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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MARS in the 2nd House of a Horoscope

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.

A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?! J More on that later.

Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, south direction

Mangal in the 2nd house: Family, Wealth, Eyes, Tongue

This is a non-Manglik position. Mangal in this house makes person eat hot-n-spicy stuff and also shows inclination towards non-veg stuff. The voice is usually raspy and they tend to say things that hurt folks. They are usually straight talkers and can’t beat around the bushes. Moon/Mars in 2nd or 8th house make the person talk quite fast! Others find it very difficult to follow their speed. Many a times, speech is not clear in the childhood and takes time for them to say “R”. These folks tend to be extravagant in money matters. They lend or borrow money easily and get in trouble – overall they are hasty investors! J This Mars shows Karmic links with land in the family (Bhoomi). How good/baldly this Mars is placed will show if the past karma is good or bad with family land matters BUT no matter how bad the past karma with land, they tend to make property/land etc in this life. These folks also get very good support from brothers (mostly younger). Like the planets in Vrishabh rashi, this Mars in the 2nd house is self assured and relaxed as opposed to “stable on surface but boiling beneath” 8th house Mars. If the Mars is owner of 10, 11th house then these folks can also do business with siblings/cousins.

They have this habit of committing/promising something which they can’t delivery –i.e. they tend to over-promise! They usually have a lot of friends unless you have Shani seating with Mars or close aspect from Shani! They are also good at sports activities but the success in sports is not as much as the 1, 5, 9, 11 or 3rd house Mars.

There are good chances of hurting/injury to right eye, teeth, lips especially in the childhood. When the Mars is ill-aspected by Shani, it shows issues in family wealth, investments, inheritance of debts than wealth, severe health issues with eye, teeth, lips, throat etc and also blood related irregularities. It could also show some accidents to folks in the family.

Advice to Mangal folks is not to enter investments field independently until age of 27/28 i.e. after maturity (as defined by others and not you!) J Also, eating habits should be watched for too much of a hot-n-spicy stuff. Sanskrit mantra/stotra could certainly help with speech clarity in the childhood and later on too.

This Mars has drushti on 5th, 8th and 9th house of the horoscope: any planets there in close degrees as Mars would certainly see the effect of this drushti. Some bad placements in these houses would certainly be aggravated in such a case.


  1. Milindji
    A new post, and a new appeal from me to kindly comment on my mail sent on Dec 29
    Its a pretty life changing decision , for the person i am asking ( cannot mention details here )
    I do understand your hectic schedule, so my apologies at the constant pestering, each time

  2. Thanks Milind, we had been waiting to read something from you. Your articles are educative and easy to interpret - in simple language. Thanks.

  3. Milind Ji, What about mars and sun together in 2nd house dhanu? Does it impact increases or decreases.


  4. Very Good article Milind husband's horoscope has Mars in 2nd house and so many u hav ementioned does match !! ..he always used have red eyes ....and no doc could predict what exactly is the prob unless he stopped eating hot n spicy it automatically reduced ! also straight speaking, buying land, having debt ...almost everything is true . I also hope that these guys with MARS in 2nd will make some wealth too :) :(

    Also Sir, I have been asking question abt my decision regarding earning thru job/business....pls do answer. written too many times in not want to trouble u more but very very anxious....

    thanks and tk care,

  5. milindji thanks for another post...
    need ur guidance my husband dob 12 june1979 time13.30 place pune...want to know when we will go back to india? our married life? n future ...please guide me ...need ur help ...waiting for ur guidance.....

  6. milind ji

    pls write about moon with rahu in horoscope...



  7. milind ji, nice post. :)
    a small question :- is your observation based on mangal in 2nd house from 'lagna' kundali or 'chandra' kundali?
    e.g. in my case, mangal is in 3rd hosue in lagna kundali but in 2nd house in chandra kundali.
    what should be done in such a case?
    how should the interpretation be made?
    please suggest.
    thanks. :)

  8. Hi Milind,

    Another person here with gochar Guru aspecting my Horoscope Guru - seeking your kind advise and attention :p

    I had written to you in November last year after discovering your blog, but stayed quiet after discovering the long queue in front of me. Well, I figure now that the queue is not to clear anytime soon, so let me try my luck again. Maybe my problems aren't that great, but problems they surely are. And I'm surely distressed.

