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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Replies to comments on Random Thoughts 5 Article

Not able to post comments due to some browser settings: Here are some replies to comments on Random Thoughts 5 article:

[1] Rashmi: If not now sometime later in life when Dasha Antardasha of these planets come across! :) Your destiny WILL pull you towards that. I started Astro back in 1991 or so but started blog in 2009 -- used to write from 99 or so and more after 2003/2004. But as they say TIME ana chahiye! :)

[2] SP: When Astrologers say that -- they are talking about the planets at the time of your birth. There are 11 planets and 12 signs or 27 Nakshatra. All these grahas are in some nakshatra/rashi at the time of your birth.

[3] Janki Marriage

Any astrologer would tell you that the period until May2012 is good for marriage. Which is not wrong -- there are good chances BUT I think that May2012 to May2013 is the best for finding someone and getting married.July2012/Augst2012 are further BETTER. You have Shani VERY close to Shukra and hence the delay but it is NOT denied...Guru also with Shukra so when it happens it will not be bad at all. There is a good chance of inter-cast marriage. 2009 was very good to find someone but it is good that it has got delayed. You are very good at planning/vision & management. You will be able to do things with GREAT productivity and ease. The horoscope is of great many riches and also daan-dharma etc in life. 26 date only shows some mismanaged relationship but I guess Shani with Shukra would not allow too many mistakes -- rather it could delay it....LEO -- SUN -- 26 -- all these together could cause some EGO issues-- Never compromise on Sefl esteem but EGO can be avoided if possible. Your mistake for someone else's mistake is equally bad morally!

[4] Sahiwal

NO Sun can't combust Nodes as they have their own effects and ALTER the effects of planets with them -- Rahu adds agitation, aggression; Ketu adds sukoon, but also pessimism, slow responses. Health or overall Robustness could become a worry when Sun with Ketu.

[5] PAVAN Swetha

yet to check -- -will check but BOTH horoscopes advise delay in marriage. Pavan's horoscope shows delay at least until 2013 end and if possible imn 2014 early part.

[6] Raghav ABHI: Any planet in 9th house brings philosophical view to the person and 12th house shows spiritual/philosophical views.


Sure -- A book sounds good! I find awastha or Tarun, Old, Mrut etc etc bullshit to say the least. He has Shani in own rashi in WEALTH house and Guru in 10th house drushti on this Swagruhu Shani. The best part is BOTH Shani and Guru are in CHAR navamansh --- although their Navamansh are NEECH for BOTH these planets -- They are CHAR and hence give money. Both Shani and Guru in ARTH Trikon have given more emphasis to MONEY. Pawar Saheb has 6th house Shani & Guru both and hence more emphasis on Shani. Balasaheb has Shani in 11th house and Guru in 4th house with Mangal in Mesh so Money has not been his as much of a focus.

[8] Anonymous Bangalore 1974 2nd Jan -- Any cancer related history in the family? Just checking. I am surprised that 2009, 2009 did not yield some good recommendations for marriage. The horoscope shows a bit ANASAKTI about marriage & sambandh actually. I think now May2012 to Mmay2013 is a great chance. 2009 was also great to find a Guru in life for next 12 years & also to get a very good position in career (designation/responsibility etc). Please be careful as you could get in touch with some physically/mentally weird person if got married in a hurry -- family, education certifications and physical checkup etc is highly warranted before getting married.

[9] MMS Horoscope changed quite a bit!! Here is the changed description:

You could be Double-haddi -- robust body-frame :) -- Getting agitated from time to time, narrow chin compared to forehead, residing hairline. Would usually speak TRUTH no matter what the consequence and even a kid would know if you lie about something. L9 in 1st with L1 in own house shows ability to occupy positions of high responsibility -- Some definite connection to education sector with so many planets in Dhanu rashi and L5 in 12th house with L12 in own rashi -- Course planning, training planning, architecting etc ability.

