon in Kumbh -- Kanya or Ascendant, Sun Moon in Kanya – Kumbh – you will certainly see them much taller than folks in the family.

a. (This should not be confused with Dhanu Surya (17th Dec to 13 Jan) who tend to have robust bone structure.)

b. Bachchan sahab Kumbh lagna and 6 planets in Kanya including Surya and rashi-swami Budh

4. Budh dominated folks always look younger than they are. This is also true for their thoughts. Budh is not called as “Yuvraj” (Sun the king) in Astrology for nothing! This is true for Budh in Kanya & Mithun or Surya/Lagna/Moon in these two signs. These folks always have young thoughts and can connect to the younger generation vey easily. Rather, their friend circle or sphere of influence always stays young.

c. Balasaheb Thackeray is one such example, he is not only Kanya rashi but 23rd born (5: Budh). He still connects with a 16-18 year old and talks the language of them.

d. DEV Anand sahab is 26th Sept – Kanya Surya

e. Bachchan sahab adjusted (11th Oct Virgo Sun) to changing times but not Dilip Kumar who was saddened by Scorpio’s signs massive nostalgia (11th Dec) and Singh rashi’s ego/self esteem – to adamant to change.

f. Dharmendra sahab despite Dhanu moon sign is a Scorpio Sun (8th Dec) and shows massive nostalgia for the old ‘golden’ days. Bachchan tends to say that 30-35 sal ho gaye us baat ko ab! (Speaking of legendary Don) J

5. Nakshatra & Nakshatra-swmai should never be neglected – Rashi shows what and Nakshatra shows how. Also, rashi shows high level design and Nakshatra in Low level design in IT terms! J For example Scorpio rashi owned by Mangal is aggressive, power hungry and passionate – When in Anuradha (owned by Shani) it shows sectors or fields dominated by Shani – Masses/Politics, Construction (It-Gadha-Cement). In Jyeshtha which is owned by Budh – it shows consultancy, services, audits, related reports etc than outright connection with masses. Hence Shah Rukh is Makar rashi but lagna rashi is Vrishchik in Anuradha (big nose) and Shani is well placed in own rashi in Kumbh in 4th house. Shani mahadasha in progress from 2006 for 19 years. (Shani in drushti of Guru.)

6. Speaking of ShahRukh: Guru mahadasha from 1990 to 2006. Shani Mangal aspect each other as Mangal in 1st house. Navamansh shows Shani Mangal both in Meen (yuti). This could show some accidents in Shani maha Mangal antardasha related to head, health issues with reprod organs and also feet as navamansh Shani Mangal in Meen. (Aprx 2003 was Mangal antar in Guru maha and Nov2018 to Dec 2019 Mangal antar in Shani Maha – more troublesome). Shani would be close to Mangal in 2014 also which recommends being watchful. Shani mahadasha shows mass support and

7. ‘sukh’ from masses as Shani in the 4th house.

8. I have coined a new YOGA – “JAMBUWANT Yoga!!” or also called as Anil Kapoor yoga J J When Sun or Mars or both are in MESH or MAKAR rashi – The person becomes Jambuwant or say Anil Kapoor! J i.e. It becomes a very hairy affair! J J Applies in some extent to Makar lagna and Chandra also specially in Shravan or Dhanishtha nakshatra 2 charan and less so in Uttara Bhadrapada 1 charan. But when you see a tremendously hairy person – almost a certainty that Sun or Mars are either in Aries or Capricon (Mesh or Makar). Is it coincidence that the RAM and GOAT are also hairy!?! J J J


  1. BUDH is always CURRENT and that is why HAAJIR Jabab!! FOlks born from Jun15 to July15 are Haajir jabab (WIT) and also Sept 16 to Oct 16.

