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Sunday, February 12, 2012

FEB-13-2012 to FEB-19-2012: Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

FEB-13-2012 to FEB-19-2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

This article will not apply to housewives or even farmers. The folks with a very strong 4th houses would never travel and stay in a comfort zone in “SUKH” and atma:shanty than worldly activities.

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in TULA 03:52 degrees at the start of the week at midnight

Moon changes to VRISHCHIK 08:15 p.m. on Tuesday Feb 14th

Moon changes to DHANU 00:06 a.m. (Thursday Midnight) on Friday Feb 17th

Moon changes to MAKAR 05:15 a.m. on Sunday Feb 19th


1. Until May2012, Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks would see faster turnaround for matters that went slow in 2011.

2. However Shani going wakri would make matters slow for Singh, Dhanu, Kumbh and Tula folks

3. The week is great for KUMBH especially.

4. Mangal going wakri last week in LEO in Scorpio Navamansh with wakri SHANI is not good news for traffic issues, street-fights, arguments. Please avoid it as far as possible. Road rage is going to be very easy! KANYA rashi and MAKAR rashi especially needs to be careful with vehicles: air pressure, servicing etc is a must. Mangal is with Vrishchik in navamansh with wakri SHANI and this makes them worse still!

5. Shukra in uchcha Meen rashi good for cosmetic companies and artists?

6. MEEN and KIRK: Beware of seniors from FEB14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:


This week: Good period for spending with spouse and partnerships until Tuesday evening. It is about hardships and a tough environment for next 2 days until Thursday midnight. Start of great 6.5 days from Friday. Start of new things and some travel over the weekend.

Shani in 7th house could reduce the sphere of influence but will cause increased collaborations with workers, masses. It would also cause a “reality check” with partnerships. 8th Rahu advises some care of paternal family elders. Shukra in 12th shows expense on artistic things and 11th Sun support from seniors of Govts.


This week until Tuesday night shows social events & upset stomach. Later until Thursday midnight is very good for partnerships, spouse & collaborations. Tough period of 2 days from Friday until Sunday morning with peeda, duvidha i.e. hardships and hardwork.

The 6th Shani forcing new collaborations like Sanjay Dutt doing Kancha Cheena to venture into new mass-base! J The 12th Guru is forcing planning of next 12 years of life. Ketu in rashi good for spiritual pursuits and 7th Rahu shows collaborations with paternal side family. RashiSwmai Shukra 12th allows some feel-good. 10th Surya gives some power at workplace.


This week until Tuesday evening is good for academics, execution and also spending time with kids. Next 2 days until Thursday midnight is good for social events and partying around. Friday to Sunday morning is good for partnerships, collaborations. Tough 2 days from Sunday 5:15 a.m. with some hard-ships and peeda.

The 6th Rahu is keeping enemies at bay and also making you work with folks from different cultural background. The 5th Shani is now MUCH better but advises care on kid’s front. The 11th Guru is all-mighty and WILL give tremendous success until May2012! The 3rd house Mars is making you active and spend some quality time with friends and siblings. Shukra in the 10th house shows good support from opposite secs at workplace.


This week until Tuesday night is sort of slow and good for spending time with mom and homely environment. The next 2 days until Thursday midnight good to spend on execution, study and also kids. Friday to Sunday morning is good for social events, party & overall an upset stomach! J

4th Shani and 10th Guru is NO FUN! J Both make person report to a person with similar abilities who has reached the position with a different path than yours – not fault of his or yours! J You have got be patient until May2012 for sure. 11th Ketu and 5th Rahu are helping with blessings from both the families. Beware of seniors after FEB 14th:

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

This week is good for some expression, presentation and speech and travel due to these things until Tuesday 8:15 p.m. Later on you might want to take some much needed rest until Thursday midnight. Friday to Sunday morning shows some success, good news and execution of some good plans.

