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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Horoscope: JAN-30-2012 to FEB-05-2012 (Saptahik Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal)

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

JAN-30-2012 to FEB-05-2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

This article will not apply to housewives or even farmers. The folks with a very strong 4th houses would never travel and stay in a comfort zone in “SUKH” and atma:shanty than worldly activities.

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in MESH 00:03 degrees at the start of the week at midnight

Moon changes to VRISHABH 12:43 p.m. on Wednesday Feb 1st

Moon changes to MITHUN 12:07 a.m. (Friday midnight) on Saturday Feb 4th

Moon changes to KIRK 8:12 a.m. on Monday Feb 6th


1. Guru becoming maargi is great news for Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks. The things would move FAST now onwards until May2012.

2. The week is great for Singh and Kanya folks.

3. When I wrote following stuff last week I had no idea how bad this is going to be – Pune is a sad example! India is always chaotic with traffic issues anyways regardless of the planets but when you have showdown by Shani & Mangal then the collective conscious becomes further worse! L)

4. Mangal going wakri last week in LEO in DHANU navamansh is not good news for traffic issues, street-fights, arguments. Please avoid it as far as possible. Road rage is going to be very easy! KANYA rashi and MAKAR rashi especially needs to be careful with vehicles: air pressure, servicing etc is a must. Mangal is with RAHU in navamansh (Dhanu navamansh) and this makes them worse still!

5. Mangal and Shukra are coming opposite to each other – advise girl’s not to wonder around in the night-time and not to trust someone too much! Young folks are advised patience in love affairs and not let passions run wild. Night clubs, bars etc could see some tensions/fights in the week. Some colleges could be boys fighting over girls etc! (Pretty standard affair usually but could take serious/fatal turn!)

6. KUMBH and MITHUN: Beware of seniors until FEB14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:


This week is good to execute your plans after expensive weekend! J Some economic gains are possible from Wednesday noon. The weekend shows travel possibilities: presentations, proposals or meeting with siblings.

Guru in rashi will only increase the responsibilities until May2012. Shani in 7th house could reduce the sphere of influence but cause increased collaborations with workers, masses. It would also cause a “reality check” with partnerships. 8th Rahu advises some care of paternal family elders.


This week until Wednesday noon shows adverse climate: hard-work, patience & perseverance! After that things come back to track and positive energy until Friday midnight. Some gains are sure on the weekend.

The 6th Shani forcing new collaborations like Sanjay Dutt doing Kancha Cheena to venture into new mass-base! J The 12th Guru is forcing planning of next 12 years of life. Ketu in rashi good for spiritual pursuits and 7th Rahu shows collaborations with paternal side family.


This week shows multiple gains & a pro-environment until Wednesday noon. Thereafter, for 2+ days there is a need to re-group and think your strategy for next month or so: Invest time, money and energy for next month. Start of execution from Saturday and gains start from Monday.

The 6th Rahu is keeping enemies at bay and also making you work with folks from different cultural background. The 5th Shani is now MUCH better but advises care on kid’s front. The 11th Guru is all-mighty and WILL give tremendous success until May2012!

Beware of seniors until FEB 14th:


This week is great until Friday midnight. Shows a much better frame of mind which is NOT shown by bigger planets! Until Wednesday there is some happening feel at workplace. Great gains and pro environment is shown from Wednesday noon. Friday midnight onwards it is time for spending time & energy for planning the next month. The weekend shows expense.

4th Shani and 10th Guru is NO FUN! J Both make person report to a person with similar abilities who has reached the position with a different path than yours – not fault of his or yours! J You have got be patient until May2012 for sure. 11th Ketu and 5th Rahu are helping with blessings from both the families.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

This week is VERY VERY good for Singh folks. Time to “chamako” now! J Start of the week itself would see start of some great things for sure. After Wednesday, you will work very hard and reap benefits with multiple gains from Friday midnight! Try to stay away from affairs this week – else some unpleasant surprise later on.

9th Guru and 3rd Shani: Your time has come now to snatch a initiative or a program for next 3 years! Hrithik has got 2 specific movies from May2010 (JNMD and Agneepath) which should set him up for next 3 years or so. 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and choose between 2/3 good things! Shani will also allow you to put your people in key positions. 4th Rahu is OK – 10th Ketu is making you do projects that have “token” value – showcase value.


Patience and hard work and some more hard work is needed until May2010 and more so until Wednesday noon. From Wednesday noon you will enter 6.5 great days. Travel is quite possible on Wed/Thursday. Hard-work & results are ‘on’ for the weekend. 2 days of multiple gains from next Monday morning. Weekend is very good for education/certification related activities.