    Same is true for 5, 14, 23 born folks who are master of communication and also "presence of mind"

    (1) Lokmanya Tilak, Balasahab Thackeray: 23
    (2) Raj Thackeray, Aamir Khan: 14
    (3) Abhishek Bachchan: 5 (Look at his adds -- get idea)

    Balasahab Kanya Rashi and Raaj Mithun Surya Mangal and Budh adds to the 5 effect (BUDH) Uddhav is 27 (9 mars!) and despite being aggressive at personal level does not come as aggressive iN SPEECH .....Mangal in Budh is aggressiveness of THOUGHTS and SPEECH and not necessarily action! :)


  2. Ranbir Kapoor's NOSE is interesting for sure -- is it Scorpio + Budh sign combination? Will need to check. His nose indeed is interesting for Astro.

    His TOUNGE i.e. 2nd house is heavy (also NOSE) -- Mangal or Rahu in 2nd or 8th house?? Heavy voice? Mostly Mangal in 2nd or 8th is quite likely or maybe SUN in Mar's sign in 2nd or 8th house....Just RANDOM thougths!! :)

  3. I am sure folks would LOVE to read about the JAMBUWANT YOGA !!! :) :) :) Amusing!?

  4. Wow Milindji -- what an observation / prediction -- i have Mars in 8th house & Rahu in 9th house -- i have big nose and heavy voice.



  5. Hey Milind,
    Love the observation on Jamwant Yoga...quite hilarious can even name it AK mentioned that rashi nakshatra shouldnt be neglected..I have observed a very skewed nakshatra lordship in my case towards Ketu and Sun....
    ex Ascendant, Sun are governed by Magha, Mars by Aswini, Rahu by Ardra (all Ketu), whereas Moon (krittika) & Venus (uttara phalguni) by Sun. Jupiter on the other hand is Shravana, Mercury by Ashlesha and Saturn by Ardra

    With such a heavy skew of nakshatra lordship towards Ketu signify..coz honestly, Rahu and Ketu are 2 "planets" which I quite dont get :)

    Amit Jain

  6. Thank u for solving my riddle.. The guy i like has no interest in astrology being a scientist and i always wondered if hes Kanya lagna for his Eifel tower height makes me look like a midget (taurus lagna)--- i bet he is KAnya lagna :P n yes they look much younger despite their age..
    P>S> awesome article Milind

  7. yes this yoga seems to be very interesting please write more about it, and also significance of other numbers in numerology (their scope future, current etc) :)))

  8. thank you for such a nyc article :)

  9. Hello Milind,
    First let me wish you a very very great year - 2012 - ahead. I am writing after a long gap. I must say that you have great observation, 'exceptionally uncommon' common sense in those observations and terrific simplification capability of such highly complex subject. HATS OFF to YOU really.
    Saurabh Barde

  10. Hello Milind Ji,
    Once again A gr88 article.:)
    Sir,still I am waiting for your reply.plz let me know when should I buy property?what is right time to purchasing house/plot?

    My Details-
    Tula lagna,vrishabh rashi
    First to 4th house empty.
    fifth house-ketu(kumbh rashi)
    6th house-budh (Meen rashi)
    7th house-surya (Mesh rashi)
    8th house-shuka & chandra(vrishabh rashi)
    then in 11th house-guru,mangal,shani,rahu (all in singh rashi)
    born in rohini nakshatra.
    currently I'm in Guru mahadasha (2005 to 2021).
    All The Best!!

    Thanking you.
    best regards.

  11. Hello Milindji
    Is there anything special about Vrishchika Lagna?
    The reason I ask in Shri V.D.Bhat has written a separate book on this.
    So I am assuming lot of Karma to be payed for this Lagna? Or....

    Great article : needless to say

    Jambvant yoga is too good


  12. Hi Milind,

    Great article. I have suggestion- Can you please add a widget to your blog like - tag cloud or tag menu. It will help us find your articles by tags. Most of the times tags help us find exact things. Please do this.


  13. Milind sir U missed me again !

    Yes I am in michigan but what shall i tell u about my life . U Are good at astrology u can make out what i mean .But I can say with one surity life have been big time struggle and still is a struggle . I am near 30 and still dont earn a single rupee forget about a dollar
    Hope u give me some time and reply in bit detail .