9th Guru and 3rd Shani: Your time has come now to snatch an initiative or a program for next 3 years! 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and choose between 2/3 good things! Shani will also allow you to put your people in key positions. 4th Rahu is OK – 10th Ketu is making you do projects that have “token” value – showcase value. Mangal in rashi is great for energy & aggression with responsibilities. Shukra in 8th recommends caution with relationships especially out of the box ones! J


Well, above average week with some cash gains until Tuesday evening. Later on until Thursday midnight is good for some travel, speech & expressions. Travel is also possible. From Friday morning to Sunday morning could show some much needed rest and spending time with mom and homely environment. Sunday morning onwards again you get back with your work.

Service your vehicles keep patience while driving, do not affect others with your vehicles and state of mind! Drive carefully and with as much sleep as possible. L 8th Guru is testing you until May2012: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic stuff will help for sure. Study/complete certifications until May2012. 2nd Shani will show previous investment mistakes but start new/fresh income. Going away from family/mom is quite likely in 2nd Shani. Rahu and Ketu are helping from 3rd and 9th house for sure.


This week until Tuesday shows some good energy and getting good advice, meting some SMEs/Guru in respective fields. Later 2 days some economic activities and gains, land deals etc. Travel is almost imminent for some speech, expression, meeting siblings etc from Friday morning to Sunday morning. Much needed rest from Sunday morning.

7th Guru is helping increase sphere of influence despite sadesati and also on collaborations/partnerships front. Shani in rashi better than say 12th although it has some health related ramifications. Rahu in 2nd and Mangal in 11th is great for investment income and land related activities.


The start of the work shows careful planning and measured approach until Tuesday evening. Do not commit/promise without thorough considerations. Things will come back on track from Tuesday night with much needed energy for you. Friday to Sunday morning shows economic gains or investment activities/opportunities. Sunday morning onwards there are possibilities of travel for 2 days.

The 6th Guru is making enemies shine, exposing health issues; spend on partying around & social causes. 12th Shani forcing to NOT get involved in street fights and concentrate on 30,000 feet view (bird’s view) of your life and DECIDE/plan what you need to do in next 30 years of life. READ, THINK and Write down and verify. The 10th house Mangal is taking care of your workplace influence – but do not stretch the workplace matters beyond reasonable limits as nobody is irreplaceable. The 5th house Shukra is good for love affairs.


Very good week until Tuesday morning with multiple gains! Some expense of time, money and energy is required until Thursday midnight. Have some patience. Friday morning onwards things would come back to track. Some responsibility could be entrusted on your shoulder in this period. Some gains from Sunday morning are quite possible.

‘Dream Come True’ success for Moola Nakshatra until Jan end. Later in Feb March great for Purva-Shadha and April May2012 great for Uttarta-Shadha! Shani in 11th angle will show you the “rain of Rs”! J Rahu making you spend time for paternal family elders.


The week starts very well with workplace pro-environment which only increased after Tuesday evening to Thursday midnight. Friday to Sunday morning recommends caution in approach, better planning, expense of time, energy and money for better 30 days ahead.

4th Guru is stagnancy personified but the best time for certifications and preparation for glorious 5th Guru from May2012. 10th Shani is great for potential increase but along with 4th Guru it makes you report to someone elder & someone probably you do not like! J (Raj Thackeray, Rahul Gandhi Shah Rukh, Gopinath Munde) Rahu i.e. paternal family elders are helping for sure. Mangal in 8th house of peeda – service vehicles and drive very carefully – avoid accidents by being careful and conservative and do not overly depend on brakes, other people to obey laws etc.


This is a great week for KUMBH folks. Capitalize as much as possible. Start of new things until Tuesday evening, lot of churn/good work until Thursday midnight, and multiple gains from Friday morning to Sunday morning. Sunday morning onwards shows some caution for 2 days and better planning before getting in execution.

