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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March-05-2012 to March-11-2012: Weekly Rashi Bhavishya (Weekly Horoscope)

Weekly Rashi Bhavishya (Weekly Horoscope) March-05-2012 to March-11-2012

1. All times are in IST (India) – Please convert to your time zone.

2. Please read as per your MOON Sign only.

3. The travel in this complete article could be very well taken as some connect thru phone, teleconference or video-conference etc as world has come closer now.

4. MEEN and KIRK please watch and take care while dealing with Seniors or Govt / police matters:

2012 Annual Horoscopes for all Signs:


A very homely environment for you until Tuesday night with meeting Mom, spending time at home etc is possible. From Tuesday night to Thursday midnight you will excel in execution, tactical mastery with quick fix and solutions to save the day. It is very good for education and also support from seniors. Friday morning onwards to Sunday early morning shows some health/stomach issues and maybe visiting a doctor. Possibility of meeting with Mom side relatives and it could be about health also. This will be mostly unwanted expenditure.


Possibility of some public speaking, presentation and travel until Tuesday 11 p.m. Later on until Thursday midnight it is about resting a bit and meeting near-n-dear folks, a good period to spend on interior décor! Friday early morning onwards 2 day period is very good for spending time with kids and also some reading/education etc.


Good wealth/cash/investment gains until Tuesday night, possibility of eating some good stuff. From Tuesday night to Thursday night it shows a possibility of travel for sure. If not travel some quick travel for meetings, visiting folks from other departments and some connects with people that are away from your workplace or home. From Friday early morning to Sunday early morning etc is a good period to have some rest or even go on an outing with folks in office also!


You will have good energy and enthusiasm until Tuesday night which will result in some definite gains from then to Thursday night. You could make some quick bucks in this period for sure. From Friday early morning to Sunday early morning, it is a great period to travel to meet siblings or even go on a tour with siblings etc. This period certainly shows a great connect with folks from abroad/long distance. CHECK what SENIORS/Govt want. Show unnecessary respect and caution in Govt or matters related to seniors.


It is about increasing expense of money, time and effort until Tuesday night 11 p.m. or so. Please do USE this time for planning your next moves along with retrospect on the past month for correcting mistake. After that, you will be in a good position to execute things until Thursday midnight. Friday early morning to Sunday early morning shows some good/visible gains – Some trading quick gains are almost guaranteed in this period. Sunday morning onwards there is possibility of some short travel. Overall with Guru and Shani’s support – JAI HO!! J


Dheeraj Rakho! J The week until Tuesday 11 p.m. is wonderful but after that until Thursday midnight needs some caution, planning and retrospect, do not act in haste. From Friday early morning you will certainly be able to start with your plans and get some mileage. Sunday morning onwards 2 days you will see some gains for sure. The 8th house Guru until May2012 and also Mangal in 12th house until May/June shows some caution in risk taking, hard-work and perseverance. The more efforts you put in until May2012, the MORE effect you will get for THREE 3 GLORIOUS years from May2012 onwards (approximately 36 months). So “LAGE RAHO Munna-Bhai”


A VERY good week of some great results until Thursday midnight. A lot of work, churn until Tuesday night. Then onwards, until Thursday midnight shows great gains for your (income/cash), Friday early morning to Sunday early morning recommends some care, planning and attention to health stuff. Sunday early morning you will see very good energy, collaborations and people contact.


A GREAT week right until Sunday early morning 1:15 A.M. Start of some new things starting on Monday & Tuesday with some pro-environment at workplace. Hard-work, churn & productive period is promised until Thursday midnight. After that you see great gains/results and cash until Sunday 1:15 a.m. From then you got to spend Sunday and next Monday to reflect back on the past month and planning for the next month. You will need to spend more time to ensure quality! 6th Guru advises caution with health and begging to service well what you got from May2010 to May2011.

DHANU (Sagittarius)

A tough period of physical peeda and hard-work until Tuesday 11 p.m. Then you enter a period of great 6.5 days ahead. Tuesday night to Thursday night shows new responsibilities, meeting people and strategic thinking. Friday 12:30 a.m. to Sunday morning 1:15 a.m. period shows hard-work, good work with some friction (well intended) at work-place. Sunday morning onwards 2 days are of great gains for you!