Service your vehicles keep patience while driving, do not affect others with your vehicles and state of mind! Drive carefully and with as much sleep as possible. L 8th Guru is testing you until May2012: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic stuff will help for sure. Study/complete certifications until May2012. 2nd Shani will show previous investment mistakes but start new/fresh income. Going away from family/mom quite likely in 2nd Shani. Rahu and Ketu are helping from 3rd and 9th house for sure.


This week until Wednesday is great to spend with partners/spouse etc. there is a lot of hard-work and physical tests from Wednesday noon to Friday midnight – take enough rests/sleep & “Vitamin B / B-Complex” pills! J You enter very good 6.5 days starting Friday midnight.

7th Guru is helping increase sphere of influence and also on collaborations/partnerships front. Shani in rashi better than say 12th! J Rahu in 2nd and Mangal in 11th is great for investment income and land related activities.


The start of the week shows upset stomach and health issues until Wednesday noon. Later on until Friday midnight is great for bonding with partners/spouse etc. The weekend is hectic for sure and some driving issues quite likely. Be careful! The Monday 8 a.m. will start a great period of 6.5 days.

The 6th Guru is making enemies shine, exposing health issues, spend on partying around & social causes. 12th Shani forcing to NOT get involved in street fights and concentrate on 30,000 feet view (bird’s view) of your life and DECIDE/plan what you need to do in next 30 years of life. READ, THINK and Write down and verify. The 10th house Mangal is taking care of your workplace influence – but do not stretch the workplace matters beyond reasonable limits as nobody is irreplaceable.


This week starts on a very good note – great news from kids, speculative markets and meeting some influential folks like Gurus/mentors who would shape your next 9 years of life. After Wednesday noon, social events and upset stomach! J Drive carefully after late might party! The weekend is great for spending time with spouse and overall partnerships and collaborations.

‘Dream Come True’ success for Moola Nakshatra until Jan end. Later in Feb March great for Purva-Shadha and April May2012 great for Uttarta-Shadha! Shani in 11th angle will show you the “rain of Rs”! J Rahu making you spend time for paternal family elders.


The week starts with some lethargy that gets over by Wednesday noon! J Until Wednesday noon is a good time to visit Mom and spend some quality time at home. The things start happening after Wednesday noon to Friday midnight. You will mostly have a party mood on the weekend and would need to watch health aspects.

4th Guru is stagnancy personified but the best time for certifications and preparation for glorious 5th Guru from May2012. 10th Shani is great for potential increase but along with 4th Guru it makes you report to someone elder & someone probably you do not like! J (Raj Thackeray, Rahul Gandhi Shah Rukh, Gopinath Munde) Rahu i.e. paternal family elders are helping for sure. Mangal in 8th house of peeda – service vehicles and drive very carefully – avoid accidents by being careful and conservative and do not overly depend on brakes, other people to obey laws etc.


The start of the week is great for expression, presentation, writing white papers etc. It is also good to pick some fights with someone! J Wednesday afternoon onwards 2 days would be slower – will allow you to take a pause and think over your execution plan. Friday midnight onwards 2+ days are very good to get things done – connections with places 9.12 hrs away on the weekend quite likely.

The 3rd Guru is great for short travel, new location and assignments at workplace, getting away from daily grind! The 9th Shani is trying to get to new & exciting daily grind (responsibility, duty, designation, position & status etc)! J Rahu in the 10th house giving you some glorious or image/pet projects for your organization. 7th Mangal wakri recommends caution/patience in relationships.

Beware of seniors until FEB 14th:


Average week with some investment gains at the start of the week. Wednesday onwards you will need to communicate a lot. It could also show some very short travel for a meeting or so. Friday midnight onwards 2+ days shows relax environment and some rest.

The 2nd Guru will expand you income/investments. The 8th Shani warrant health checks, increase in ability, yoga, life-style review etc. The Rahu in 9th house & Ketu in 3rd house shows good support from both maternal and paternal family. Mangal in 6th house is good to get victory on competitors but watch vehicles/drive safely.


  1. Hi Milind,

    I have sent u a mail 5-6 days back from
    Kindly reply as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    Manish Jain

  2. Manish Jain ( 30, 2012 at 5:56 AM

    Hi Milind,

    I have repeatedly sent u the same mail yesterday mail from
    Kindly reply as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    Manish Jain

  3. Hey milind nice 1 please elaborate on guru going margi...and how it will affect kanya rashi....Thanks!!!

  4. Hi Milind...Why don't you put the "subscribe by e-mail" gadget to your blog.. then we can get your posts by e-mail?? :) Have come thrice today to see if the weekly predictions were up!!

  5. guru going maargi and i hope saturn will be wakri from 8th it favourable for the people going through sadesati or wakri saturn will make the things more slow..JUST DONT WANT ANOTHER STATUS QUO.:(:(
    all is well.all is well:(:(:(

  6. so i need to stay away frm swetha ryt this week..?
    And i m eagerly waitng 4 ur analysis on swetha n pavan relationship as u said u wl analyse it in difrnt context...