    I have written to you again. My mail has the subject "ALL IS WELL".


  9. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for the time you put in this blog! I notice that you are repeating the KIRK rashi predictions for all the weeks....You mention a better portfolio for Kirk rashi people after May 2012....WILL THIS BE THROUGH A JOB CHANGE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THINGS WILL CHANGE DRASTICALLY AFTER MAY 2012. Please comment. Thanks in advance!

  10. My cousin has Mars + Venus in 2nd house Libra. She beautiful, white teeth (2nd house) never needed any cavity filling etc. She has done visharad in singing and dancing ,, swarashi venus in 2nd with mars! Kya baat. Plus she has Moon + Jupiter in Karka in 11th.
    Hurtful speech aahe- pan venus barobar aslyamule shaal-joditle, god bolnyat lokanna chopne. Tyat rashi karka (ashlesha nakshatra)

    Chaan patrika aahe.

    One more thing, Mars here in 2nd with drushti on 8th - She was adopted when she was 6 months of age. Her atya adopted her (family -2nd house?). She got adopted in a rich family.

    The 12th shani is only troubling aspect, otherwise it is one of the best charts I have seen.

  11. What about Mars+Uranus+Ketu in Vrischika with seventh aspect on Rahu in Vrushabha in eighth house?(Mars is lord of seventh and second house)

  12. Vanessa you do seem to have a good knowledge about horoscopes and how to analyze them, like you even i am an Aries.. Are you on FB ? If yes what is the name i can find to get you added?

    1. I am not on FB ... anymore :) Done with it. I don't see myself as an Aries anymore, since I read about 'your real sun sign' on Milind's blog and many other places too. Makes me a Pisces.
      Though in fact, these days I stopped attaching importance to sunsign etc. the whole chart matters. I have sun in Pisces, Moon in capricorn, but 3 planets in kumbha. I have lot of kumbha characters. So there.

    2. Oh ok, so is there any place we could chat over astrology and discuss..

      I myself have 3 planets in the ascendant i.e Aries --- Sun moon and mercury and
      another 3 in 12th from moon
      But i think i have the Fire of an Aries and the passion too..

      Btw.. i'm Krish, apart from here any other forum?? or medium?

    3. Oh Man! You are a triple aries. No wonder you have the 'fire' of Aries.
      You can write to me on my email id that which I guess is there on my blog. But I am no substitute for Milind's advice. That's for sure.

    4. Yea, the fire is there but i'm still calm and composed and do not lose my cool easily and everywhere...
      It does come but i can control it.. maybe this is due to 8th aspecting Mars...Moon mercury are extremely close to each other but a little away from the sun, so not complete combustion..
      What does this mercury and moon say?

      and i cannot find your email id it isn't there on your blog!

  13. Hats off to your observation.One of my cousin has mars in second house.His parents had to change his name because he could not pronounced his name properly as it started with R.But now he speaks so fast that sometimes it is really difficult to follow. I think Anchors,Radio jockeys may have this combination.

    waiting for mars in more to go :)

  14. Thanks Milind Ji for this article.. it is piece of gem for manglik information
    in virgo lagna kundali..
    mars is placed in 6th house(kumbh rashi) and lord of
    kumbh-saturn is placed in Scorpio which is 3rd to virgo.
    So Lord of scorpio is placed in kumbh and lord of kumbh
    is in socrpio..? and jupiter is placed with mars in kumbh..
    What will be effect on native???


  15. Vanessa:
    Good observations -- the Shani only brings some sense to the Mangal & Shukra in Kirk and Vrushabh Shani is very good anyways! Also 9th owner on 12th hosue Jaga-Pravas or immigration also! :) Hope it is not Krittika -- Already Mangal Shukra in teevra Ashlesha and Shani in Kittika would make the horoscope thro some surprises which would not go down well with the person -- especialy 4, 13, 22, 31 or 8, 17, 26 born!


    1. I am sorry, i think I confused you,
      1. Kanya lagna aahe, mars venus in 2nd house of Libra, shani in Leo.
      2. Guru chandra in Kirk on house 11. Chandra ashlesha madhe aahe.