MAKAR (Capricorn)

Partnerships, collaborations and good time to spend with your spouse until Tuesday 11 p.m. Then until Friday 12:30 a.m. (midnight) is the period of peeda (pain) and some adversities. Some monetary gains are quite possible though! From Friday morning you enter 6 days of great support i.e. Chandra-Bal. Some good things happening around until Sunday morning and travel is very much likely or some connect with people who are 9/.12 hrs away is very much likely. The travel in this complete article could be taken as some connect thru phone, teleconference or video-conference etc as world has come closer now. Sunday morning onwards you will have stress but happening feel.

KUMBH (Aquarius)

Watch health until Tuesday 11 p.m. and especially stomach for sure. Then 2 days are great to spend with partner/spouse or for overall collaboration. You will need to deal with some physical pains from Friday midnight to Sunday 1:15 a.m. From Sunday morning you enter a great period of 6.5 days with increasing responsibilities, meeting with elderly and knowledgeable people for their advice etc.

MEEN (Pisces)

A good start to the week with some quick execution & impressing others with your thought process until Tuesday 11 p.m. From then next two days shows caution with health/stomach issues, visiting a doctor is quite likely. Very good period for spending with spouse and collaborations etc until Sunday 1:15 a.m. A period of pains, peeda from then for 2 days. Deal with seniors with tact and diplomacy!


  1. Hi Milind,
    Travel = Tcon/Vcon is amusing indeed..though I am not sure if a fresh IT grad waiting for his first US trip would find it funny :)
    So i go back again to a question that keeps coming up in my mind...whats with the current debacle Tendulkar is going through and what is causing it astrologically speaking...If i remember correctly, you had mentioned last that the current jupiter transit is a great period for him but it seems quite the opposite....where does life take him from here....and what about the elusive 100-100?

    will wait for your comments :)

    Amit Jain

  2. @amit : tcon/vcon = travel is very logical as per astrology and globalisation now. I donno how u can find it amusing !!

    Also, I guess bcos of ppl who are just more than inquisitive abt tendulkar is making him going thru undue stress....if he is hvng good time till may , why dont ppl just wait till thn . last time milind ji had also mentioned that it may b bcos of more stress !!
    milind ji is writing such fine articles and many other prople are waiting for their personal queries. so lets leave tendulakr in peace.

  3. Hi milindji.........I had send a email from Please have a look.....thanks, Prashant

  4. @ milind--
    THANK U ZILLIONS for the rashi fal...
    I am scared for Wednesday-- this forecast has made me more cautious!:)

  5. @Milind

    Thanks for the weekly rashifal. I am Makar going through a bad phase and with adversities predicted not sure if I should lock myself in the house :)

    Lets see what KARMA has in store for me.


  6. Sorry but here I am again..

    My son's DOB 1st June 1996. Mumbai. 18:57 [PM].Will he do well in his studies ? What line of studies should he pursue?

  7. milindji, namaste
    going through suffring both mental n physical...really not able to decide..plz show some path...18 sep 1983 place bidar time 3.20am
    need ur guidance...thank u shraddha...

  8. Thanks milind fir weekly horoscope....thanks alot

  9. Dear Milind,
    i agree with your statement of travel=phone/tconf/vconf. modern interpretation of astro. last saturday you predicted travel for me (tula), but i had planed no travel and no travel happened. but i had a sudden unscheduled long distance phone call to a colleague for over an hour. makes sense. modern interpretations of astro signals is a good idea for a separate blog.
    i had a question for you regarding 8th guru. does all work come to a halt/face difficulties in 8th guru? or only the initiatives taken in 8th guru are tought? my projects are such that they go on for upto 2-3 years. i do feel expansion in 7th guru, but i am worried if it all come to a halt/face troubles from may12. could you please clarify 8th guru difficulties and how to face them? please advise.

  10. I salute to your tcon / phone logic. With my current way of working, almost all my work is over phone/tcon, and moreover i welcome it. Helps me better balance my work and home.