Your L10 is in 12th house connections with abroad places and career at abroad places. Business possible but 10th house owner is with Shukra Mangal. 26 is 8 and it shows ability to REVIEW or AUDIT something and not necessarily create something from scratch. Wakri Shani opposite to 3 planets shows delays in life & much better life from age of 30/32! 12th house planets in Scorpio along with Scorpio owner Mangal shows stay away from motherland. Also planets in 5th house of Chandra also go against doing your own business. Guru maha from FEB2016 would continue the things started by Rahu maha from Feb1998. Horoscope shows great for immigration or settling away from native. The date of 26 shows some obligation for sure in relationships mostly. Horoscope shows or recommends late marriage else some issues in 1st relationships/marriage.


  1. which dasha is promenant in a person's life....astotari or vimshortri?

  2. Milind ji,
    A question is hiting my mind. When sum planets inter changes their sthan to their enemy planet's Raashi in their chart, what type of effect feels by the native? Say, Shani in Leo, Sun in Kumbh. Shukra in Meen, Guru in Tula etc. . . (What, if they interchange their sthans?). . .

  3. hi Milind,

    my Dob;15may1981
    Time 8:10Am
    City Rewari-haryana.

    life is became the hell from 2010. Nothing is working out.kindly suggest some remedies or explain the problem due to which planet and till when it will continue.

  4. Hi Milindji,
    My name is Suhas , My DOB is 5th Nov 1965, 5:30A.M, Pune.
    What are my new job prospects?
    Pl advice?

  5. Thanks a lot Milind. I can confirm so many things said for me are true. I've been USA since Aug '96, the life was not bad so far financially also with family. But lately not getting enough things on track to get happy. specially with respect to career. I'm running Rahu MD with Venus AD and not sure things will be better after Venus AD ends this August. Also what do you say about Guru MD? Will it be better financially? One more thing I got married @ age of 25 but not much issues, initially had issues with my wife's family but now it is all good.

    1. From --MMS

      Thanks a lot Milind. I can confirm so many things said for me are true. I've been USA since Aug '96, the life was not bad so far financially also with family. But lately not getting enough things on track to get happy. specially with respect to career. By the way I'm not in education sector but you can very well say that I'm in service sector. I'm running Rahu MD with Venus AD and not sure things will be better after Venus AD ends this August. Also what do you say about Guru MD? Will it be better financially? One more thing I got married @ age of 25 but not much issues, initially had issues with my wife's family but now it is all good.

  6. @ Milind- Thank u for the explanation..:) I was wondering if you could help me with my chart as well... I tried emailing but went awry .. is it feasible here?? I am posting my natal and 9th harmonic here nonetheless.

    1- Venus in taurus
    5- Moon in virgo- Uttarphalguni
    6- Ketu in libra
    7- saturn and uranus in scorpio(I can vouch for my liking for eccentrics and age difference- dont know if saturn being vargottama helps :)
    8- Mars conjunct nptune- saggi
    10- Jupiter in aqua
    11th- Mercury in pisces
    12th- Sun conjunct north node(super tight orb of less than 1 degree)-- Does this cause probs here?

    Gemini lagna
    -SUn in gemini
    -Moon in aqua
    -mercury in libra
    -venus in capri
    -Mars in virgo
    -Jupiter in aries, saturn in scorpio, uranus in pisces and neptune in cancer
    -RAHU in taurus

    Thank you

  7. @ milind- I know i am very inquisitive but what happens when 2 people who are years apart have natal and moon lagna very similar to urs... i met someone who I am friends with in Nov last year who has sun,moon, venus, mercury and soooo many conjunctions with ascendant and other planets.. feels insane! also his moon lagna and planetary placement is 70 percent same as my natal...feels like some cosmic glue but i am at the same time scared of the similarities and being saturn in 7th- i avoid relationships now for d past 2 years..I push people away purposely... What is the solution for saturn in scorpio 7th( i dont think yogakarak or vargotama is helpin there)... i never found a logical/ convincing response anywhere..

  8. guruji
    Answers to comments as a separate post ! cool!
    again a polite requtest to look at my email dated dec 29 .

    pretty serious issue, and any guidance is appreciated.

    (sorry I have to keep repeating this in each post, but that is what happens when your stars are screwed up :)

    Thanks a lot for all the help.

    You articles have been of immense help and guidance

    Best Regards

  9. ooops..i noticed this post happened to leave comment below the original post only...plz notice my comment :)

  10. Hello Milind Ji,

    Sir,plz let me know when should I buy property?what is right time to purchasing house/plot?

