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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb20 to Feb26 2012: Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

Weekly Horoscope / Weekly Rashi bhavishya / Weekly Rashifal

FEB-20-2012 to FEB-26-2012 (IST Dates / Moon Sign)

Please check as per your MOON Sign only. Any astro site would be able to tell your moon sign. If you HAVE to check as per SUN Signs – Please check as per your REAL (sidereal) Sun sign: The Western Sun Sign calendar is not correct.

2012 Annual Horoscope for all signs posted:

Moon Movements in the week:

Moon in MAKAR 10:23 degrees at the start of the week at midnight

Moon changes to KUMBH at 11:57 a.m. on Tuesday Feb 21

Moon changes to MEEN 08:44 p.m. on Thursday Feb 23rd

Moon changes to MESH 7:59 a.m. on Sunday Feb 26th


1. Until May2012, Mithun, Singh, Dhanu, Tula and Mesh folks would see faster turnaround for matters that went slow in 2011 (previous matters from 2011).

2. However Shani going wakri would make matters slow for Singh, Dhanu, Kumbh and Tula folks (for nay new deals, new matters, initiatives that started from Feb2012 onwards, not 2011 ones)

3. The week is great for KUMBH especially.

4. Mangal wakri in LEO in Scorpio Navamansh with wakri SHANI is not good news for traffic issues, street-fights, arguments. Please avoid it as far as possible. Road rage is going to be very easy!

a. KANYA rashi and MAKAR rashi especially needs to be careful with vehicles: air pressure, servicing etc is a must. Mangal is with Vrishchik in navamansh with wakri SHANI and this makes them worse still!

5. Shukra in uchcha Meen rashi good for cosmetic companies and artists?

6. MEEN and KIRK: Beware of seniors from FEB14th! J Check what they want, their priorities etc and do not jump any signal/stop-lights etc – any error will cause cops giving you a lot of trouble! For more details of troubles with authorities for ALL SIGNS:


This week: This is a great week right until Thursday 9 p.m. with increase sphere of influence, good support from women at workplace. There will be multiple gains from Tuesday noon for 2+ days. Take a pause and plan from Thursday 9 p.m. onwards for 2 days to plan the next month (spend time, money and efforts on planning). You come back on track from Sunday morning.

Shani in 7th house could reduce the sphere of influence but will cause increased collaborations with workers, masses. It would also cause a “reality check” with partnerships. 8th Rahu advises some care of paternal family elders. Shukra in 12th shows expense on artistic things and 11th Sun support from seniors of Govts. 5th Mangal is good for sports activities (Gautam Gambhir).


The week is wonderful right until Sunday morning with very good progress and success. New things should start on Monday and a there is some happening feel on Tuesday & Wednesday. Get as many things done by Sunday morning. From Sunday morning there are chances of increased expense for 2 days.

The 6th Shani forcing new collaborations like Sanjay Dutt doing Kancha Cheena to venture into new mass-base! J The 12th Guru is forcing planning of next 12 years of life. Ketu in rashi good for spiritual pursuits and 7th Rahu shows collaborations with paternal side family. RashiSwmai Shukra 11th (gains) allows some feel-good. 10th Surya gives some power at workplace.


Great week from Tuesday noon! Some peeda/hetic schedule until that time. Tuesday noon onwards 2 days shows travel possibilities and also some new strategic responsibilities which have some long term objectives. Thursday night onwards shows a great support from opposite gender folks at workplace. Great gains from Sunday morning for 2 days.

The 6th Rahu is keeping enemies at bay and also making you work with folks from different cultural background. The 5th Shani is now MUCH better but advises care on kids’ front. The 11th Guru is all-mighty and WILL give tremendous success until May2012! The 3rd house Mars is making you active and spend some quality time with friends and siblings. Shukra in the 10th house shows good support from opposite gender at workplace.


Get things done until Tuesday noon as next 2 days would be a bit tough / hectic and of some delays. You enter very good 7 days from Thursday 9 p.m. Travel possibilities to meet seniors on Thursday night & Friday. From Sunday morning you could meet some elderly folks both at personal & professional level.

