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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mars in the 1st house of a horoscope: Manglik

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?! J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, south direction

1st House Mangal: “Shoor Amhi Sardar amhala kaay kunachi bhiti” (We are great warriors, we have no fear) Shah Rukh Khan, Michael Jordan (Even the Mangal in Aries/Mesh has these characteristics: Balasaheb, Kapil Dev)

The aggressors, the warriors, sports-people, competitors, initiative, headstrong, anger, momentum, energy are some of the words that could be used to describe these folks. They always come across as somewhat unapproachable. They have tremendous energy and drive. Many times they lose hair early due to the extra body-heat they have. The 1st house Mangal always shows initiative of some sorts. The will-power is usually quite high and also the ability to execute initiatives with force! As 1st house is Dharma-Trikon, these folks are at the forefront to take on responsibilities & duties, at times beyond their physical strength. These folks lead by example and are at the forefront of the activities. They are uncontrollable in their childhood. They can talk/walk or move a lot in their sleep. Better put some pillows around so that they do not fall on bare floor!

This house Mangal is very good for sports related activities regardless of the state/sign and strength of this Mangal. The Mars closer to the ascendant degree is quite effective and shows all these traits quite a bit. If it is away from the ascendant degree, you will see all these effects with a bit reduced intensity especially the facial expressions. Eye-brows of 1st house Mars folks are peculiar: They will be angular and mostly dark. These folks do not laugh very often and also do not laugh for a longer period in one go! J

Regardless of how well placed this Mars in 1st house is, there would be some irregularities with blood flow (mostly extra, heat, impurity etc) which results in some facial / skin issues. Ayurvedic medicine and eating cool stuff like Sabja or Tulsi etc helps quite a bit to contain body-heat, right from childhood. This also brings them some calm and reduces anxiety.

Needless to say – HELMET is a must for these folks as 1st house is Tanu Sthan (body) but it is more about “head / face”. Especially, when Mars has aspect from Shani or with Rahu – this is a must!

These folks are not meant to be very good conflict managers; rather they can make conflicts worse by their aggression. This is something to inculcate, if they are in the corporate world. Only after the age of 30 they learn (thru mistakes) this art.

GANESH Upasana is highly recommended to all Manglik folks but especially the 1st house Mangal folks. Atharva-shirsha is brings great results to these folks. Using red clothes suits them unless Gemini/Virgo ascendant and major Gemini/Virgo influences in the horoscope (multiple planets)


  1. Very True, Ganesh Upasana is good for Manlik dosh; specially with Orange-coloured Ganesha. also Ganesha chaturthi is best day for ganesh upasana/pooja.

    1. Good. Ganesh puja is essential to all. But in mangalik, it is very usefull and give peace to mind.

  2. hi milind..
    Swetha is facing too much prblms in family especially frm her mom..she is tryting to send swetha to gujrat...hw lng this struggle for swetha..? Wil there any chance of there any chance that she is going far away frm me..?
    4.7.90 at 7.34pm ahmedabad..her dob..


  3. hi sir
    can u elaborate more if mars in combination with venus,ketu and mercury in 6th house of horoscope in leo will mars behave? malefic

  4. my mars is in 1st house scorpion lagna...quite true and is with ketu very close in degree...12:50 pm 25th aug1984 ratlam...can you analyze about my marriage(love/arrange) and career

  5. Thanks Milind Ji for this article.. it is piece of gem for manglik information
    in virgo lagna kundali..
    mars is placed in 6th house(kumbh rashi) and lord of
    kumbh-saturn is placed in Scorpio which is 3rd to virgo.
    So Lord of scorpio is placed in kumbh and lord of kumbh
    is in socrpio..? and jupiter is placed with mars in kumbh..
    What will be effect on native???


