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Sunday, February 26, 2012

FEB-27-2012 to March-04-2012 : Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

FEB-27-2012 to March-04-2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in MESH 07:56 degrees at the start of the week at midnight on 26th FEB

Moon changes to VRISHABH at 08:50 p.m. on TUESDAY Feb 28th

Moon changes to MITHUN 9 a.m. on FRIDAY March 2nd

Moon changes to KIRK 5:58 p.m. on SUNDAY March 4th


1. This week is great for Kirk and Singh rashi folks – great “Chandra-bal” in the week for them.

2. Shukra changes to MESH on March 1st; this shows minor health issues to Vrishabh rashi folks for a month now.

3. MEEN and KIRK: Beware of seniors from FEB14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:

4. Until May2012, Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks would see faster turnaround for matters that went slow in 2011 (previous matters from 2011).

5. However Shani going wakri would make matters slow for Singh, Dhanu, Kumbh and Tula folks (for nay new deals, new matters, initiatives that started from Feb2012 onwards, not 2011 ones)

6. Mangal wakri in LEO is not good news for traffic issues, street-fights, arguments. Please avoid it as far as possible. Road rage is going to be very easy!

a. KANYA rashi and MAKAR rashi especially needs to be careful with vehicles: air pressure, servicing etc is a must.


It is a good week with increased optimism/energy, responsibilities & actions until the Tuesday night. This work will result in some gains on Wednesday and Thursday. From Friday morning you could get involved in presentations; short writing etc at workplace, some travel is also possible to meet a senior person. Sunday evening shows some much needed rest & staying (dining etc) at home with the dear ones.

Shani in 7th house could reduce the sphere of influence but will cause increased collaborations with workers, masses. It would also cause a “reality check” with partnerships. 8th Rahu advises some care of paternal family elders. Shukra changing to you rashi increases optimism and some artistic pursuits from March 1st. The 11th Sun shows support from seniors or Govt matters. 5th Mangal is good for sports activities.


This week shows some adversity until Tuesday evening. You will need to invest more time, effort and money to maintain the quality of the work, else will need to make a compromise on your reputation a bit. Tuesday night onwards you come back on track & take corrective/affirmative actions. Incremental gains are possible from Friday morning until Sunday evening. Travel is quite possible from Sunday evening to meet with siblings or friends.

Rashi-Swmai Shukra supports until March 1st and later on for a month you will need to watch your health/eating/sleeping habits! Keep those B-Complex tablets ready! The 6th Shani forcing new collaborations like Sanjay Dutt doing Kancha Cheena to venture into new mass-base! J The 12th Guru is forcing planning of next 12 years of life. Ketu in rashi good for spiritual pursuits and 7th Rahu shows collaborations with paternal side family. J 10th Surya gives some power at workplace.


Get your things done before Tuesday night with tremendous support from Guru and Chandra! Tuesday night onwards 2 days show some expense of time, energy and money for planning next month. You come back on track from Friday morning and Sunday evening onwards you will see some good gains/help from folks in your family.

Shukra moving 11th will make cash flow better & also meeting with some older friends. The 6th Rahu is keeping enemies at bay and also making you work with folks from different cultural background. The 5th Shani is now MUCH better but advises care on kids’ & hard-work/diligence on education front. The 11th Guru is all-mighty and WILL give tremendous success until May2012! The 3rd house Mars is making you active and spend some quality time with friends and siblings.


It’s a great week despite 10th Guru and 4th Shani right until Friday morning. Increased influence at workplace until Tuesday evening and multiple gains until Friday morning. From Friday morning need to watch the environment carefully until Sunday evening.

Beware of seniors until March 14th: 4th Shani and 10th Guru is NO FUN! J Both could make you report to a person with similar abilities who has reached the position with a different path than yours – not fault of his or yours! J You have got be patient until May2012 for sure. 11th Ketu and 5th Rahu are helping with blessings from both the families.

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

A GREAT week in store for you for sure! New initiatives, work will start on Mon/Tuesday, which could also make you travel a bit to meet your mentor/Guru. It’s about happening but stressful feel from Tuesday night to Friday morning. Terrific gains until Sunday evening for a sweet end to the week. Sunday evening onwards 2 days show expense & investment.