    Is there any chance to go abroad?

    My Details-
    Tula Lagna,Vrishabh Rashi
    Ist to 4th house Empty.
    5th house-Ketu(Kumbh rashi)
    6th house-Budh (Meen rashi)
    7th house-Surya (Mesh rashi)
    8th house-Shukra & Chandra(vrishabh rashi)
    then in 11th house-Guru,Mangal,Shani,Rahu (all in Singh rashi)
    born in Rohini nakshatra(Charan 4)

    currently I'm in Guru Mahadasha (2005 to 2021)& Budh Antardasha.

    Thanking you.
    Best regards.

  11. sir my bday on 12 June 1979
    time 13.30
    place Pune...
    will you guide me any my carrier n marriage..

  12. Hi Milind,
    My husband is currently planning on moving jobs and he is very scared because someone had predicted long time ago that around 50 yrs of age, there would be some danger for him. His DOB: May 30 1962, Time: 11:30 pm place: Chennai.
    Currently we live in Texas. Would you be able to shed some light on whether this is a good time for him to move jobs? He is doing very well at his current job.Also, someone told him that he needs to wear Blue Sapphire (unfortunately, these predictions could be coming from random people, but enough to scare you, so). Could you please shed some light?
    - Shilpa

  13. thanks milind...
    U already told me that we both hav delay in marriage..
    So i am lukng for luck factor in it as both horoscopes shows delay..
    Anyway i vl wait 4 ur analysis...can u pls post it by this weekend..


  14. hi milind...
    thru horoscope anyone can knw their characteristics and how they are lookswise...?
    so then how about mine...?


  15. Milindji,

    When you get a chance please reply to my query that I emailed you on January 12th.


  16. Hi Milind,

    My Dob: 25 december 1972
    time: 8:07 am
    PoB: Jaipur, raj

    Kindly examine my chart and provide a summary, just likke you have done for MMS..


  17. Milind sir U forgot me again ! I posted in random thoughts 4 .would appreciate and reply

  18. Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 5th Nov-1965, Time : 5:30A.M Morning, Birth Place : Pune.

    Kumbha rasi , Purvaphadapata-3

    I am struggling in my career for past 6 years,

    The following are my Questions regarding career and Job.

    2. How will be my career from now onwards?
    3. When will I get a new Job?
    4. How many more job changes are there in my life?
    5.Whether it will in small/Pvt Ltd company OR big/MNC company?
    7.Will I get good and handsome salary?
    8. Will the new Job suite me and my requirements?

    Its a humble request, Please guide and advice accordingly.
    Please let me know my career furture.?


  19. Hi Milind, I'm 13th Dec 1976 , 2:05 AM, mumbai
    ... can you guide on marriage & career prospects.

    Hoping to see you continue the good work in comming years. Thanks

  20. Dear Sir,

    my DOB : 16-08-1989
    birth time : 9:46 a.m.
    birth place: visnagar (state :gujrat)
    i am doing engineering in the final year's last semester.i have lost my mother.i am totally depressed in current position. i am hopeless for the job. my classmates get placement in multinational companies.and i am still there.
    i have seen my kundali to our local atrologer he said i have planet jupiter in 10th house in mithun rashi which is bad for job and planet rahu which is in 6th place in kumbh rashi...both giving me bad results...
    i am here in a hope that i will get guidance from you.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Hello Milind, Have i done anything wrong? i have mailed u my details 4 times. but you dont seem to reply. Kindly do reply me pleaasee. why ignore me..........OMKAR here

  23. Dear milind ji,

    1. Hi Milind,
      LONGtime reader- wrote to you while you were still on maayboli!
      I am starting to believe my marriage is denied, not delayed. Have been trying for so many years and nothing has worked out. Sade Sati has ended and still, nothing. COuld you let me know if this is true:
      TOB 9:30 am (not corrected for DST)
      POB: Grand junction ,US
      Kanya lagna, thanks!

  24. [1] Snehal
    Prominent is Winshottari. Hardly anyone uses Ashtottari. Winshottari is VERY logical and also reflected in the nakshatra ownership sequence!