  6. Namaskar milind sir, in my kundali it is in 4th house(capricorn sign) libra ascendent it a mangalik patrika?

  7. Hello Milind,
    Could you please throw somelight my career front as just floating from place to place for last 3-4 years!
    12,06.65, 0430hrs, Lat 19 07N Long 074 04E,
    Many Many Thanks

  8. Namaskar, I have been reading your blog from quite some time. Could it be possible for you comment on nadi dosha in detail?

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  10. Love this article milind! :D

  11. Hi Milind,
    Nice article.I am scorpio ascendant,libra moon sign and Mangal in first house .Although somebody told me mangal being swagruhi in my chart the manglik dosh gets neutralized .What is swagruhi ?

  12. When u are writing about Mars in 4th house, can u tell what would happen when Mars, Sun, Moon, Ketu are all in 4th house.

  13. @ Milind-
    I re-read the article as always and these lines gave me a chuckle! :D

    "They are uncontrollable in their childhood. They can talk/walk or move a lot in their sleep. Better put some pillows around so that they do not fall on bare floor!"

    That is exactly my babybro- 11 yrs younger than i am-- I used to keep pillows around him on bed in kindergarten and he wud still bounce off the bed-- Mars in libra in 1st house :)

    once again, I absolutely luv ur observations bro :)


  14. DBHATT
    Mine is 6th house Mars. With Ju, Sa and Rahu conj.
    I would be greatly obliged if you have some time to spare and read through my horoscope and tell me (have sent an email too) how my next few years would look like and about any analytical details you would see.
    DOB: 01-June-1980
    Time: 01:35:00 midnight
    Place: at Sagar, India - Latitude: 14:10:N / Longitude: 75:02:E

    Meena Lagna, Dhanu Rashi with Sun in Vrishabh, Mercury+(R.Venus) in Mithun; Ju+Sa+Kuja+Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Kumbh. Of course Moon in Dhanu.
    Currently in Moon Mahadasha (till 2018).

  15. Hello Milind: You are really good with your predictions! I'm Kirk rashi and reporting to a person with lower credentials than mine. Since Feb 14....right on the mark as you have predicted having some disgareement with seniors at workplace. I am very confident that I have a case and have a good standing due to my work. I am taking things very caustiously per your advice. Although March 14 is a long way. Would like to know if the resolution will be in my favour w.r.t. my reporting structure. Very anxious about the outcome. I am Moon rashi Kirk, Mithun lagna, Guru-Shani in 7th house, Ravi-Budh-Shukra in 3rd house in Leo. Moon and Rahu in 2nd house in Cancer. Mars in 12th house in Meen. Can you provide any insights? I am also trying to sell my house for the last 3 years. Will I have any luck in the near future?What do you mean by Things will change DRASTICALLY in 11th Guru after May 17, 2012? Awaiting your reply. God Bless!

  16. Hi Milind Sir,

    Great article!


  17. Dear Sir,

    When you say 1st house - do u mean 1st house from Ascendant ? How should we locate the position of any planet because many different sites generate charts in different way and hence becomes quite confusing ? Hence pls always mention the position of the planet from any reference point - so that there is no room of confusion.



  18. Hi Milind,
    your articles are great! Please enlighten us with your knowledge of palmistry as well. very helpful for people who do not have correct time of birth! (me included..LOL)kind regards,

  19. Hello Milind:
    You are really good with your Astro stuff.
    I love to read your detailed article.

    Can you elaborate the effect of rahu Mahadasha and Moon antardasha on me..

    As I'm Leo lagna.and mars is placed in first house in Lagna itself with Sun.
    Moon is placed in Virgo 2nd house. and rahu is In Pisces which is 8th house from Leo.
    Jupiter asppect the mars. Juipter in Aries 9th from Lagna..


  20. Very nice article Milind ji....I could check mine and husband's properly....Mars is in 2nd and 9th house in ours ....but somebody had predicted that my husband is having a kuja this article helped clarifying it.

    Please write something on numerology as well.