    Pls we hav lot of hopes on our future...


  7. Hi Milind

    Send my hubby " kundali " sooo many times since Septemeber 2011 on your Gmail.No response ..You might jave tons of Work load..can is his DOB:10/7/1970 time ( 4.00Pm mornig on (th July hence DOB 10July),Place Nagpur.Going through a bad patch..Please Guide me!!!


  8. Oops... 10 july 4.Am pahate NAgpur

  9. Milind, Did you meant the havoc caused by ST Bus?Thanks gajanan

  10. Milind,

    Fantastic! You may not know but you're really giving so much comfort and hope to so many people.


  11. Thanks Milind!(for the weekly predictions).

  12. Hi Milind,
    I am still awaiting reply for my repeated mail i sent you yesterday from id

    Kindly reply as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    Manish Jain

  13. Manish Jain Saab
    We have been waiting for years, But hope u get your response soon

    - a well wisher

  14. Hey Milind - hope you are doing well. Per your suggestion I sent you an email on 9-Jan with the subject - "Vrishchik rashi with 8 years old daughter". Would appreciate it if you could please have a look and reply.

  15. Hi Milind,

    Whats your comment on people not having names as per Rashi, like someone of Sinh(Leo) rashi , having the name initial as per Meen rashi. Do they have effects of 2 rashis, and have to go through sadesati effects of both of them.

    Your comments are well appreciated, I find your analysis logical and as per new age.



  16. namaste milind ji :)

    i suppose you are busy.

    i had read your article
    and asked a question regarding the same.

    plz do answer that whenever you get time.


  17. Namaste Milindbhai, Thanks for this weekly rashibhavishya. Please check my email with subjectline "Shri Guru Dev Datta. Urgent" and please respond to it asap. I would really appreciate your detailed analysis and response to my queries.

  18. Pretty interesting way of catching attention:
    'Shri gurudev dutta'
    I am going to start my mail with similar subjects, hopefully will get more attention

    Lage raho

  19. Hats off to you milindji, i & husband are learning driving now days & u have specified about the vehicles i m kanya & he is makar. so as usual you are always right. Please do see my horoscope i have already send u several times on fb. thanks again, regards- suchitra

  20. Shree GuruDev Dutt!!! :)
    !!Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraaj YogiRaaj Shree Satchidanand SadGuru Sainath Maharaj ki jay!!

    I advise people not to have names as per rashi as otherwise anybody can guess your signa and try to corner you on your bad day! It is a possibility for sure. No having name as per different rashi cannot have planetary effects on them as per that rashi -- it is COMPLETELY illlogical and against the LAW of the karma. Yes - -the numerology value of your spelling the way it is used in papers, media etc could form some perceptions or opinions about you but again the effect would not be more than 3 to 5% overall for sure. Spellign nchanges would NOT going to have DRAMATIC effects on your life for sure.

    [2] Vrishchi kRashi with 8 year ild daughter -- Will check in the evening & send an email

    [3] Manish Jain and others: My opologies - EVen if I am not able to help to you by analysis -- I hope the articles help you at least not taken for a ride by thugs in this field of Astrology!

    [4] MMS, Pankaj and other -- Thanks guys! :)

    [5] Gajanan -- Yes - -I am referring to that only but I do not mean to say that I prediected this thing -- NO FALSE claims like that -- As Medniy Jyotish is only about GENERIC comments. By the way: PUNE is Kanya rashi anyways!

    [6] Megha/Devayani: Will check and respond in the evening -- Sorry about the delay! :(

    [7] Pavan - Swetha -- Will respond but I have already shared with you my analysis -- you both need to wait until say June2013 to July2014 Period to decide if you are the righ match for yourself as per Astological analysis -- However if you folks are SO DETERMINED and SO MUCH depend and trust and love each other -- Think of it as a SadGuru Saibaba's Match-Making and go ahead with it -- SadGuru's blessings start where my LOGIC ends!! Who else than the CREATOR Brahma predict for sure whats goign to happen -- My logic has limits but one thig for sure -- If you have met in 2008 or Dec2009 to April2010 or Sept2005 to Oct2006 then it is a match making by SadGuru himself and no Astrologer can advise against that! ELSE -- wait for July2013 or late 2013 to check if you are really made for eahc other. MY gmail is messed up -- and hence this public comment -- once you read it -- let me know -- I can delete it.