  14. milind ji, i am vrishabh lagna with shukra in vrishabh 1st house and rahu, guru, shani and mangal in 4th house in leo, ketu in 10th and moon in 6th in tula, sun and mercury in 12th in mesh .... kuch bataiye kab halaat sudharenge ... bahut pange chal rahein hain

  15. Hello Sahiwal or Milind,
    can you help with this chart for my cousin gender: male.
    time of birth:1400hrs
    date and year: 10/05/1975
    place: delhi

    any kids?
    married life? when?

  16. Milind-Ji,

    Nice observations. I have one Qn wrt earlier discussion about marriage/relationship etc from the 7th house. In my chart 7th house/Meena (from Kanya langna) contains Saturn and Rahu. 7th lord Jupiter in 12th house Singh with Moon.

    My relationship with spouse and relatives is not good. Is it a Saturn/Rahu effect? please advice, if any remidey for this.

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Milind,

    Yes, same Sharmila. The queries i had asked were on Ashtama shani, also another was on Sun and Budh being together in a house (first house for me) - you had said this is the Bhulakkad sorts:)

    Hope you get some time to reply...


  18. Milindji,

    Even your random thoughts make for very good reading. Please keep 'em coming without stressing too much.


  19. JAMBUVANT YOGA... Hilarious!!! :D, esp. 'cos in my family, Anil Kapoor is known as "Jambuvant" :D... would love to read more about it

  20. hi milind ji :)
    nice reading indeed. :)
    if i have the permission to divert this discussion to a similar one - please tell about the long term residence in foreign countries.
    we know that 12th house signifies that area, however i have read that 7th house also signifies that area.
    also, if the 12th house has some planet/s does that mean the person is bound to be abroad at least once or live there for a long time.
    please give your views.
    thanks. :)

  21. As Raghav Put up this question ! Milind ji I will aslo request you to also look into the foreign aspects in my horoscope as well !
    I know u will reply me soooner or later
    Cheers for indians playing a little better in second innings

  22. Rashi vrischik
    Nakshtra jeshta
    Lagna dhanu
    Please tell me for above details


  23. Interesting about the foreign aspect:
    I never knew it is related to foreign stay: I have Jupiter in 12th, and have been in foreign land for more than a decade
    Personally : i treat this as a not so good thing: away from parents, and especially when they are aging, makes life difficult.
    So guys who do not have planets in 12th house; enjoy life , is what I think

  24. Hi milind
    Jambuvant yog! Ha ha ha!!!
    great article. Keep them coming.

  25. [1] SAI: Seems to be 68/69 horoscope.
    7th house Rahu Shani and 12th house Moon and Guru: Would have liked to know Sun Budh so as to generate the horoscope approximately. Commenting here without other influences on 7th house and 7th house Owner. It seems Harshal in 1st house is opposite to Shani Rahu in 7th which only adds to the complexity and issues in relationships! 7th house Rahu shows aggression in partner or relationships and Shani shows some neglect too. These are two opposing forces in my opinion. Many times Rahu has more effect and marriage happens early than late as shown by Shani. This combo is diff to analyse in 7th house especially! With owner of 7th house in 12th house also shows some obligation towards the partner from past life. That is you OWE to your partner and also Rahu Shani in 7th hosue shows trouble from partner in this life for the troubles you gave them in the past life. Proximity of Rahu Shani would illustrate itensity of it. I hope no MANGAL aspect on this Rahu Shani else it would be a matter of aggressive fighting and not just court-kacheri which is usually seen by 7th hosue Rahu Shani.

    7th house does show court-kacheri stuff when ill aspected and also when Surya is involved in the equation (RajSatta : Govt).

    You have not mentioned Shukra at all -- it seems Shukra must be in a good position as you have had a long marriage etc.

    [2] WSU replied to you on 2nd Jan Weekly post...

  26. [3] AMIT
    Dhanu Lagna & Vrishchik rashi -- what do we tell you based on just these details -- Whatever can be said is already said in Shani BADAL and 2012 YEARLY RASHI BHAVISHYA for Vrishchik! Please check.