      Venus - lord of vrishabh (signifies throat, face, teeth) is in 2nd (again face, throat, teeth etc.) with Mars, hence giving her singing voice and strong teeth.

      V D Bhat 2nd Mars baddal asehi mhantat - Their eyes are like craters on Mars. Mothe dole :) Also true for Mars in shukra's rashi - Tula or vrishabh.

      She has Sun, Mer, Rahu in kanya - ascendant. She lost her father when Shani was in Kanya (her father as in, the one who adopted her.)

    2. About 9th lord in 12th, my daughter has parivartan yog between 9th lord Mars and 12th lord Moon. Mars is also lord of 4th. I am very curious about how this immigration thing unfolds for her.

    3. So whenever Mars is in the house owned by Venus, does it give the native a singing voice? and also increases the natives interest in it?

      In my case i have Mars in Vrishabh (2nd house ) from mars itself and my 2nd lord in Pisces 12th house(does it give artistic effect or talent ?)

      Even in my case 9th lord is placed in his own house i.e 12th house with shukra.. both natural benefics conjunct each other, but Guru does not take Venus as a friend and they have Rahu as well over there...

      What do you think?

    4. Mars in Venus' Rashi = Singing voice? NO

      The case I present has Venus in Tula (it's own rashi) which gives one artistic talent. Here since it's second house, the talent is more towards singing. Mars being with venus here kind of kindles the fire in a person. Just Venus alone would make one fond of music/ arts, but not pursuing singing for years and doing all the hard work.

      Venus is exalted in pisces, as in your case. But it does not have 'sthan bal' since it's 12th house. So even though you might be fond of arts, you might not pursue it as a career. Bathroom singing at the most.
      2nd house Vrushabh mars, being asc lord should be good for money/ family. Birth in a well to do family.
      But this should give you 'big eyes' for sure. See your childhood pictures :)

      Of course, I don't know the whole chart, so these are wild guesses. I don't know one huge factor of Shani which could change the whole analysis.

    5. Please go thru the reply on your above post as well...
      Along with Venus, guru and rahu are there too.. does that anything further? or make the soul's purpose more clearer?

      The great Shani is placed in the 8th having direct aspect with Mars..

    6. Btw are you on whats app??

    7. I don't have a great understanding of how Rahu, Ketu go in the chart.
      Guru with Venus is definitely not bad, it will keep the venusian tendencies under control. Like make you a faithful partner, keep away from addictions etc.

  16. Rashmi:
    Thanks forthe feedback! The behavioral aspects of the Horoscope ALWAYS work -- The attitude & health issues etc also work very well -- just that when we get down to decidee the timelines of ethe events -- i.e. the PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY -- The FUN? starts! :) :)


  17. BALA:
    With Sun also there -- ALONE effect of Mars is reduced quite a bit BUT still graha yog WILL show its effect - With Surya Mars effect becomes MORE egotist and unyeilding or uncompromising..!


  18. Hi Milind,

    My father is Gemini lagna with mars in 2H. He had
    a very bad accident to his eye that required surgery abroad. He was operated at the Moorfield eye hospital in London UK as local hospital did not have the high tech facility for such delicate procedures.


  19. Dear Milind,

    ...........Since long time, my eyes are waiting to see you your reply, whenever I open mailbox, first check is, reply from you…. I sent my details to your gmail account through my gmail ID is
    Regards Shashank

  20. savitri here again and again...

    Ok here I go..
    My son's DOB 1st June 1996. Mumbai. 18:57 [PM].Will he do well in his studies ? What line of studies should he pursue?

  21. Thanks Milind for this article. Fast talking and straight talking matches, LOL. I am considered soft spoken by and large. I am generally quiet, but yes can be scathing at times - mostly to those who i do not think high off. Oops, but that is how i have turned out.

    I dont remember which, but Mars is with some other planet for me in the second house. Venus I think. And Saturn next door (third house)

    Request you to also throw light on the wife or husband going manglik and the impact on the spouse if there really is such a case:)

    My husband has 4th house Mars, so it makes him a manglik. How does that impact spouse.