    Thank you so request on debt and astrology is still pending sir....sent mail and fb mesg both. Pls see whn u can

    Take Care

  21. Hi Milind........... I have sent my details to your Gmail account. Since long time, my eyes are waiting to see your reply, whenever I open mailbox, first check is, reply from you…. Please...Please… guide/help me! ------Shank

  22. Very very nice article..

    Interestingly..Lord Hanuman is of Mesha Lagna with mangal in first place. :)

  23. My son is Mesha lagna with Mangal in lagna.


  24. hello Milind,
    I have send my details to your gmail, please check

  25. thanks milindji, my younger brother is kirk rashi moon, manglik, and he has white patches on his skin, he is very hardworking & jovalious nature. - suchitra/-

  26. hello Milind ji...
    your articles are very insightful. Can you please post your views on 'Saturn in Tula rashi' as it is in present. On the internet,I can find entirely opposite views on the same topic. Would like to know ur views. Thanks

  27. Milind,

    Hope you answer my question. I am going into half day working very soon. My Jupiter is in 10th house, but currently going through Shani MD - last one year remaining. Pisces Lagna, Kumbha Rashi. Sun and Mercury being in First house.

    I wanted to know will i be blighting my career? What do you foresee pls?


  28. [1] Saturn in Tula
    (1) As you can see, people with past great karma with masses are born when Saturn is in Libra.
    (2) We already saw Beti-B born when Saturn had JUST changed to Libra which means Vargottam Shani of highest orders. Why 16 and not 15 was a very good question I had! :) ut even 16 is a intuitive and evolved for sure.
    (3) So yes Shani in LIbra overall good for kdis being born with it but for rest of the folks on the mother Earth, it will be good bad (or should we say leverage/onvest) as per individual horocope! Someone with Virgo Sun woudl not enjoy Virgo Shani and someone with Libra Sun would not enjoy Libra Shani and like wise for Mangal and Chnadra.
    So -- 1 planet in a given rashi cannot be all good/all bad for humanity! :) It is society, Govt and invidual karma which is delivered to all.

    [2] Thanks for feedback suchitra -- He would benefit by ayurveda - bell papers and also saafi and walking everyday for 5 KM for better blood circulation. He can use also MUNGA / CORAL for better blood circulation. He also need to eat RED fruits and vegetables

    [3] MMS -- Does it match then? Actually Mesh lagna Mesh Mangal would not see skin/facial issues but certainly would show aggression/anger and movement! :)

    [4] Dayanand Piasudan
    Thanks much - yes Hanuman is Shakti Devata so even though I am not aware of the horoscope Mesh Lagna Mesh Mangal is certainly makes sense (Ashwini Nakshatra of Ketu)

    [5] SHANK:
    What's the email id?

    [6] DPS
    No 2nd and 9th house are NOT Manglik. Sure -- have not written on Numero for some time. Will do. Debts or finances are seen from 2, 6 houses and their relationships with 11th house (gains)

    [7] Anituddha:
    Life changing event!!? Will have to check.

    1. Will wait for your answer,
      Thanks for all the work


  29. [8] KESHAVI : Raajyogkarak Horoscope as Surya swagruhi and Mangal 1st house in great sign of Leo with Guru drushti on them! VERY Good.
    (1) Rahu mahadasha would be as good as your paternal grandfather's life and his karma! :) Moon antardasha shows increaing people connect. Chandra in 2nd house with Ketu shows inevstment gains and some maternal family stuff but if close to Ketu also shows some pessimism/sensitive/worrying nature which is contradictory to Sinvha lagan Surya Mangal's EXTROVERT nature!
    (2) You will get a GURU from May2011 to May2012 -- or very good advice from SMEs of various fields.
    (3) Kanya moon shows saturation until May2012 but you are so much Leo dominated that you will get 9th Guru effect of Guru gong over horoscope Guru and drushti on Sun Mars etc much more!!! So feel good despite 8th Guru to Moon! :)
    (4) Rahu 8th shows some obligations of paternal family or grandpa but its owner in 9th house reduced intensity.