    [2] BHARGOB
    Interchange i.e. Anyonya yoga is very good when it is of the friendly planets. When it is of unfriendly ones then it needs to be checked for two apsects:
    (a) owner of X house in Y house an Y house in X house without rashi-bal Which -- would be usually OK and good in a horoscope
    (b) But we have 2 planets without much of a rashi-bal and it would show up in some difficiency in health or overall karmic history. Guru in Tula or Vrishabh or Shukra in Dhanu or even uchcha Meen rashi has some or other strings attached to them sadly!

    So, the answer would be a complex one and different maha/antar and gochar woudl have different effects.

    [3] Puneet REWARI
    (1) Things were VERy tough from Sept2009 to Nov2011. They should come to norm by May2012 a bit and MUCH MUCH betterfrom May2012 for 3 years in a row! Guru maha from May2010 is a bit masked by SHani going over it -- Also Guru wakti with Shani wakri close hence Guru antardasha is not going to be greatest anyways eventhough not too bad. I guess you would see things back on track by Aug/Sept 2012 for sure -- You would see start of it in May2012.

    Period until May2012 is good to get NEW friends in lfie for next 12 years and also buy a land or a vehicle I think. Also being 15 (6) born and total 3 -- you woudl not see any tough grahayog affectinng as much as they would 17, 22, 13, 4 8 etc. 6 & 3 is a veru lucky combination so to speak.

    [4] SUHAS 1965 Anonymous
    Tough period was until Nov2011- stagnant. Now you would see measure improvement in April May2012 and also until Mid 2014 -- When Shani is 9th to your Moon degree sometime in 2014 you could see a **MEASURE** promotion and responsibilities. Horoscope recommends careful with relationships for sure!! Also right eye/teeath and younger sibling could be of some worries to you (obligations). 1st born could have been have caused some issues in delivery or early life health issues but not extreme ones as Guru drushti is there to control/take care/

    So umtil May2012: increase in income, support from seniors and possible movement of job location/department due to change/increase in responsibility. Early/Mid 2014 a MEASURE promotion which is also DREAM COME TRUE for you with increasing mass base. YOu are goig to be right time right place now until 2020 or so!

    Ketu maha would end in Oct2013 and the new Shukra maha from Oct2013 for first 2 years -- do not neglect any health issues as minor. Treat them seriously -- They could be heriditary from maternal family also. Also this maha would make you travel 6 hrs or so away from your native place and also frequent travelks possible in this mahadasha. Overall a very good one except health issues initially in 2/3 years in this mahadasha.

  25. [5] SAHIWAl: I guess u would probably know what I am going to tell already! :)
    (a) Shani in 7th and that too opposite Shukra and with Uranus -- Physical issues could be there with the person you choose. Also DELAY in marriage say until 30/32 for a girl with this combo and say 35 or more for a guy (a guy could even tend to stay unmarried) BUT Shukra in Taurus incerases possibilities BUT still it is KITTTIKA nakshatra which likes to stay alone -- if initial few degrees of Krittika then more severe! :)
    (b) Shani 3rd to Moon -- Very good people management, articulation and expression to the point. Setting fielding etc, good thinker and very tactical.
    (c) 8th house Mars not in Moola is great but still some blood circulation issues can be caused -- minor as nakshatra is good. Neptune with Mars gives some intuition and neptune in 8th also gives some occult understanding or penchant. Guru in 10th house is good for academics for sure. Getting a Guru from Dec2009 to May2010 at workplace.
    (d) 11th Mercury good one but in Pisces -- so some dhila dhala nature, without reason helpping or sharing knowledge, not expectign returns, some innocence and bholapan etc ! :) Surya Rahu 12th house shows something about father -- some issues -- also agitated nature from time to time. Good planning and KANJUS sort of a nature. But when you spend -- it would be for the best things liek a BIG BANG else woudl not want to spend much! :)
    Sadesati last phase, life must haveeb tough in middle as Chandra with Ketu and Surya with Rahu -- some VERY specific past karma both from maternal side and also father's younger siblings or rather paternal grandfather's younger sibling...