The 3rd Guru is great for short travel, new location and assignments at workplace, getting away from daily grind! The 9th Shani is trying to get to new & exciting daily grind (responsibility, duty, designation, position & status etc)! J Rahu in the 10th house giving you some glorious or image/pet projects for your organization. 7th Mangal wakri recommends caution/patience in relationships.


It’s a bit of a tough environment until Tuesday evening. Plan carefully and do watch your words. A very good period of 6.5 days from Tuesday 8:15 p.m. Start of some new things is possible until Thursday midnight. Increase in churn and work until Sunday morning. It is about multiple gains and pro-environment from Sunday morning.

The 2nd Guru will expand you income/investments. The 8th Shani warrant health checks, increase in ability, yoga, life-style review etc. The Rahu in 9th house & Ketu in 3rd house shows good support from both maternal and paternal family. Mangal in 6th house is good to get victory on competitors but watch vehicles/drive safely. Beware of seniors from FEB 14th:


  1. Was waiting thanks . Im purva shada looking for jobs in U S. july 30 1085 6:56 am. Will i het a good one ? God bless ur kind efforts.

  2. Really like ur blog. Saved me so many times. I love ur rational thinking.

  3. Hi Milindji

    Thanks for coming back
    passing through damn rough time
    kindly check marriage perspective
    8:25 am


    1. I'm single
      Having a proposal

  4. Milindaji

    Please,Send you several Facebook messages and Emails.I have also send my Hubby kundali,,,,lots of time.Will you please respond????Its being September 2011,I am mailing you and eagarly waiting for your answers!!!Please DOB 10th July 1970,morning 4.00,Nagpur..Please ,I request you to Please find little time for me.


  5. Milind ji, You always write study/certifications....what exactly is certifications....what needs to be done..?
    please elaborate a little bit on this .

    Also, you have mentioned as "Increase in churn" for Meen Rasi....what does it mean..?


  6. hello milind da,
    thanx for posting weekly rashifal.But today after reading it i am little bit confused. for singh, tula and dhanu while jupiter will help in faster turnaround and wakri shani will make the things slow.please help me to understand such a contrasting situation.

  7. yey u r back.. thank u
    Sahiwal :D

  8. milind sir was waiting for weekly bhavishya.thanks alot...with gods grace and ur gudance i have been able to make 90% of my life on track though m a kanya rashi which is goin to very tough time...but still the only problem i have is now my mind is very wavering and concentration is really a pls suggest any remedy for ma
    d.O.b is 1 jan 1989 and time is 2.55 am and name is Rajat....
    thanks alot and take care

  9. tnx 4 ur rasiphal dis week..
    Bt wat u r going to tell to singh folks regardng relationshps..i am cntnsly meetng swetha..wenever u cautioned abt relationshps i get afraid..be4 last week i try to avoid her as u cautioned singh things made me to met her.. Hw wil these effect us.. Pls xplain


    1. If it's meant to be it will. Plz stop might ruin even the good that has to come....just go with the flow. Good luck!

    2. tnx much...
      I vl go with it..
      I hope i hav ur wishes and sadguru saibaba wishes...


  10. (1) Certifications:
    Degrees or some course like PMP or some training which increases your skills etc

    (2) Guru maargi so previous stuff of 2011 delayed will get on track ----- Shani Wakri so CURRENT affairs and future 2/3 months affairs would take some time. all about karma. Wakri Shani karma will fructify in maargi Shani Karma.


    1. thank you dada.
      i got my answer

  11. Milind

    Still awaiting reply to my email subject "Vrishchik Rashi with 8 years old daughter". Will be in Pune during 1st couple of weeks of April for treatment so would appreciate if you could reply to my email with your contact details, so we can meet, if convenient for yourself. Have just resent the email.

  12. Hello Milind Bhaiya,

    thanks a lots with your weekly helps a lot...Can you please tell me the which will be toughest month in 2012 for Simha rashi folks as per personal,professional and health wise????