    [8] Subscribe by email -- WILL explore over the weekend... Any step by step instructions on how to do it - apart from "Please search on Google" :) :)

    [9] RAJAT
    Kanya now will see fruits (good/bad) Karma delivered faster with maargi Guru -- certifications, preparations would happen faster now -- Do not expect miracles as they are supposed to happen from May2012 to May2013! :)

    [10] Darshan
    I think you will get back with your Mom from May2012 to May2013 and this will happen in May2012 itself or max June2012 -- I do not see why such extreme issue s-- YES there ARE some issues there but they mandate that YOU need to adjust due to your past karma and NOT your mother -- So YOU know what you need to do and nobody can advise you on that -- Planets would make you come together after May2012 but NOBODY would stop you to come together before that -- it is YOUR own past karma with the soul & hence you wanted to pay back to the soul and took birth as her why run away from your OWN BIGGEST decisions you took for this life before birth itself! :) :) :) Remember WACHAN from Saibaba -- Santaap Murkhapana mule yeto ani pashchatap karayuala laawato -- "Anger is product of inner stupidity and makes you repent!".

    REST FOLKS -- Will Reply ALL queries in the evenig for sure.


    Even the Maha anatrdasha and Bhukti all point to the issue you have metioned: Rahu -- Ketu -- Rahu in Moon's Sign and Ketu in Shani's sign. Moon with Shani -- In that RAHU Bhukti -- So doubele whammy when it comes to Mom's relationship.

    This will get over as follows:
    Rahu Shani was Mar2006 to Jan2009
    Rahu Ketu is from Aug2011 to Sept2012

    So these timeframe are notthe best for Mom related health and also relationships. This is going to get over soon and you can expect much improvement in situation from May2012 BUT please do read my previous comment again!

  22. thnq milind...
    Yes i hope i hav saibaba blesngs...
    And we met in this sep 2011...
    And i need ur wishes also..and swetha is visiting each n every temple frm d day we met...for being togethr 4ever... As we blong to diff castes/communities..

  23. Thank you Milind.. for your valuable posts, I am hard core fan of your articles. I sent you my birth details 3 times i think, no replay from you i can understand you might be getting no.of emails like this, can you please try to have a look at my email once?

    Best regards

  24. Hi are doing a awesome job....

  25. Milind Saab
    Hamara chance kab ayega?
    CAn you take a look at my mail dated 29th dec 2011, In case you need more information let me know.

    A life changing issue (affecting multiple families)

    So any help is appreciated.
    Baki Shrichi Iccha

    Thanks for the weekly forecast.

    As always it is pleasure to read your articles


  26. Milind Sir,

    Good to see positive things written about Leo folks,but after 7.5 years of troubles,its hard to believe anything.Just hoping your predictions come true.The only change after nov 14 is less mental stress and the ability to control negative emotions.

    Thank you,

  27. Hi Milindji

    Sorry as I'm copy pasting this question
    I seek your guidance

    1)Please answer this left out question
    My L10 tauras-venus is in 12th house cancer ashlesha
    L1 leo-sun also in 12th house cancer pushya-3
    L12 Moon right there in cancer pushya-1
    L10 is occupied by Rahu - rohini
    Please guide me for career
    Both Venus and moon are Astangat..

    2) Please show remedies for ashlesha venus in 12th house

    I am MBA grads and still no job did trading for some years


    One more thing
    you said for singh rashi this week that stay away from affair or suffer in

  28. Hi Milind,


    I have repeatedly sent u the same mail 2 days back, mail from

    Kindly reply as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    Manish Jain

  29. yipiee!!..So the T20'Is are gonna yield in India's favor? :)

  30. Deepthi Madam,

    I 100% agree with you.

    I am also SINGH/LEO, nothing worked for last 7.5 years. Hoping and waiting for the better days ahead.

    Thank you.

  31. Hi Sai / Deepthi,

    I also agree with both of you. Even i am Leo Rashi - waiting for good days -- let's see when that happens.



    appreciate your comment about our karma. - “It’s our own past karma with the soul & now why run away from our OWN BIGGEST decisions”…

    when our due suffering reaches us, we've forgotten the wrongs we did in the past. Hence the indignant outburst, "Why me?"
    but with this broader vision we can understand how each of us individual souls is alone responsible for our own past karma. No one else is responsible for our Dukh & sufferings.
    We are suffering from our own. Karma & It is not the fault of God. What we do is our own fault, nothing else. Why should God be blamed?
    - Swami Vivekananda.

    1. @ pradip--Precisely what I believe in bro :)
      Our own karma is our friend n foe.. if he gave us "maanush dehi" as a chance while v were hanging upside down in jathar agni in mom's uterus--- Then he also shall give us numerous chances to correct our karma--"Na oh mare, na thaage jaaye... Jiske raam base man mahe.."-- SGGS
      Adishakti is a OUR ULTIMATE COMPANION when our own karma is our friend or foe...
      P>S> Im so glad i hopped onto this blog to learn so much from everyone here..
      THANK U truly :)

  33. Hi Milind,

    Thanks a million for the horoscope analysis. Thought of sharing feedback as I was not able share following details during the chat session.