4th Shani and 10th Guru is NO FUN! J Both make person report to a person with similar abilities who has reached the position with a different path than yours – not fault of his or yours! J You have got be patient until May2012 for sure. 11th Ketu and 5th Rahu are helping with blessings from both the families. Beware of seniors after FEB 14th:

SINGH / Sinvha / Simha

An average week in otherwise a very good environment for Singh rashi (Uddhav!) J The weekend the week starts with some social event where you need to watch our stomach. Tuesday 9 p.m. 2 days are good for partnerships, collaborations and group activities. Some tough 2 days from Thursday 9 p.m. to Sunday morning. From Sunday you enter very good 7 days!

9th Guru and 3rd Shani: Your time has come now to snatch an initiative or a program for next 3 years! 3rd Shani will allow you to play your cards and choose between 2/3 good things! Shani will also allow you to put your people in key positions. 4th Rahu is OK – 10th Ketu is making you do projects that have “token” value – showcase value. Mangal in rashi is great for energy & aggression with responsibilities. Shukra in 8th recommends caution with relationships especially out of the box ones! J


Spend time for/with kids (also studying for students) on Monday. From Tuesday noon you will see social events and some money-matters. Thursday night onwards very good for collaborations and partnerships and spending quality time with spouse. Sunday morning onwards shows 2 hectic days.

Service your vehicles if not done recently & keep patience while driving, do not affect others with your vehicles & your state of mind! Drive carefully and with as much sleep as possible. L 8th Guru is testing you until May2012: Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic stuff will help for sure. Study/complete certifications until May2012. 2nd Shani will show previous investment mistakes but start new/fresh income. Going away from family/mom is quite likely in 2nd Shani. Rahu and Ketu are helping from 3rd and 9th house for sure.


Take some rest on Tuesday noon. Some achievements and responsibilities from then for next 2 days. Celebrate achievement with party etc from Thursday 9 p.m. onwards. Sunday onwards very good for partnerships/collaborations.

7th Guru is helping increase sphere of influence despite sadesati and also on collaborations/partnerships front. Shani in rashi better than say 12th although it has some health related ramifications. Rahu in 2nd and Mangal in 11th is great for investment income and land related activities.


The start of the work shows some travel or expression/communication until Tuesday noon. Tuesday noon onwards 2 days shows spending quality time with close friends, dinner etc plans and some rest. Thursday night onwards 2 days great for some quick achievements and success. Sunday morning onwards 2 days shows participation in social events and meeting some experts in finance or service sectors.

The 6th Guru is making enemies shine, exposing health issues; spend on partying around & social causes. 12th Shani forcing to NOT get involved in street fights and concentrate on 30,000 feet view (bird’s view) of your life and DECIDE/plan what you need to do in next 30 years of life. READ, THINK and Write down and verify. The 10th house Mangal is taking care of your workplace influence – but do not stretch the workplace matters beyond reasonable limits as nobody is irreplaceable. The 5th house Shukra is good for love affairs.


Cash/investment gains until Tuesday noon. Then: Travel, communication, expression possibility until Thursday night. Some rest from Thursday night to Sunday morning: spending time at home/interior decoration and also mom. Very good period for kids, study etc from Sunday morning.

‘Dream Come True’ success for Moola Nakshatra until Jan end. Later in Feb March great for Purva-Shadha and April May2012 great for Uttarta-Shadha! Shani in 11th angle will show you the “rain of Rs”! J Rahu making you spend time for paternal family elders. Mangal in Singh is very supportive and adding to your success and responsibilities that you want.


Enthusiasm and good energy until Tuesday noon. Investments/debts etc activities then until Thursday night. Travel possibilities to meet mom & siblings or even property related matter etc until Sunday morning. Some much needed rest from Sunday morning.

4th Guru is stagnancy personified but the best time for certifications and preparation for glorious 5th Guru from May2012. 10th Shani is great for potential increase but along with 4th Guru it makes you report to someone elder & someone probably you do not like! J (Raj Thackeray, Rahul Gandhi Shah Rukh, Gopinath Munde) Rahu i.e. paternal family elders are helping for sure. Mangal in 8th house of peeda – service vehicles and drive very carefully – avoid accidents by being careful and conservative and do not overly depend on brakes, other people to obey laws etc.