  13. HI Milind sir,

    I have doubt from my birth chart, vrichika lagna with venus in 2nd house, sun,mercury,mars and ketu in 3rd house, rahu in 9th house, juru,shani,chandra in 11th(kanya rasi)house. presently i am in guru-guru mahadasa and anthar dasa, i heard that guru is yoga karaka, i don't see such yoga in my life, can you clarify it please?

  14. Hi Milindji,

    I have forwarded a request from my ID Please have a look as the matter is of critical importance to me.


  15. Dear Sir - U mentioned in yr blog that - Until May2012, Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks would see faster turn around for matters that went slow in 2011 & However Shani going wakri would make matters slow for Singh, Dhanu, Kumbh and Tula folks --- seems to be like two opposite statements --- Pls explain - Rgds, Mehul

  16. Sir,

    I know that I am not the only one who is waiting for reply .

    If you have time ,

    I am waiting for my brother's analysis. (emails dated 13th July,29th Aug. And An IMPORTANT Email on 22 September.) I
    Just wanted to remind.

    You replied me on 29th August through email.

    Thank You.

  17. Hi Milind,

    Do you think this generic forecast can be applied to individual without looking into horoscope and placement of various Grahas and dashas.


  18. dear millind ji

    congrats and all da best wishes

    i dont understand past karma so much but can u pls xplain my karma in this life date of birth is 4/12/1982(6am dhaka.Bangladesh)
    pls xplain presence of my parent and would be spouse in my life...and relationship with them.....and pls xplain my navamsh chart .......

    thank u so much

  19. dear milind ji

    my janma lagna is vrishik
    moon in gimini 8h(some time it show krik confused)
    and navamsa my lagana is meen

    now question is which one i should follow .....pls tell me....:(



  20. Dear Milind ji..

    I am looking for job in US,facing lot of problems from past 2 years. I just want to know the posiblity of getting job.

    My dob:15/12/1982..
    time:7.30 am,place:warangal,A.P.
    MY Rashi:Vrishika

    Pleas suggest me what i have to do in this situation..

    Please help.


  21. Milind Ji,

    How do we ask any query to you this blog or send mail or Fb?? I have mailed a query regarding somethng on debt and astrology. how do we know if we can get back the money we have lent and also do we pay back the debt if we are taking huge loans..? Its because somebody has indicated to my friend that she may not be earning/working for longer time, hence the concern.

    Thanks a lot....hopefuly you would answer my query soon.


  22. I know you r busy and doing ur best to answer all your fans. But Sir, I have been asking this for a long time and even though I haven't got a reply I will continue to try my luck.
    My son's DOB : 1st June 1996. Mumbai 18:58[ PM].
    Will he do well in his studies and what line of study should he pursue?

  23. My daughter has been dropping/ breaking stuff last week She also took a tumble down the stairs. No injuries. I broke the microwave door handle and today my juicer motor burnt. More expenses :(

    But hey, I'll take these minor accidents anytime over what we had in 2009.

  24. Hi Milindji

    You said for stay away from affairs..... I got proposal in same period......singh lagan is dominating even being kirk moon
    Things got screwed up......
    No one is listening.....siblings...saturn+Mars in 3rd.....
    I am getting engaged on 17th..
    venus 8th from mars in 8th house from lagna
    moon in mool nakshtra....
    I am already packed with ketu focused nakshtras....and this one adds into that
    even the boy has lagan in Mool placed guru + sun in same nakshtra & 7th lord mercury wakri..

    Pls Milindji share if you have somthing to say...


  25. Dear Milind,

    I am awaiting your reply. Kindly help me.


  26. Hi Milind,

    This is about 12th house. My 12th house has moon in Aquarius. My son's 12th house also has moon in Taurus.. What would that signify pls?


  27. FYI---
    Im kanya rashi...I got hit in the eye while playing racquetball today-- almost like the ball "PUNCHED" me...:(
    Im such a ball magnet... n also yesterday while drivin at nite, a car was almost gonna wreck my car...