    [6] SAHIWAL
    Yeah -- various similarities would be seen in educaiton and approach/attitude towards life. every 12 years Guru same, every 18 Rahu and every 30 Shani...Every 36 Guru and Rahu same position.. every 60 both Guru and Shani similarpositions etc etc..

    I would sugegst ACTIVE Participation in marriages of relatives and friends for sure to remedy the 7th Saturn and physical/family/education certificstion etc check when getting married! :)

    You have a GREAT chance of getting a good plot until May2012 for sure. We do not know horosxope exavctly but until May2012 SURESHOT chance of it. I woudl suggest to use Diamond for you in ring finger and also wear Rahu's GOMED in left hand in ring finger or even middle finger...will need to check exact degrees to suggest correct finger on left hand. But these two would help you QUITE A bit. Horoscope shows easy income from inheritance, property, share markets etc and May2012 to May2013 you would see windfall gains!! Tremendous success in this in this May2012 to May2013 period.

    1. Hello Milind Ji,
      Many Many Thanks to Yu:):)God Bless yu.
      Sir,Shukra is at 20 deg & Rahu's deg is which finger will be suitable for Gomed & diamond? & Yu didn't tell about my chance to go it right time?

      Thanking you!
      Best Regards

  26. Bhaiya- Your answer to BHARGOB about guru in tula or Vrishabh, what does this exception mean?? how is it good or bad? I have guru in tula, so pls explain.
    Also sent email to you this week, pls check(cspallavi)

  27. Hi,I am facing some serious career difficulties..can you please help me out..
    Name- Vikrant Singh
    DOB - 28/11/1984
    Time of birth : 9:10 AM
    Place: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Thanks in advance...have posted you a couple of times..need your reply urgently...

  28. @ Milind-
    Thank u zillions and as usual u r SPOT on with every detail. About saturn in 7th I do realize what u r sayin n trust me ive tried too hard at time to get in marraige mode but i always kick back to my fears.. i can stay happy being celibate my entire life, thats how contained I am with myself...:)For me to actually get into marr mode i think my real relationship starts 2013 and marr at the end of 2014 seems prominent to me but trust b told, main shayad vo bhi na karu... whoever marries me wud b tortured for my overly independent n eccentric thinkin n me being married to my causes(i m happiest when working for social causes)or travelling to explore my spirituality...
    Moon vase is not with ketu in 5th.. ketu is in 6th but yea rahu conjunct sun in 12th-- i was born d day my dads grandma died and I hav striking resemblance n ideology like her... ive had a face reader tell me im related to my dad( dunno how true)
    -- The guy i mentioned is 14 yrs older to me..v hav same sun, moon, mercury, venus and so many ascendant conjunctions that it drove me nuts... for d first time i was scared of a guy... n as usual my saturn in 7th kicked in n i vanished on him...but i never met a person who read my eyes or mind...very strong feel ill c him again..although im in touch.. lets c :)

    1. you sound like a runaway bride :) jus kiddin

      Amit Jain

    2. only if i cud find myself a richard gere, i'd take d honor... else na, julia roberts is more gorgeous as a runaway bride :P JK

    3. sachhe dil se chaho to poori kaayinaat uska saath deti hai..

      telling this after having experienced this on few things. so wish, visualise and take off. Generally, god will hold the safety net for you.

    4. :D te je rab ne time te safety net na sitya taan mere taan fracture ho jane ne lol JK
      I do know wat u mean :) thank u.. ill remem that!

  29. hi milind as mentioned by Puneet REWARI from 2010 time was tough how could it be so similar as me even i am born on 14/5/81 3.55 am even life for me was like hell from sept 2009 for some personal reason my time went so bad that i even had to leave my own house due to differnce with my mother just one question will i ever return back to my mother on good notes and start staying with her again in future because the place where i am staying at present is much more better than the past but still i long to be with her under one roof a request can you guide me on the same please sir.

  30. my birth date is 17/09/1985 time evening 7:22 hrs. place kalyan. I have career issues and want to know tentative year of my marriage. I am Libra moon sign person and life has almost come to stand still from last 2-3 months nothing happening just nothing !.......Omkar

  31. dear milind,

    i had a major setback 2-3 days ago. now my project will get stalled by about 2 months or so. to make matters worse, the evaluation is set in three weeks time. i had thought my tough period starts in may 2012 (8th guru, libra), and the current 7th guru is favorable. any idea what is going wrong?