    [9] PALMISTRY -- Start with Keiro's (spelling) book which is also available even on railways stations! :)

    [10] MEHUL: Ascendant is the 1st house regardless of which system you use. Not sure if I am not able to understand the question correctly! :)

    [11] KIRK : Reporting
    YES you woudl get similar or better position in 11th Guru from May2012 to May2013.

    [12] DBHATT:
    Any heart related history in paternal grandfather family? Maybe his younger brothers could have had some heart related issues. Just checking. Also you need to drive carefully. I do not know if Mangal closer to Rahu Shani or Guru hecne checking.
    BUT I see that your Rahu is in Kirk and Ketu in Makar and not Leo and Kumbh....maybe you are using South INdian ayanansh - please use LAHIRI ayanash. As Mars and Shani are apart from Guru with them abobe heart issues are lessened quite abit. BUT still you could have stomach and spine issues
    You will be disciplined at workplace and have people connect in Moon Mahadasha until Feb2018. Something really good until May2012 for sure as Guru antardasha also.


    1. DBHATT -
      1. Yes, grandfather and his brother had heart issues. They passed away before I was born and before their 60's.
      2. In my 5 yrs stay in US, I have had 4 accidents and one ticket for over speeding and court visits. Now I am yet to get convinced to buy a car in India. I still feel I will get confused with the left and right traffic rules of US to India. :)
      3. I used Lahari - chitrapaksh ayanansh = 23* 35' 00.50" using JH software which still shows Rahu at 0* 16' 28.34" in Leo. But yes, JH style i'm using is South style.
      4. Stomach and spine - backache is almost always there. Indigestion is easy, can't even enjoy a bbq nation starters and stay fine.
      5. Yeah, people reporting to me have increased and workplace connections have increased after I have changed projects and company.
      6. Guru antardasha Jan '11 till May '12. Yeah, I bought a flat and moved in during Oct. Also blessed with a baby boy. and now the whole family is living together in one place (earlier parents were staying at the native), Sept '11 gave me a managerial promotion at work. :) Cant believe it will get diluted after May '12. :)

      Overall, YOU ROCK!!!

    2. ThankS a Lot Milind Sir!!!

      Your prediction is accurate as Crystal clear..

      Like In Moon antardasha ,
      I got connected more people
      and got lots new frnd and also You too..:)
      Dont know in detail but as you say moon close to ketu so(I think too moon closed to ketu in kanya arshi)
      have lots of passism/sensitive nature and also Interovert Nature.
      This also fit for me..

      why am i influnced by virgo???
      Mmercuary is placed in Leo lagna and but in navmansha it is placed in Virgo.

      these traits(passism/sensitive/Interovert) belong to kanya rashi.???
      because personally I found myself ..dominated by Virgo by nature whatever
      I read about virgo.
      can you spoke on it??

      thanks for these authentic fact for me..
      God bless you!!


    Gochar Analysis:
    Things would change pretty soon as 3rd Guru will start giving you results based on your degree in Kumbh rashi -- later the Kumbh rashi more close the results to May2012. Also 9th Shani effect will be seen now slowly but surely.

    What this means is that with Shani maha ending you having so many planets in BUDH rashi - Budh mahadasha will be rocking for you.

    So both indicators are great for you -- "Aur ek Dhakka Jorse" and you are there! :) :)


    1. nice one "Aur ek dhakka jor se" :)

  31. Hello Milind:

    Was wondering if you could write an article on Nadi astrology. A friend of mine had a very interesting experience of Nadi astrology recently.


  32. Sir,

    I know that I am not the only one who is waiting for reply .

    If you have time ,

    I am waiting for my brother's analysis. (emails dated 13th July,29th Aug. And An IMPORTANT Email on 22 September.) I
    Just wanted to remind.

    You replied me on 29th August through email.