    1. Uh Oh. Hope your eye is fine.

    2. Ya its kinda swollen but its pretty ok( so says my doctor)-- i cant believe she said--" i c cute lil freckles in your lower part of eye"-- turns out she was referring to blood clot marks...:D...
      Thank u for askin Vanessa-- that was very sweet...
      P.S> Im so accident prone and a very defective piece.. :D i bet ill die in some car accident-- Mars conjunct neptune in 8th house

    3. Take care Sahiwal madamji...hope ur eye is getting better now.

    4. @ Pradip-- Thanks bro! i think the good vibes u sent me worked... its a lot less swollen :D Im VADIYA now.. or atleast im being positive bout it.. as papa says>>" sher puttar sattaan to nhi darrde" LOL
      How ur business plan coming along?

      @ anonymous-- Thank u zillions sirji.. :) really sweet of u!

  28. Hi,
    I'm kanya rashi...... V frustrated with happenings in my life. Today had a breakdown and felt like giving up. Stress at work, dad's health issues, argument with brother, kids behavior issues......I'm just keeping my head down and surging through this with no questions asked and absolutely no solace whatsoever. I read about times changing after may 2012 but really wonder how it will happen..... Miracle? In self pity mode today big time.

  29. @anon...same here kanya rasi..seeing hell since past 5 yrs with lot of financial crisis...currently feeling/experiencing much more deep hell. As Milind ji says, realizing past wrong investment...but donno how to come out of the loop. no more people support....wonder how things will be sorted. God really help us to have patience till May...and I hope something wil happen in May itself..if it drags further ...its terrible to imagine also.
    At the same time , severe problems started since last Feb...its one yr now, and I am still wondering tht we are living , god has not taken away shelter and food from...though there is a huge debt on the head. So if we are thr since one yr breathing...may be we shall be thr till May also....
    So to all kanya folks...lets hope and pray that we will also see some sunshine soon...
    another Kanya !! :)

  30. @anon 11:02- you said what i wanted to say. Going through a very tough time. The only thing which has kept me in good spirits is my positiveness. Be positive, things will fall into place eventually. Whatever I have done now seems to be a dead end. But we cant stop trying. As milind has said,hard work is the name of the game now. For me it looks like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Going through hell just like you. I'm totally blank now. I have no solutions to my problems. And problems keep mounting and now its pinching me financially as well. When I look back at the last 5 years,I always think god could have made it much worse than it was, But probably spared us....Be positive.

  31. Hi
    Another Kanya, same story :)

    Will be interesting to see , whatreally will trigger better things to happen , after May
    The field is still the same: work and live with the same people. They are not going to change for sure. So I am curious to see, what will bring about better days.
    That said, I am not expecting a miracle. I agree with the comment above:
    Will have to be positivie. I disagree that "god will do this .." etc . God seems to be helping us only when things are good !
    IN the mot desperate moments, you are the lone soldier. But yes, we have the power to overcome whatever happens in our lives.

    So keep fighting..

    Another Kanya

  32. 2 anonymous writers & Newton: I concur with all of you. What's kept me still standing is my positive attitude. But some days and weeks are just enough to be the last straw that breaks the camel's back. Days leading upto yesterday (and future???)...just felt like screaming out "GIVE ME A BREAK!!"...that's all. As usual, I'm up today with a positive start.

    Thanks for your a way feels comforting/inspiring to know there are others facing similar troubles and fighting through it...

  33. I wonder if Kanya is a 'made to suffer' rashi...
    Patience getting tested to the hilt...
    Don't know how long I can carry on..