Some tough time until Tuesday noon. Please plan properly and do not act in haste. Good energy and feel good then until Thursday night (added responsibilities quite likely which you waited for past month or so!) Some gains then until Sunday morning. Travel possibilities on Sunday afternoon.

The 3rd Guru is great for short travel, new location and assignments at workplace, getting away from daily grind! The 9th Shani is trying to get to new & exciting daily grind (responsibility, duty, designation, position & status etc)! J Rahu in the 10th house giving you some glorious or image/pet projects for your organization. 7th Mangal wakri recommends caution/patience in relationships.


Get things done until Tuesday noon. Later 2 days are a bit adverse with some people trouble and fire-fighting; need to spend extra time/efforts to keep your reputation. Back on track from Thursday 9 p.m. for 2 days with some gains after Sunday morning.

The 2nd Guru will expand you income/investments. The 8th Shani warrant health checks, increase in ability, yoga, life-style review etc. The Rahu in 9th house & Ketu in 3rd house shows good support from both maternal and paternal family. Mangal in 6th house is good to get victory on competitors but watch vehicles/drive safely. Beware of seniors from FEB 14th:


  1. Hi Milindji ........... i have send my details from my email id

    Lost my job suddenly and feeling helpless. needless to add i am kanya rashi.......please help.....Prashant

  2. Hello Milindji,

    Can you elaboarte about Kumbh rashi for this week

  3. Kumbh this week until Tuesday noon please do not take to much risk. Tuesday noon onwards things come back to normal -- Business As Usual!

  4. Prashant - -
    WILL CHECK but PLEASE use the time to studym, regroup -- SWOT analysis (search on google on SWOT analysis) -- basically TIME is PRACIOUS and it is given to you for your OWN benefits. You will not get this chance after May2012 for sure! :) :)

  5. Milind
    i dont know how to find happiness and be calm.
    can you please help understanding so i can try at least.
    DOB;8 june 77.7:50pm

  6. Milinda,
    Krupaya santati yogaa baddal suchawa!
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    Actually couple of months back also I posted there was no luck from you.

    Once again requesting you.

    Your suggestion is very much important to me.


    1. Hi Milindji,

      Could you please suggest me your predictions regarding my horo for the above questions.

      Infact , please do let me know if you have any reservations regarding looking into horos, because many people who have posted after me were able to get reponses.May be here also I am back seated.

      Please help

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    thanks a lots with your weekly helps a lot...Can you please tell me the which will be toughest month in 2012 for Simha rashi folks as per personal,professional and health wise????

    1. :D, :D , :D Do not worry does not help...just try to be positive!Worst is the sense it can not get worse:) Patience, hard work & faith should help u to sail thru...! God Bless!

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  12. hello milnd, nice blog
    but I got true path to follow through veda. There is no swang, aadambar or anything else like saturn rahu ketu chadta hai . When god has open the door for all human being(through bhakti marg) then why do the remedy of saturn, rahu,ketu. I DONT KNOW BUT GENERAL PUBLIC HAS BECOME BLIND THEY CANT SEE THE BEYOND THING. Just perform ur karma diligently and pray to god,guru,surya,moon,mata,pita and mother earth and nothing else sukh-dukh jeevan ka hissa hai , we cant escape from it. I WANT TO TELL PEOPLE THAT JUST FOLLOW THE PATH OF VEDA AND NOTHING ELSE. MOST OF THE PEOPLE HAS SOME GREED TO KNOW THE FUTURE, money and happiness. GOD BLESS -OM TAT SAT

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  14. Milind,

    Your comments that Kanya folks should be careful with vehicles is bang on correct.I got hit by a BEST bus for no fault of mine.This only goes to prove ASTROLOGY can indicate many future/past happenings.
    I have been a regular reader of your blog/postings .GOD BLESS YOU.

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    Have a good day

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