9th Guru and 3rd Shani: Your time has come now to snatch an initiative or a program for next 3 years! 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and choose between 2/3 good things! Shani will also allow you to put your people in key positions. 4th Rahu is OK – 10th Ketu is making you do projects that have “token” value – showcase value. Mangal in rashi is great for energy & aggression with responsibilities. Shukra now 9th now adds to overall pro-environnment. (I am amazed how much this stuff I have been writing from past few weeks applies to Uddhav Thackeray! J)


It’s about hard-work, peeda & stress until Tuesday evening. From then on you enter 7 days of support. Good support from environment until Friday morning. A lot of churn and work done until Friday morning to Sunday evening. From Sunday evening you will have 2+ wonderful days of satisfaction.

8th Guru is testing you until May2012: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic stuff will help for sure. L Study/complete certifications until May2012. 2nd Shani will show previous investment mistakes but start new/fresh income. Going away from family/mom is quite likely in 2nd Shani. 12th wakri Mangal: Service your vehicles if not done recently & keep patience while driving, do not affect others with your vehicles & your state of mind! Drive carefully and with as much sleep as possible. Rahu and Ketu are helping from 3rd and 9th house for sure. (Dhoni is Kanya rashi: 12th Mangal until June2012 is not helping with sports & also friends!)


It is good for collaborations and partnerships until Tuesday evening. From Tuesday evening you have tough time physically until Friday morning. Put in efforts while watching health. From Friday morning you enter 7 great days of expansion and growth. Some travel possible on Friday or Saturday to start off something new.

7th Guru is helping increase sphere of influence despite sadesati and also on collaborations/partnerships front. Shani in rashi better than say 12th although it has some health related ramifications. Rahu in 2nd and Mangal in 11th is great for investment income and land related activities. Watch your mom’s health especially if you are of Chitra nakshatra.


The start of the week shows social weight/events, upset stomach. Good collaborations, partnerships and spending time with spouse from Tuesday evening to Friday morning. Friday morning onward a tough environment for you – watch your health, sleeping/eating patterns until Sunday evening. From Sunday evening you enter 6+ great days! The 10th Mangal is helping with some POWER at workplace – use it carefully with good temperament.

The 6th house Shukra from March 1st advises caution with eating patterns and also love affairs. The 6th Guru is making enemies shine, exposing health issues; spend on partying around & social causes. 12th Shani forcing to NOT get involved in street fights and concentrate on 30,000 feet view (bird’s view) of your life and DECIDE/plan what you need to do in next 30 years of life. READ, THINK and Write down and verify. The 10th house Mangal is taking care of your workplace influence – but do not stretch the workplace matters beyond reasonable limits as nobody is irreplaceable.


A very good start to the week with some implementation/execution of plans with great success! Good news from kids or on academic fronts. Tuesday night onwards 2 days are good for social events and a dinner etc with workplace folks. Collaborations, spending time with spouse from Friday morning until Sunday evening. From Sunday evening you enter very hectic 2 days ahead.

‘Dream Come True’ success for Moola Nakshatra until Jan end. Later in Feb March great for Purva-Shadha and April May2012 great for Uttarta-Shadha! Shani in 11th angle will show you the “rain of Rs”! J Rahu making you spend time for paternal family elders. Mangal in Singh is very supportive and adding to your success and responsibilities that you want.


An average week with some rest and spending time with near-n-dear folks until Tuesday evening. Good success and execution from then to Friday morning! Social events and even spending time with maternal family folks is possible from then to Sunday evening. Sunday evening onwards is a great time to spend with partners.

4th Guru is stagnancy personified but the best time for certifications and preparation for glorious 5th Guru from May2012. 10th Shani is great for potential increase but along with 4th Guru it makes you report to someone elder & someone probably you do not like! J (Raj Thackeray, Rahul Gandhi Shah Rukh, Gopinath Munde) Rahu i.e. paternal family elders are helping for sure. Mangal in 8th house of peeda – service vehicles and drive very carefully – avoid accidents by being careful and conservative and do not overly depend on brakes, other people to obey laws etc.