    A 'Kanya'

  34. I would tend to agree with the " made to suffer" comment
    Even in the current scenario the glorious years of Guru in 9,10, 11 is going to be nullified by the sade saathi.
    I do no think any other Raashi has it this way
    May be that is why , not too many great people born here. Most of them are slogging their own battles,

    Also theory of Karma: as everything is supposed to be related to . I do not believe that much
    Do something now, and get punished for it in the next birth ( when u do not rememember any past life ), is not an intelligent design. I doubt god would be "dumb" enough to have this kind of scheme, unless the sole aim of human life is suffering.


  35. I dont agree with "made to suffer'' comment. I think its due to the affect that kanya rashi is suffering we tend think that it happens to us. I also don't think that we can say that guru's 9,10,11 position will be nullified by shani. I think milind will have a better answer to this.

    1. Which other Raashi has sade sathi , and guru in 9,10,11. I do not think any.

      SO defeinitely the full power of guru will not be observed , that is for sure. But yes Milindji can answer better.

  36. To Kanya folks! I am Leo,so we are supposed to be having very good time since Jupiter is in 9th house and now it is margi...! Let me just give u some perspective.Jupiter came into 9th house in May 2011 but sade saati contd. till Nov 2011. Then Jupiter became wakri, only now it is moving straight so let's see what it brings to Leos! We all go thru many downs n less ups..very few of us have choices when we are down..however look at it this way...things could have been worse and only u ,urself can keep urself from getting into depression or negative feelings.. I kept reading Bhagvata Purana & became spiritual which has helped me to get here...! So folks, do not give up becoz things will get better!It is just matter of time..! God Bless!

  37. As response to above comment, one thing is for sure....after the last 5 years of trials and turbulations, I am a completely different person...a better terms of work, sporitualism, and most of all I have started valuing the things I have. Don't get me wrong...I'm ambitious as hell, but these 5 years (and current times) have taught me a lot of patience and perseverance. If nothing else....I am thankful for this newly developed virtue/personality. And...good times are soon's the journey that counts more than the destination:)..Just my two cents.


  38. To all kanya folks....I have deep sympathy for you all...You have been suffering much enough since last 5 yr.s, but, now good times are imminent. Have some more patience & more faith in God.... Wish u all lots of luck & may the Almighty bestow all his love on Kanya ppl. Now it's high time...
    I kinda disagree with the statement 'kanya rasi-made to suffer' but, I know, only the one who sufferes, can tell what it takes, and hey, did anyone ever asked what Mithun folks went thru during their sadesaati? They too have same rashilord as Kanya.... And what about Simha rashi? Their lord &
    Shanidev are enemies forever....I have seen many around me belonging to these 2 rashis & have witnessed their anguish. But, without any option, everyone had to pass thru this sade sati roller coaster. Some grave impacts those 7.5 yr.s made on them are irremediable,but was/is there any choice?
    Now, Tula ppl having sadesaati. I m a Tula moonsign, pisces sunsign with mithun lagna. Currently running shani MD since early 2006,with ketu AD combined with Tula sadesati 2nd phase & Meen Ashtam shani. Guru will be 8th in May-2012 & albeit 7th Guru, personal life is completely collapsed. Rahu too joins the list in a few months...God knows, what chaos this 1st house shani+rahu will create in my life. I already have Shani+rahu in Simha in my natal chart-3rd house. Ever since Shanidev took Mithun folks to task, my life is like a hell....never knew when my 5th Guru & 9th,10th,11th shani arrived and passed without any gain to me. Life is just "work hard & keep trying"- it seems like I am hurled into an abysmal. At times it feels like I am passing thru an endless tunnel with no ray of light....Sounds filmy, but, still thinking-"sade sati ka aagaz aisa hai to anjaam kaisa hoga". Trying my hardest to keep the spirits high amidst all afflictions...This too shall pass away &
    someday my efforts will pay off. Only my faith in Lord keeps me going.

    1. Man !
      I am going to stop complaining about my Kanya Rashi. My situation seems like a cake walk now :)
      Pls do not misunderstand, all symapthies with you.
      But I get it. No need to keep cribbing, face reality head on, and half the troubles run away.