    Horoscope 1:

    For shani in 8th house for Kumbha lagna, you had mentioned about fear of cockroaches.
    When you said so , I told you that I am not afraid of cockroaches!! Well, I don't scream or jump when I see cockroaches but before sleeping i make sure that I have closed all the open sides of the door, windows etc so that no cockroaches enter inside the room.

    The reason is: 2-3 years back , one small cockroach entered inside my ear and had to rush to the hospital in the midnight !!

    When i remembered this, I realized your prediction is true !! :) ! So thought of sharing it here :)

    Horoscope 2 :

    Vrishika Lagna,
    Ravi (3), Vakri budha (1), Ravi(2) in second house,
    Ketu (9) in fifth house,
    Moon(8),Vakri Guru(9) in eighth house,
    vakri kuja (9) in 9th house,
    vakri shani(3) in 10th,
    rahu(3) in 11th house

    for this you mentioned

    a)Tough horoscope for mom's health or relationships with mom :

    Feedback : Well there were problems with mom as his wedding was against her wish!!Other than that relationship is not bad!!

    b)Dec2002 to May2005 was not good for him and his mom side family

    Feedback : Well, 'not good time' was from June 2004 to May 2005 !!

    c)His mom is a good soul.

    Feedback :Somehow I am not so sure about this. because she created so many problems in son's married life as the wedding was against her wish !! She is Simha raashi and always wants rule others and everybody listen to her whether it correct or not !!


  34. Hello Milind,
    is there any specific reason that you do not respond to some emails and some people get response quite quickly?

  35. [11] Anonymous: Who are thefolks I answer and who I avoid? :) I even forget who all I have answered as I had tough time finding the horoscopes for "HA" below! :)

    [12] HA: Thanks for the feedback. About Mom of the person -- It is a one sided view based on 1 thing -- You might not know other stuff she might have done for folks and hence the expectations. Singh people are GRACIOUS and can give their COMPLETE dedication to someone and hence expect the same in back -- at least RESPECT -- if one does not respect them -- it makes them miserable! But His Moon position does show a great mom.

    [13] Manish Jain
    Will check tonight - If possible you can log on to Facebook for chat for a quick explanation!

    [14] COPY - PASTE Question
    Kirk rashi -- you have some tough time in career until may2012. Later on May2012 to May2013 will be glorious. You STILL need to watch the HEALTH -- Lungs issues somewhat until Q3-2014. You are very good at planning and OK with execution. Longer middle phalanx on thumb than upper one -- shows great planning & vision -- architecting something than executing something. Rahu in 10th and its rashi swami and nakshatra swami both in 12th house shows CONNECTIONS with 9/12 hrs away of yours and also your paternal family elders and father. -- MBA is perfect given your planning house and attitude due to strong 12th house. Rahu acts as agent of Shukra and chandra & hence abroad or far distance connection.

    About Singh affair: A given karma will fruictify in two ways -- immediate gratification that affair can give - and side effects -- the sorrow it would cause when SHANI the AUDITOR would come in picture! :) :) What looks good now might cause HAVOC in life later on! :)

    [15] Anirudha: Will check else facebook chat! :)

    [16] Murty -Thanks for the osbervation -- will change in the night... :)

    [17] Deepthi / Sai / Pradip -- Thanks for the comments.

  36. DBHATT
    I would be greatly obliged if you have some time to spare and read through my horoscope and tell me (have sent an email too) how my next few years would look like and about any analytical details you would see.
    DOB: 01-June-1980
    Time: 01:35:00 midnight
    Place: at Sagar, India - Latitude: 14:10:N / Longitude: 75:02:E

    Meena Lagna, Dhanu Rashi with Sun in Vrishabh, Mercury+(R.Venus) in Mithun; Ju+Sa+Kuja+Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Kumbh. Of course Moon in Dhanu.
    Currently in Moon Mahadasha (till 2018).

  37. Hi Milindji.
    I will like to see posts on numerology please
    ( I am Number 5 :p)

  38. My DOB is 5th Nov 1965,5:30A.M, Birth Place Pune, I want to know when I will get a new Job.
    Whether can I start engineering projects with partner i.e partner business. Pl advice.
    Is this the right time to start OR do a service or Job.

  39. Milind Sb., Mala phude uttar dyayche aahe..krupya karoon Kanishk & proposal je ale aahe te baghun sangta ka? Dhanywaad! KDubey

  40. Thanks Milind for your weekly prediction
    It seems write for being kanya
    I have facing prob my last investment.
    can you tell me how i know which planet is "wakri"?

    Piyush Bhireri

  41. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for your weekly prediction. Mine is Kanya rashi, Will it improve if i do daily chant of Guru mantra. Please advise.

    Thanks & Regards

  42. Hi Milind,

    Could you please send your reply to my email sent on 23-jan-2012. I will resend this today again. Hope you get some time to check emails.