  11. [1] Sarvesh:
    I always meant some connect to people away of 6/8 hours or 9/12 horus when I wrote travel but somehow I never wrote that way - i do not know. I kept on saying presentations, expresion, communication but could have been more clear about it as it is VERY difficult to have a travel say on Wednesday for most people! :) But then it could mean going to 6th floor from 1st floor which is yours! :)

    [2] AMIT & annomyous
    Anonymous; I think "amusing" is not a negative word for sure -- Amit meant it as "interesting" I guess! :) AstroLOGY is so LOGICAL -- When we travel -- usually it is to meet people or places and for some perpheral things in life and hence 3rd house is of KAAM Trikon. 9th house is strategy which means bigger and longer travel for something more serious etc. 12th house is of downright immigration! ABOTU SACHIN: WELL SAID: LEAVE HIM ALONE! :) :) I agree with Kapil that he could have retired after World Cup in ODIs BUT what would he do??? :) :) He LIKES to PLAY -- but then he should play ALL the ODIs and not selectively for 1 more or 2 more years and retire in ODIs. He can keep playing tests for 2/3 more years as he is VERY MUCH FIT and HUNGRY. HE WILL HAVE DREAM COME TRUE in 2012 FOR SURE. Maybe 300 in tests also!!

    [3] Sharmila: Thanks! :)

    [4] About SON 1996 born -- Will get back. TOO BUSY! :(

    [5] GAURAV: 4th Guru is TEMP stagnancy. If Shah Rukh feels it due to his average RA.ONE and DON-2 (downright BORING and a FLOP!) -- we are lesser people.

    [6] Thanks Sahiwal! :) :) Waiting for your comments using some great stuff from GuruBani?


  12. Hi Milind,

    Is there a yog that explains a person's seniors/sr. colleagues changing so frequently over a period of time that one simply cannot settle into his work environment? I'm talking about a situation where a person's job/workplace remains the same but his seniors just never seem to. I am asking this because I do know of such a person.

  13. Milind,
    Appreciate for clarifying to mr. anonymous about the usage of the word "amusing" as interesting..which is exactly what I coming to Tendulkar, dont we all wish that we can leave him alone but such is the tragedy with Gods that they are never left alone...and we dont want, infact never would want to see our Gods fall...we would rather want them to leave us on a high note and live in our memories as a inspiration...and hence was my question coz sad is the moment when people start doubting their God !!

    Amit Jain

  14. Dear Milind,

    The 1st floor comment, how did that come??:):)

    Coming back to my 8th guru question, mind sparing some time to clarify my doubt? I am staring at shani mahadasha + sadesati + 8th guru from may!!!

  15. Hi Milindji,

    I have been reading this blog for some time and I must say it shows your knowledge in this field as most of your predictions are true. I have sent you some queries on your email id could you please reply them ?

  16. Hi Milindji,

    Please reply as I have sent you my queries on your Gmail id through my Gmail ID, could you please reply and guide/help me? Only once you asked me my ID……but still awaits your reply…..Regards, Shashank

  17. Hi!Milind
    Does having jupiter or venus as the lord of 7th house indicate a brahmin spouse and mercury a bania or rather a jupiter ruled 7th house indicates a supportive and caring spouse?
    And are the planet position in navmanvsa also important indicator of the spouse?Will be waiting for your reply to the query.

  18. Hi milind
    Don't Mind but got confused through your blog. I was having a tough times since last couple of years (marriage in 2007, differences with mother, leaving home, got a mentally exhausting job, depression, 3 Miscarriages with wife then a daughter last march, 2 false FIRs at job, salary blocked since last 1 year, loss in reputation). Read your Virgo predictions and got a hope after 12 May i.e. Guru going to 9th, I guess its called guru ki mahadasha. Then today just checking your blog, read that My sunsign is rather leo as per you. So what to do ??? I was born on 12 September 1981 at 01:10 pm at Sambalpur Orissa. Hardships :-) suits like as if I m no clue.
    Another question?? I had an intercaste love cum arranged marriage. Heard somewhere that in intercaste marriages, both the kundlis work on their own, 10 december i.e. Sagittarius for my wife and u say rain of rs.....well the case is draught here. HELP

  19. I am one of the fans of your blog on palm reading. Can you put some celebrity hands.

  20. I have Saturn,Jupiter,Mercury,Mandi,Conjunction in Virgo house . What kind of prediction these conjunction will give.

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