      Thanks buddy

  39. HI
    Thanks t all the people who tried to uplift the spirits of kanya folks.
    I agree, there is no choice. Just keep doing your work. That atleast makes the journey less painful,
    Also I think , no point in searching for logic behind each and every incident. I do not think grahas etc can explain all good or bad.
    There will always be things we dont understand. That is just the way things are. That acceptance itself will bring a lot of peace

    thanks to all again

    would love to hear what the spiritual gurus / experts: sahiwal , pravin would like to say on this.


    1. U r right... there comes a point when u just "ACCEPT" it all coz jo hona hai vo hona hai... n u think--"whats the worst that can happen now?"
      What does not kill u ,makes u stronger :D
      Example: "Exam fail ho gya?"
      Positive side: Koi gal nhi... its not kumbh da mela that will come after 4 yrs..

      "Vya nhi hoya?"-- Positive side>>
      OHHO KOI NA-- freedom hai career pe focus karne ko..

      "Job nhi mili"-- positive thot--dal roti taan challi jandi hai atleast :D nhi taan weight loss vi vadiya eh

      "Gf bhaag gyi"-- Positive thot-- KOI NA...yeh nhi to hor sahi-- rabb ne koi taan banayi honi hai :D


    2. That's it.
      Was waiting for these comments :)
      One small request pls refer us to some punjabi->english dictionary :)
      thanks a lot. brings a fresh perspective

    3. u think xactly like me dude and its practically like dat wen we think li8ke dis half of the problems get sided...and we can focus better

    4. @ anonymous- MY BAD... i mix up all languages- english hindi punjabi sometimes urdu words n wat not......MY WAY OF SAYIN things is very wierd... ill try being less confusing :)

      @ Rajat- V got this bro!:D u know u the man if u think like that :D

  40. Hello Milind: You are really good with your predictions! I'm Kirk rashi and reporting to a person with lower credentials than mine. Since Feb 14....right on the mark as you have predicted having some disgareement with seniors at workplace. I am very confident that I have a case and have a good standing due to my work. I am taking things very caustiously per your advice. Although March 14 is a long way. Would like to know if the resolution will be in my favour w.r.t. my reporting structure. Very anxious about the outcome. I am Moon rashi Kirk, Mithun lagna, Guru-Shani in 7th house, Ravi-Budh-Shukra in 3rd house in Leo. Moon and Rahu in 2nd house in Cancer. Mars in 12th house in Meen. Can you provide any insights? I am also trying to sell my house for the last 3 years. Will I have any luck in the near future?What do you mean by Things will change DRASTICALLY in 11th Guru after May 17, 2012? Awaiting your reply. God Bless!

    U guys r some awesome, positive and extremely supportive people.Such comments for kanya r like "soup for soul" on days when u come home thinkin--"OK what NEXT?"
    P.S> I am thankful i hopped on here and met some amazin ppl


  42. Its unbelievable to see all the kanya folks bonding over grief :) Not knowing about sade-sati, I would have definitely discarded it earlier, until I got there. I had a very smooth life till then..and now everything has changed.I am not sure if things will ever get back to before, its actually not possible. Shani maharaj has brought me down on the ground...he has taken away everything I had "ghamand" about. When kanya sade-sati started, I had very good maha-antardasha and great gochar guru. So did get the good benefits of it, but did not get even a single day of peaceful sleep since then.Milind Sir had told me once in email that sade-sati is like starting afresh but somehow I cannot let go of the good things of my past...Also, I cannot let go off my EGO though in reality I have nothing left...only living in denial. So after the end of SS, I wonder how things will change?????