  32. Hi Milind Sir,

    (re-posting from original post)

    My L10 is sun and is in 12th house of libra

    You are 100% correct that my earnings are from 9-12 hours abroad locations!

    my work is based on internet (own business)

    budh is in 1st house in next few degrees of sun..your words :)

    guru in 4th having drishti on 12th

    but as you have said about 12th took me a hell LOT of efforts to set the foundation for business.

    more info:

    sun is also with venusR (not combust) in 12th

    and in D-9 chart, sun is alone in 11th house (capricorn)

    and venus is alone in 2nd house (aries)

    can you please guide me about, what might be advisable financially for rashi and bhava shown by these situations?

  33. Sir ,
    If you have time ,

    I am waiting for my brother's analysis.

    His details are there in my email dated 13th JULY [And 29th AUGUST also]

    Have a look at email dated 22 SEPT. also --- If you have time.

    Thank You.

  34. Hi Milind
    DOB : 16 August 1983
    Vruschik Rashi, Meen Lagna, Anuradha Nakshatra

    Currently facing really challenging issues at workplace..too much stress..also health is not good..feeling demotivated, disinterested and agitated...feel as if something is burning inside..developed lot of dark circles below eyes it the sadesati effect? Trying very hard to be positive but it is very difficult in such is suffering due to this..please advise...

  35. hi milind

    please please do really facing a very tough time in both personal n professional life..would lyk to knw when is favourable period for me to get married....

    DOB: 8 feb 1988
    time: 16:00(4:00 P.M)Hrs


    pls pls do reply me abt my career n future....and im also scared bcos of saturn in my 7th house...hw would b my married lyf?

  36. Hi Milindji

    I was busy in family function and it delayed two b2b mind blowing articles

    Now please answer this
    My L10 tauras-venus is in 12th house cancer ashlesha
    L1 leo-sun also in 12th house cancer pushya-3
    L12 Moon right there in cancer pushya-1
    L10 is occupied by Rahu - rohini
    Please guide me for career
    I am MBA grads and still no job did trading for some years


  37. Milind ji

    Jan 23rd Mars going retro , people are scaring us a lot. Could you please write impact of this on all rashis in your blog. I would like to know Kanya Rashi-Mesha Lagna and Meen Rashi -Vrishchika Lagna. Also, these changes affects only rashi's or we need to check for our lagna rashi also...?
    We are already suffering enough and left with almost no money. I am scared if this creates more finance problems or issues.

    pls pls pls reply.

    Best Regards

  38. HI
    Guruji/ Sirji ( and all the other designations used in all in comments)
    Another request to kindly read my email , i sent dec 29 ( subject: help needed for urgent issue), per your schedule
    ( The issue is sensitive, can cannot mention details in a blog )

    Best regards

  39. SahiwalJi
    You are lucky. You have your queries answered by Mihir,definitely some good Karma , I would say

    Hamare jaise log rah dekh rahe hai, ki kab boss ki nazar ham par padegi. But then at the end of the day , each person gets what he deserves, So I am not complaining

    Just thought of voicing my opinion, Have a great day

    1. Sorry I meant Milindji ( and not Mihir )

    2. Indeed i got lucky coz its a previledge to even learn a thing or two from someone as AWESOME as him... n im sure hes bz but the way he takes out time to answer as many queries as he can.. HATS OFF to his time management n ability to help everyone without bias.. mere jasa insaan 5 logon ko bhi reply kar paye to ganeemat hai... yeh to itne logon ki madad kar rhe hain...mad respect for him!.. im sure he will get back to u...

  40. Dear Milind ji,

    Could you elaborate on the impact of L10 in 6th house (Venus in Capricon). How is this for a career in the financial services say banking/asset management etc?

    Needed some career specific advise wrt my chart. Pls let me know if it is okay to mail you the details.