  22. helli milind ji

    ...I am scorpio ascendant,with jupiter venus,sun and mercury in 1H. ketu in 2h in dhanu and mangal in 3h in Capricorn. And moon with rahu in 8h in gimini.and sani in tula 12h... What will be effect on me??? which maha dasha is going with me..and which dasa will be good for my career ? in navamsha venus and mercury in my venus is weak in lagna and navamsa both?


  23. Milind Ji,

    Definitely I would require your inputs this time. Please do let me know which would be better for me..Job or Business.

    If Business is favorable in this period for me - then what sort of and upto what Investment I can do ?? Would I get get loan ?And also Can i repay and will I run this successfully?

    If Job - I am searching after 6 yrs of gap ..should I be doing any certifications..? I want to know as per astrology , would I be this is very very critical for me to get money & clear earlier debts .

    Due to lowself confidence these days I am so confused, I am unable to take right step. Hence bothering you , after so many years of hard work , efforts , mental tensions, we have lost all our hard earned money, may be its our past karma so atleast now i would like to forget that and start afresh with some right directions. So kindly help out.
    Mine is meen rasi, revati star, TOB and POB written in messages sent so far....KINDLY KINDLY RESPOND SOON. AM VERY VERY ANXIOUS.
    have sent mails and messages many times till now..

  24. Thanks Milind for this great informative article

    What about Venus and mercury combination in 12 th house.
    venus is sitting in own house(Taurus)So does it
    good for person?Can you tell?

    Waiting for mars in 5th house.:):)


  25. Hi Milind,
    Was wondering if you can give your detailed comments on the current debacle Tendulkar is going through and what is causing it astrologically speaking...If i remember correctly, you had mentioned last that the current jupiter transit is a great period for him but it seems quite the opposite....where does life take him from here....what do you think life has in store for him next?

    Would love your comments on this one

    Amit Jain

  26. By Mars in 2nd house do u mean Mars in Vrishabh rashi or the second house from ascendant in the birth chart or second house from chandra rashi in birth chart? Confusion - pls clarify

    1. 2nd house Mars is always from the ascendant.

  27. @ Milind-
    I am eagerly waiting for ur rashifal section for next week bro!

    As always,
    Awesome article!

  28. Hey Milindji,

    Nice and simple article. I have mars retro in my second house and I do identify with most of the traits u have mentioned. I have biggggg eyes and I do tend to overpromisee!!! Evn though I kw I wont be able to deliver it..:(..I have a sharp tongue it becoz I am a krittika moon or is it also becoz my sun aspects the mars frm the eighth? Basically, I am a scorpio ascendant vrushabh moon..anyway good article..:)

  29. [1] Hari: thanks for the feedback buddy! I hope he recovered from this accident

    [2] Sharmila
    4th Mangal is quite "domestic" and not that of a Manglik actualluy! :) Mangal Shukra in 2nd house reduces Mars's angered talk quite a bit and also brings some artistic approach to Mangal as Vanessa commented above. 4th Mangal has drushti on the 7th hosue which obly describes the "attitude" of the girl which will appeal to him ..i.e someoe with some initiative/aggressive personality than his. i.e getting a wife who can be at higher posts etc is teh result of 4th or 7th Mangal and in some cases 12th Mangal also. 12th Mangal always reaches out to HIGHER placed people and do not deal with execution level people! ;)

    [3] SNM
    You are better off doing your own business I guess! :) So many plamnets in 12th house including L10 and L11 and L5 too! This shows strong memory and also VERY passionate nature. Mithun rashi with Rahu in 8th hosue some arms or reprod organs issues to mom. But the horoscope is VERY string due to Guru with those planets and that to in the 1st house. Hope not too many aplnets in Jyeshtha and Moola (ketu) which is intense nakshatra and jyeshtha DOES have some negativity like Nana Pateka -- OVER Passionate-ness and also taking too much responsibilities and STRESS on own shoulders which can make person bitter!

    [4] Job - Business -- Certifications -- Anonymous - Will get back

    [5] MOHIT
    owner of 5th and 12thin 12th means you will be good at setting syllabus, planning for education -- As this is Shukra and not Guru it means artistic things fields for these activities -- planning and courses in median entertainment field! Overall this shows connectiosnw ith folks from 9/12 hrs and possible immigratgion in life sometime.