    Thank You

  33. Milind Ji,

    Thanks for your response on Manglik and Debt and Astro, but I had sent my friend's details for the same question as someone has predicted that she may not work after 3yrs...hence the biggest concern for her. Sometimes some astrologers really scare people with such things. Hence if you could please send some info, it would be helpful . I have sent details both in mail and FB.

    @Kuldeep, I also have an exp with Nadi astro...had gone to one of them 4 yrs doubt the exp will be interesting , but somehow felt later they manipulate and extract things. anyway bcos of that i could see a wonderful place with rich heritage -kumbakonam in south India. thats the benefit i found ! :)


    1. That's exactly a reason , I do not want to know my future

      a) If it is good: you will enjoy it anyway

      b) if it bad: Will ruin the present moment thinking about it. And those negative thoughts will make the bad thing happen , even if it was not supposed to happen
      Just my opinion again
      (do not want to start a chain of discussions here )


    2. @ anonymous-
      forgive me if im wrong..... but when u raise point B-- usmein hum babaji/ganeshji/ishtdev/god se setting bhi kar sakte hain... like u know when u r prone to somethin at some point-- u can use ur prayer as a kavach or positive flow QUICKFIX- :D
      jus 2 cents

    3. OOPS i dint c the parenthesis! MY BAD

  34. what happens when mars is in libra in lagna and saturn and jupiter in 7th house of aries

  35. what happens when mars is in capricorn with rahu in 11th house?

  36. hello milind ji

    ...I am scorpio ascendant, gemini moon sign . ketu in 2h in dhanu and mangal in 3h in Capricorn. And moon with rahu in 8h in gimini.and sani in tula 12h... What will be effect on me??? which maha dasha is going with me..


  37. hi milindji
    my husnd
    dob 12june1979
    place pune
    when will be we go back to india..?
    marrieged life n future prediction please...
    thanks shraddha..

  38. i'hv mars & ketu in 1st house in Libra.
    suffering great mental agony in Mars mahadasha.
    Why ?

  39. Thanks Milind!! for your response. It does lighten my load...

    Guess my confusion was with the soon to come wakri shani and also Guru changes house in May 2012, so then wont 4th Guru be stagnating for me??!!

    I am really hoping Budha MD works better for me. Why do you call it BUDH rashi pls? Isnt Pisces debillitating house for Budh? Pls share your viewpoint as i am sure i have missed something


  40. Hi Milind,

    I am a Simha rasi with Moon in the 8th and Mars in the 7th house Cancer. Can you, please, give me more info on that ? Thanks a lot


  41. I am fascinated with the diversity of Western and Eastern astrology, and how they meld together when it comes to horoscope and psychic readings. ;)

    chat readings

  42. Awww !!Milindji so many questions answered here. Not fair .. everytime I ask [BTW -its the same query that I've asked multiple times] Milindji you've never replied.
    Ok here I go again..
    My son's DOB 1st June 1996. Mumbai. 18:57 [PM].Will he do well in his studies ? What line of studies should he pursue?

  43. Milind,

    I need your help analyzing my chart and let me know if my mom will get visa to come to US. Actually both my parents are living separately due to visa issues. My dad had to go through 4 surgeries from July 2011 - Aug 2011 and he came to US in Sept 2011 because his GC was expiring. We filed for my mom at the same time with my dad when they were in US back 2008 but my mom file got rejected. We applied again in 2011 but getting delayed, almost getting rejected again now. I don't know is it because of me or my father or my mom chart. But I feel guilty because I made a mistake when I filed their paper work when they were here back in US in 2008. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
    My DOB - 26/12/1972
    Birth Time - 7.40 AM
    Place - Vadodara.

    My father was born at 09/19/1940 and my mom was born in 10/16/1941. I don't have their time handy but can send if you needed.