    Please read y separate article on 12th house. It will help you with complete Shanka-Nirasan. YES 12th house IS about immigration, vision, oblivion, exile, spirituality, sleep, left eye, FEET, getting rid of stuff from body (loss of stuff from body). EXPENSES in life or INVESTMENTS in life -- areas where you spend you time energy and money. etc etc etc

    HOUSE -- Whether in India HAS to be seen with 2 things: 4th house COMPLETE analysis (Planets in it, drushti on it, owner of it and drushti on it and Rashi Nakshatra in 4th hosue and 4th hosue owner etc) -- AND 2nd thing - LAND-KARAK MANGAL/MARS. These two things would show you quality and timing of the house & even CARS.

    [5] Sharmila JI will get back -- I thought you were Kirk lagna and Kirk rashi !! Anyways will check it out. Also youwere border of 28/29th Oct -- Tula Sun

    [6] SUN COUSIN
    Shani with Shukra and Mangal in 7th hosue, SHANI in 7th in Navamansh in neech navamansh (Shukra in Dhanu navamansh! :( ) -- good that marriage is delayed else a separation woud have been likely I guess as the idea of partnber would have changed quite a bit after age of 28/29. Harshal opposite to Moon is not helping at all and also saptamesh of Moon is Shukra which is again with Shani so double impact of delayed marriage. I think that Dec2000 to May2010 wasa GREAt chance to find someone. Also 2008 was not bad at all !! NOW until May2012 is a good chance if this is missed the nbext best chance is June2013 to June2014. More so in August Sept2013 itself.

    There is not much affinity towards this marriage -- Udasinata etc is seen I guess here about the same.

    KIDS would be good maybe 2 girls or twin girls quite likely.

  27. hi Milind ji....

    Wish you and your Family a very very happy, safe and prosperous new year...God bless you.

    Awesome stuff this time. Please do write something on Rahu and Shani Mahadasha and antardasha. Would like to know what exactly happens in shani mahadasha....just completed Rahu MD and entered in Guru.....had a terrible time in RAHU MD so really want to be careful in Shani MD...please do write sometime...i know i have 16 more years...but still would like to know ! :))

    Thanks...Take Care.....

  28. Milindji,

    That must be another Sharmila i am thinking?! Mine is Kumbh rasi, meena lagna:)


  29. thanks for the reply milind ji :)
    i will have a look and come back if i have any queries or anything to share.
    thanks again. :)

    Yes -- I again have an article on Vrishchik lagna VERY DEFINITE Karma with Father, Spouse and kids as owner of those houses and the KARAK planet of those houses is the same planet. 8th lagna is indeed mysterious and a LOT to cope with. It shows some very specific unfulfilled desire from past birth -- which becomes PASSION in this birth (Me Vrishchik Lagna and Moon and Rahu!!!). Many women who want to take REVENGE or rather many males also wanting to take some revenge etc are born on this lagna and/or moon/Sun. These folks make people pay for their past karma and also pay off their karma in the process too. Police officers, Military folks -- this is the best lagna rashi, Moon or Sun rashi to have.

  31. [8] VRISHABH LAGNA and Shukra with Multiple planets in LEO : April 29, 30 or May1 1980 ??? Moring 7 to 9 AM or so.
    Your hair could CURLEY as Vrushabh lagna and Vrushabh Shukra.
    Your mom must look like her father. You could be a rebirth from Mom's father side family -- it is probability. There is something related to hear and spine in that family. Do you have a birth mark on your chest or lungs etc? Spine also a possibiltiy.
    Actually July2007 to Sept 2009 was of good Cash Flow but not of great health to your mom's paternal family (heart/spine)
    Shani close drushti on Shukra --- interesting. Can;t comment on Mahadasha but most likely Shani is ongoing So along with Sadesati it is indeed tough BUT i am sure that you will see EXPANSION in your sphere of influence untili May2012 for sure.