  43. to all kanya folks and others...its me anon @11:02 ...who started the reply chain :)
    In my case, its my hubby who is kanya rashi
    .....having/going thru terrible since past 5yrs with Sade Sati, Rahu MD just ended in Oct and 8th guru, mine going thru ashtama shani as Meen...and our Biz Partner who is Makar with 4th guru...
    Great realization: its not just the person who goes through suffers ...but it takes toll on all who is close in family.
    I really wonder how God put us all together......Imagine...all of us will have good time together whn it starts....but now
    It is more than terrible period what we are going thru.
    to the ABc person, dont worry...u will be much better and all right after some time...u wouldn't even recognise ur Ego !!
    I agree to someone who said...."personality will change after these kind of phases in life for sure...but for better"....anyway ...these discussions brought a kind of solace .
    Milind Ji one great guru who brought all of us together on this platform. His replies soothes ur mind..though he would have said tht it wl take time to get things better.

    So to all...lets continue to have good discussions on spiritual, astro , problems , life etc.
    thanks to all of u ....
    Waiting eagerly for Milind ji's next article.
    Mind ji..I have been requesting you please throw some light on Rahu MD/Ad and Shani MD/AD.

    1. And would like to know that in Shani MD
      if the shani is neech, in Mesh: Would that mean the entire MD would be as bad (or worse than) Sade sati?

  44. Thanks Milind. I have found your yearly predictions are a much better analysis than found anywhere else. keep it up. I will wish to have ur weekly predictions regularly.

  45. Hello Milind... was missing your weekly rashifal, good to see you back. I sent an email since youd posted your mail id on the blog for people to respond to you... please do revert!

    Looking for serious guidance. Thanks,

  46. Hello Milind,

    Just a gentle reminder can you reply on email please. Or if possible can we talk on phone. can you give me your number, will call you up.


  47. As one commenter stated above...I concur that you get to a point where there is no point anlyzing or questioning "why" something happened. By now, everything just takes it's toll on you that you just develop this attitude of "bring it on...and whatever happens I'll survive it...just like in the past". You just develop this calm about handling things when they's a peaceful feeling. You are brought down to your lowest level of ego and your mind is cleared off of all prior beliefs/expectations of probable outcomes...and now you are able to make a clean slate decision and face trials head on in the most humble way. In a way, ironically, being powerless ends up making you a stronger person. Too much philosophical mumbo jumbo...but very true in my case nevertheless.


  48. Guys I am kind of overwhelmed by the warmth of the folks here. Needless to say I am a 'Kanya' too who is going through the 'Kanya' experience.All of you who are keeping our flagging 'Kanya' spirits are heroes.May the Almighty bless you and yours.
    Sahiwal, you're the best, a true blue hero!!

    1. @ sid- Im no hero shero...
      my SUGAR_RUSH-HERO is Waheguru--- :)
      when im sad...i just turn to bani or sukhmani sahib(which does wonders for my crappy mood swings)
      This line changed my life--- :)-- whenever im sad i remind myself---
      "Das Bastu Le Pache Pave, Ek Bastu Karan Bekhot Gavave"-- Sukhmani sahib

      when we run after 10 things and when we dont get one outta those 10 things-- WE COMPLAIN....
      Jis thakur ke aage koi chara nhi uske hukam ko maan hi lena chahiye (sadd-namaskara)--


  49. To all Kanya Rashi folks including myself, I think we are all eagerly awaiting better days.The most important question is when, the sooner the better. I read somewhile ago a nice article by Rohini Ranjan on The article talks about the cycle in navamsha and sa transit. If RohiniJi is a reader of this blog he may add his inputs. Those interested can google for the article, i don't the link unfortunately

  50. for Simha rashi last week's and this week's predictions are same

  51. @Milindji
    What does this mean ?

    'Shukra in 8th recommends caution with relationships especially out of the box ones!'

  52. Hi Milind..

    For last few weeks I am regularly following your posts (on weekly forecast). My moon sign is SINGH/MAGHA/MEEN NAKSHATRA. You write so many good things under SINGH rashi that when i read it i really get some hope but when i go back to reality nothing of that sort happens :((( ...


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