  44. Dear Milind,
    Thanks. Initially, I was posted in your weekly article, just looking and checking your reply over that article. Today, I found your reply on other article, Mars in the 1st house of the horoscope: Manglik.
    My e-mail ID is
    Hi Milind........... I have sent my details to your Gmail account. Since long time, my eyes are waiting to see your reply, whenever I open mailbox, first check is, reply from you…. Please...Please… guide/help me! ---

    Thanks again. ---Shank

  45. Hello Milind Sir,

    Thank you very much for your blogs.I am just our of sade sati and things still seem to be downwards.I have started feeling that my sade sati was much better than the present situation.I got a job,moved into a new house,started new ventures all during sade sati.I lost the job towrds the end of sade sati,but got an alternate job.Please let me know if thing will work from now on.My date of birth is

    time:5:16 pm
    raasi :simha,nakshatra:pubbha
    I've written to you a couple of times.Will wait for your reply.


    1. interesting
      And we here the "kanya" folks were thinking : the world is going to turn upside down, after 2.5 yrs more, one sadesati is done
      So looks like that "may not" happen
      Keep realistic expectation Kanya folks, else in for some more disappointment

      My sympaties with you, and wish you luck

    2. Hi,
      I 've read that Simha rasi folks are the worst affected ones during sade sati.Things might be different for you.


  46. Milind ji,

    I have sent a mail and fb mesg with sub as "your predictions and our experience" . Kindly see and respond. POB i haven't mentioned it is bangalore.
    I would like to have your advise as it is very important for restart in my life now. Request you again to please respond.


  47. Hello Milindji,

    I am Vrischik lagna with Mangal in 4th house and Budh & Ketu in lagna house.
    I have lot of body heat and get anxious/worry for simple matters. Please advise some remedy for this.


  48. Milind Sir,
    Can you please give examples of "intense events" that you say may happen when the planets are in the intense Nakshatras such as Mool, Jyeshtha, Magha...etc? Say lagnesh or saptamesh or panchamesh...or Sun or Venus in one of these nakshtras?

  49. Dear MILIND JI

    I am vrushab rasi,leo lagna guru(R)in leo,Mangal in 7th house, saptshmesh in eight house,sun in 5th house, budh in 6th, venus in 4th can you please guide me regarding partnership business/deals.sukh from son,as gurudristhi on mangal makes its somamangal (R),mangalhas done its work by breaking relation.pls guide

  50. Dear Milind Sir,

    my daughter has egg and nut allergy. is it anything to do with 1st house mars?

    her dob: 17-10-2007 11.30 pm india

  51. Dear Milind sir

    I am born on 21-3-1986 at 1:50 AM,Vijayawada.
    I am having mars in first house in dhanus lagna. As u said that mars in 1st house represents tanu bhava,Is it any thing to do with genitals because my genital organs are very small as like a child,and even i speak very softly,slowly rather than displaying aggression and confidence,here i would like to ask u is did i possess the qualities which mars should give when it is occupied by 1st house and i am really worried about my father and mother's health,my career and my married life. kindly reply/give a solution/remedy to the following

  52. I was born on 27th April 1982, 3:45pm, sundargarh(Orissa). I want know what is remedies for many obstruction in my life as well as delay ?? kindly reply soon?

  53. hi milind
    my birthdate 27 jan 1981 ,time 7:30 morning,nagpur.can u help me regarding my career& marriage life.i am very much worried about rahu in 7th house.

  54. Hi Milind,
    My birthdate is 13 Mar 1981 time 7:45pm Mumbai. Pls help me regarding my career & marriage. I am having mangal in 12th house.

  55. Good Article worth reading.

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  58. your article is really awesome and informative ,keep posting such a nice post and help us to improve knowledge about Manglik Matrimonial .thanks!

  59. Moon and mars together in first house what will be the results.

  60. Moon and mars together in first house what will be the results.

  61. Moon and mars together in first house what will be the results.

  62. Cancer lagna vrishik rashi
    Mangal in 1st house and saturn in 7th house.what about this..?