  44. actually i hav doubt milind...
    Is it diffcult to say whether marriage wil dfntly happen between two horoscopes by looking at them...i mean he/she is the guy/gal for him/her..?


  45. Hi Milindji

    Thanks for answering....

    My upper phalanx on thumb is A bit longer than middle one, third one is half of the middle one..

    We are staying in Mumbai which is 18 hrs by road from my birth place & beauty is I hardly stayed with my parents (in vacations only) ever since childhood, I live 8-9 hrs away from birth place & 14 hrs away from Mumbai..

    I have suffered once.....
    """About Singh affair: A given karma will fruictify in two ways -- immediate gratification that affair can give - and side effects -- the sorrow it would cause when SHANI the AUDITOR would come in picture! :) :) What looks good now might cause HAVOC in life later on! :) """

    God save 2nd time :))!! (hard to place smile:((..)
    Please suggest karmic remedy for this venus same as you suggested to respect mentors for wakri guru...

    Thanks thanks thanks

  46. Hi Milind,

    I may not be available on facebook as suggested by you...I am sorry!

    Kindly reply by email as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    I BADLY NEED YOUR GUIDANCE...and only you can show me light !!!

    Manish Jain

  47. Hi Milind, Your weekly predictions are quite acurate. I have sent you a query on Sandhi lagna. Please reply.

  48. hello milind ji

    scorpion ascendant, with sun ,jup, uran,venus,mercury. sat in libra 12h . mars in Capricorn also mars +rahu(5h)with capricorn in navamsa , Jupiter+ketu (10h) in cancer in navamsa .in navamsa sun +sat in sagi and venus + mercury in Aquarius now question is

    due to my mangal position in both chart is it safe for car driving .plsss sir explain career and wealth position in my life...



  49. @ Milind--- Awesome explanations--- Learning so much from u than u wud ever know.. thnk u

  50. milind ji,
    in some paragraphs, you have used the 2010 dates.
    e.g. in kanya rashi, plz correct it if it is needed or please have a look.


  51. Great reply, about the rashi letter names, indeed after all , so many people dont understand or follow astrology, if they all will have effects of 'not having names as per rashi' it will be bit too much, on other hand, yes we all as humanity do go through so much(which definitely includes the good), like internet one of the blessings of 'Guru Maharaj' in this era, we all get to have 'Sad sangati' through this medium

  52. Milindji,

    Could you also do a monthly prediction. Like a general overview. Also, a numerology blog would be very nice. (suggested by somebody else too).


  53. Milind,

    From your other comments, just wondering if in your mailbox chaos, you have lost my email. I badly needed inputs from you.

    What is the best way to contact you for a horoscope reading pls? As per your header, i sent an email to your gmail id, and couple of reminders too. But i am almost convinced it has got lost or prolly in the SPAM folder.

    I also wanted to know about driving a car myself (am i accident-prone), and also about health issues (that i am suddenly facing)


  54. milindji,
    i am shraddha
    previously you told me about my married life...but my birth time was incorrect instead of 3.45am it is 3.20am....will it affect on prediction?pls tell if any change...i need little help from u....i am a doctor n yoga teacher...when will my carrier start.?..i want to do post graduation in usa..given entance exam but result yet to dob is 18 sep 1983, bidar would be g8 help from u....thank a lot..

  55. hello sir...
    Born on 16 oct 1986...11.50am...vizag...
    Done btech along wit sap...
    Dint get job til nw...wen wil i get job..? And hw wil be my lyf in future,.lots of family prblm too..


  56. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for the weekly forecast... first thing I did was to actually get my vehicle serviced!

    Also, I had sent you a mail for my horoscope analysis few weeks ago with a few reminder mails too. Request you to please reply to my mail.


  57. Milind-ji,

    Small guidence needed.

    I am suffering suddenly from health issue(Hernia). Is i need to undergo Surgery or it may cure itself by alternative medicines yoga etc,
    Data : May 6, 68 born (4:25 PM),
    I am SINGH/Moon/Magha rashi KANYA Lagna. Currently running MARS (in TAURAS) /RAHU (in MEENAM) Dasha/Bukti


  58. Milindji
    If you are not able to check, FB chat is fine.
    what would be a good time for this?

    For FB I have just created an account by a name "Magan Shah". (do not want unnessary friend requests)

    So in case you do get a friend request from "Magan Shah" , it is me :)
    BTW Facebook is going IPO, lot of millionaires in the valley, some who I know.

    Would be interesting to see if all of them have a pattern in their Kundli, for attracting so much money.


  59. Hi Milind,

    I may not be available on facebook as suggested by you...I am sorry!

    Kindly reply by email as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    I BADLY NEED YOUR GUIDANCE...and only you can show me light !!!