Some expression, presentation meeting with friends & siblings is quite likely until Tuesday evening. Some much needed rest and spending time at/on home with mom etc from until Friday morning. Thereon, it is a good time to execute things and achieve quick results. Cater to your social circle from Sunday evening.

The 9th Shani is trying to get to new & exciting daily grind (responsibility, duty, designation, position & status etc)! Shukra moving 3rd could shows some quick travels in the next month from March 1st. The 3rd Guru is great for short travel, new location and assignments at workplace, getting away from daily grind! J Rahu in the 10th house giving you some glorious or image/pet projects for your organization. 7th Mangal wakri recommends caution/patience in relationships.


It’s an average week for you! Some investment/land related gains & meeting maternal folks until Tuesday evening. From then, some travel for a presentation or for meeting siblings is quite likely. Some rest/stagnancy/pressure cooker situation from Friday morning to Sunday evening. Good period to execute things from Sunday evening for 2 days.

Beware of seniors from FEB 14th: The 2nd Guru will expand you income/investments. The 8th Shani warrant health checks, increase in ability, yoga, life-style review etc. The Rahu in 9th house & Ketu in 3rd house shows good support from both maternal and paternal family. Mangal in 6th house is good to get victory on competitors but watch vehicles/drive safely.


  1. Hi milind....
    I am waitng fr ur diff analysis on mine and swetha relationshp...though u said it u mentioned dif analysis wl send to waitng fr that....


  2. Hi Milind,
    How have you been doing lately....didn't see you as much this month commenting in your must have been keeping busy....I had a question for you regarding rahu had mentioned earlier that it is as good or bad as the karma of paternal grandfather...would like to know how does it pan out for a simha lagna, mesh rashi person with rahu in 5th house (saggi) specially rahu-moon and rahu-mars period given that mars is a yogakaraka for mesh rashi

    Thanks and take care
    Amit Jain

  3. thanks milindji...
    i need ur husbnd dob 12june1979 tme 13-30
    place pune..when we will go back to india?our married life n future?thanks alot...shraddha

  4. Once again Milindji.. Savitri here .. not losing hope...

    Awww !!Milindji so many questions answered here. Not fair .. everytime I ask [BTW -its the same query that I've asked multiple times] Milindji you've never replied.
    Ok here I go again..
    My son's DOB 1st June 1996. Mumbai. 18:57 [PM].Will he do well in his studies ? What line of studies should he pursue?

  5. Hi Milind Ji,

    I have sent u a mail from "" along with my birth details.
    I am not able to secure a JOB due to my BAD LUCK.Please help me and tell me that what is there in my FATE and when I will be able to secure a JOB.

    Thanks & Regards
    Khushbu Gupta

  6. Kanya rashi - vehicles issue? Yes, my husband loyally banged up my car while backing out of the garage. So it is my car that is hurt, not his - I am Kanya rashi and he is Mesh rashi. I am going to be using his car, hope I will be OK!!


  7. hello milind ji

    ...I am scorpio ascendant, gemini moon sign . ketu in 2h in dhanu and mangal in 3h in Capricorn. And moon with rahu in 8h in gimini.and sani in tula 12h... What will be effect on me??? which maha dasha is going with me..


  8. Both my cars suffered punctures last week. Your prediction on vehicular problem is bang on!
    Amazing.Needless to say I am a 'Kanya' going through a 'Kanya' experience...

    Blessed Be

  9. hi milind,

    I sent e mails on your email ID but no reply from your end.
    please reply i need help

    rahul padhye

  10. hi Milind ji,

    A brief question that when husband (kanya rashi) has bad times and wife (dhanu) has "rain of rs."....whose would be effective .....Coz I m having ugly monetary conditions and wife has no rain of rs.


  11. Dear Milind g.


    I need ur valuable advice,as i m not in any job from the last 1 year and 4 months and i also not married.
    You r requested to have a glance on my kundli and pls revert me on my mail id IF POSSIBLE.
    Birth date-27 august 1980
    Birth time-9:35am
    Birth place:ambala city.
    My mail id is (

    Tx n Rgds

  12. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for the time you put in this blog! I notice that you are repeating the KIRK rashi predictions for all the weeks....You mention a better portfolio for Kirk rashi people after May 2012....WILL THIS BE THROUGH A JOB CHANGE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THINGS WILL CHANGE DRASTICALLY AFTER MAY 2012. Please comment. Thanks in advance!