  32. I am kanya rashi with kirka ascendant and am unusually taller :)

  33. Hi, would like to know what it means to have surya, budh and mangal in 8th house.


  34. PRITI

    [9] Without knowing signs, Nakshatra, Lagna Moon etc --> Surya Budh and Mangal in 8th house Means that you will have tussles with authorities from time to time. Good in maths, Some Mama or Mousi could have had health issues (brain or stomach). it shows that you and your father are not in synch -- woudl have different types of life. Your have duty and obligation towards you father and siblings -- Would always need to help them NO MATTER what. also shows BLOOD circulation issues and overall blood related issues. REBEL sort of a nature -- always tussle with Govt or seniors or Authorities.

  35. Sorry, am Kanya rashi, Hasta nakshatra with cancer ascendant. Does it change or add anything?

    You are right about my father and me being totally out of sync. Though I would never let that come in the way of being their support.

    Also am a non-conformist of sorts. Though I don't actively rebel anymore. Have realized how precious peace of mind is! :)


  36. Milind,

    Your blog is amazing !!
    Just now sent my details to your gmail id . Can you please have a look and reply back ?

    Thank you !!


  37. Great. This is one serious Astrology article.

  38. Hi milind,
    please predict for marriage and job.
    26-03-1979, 06:32 am, hassan


  39. Hi milindji,
    Happy new year to you and thank you for such good articles. I want to know about shukra - shani yuti. I have one in the 3rd house. I have vrisabh rashi and leo lagna . Can you tell your views on this. I read somewhere its not good .

  40. Milind-Ji,

    Sai here. Nice analysis. SUN and SHUKRA are in 8th house(MESH) and MARS and BUDHA in 9th(VRASHABH. Yes i am 68th may 6th born, 4.25 PM.

    With SHANI/RAHU in 7th (MEENA) and GURU/CHANDRA in 12th.

    Any more input Sir? some how my relationship is going on!, i don't know the future. still no kids and relationships are in bad shape.


  41. This is good 'food for thought'. thanks.

    Me Gemini lagna and 3rd house shani-rahu. Guru-Shani dasha is going on, with 10th shani and upcoming 5th Guru. I am expecting some very good time ahead :) NOt that I am expecting to become Bill Gates. But I am expecting good results with what i am working on right now. Hollistic healing, good health, nutrition etc.

    One thing I am thinking about my husband's chart. Kumbha rashi has 9th shani and 3rd Guru. It's bound to make him move is what I think. We just signed a yearly lease last week and I was thinking about this while signing. Of course we cannot get a 5 month lease anyway. What I am thinking is, when 4th Guru starts in May, there will be stagnancy for 1 year. But we might have to move all of a sudden some time before May. What do you think?

  42. One interesting FYI

    July 2011 start of Shani antardasha has changed me a LOT. I am being more shani-dominated type person. Things that I changed about myself in last few months
    1. I am suddenly interested in natural healing. Not herbs, but nutrition. I have started eating more satvic food. As in lots of vegetables, greens etc. No dairy products. No junk. If I eat a small portion of junk I feel terrible.
    2. I am suddenly away from social networking facebook. I always thought it was more about ego/ narcissism etc. but finally deleted the account 3 months back and I have never been happier.
    3. I talk a lot about not holding on to Ego and doing the right thing (kartavya). I contact people myself and never say, 'to contact karat nahi, mi tari ka karu?'
    4. There is a sure change in the way I appear. More yogic and calm :)

    Whatever it is, I am loking it this way :)

  43. @ milind-
    Bro I happend to email u from my gmail address and i was wondering if u cud check for the same whenever it is feasible...
    Thank u :)

  44. @ milind-
    I am quoting u for a quick question:

    "Your mom must look like her father. You could be a rebirth from Mom's father side family -- it is probability "

    How did u infer the same?