  41. Sahilwaji
    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    Irrespective of anything (and what happens to me in life), I consider myself lucky.
    I have seen , my unshakable faith in god, has stood by me.
    Mujhe kisi ne kaha that: that education prosepect is not so good, barely graduate

    Not to beat my own trumpets: I cracked from the best institue in India (IIT)
    Sheer hard work + immense faith
    The way I look at at : good stars: with 10 % effort you may get things

    But if u are willing to go the 200%, there is not much stars , sade sathi can do.

    Again my philosophy.

    Yes I totally respect Milindji, his time management.

    Lucky to have stumbled on this blog

    All izz well

    1. Hanji I agree :)
      Hope u keep up with all the fortitude and tremendous willpower u've got to make lemonade when life throws lemons at u...
      I commend u again for ur faith in god n urself. :)

  42. Hi Milindji

    I have emailed you my details 4-5 times however got no reply. My DOB is 1st Sep 1976, going through a very tough patch in both personal & professional front. Please suggest some remedy and help me. Looking forward for a reply this time.


    hi milind again darshan here i have only one question will i ever in future relocate to my house under one roof along with my mother because how much i try she is not willing to talk to me i don't want to disclose but fault was on my side but i have regret for the same but are there any chances of patch details 14 may 1981 3.55am pls do reply on the same rest i have no problems.

  44. DBHATT
    I would be greatly obliged if you have some time to spare and read through my horoscope and tell me (have sent an email too) how my next few years would look like and about any analytical details you would see.
    DOB: 01-June-1980
    Time: 01:35:00 midnight
    Place: at Sagar, India - Latitude: 14:10:N / Longitude: 75:02:E

    Meena Lagna, Dhanu Rashi with Sun in Vrishabh, Mercury+(R.Venus) in Mithun; Ju+Sa+Kuja+Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Kumbh. Of course Moon in Dhanu.
    Currently in Moon Mahadasha (till 2018).

  45. Hi Milind, thx for your analysis. You are right about profession not creating from scratch but with audit or review. But I am not linked with education, my profession is linked with service industry. Do you see any changes in my profession from service to education? If you can help forecast on my career, I woulf really appreciate that. Having numerous issue and working without any pleasure? Please help.


  46. Milind Sir,
    I have Shani in 5th house and 5L Sun in 9th (Dhanu in Mool nakshatra).
    My D-day was the worst day of our lives, all bcoz of the inexperienced doctors,their mistakes and my bad time. Both me-baby went to the ICU right after. All was fine later though and it was as if God sent us back, especially me.
    When you say about "some intense" event due to the teevra nakshtras....did this happen bcoz of Mool nakshtra? And, are we done yet or there is more to come??
    Or, was it bcoz of Sade-sati?

  47. darshan
    hello milind pls a small query i just want to know if in future do i relocate and live with my mother pls sir 14/5/81 3.55 am kanya rashi meen lagna.I have shown my desire to stay with her but there is no answer from her side i am feeling lost and depressed just one call and i want to be back with her.
    Pls do guide me desperately waiting for your answer.

  48. Hi Milind

    I understand that you can only respond to some and not all the e-mails you get. I have been sending you e-mails since May 2011. Let me know if you intend to write back. I have no way of knowing if you got my e-mails, and don't want ot waste my time or yours.

    R Bhale

  49. Dear Milindji,

    My birth details: 4th September 1971, Delhi , 3:43 am,
    I have suffered a lot since shani dasha started in march 2009, I lost my job and have problems with child/ marriage / health. I also had an accident recently.
    My shani is in 11th house from lagna ( supposed to be good) then why so many overwhelming and unmanageable problems?

  50. Hi Milind,

    My Dob: 25 december 1972
    time: 8:07 am
    PoB: Jaipur, raj

    Kindly examine my chart and can guide on which gemstone would be best and when my career and life would be settled?-regards SAM

  51. Dear Milind:

    Small correction is required in Kanya section of this week's predictions "patience and hardwork is required until May 2012" instead of "May 2010".

    Best regards,


  52. Dear Sir,
    What is the impact of mrut(dead) Jupiter in 6th house of horoscope. I am suffering from Rahu Mahadasha currently which is very bad and after 2 years will start Jupiter Mahadasha.

    My Dob: 11/1/77
    Time: 4.10 am
    Place: Shrirampur (near shirdi) Maharashtra.

    Plz guide me for that and will you plz suggest if there are any remedies?


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