    Manish Jain

  60. [1] Aniruddha: Sure...2nd owner and 11th house relation for sure in their horoscopes to get the money for IPO like Dhirubhai. If not L2, L11 then L2 and L10 for sure.

    [2] SAI: Hernia
    Not surprised with health issues from the horoscope -- although I would have said something about Stomach and not hernia with acuracy! :) Rahu VERY close to Shani which is owner of 6th house --ROG Sthan and Stomach. Mangal anyways shows some operation etc possibilities. It is like Managl Maha and Shani antardasha! Shani Rahu in Meen rashi and Kumbh navamash -- There must be something hereditary about legs/below knees coming from PATERNAL grandfather family. RAHU antardasha ends in April 2012. The horoscope is very good for moksha/spiritual & also astro activities for sure! :) You could even feel better after Surya bhuti gets over in 8-Feb-2012. Hope this helps. Very good horoscope for settling abroad or staying long term abroad. Maths should be good despite Mangal Budh in Vrushabh which is not known to be very good mathematical sign! :) Mnagal close to Budh great for engineering or mathematical activity.

    As Mangal is with lagnesh Budh very close that too -- I will need analyse further on this as life expectancy for Kanya lagna is shown by Mangal quite a bit. Some nervous system overuse is posisble and some issues with the nervous system later on in life but should be minor as Guru and Chandra are together which shows a very good temparament & water balance in the horoscope. (Again Mom strong but a great soul and some spiritual aspects quite likely)

    Certainly a Very TALKATIVE horoscope! :) FROM KARMIC Healing perspetive -- if you help you PATERNAL Family elders and more specifically Paternal Grandparents MAMA side -- Actually Paternal Grandmother's brother and their family -- This pain would not appear again -- this pain is a reminder of some unpaid akrma to MAMA side of your father -- his Mama family -- their kids etc. ALSO GOMED in LEF HAND MIDDLE FINGER will do well for you in Silver. Start from a Saturday -- This is for protection and not great luck! :) In Silver -- do not spend too much PLEASE..!!!! Rs 15K would be good enough for a good quality Gomed.

    [3] Karuna, Sharmila, Sandhi-Lagna Query, SHRIKANT JOSHI, SALIL
    Will check emails when possible.

    [4] RAVI: For Job -- I think Feb2012 and March2012 are VERY good for you. Put your efforts!!
    Your Shani antardasha end in April2012 which is a very good news for you from income and health wise. The horoscope shows some issues with legs (thighs) a bit. Hope u didn't have accident and injurty to legs/thighs. Horoscope shows some SAHUKARI -- Past karma! :) Also shows health/longevity issues to your father. You are advised to do Hanuman Sadhana as you could get agitated and frustrated fromo time to time! You need to channel you anger/agitation to constructive things. KETU MAHA starts from April2012 -- this should be good for career and income for sure.

    [5] Shraddha : 3:20 am ALL MAHADASHA and Antardasha would go ahead by 4 months. Previously Maha started from June -- now August. Antardasha also 4 months to be added to each one. 6 days minus to 4 months. i.e Jun14 changed to August 8. You should and would do your own business sorts and you would have a great time from May2012 onwards for your career!

    [6] DHANURL: Want to start Monthly predictions for sure..let us see! :)

    [7] Sahiwal / Pradeep
    Keeping commenting! :) Great to read your comments.

    [8] SNM
    I did not understand the horoscope description much -- 4 planets in 12th house in Tula are strong due to owner there itself with Guru. Mangal uchcha in 3rd house. --- Mangal in Capri Vargottam is GREAT for sure for sports and driving. It has Kendra yog with so manhy planets but I guess NO advserse drushti -- so driving is good for this horoscope and frequent travel is IMMINENT -- 2006 and 2009 were years of lot of travel or significant/imp travel. 20009 was great to buy a vehicle and land also.

  61. [9] HINA
    Upper phalanx will be always smaller than middle as per person thinks more than actions BUT middle one when is unusually longer and upper one is smaller than **usual** I make this comment. WHich seems to be true for you -- Planning much better than execution.

    DOES your Horoscope have this combo or you are asking for GOCHAR planets currently in Zodiac????? If Horoscope then not doign affairs is good enough a remedy! If Gochar then also avoiding affairs in this next week is good enough! :) -- In Short -- I did not understand the question! :) :)

    [10] 7 May 79 Bad time Singh rahsi - Your rashi IS singh. Your rashi seems to be later part so good time would be March 2012 onwards.

    [11] Prasad : Guru mantar will always help regardless of 8 or 9 Guru...8th Guru is trying to deliver you your own karma why avoid it or bypass it?! But yes Guru amantra wil certaainly help you FOR SURE. But it shoudl be used positively and not to AVOID something. It will help channel your OWN actions and THEN actions of others! It will NOT corrcet your past! ;)

    [12] DUBEY SIRJI -- I will check it today -- !!!!! :( Sorry about yesterday -- was slip deprived so went ot bed early!