    I am curious coz i know face readers can infer it easy or if u r intuitive or u hav someone in fam dying around the time of ur birth and the persons habits and face are strikingly similar--- but what astro indicators guide u precisely towards the same... :)


  45. @ vanessa--
    SPLENDID!i agree facebook can b a waste of time-- u get more productive when u r not facebookin... those who matter wud reach u nonetheless :) i keep it deactivated until somethin pops up after mnths together n i cant avoid! :P
    KUDOZ to ur will power lady for the yogic lifestyle

  46. @ milind for VRISHCHIK LAGNA--
    I know that scorpios are revengeful n passionate but its the same energy that can make someone a wonderful healer....
    its like a can of pepsi with lotsa pressure- if u make a hole at the center- vo saari energy spill ho jayegi(waste ho jayegi) but agar wahi can ko aap lid se khologe- uska zyada acha istemaal hoga....
    same ways with the chakras-- if u let the same passionate energy rise from ur lower chakras towards the top- u cud b a POWERFUL HEALER
    its when scorpios spill the can half way- the passion comes out wrong in the form of jealousy
    I am surrounded by scorpios and I respect them for their willpower to deal with anything like a ROCK :)


  47. Great insight. Thanks!

    Been reading your blog lately and read the influence of Jupiter since May 2011 as my moon sign is Aries. No sooner did Jupiter badal happen on 8th May, I resigned on 11th May, and moved to India 3 months later to be with parents. I wanted to quit the job long back, but never happened and as soon as this event took place, things changed.

    You did mention quite a few things in the following post:, which we so true especially mom's health.

    Could you post regarding empty houses and their significance/importance and how much do they affect an individual?

    Also, could you help us understand which the compatibility between different planets - which one's get along, which don't and the one's in between?

  48. Milindji
    a) Bang on w.r.t the comment on Vrishchika lagna, I can relate to all you said, esp revenge :)
    Just not sure, whom should I take revenge against , but always feel ki kisike kaan ke niche bajan chahiye

    b) One thing I feel: Mental piece is hard to come by for these folks, always they feel something is lacking, and needs to be improved. Would you call them perfectionists ?

    c) Once again some day , I am sure you will reply to my latest email. sent Dec 29. I am sure given your backlog and work schedule will take some time

    thanks a lot for all the help

  49. Sahiwal
    Great comment: as mentioned you are a pro in commenting ;)
    I can relate to the Jaleous part.
    Jaleousy, revenge man sometimes i feel I feel I am filled with so much negative energy.
    The healer part: I could not relate to unfortunately: most of the time the extra energy just comes out as anger / frustration.
    May be a Long way for ahead

    But ability to handle things: yes you bet, nothing is impossible for these folks, "rock; is the word

    learning a lot from Milindji and others in the blog


  50. vanessa
    Thanks for the comments on Shani Mahadasha

    for me that stage is still far away.
    But I have always been afraid of Shani :)
    Looking at the 5 years of Sade Sati , thinking of 19 years of this period is not a good experience. Esp if Shani is neech
    Well will see ...

  51. Hi Milindji

    Hilarious Jambuvant Yog...
    I am heavily Budha dominated person and unknown person assumes me a school going...
    I have one person in family with sun+moon+Shani in vrishik and he is The Scorpion as you said

    Kindly answer Amit Jain's question as I have same Ketu dominated Nakshatras in chart..

    Kindly take this as request and write some article on Nakshatras precisely for intense nakshtras as other reading for those nakshtras are rigid...or just let us know remedies to pay off (not running off)

    These would be a big work but give it a thought..I am ashlesha shukra last degrees in 12th house & even after 8 years crying and waiting for some one to turn back..
    There might be many more in blog with some different long term issues only because of these damm things..just want to get educated bit more
    you know you can help..pls do

    I am regular user not going to mention name,
    dont want to disclose:(

  52. Hi Milindji

    hat's off, now I know why my some of family members are AK :))


  53. @ anirudha-- AAHO JI :P asi vi bay area de lokan vaang guftgu karan di gustaakhi kar lainde haan ! :P
    JOKES APART--scorpios in my fam r my pillars of strength :)


  54. Hi Milind,

    awesome observation as usual... what would you say about someone whose main planets - viz ravi, chandra, shani and guru are in 11th house - Kanya Raashi? (mine) - I had read in one of your earlier articles that planets in first house from moon show definite karma / action that you must do wrt things that those planets represent... does that mean I have definite karma in almost every aspect of my life?