    1. dear Milind ji , i think I confused you,.....lots of plants like jupiter, venus .mercury . uranus and sun in my 1st house with scorpio ascendent .......not in my 12 house....:)

      thnx a lot



  30. Hey and -Ji in the same sentence looks funny! :)

    Hey MilindJi

    Please call me plain simple MILIND...! :)

  31. heheheheh Milind. Even I felt weird writing heyy milindji..but since u have emphasized on Milind then Milind it is :)

  32. Dear Milind,

    Just to confess in time - that earlier comment about "guru aspecting the horoscope" (or whatever that is supposed to mean) is probably not true. It was just an attention seeker, if not exactly funny ;p In reality, I can't even tell a ludo board from a horoscope. Sorry if it caused you any inconvenience. I truly appreciate what you are doing for all of us through this blog. God bless you.

  33. Hi Milind

    You mention a better portfolio for Kirk rashi people after May 2012....WILL THIS BE THROUGH A JOB CHANGE? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THINGS WILL CHANGE DRASTICALLY AFTER MAY 2012. Please comment. FYI I am mithun lagna Moon Rahu in 2nd house. Shukra, Budha and Ravi in Leo in the 3rd house. Guru Shani in 7th and Mars in 12th house. Thanks in advance!


  34. [4] Job - Business -- Certifications -- Anonymous - Will get back,

    Thank you so much Milind Ji, feels sometimes really terrible to trouble you like this, but ..... currently I am unable to help it :(
    Hope after sometime, I would be able to help with something on this blog...

    You are doing such a great thing with so much of honesty...

    thanks for everything....God Bless you...Best Regards..

  35. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for you good wishes. My father had this accident long time ago when I was still young but it was something that cause the family to suffer a lot as we were scared he would not be able to work etc..By God grace he recovered and did not have issues after that.

    One another point for Mars in second house. My younger brother is also a gemini lagna and mars in this runs in the family ..
    He was on school bus and had road accident. he broke his front tooth and had injuries to lips etc.. and that was at age 12. this also corroborates with your writing in 2H mars


  36. hi milindji as usually a great articles with really good details
    my mars is in 2nd house with rahu guru and shani and too much suffering life any suggestion
    male 20 april 1980 1:39 pm mumbai

  37. dear milind your calculations are perfect about mangal in 2nd house. ihave a huge loan amount day by day it is increasing,but i want no loan.lagna kanya(guru,ketu)in 2nd mangal,in fifth surya ,budh, in 6th second lord seventh rahu,chandrs, shani. now running is surya mahadasha, shukra antradasha. pl suggest any remedy.

  38. Milind sir,
    my name is prasad. i have a gf, i love her alot, she also loves me. but from past few days she says that she cannot marry me because many astrologers told her that she is having "mangal and guru in 2nd place". inspite of this i'm still ready to marry her. Mangal and Guru both togeather in 2nd house is there any problem. is there any remedies to reduce its illeffects.
    please help mitra.

  39. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is qualified tarot card reader and he spends daily many hours within the study of astrology and places efforts thus on decide handiest solutions of all the issues.

    Pandit Bhushan

  40. gud evg sir
    i have kuj in 2nd house in lagna chart and my boy friend is non manglik , iam performing kuja japas , can u tell me will that be useful and what will be the impact if kuj is in 2nd house

  41. Hello sir, I have Mars in 2nd house. Agree with information provided. Thanks a lot.

    Need to know that Mars in 2nd house affecting Marriage as I'm still unmarried. My Dob is 25/06/1982 time 11:35 am Vadodara Gujarat. Please suggest any remedies.

    Thanks in advane

  42. I am high manglik but my boyfriend is not. I am worried about our future.
    Pls help.

    My details
    DOB:- 08.01.1991
    Birth Place :- Delhi
    Time :- 2:45 PM

    His details

    DOB:- 22.09.1991
    Birth Place :- Delhi
    Time 3:55am

    I don’t believe in this myth but my family does, pls help with the possible solution as I don’t want to lose him as well.