  62. Milind-ji,

    Your analysis is on dot Sir. yes i am very spritual(do lot of puja/japa every day) and lot of interest in Astro/vedic subjects. Currently reading SaiSatcharitra and doing Sai Japa.
    I know, my father had lot of disputes with his parental sides, we were kids, we don't know much. Any how i can not do anything.

    One thing Milind-ji, I need one more answer from you, i don't have progeny/Kids. Is there any chance/hopes? any remides. please advice.

    Thank you, regards

  63. MilindJi,Krupya thodese margdarshan kara hi vinantee! , for last 3-4yrs,career going ahywire,It seems victim of my strt'forwardness?
    120665/0430hrs / 19 07.5N,074 03.5E,Dhanywad,Sud.

  64. Hi Milindji

    My questions are as confusing as me :))))
    anyways thanks for answering almost all the times...

    Asked for remedies Venus in ashlesha 28 degree & is in the 12th house


  65. hi milind ji,
    my dob is 12june 1979
    place pune
    i am in usa now.when will i go back to india?
    what will be my future n carrier....
    i need guidence abt my family n married life...
    thanks a lot inadvance...

  66. Hi Milind

    Waiting for your reply eagerly!!lease take your time but please do guide..Hubby DOB:10/7/70 mornig 4.00Am..Nagpur..I have send Kundali on your Gmail account..
    Take Care

  67. Hi Milind, is there a way to forecast job or career change? It seems really hard to get right response related to that.


  68. Hi Milind,
    My query got missed, so pasting it again -

    I have budh in 8th house (jyeshta nakshtra).This budh also has guru drishti.
    On my right hand, the head line starts for a while and kinda breaks. One fragment seems to overlap a bit with itself and then goes parallel to the heart line (not touching or touching very lighty and overlapping). Other fragment after a big gap goes down parallel to the life line.
    Would this mean a brain injury or insanity or something similar:(
    One side of the family had serious brain illness and other side has had emotional issues (extreme emotions almost bordering insanity)
    Thank you,

  69. hi milindji,
    thanks alot for g8 guidance.
    u told me abt own business as i am a doctor..will practicing is good...this is a type of meif possible...i would like to start fitness center...will this possible?
    plz elaborate little so that i can understand n plan according to future life in education n carrier..

    thanks a lot

  70. Milindji,

    Numerology article too please.


  71. Hi Milind,

    I am currently going through my mars antra. Ma happens to be my atmakaraka. Do dasha or antra of atmakaraka planets bring something good. Mars is my 7L and 12L posited in 5H with LL ve and 3L Moon


  72. Hi Milind,

    I may not be available on facebook as suggested by you...I am sorry!

    Kindly reply by email as I await your much valuable guidance...Thanks!

    I BADLY NEED YOUR GUIDANCE...and only you can show me light !!!

    Manish Jain

  73. namaste milind ji,
    mein aapka blog roz phadta muje isme bahut rochak bate milti hai jo mein sabhi si share karta hoon aur sabhi ka dhyan in baton par jata hain....iske liye bahut shukriya.......maine aapko kuch dino phele mail kiya tha uska javab kirpya muje de mein aapke mail ka wait kar raha hoon se mail kiya tha


  74. Milind ji, Thank you so much that so far you have always answered to my queries so patiently and guided me as well. It gives more relief when we get response from you .
    I have mailed you a query this time regarding a friend's doubt. The subject is "Debt and Astrology" . Please check for my mail with that suject. Hope you would answer me soon .
    Take care and God Bless You Always,

  75. suhas
    My DOB is 5th Nov 1965,5:30A.M, Birth Place Pune, I want to know when I will get a new Job.
    Whether can I start engineering projects with partner i.e partner business. Pl advice.
    Is this the right time to start OR do a service or Job.

  76. HI Milindji
    Sent you a Facebook friend request (the first such request I have sent)
    BTW my facebook name is "Magan Shah", (do not want other people to find me, for now, so using a different identitiy)

    Hope you accept it.


  77. Hi Milind g.

    Kindly guide me.....i m not in any job from last one year and 3 months......consider myself as a looser.
    Trying hard to get some job but in no vain.
    Pls ve a glance on my horoscope,and guide me with ur valuable tips......i m also nt married.
    Birth place.....ambala city
    Birth time.......9:35am.
    Pls advice......if there r any happy moments left in my life ????
    Tx always

  78. Hi Milind, sent you a mail on 5th feb about Sanatati yoga. Pls help. Anxiously waiting for your reply.
    Priti Aggarwal

  79. According to current transits , tula rashi people should maintain good relations with spouse.Can we say this strongly ..or still depends on dasha transits?

  80. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the best astrologer in India and he has such lot of information relating to necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.

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