    My husbands' planets on the other hand - ravi, chandra,harshal, budha and shukra in TUla in 12th house (both of us are vrishchik lagna) - indicate a karma towards all these aspects? By the way - he is presently abroad and I believe that this has got to do with several planets being in 12th house...(I am going there shortly)


  55. Hi Milind,

    Please write something about MD and AD. I think I still don't think lot of astrologers looking at navamansh when making prediction. What happens if lagna planets are well occupied in its house and navamansh is not showing them in correct houses? For example I have Guru, Rahu and Sun in Dhanu lagna but in navamansh Guru is in Tula and Rahu, Chandra and Shukra in Vrishchik while surya and sani in karka. Not sure whether that will have any impact when going Rahu MD and Shukra AD.


  56. @ Milind--
    I wonder y im getting the feelin that some of of ur querrants are directing some astrology questions at my name but... im SO NOT AN EXPERT ASTROLOGER like u... main to faltu boli ja rhi thi coz im muhfat n eccentric with my thoughts(please excuse me for the same)... n i luved commentin which i feel i shdnt as much now here.. Cud u please excuse me for gettin all verbose on ur blog(infact its UR SPACE n i must say u totally ROCK)
    Much thanks and regards
    Sahiwal :)

  57. Milindji,

    Very superb Jambuwant yoga :)))))) , even should study vinod mehara's kundali ,he was as jambuwant as anil kapoor :), on facebook i couldn't understand the meaning of this yoga , but now can;t control my laugh :)

    Ok jokes apart , turning back to our intrest someon suggested me that if i have interest in astrology then start reading V.D. Bhat's books , i got first part of "Kundali - Tantra Mantra" book....but its very random meaning if an planet is placed in any place then something will happen , if I compare my kundali then my kundali is too worst according to this book :)))))))))))

    Anjali J.

  58. One observation in Horoscopes of most of the cases, the Ascendant and Rashi are interchanged or Ascendant is same..In some cases, there is a significance in Ascendant, 4th house, 7th house and 10th house..for eg:- Planet occupying each of these houses are in someway or the other interchanged or inter-related.

  59. [8] VRISHABH LAGNA and Shukra with Multiple planets in LEO : April 29, 30 or May1 1980 ??? Moring 7 to 9 AM or so.
    Your hair could CURLEY as Vrushabh lagna and Vrushabh Shukra.

    Shani close drushti on Shukra --- interesting. Can;t comment on Mahadasha but most likely Shani is ongoing So along with Sadesati it is indeed tough BUT i am sure that you will see EXPANSION in your sphere of influence untili May2012 for sure.

    >>>> Milind ji, thanks for taking time out and replying to me, your guess of bdate and time is perfect !!!

    one thing i forgot is, my shani is retrograde, how does retrograde shani effect things ?

    with guru rahu and mangal all other 3 present along with it, what are the effects ?

    also , my moon is in 6th house in tula, and sun and mercury in 12th in mesh to go with shukra in vrishabh and multiple planets in leo in 4th house and ketu in 10th

  60. oye sahiwal ji ... tussi vi meih kehya jiyo hazaron saal .... Milind is a genius and a gentleman ... he will not mind it.

    I am making the dangerous mistake of speaking on his behalf though /....

  61. Milind-Ji,

    Please write an article on how to analyse MAHA DASHA/BHUKTI of different PLANETS.

    Thank you.

  62. Another great article. Jambuwant Yoga is a `classic` one!! LOL
    Request do an article on Navamsha and Dashamsha interpretation

  63. Hi Milind,

    I have one doubt. If mine sign is Kanya rashi and uttarapalguni nakshatra.

    Character of the person depends on the Rasi or nakshatra. Which one infulence more...?

    Thanks & Regards

  64. Hi Milind

    I have sent you e-mails starting May 2011. I haven't heard back................I am karka eashi, mithun lagna, mangal in the 12 th house and guru shani in the 7th. Been going through a very rough period professionally and personally. Any thoughts??

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  66. Surya Mangal Yuti in NAkshatra of Shani and MAngal and also der all respective rashis gives hairy bodies..its my observation....9664196565 !!