  13. Hope to see the Mars in 4th house soon. My husband is 4th house Mars (is there with whole lot of other planets, totally 4 incl Mars). My son is 1st house Mars, and i am 2nd house Mars.


  14. Hi Milind,
    Was wondering if you can give your detailed comments on the current debacle Tendulkar is going through and what is causing it astrologically speaking...If i remember correctly, you had mentioned last that the current jupiter transit is a great period for him but it seems quite the opposite....where does life take him from here....what do you think life has in store for him next?

    Would love your comments on this one

    Amit Jain

    1. Amit Jain Saab
      Milindji will comment on the astro part of it .
      My opinion is
      a) He is too bogged down with the 100Th ton, hampering his performance

      b) Life taking him from here: He has accumalated enough for atleast 25 generations to enjoy, so need not worry about that.
      A guy for whom daily life is a struggle , has to know that

      c) But as I feel: Nature is always partial: some get too much in a life time, others do not get even one meal

      It would be interestign to see why theory of Karama does not work out here for those poor people?

      From a person , who thinks life is unfair

      And BTW I am a big Fan of Sachin

    2. When things go bad for me I remind myself that chalo theek hai I'm paying of my bad karma and thus console myself. But then I look at the people who are doing the mean things all around me and wonder how are these folks getting away with stuff? That just blows me away and frustrates the heck out of me. Yes! Today is one of those days.....incredibly testing...

    3. Hi
      My sympathies with you (not that it changes anything). But I share your views, and hence thought of commenting.
      Yes, I too feel the law of Karma does not catch up with some ( rogues, politicians who are actually rogues, and an endless list here )

      Sometime I feel, that in Kaliyug, the law of Karma does not hold good.
      it has reversed: Do bad and get good ! I hope not, but that is what the common man experiences !

      Take care, have faith in yourself. You are definitely much bigger than any problem you may face.

      Best luck


    4. Thanks for your kind words...i hope for the sake of everyone going through a bad time that the laws of karma apply.....don't mind taking the karmic beating if it resolutes to something positive.


    5. No one can escape the law of Karma...It may be that those people who are doing bad and seemingly enjoying in life are going through a resting period...Resting period is either in the spirit world or in this world...Be sure that they are always to get what they have sown. Astrology here tells us what would be the destiny points. Destiny points are those which would definitely occur but our life would take course on the decisions which we take after having arrived at each destiny point. Be patient life would change...Nothing is constant.
      - SAN

  15. Milindji
    A new post, and a new appeal from me to kindly comment on my mail sent on Dec 29
    Its a pretty life changing decision , for the person i am asking ( cannot mention details here )
    I do understand your hectic schedule, so my apologies at the constant pestering, each time

  16. Milind ji, ....On the same line...I need your astrological input/advise on my next step in life...its very critical as I want to be careful.Cannot afford any kind of mistake happening again...I have sent you FB messages and mails ...Pls help..
    Take Care
    Best Regards

  17. Hi Milind, when it will get safer for kanya rashi on the road? also is it safe to learn swimming now?

  18. HI,birth date -15th july 1970,time of birth-19.05,place of birth-chennai.Within a span of 5 weeks,i lost the 2nd job.I`m in canada since 10 yrs.During these 10 yrs i couldn`t save much in fact i`m in debt.can u pls tell me when`ll i get the next job and how is going to be my future regarding money?The struggles are still on but when is it going to end?Pls do reply.Thanks.

  19. For the people reading this Blog...
    I am Kumbha rasi, Sathayam Star. Not much has changed from last year. I thought ashtama sani should've given way for better things. Especially career.. Not so for me.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

  20. Hi there. I admire the way you deliver your readings and how you help people. Aside from blogs about chinese zodiac signs, yours is one of the best information I've had in a long time. Thanks!

  21. Hello Milind,

    Yash here. Awesome Insights. Fond of your writings and knowledge. I have emailed you today for starting a conversation. Please check and let me know according to your convenience.

    Enjoy. Take Care.


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